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Bite is a new series here on Scifi talk and the sci-fi Talk Archive podcast, and so parenting an apocalypse. It's it's not the same way we would do. It's either full interviews or a comment or question from passenger abuse time. Wise. It's about one to four minutes long on an average story when you when you live long enough all kinds of strange things happen. You're very right in saying that the Greek heroes were the original superheroes. In part because of the nature of genes vision, but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion. Playing Greystone Athena cartoonist and playing Vanni bar is, Parveen car, on manifest. They update us on their characters. Minus still depressed because she had her ptsd. It's a direct. Sorry. It's a direct pickup from the cliffhanger at the end of season one. We picked straight up from there like same clothing even your same day. It's the same day. Still recovering from what she went through in episode fourteen season one where she's. Like held hostage and has had a gun pointed at her face and I think the last couple of episodes in season one, she just was really at a breaking point So that's where we pick up a SAMBA you. I mean, as Direct Cup pretty quickly skip ahead. A little bit, and so grace's a little more pregnant. We learn in that Percep- assode who the DAD is. Obviously I'm not going to divulge that now but it's actually it's really the way they the way we learn it is very interesting and surprising. So like even I was surprised when I read it, what are you both like most about your character I like most about her she's definitely smarter than I am. Which is nice. She's better at math is really nice. I Dunno it just like how just a term like she just wants to figure it out you know and I really. Appreciate that about her she's definitely a workaholic. She has the type of work ethic that we can all kind of dream of having hence why she's gotten so far in her field you know. Why I think Yeah. That's my favorite thing about her like she's definitely hustler and she's GonNa and we'll see in season two like she'll go to any length to figure it out and if that. Manifests in her doing some really questionable things like she's she's about it. Cool. Yeah. She's about it whereas Sunday's character does. Yeah. I. Texted her the other day after I'd rather race inscriptions like. Your. Grace's really unflappable and she's much more patient and she's like the archetypal mother like she bakes cookies and she's But. She's a really like patient and loving and understanding is she's everyone's rock and I would like a little more of that my life I'm a bit of a hothead and like. You know I can be want for patients sometimes. They need to channel my integrase. Try. Not Quite. As graceful as grace how about new themes or even tones sees it's definitely darker to lock arms. And I feel like it's a lot less about the first season was really about. managing relationships, and how this crazy event has thrown everyone into like a bit of a tailspin as far as relationships. Wise. Yeah. And everyone kind of recovering from that and I feel like season two is really about. The death date and I mean, a lot of it is really trying to. Would say, that's the overarching thing and really trying to overcome that and trying to beat it really beat beat death fruit just basically more confused. But it's very there a lot a lot. It's been hard challenging for us today because there's so many things that happened in season two and we don't WanNa realize reveal any of them because they're all spoilers. It's all very exciting and it's all very huge in you know even a small detail ready for saying that then you realize no wait I. Yeah. Yeah. So we've all we've all been very cautiously biting tongues today, but what happens in season two and as far as the mystery goes like a lot of. Other questions open out and like new things unfold that don't necessarily you know. Close any doors as far as resolution of like the answer to the S it's just like we'll wait more questions and more questions. Look for manifest on NBC check your listings. Comments or questions or welcome at Sci Fi talk at AOL, dot Com for bite. This is Tony to louder.

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