Bass in Your Face with T Money Green Episode 60


You're listening to the podcast detroit visit w._w._w. Dot podcast introit dot com before information unfortunately the n._f._l. With please leave a message acetone that i thought we had a show tonight. We ain't got no go down the club. Shake my ass. No i need to go out your saint addresses saint message monday at three thirty nine p._m. <hes> <music> tony face a lot of it will ya ooh uh-huh in the way tony green detroit ah adan the leaving dreams cocker any obstacle achieve the impossible to bet you what you to make a profit and blow just call you gotta do is believe you focus on you. Go into the dominating motivation within the aggressive and persistent in your selected demon appeared p._m._s. to flourish within yourself to see a big create. The clear mitchell picks up success can really feel like they had bridge aged. You can create your own destiny but changing eliminate to downpour matt senior stars in each of the heart. God gave us a piece of himself. You don't notice you miss a great mesh so you can live in your home with the blessings his promise but it's all arrested you and how bad you really want him. How i talked to prosper tom com can you you can you could have that call. Be live that like a success lofty price. Gotta retrain your brain to maintain a positive treatment taught to hell the picture plane number lieber see it's strange but hate is typically what they can't explain you can attract every resource you need conformity self-hypnosis to supersede with thought speed the biggest thing holding you back to shoot they thought started hannity transformation has taken place canary spirit unmanifested delete jerry but it takes the practice meditate kit embedded in action eradicate any distractions you step out the door to let it go the whistle in this swiss chard. You could cassia tom out you. I hope that you can see that. It's worth what's your way of thinking. They working open your third eye. Everything you want us to cite dixon mind right change the very core winter struggle on a hustling spiritually negative scenario plan get. Hey you saw nonsense. Most of what you make your decision if you like. It's going to be happy to have were cancelled a pity party living in the past can advance you lingo painful. Memories can make you brand. New stripping faith in your abilities seeded like to offer you this. There's possibilities you can't break the wealth by letting these words was motivation for self. Don't let your shame some days. You gotta be the whole cabinet out. See jars you to prosper you you you you saw aw assess the progressive realization of worthy ideal. Maybe mad at the sum total of his own dawson the b. Maybe doesn't admit it you gotta controlling your thinking as you believe so shall it be done on only mentally self talk about active appalled uh tonight three to be <hes> pity. Everybody don't even try thirty one three they. They don't wanna fall through the spotlight. Go poop. Nobody <music> tickets. I've got i beginning back. Everybody keep listening to the voice be postponed the city. Everybody's got fried green in other people say that's up and got a bad <music>. I'm gonna give them every reason. Why don't even try tonight three four the detroit city on the everybody's got thirty three take less brass comet pizza with that. I know they keep off plus instead play. No ah beat me paddock. Watch the city for everybody even try in fact. I was trying to reach you on a c. You not there i will. That's my life ruined seems to care. I'm going through something that can't seem to shake aac about making a horrible mistake down in depressed. I feel like i'm the world is a mess. No no one gives a fuck was hoping you'd hell but i guess on a loan sitting here. I'm a bid holding onto this crown as the coach but i'm sick of this world would go about told certain keys cause demand it alive life man met a man made him his wife little so called the shooting guns in the air not knowing who they hate fucking care didn't think my life would end up this way taking care of my mom every damn day sitting here this house filling alone. I decided to put a word in a pool. I have raise inside me that wants to come out can hurt my mom so i'll take take myself out. She looked at me with blank is can't remember my name. She's crazy going insane. Appeals don't work. I'm drinking too much tony. I'm tired. I don't fuck and give a fuck. No one understands the paine field watching every day as my mom gets. Ill aw dude no longer just so tight now. I wish that was stronger haven't talked to this machine for way too long. Hope you can use this poem. Sir depression affects fourteen point eight million american adults about six point. Seven percent of the united states population of people luke under age eighteen. That's an issue we need to address check but sometimes i feel like i do the days when they nothing omar. Nobody checking very much to comb. I sit at home one dave. They love me at all. Nobody knows that i cried in the house a struggle to keep of phony smile nobody ever philip <hes> pity for me but deep inside lhasa pain anguish from unfairly free uprated gone but he can heal his bad condition. It must be rich mind certainly what trump philip dumping and drought gonna deep water by her. Try on a be a good person buddy buddy perfect but a private health days to watch myself they the dining it failed by but every step but shoot bernard wouldn't want my worst enemy to welcome mushoo relate a have to begin new. They don't miss senior mix when you spirit is how your pain sell fake medicate. Fanatic is better. You make me wear but you don't this inside of me. <hes> share what scares me most december. No fuses lit a setback away from sony impulsive act again keeping the roma. I imagine keeping all these demons. You'll spirit years. I cracked a smile but i may need some help. No more ooh yeah shoot. People see missio face. I'm in media but cab word. The friendly embraced to go a long way. Try to be cautious person. You meet fighting a war believe the five mini silently suffer physically mid with depression and it only gets tougher worst of all suicide is the answer for something where they stuck an adult place place with novo spaces to run good deal embrace this song biggest message in a freer be strong. You can imagine being her having nobody nobody can not afraid to call. You may notice this time to build a dialogue and bring it out in the open. Ah what the hell watches say to myself uh-huh <music> <music> yes. We're back alleluia. Would it's been a month long time. Fans love adult they. They love that. We're back with see this man. We'd been going along time ago. Yeah we we. We know the month of july dissident this stuff with how we yeah we have. We have fun but we had to go. We were here in town into dismissing. Some of it was like you know well. In the first month we were in alberta alberta and calgary edmonton. I see my auntie who's eighty eight this the last surviving sibling of my mother's group and then they were like maybe fifty five people they're eating weird food. They had ten course meal now. East that much the chinese but some great food i mean think of mango crusted shrimp beef ginger beef yeah. They had some. They did have some good food. He just had the spicy fish that was good but then you just had that little strange thing had the spring around it. I don't know what that's called. The monster in the mother was set the potluck. Somebody brought that man. That wasn't go cheryl brought. Well cuss her her. <hes> her cook made like sixty of them. Oh wow oh and right so that's why it was supposed to be one per person and then my brother eight yours 'cause i go uh-huh okay so then okay we flew across we flew back to the to calgary instead at rice nice cousin who taught me some chinese etiquette right and percents in a in a very good singing group right at <hes> five people fifth street voices voices voices. They're great. They're out of jacob orient to excellent capello singing like a month of it too so we love that okay then my family union can wait a minute then then my my cousins kid isn't a group called said the whale and they got at the canadian equivalent of a grammy. They got a juno award juno award touring yeah. They stay busy to another. Another great group has talent running all through it. I was excited about that. Then you got to meet some well-heeled people you got to meet my cousin that lives in shanghai right who works as a branding expert for bear and all the time. I didn't smoke at all and and then you you got to meet my cousin. Who's a stuntman heated handle. You know he didn't so yeah no way but you saw a jack rabbit and you sauce magpie and a social crazy stuff i like magpies the birds they say if you follow a magpie home an catches mess it'd be full of shiny style because they like shiny stuff not was a bird he'd be mag. Yeah would have all kinds of people hearings earrings and stuff on then we went to <hes> where my mom does city where my snot a city that the little little place where my mother was born called edgerton alberta and was a little bitty place. It was a we we got there too late for the family business snus to that they had to be opened. Only open from ten to two years nearly disappeared well. No we went to get some scratch chaffetz across the street in one nine dollars stress <hes> like we'll take it one nine. This is a deserted place. It was called eh kind of places like when you drop off into the twilight zone yeah because i think what the <hes> population is less than four hundred right now coming. Everybody knows each other real time four hundred people that <hes> right yeah four hundred bob the list we stood out like a sore thumb ending in the street got the shopowner to come out and take pictures every but it could be in the picture. We had a beautiful time. Nobody was prejudiced. Acting out the town's kind of cute everyone kind of looks out for they also talk about all your damn business yeah they do yeah yeah and then then we were in calgary for bit. We kept missing snoop. Yeah so high and went is when we left here. Snoop was coming here. Jane parks aid which i wanted to have them at my place so then when we went to calgary and left snoop came to calgary the next day that same night the same that we were leaving if we'd have known we were gonna get delayed we could bec- calgary. Hey we were delayed. This was listen listen. They said if anybody would give up their ticket for eight hundred dollars. Do you know how quick i had gale wasn't going in yeah. That was going. I said gail get that run up there. We give out server server because usually they say you know a ticket. You too can take anywhere somewhere but eight hundred dollars. That's how canada does it will fly air canada uh-huh anytime for eight hundred dollars. I yeah so when i see what i mean like we'll go away canadian. It's still it's still good. Yeah yeah so check hang coming back. You know we missed our connection now so that was on that was their fault and so they put us up in the beautiful hotel sheraton ran for for night and gave us food vouchers and so so we had a nice dinner and i had to pay like two dollars and fifty cents because we ate really good uh-huh so that was really really nice that your turn out good so then we made it back and minnows my know what snoop and warren read where at soaring eagle and then he's called me and sent taste. You said t come on down man. I don't know how far it is and i want to tell him. It was two hours away so i just told him we'll be there so we rented a nice s._u._v. and wrote up there and had the time my life with snoop and warren g. They loved gail beautiful pictures. You know how i know right. We know how selfish look. I'll pictures. Don't look like selfie pictures. Look like it was a family. I mean there's nothing but smiles big smiles. They hadn't seen me in awhile and they really <hes> they love deals. Yes so we remember him be death by that first song for you by b who's no longer with us but i have the distribution adam and universal so i will be he put an allergist put some easy to god music out <hes> which is going to pop off. I know his level up. He did pretty decent by itself but now with universal he's he's brought the level up so <hes> yeah and then after that my family <hes> have found really right right and then that was pretty good but we slept. We were so tired after we ate. We laid this sleep late yup. They said tony you slept like at least i'm here right did make it. Yes and you brought the the rest of your family out to enjoy the year. Yeah get out much right wise so i'm kind of missing my kids but they'd be calling me talking to me so that's really good. I think my son is getting ready to not working for universal because they love what he did with website. We know tony has always <hes> tony whatever she wants to do. I'm committed the horizon behind everything that happens fi. What else do we do. Do we did the funk festival. We played the phone with all that weather and in it then it cleared up for us of course he was ninety nine degrees then out of nowhere it rained and by the time we played. It was seventy eight but nobody had power. Nobody's houses that yeah power we have power out there generate so we was good and so they kept us away from our podcast show he had bought gas detroit for for a whole month and then there was the trip to soaring eagle this. We had to take my family to soaring eagle for the birthday for for my brothers sisters birthday now. We're here yeah now. We we got over. It and you have a family family family family family family to the point. Now's house like hide from fam. Come up with bush logan. Let's go into the second half. I don't know where we're gonna play. Hey but i'll explain it to you after we do a couple of songs. We don't talk a little more to you today. We'll come back with the next thing is we've got coming up <hes> so sticking stay. Don't don't go away. We'll be back facing face t money green gail sue and we got the beat within his jess. What's it like to have angel watch sport fit bear in mind and recognized that we've been dealing fill in this race times get to not true passion every physical blake. They seem to be connected. Somehow must be around. I'm just saying i do believe fairytales comes from wesleyan dragon castle so you can you read my wife waking up to each other. You know you hit him. What you want me to let you win. The type of magic at work needed auto join in his work. There's nothing wrong. We're here at all old making what should meet him the luminous. I'm assuming i'm right all sites we own high at browns from the destinies freely you you see the sides defeated nothing to be on. A gun slept with the point. You can put your trust in every single the word i expect call for peace protection pritam stretch by brussels the trek out an ocean of emotion infection. It should be seen as i love you. Connect something deep within the pleasures ah close filling emily host touch us around and so like i loved you before we met we reached a deeper level of resistible pass a cr signs a heart's ma our spirits deeply connected to suggest commit probably feel the harsh after you cover your decision different vision making covenant saxony jumps suddenly reading the kiss up bodies sweaty sweaty sexual for the strong cited safe speaks playback complicit embrace me as crazy built the animal just like ridic- tracks in trust between us now you want standing degrees on the issue had taught fantasies become real hit the most. It's gonna turn into something you can notice sound of voices making your boys tolls picking rotten. Souls may be rocketing in your brain and your mind and all ways but we got this alone. It's interesting to you watch and i liked dedicate distract the recipes waiting heavy on the fan wjm steady decline stay less mood and to leave rudolph lights way with saudi saudi say sipping data data so repetitive especially when we can do better than gotta spreads inequality nocco adam so you don't put this gotta remember the way things slip another general anymore. You're going to meet we relate to the loss and tragedy but sometimes it just happens all too. Casually i hate net that phone. Call did another source gone. A chance to say so long is now van steady on the way in heavy heavy on you stand on this. Everybody disappeared gear by too much despair. Any air is available. We still right there. The pressure slowly impressing on the dow peace most of these phony polling wrong piece and that's a lot of weight and cranium up and again thanking say recycled back tasted the gaza crates lady guinness shape france but i'm gonna keep pressing with the deep message into they ended their resentment. The president will be read red been too early death bed. It is now <music> <music> way and then uh-huh <music> a back back remember and be <hes> sacred while wally. They had too many pringles. I s awesome three rocky wallis. All is kinda. Put princeton wally remind wow sorry wally gator <hes> and then we had then we had have you been on your mind by message and codeine with colorblind and older. I guys i got to deal for right. I got them to deal for his stuff starting to show up everywhere. I'm happy everybody stuff is starting to show up to show that universal serious what we're doing and whoever you love. He didn't burn that bridge because it's hard to make it out here. It is the last thing you wanna do is snub somebody that can really help you because in his funky up down the line so we over that and everybody's the bomb it was good seeing everybody at the air taylor daddy of all daddy's the ha two beautiful daughters in a beautiful way tonight. Maybe talking about another one. Don't be a girl. No oh gosh we're gonna have three girls. It's errands fault. You have three girls the three girls and then a lot of toilet paper okay us and you gotta have a gun when you gotta stack like that. I have no reason but i'm not gonna worry about that. That's my and it's not even moving for. Some reason uh to beach by kilo kilo warranties are up sixteen on and get a few of my favorite people rap on it and get this going right through pipeline like tony. If you get any of those guys on it. We'll push that shit immediately and i was like i know you will high us. Would you get snow. You know what i mean and the regulator mild up and we always ended up with warranty they come into the cannabis cup which have seventeenth and eighteenth to in two weeks and i'm having shield at my spot so we'll we'll get in touch with the tang warren g get all of them over there. What i'll face i know ghost face killer myself now so i won't be going through. No one plus going to be looking at it like hold on. I'm security so the fake guy security at russell and him. We'll be getting into it. I wanna see better with homeboy security security. You just called me and i listened to your name. Wave you choked out. I can say she was choked up. She told me she'd be selena. There's nothing i can do like ten miles away when you okay. I'm going in the house now. You like all right. Put put me on speaker so i can make sure you don't tell them are ammo. I don't do too late talk to guys on the other phone. Call the cops on the other phone. Don't protect your phone liens. Oh okay can i hear a little little bit from the choir choir choir. You can hear from the fire all right assume saying i can obliterate all those other sound effects jagdeo yes so this you're not calling people while that's known as rocky in that celli <hes> in chile probably some old beans or something will come out nasty to no using the bathroom here at podcast i should. There's nobody around go right ahead. I'm leaving after the they should leave it to and now just leave someplace else uh-huh his mask. Yes get off of that talk about more interesting wresting things. I'd like what we got coming up. We have a performance. It became part coming on saturday night to money money green in france so i'm bringing people yeah i'm bringing in extra people for roadwork of play the last set but the first set is going to feature me and bb queen bb. Queen is a hell of a guitar player singer other blues just like b._b. King only be between as female think and <hes> uh. I'll have tyrol's perform tea rose to rose yeah. I'll be missing. It was sometime i call it can be tyrol's yeah cacique to listen. I wanted to save you so anyway and then i'm macaw gary strauss now that he's back home. You can help me okay play a little bit on the <hes> the blues stuff you know what i mean so we just smoke nice fat ass joining have a nice time. He can play well. I wanted him to was a matter of fact. Let me call him back that i mean because you play on something really turned it into a more than anybody on. Just pay yourself more. That's sounds all right. That's the time it used to be. Don't take a dime out for yourself. That's crazy like shut up trying to treat my van better than a lot of bears. Let's be treated in a church. What say say so. It's really good. I'm looking forward to the cannabis cup which is in two weeks which is fifty feet from my fabulous sweet. Ooh that's perfect. I mean defeat lockout and there's all the we one hundred feet okay but this so close. It's probably in the exhibition hall well. If it's an expiration out but you come over to the elevator was that for that that's more than fifty feet like what probably you're talking the width of the parking lot okay and then places just make it a winter puggle. Okay the winter the parking lot but you're the other building you know you try to discourage. People know listen. Gail won't be there. Yes i will well working working. She won't be there just come on his fifty feet from exhibition centre. Trust me no tapash. You only want certain people. I'm only gonna have who along strictly v._i._p. It was that you wouldn't be there physically team v._i._p. And there's a throwdown in the studio lord order warrant invites you and you know you also cool now. He probably will t- will gale and i'll be like oh kelly. Would you ryan clubs. You took him. I know i will remain my you know sell the whole little winfrey the dog so <hes> yes so this has been good. We've had <hes> <hes> quite. A july obviously calmed down some but man mohan snooping wind got together. It was like old times like yesterday. I missed the hell out of me to twenty five years ago yeah. We're gonna put some nice work together. Yeah that was twenty five years hard to believe. It was many years ago years. Just go by really fast. Those are the best kind of friends because you don't talk to him every day but you pick up right where he left. A good low-maintenance friend right got a good point this. That's why you're hired. Uh-huh done would acquire say they said this that sound effects obviously not a sound effect requiring. All we do what you got uncle. Mike's box shot. I talked to mike sad onto uncle. Mike yeah mike they listening to your song whoa. He told me this weekend. It'd be fine to hear in your song. He'd been busy. My cost has been busy uncle mike but <hes> on the blues i changed a couple of the words and i'm ready to sing it now now for real you had a little too light. I'm slapping the slapping slapping them all in the face. You get rid of the slap. It was a little a little city outside of grand rapids costs slab aho number now. That was an a. city. What is it that was like exc some weird resort name or something and slap aho and that's what it looked like it spelled and that was like on the way back and forth from blue lake but this level so at the brothel good things he's indian reservation. We just don't pronounce it properly obscene slap. Oh oh l._a._p._d. Dash dash old man. I'm calling me the play man this level at a minute. Try you know they'd like to take your money at the casinos they do. I'd like to give you some which we want some money. Thanks for thanks today. I had my dad poland. He's eighty eight with dementia but i had him pulling the lever a geeky mo like come on dad. You can do it man. You can do next thing. I know the three seven hundred and fifty dollars later. We ought to hear thank you dad. You did a great job. Let me and we took it in. His favorite. Pastime is eating to eat twice. Fan man likes us food didn't he does he. Did you marry my daddy so much. No because we both eight to i we had some sandwiches a yeah and then we had ice cream my daddy's favorite ice cream ice ice cream up to uh-huh hilo brady come to take going. We don't know where it goes because he's in his. I don't know what but he used should be. A big old rugged guy man so he just you know. I don't forget when he was laveno. Your dad yeah just boil it all down the block you scream and then you go back to your friends. The teams that you know that was billy crowd laugh. We have in home home studio audience in home studio in how they brought it with us ok studio hours and and <hes> say beats by kilo beat his only because right now this is the one ready to jump everybody on sixteen buyer so you rappers out there. There's probably hearing track. I miss new commit on his part that being apart right there year slippy slap me boy still got a hell of a song with him. Swiss beats man i love it took his right and took it right back to where we left out. G funk helluva rap and swiss beats from atlanta so how he figured that <hes> <hes> chemistry out is besides me but he did and he did a good job so listen. You got nothing else to say you you back to work monday. Yeah you love your job shut up. I just asked you in the car. You love your job. You said yeah no. I said i like it. Close to the thin line between liking love not like umag monday in quite a few meetings at the office lately quite a few but t roles. I'm looking forward to her. My boy will muhammad and looking forward to the roadway crew planet third-set sir. I'm looking forward to be between and t- lenny lane and gave us and maybe gary gary strauss. Yes gary the government three get him. They're bad and he went to amsterdam paris. Last appearance. I told the go all the way up to the eiffel tower and look with me and dog scratched our names that she's been painted ended over or other people to put the right right right and then they paint over so we're in the eiffel towers blood blood under the paint. Yes for good under that. You can't take away our names so so you had to get convinced to go to the top of the eiffel tower right. I had to be first and food but there was an elevator because i was not going to walk. One hundred fifty fifty steps up to the top lights. Yeah it could be a hundred and fifty flights. Even all i know is that elevator was slow but it went all the way to the top. We're gonna go off on the fifth day. You know this is after nine eleven. Was it yeah so i'm like man. Should we even be of year like this. A plague had come right now just mack over the knife eiffel tower. That'd been horrible yeah. That would have been an uncomfortable things like that. I was really scared overseas. The last trip we took because the irish republican army was going through some shit too and we played ireland so they were like maybe five hundred miles to the south of us coming this way way you know but we played our show and then left. You know that's kinda funny. How stuff going on you know that you need to be listening to your c._n._n. It at all times overseas because shit changes and before you know it is sniper attack or something and you over there in that town like you know like obama. Emma could have been home with sniper attack and need to use my facebook for that. Do we know our passports awards. Are i know where you said. You put them. Okay okay. It's been a while. It's been a while. It's been a month. No we're not oh. I just wanted to know where it is. In case i get the bone out really quickly. Okay okay yes so let me see what we got coming up. What's next on blue heart and nine electric heating lech. Excuse me blue harbor my boys zach and red rump society the band. You're the bad all media outlets. He's starting to get a pre starting to pick up to but i'm gonna release his other sons after you get through playing. What am i gonna do shit on spotify or i sit sit there like a paperweight. I mean that's all to do when you you know you know. Let's you put in a lot of money down with you. Know promote to promote it. I mean it's just going to sit. There and try had a bait people right so but universally like okay. We're like just whip with ten grand behind it and see what it does well. We'll put fifty thousand behind see needed <hes> and that's having a budget makes a big difference to have shit said like a paperweight so in electric paperweight at that so it doesn't even in way that much was speaking electric one of the songs as electrocuted coming up but messy j. kobe and codeine today. We still looking at me like tony. Are you fucking moron man. We keep saying jay and you know. I just couldn't get a hold of what was happening but i'm not the secretary either you but you liked english yeah. I really loved english but i don't like broken in english broken. English is when you say the wrong shit. Somebody else called you a moron for twelve. Oh time platinum go artists your moron so next week we will be back and we'll be uh-huh. We'll be playing the show later but it's much later in the day so we are going to say i miss the show. I know any more podcasts outcasts until winter possibly okay. Maybe not know the cannabis. Cup is the following weekend. I'ma ahmadou coming here do that. Then run to the cannabis gut okay to my fabulous suite that i will have on crip mode all blue lights. I think dash rip rock in the flintstones. I don't know how do they can't see. I can't describe it shoulders. The only way you cheer cheer walking yeah cause. You ain't grit welcome. That's the dad's root rago. You hand. Talk okay ship. We'll get to the music man. We just happy to be back clown and what you wanted to talk a little bit today. We'll be back to the music. Full force hardcore was brand new music. Get ready as we explore your mind. As the choir sings things will see you later podcasts detroit basing your face t money green gilson just beautiful one hanging in we're out of despair <music> <music> it off in <music> turner showed when you keeping you talk yeah yeah <music> it <music> must be go with bruce this the t shirt the the leg drake yeah they uh and it pitch. Hey thanks in a a eh <music>. Take yeah it took so much. They did eh gene the sad to leave talk to john. Uh-huh will do two the concern.

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