58. 9 To 5 (1980)


Memorandum to personnel from management re humanities never ending struggle for meaning. It has come to our attention that there are those amongst you that feel. This is an arena wearing to cultivate some plotted sensitivity to the world and coupling that with individualized experience to theoretically produce some expression of subjective truth re the human condition which serves took the fill the creator and a supposed- audience by reminding them of the still uncharted vastness of the soul. And its interplay with quotidian existence. This insidious sentiment has had a deleterious effect on both productivity and more worrisome consumption. While it's it's not unusual to feel tethered to a metaphorical hamster wheel going in circles for the cruel amusement of those in power in exchange for a few mass produced pellets. which do nothing more than keep you alive please? No this is the proper state of things. There is a hierarchy and it exists for your benefit so that you know where you stand. Your employee handbook a detailed list of accepted classifications ranked by status and and an equation by which to reconcile seeming contradictions. Men are more important than women. People with money are more important than those without men without money are more important than women with money in the public square but but less important in places with lots of wood Scandinavian furnishings or where coffee is cold. Those men or women who were not born is such should be ignored entirely no matter how much money they have etc if it is any consolation we had management are only looking out for you as continuing down that road would have no effect on the established order C. E. R. A. Nineteen eighty-two voting rights. Act Two thousand thirteen and would only result in the employee incurring financial penalty social ostracization snickers behind ones back and snickers to face ace. And you'll miss the new episode of dancing with the stars in short. Why bother? You're just GONNA look stupid and no one's going to like you and where's the meaning in that. Wow I I was suggesting maybe a quicker enter would just do this. Here's what's good to like nowhere near as this on Chris. I don't know what the hell that was. That was the same thing as this just with music. You delivered one side of the movie nine to five and I believe I just delivered the other. That's all so we are here to talk about the one thousand nine hundred eighty wow. That's a long time ago. Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty s Colin Higgins written and directed rewriting. The original script by Patricia. Resnick shut up. Patricia resnick also fill nine to five Jane Fonda Lily. Tomlin Dolly Parton. Dabney Coleman a movie Chris that I think every certainly every woman who was of a sentient age in nineteen eighty today. We'll have an immediate affection for this movie. I'm talking about my wife. She mentioned that she remembers seeing Ansi counts. People would leap up in the movie theaters and applaud. And I remember my mom single working mom big fan of nine to five so I was excited to see it again. I wasn't sure what I was GonNa get the same thing I do remember. I didn't leap up because while I was censured I was still pretty young but I do remember very very vividly and actually I haven't seen it in full since then I probably I wasn't sure how it would age and and I actually don't remember I mean I'm sure it's all with my parents considering my age. I don't remember when my mom's reaction was and I don't I haven't mentioned it to my sisters or anything like that so I don't know oh how much it stays in their consciousness. Something interesting to find out for me. It's a tale of two movies. The first forty five minutes or an hour or so are so spot on delightful the setup of the three female characters Dabney Coleman in orbit with each of those characters in unique ways. The office construct. What's going on in there? I thought is just so masterfully done. It's a great height forty-five minutes then. Unfortunately this is one of those movies that takes turn away from that into the whole kind of slapstick thing where all of a sudden there's a missing body and they think there's a corpse in a capture. I'm sure it and driving around. And then they actually get him and chain them up and hold them captive for some reason. I'm still not entirely clear on and there's a whole rigmarole all in subplot stuff that to me gets away from what was great about the first forty five minutes. Yeah I mean I agree that it doesn't all work as well. And it's interesting. You Know Colin Higgins did not live live too much longer than eight and he did not has the longest career or even in that time he didn't produce that much but I'd be interested to look at more or of his stuff as a director. Because I think the biggest problems with those things actually I liked the you know they end up kidnapping him after Yongqing that they had accidentally killed him. They snap from to keep him away to blackmail. I actually sort of liked that escalation and how it mixed fantasy of having power with taking the power all of that was good. It was in some of the the execution that it was a little bit flabbier the script I think more than the direction though even within that like there were parts in that second third that I thought worked so well and we're still l. very insightful in ways that were outside of the workplace and then the very very end was a little too. I was thinking of this movie in comparison to all the president's men This I mean who doesn't think of those two together in terms of Jane Fonda Shepherding it in the same way that Robert Did yes and It was pretty interesting to read about that and how they had gone. You know what had inspired her to want to make this movie. This is one of the early films from her company. I p. c.. And it was based on a friend of Hers Karen Nussbaum who had worked with an organization in Boston called nine to five and they had different stories. They were more dramatic. More less dramatic and sort of ended up settling on this comedy and as Jane Fonda on to put it quote it remains labor film but I hope of new kind different from the Grapes of Wrath or salt of the earth. We got a lot of stuff that was filmed even stop. The Director Colin Higgins thought worked worked but which I asked to have taken out. I'm super sensitive to anything that smacks of the soapbox or lecturing the audience. You know she is somebody who's very associated with her politics but being very conscious Of that politics coming through in a comedy I think it works for the most part even though like I said there are some elements that it does feel like. It's trying to stick in established formulas formula a little bit too much but But Hey it's Hollywood. I understand why they sort of took the turn that they did. It's one of those screenplays where you can kind of imagine it working better on the page age than on the screen. I was reading about Colin Higgins. You only directed three movies as you said. His life was tragically cut short. He died of AIDS in nineteen eighty-eight his directing credits he directed did the Chevy Chase vehicle. Foul play in seventy eight nine to five and the best little whorehouse in Texas in ninety two which was also Dolly Parton vehicle as the writer or the Rabbit Holes I went down was Colin Higgins rabbit hole. When I read most of a book about the making of Harold and Maude because Colin Higgins famously wrote his first screenplay ever which is an accomplishment akin or even crops greater than the guy who wrote Heather's right Carnegie sat down and wrote himself Harold and Maude based on a film school class exercise? Just like the writer of highlander and right and through an only in Hollywood set of events ended up working as a pool boy in a home owned by a Hollywood producer. The producer's wife had put a flyer up at the film. School Sake. A pool boy needed must have car CETERA. He needed money he applied for this job. He got it and he never. It was not a mercenary job. It was like he'd never expected that it would lead to what it led to. He was there he would end up telling the wife elements of this short film. He was concocting and she said you shouldn't waste that as the short you should write that as a movie so he wrote as a movie or husband read the screenplay Robert Evans who just passed away. This week yes last week. Got The script and through a convoluted limited series of events. Harold and Maude did move forward at paramount at a time. When Robert Evans was in control to his credit and a lot of stuff has been written about Robert Evans in the last week or so sort of? which movies does he really get credit for through? which ones doesn't he? You know in Harold and Maude. He definitely worked the system to the advantage of the film and Colin Higgins was at one point attached to direct correct the film but they gave him some money to shoot some scenes and he said later in his life he realized he made a tragic error. which was he wanted to show them that he could do a lot quickly so he picked three scenes scenes instead of one and shot all three? But he's like what I should have done was just done one scene really well but of course Hal Ashby ends up attached. And what I I read. I think they had a pretty good relationship. How actually didn't really want to direct and said He? This guy should direct but then ended up making some pretty important casting decisions which I think resulted in Harold Harold and Maude. Being a special as it is obviously Ruth Gordon but court. So That's where Colin Higgins career started which is crazy. Then he wrote silver streak freak foul play nine to five and a couple of other herald offshoots In reading about it said that heroes of say in France play version of it did great and ran for like seven years whereas close with an hour to play here. I think it's right. There was a Broadway production that I think it wasn't a musical i. I don't think it was. I think he was probably the same play. But there was a harold and Maude. Musical that premiered at the paper mill playhouse K.. If I can quote talking Broadway Dot Com Headline Harold and Maude papermill. Musical delight easily surpasses classic cult film so obviously musicals better than film mentioned that. I was reading a book about the making of Harold and Maude and the tone of it is what was so amazing. And it's still amazing nineteen seventy-one that Fo- suicide element that occurs so much throughout Harold. Maude right you meet the main character. We think he's hung himself and he's just staging a series of suicidal pranks to try and get a rise out of his mother that fully formed tone to me is so on display in that first part of nine to five which I really love as like a comedy of the workplace of Type. I don't think we had seen before taking entirely early from the secretary's perspective and what they've got to deal with on a daily basis and it does so in a way that's so funny and so sharp and to me ironic back because it's impossible to imagine anyone other than Dabney Coleman as that character and even though it's this feminist movie you need Dabney Coleman in order for these three stars orbit around and spark off of and they're so good with him that for me when he's removed from the movie for all intents and purposes this is at the halfway mark then the movie starts to suffer. It's like one of those lessons of taking one of the people off the screen and realizing like Oh God. We can't do that. You know. We need him to be continuing continuing to interact with these characters when he doesn't really after the whole hospital scene where he talks himself out. And then there's the mistaken body thing when they have them captive. There's not really any scenes other than him just being in a ball gag in like a visual joke. That just doesn't really add much to where we're going. I would much rather seen more of them. Actually making the office work for themselves in a way that sort of only kind of shown in visual term at the end when he's when he returns to the office office we see them. Drafting the memos. And sort of saying the things we already sort of glossed over and almost a montage. Your furniture is different. There's a daycare. There's all these things like that they did but for me. Nothing is as good as those battles between him and and the three stars like they're so funny together and you have three actors offers in Dolly Parton Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin who are so different from each other comedic but really all so good. And you know I don't know if this counts as being within the realm of them sparking off of each other but the fantasy sequences you get like those also not only are they associative of the characters and I think there is also something about an I think as two men you this understanding of the anger that builds up over like these small slights let alone the big slights over the course of time and just how much that rage becomes part of a person's life didn't know you were married. How does that joke off? But I read showing it in the movie. They rival Song remains the same with led Zeppelin fantasy sequence. I don't know what that is but those fantasy sequences Elo heart looks like you've got yourself in a spot of trouble judy. Judy you've got to help me. The crazy out there trying to kill me. Why would they want to do a nasty thing like that? I don't know who I'm not such a bad guy. You're a sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot. It doesn't make me fouls heart award on the nose of humanity and I'm going to blast it off judy. Judy Judy coupon boss man. It's quitting time and have that on button and that coat and your shirt you need to loosen up. That's better now. Where were we? Oh by the way I got a surprise for four year roads. I am a married man but the back to your friend. I mean you may be hers in the evening but your boy from nine to five. Yeah I wanted to show you what I've got for you. Yes it's pretty good. It's very pretty but you shouldn't be buying gifts for me. Mrs Roads let me put it on. It is so bad. was how copy poisoned in a hall. mm-hmm why because I'm surfaced critical Bingo. You mentioned mentioned the commentary track. which if you read anything about this movie online you'll inevitably come across someone saying that the commentary track on the special edition? DVD's bonkers he's in it is they're not in the same place as their recording. Oh so imagine the worst over talking each other conference call. That's what it's like which is unfortunate because you really lose the opportunity to hear a lot of real stuff about the making of though you do get a lot of fun stuff because you know I hadn't watched it but I did read the On the Trivia thing. Oh Yeah it's mostly it's all taken there at some particularly spoiler for nineteen eighty whatever is identified the end with like the daycares. Think guess when one of the bosses holding this baby Lily Tomlin things like that baby turned out to be Laura Linney. Is that true story that she said it but the person I do. This is not al.. There's also another part. Were there watching her garage door opener sequence and the many of the movie which is a harbinger of how they're going to hoist them up in the room Later later on and also an indication that Lily Tomlin who is A. I think she's a widowed mom. She's a widowed mom. She's fixing the garage door opener. She's having a free frank discussion with her teenage son. Hot running the office like everybody. I thought she did really really well. I think the thing that's cool about it is like it doesn't mock down at the secretarial level. You know what I mean like. She's the one who actually is doing everything. which makes this scene where where she is passed over yet again for a promotion she well deserves all the more poignant and angry as you said now let me finish? Okay don't go flying off the handle promotion about Enron instead of me. I've got five years seniority over him. For Christ's sake I trained him a no the the the the company that bullshit at your decision you promoted and you tell me why in the first place see Bob does have a college degree really really really and why. He's away at college getting precious useless degree. I'm working my butt off at this company and in the second place he does have a family to support. I don't what is that got to do with anything. Look my hands are tied here. The company needs a man in his physician. Clients would rather deal with men when it comes to figures. Now we're getting at it. I lose a promotion because of some idiot prejudice. The boys in the clever threatened in your so intimidated by any woman. That won't sit at the back of the bus. Spare me the women's Lib crap. Okay okay now I know how you feel. I understand it understands Zilch I understand. I'm still a boss here and even though you might be pretty valuable out there you better get. Oh you're so I'm not gonNA sit here and take Lily Tomlin for somebody who is a comedian. I the most dramatic actor that is great dramatic acting for a movie like this which I thought of a trifle but it does have some real insights. I feel that the three women their situations are very different. True as you said. Violet is a a single mom by She's widowed single mother by death as she put it. She's very willing and she needs the job. She's recently divorced. And so I'm a widow with four kids. Jerry should never have died. I I'd be better off. I could have divorced versus Jane. Fonda character is recently. Louis divorced Paul. WHO's been left? Who's been very pointedly lousy? I want to be well but then she does come when he comes. Crawling liberated it. Actually in that liberated the scene is so funny and Jane Fonda is fantastic and then of course the last one is doorly laid by Dolly Parton. Who is still happily married? Shoe is ostracized by the other women in the the office because of a rumor spread by the boss that he's stopping her. Yes and she's A. She's a such a winning personality ensure we'll talk a lot about Dolly in general those three we different situations and then what they go through in terms of dealing with management and the difficulties. There's obviously a fractured powerbase. Even within the employees and there's a lot of like real insight to it and again you know Kudos to to Jane Fonda for letting that stuff be there while it's still is a real piece of crowd-pleasing entertainment also show. Jane Fonda is brilliant nonverbal comedic acting on display and some of the early scenes Jane Fonda. It's like her and Peter Fonda. It's hard for me to you think that they would have become stars. Were they not a children of Henry Fonda. I can't think of a Jane Fonda acting performance at. I'm blown away way by or that. I'm like wow. I think of her as a personality and a presence in a cultural figure who had resonance in our lives because of her activism and also because of on Golden Pond which when I was a kid growing up that was like such a big deal that Here was a movie where she was in with her father. And they were acting out some of the actual tensions and difficulties. He's in there real relationship but in this movie. She's she's given probably the most thankless of the three roles which to her credit as a producer. She allowed herself to be given the doughty ness and the frumpy clothes and the when she could be in a movie from the nineteen forties really when this movie starts. She's from another time. She's wearing these pussy bovine blouses and has this crazy hair and these clashes and is really meant to be that because of her marriage buying into this systemic thing that asks asks little of her and allows little from her she settled into that. And it's almost like Captain America Waking up out of the ice forty years after World War. Do she'd been outside of the world and then reenters. It has to adjust you again. It's just compared to the lily. Tomlin backstory the violet backstory. Even being played by Dolly Parton has elements of caricature who are just to begin with but has that Dolly Parton undercurrent of the jokes. Actually on you not on her. No Yeah it's just a little lightly sketched reached. Even the scene with her husband. Played by Lawrence Pressman who has left her and shows up in a little red sports car with the new girlfriend you know. He's like of the era that the movies in even she's like from the fifties but when she does the whole business with the copy machine that runs amok her comedic acting acting. Her nonverbal communicating was amazing. True but as with the lines in the second scene where he comes back after literally a stalking her. Here's the thing that I wasn't clear how he got to the House. He followed you from work a couple of days ago and I've been casing the joint for a couple of days stuff which nineteen eighty was considered normal. But now what's the turn in life with a girlfriend wasn't all it was to be an wanted to go back to she judy. She left in the midst of their vacation in wherever and then not only. Is he crawling going back. He misinterprets seeing Dabney in his. Get up and he then has the gall to take the moral high ground yes. What's it's going on nothing? Nobody that's go downstairs. Somebody in our room. Let me see who was that a friend obviously. So that's what you're into now bondage. What's that Bondy Jesse sex games? That's right all if it I'm into everything to get out of your guy anyways might boss boss. You're the ferry their bosses and that just like you had an affair with your Secretary Judy you. You can't be serious don't you. Tell me what I can or can't do do those days are over and I want to have have an affair or places play sex games or do. Nm's you can't stop me. Hymns uh-huh as a matter of fact I smoked pot. I can see that kind of living has done to you. I've changed for the better and the thing that I actually came here tonight to ask. Ask you to come back to me. Fat chance backed on. What you're leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me? If that's all you feel. There's there's nothing more to say the road buster. This is where you get off in. This is the seed where where j Fatah's character kind of grows up in the sense of like embracing things very clumsily awkwardly but over the course of the scene really does take on this liberated persona and I think that scene a super funny and I thought she did Did a great job with a little of Dali. Pardon as door or a Li. Oh Sweet Youtube hold on getting there now. Not Violet Tori Lee. Try speaking to the MIC thoroughly computer computer. Here we go new Orle- would you grab your pad and bring your pretty stationed here please. Yes Sir aw right there. What turnaround the second? Something wrong. Something on Madrid's. Nothing's wrong matter of fact everything's very very right. Shall we begin Mr Heart. Take alert to Vernon Henshaw over metropolitan mutual. Dear burn as you know. The Chairman of the Board of consolidated companies Mr Russell tens worthy. He spends most of his time in Brazil. Working on the jungle clearance operation off. All right. Let me let me let me help you with a million dollar tank doorly. Yes about my conduct in the office. Yesterday I got a little carried away. Ought to apologize to you. Don't you worry about it Mr Hard. I've I've been chased by swift amend the new and I been got yet. Shall we get back our letter half but could you just come over here here for second. I have a little something for you. You know ever since I made that stupid mistake about the convention in San Francisco I almost heart. You didn't make a mistake. You See. I'll just have to make sure that the next time I'm asked to go to work at a convention that there is a convention going on these scenes are so good. Yeah you know. And there's three of them where you get to see Dabney being different with each woman intern dismissive of Jane. She's not attractive enough for him to pay attention to dismiss downright mean. Oh yeah he gets. She gets his anger scorn. You know when she fucks up at the copy machine he just reduces reduces her to tears with violet. It's he recognizes that it's a meeting of equals if not she being his superior. Intellectual Was Dorothy Lee. He views purely as sex objects but because we have Dolly Parton playing the role. She's able to show us how women have to do all the work in this circumstance. It's by work. I mean she has to both do her job and also find excuses for his inexcusable. Behavior does only giving it and taking it on on as just part of what's the expression for something like the cost of doing business like this is if I'm going to be working in this environment in this world. This is what I'm putting up with as you put it like. I've been chased by swifter men than you and ain't saying like Oh it's not your fault. It's my fault next time you just have to make sure there is a conference like she's got to do that that part of the job. We now have a toll free telephone number. That's right would light listeners. To Call US money log in so I can figure out what our number is because I purposely chose a good one. What we want you to do is something like call us and Lisa message specific to that Chris? You could say anything. You want suggestions of what we should should. You shouldn't do that. You've got to watch all the way through whenever it's on things you Hayden movies. I would think that something we would have fun with. These people said. I want you guys to address this trope. Let let us find some examples to say we got this voice mail from a listener. And they mentioned this film ACC- trope call US toll. Free eight five five seven five five five five three two two. That's eight five five seven five five five three two two. That is very memorable. Eight five five seven five five five three we do now Chris. Going to record a clever voicemail thing so that when you call you're going to hear him he's GonNa figure out how to do. Have Value added so the the commentary track track chaotic. Because they're not in the same location. It's the three main actors in Jane's producer. WHO's kind of trying to keep things rolling but it because they're not in the same place and I don't think any of them Eh? Done a commentary track more. There's a lot of talking over each other and not knowing what's going on. It's kind of hilarious. It's been described as chaotic and self-congratulatory. I don't think that the person writing that meant that mean spiritedly. It's that there's a lot of celebration of how amazing everybody is everything. And there's not a lot of discussion because there's so many great actors. Also populating feeling the movie Secretary who drinks too much the evil spy. These are great Broadway caliber theater actors. That populate Right Elizabeth Wilson Peggy Pope is the the the one you mentioned a first and if you watched canary in the seventies and eighties It's also funny that this is one of those things and like you said a lot of these people due to the nature during the time when it was made their faces look so familiar and yet looking down there. IMDB page like Henry Jones for example. Because he's got such distinct to face. A lot of his stuff is is in television so I don't know if I remember him from that particular episode of murder. She wrote over here tell me he was on. He was not on Columbo but he was on Mrs Limbo with Kate. Mulgrew Kate mulgrew. Yeah but you as a Colombo Fan yes. Well fans putting it mildly but something. I reserve a large portion of my life your head. Where do you find the time I doesn't? Mrs Didn't Mrs Colombo die in one of the episodes of her own show no of his show. Well one of the brilliant things about Colombo was you never. Were quite sure if there wasn't Mrs Kla because you never saw her in actual Colombo uh-huh referred to her all the time but because the character was show mysterious in so many ways. You're never quite sure if there was a Mrs Researching sex in the Mary. Detective the guy who he was in candyman that was the opposite. He was in couldn't find that but when reading about I read that there was also an episode came. I guess one or two later like Farewell Mrs Colombo which I think the description made it sound like she did die? You know I'd have to look up. Farewell Mrs Colombo and Remember. Did you watch Mrs Colombo the TV series now because that to me he is a demarcation point. Here where your love for Colombo. Jews is going to be tested. If you decide to go well down the spin off this this is my question is Browner Mrs Colombo Fan. Probably she solves crimes as a reporter raising your little daughter which does make the question like did they get divorced. I do we as viewers as friends. Do we have to choose. who were on the side of the remake wicker man? It's best just to pretend it doesn't exist. What does that what does that? What is that Dolly Parton yes. JABBA MURAT FROM RADIO LAB has a new podcast about Dolly Parton. I just got into this last night. L. Listen to the first two episodes. It's stunningly brilliant. What's it called Dolly Parton it's called America. I highly recommend this for people. It came about because Jay album rods father ended up treating Dolly Parton in Tennessee hospital and he became friends with Dolly Parton and through that Jad got thinking about Dolly Parton and attended a Dolly Parton concert and was struck. By how this one figure had brought together many of the factions of American life that typically nothing in common mega hat wearing trump supporter and drag queens dressed as Dolly parton example. This podcast investigates her life. which is incredible talent and the pain and sadness at the center center of a lot of Dolly Parton music and Public Persona? And that's one of the things that is lacking in the commentary if you don't figure out how to get underneath it you're going to get from Dahlie a very polished performance. Even when she's talking in an ad Lib setting like recording of the metairie which is very her though. It's heard her interviewed before. I haven't listened to the PODCAST. I listened to somebody else talking about the podcast closer now but in that they were saying that quite a bit is spent on her role as a feminist earnest is sheer isn't she a feminist. I think is very interesting especially considering the public persona that she does put across which she's very conscious and she talks about how conscious of it she's an entertainer minor through and through in the best way possible because I don't think she ever sacrifices her intelligence or dignity even when she allows herself to be a part of a joke. Exactly there's also a generational difference Moore's as to how you view feminism as a feminist depending on where you are in your life your living but I think one thing that you do find if you read quotes from her and listen to her is there is a steel spine at the center of it that is unbending and whatever other people might put on her take away from her or assume they will well of course always be wrong as people who do that always are but it will never hurt her because there is a strengthening intelligence the persona of her and her real personal life. are distanced. Talk about how her husband is never seen younger and yet at the same time they're one in the same it show business and then she says in the podcast cast. He's trying to ask her. Did you ever bother you to be the butt of so many jokes and she said no because I figured looking the way I did they were GonNa make jokes anyway so I might as well make the Joe and I'm in control the situation and on feminism thing. It's funny the first episode. The first half sort of does a nice little historical getting us up to a certain place and then the second half of the first episode can it gets taken over by some of the producers of the podcast talking about feminism in their own experiences with feminism only to then arrive at this critical interview point with Dolly. Where Jad do you consider in yourself? A feminist pops the whole balloon. That had just been inflated saying God no like she will not have that label. Of course. It's much more nuanced. You can't be the kind of wounds that she is the strong negotiator. The star the right without being a feminist in the sense of taking care of herself as so two is all about her relationship with Puerto Wagner ragner. WHO's TV show really made Dali Star in for whom she wrote the Song I will always love you play you a little bit here Chris? I know you probably don't you're not familiar with it I hear this a lot. This version people keep sending me links to the the Dalai version whichever or the Houston version. Just a lot of people will always love me. Oh I see. I didn't get the joke. You remain took a little for takes. The podcast makes the point that this song has been hit in three different decades. A number one hit in three different decades very hard to think of any other song. Where that's the case? Are there three different versions or is it her. Assumedly the Whitney Houston one an and then the AL version on the commemorative flopping forget also went number one number one what. I don't know what the three versions died. I just heard it on a podcast Chris. Good enough chat in at in go figure it out anyway. Check that as if you have time to listen to another podcast other than this one that you're hearing we're not some fancy NPR. Jabba Murad. PODCAST so I get it but if you're GONNA listen to we're not going to slow anything down or throw in other voices voices in overlap. And what did you say about what it was very interesting. There's no yeah it's a good podcast and Dahlie is having in a moment and the sheer talent. The acting the ICONOGRAPHY the humility. But as you said the steely spine all on display in this her first movie payroll which is pretty amazing and you know what movie Lily Tomlin did before this of the full cast and crew cinematic universe. Yes it was well if you look it up of course you know asking you if you recall now no recall. I'm still stalling so that I can look it up myself look more no NCIS. I hate hard. Did she do an NCIS. Yeah it was moment by moment. Of course which as you'll recall was the second of three films that John Travolta Owed Robert Stig would after Saturday night fever right. Yeah Oh wow that is going back lily. Tomlin plays a lonely socialite and Travolta a young drifter to enter into a the May December. Romance Wow I haven't seen it okay. Answers that question. Have you ever seen Iheart Huckabee's I saw it when it came out and of course I've seen the infamous in the car scenes behind the scenes with Russell. Losing his fucking mind. I forgot it was the one thing that I remember from the movie itself was. I'm not a particularly only physical comedy person. Yeah but there is a scene where Lily Tomlin just trying to sneak up on something and there's a cross a lawn and the sprinklers going just trying to time it just like okay it. And then she starts writing the exactly worst sneaking ads getting slashing and Sprinkler and sounds like a dumb bit to describe it but she just she just makes it. She's she's so funny. On the commentary track I relate because she's like I think this was my first movie and they're like No. What are you talking about your in Nashville Bill? And she's like. Oh Yeah Oh yeah. Could you forget so she had done Nashville. The moment by moment I also Chris I haven't seen grace and franky either of I. That's her reunited with Jane Aim Fonda. I'm sure I think it's pretty successful. So there's probably GONNA be a lot of people who are like you guys. I was actually talking to somebody in the office. who was saying how much enjoyed a really? Yeah she did do. The voice voice avant may in one of my favorite movies of two thousand eighteen spiderman into the spider verse. Now did you know this is totally an excuse to revisit. My Childhood Chris. I apologize in advance. I appreciate the warning. You're familiar. With Lily Tomlin character Ernestine. Yes Which I believe she did on Ronin Martin's laugh in but you also did on one of my favorite shows as a child the electric company? Aw bringing it's the huge part of childhood man that's like basically tune in turn on and drop out for six year olds. I saw that she had played Ernestine on that. And I thought Ooh I get to play the electric correct open. You have to just give me a little. which by the way speaking of cutting things in and out? I was heartbroken to listen to this week's episode which is now three weeks ago episode that we recorded when we released it. Wait if this. Does it sound like this week. We're recording so so weeks when people are hearing this that we're doing right now. This is coming out in two weeks. Okay so so if you're listening now it the episode that I'm referring to right now came out three weeks ago two weeks ago which one was. It can't even. Yes our Halloween episode. I know we went a whole fascinating place and you cut the whole thing out. I can't remember what it was now heartbroken yesterday. When I I didn't hear the trailer faces PAG Anini Phil God? How could you cut that out? The director of Candyman Bernard rose directed a film about a Pagani seriously. How did you make time for that? I you played like to forty minutes of my stupid rant about the palm sweat commercial cut that and how put in a minute of the PAGANI. I thought if I took even a second out of that house like my head would get lopped off really letting this go every beat on this commercial. Yeah but it actually works because it was. It's a funny. It's a funny bit but also it's funny for even need to listen to what degree degree of obscurity I will go into and you were like. Is there any other any other tests or are there any other critics. There's this guy. So that have occurred that epic section itself. Well like if we didn't have bomb squad. I think we have to trailers You want it's good to have some things that just never were Christmas like yeah. Oh Yeah Oh yeah good to have a lot of things. When you you think of Jane Fonda what are the? What are the roles you think of I think of I think of her workout? Which Ju just because of how my age? Yeah that's the first I would hear of her and just think of her her about that. I did not watch it but I did have sisters. who used it So that I remember Klute Klute is probably the actual clute barbarella are two performances. I have seen and those are so vastly basically anything sort of sexualize. You'RE INTERESTED IN I. I mean in general. That's my that's where I live three live but yeah those are the two those certainly the two biggest Ryan I was GONNA say. There are so very different with nine to five and on Golden Pond. `and clues probably the probably the three most famous roles for her China's syndromes pretty good. That was a role written for a man. They know that. Not just for a man but for Richard Dreyfuss really yea down. The role was rewritten. Is there a movie we've done with Dreyfuss didn't drop out. I think he was never considered from Roy. Scheider choppered in its. I'd like to do what we're really actor. You know what actually movie. I really like speaking of childhood and I saw this with my mom electric horseman. I've yeah which is a Sydney Pollack. Movie with Redford and Jane Fonda read plays Rodeo Star past his prime who steals company source and rise into the desert with a feisty reporter accompanying him. I haven't seen in a long time. It's just so of this moment in life and I always thought I liked that Redford. Was this kind of like broken down wreck and then only comes alive through the act of stealing the horse and running away with it and she has a nice little arc as a reporter. WHO's only Kinda out for the story to begin with right but then of course falls in love and right? It's good. Yeah I mean it was good in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. I don't haven't watched it since by Jane. Fonda Dolly is just such an incredible presence. She's looking the more than her. Acting I suppose is her activism and getting. She's had twice a week. You're doing a hell of a lot more than I am for the call and that's for sure but she's also so fun and finding I think watching her talk now is so much more revelatory than hearing from back in the day. He's a really fascinating subject. Now there's been a couple of like later in life interviews that she's done that are longer form that are really worth checking out because she had a crazy life and the whole Ted Turner thing and like you said she is of Hollywood royalty that could easily turned into any number of things but the fact that she took that privilege and made the most of the privilege and physical beauty you know she had been a model. She's like stunning to look at but she did not sort of rest on that or make her life through about that. She made herself so much more. You know without impugning anybody's politics. She became very unpopular with the large segment and Armenians remained so stance against the Vietnam War. And I'm more specifically going and posing with the Viet Cong in Vietnam. In fact there was an antica which I just think this seems like so very her. A Vietnam veteran saw her at a book signing and Spit Tobacco on her. The Guy got arrested for assault. She didn't fuck in blink. She's it's like wiped it off. CAPPUCCINO stand up. She was stronger than again. I don't WanNA saving better at the guy you know. He obviously feels passionate but she kept with what she was doing. There's there's no like no invectives. No she just kept doing what she was doing. And I think that is such an admirable quality and on the other side of this I read an she also revealed on her website right that she bathed in the ashes of her Golden Retriever Roxy when she missed the contents of an urn for bath salts not realizing which were until she saw a bone in the water. That's that's what I'm talking about Lake Late Life James. That's so great you know. I don't know that I would have the wherewithal to reveal that if I did it. But it's actually like who the fut- it's fascinating to think of. All the things that people kept offering her that you turned down. Every decision has a lot that goes into it but she. She turned out a lot of roles that went to Faye dunaway including Bonnie Bonnie and Clyde Chinatown on of course for all EU toddlers out there. She's the voice of Shariq. Olena of your new. I knew her from somewhere. Let me a free Chris. Because I have an eight year old daughter. and Time Demi Coleman I mean God he was so fucking funny any Dolly says in the commentary track. You love him even as he's horrible and the thing that he has in there are kind of trying to figure it out. 'cause it's true. Oh he does and says horrible things in this movie but there's some element of his personality in his acting that allows you to just feel warmly and think he's hilarious malaria. I think even the scene that we played where he has passed over violet for the promotion. It's not I mean he's terribly boy. He does not go overboard with it and and he has this like assuredness that it almost makes you think like Maybe maybe he's right. Maybe it's also that he's willing to undercut himself in the scene with the slapstick. Dick Business without chair not working falling back the way that like Dolly leads with the joke about her yes it she's making before you can make it. He also POPs his own balloon before you can. Yes so in that scene with violent. Just when he's at peak chauvinistic asshole he tries to sit down and be all pompous and then his chair breaks he. Does this slapstick bit. And that's the part of him that I think is so brilliant when he's acting he's aware in a way that you can see but it doesn't get in the way of the thing that he's leading with. which is the chauvinistic asshole Stein? They're like I always think of him in these roles very similar to this being like a person Persson not just a smarmy guy but somebody in charge yes. He was not quite as with it as they are under the trademarks. Says you should place characters that are quote up your oh good often swamy selfish nervous person with money. That's out for himself and third his mustache. Yes never underestimate the power or a good mustache view had a mustache. You're acting roles. Maybe I should know your your aging as we all do. Maybe as you this last third of your shelf life as an endure will low might be time to try a baby. I mean Gerald mcrainey. And he's in Coleman reaching out of the business. Whatever Sam Houston's name Lee Horsley horsely Tom Celik yeah? He's got all leaving. The next this generation cherish it's in Williamsburg acting mentor and friend of Simon Baker. Yes I like. Simon Baker whatever happened to Simon Baker. I think he took the money lien ran. I don't even know what. He's good in margin call but you love marching. Have you seen it no good movie man here ear. I'd like to know what else is the rainmaker. No no the other residents know the other. JC shandor movie offered on a boat. Did you see that no god. That's good Chris please. Work with me are gift where I was watching this and enjoying it anyway. I like Simon Simon Baker. You're referring to the mental list money. Yes yeah isn't Simon Baker Australian. Yeah you don't get the high ground. Maybe he went back. Maybe throw. You're talking anybody isn't he'd never left he's he's not gone anywhere you you have been missing. What a way? What have I been missing? We use on the mental from two thousand eight to two thousand fifteen. Yeah that's four years ago. Then then he did a movie called breath yeah never heard of that directed it after developing. Oh breath that's based on the book. Did you sorry this is a really well regarded novel about a teenage boy and his friends. Who forge a unlikely friendship with an older surfer? I don't think the movie he was quite successful. However it does star my girlfriend Elizabeth debate year? I was GONNA say like you're only saying this. When's Elizabeth DeBakey coming back on screen? Let's say Peter Rabbit to the voice of mops which isn't quite the same thing Tenet filming twenty twenty. The plot is is unknown. It's a Christopher Nolan film. Robert Pattinson great actor. Yes Lisbeth DeBakey. Aaron Taylor Johnson Isn't Aaron Taylor Johnson. One of the kids from that. TV TV show with Tim. What's his name? I don't know he was kick ass kicked. I thought what's her name was kick ass female. No what no kick ass. Yeah isn't that what's her name. Kick Ass Nigga you gotTa Nicholas Cage with the mass. It does have a girl in right but it also has a boy with them ask always the boy and he's the main character. Oh I thought I always assumed she was the main character. Here's a good so it's not as good as the comic Nick Cage. Awesome talking to me. What else are you going to say? He doesn't Adam West impersonation in the whole leg brigantine intentionally. or Oh yeah yeah some of the other faces that are in ninety five. It's populated by depot. I feel like she was on every seventies and eighties. TV show as well. There's got to be a Colombo in here somewhere. Well I bet if anybody if it's not and I'm not GonNa make Mac do a Mrs Colombo cinematic no matter givers. Don't worry people Elizabeth Wilson as Roz. I think she's the one who has like some serious theater. cred American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Where where have you studied? Chris what do I say acting island run studied with I study did gum acting on the streets. They're studying involved. It's like you're not really studying being. Let's say working go read. This sounds better than practising practising is more what it is that you're doing. You know I mean. There's you know reading the script and thinking about talking about it that's involved. That's how you're getting into. I've never been acting is what I think it is. What a shock you go into like a small theater and there's like some people grouped around a stage? It's your turn so you're on stage acting teachers like let's take it from the top and you do your scene and he's like like okay here strip that away. Just give me what's inside. That is what it sounds like an acting class AM I. I've got it right. I mean would barrier the Kaminsky method did with anyone episode of those with show you. I haven't seen the Kinsky method is that good It depends if you like old people things. It's good. Yeah Mary and Mercer who plays Dabney Coleman's wife life. Oh my God. She's amazing. She is amazing in general And she has such a distinctive face and present a gosh. She's hilarious funny. Did you reminded me of nickel. Let out of sight in the sense of like I can't tell at first if she's in on the Joe Yes yes and get going through her. IMDB page I. I just can't tell which of her many many things I remember her from Mary Hartman. Mary Hartman I mean I think I remember from that a good comedic player on a lot of of yes seventies and eighties. TV show things probably better than much of the material. Living living is about like cocktail waitresses. Oh no I never saw that arm. I remember eleven that show. I have a little piece of Trivia for you. Oh Yeah Yep that's related to the movie and not about Laura Linney. Yes but I want you to listen to this yes. That song was originally called nine to five and came out in the same year whereas the movie nine to five and then when the song which was a massive hit in Australia which of course Sheena Easton native country that was retitled morning train green and this is what pop music was in nineteen eighty. Chris that's why I needed Nirvana twelve years later. This I was tapping my toes. It's a great song are you saying it's Kinda Corny. It's not very fight the power but she needs to choose a big deal. She British Hershey Australian. I don't know I was looking at the nine to five childish Scottish. If he's not Scottish clap nothing. You're right I was just trying to resist making another highlander joke because I think three in one episode. You know what that reminds me did highland today. We're actually watch the highlander. Listen to the highlander episode. Is that one of our more popular. I thought it was going to be released that it was like. Oh Yeah it's it's going through the roof through the roof. Let's see tailender. It's okay it's not. It's not one of the. It'll be sleeper. I'm sure we'll check out the top five episodes of the podcast. You're number one Bohemian. rhapsody of course number two jaws of course number three three. You'll never guess monkey chats correct number four. You'll never yes. You'll never get to be last Unicorn but I'M GONNA missile robocup no the ballot. Buster scruggs. Oh you know what I remember seeing strange among the many things. I've learned doing this podcast with you. That episode taught me something very fundamentally important about yourself. Which is I'm always right about movies? No light it taught me. It taught me that what you hear and what you think are not always true. Boy Is that right. I'm not talking about myself. No I'm with you. I agree that movie came and went as far as the conversation. Starters on the Internet are concerned. It wasn't a Bohemian rhapsody however he was vastly popular film and vastly popular episode of the podcast. Just goes to show you that what you're dead. Sheep will oh he's not necessarily what's really going on. Remember that that's a good point. I think though there might be the overlap between Chins scratchy Cohen. Brothers enthusiast's podcast listeners. Maybe crisper doesn't explain. Monkey shines or National Lampoon's vacation which is the fifth most downloaded episode. Ever of the PODCAST. I anyway. Marian Mercer love her. I think she's like what we would call that guy in a male actor. I don't know what we call it in. I don't like saying actress actor so so that woman just doesn't have the same ring as the character actor Guy But she's indispensable. I like that kind of actor because this sort of thing is like she does. Is this thing and it's like if you do that. And it gets known people need that in movies quite a bit. I think like Dabney Coleman. There's something about her. I think because of her height and her thinness there's a sort of regal bearing that she has and yet she has such a comedic sensibility. That yeah she can seem high status but it doesn't feel threatening in the same way. Wouldn't be for soap. Opera would well in a comedy like this. Of course Erling Hayden for crying out loud is in this movie weird. Yeah I mean it was. It was not the best. Ask Part of the movie but it was also fleeting one scene. Sure literally odd scene. It's an Colin Higgins. First of all who who was the director and writer but did not play Wedge Antilles in Star Wars now. I don't know if you've noticed that was that what he's listed as. Yes yes and no you see. There was another Colin Higgins who is one of the three actors to play Wedge Antilles Shoe that we're actually in a new hope. Can we get away from Wedge Antilles his instead of the guy from local euro. Save this guy named Colin Higgins who are then got to be known in the Star Wars community as fake Wedge Hogshead TAT dogged him for the rest of his life and then ended up dying years ago so he died too so there are no existing. Well Count Gins is dead this colleagues. Yeah they're no Colin Higgins's left but the other Wedge Antilles until he says we believe me I- Chagrin the day that I decided to funny Wedge Antilles Post on the facebook page. which you every day I get a hundred notifications of additional comments? God No wonder those two guys just quit out of fear of Fan Service morning to the Internet the any he is in David benef- and game of thrones guys like you said it was a little bit heartbreaking. I don't think Sterling Hayden was great in that role. She supposed to be like colonel. Is He supposed to be like Kentucky. Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders. Like I don't know whose idea that would kind of by corporate titan. Is that the other guy you talked about Henry Henry Jones or whatever the Henry Jones but actually so I thought he was hilarious. He was a better. Why would you make that character particularly southern? I don't know who is neither so funny. North Korea probably because it was Sterling Hayden. And he's probably got an idea and the director is probably like it's fucking Sterling Hayden. I mean sure go for in the commentary track. Apparently they were saying that part of the reason why he looks a little bit Out of it it during the scene is he needed to cards to remember his lines. So Wisconsin look at me and he wasn't. I guess as experienced doing that as say like Marlon Brando Autumn. It was also again not not a great scene rushing to shoot inclusion even to the point of sending Dabney Coleman off to Brazil which is why would you got here. That's so great trial but I guess I guess in nineteen eighty. We saw Brazil is some sort of horrible fate to be sentenced to and even we. You know the the movie card rules string Bikini on him and then when he gets boiled or eaten alive or something here is appears he gets Oh. He's an APP kidnapped by what I think. I don't remember direct phrase that they use that something Yeah something along those lines. I think that your signature openings get appropriate the amount of attention. I don't think however that your signature endings get enough. I don't think we need to center them in the narrative of the podcast. Cut It back into the centre. What Chris does he plays as the last line of dialogue from a famous or infamous reknown or slightly well known film? And what we want you to do is be first to figure out what it was when the episode goes up. We'll put up a image from the film that you're talking about. That doesn't give it away and we will say who can identify Chris's final line from at this week's episode. I love that grade that on facebook facebook. Finally as a reason for being what Chris would you like to move on to our other segments. What would you like to do I How about headlines Great Headlines Headlines this since today is Halloween even though by the time? You're listening to this. It'll be like the week before Thanksgiving or something. I thought that you would enjoy the story. That for these vampires shared blood meal. Let's friendship take flight. This is the story that vampire bats. Chris might have nasty reputation according to NPR but these bloodthirsty beasts can be both generous and loyal when it comes to their fellow bats. I believe it captive. Common Vampire Bats will share their food with Hungary bat companions unions and forge such a bond Chris that they continue to hang out with these buddies. Once they've been released back into the wild Bats are very line says Gerald Carter of the Ohio State University and Vampire. Bats are the most maligned of bats. Vampire there are all like actors except that they do keep in touch. You've throw actors together you do a show we we are going to be best friends forever. And the Gun Chris. You're the bats. Need to lap up about a tablespoon of blood every night. I didn't know that if they miss two nights they get very weak and missing three nights nights means death similar Broadway actor. I love bats. I'm not afraid of bats. I would love to have about my house. Swap Christmas coming begin bat shit crazy and you know where that expression comes from People who would eat Guano for protein would then go insane. It was like mercury with has some weird stuff in it. You know I mean it's it's shit. Well I felt the shit that makes you crazy. It's like some cave chemical or something the making that up. What so am I? Did you see the story today. I don't like to do politics on the podcast. But did you see that the cybersecurity advisor to president trump rudy. Ready Guiliani Speaking Abacha Apple store to get his iphone unlocked. Did you see this story just broke today. This guy the fact that he had to go to the Apple Store Rick Shapiro. WHO's a reporter for? NBC News is living through one of the greatest two week cycles in the news. Business Because he is the reporter who last week reported that Giuliani accidentally but dialed him on two different occasions. Last fall and left these he's long rambling. Inadvertent recordings where he was talking to someone else about what he had just talked to rick on the phone number out on the record and then he got these bizarre czar recordings realizing that. Oh He's he but dialed me and he's telling someone else all this stuff. He wished he had heard on the record so in any way they publish this stuff in some sort of acrobatic report Taj. Were they figure out how to get. Is this on. The record is off. The record is a dial on the record or off the record. I don't know I can't wait to hear what the Supreme Court says. Well the articles already out. So I think curric- Shapiro has spoken. Giuliani also famously. Created a hyperlink and one of his tweets and someone was able to purchase the name of the G. Twenty Dot. In that he accidentally put in they bought the hyperlink and then trolled Giuliani by making the link. Lead to a webpage that read Donald. J trump is a traitor to our country house. There's no that was only because Giuliani tweeted. An inadvertent link and then he was spotted at the genius bar because you cannot rise. They let him in. He couldn't remember Pasco so a former apple employee who was present told NBC that the passcode mistake was quote very sloppy adding quote trump. Just named him as an informal adviser on cybersecurity and here he couldn't even master the fundamentals of securing your own device vice. I've never felt more cyber secure but it does say a former apple store employees. True true could be related to that. Say what you will Salim. Ibn Baylor Remembers passcode but he can sure abused power. I'll tell you as a content presidency. It's hard to be now Chris. My last headline is one that I think thank you know. I know that you're a you're you're you're you're seeking no yes spiritual fitness and happiness and you are someone who thinks a lot about your presence in the world and how to be the best version of yourself. Well there's a new study that is able to offer you Chris the key to happiness. Do you know what it's about do you know. What do you know what the key to happiness is how well I'll tell you know it's only care about yourself and no one else? Oh boy let me guess. Is this from the frigging Manhattan Institute. No this is a research. Other conservative institute is fine. Ran Lovers of American though. This is from. The Queen's Leans University of Belfast in the UK saying war and a new study shows that narcissists who have an inflated sense of self importance and disregard for others are less likely to to be depressed and stressed out the normal people. They looked at seven hundred adults with the personality disorder of Narcissism to determine why they appear to thrive in society among their toxic boksic traits narcissists engage in risky behavior have grand delusions. Show little empathy for others and don't experience much shame guilt. We wondered said the doctor if this is so socially toxic why is on the rise. Well the results showed that grandiose narcissism correlates with very positive components of mental toughness confidence in goal orientation protecting against symptoms of depression and perceived stress. So Chris that's the secret care only for yourself and no one else now. You know how wes scoop would you like. They're only some small drawbacks to being such an artist. You tend to be willing to do to succeed. Embarrassingly Butt dial reporters every now and again. Ah I have to go to the Genius Party. Very cheerful I Chris. I'm not GonNa Crow just yet. About how right I have been proven so far in our new segment the bomb squad because this is an emerging story just as we sit here recording yes and it hasn't been released yet while it is it is released into. WHO's listening now? Oh yes because because it comes out next week as we sit here comes up next week we have a Ford Or. We're talking about motherless Brooklyn. The reviews are in the box. Office is not yet and I want to wait for the box office to complete what I believe to be a little bit of a home run trot that I will take around the recording studio art. However this week's bomb squad and it really liked Matt's bomb squad sound effects? Did he put up there. This week's bomb squad is an interesting one and I will say I don't know about for you but this set off the radar. The first time I saw the trailer Roland Marex Midway Midway Cut. It was just a user tutors Take him under my. He was fine to be scared. Breath Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history. This can happen again. WanNa make it right. Some of the boys want to fight the Japanese. Were planning something bigger. So what's the target argued. We believe it's midway Washington disagrees. Washington is wrong if we lose Japanese on the West Coast Seattle San Francisco Los Angeles o'byrne the order law need to throw a punch. They know what it feels like to be talk about a couple of dozen planning all Japanese fleet this is an affair dismantle. I know that you came glue. People are counting on. You'd be able to face anything. It's not just the jingoistic inanity. It's not just the hackneyed hackneyed cliche of purposeful walking through militaristic hallways and the bursting through important doors in order to break devastating news news with a few words. It's not just that rolling emmerick never filmed anything in less than an extreme close up. It's not just the unfortunately kind of Janke. CGI HE I. It's just why so. Midway apparently is an independent Phil over. 'cause I just learned today first of AH. They showed like a huge task of all these people and I was like really. I thought this was literally just the same guy being shown over and over and over again. It's the same guy in a greasy t-shirt and a short haircut in a leather jackets. Like all these people are poor. Patrick Wilson you deserve better Mr Wilson. I wonder what he did. That's when Washington's he's got a different finger. Washington's wrongs WHOA. Hey let's just say look at the intelligence. How about some reason they're wrong? Yeah you don't have a snake yard wearing glasses. Oh my God I guess you know. If you're Rudy Giuliani. You're probably going to see this. Look they. They are opening in on Veterans Day. Weekend true I guess in a piece of counter programming people might go see it. I saw the headline is like rolling. Eric's one hundred million dollar independent film home. I'm not sure how that works. But yeah the phrase independent film. Gets you know what used to be. The most expensive independent film was stargate. Remember that which is just turned. Twenty five twenty five years of like who cares not an anniversary. We need to celebrate but I do remember when it came out. It was almost an interesting story. But there's also so I believe director for ruined mark and he had to scrounge around to get this money to get this maiden at all sorts of false starts and stuff like that so when he was somewhat successful it was was Sort of a triumph. And I guess this is the same Maine says variety. Says he found himself hustling to get his latest action epic to the screen. But it's one hundred million alien dollar budget outside the studio system which is pretty amazing. I guess I mean I just. That's him a lot of money for this movie to make you definitely not going to get the Japanese audience. Based on the way that trailer is cut could be one thing. If it was like the battle of midway but we're presented with some actual living breathing Japanese characters who who might feel strongly about their side of the battle as opposed to just jingoistic American. beefcake but I don't think the money was spent there so anyway. That's this week's bomb bomb squad. Yeah that Looks Pretty Crappy Chris. I don't have anything else all right in that case until next week. It's a shame that this week's movie didn't date more than it did. But thank you to the women who inspired it who made it and who have never let the struggle die. You've made us all better thank you. I thank you for your companionship. The Stamina Horse Sense one hundred and one laughs. I also enjoy very much looking at your shining hair shining face. Grew I now. I think you'd like me. I was GONNA buy your tie clippers. Shaving ain't lotion or something. But I didn't know why you'd like Homo. What I've had has been sumptuous?

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