Week 5 NFL Props, MLB Playoff Props, and More Sharp Tank (Ep. 74)


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Now I'm officially Maui Tate at least for like five more days, and then I'm gonna wants his tangos away and I'm stop being so happy and you know, blinded by rainbows and sunshine. Yeah, then then I'll get dark and cynical again. But for now I'm pretty happy so, but I am happy to be back here. I miss you. You're pretty dark right now. I don't know about cynical, but you really came in here looking like Mario Lopez, all of a sudden I love it. I love it throwing hand signals all over the place, but we'll talk about that in a second, but let's bring in my boys here all three degenerate trifecta members one. And we have a guy keeping track and us. He says, that's a second time in fifty three weeks that's happened that can't be, but listen. Let's talk about it with my gurus of gambling. My barons betting my wizards of wagering, my overlords of the odds, the degenerate trifecta. Harry brother Bry and Darren, the parlay kid, what's going on guys, what's going on so that what's happening? What's going on buddy? There you go. Well, we have tape back. The whole group is back Tate. Said he missed us the most. I don't know if anyone else on the ringer is listening, but that could cause they're, they're not appreciate. We could say there's no risk there know, what did you do? They real quick just I'll what what's what's the highlight the highlight. I was saying at Airbnb, you know, the friend of mine is a an artist, so he has a house at the top of this mountain. He got a show in Honolulu to pay for all this. So I'm just added an Infinity pool, staying out to the, you know, into the sunsets, everything, just nothing that anyone from Henderson North Carolina should ever be doing that. I was happy to be there doing that. And they were like working on music while I was there. You know, I'm I'm an audio producer. So some of the things I learned in this podcast road I can translate over into that world. So that was nice. We found out while we were there. The guy my friend is going to be Coachella I don't know if you guys know what that is, but apparently it's a big thing, and sure. Yeah. Yeah. A lot of a lot of good stuff. A lot of good stuff going on. I had to get married to go to Hawaii, like that's defined rich friends to go to Hawaii. Same thing. No, you don't have to. A plus one. There's no reason to to wed now for you, but all right, if you do want to get married and you wanna make money, these are the guys you wanna talk to brother Bri. I was on your bet. We do a thing where it's called sharp tank. You guys pitch me your bets. I buy one of them. I think I've bought yours three weeks in a row or two to three week three. This is a winner and it was the most exciting winner. I think these other guys want pretty easily. We had the raiders minus two and a half, which was a suspicious line over the Browns at thought they were better. I thought the Browns were always the Browns and turn out to be the right call. Yeah, what a crazy game, right. I I wanted. We were in the fourth quarter. I wanted everybody fired. I wanna Gruden God. I wanted to get rid of car. I was all set on just rooting for the bears or somebody else for the rest of the year. But we came back, we did it. It was exciting. We probably shouldn't have won that game. We got a couple of breaks, but I'll take it. The raiders never get breaks. They isolated a line that Simmons regurgitated to me on the PA. Our podcast, we shot did it Sunday night and he says, the Browns are good. They're players are good. And now when I saw it in print enough time, like, no, the Browns are bad, they're players are good. I think that's the difference right now. And it's not the lovable loser Browns that we're used to Hugh Jackson, you know, whatever they're expected to lose. Now you have exciting players on both sides of the ball, but they're still losers and they shouldn't get two and a half on the road. Right date. Yes. Yeah. I mean, they are still losers. That's the best way. But I will say this if you were hard knocks fan and use been watching. The Browns and us which care about. It's been entertaining, at least right ours. Every single game they played in. It's been fun to watch, which can never say before. So maybe it'll turn it around. Even this week we're on now I can't even remember all the ravens are laying three at Cleveland. I don't know. I don't get it. I would never feel comfortable getting three points with them, parlay kid. You hit on everything you had to parlay passed on it. I liked it. I know you had the page. Did you have on that? Parlay the money line parliament, the Rams the patriots about as easy as you can get, and then I finished it off with the chargers and yeah. Oh, man, that was a little scary with the forty Niners. I didn't. Should have been bought forty Niners jumped out to an early double digit lead, and you know charges came back and then had the hang on at the end for dear life right there. So but out you're you're how you're the best out of all of us right now. Four notes off. You started with the hundred bucks and just kept betting my bets. You'd have over twenty six hundred dollars now. So wow, congratulations to nobody. Did. Sadly, sadly, including yourself, right. Barely right. It's true. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I was scared I had the chargers did I did? I almost bet that anyway, that parlay. I had it on all bunch of things. But yeah, the charges scary. Rivers throws a pick six to start the game off, but then they're up like nine. I don't know if they would not nine with the ball, what happened. But Beth third who looked like he was going to be out, it looked like he was crippled one play, comes back, throws passed a Kittles. Nobody's nobody's interested in tackling. He goes like seventy five yards or Taj. I'm like, holy crap. This is going to be a close game. And then there was a turnover at the end. But the Niners I think by we bet the we bet them under six wins. It was on vodka, I think. And you know, last week and that was looking scary for second. I know scary right off the bat, but even I was still thinking I was like, all right. Well, even after this they have to win to win five games. Right. That's think that, yeah, we did that during rapid fire, but that was that was a great bed. Yeah, I'm I'm still happy with that. All right. Harry. You had the Monday night game. You made us wait it out now, here's the thing you took. What what did you take? You took the points. Denver plus five and a half, but I bought it up to six at minus one twenty. Welcome to my world Harry because he posts Monday night that Broncos plus six points. I was like, good luck. Harry spend the next three days explaining why you had plus six points and how you bought the hat point. And this was Thursdays line and not Mondays line, but that's you really have to get it now. I'm a newbie. I'm a neophyte the Twitter, so now I get it. I understand. But still if people are listening to the show, they know on Wednesday that the line was five and a half. So that's what we plane. Right. Denver was up at three at half. Their defense was playing real well how Kansas City the ten points at half time in managed the game would officially that sorta hold on it to make sure there was no pick six or anything. At the end of the game went Denver was driving down, but that was the solid play. They were covering the entire game. So six winter, they managed the game the cover, but they really should have won that game the overthrow of the Maria's Thomas Lee, everything towards in that was very strange. We had the. Chiefs. One of these specials we do with the the props, the chiefs will list of couple of weeks ago what is going to be their lowest lowest output in terms of points in a game. They put the over under its seventeen. I thought yesterday or sorry, Monday was the type of game where they could score under seventeen and brother Bry you had you had Mahomes over two hundred ninety five yards passing or something. I think he had like ninety halfway through the third quarter, but I thought because yeah, the all something about that was is I think they were on. I think there were like sixty something yards from scoring on that last drive. So I was like, he's going to have to think he's gonna have to throw a touchdown century and get all sixty four yards to cover the two ninety five and a half, but there was a fifteen yard penalty and a ten yard penalty like back to back so that helped him get. I think he got like eighty yards on that drive that really started at the like the forty right? Eat a second second, twenty second and thirty second and thirty. I mean, I comment. Did that. I think like forget about risking injury. If a team converts a second and thirty without the benefit of a defensive holding or pass interference, like just send them to the Super Bowl. That's that's the team that's gonna win it anyway. They look really good the chiefs, and I know everyone said they look good last year, but Alex Smith is no Patrick Mahomes. That's a special player, and I'm going to be looking to trade him in a fantasy league demo- informed, but whatever. That's a different story, right? Listen, we're half or quarter of the way through the season, four weeks in I want to go over the offense of rookie of the year choices. There's a few. It's bounced around a little. I think. I think correct me if I'm wrong, but I think darnold was the favourite going into the seasons at right Bri. Yeah, see now he was okay. So as it stands now, Baker Mayfield have that great game against. I don't know about the jets. So that's where they switch places. So mayfield's I at plus one twenty-five despite turning the ball over four times last week against the raiders darnold second at four to one Calvin Ridley is six to one Barkley. What is he? Is he also six months at right, Rosen sixty six to one to Rosen and carry on Johnson zone looks good. It's fifteen and one, Tony, Michelle, also all zone looks good. Fifteen to one and then Cortlandt Sutton, guys like that thirty two one Josh out. All right. So let's go through these parlay kid. Who do you put your money on? Is there any value in any of these guys. Good question sow. Well, here's the thing back right after the traffic. I told everybody take Calvin Ridley as forty two one right after the NFL draft. I thought he was perfect fit for this Atlanta team now down to six to one. I think we just said, yeah, I'm not loving the value so much there. But the bottom line is, is this gonna catch fifteen touchdown. Passes this year. I really not so bump sold on that yet. Julio Jones has got to catch something soon. So I'm not sure if the values their Sony, Michelle, though Sal at fifteen, the one he went over one hundred yards. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the patriots needed to incorporate him into the offense more and now at fifty, nine look, this guy could end up with over a thousand yards, rushing big, maybe the difference maker for this team and maybe that's going to get him some votes. I think that's maybe where the value is here. Other than that, obviously, you know, may feels got a lot of possess. Got a lot of flash about him. I think people like that and you know the Cleveland Browns win. Three or four games the rest of the way, and they see a lot of improvement. I think people might jump on his band lagging, so there's a lot of different ways you can go here with this offense. Rookie of the right now. Michelle fifteen and one is in bad. I think if they used them correctly, they could have beaten the lions. For some reason, the patriots are the only team wasn't able to put up big numbers on the ground against the lions this year, but it it should be pointed Al parlay kid. I know you want to toot your own horn given out the Ridley in the beginning of the year, and you drafted him, and then I think you came on the podcast said he's rookie of the year and spit wasn't dry on your lip and then you you drop them right near fantasy team. Well, I did one league I dropped my. I haven't really ever lead though south. Yeah, I did, but I did drop them and brother. John pick them up, which makes it even worse. Right. Brother. That's like a double whammy with that situation. We do have the best team in the in the Nancy right now any I, I hardly needed them. Seventeen Rams on his team is going to be impossible to beat. All right, brother. Bry which way you're going with this. All right. So you remember last year. I mean every week it changed you I there's really no value at Mayfield. Plum one twenty-five thought I would not even touch. I wouldn't think about it right. The one I think that does give a lot of IRA nose Barkley at six to one. If you look at it says four hundred fifty total yards. Three touchdowns twenty seven catches. I think Ridley only has what the only like sixteen at the most. Yeah, we know wide receivers. Historically, don't win. This thing Bradley would have to. I mean, he's phase on pace for like eleven hundred yards and we'll say, suppose down a little bit and touchdown gets twelve, but that's not gonna be enough to win rookie of the year. He's going to have to get with this rookie of the year with this rookie class, he's going to have to get it. Probably at least fifteen. I would say fifteen touchdowns but Barkley at six to one. I don't know why it's six two. One. I don't know why keeps getting worse. 'cause he's bound to have one or two huge games. Yeah. And all of a sudden is stats. You know, you're gonna look. He's gonna have a thousand yards after seven games. You're going to be like, all right, this guy, this guy should want it. All right. Well, I don't expect Harry are big giant fan to disagree with you. You're going Barclay here. Harry. Yeah, I'm going Barkley to the brothers, both stole my thunder. I took a. I took only one after the draft last year too. I took Sony Michelle when we went over this. I had him at thirty two one hundred yard aim last week and a touchdown, and they don't even use them in screens or any passing plays yet. So it could be some big plays for him down the down the rest of the part of the season, especially Thursday night against the colts. But yeah, Barclay overall, he's averaging fifty yards receiving a game six to one. Yeah, I think a couple of weeks ago, three to one. So six to one really got three Russia's of twenty plus yards. And he's had a hundred or more yards combined in all four games despite than the macaw. Offense and a four ofensive line in a radically from July, still putting up the numbers at six to one. That's pretty damn good. Maui Tate. There's two things. I hate this world. I hate like a window seat on Southwest Airlines that doesn't have a frigging window lined up next to you. And I hate agreeing with Harry. I don't know which I can't pick out of the two which I hate more, but I am going to have to go at Barclay here at six to one. I think he has two hundred sixty yards. Rushing three touchdowns another almost two hundred receiving he could if you just and I don't think he's he's broken out yet. If you just multiply these numbers by four, he's at eighteen hundred combined and twelve touchdowns and that'll be good enough, I dunno, but Polly kid, you think may feel that they they win six games. You'd think he's in the consideration. I think they have to do a little better. Yes. Certainly. I just think there's something about that kid and honestly, at least just after would just talking to four games. I do like Harry's Barclays suggests. I love it. I think that's a great pick and we knew Harry was going to go there. Well, not that the giants are doing nine games. Right? And that's, that's not. Straight up hard to watch like they're not fun to watch. You know what's terrible about this past weekend. Some things that just seem like every single third-down every third, Dallas Saint tad that completed reverse down every time. Don't feel bad about that. That's just what they do. And that's what the giants do. They go. Third now they bore you to death. They ended up punting and they're not even using Barkley. Right? He's going to win the. He's gonna win the rookie of the year and they're not even going to right. There's something I that offense should be much more dynamic. It just should be blamed on the offensive line. They've had years to fix it. You know, there's one constant in that is ally. Just I dunno, his numbers look, okay, but I just there's something about I liked the box. Six to one is is a good people should jump on that because this kid's gonna have the numbers, but but just think in the end, the quarterbacks get it and I don't know. They're going to break down a little bit Bill in this team. Eventually. I don't know in the Dallas game he had fourteen catches fourteen must have had twenty minutes. He had twenty miss tackles by Dallas cowboy defender. He was amazing how many, how many yards. I don't know how many hours did you have that game rushing receiving combined the at about one hundred thirty with fourteen catches. Yeah. Exactly. That's that's. That's pretty bad. Actually. I just. Just fourteen catches for one yard summit. What? What does that even mean? I mean, say. Catches. It's like me throwing to my four year old in the back yard. It's a, yeah, he's fourteen catches, but he's still standing right in front of me. So I don't know. Oh, I don't know. Camara catches fourteen balls. He's got like a hundred and fifty yards me. I mean, that's that's the difference, Sal. Can I give you one longshot gotta watch. Oh, yeah, I was just gonna. Ask you. Yeah, Naim Hines. He's he's five. Fifty to one fifty to one odds. I know he's number three on the team in targets behind TY and Eric Hebron. They already have injuries there. Marlin MAC who's out. And I think he's got twenty two to twenty receptions hundred nineteen yards. Two touchdowns through four games. Vide- four rushing yards. One touchdown, but he's basically a receiver in the backfield and he's just a guy that Angela Alexina dumped the ball off to when he doesn't have t- wide open don't field. So he's a guys and gives them touches to all right. Well, finger to the giants didn't catch thirty passes a game could make that switch now. Now I think Beckham's gonna punch Eli in the face. Looks like it already happened, but I, I think it's I think it's gonna everyone's pissed off at him. All right. That's rapid fire props. Let's take a break. Talk about my bookie. Hey, guys, you've heard me talking about this for weeks and weeks, and some of you were still watching football from the sidelines, but whether you're an expert or a rookie you should be betting at my booking. I didn't even mean to rhyme there. If you're the kind of guy that likes about a little when a lot, my bookie gives you the chance to create a big parley, pick three teams to win. Get all three. You'll turn one hundred into six hundred. Plus you can bet on all major sports, not just football like this weekend's MMA Conor McGregor stepping into the octagon Saturday. I I, you have see fight in two years. Will he win straight up or will be deliver first round? Knockout I like could be if you're on the sidelines, now's the time to get in the game. Mybookie will still match your first deposit dollar for dollar, but gotta join now because they'll be pulling that offer soon. Log onto my bookie right now in double your money. Use promo code Sal and they'll match your first deposit. One hundred percent that's promo code s. l. you play, you win. You get paid. All right. Now we're going to do rapid rapid fire props, so listed on certain website, you can find them. I'm going to go back and forth. Now we've done well with these brother Bry last week. We isolated one. What happens is I ask you guys, there's an existing prop I ask you what you think the over-under should be, and then I tell you what it is and when if we were far off, we usually all agree that, oh my God, we should jump on this last week. The big one we jumped on his brother bribe. What was it? Roughing the passer calls under twelve year Ruffin pester under twelve five under. Yeah. The morning, even half that. Yeah, it was. It was so low and I remember, I think I think the chargers had like to impact back place to even write. It was only the came all the way down the field with that. Yeah, but we and so the refs corrected themselves, it was crazy. The claim Matthews highlights were just driving everybody nuts. So I think they corrected themselves and it's at a maybe a decent place now I think we did go though over embedded, but I think we gave it out on the podcast. We went Michael Thomas over nine receptions and that that the Namath over nine only four and then San Francisco. I mean, we can't expect them. The overnight is not in the giants backfield, but the only. All right. So I'm going to throw a few of these by you guys and you tell me all right, starring would you parlay kid. How many games will go to overtime. This weekend. Cluding Thursday night. How many games going to overtime Suzy overtime, not no ties, not not necessarily tie, but. Just picking a number? I am. I giving you just see the number of games are like an align with whatever. What do you think they've set the lineup? Yeah, both. Yeah. Okay, right. So that's what I'm saying. I'm setting the line. Oh my God. We've done this three weeks. Rabbit fire. He started against overtime this weekend. No. Minus one fifty. I'm I've just thrown that out that way off. No, it's close. I mean over a half. So yes, yes would be minus one fifty. The no is plus one thirty. I don't know. Maybe not bad though for the over the over, right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think I all right. Let's think about that one brother, Brian, Mahomes Willie throw. An interception hasn't thrown an interception yet. This is just odds. Okay. Yet yet. Oh, the play Jacksonville. Yes, plus one twenty five, yes. Minus one, forty, five, their expense, expecting it to happen. And by the way, those are basically the odds. And we say this every week when the when the rookie quarterback goes on the road Wyant we want. We just betting that they will throw in their inception who who was it last week? I mean. Yeah. Yeah, right. And and Rosen has not doesn't even matter with him has gone on the road Rosen, Allen, all these guys have thrown it on the for. He hasn't gone on the road. I think rose now going on the road Allen zone to even even darnold and has good game threw an interception on the first one on the road in lines that we, we need to look out for this. But Mahomes is that that number is similar to all those guys. I just mentioned Harry. Will the ravens allow a second half touchdown to the Browns. They have not allowed a second half touchdown, the first four games. I think they will. I'm gonna say the yes is. Minus one seventy five pretty good, pretty close, minus two hundred. That's an interesting one. Hairy, that's the tough one. That's a weird one too, that it might just be easier to bed the ravens of the Browns in the second half after you see the first half, but that's that's good. It's good practice. Harry. All right. Browder home they variously could before now. I know he's only they could easily won six games last year. They could have beat the Packers. Earlier what happened in the raider game. But on that fourth down on when they decided to punt the probably wasn't the smartest thing to do with punt. But when they originally got spotted, they got the first down. They gave him the first down. If that's the patriots back call is not reversed ever ever. I don't understand. Got reversed. I know, but that's the Browns. And I think you know, ended that out that's Browns football for you. That's why they lose these close games. That's, you know, not not that the league is cheating against them, but that fumble was more agree, just call or no call that could have been a right on the. On the the fumble coast that was really bad. Yeah, but the this is all you need to know. They're up eight with a minute and a half and the ball, and they lost even that two point conversion that fade route never really works and. Jordy Nelson, clutches it to his Chaz. And by the way, I thought they could a little bit. I definitely needed him to get that for brother, Brian, Ida cash there, but the way clutched it to his chest and let go of it for a second to get his balanced back, but they didn't. They didn't review that. It seemed like he was going to get it anyway, but that was a terrible play call. I don't care for work. Yeah, Jordy Nelson. He had no ups on it was I was. That is incomplete. I mean, how do you? How can you live with that? Plight. This is how you live with a you, Br, your brother, brise this team. Let them win a game here. Win one game before they go to Vegas for crocodile. All right. Paul Ike kid while you're fired up, titans, win by exactly three points. What would you say the yeses. Have they won all their wins. They must have won all their games by three there at buffalo buffalo does that the case, Sarah. Yeah, they must've went all the games by three. Right. Oh, okay. That's what it is. So they've won all the games, like three. I mean, yes. Plus three fifty. All right. Good for you. It's four to one. The yes. Is four to one normally I'd be all over. Yeah, look at that. They'd beat the Texans 2017 the Jaguars nine six and the eagles. Twenty six twenty three. Normally I'd be all over the no, which is minus seven hundred. The yes is four to one. Yeah. Yes, might be okay here. I don't think they could blow anybody out and this could be one of the games with the bills cover, and it's just a three point, you know, then then you ruining for kicker Atta that enough four to one is worth it, but I wouldn't go. I wouldn't go with the minus there. All right. All right, brother, Bry. Here we go Earl Thomas that actually have odds on this or a line over on their, what will he get charged Tate. I want you to think about this too for giving his sideline the middle finger, what's his fine? Oh. How much they didn't give that out yet. They didn't find them, I guess because it's still it was up like an hour ago. So, yeah, I'll say. Fifteen grand j Tate. What do you think. I'm gonna go twenty five grand. All right. Brother. Fighting's like thirty three grand or somebody something weird like that. Like sportsmanship like fifteen grand. I don't know. They have all these weird numbers for all this stuff, but was he giving the finger to anyway, I still I'm not really. They said the whole sideline didn't seem fair. No-one no-one. Everyone was saying that it was different people and it was like, oh, I don't know. It seemed just more of just the overall. Like you know, f this, I'm kind of thing. Well, Bavadra has it at twelve thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. So I don't know. Bolt said over brother. Bryan was closer, but that seems to be in the ballpark, twelve twelve to fifteen thousand. I'd like to see them find him a million dollars, and then he could see. It'd be like, see, this is why you so sit out because he's fines are astronaut Michael, and you know, this is why you have to get as much as you can as a contract, what a mess. How's that guy? Not a cowboy. All right, Harry or you next year. You're next right. Ridley will he lead the NF l. in touchdown receptions now he has six right now. He leads it leads right now in touchdown receptions, like you guys pointed out. Julio Jones has zero infuriating to fantasy elders guy. I think this this, this has been saying he's, he's got a touchdown, pass in his last four game he had in that, you know the game for the falcons. He had won the championship game for Alabama. He didn't have one. He wasn't even on the field bay against the eagles in their Thursday night game. I mean, right? I am going to. I'm gonna say the yes. Once said the yes is five to one. Only plus three fifty. Wow, wow. Darren mentioned earlier, you know, it's gotta go gotta. Go to Julio Jones a little bit sooner or later, but yeah, right. Something else. Defense is terrible. They also it. Yep. Dan Lewis corners out. There's so much fun now. They're the most fun team. This game against the Steelers is really tough like this. This could be a loser leaves town match because they have a little bit of a break schedule wise, the falcons coming up. But one in four, Nancy south is is really tough. I mean, Steelers can grab a sixty, nine wins potentially, but the falcons will not sell on rapid fire last week. Just getting back to Earl permis. Yeah, wasn't that a pro? Wasn't that a bet last week if he would be on the Cowboys or not. Yeah, that's right. Well, or. By the end of the if he would be on Seattle, but it was a plus. So yeah, right. Yeah, we could have got, plus we should have bet it could've plus money. Yeah, man. All right. How many rushing yards will Mark Ingram habits back from suspension first time their home Monday night against the Redskins parlay kid? What do you think? Well, I've Alvin Kamara in fantasy football one of my league. So there you go mope it's not too many. Let's say the over unders fifty four and a half, very close forty, seven and a half. All right. You got to bet everything on the or the over, right? You said it? Yeah, that's about right. I don't know what they're going to do it. I wonder I have in in the league. I'm Owen foreign a league that I bid on Eshelman and Ingram, and I'm like, well, I have to do is be to into and I'll be fine. Some of those back a Mon fricken four. I'm trading Mahomes and that link. All right. Here's an interesting one. Which one do you guys wants to talk about the Packers. Tate that you know? No, no, not at all. No. You made a noise. I don't know what you're doing. That was a pass. Not like an Aaron Rodgers past Packers. Will the Packers make the playoffs? It's just a simple one. What's the? Yes. Harry. What do you think. Minus. Three forty. What well. I think it might be the plus. At this point. I'd say I'd say minus one fifty right. Yeah. Learn rod? Yeah, I would have said like minus one forty, even Harry. Nice. How. How. Wow. Are you don't have to bet that Harry. I don't know. Yeah, bet it. Now you must. There's no not betting it. No, right. I think so. What do we like it that Mahomes interceptions close over time, maybe Ben and overtime. We liked that overs minus one fifty. I liked that one. Those are those are like the fun proper endorsed the overtime Packers, make the playoffs. What what's their record now Tate. They to one so there at the lions that's basically a pick them and then they get Niners and then they have like a tough little. They have. I never ends patriots. Nothing's easy. I mean, the bears are good now. So fi comes almost beat him ready Ridley. Patriots back to back on the road. Yep, Yep. And then the Vikings right out to that again, I might put a little on titans when by three, just because it's funny, but I do like the overtime over a half now I think it's going to happen that there's in that game, but that could be fun bet for the weekend. All right. Let's switch gears major league baseball. I know these guys and as the clock strikes five Pacific here, the as woman up against the Yankees, we have to Yankee fans actor Tate. Three. Yeah. Now you're sorry, excuse for you. I don't watch wild card games. Wait to their extra Yankees wildcard against the as brother Bry brother, Darren, the parlayed kid and Tate or Yankee fans, Harry, and I would like to see them lose. Although I want them to see them when this game. I want to see Yankees Red Sox for sure. I bet the Antes also on lock it in today, but let's go. Let's first recap our futures bets Bri through yours real quickly. Okay. So the brewers over eighty three and a half. That one's so easy. They had ninety six Tani under ten and a half only at four with one because at injury I had JD Martinez under thirty nine and a half. He sucked in. Off me. Some money hit forty three. So I lost on that one. And then we did a pod like the middle of the year where we give out one future that we liked and I gave out the Indian halfway through the season Indians plus them fifty. Two won the AL so that's that's not looking too bad. Nice. All right. All right. Harry. Did you do anything worthwhile? I had one winner. I had a Charlie Blackmon over one hundred seventy five and a half hits despite him being injured, it beginning you wound up with a hundred and eighty two. I think you actually like that one that one yourself now I I did have like in the middle of the season with Brian said, I had Seattle to one to win the west pretty bad. I'm well, you know, I gave pick out and stuff was going on in Felix CNN issues. And that's when when I gave that out, that's when Seattle started tanking and open starting red hot and settled. Blew the wild wildcard as well in the loss of vision to the Astros I had Phillies under seventy eight and a half. Wins now that lost, but Billy did keep it interesting for me by losing twenty nine of thirty nine before winning the last two games of the season, and they wound up with eighty wins my blockbuster. My blockbuster loser was Robbie Ray at twenty one twenty two one to win the Cy Young. That I'm bad. And I mean, you have control issues all season. He was injured beginning season and the season he was. He had he had two wins, and then he had to starts where he went four and two thirds innings. They won the game, didn't get the win. Then he got injured and it was never. Okay, close. It's fine. You're not there now over individual games like the thirtieth best picture. Parlay kid. You had some winters, right. No, I thought he had two thousand turns out. I only had one I I'll give you my losers. I I'd call us Korea over to ninety five batting average. I thought last year coming off the three fifteen average even a drop of twenty points would still when he had a terrible year. He hit two fifties injured a lot while a little disappointing. I thought this guy was ready to really make like an MVP type of March really regressed this year. So that was a loser by my boy or not. Really my boy on my Yankee, sunny gray over eleven and a half wins his question had this guy even win eleven. He was a loser, but how did they even win? Eleven games? He's terrible shifting the Robbie Ray of the New York Yankees. Okay. No doubt. That's why I hit on. I was perfect on Cleveland Indians under ninety four and a half wins. I actually said they would win between ninety and ninety two games. They were at ninety one and I still said they would finish with a double digit w digit margin in terms of the next closest team behind them. Kind of had that one ride new, they would coast the coast of this year, and I give you gonna give you them in a little bit on another bet here. All right. Okay. I'm still liking the Indians. I'll go over mine. Real quick. I I did well, I had giants under eighty one half wins. I think they finished seventy three and eighty nine or something. I had bell trae he had fifteen home runs pool halls. He had nineteen home runs. I had both of those guys under. I like taking the older players under because eventually something happens and it doesn't. It doesn't click anymore. Of course there's injuries and brother. Brian tell us about that pools was under twenty four and a half home runs and BELTRAN was under nineteen and a half home run. So I won that. I had the dodgers the win division that just happened like a three hours ago. I feel they need an extra day that was plus one twenty five. So Owen Adlon door for MVP and thirty eight ninety two to seventy seven, not good enough in a in a league that has Mookie Betts in it. But overall I gave out winning picks but brother, Brian again, like football, you look at these four hundred props, you're best off just going under right. We looked at. We couldn't even. Out it because really we say it every time we get the list. Even recently we've got a list of NHL player props. We really should just go under because I didn't look at it individually this time, but I would still say probably sixty five seventy percent of the major league baseball. Props went under. If you look at it under under under it's amazing. But like you were saying, like the pool halls beltway. They look so easy, but there were other players to that. They had home runs in the twenty five range that those guys finished with like twelve or they really even played every year. We gotta just we next year. I've really might just take every bit and just betted under. Let's do that. Let's do. I think it was forty three and a half for the Yankees and judge was thirty nine and a half. The judge was injured. They both went under the home runs are just in general. I think all go on there. I think the the the there was will someone I bet this we'll someone hit fifty home runs. I said, no, I had its went out Chris Davis at the end there the good, Chris Davis with the k. not the not the Orioles one, but they. He had forty eight going forty, seven hundred to the weekend and hit one over like Saturday night or something. But yeah, all these homerun battles probably under. Yeah. Speaking of that, did he just statistics just hit one? Oh, I know it doesn't mean much, but what are the chances? This guy Davis. It's two forty, seven for four years. That was the best that's like guy with over five hundred bats. That's like a statistic. How does that happen? It's almost impossible. I showed Todd firm and the geek of all geeks on lock it in that stat and he's still going crazy about it. He couldn't believe it and. They took them out right in the middle of the game just to, I don't know, but they they, he was at two, four to seven. I don't think he got his last plate appearance Sunday, but that that was fun. Yeah, yeah, he'd better not it to forty eight now, that'd be bad. Just keep going your career softball batting average to forty seven. So such a coincidence really is, I know that's true. All right. Harry, the upstate forty seven. You guys, the air is different in this week. Oh, he's like Jason Heyward once it gets the pressure on them. A lot of people watching it doesn't quite work. Yeah. Yeah, great practice player. Jason. Alexander. Harry, give us your your best MLB future bed is games going on all over the place. It's hard to pinpoint these, but do you have a best bet for the MLB pro. I'm gonna. I'm gonna roll with the Rockies at plus one forty, five win the best of five over been walking for the National League. Divisional series. Rocky showed grit after losing to the dodgers and going to sky going, nobody gave them a chance manager. But black did a great job during the regular season. And I mean last night, what a magical job he did. He had like six double switches last night and worked out perfectly for them and the team, they have pitching Kyle Freeman and what a job he did on short rest last night, six and two thirds of four hit ball, no runs. Obviously he won't win the Cy Young but serve some boats pitching in Denver of seventeen seven. Two hundred innings Barca's had two hundred thirty case for the Rockies and the bullpen is solid. Not offense. I like the rolls the dice with the Rockies for any team. When you got black, men aren't auto and story. The the three combined for a hundred four home runs. They're solid on offense as well. Now, I, I know the brewers are very talented. Theologists MVP Kane, playoff experience and haystack lower, put a big numbers, but I just don't like the brewers in the role of the favorite. They have not been in the playoffs since two thousand eleven. So Colorado get the split in the walkie at back to Denver the place be crazy. Gimme the Rockies plus one forty, five beat the brewers in the divisional series. You say you don't like them into the role of the, they don't have to cover any spread here. They just have to win their home games, different role for them that does. The Rockies are the darlings of the National League. I think more than the brewers are going to be. All right. Well, these darlings are exhausted because they've played in four cities in five days, and I think they tanked that first game for sure tomorrow. But by the time you're listening is that will be probably today, but I think they're, they're screwed up for two games actually. And they you six pitchers yesterday. And like you said, Phelan was on three days rest. I think they're going to be a little bit of a mess. I'd be very surprised if they took a game in Milwaukee. In fact, I'm taking Milwaukee plus two sixty to win the National League. Now, here's how I look at it. Plus sixty is a significant number for you parlay players out there because if you take a two team parlay right brother Bry, isn't it plus to sixty at even odds or minus one ten? So I think the brewers being the favored, even though Harry doesn't like that so much in the first series, which I think they're gonna wrap. Up against an exhausted Rockies team. If they play the dodgers I still think they'll be favored. And if they play because they have home field advantage, and if they play the Braves, they'll be pretty substantial favor and Craig counsel as a manager of the year, they have tough outs all round. Yelich obviously drives jaw. You have Ryan Braun Lorenzo Cain. Shoop is a tough out all these guys in pitching wise like six best in the majors ERA getting their underrated three, seven, five. Now the Rockies hit the left these. So Wade Miley, and Joe Gonzalez. They're gonna use them sparingly, but I like the brewers to win this wrap this up pretty early and then and then beat up on the dodgers who I think are overrated. So that would be my pick plus two sixty brewers to win the pennant parlay kid where you're jumping out it going to take the Indians to win the American League and being the World Series. Sal, as I mentioned it before, I've been on a little bit on the Indians this year. I think you know, you got four power pitcher, so. The first step ever that four starters strike out two hundred plus batters each. Oh, I think in the playoffs, this is always a stat. I look for power arms. The Astros got him to and so does almost every team really. That's what I just think the Indians dude a little bit better. They've been waiting for the playoffs all year. They've kind of maybe some people might think it's hurt them. Maybe if SP walk through the season crews to a division title, they are prime for this. They got two young dynamic players in Linda Ramirez. Why think of both in tastic going to rise to the occasion. I think this team sow even over my Yankees this year, I think we're gonna city Indians in the World Series. What are the odds. What are the odds fit plus four fifty, four fifty. I feel like they're really overlooked a little, but there's something to be said. I don't know if it's good or bad about beating up on a bad divisional year where the Yankees had a turn round and Red Sox. Also, they had a play each other. Like I'm talking about the brewers here. The cardinals and cubs were good all year. This is it's it's interesting if you could sleep walk to a to a pennant or to a division title and then and then just turn it into another gear for the pennant. But the Indians plus four fifty might be good value brother Bry what he say. All right now. So I'm actually sticking with you on this one. So I'm going to brewers plus two sixty slightly different reasoning. I mean, I do think I just think there's a lot of value at the plus two sixty because like you said, they're going to be they have home field throughout. They've been great at home. They're fifty one and thirty, right? They've been the hottest team in baseball. They've won eight straight of the last twenty six. They have the type of players you want and Yellen Cain guys, you know Kane, who has a ton of experience. The bullpen was fantastic with hater Jeffers. But the thing is when I look at the value here by getting plus to sixty there, one minus one sixty five to win the first year which means you're getting them at plus one, twenty five to one. And I'll see us which I think if they're at home, they really shouldn't be an underdog. So I think just there is great value, especially. I mean that's plus one twenty-five being that they face the dodgers if they faced the Braves, geez, you're getting. I mean, I've used fantast. If because they'll probably be like minus two hundred. So that's that's the reason I love the brewers though, plus to sixty. I think there's a lot of value there. Do you see this brewers crowd tomorrow? They're going to be on fire. They don't. They don't care that they're favored or not. It's the first time since two thousand eleven, they're, they're excited to be there and they're, you know, playing playing over the heads, maybe, but I like them. I think they have the most talent in the league that cover everyone, Br Tate. You don't care about this. I know I care a little bit, but you know, slowly, but surely I'm waiting for the Yankees. The Yankees went as wildcard and we Red Sox. Then I'm going to be fully invested. But like I said, I, I'm not going to get my hopes up because you know how wild card games are the worst. That's logging aids. Wildcard. Yeah. Hey, Walker, I should say that we should all we should all root for the brewers too because we used to play softball with somebody who's kind kinda high up in that organization. That's right. Oh, that's right. Okay. Good. Our for the brewers anyway. Tate. It's fun. What's what's more insignificant for you? Wildcard game or a play in game for the NC double a. tournament. Oh, definitely. A playing game Amelia's. The wildcard is like that cubs game was last night. It was fun for about, you know, from like the top of the eighth until about the eleventh. And then it just got kinda sad. But you know, I it playing games are definitely the worst. All right. Good answer. I wasn't trying to trick you there. Sorry. Sorry. Dayton, Ohio. The kid went to Dayton, Ohio. Let's you know to claim the fame they host those games, right. True flyer, probably kid, there you go. All right. That brings us to our sponsored segment. Captain Morgan's make believe everybody casino each week. The degenerate try and I set sail tackling made up gambling propositions related the sports and pop culture events. We were watching the the Ryder Cup all weekend. We're texting each other and these guys wake up earlier than I do because they're on the east coast, but I was I was trying to keep up. The earliest I made was five forty five. And then I was like, this is crazy because I know I'm going to be watching college football all day. I'm going to be a wreck, but it was a lot of fun and it got us talking which u. s. team you root hardest for. Now here the odds you might you might want to add one yourself. The field is five to one, but you could take the Ryder Cup team, three, two, one, Olympic hockey. Let's say men and women seventy two Olympic basketball, five to one the world. Baseball classic. A little underrated. I think six to one gymnastics men, women, eight to one World Cup soccer, nine and one. How about how about wilder over fury, throw, boxing match at twelve one that could be a fun one. Let's start with you. Parlay kid, which one you go with. So I flip flop a little bit on this, but so I'm not, I'm I'm gonna take the field and I'm taking USA wrestling. So I'm not talking about Bob back when versus the iron Sheik. I'm talking about some of the toughest and most underrated athletes you'll ever see from Dan Gable the kale standards and to Jordan Burroughs suit up a little money and fame and wrestle for the love of country competition. So anytime an American wrestles against against international competition, I'm bleeding, red, white, and blue. Take the field USA wrestling. I like that. I think I think he's crying a little Tate. What do we know? It's good passion. Yes, I maybe for paychecks brother bribe, put your put your brother and a half dollars to pick them up a little. What are you going to say? Yeah, a little recency buys here for me, but I'm definitely going with the Ryder Cup like I have gotten into golf. Pretty big over the last few years. But this is like the first time I've really got fully into the Ryder Cup, and I couldn't believe how great and intense it was, and I don't think I've ever gotten so mad at foreign players in anything like we're going back and forth. I, I wanted to punchy and Poulter in the face so badly, you know the guys celebrating after every I I will say, especially in the match play that match play on Sunday was fantastic to watch. Yeah, I wish we could see more. I wish we could see more of a, but then you lose mystique of it. But right, Ian Poulter I said, I wanted to punch. But then right after I was like, no, rom I wanna punch or Molinaro. Wanna punch. Yeah. So I just thought it was. It was so great watching that maybe 'cause tiger was in it. I, I don't. I don't know why. Just I just loved it. You want to punch somebody how about Tommy Fleetwood and otherwise who we liked? Actually, I like Tommy Fleetwood and then he's doing all the celebrating didn't really do a lot on Sunday to help his team out, but, but I'll tell you what I was going to go last, but I'll I'll jump on there. Yeah, the Ryder Cup team and a lot. I have come to love golf, watching golf in betting on gov betting on it has a lot to do with all tell you that much just in the last few years, Harry's been doing it since he was like nine or ten years old betting on golf, but I love it so much, and I almost so much Bri makes me think. I wish there was a casino game that I could all of the sudden love in the last few years. You know, instead of getting our, our heads handed to us in blackjack every time we go out there. I wish there was a casino version of golf where, oh, my God and the last few years. I've just started betting it and loving it. I think the key to this prop who do you root hardest for is the celebration. So it's nice parley kid with the wrestlers because they put so much time so much commitment physically and everything. But the. Celebrations you want these guys to celebrate with you and no one does it really, I think like the Ryder Cup and then to hear that DJ and kept fighting on a plane, my God. That's great. And then just like being able to strategize like, oh, should they leave Phil home or should they must is just so much to chill fun. Yeah, he's got to stay. They gotta get his wife like a spa package. It's on and tell them about it later. DJ kept fighting Harry woods. The line on that. Boy top gets just built so solid. He's gotta be a favorite maybe to forty to sixty, but deejays a big man to man be interesting. Huge too. Yeah. Yeah. DJ's also Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So he's got no problem, getting dirty. He might stab him or something. You know, you never know. DJ coastal Carolina. You know, that tells me here. You got a lot of people that went down there. They'll stab somebody as well. All right. Well, he also snatched a baby my agent, babe, James baby doll Dixon in Jupiter, Florida baby is right down the block from me. All right. How are you going to ruin this for us? Both. So go ahead. What who, who you saying. Mentioned anymore, but I'm gonna. I'm gonna give the Olympic gymnasts eight to one shot. I mean, being obviously, once every four years of really make special, the two thousand sixteen team, the women's team was Simone biles, Gabby Douglas alley. That was just something else to watch. It was musty TV and I also feel like at that the passion for Americans, but then not disperse sport for men, but a lot for women to and it's like, must see TV for families families, bonding, watching the the gymnast. I think it's just one of those things. Sided for during that time when the Olympics come around. So I'll go with the Olympic gymnastic. Who's your favorite? Harry. Who's your favorite of all time? All time. I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go, Mary Lou Retton. She was great when we were growing up. That was amazing. I'm surprised you didn't want you dancing with the stars. Right now she's doing well. I'm surprised you didn't go couples. Figure skating, not Asli thought that would have been more your back Tate. What are you? Have you ever thought on this? Yeah, I was gonna say Olympic swimming, swimming. I always, you know, two thousand eight. I'll never forget Phelps because I felt like that was like something out of a movie that was playing in front of everyone. Mark Spitz. Obviously, you know, my mom's big Mark Mark Spitz fan. So I always heard that. But I mean, obviously she's at like, we're supposed to know that obviously, your mom's March mid mean you grew up in that area. I mean, how could you not love legend? So it's the same thing with Phelps. Ryder Cup is my favorite of all time. Ninety nine was the first like time. I remember watching that team when litter made that putt, it was I was like six years old and going crazy and thought it was a coolest thing ever, but I got a little jaded in two thousand twelve and Medina when they came back and won. And you know they were, you know, Poulter and all those guys were talking know that shit. So yeah, you know it was hard for me to watch just because I knew I knew the US is going to lose. That's the hardest part about the Ryder Cup. When they play over in Europe, you pretty much have to come to terms what they're going to. Lose, which is I like to win as an American. So USA swimming. All right. There you go. I I don't know what the swimming. I maybe it's just because I am in love on a love the guys that went sixteen gold medals in in three days. You know, I think it's fair Phelps in everybody, but it seems like our training program is a little bit more advanced than most of the other might be. It might be all right. That's another week of captain. Morgan's make believe everybody. Casino, no matter how you live like a captain captain Morgan. Remind you to please drink responsibly captain's orders. All right step into our mailbag. Here. We're looking for submissions for our degenerate gamblers hall of fame. There's been some controversy over the last entering. We all unanimously voted him in. Harry was exempt from the process because he he's being punished for an offense early in the year. He asked we, we were going to Vegas and he s what's in Vegas. So that's a shame shame shame on you Harry. But anyway, cousin, Sal against all odds of g mail dot com right us. If you have a submission for the general gamblers hall of fame tell us the things you'd bet on how long you bet the things you've people. You've lied to place a bet to pay off a bet we want to hear all about it and we don't have any good submissions this week. But I do want to read this from Dylan foster what's up Sal. My name is Dylan foster. I've been listening to you guys for almost two years now. Big fan of this show. I live in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and I was born in Winnipeg. I was listening to your best bets this upcoming NHL season, and I was pretty excited when I heard Harry mentioned Winnipeg until I heard him absolutely butcher, our young star Patrick line name, it killed me. He just kept saying it over and over Patrick lane. So I was hoping you sow could help me and all your friends north of the border in publicly shaming Harry on the next podcast, happy to his name is Patrick line. He not lane, and if he's Harry's best bet, he should probably learn how to stay out. I didn't say that. So that was like. Poor kid. We mean parley kid. Everybody's got guys. Sorry, just taking come on this guy writes a letter, everything else I might as well take. Okay. So let's continue. If Harry's best bet he should probably learn how to say his name if you can let them know, that would be great. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. Love the pod. Thanks from all the Manitoba and listeners. So they Harry line, learn his name. Okay. What's my learn? My I learned my lesson from the European soccer remember. So yeah, that's right. That's getting that felt getting that city wrong. All right. We'll figure it out also would be funny to just listen to us pronounce. You know how badly I swear to God. I pick teams based on what I'm going to have to say on the podcast here it was like, okay, does anyone have Mark Jones on the roster? Because that's how I want to talk about here. Just real quick for me and Epstein. Our buddy at a prop swab says, he saw the other day we sold the ten to one Bengals to win the AFC north ticket at new odds of plus one seventy, meaning the seller quadrupled his original bet amount. Only four weeks into the season. I was texting with him. Asked what inspired him to originally make that bed at ten to one before the season. And you know what he said. He got it off of our podcast NFL preview podcasts. So I just thought you'd like to know people are already cashing in on your picks Paul's well. All right. Well, all is well in except Harry. I don't know about that last outburst, but anyway, send us your notes, Sal against all odds of team l. dot com. And we're looking for a degenerate gambler gambling hall of fame entry. So Roman, and now let's hear from ZipRecruiter. Hey, you know what's not smart job sites that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes. But no, it is smart, ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash odds, unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find you. ZipRecruiter finds them for you. It's powerful matching technology scans, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills, education experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. So you get qualified candidates fast, no more sorting through the wrong resumes. No more waiting for the right candidates to apply. It's no wonder that ZipRecruiter's rated number one by employers in the US. And right now, my listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash odds at ZipRecruiter dot com slash, oh DDS, ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash odds ZipRecruiter, it's the smartest way to hire. All right. We're back against all odds sharp tank skies all hit last week. Now I was said that this was the first time this happened in fifty three weeks. I find that hard to believe the all. You know what I think happened like I was involved in the bedding. So four of us had to win last year I've bowed out and I'm just picking from one of your three and we're going to do it again. We're going to start, well, let's start with the hot hand. I mean, everybody's hot, but no one is out as the parlay kit. What do you like? Yeah, yes, outlook man, this week, dangerous week. I feel like this. I was hoping to give out like a real big, big winner type of parlay. But looking at these games, I think you'll like for example, this falcon Steeler game. Could you even make a call on that game? Could you even? I have no idea what's going to happen in that game. I feel like there's a lot of those type of games this weekend that that worry me, but I'm gonna still give out. A pretty good par parlay that's gonna play plus two twenty six yourself. So so we talked, we talked a lot about the Browns today we got. We got the ravens at minus one sixty five, and I'm going to be taking the ravens to beat the Browns teams to me. I think the Browns now traveling back from the west that game they probably should have won. I think any rookie quarterback is always going to struggle against a ravens defense. They just seem to be so fundamentally solid that better than I thought offensively the ravens much what this game is going to be even to close. I think the the Browns might have a little bit of a letdown this week and I know the the ravens aren't a little bit of a short week, but I like them to win that game at minus twenty five. So for like the Rams minus three sixty look to this team, the Rams could go out and play a c. Minus game here, and I still think they could beat the Seattle Seahawks if they played in a plus game, I think they just have that much more talent. They're rolling. They Scott to some visits, the good vibe around this team. They seem to just enjoy each other. So I like them even at minus three sixteen south. Minus one seventy. I'm taking the Texans over our Cowboys. Yeah, I think I think the Texans look at this this for some reason as a cowboy fan. I just Texans to me are gonna get really up for this game where it just seems like Jason GARRETT'S Cowboys don't really seem to really get up for too many games, but I think for the Texans, this game means more to them than the Cowboys. They want to show that this is our state. Now, this is our time in football, even though they're off to pretty miserable start themselves. Cowboys defense has been very good. Rushing the passer, they can have a much harder time getting the show and Watson, I think I think the the Texans win this game. And so you take the Texans, ravens Rams. That's a plus two twenty six. So listen to this. Listen to this Moneyline partly it's red hot. He doesn't lose ravens Rams Texans plus to twenty-six. All right. Let's hear you. Brother. Brian went with you three weeks in a row. Out four. So I'm gonna go with Florida state plus fourteen at Miami. Look. This line keeps going up and up and up. I think you know it was like eleven or twelve. Now it's all the way to fourteen. It just seems way too high feel like this should be like, it should be this month should be like ten or eleven, but flirts, it hasn't been very good, but maybe they found something late in that game against Louisville, comeback win. I mean, historically, this game is always close. Seems that way, right? Florida state hasn't gotten blown out to them in two thousand and one. That's the last time that they down at least play pretty well in the game. Here's just the staff. The underdog is thirteen and three in the last sixteen in this series. I haven't been. I know Miami's born one, but I haven't. I'm not super impressed with them either. I mean, last week I actually thought, I mean, they blew you and see out, but I thought they didn't even play that. Well, the UNC was just that was one of the worst. I never seen a team place, sorry. No, we're right. All right. I'm not. Wow, but yeah, not super impressed. And in a game like this, where this is, this is such a big game for Florida state. You know, this is what they're getting up for. This is their game for the year. This is the game they're getting up for because they're not doing anything else. Fourteen is just way too many point. All right. Harry. What do you like? Well, I have hit three in a row looking for foreign the row, and I'm going back to college after two weeks of the NFL and I'm taking the Florida, Gators plus three buying the half the lines, two and a half by the Gators to plus three, their minus one. Oh five, two minus one, fifteen, Florida plus three. A couple of weeks ago I explained how Texas got their head coach they wanted and Tom, Herman, I think Florida got their guy and Dan Mullins the Gators and Mullins pulled out emotional win on the road last week versus the team that he coached for last year, Mississippi State. I think the energy will continue into this week, the early season loss to Kentucky doesn't look as bad anymore. Kentucky is still undefeated Molin at Mississippi State beat LSU less year by thirty. Florida has had tight games of late versus LSU in two thousand thirteen. They lost on the road by eleven and fourteen. They lost by at home by. Three and fifteen. They lost on the road by seven. In two thousand sixteen the game was postponed due to hurricane Matthew, which gave last year and this year home games for Florida in the swamp LSU pulled out a one point win last year. This year Mullins doesn't allow it to game home, sweep in the swamp and stops the losing streak. Florida wins the game twenty six seventeen. I'm giving out the score again considering last week as my best bet when I gave out Denver plus the six. I did say Denver would lose the game twenty seven twenty four. They lose twenty seven. Twenty-three dead on last week. Three in a row. Make it for this week, Florida. Plus the three by. You also said Patrick lane when everybody knows it's, it's lining. Oh, I know. Yeah, I gotta match. Good. Nabet Harry, I'm gonna tell you you. You've been hot, but I'm gonna pass on this and you should be happy because I can't win and LSU bet for or against. So good luck to you with that. You now have a chance to win because I'm not jumping on it. And also I've had enough of the SEC clay. Travis talks about five SEC games on a Monday and then another foreign, a Tuesday more than enough. I can't believe it or ready very over on the Missouri. Yeah, brother Bry FSU plus fourteen. I think there one in four against the spread Florida state, but they have found some offense. And I know this is a big game and they don't usually get blown out. But listen, I'd be stupid not to jump on the Pali kit here just so so hot now plus two, twenty six, ravens Rams Texans. Ravens Rams seem easy to me. I get what you're saying. Seattle's best team right now couldn't beat the Rams ravens. I'm Lou. Listen, I'm I'm sticking with my God here that the Brown sock and the ravens gonna win that and the Texans. Although we're not going to be rooting for that. I guess we are now going to be rooting for that. I don't know. I, I don't know is Jason now Jason Garrett can't win two games in a row that that's that's where my head is like that he can't put together a game plan to win two in a row. And I think Zeke was let loose against a like a porous, fine staff. It's not having that same type of game this week. No, why it can't be the same in Prescott not going to be able to throw for like, what are you for two fifty five last week, which is a that's a break game even though, but yeah, right. Exactly. So I'm with depalma kid, ravens Rams Texans parlay plus to twenty-six res rock and roll red hot right for four in a row. Bordereau atom up. It's twenty six to one. So let's say who saying by here now send some of this slack. John Glenn. Football's way here is a rough loss last week, right? Rough one last week gotta bounce back game coming up this week. We're going to be okay. Yeah. Well, home against eastern green port south. So I think we're going to be totally fine back on her home field. We haven't lost here in a couple years. So although I have to say the fields a mud pit right now boys, it's bad, not in good shape. Thank you. Can reach me at the chalk Tucker. All right, parlay kids guy like seven or eight sons at play in this for the varsity team, but the but once quarterback runs, is it going to be able to run in the mud? What are we going to say? Let's see. Override a couple couple of dry days coming up, but if you know this jungle infield salad, it doesn't recuperate. So well, we've had a lot of heavy rain. It really there was a game on today JV and it's a mess. Guys lost Kyle, lost brother Bryson. You took it well, I'm proud of you do either getting better or was fuck lesson. Yeah, it's it's whatever they, what are you gonna do. Get beat up, get beat up, but said Harry, you going tile over sixty six and a half yards. Rushing. Over Dan says, so the tougher week last week, but still rebounds going over. Okay. I'm not going to bet against. I'll I'll. I'll lay the one for I lay the one forty. I think we play each other in fantasy to Pollock kid right doing one of us plays each other and fantasy. Tonight, I believe who the Seattle forget it? Yeah. Seventy points from these Rams brother Bry you gave out your college picks on Twitter, not so hot, right. Yeah, they were terrible. So Matthey brother Bri. I was running hot after first couple of weeks. I was owned four last week. I couldn't hit. I started off the week and really good, just a minority bets army and West Virginia. And then I think I got like every other college game wrong. So one money on the NFL one for the week. But yeah, I'm really looking forward to the fight this weekend McGregor. Oh, yeah. Again, to be fantastic. I still I'll probably give out my pick on Twitter for this bite, but I still just keep going back and forth. I feel like this is a fight. I cough. I feel like I can't get it right whoever I go, I can't get right. So I might just do some over under around stuff. I know that two and a half right now, and I really like in that sound to not go the distance as minus three sixty Todd firm and gave out on locking in today that that seems like that seems smart, but is this one of those things where forget about the fight itself? Is it just stupid guy. Conor McGregor money coming in here and at the should be minus two twenty. Or do you think that numbers right. I think it's I think it's about right. I mean, that line is held steady for a while. I I, I thought it. Yeah, I think it was more like minus two hundred early on. I think more and more money's gonna come in Connor. Obviously I think once you get to once you get to Saturday, but right, I, I was all over. Could be winning this fight six months ago now I'm not a hundred percent. Sure. I mean McGregor can definitely set some traps and I mean, he could definitely easily knock him out. I've seen could be heard before, so he could definitely knock him out. That's why I've just, I just don't think I can get this right. Maybe the training, the conditioning doesn't matter as much but could be the last two fights went the distance. I, I don't know what kind of shape Conor McGregor 's and tried to beat up a bus did well there, but I, I don't know paulie kid. You're going to bet this. You know, Sal. I boy, oh boy, I don't. I don't think I'm going to be betting this. I'd usually like the Betsy UFC no matter what, but this I wrote on. No, I'm really clueless on this fight really clue. I don't know. I, I don't. I don't. I don't even know who I'm rooting for it. To be honest. This is still gonna for your betting and winning your parleys. Don't need to branch off. You allowed to. You'll add to watch on how I feel that's that's kinda how I feel right now. This is going to be a great fight. Pittsburgh Atlanta will probably be come down to the last possession. You don't have to bet every game guys. I mean, you just feel like joy it, that's it. Harry. What are you doing? How you tell us real quick? I, it's always tragic, but it's funny to you lost a lot of people tuned out by now and the Ryder Cup, but. That's the snake bit getting snake bit left and right. Doesn't that. I mean, this wasn't a snake, an elephant bite. I mean, just to save face for the week in an early before football on Sunday. I had a four team parlay matchups in three were in, and then then I had with the party winning. I had to stretch out like seven holes, Br Bryson, d Shambo over Alex Noren and I had to wait it out. Wait it out and I had a two stroke lead after eight. But anyways, it comes down to eighteen and for at least a push. He hits an unbelievable Bryson's. The shampoo hits an unbelievable second shot. So he's he, he's conceded the whole. He's got the win there except for if Noren hits his fifty foot putt. Lose right. It's about a hundred bucks. You've risked like forty or something right? It was about a two hundred and fifty to three hundred dollars swing and not only did he made. He made it just like with about seven feet left. I knew that it was a perfectly dead on not moving fall was perfect in line, and I. Right. You sorta jinx me a little bit, but that's okay. Say, no, I said, you might you gotta shot. That's what I said. I didn't say you got shot. Oh, goddess shots. Okay. I mean, I'm not even to catch that, but anyway, you know, by the way, Sal. What were you more pissed about over the weekend? Dallas losing by one late to Detroit or callup Sturgis for the chargers missing three kicks money line or or or or losing to me and fantasy by twenty seven points. Because you know you could take credit for this but new and you. You know, you've got to Cowboys won the Cowboys one talking about Harry. Well, they were down one. Okay. Here's lose the Troy. All right. Well, at the time, Michigan was losing. You know, whenever I can, I can go back and forth, but the Browns really are for no in your mind here. Yeah, I know this is a crazy mind is carrying, I don't know. How are you saying this week buddy claim to look at our history, our our fantasy history, devoured that information on on on the on the at apple us. But and then you think it's like the most important thing you're matchup against me. I'm here in case keenum kids gained him case keenum and you ended up starting what's his name? You started the Vikings cornerback cousins and he puts up like four you like, Oops, I didn't even mean to start him. So I don't know what this in fairness to that I was running around. I can had me doing a lot of stuff on day and I just didn't even pay attention and cousins and my lineup, so Thursday night game I couldn't. I couldn't volcano in because I was too busy doing stuff for can also you didn't pay attention in the draft because. Let's listen. Let's look it. I I know everybody hates fantasy. Talk about. You have to look at Harry's receivers here, and he got lucky because one of them had a decent game. I'm going to read these off. I don't know how you think you're going to win or do anything in this league. Well, why don't you just tell us Harry because now I'm looking for it. Corey Davis had a bust style game last. Okay. You had one guy to something in four weeks. I got coordinator. I walk it who pulled out a win. When I pulled out a win against the parlay kid, right? There's only long the season I've I've called for Jacksonville bad. He's been bad. I've got crab for hasn't done anything really got both Cleveland receivers. I got Landry and Callaway lender been fine. Terrible. That's not to mention tight ends. I have Kelsey and I have cooked Oakland who's been been as good as anybody. I didn't watch bad for receivers though. Right? Like who was your first receiver you talk. Landry. He took land round Landers third round. That's good. That's. Hey. Upper NAR started Bernard instead of four NAT, solid general manager move right there. Mostly Ken new made that move? Yeah. Yeah. Your boss, Ken is calling the shots for sure. All right. Are you a, oh, Harry. Heo Harry and Tegas back from Hawaii. It's great to have you. I'm happy to be back with you guys chain. Where can people listen to you? GM street Tuesdays and Fridays with Michael. Lombardi, unfortunately out here on the west coast, but he'll be back on the east coast, New Jersey. So that'll be great for all those shows move forward. And then one shunning podcast myself, Mark, Titus, Mark, Titus gets to Los Angeles next week. Nice. Oh, it's all happening. Titus. And what were you on Twitter at? Say Frazier following, yeah, you go, we're going to do an NBA preview. Oh, that's for the following week. But listen, we're going to Brooklyn the week of October fifteenth to the nineteenth. All these guys are going to be there what the bam theater so come by and say, hi, don't ask for tickets, just hang out outside, and maybe you'll get to see one of us not Tate, but the Jenner try fact, and I will be there. I think we're all going to be there Tuesday, Harry, were you told that you're going? I, I may have ruined the surprise there. Okay. I was told to not tell you're going because the and the quote was that you get too lazy when you hear about a vacation too far in advance. Wow. Sounds could say, I'm just keeping my mouth. That's mart here. And Email us at cousin, Sal, lots of gmail.com. Lock it in Monday through Friday on FOX, although Thursday and Friday where airing after the brewers Rockies game. So we're going to be on prime time. I guess we're getting on right after the brewers Rockies game on FOX one and watch Jimmy Kimmel live tonight and every night eleven thirty five. We're gonna be in Brooklyn, October fifteenth. That's that for the degenerate trifecta and Maui Tate. Frazier, I'm Sal saying so long and happy handicapping Patrick Linee Harry perfect.

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