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So Donald show here on ESPN LA. So we've kind of ruined the clock because clay clay Matthews came on. But that's a good reason to ruin the clock. So we're gonna have a short segment here and try to catch up. Real quick on clay Matthews show. It's funny. Like when you listen to these interviews, we are feeling the exact same way. You are when these interviews are going on. Okay. So I'm asking him the Rams questions is that and the other and Mike I thought you brought up a great point when I was asking him the Ran's questions. How how would you describe them? What do you mean? He's answers. Like, how would you describe his answers for when I asked him about the Rams? Yeah. You said that it sounded like stuff that he was already had been. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It sounded cliche plan. Right. And that's understandable. Because he's been asked all these questions. Just had a press conference. I believe at three PM charter fix so. Yeah. But as soon as I asked him about like the Aaron Rodgers commercials, and we started getting to Erin he you could tell he was laughing. He was having a good time is personality opened up a little bit. You can tell he's he's got a little fun to him for show. Of course. Many has that dry humor. Which is hilarious. It'd be gets a no clay. That's how I was at USC. Also, right, right. So so when you guys are listening trust me when I tell you that I can tell when we're getting the canned answers. So now, I will ask the right? The questions I think they need to be asked is know as far as his new team and everything that you guys care about here from like a sport. Standpoint. But at some point, I gotta get out of that. I'd rather just have you listened to a fun interview. So three or four questions in. I'm like, you know, what we're gonna talk about something else. We learned a lot about Aaron Rodgers. We did actually I I mean, I he said he was mysterious. Right. He said he was a lot like Kobe as far as competitor. And you know, he talked about how you know. He he he thinks that Aaron is probably pissed off when everybody's talking about Mahomes. Right. Yep. All that stuff. Like that makes all the sense in the world to me that does make a ton of sense. I could see Aaron totally being that guy. Like he wants to be the greatest of all time. And I think the fact that he doesn't have the championships. I think probably bothers him because he just doesn't play for Bill Belichick and the patriots. But when you watch Aaron I mean, I look man I've never seen a guy actually play the position better than that. Dude. Basic credible. So like we can argue Tom Brady, I'm not doing that conversation today. But but what I'm saying is just purely from a passer standpoint. And here's with Aaron is that not only is he. Unbelievably accurate using throw picks and he can run like he can scramble. He's not Mahomes. But if you remember John Elway back in the day. John Elway can move around. I think errands even more mobile than John was potentially back in the day. So anyway, it was cool to catch up with with clay Matthews there. And you know, look man, the Rams are low up again for sure right? Also, we we didn't have time. But I wanted to ask clay about seeing USC now become the air raid offense. You know? Yeah. Yeah. I guess we could have on later in the day. Chat with just into see because that's a big change for USC and that tradition. Yeah. But you gotta evolve man kind of like what we were talking about with the Lakers, you got to evolve. And so Bill Orem has a great piece today, and we can get into it a little bit in the next segment in the athlete. I referenced it. But I wanna get into specific stuff about what he said. And he literally started to kind of list the things that Jeanie Buss needs to do to reevaluate. What is going on with organization from the front office to the training staff to the roster right like everything like nothing should be off limits. There are no sacred cows, basically when it comes organization, and I'm curious to hear what you guys think about that stuff. Because like, I I do believe we listed it. Right. Remember was it like a week or two ago? I went down the list about everything that the Lakers needed to do differently which included all that stuff. Because I think that they're. Was a lot of blame to go around. And I do think you should be questioning the training staff a little bit when the Lakers have had so many injuries now going back multiple seasons. Okay. It's not even just this particular training staff. But what are we doing here in Los Angeles with this team? If you're if you own the team where they're constantly injured. It's not. That oh, you know every team deals with injuries because they do every team does deal with injuries, but not every team is dealing with injuries in the same fashion. The Lakers are dealing with injuries. Were guys are missing thirty games in lonzo's case forty games, you know, the bronze missing twenty games. Like, there's a a lot of things going on here. Even the Brandon Ingram thing. Okay. Yeah. They caught it and it looks like a coroner's agent. Everything's gonna be okay. We talked about it a little bit. When it happened to where it's not similar to the Chris Bosh thing. It's different. This one was created by movement as opposed to it being created the way Bosch was created. Also, the lower extremities blood clots are worse, according to doctors than the upper body extremities. I know that that doesn't make sense in theory because you would think the hardest closer whatever. But that's not what the medical professionals say. But even that it kind of makes you go like, wait. I mean, how did you guys not catch that you at this point? I'm just saying you have to be skeptical about everything the training staff, the front office the entire organization, and we assume that this was all going to get fixed that this was hey, the bad times are behind now. We're ready to roll, right? Remember this year? We're back next year. We're back back back. And they're not even back. So you don't think land LeBron would put them back. I mean, I mean, I know you've got to make the playoffs to be back. Like, you're not back. Come on. No, yes. You have to make the playoffs especially with LeBron James. You're the one team that hasn't made the playoffs when the brand Jason's his second year in the league. But you landed LeBron to the least put you back. No, no, no it. It ruins all goodwill. When you can't make the playoffs, and I don't want to sit here blame injuries anymore because every team like I said deals with injuries. To an extent at least. Twenty three and twenty five even when he's in the lineup. Anthony in Whittier. Hey, how're you doing what's up? So my question is why do you think Jerry West is even really talking about LeBron James on the Stephen A show? It was asking the question about about. You went are you, and I'm pretty great length about it. Do you think maybe like he's trying to put stuff out there? And like just let everybody why don't they just bring Jerry West back. I guess my main. I mean, look it depends on who you listen to. I I've heard all sorts of different rumors about and again, none of this has been. No one is actually come out and said that this happened. But there have been rumors like, you know, people have written them and stuff that Jerry wanted to come back. And you know, you can't have you know, magic and rob were cool. Like, we're like, they're like, we love you. But now we're good that was kind of the reaction allegedly. I don't know that to be the case. I have no one's ever confirmed that to me, but people have said that and discuss that I don't know how accurate any of that stuff. I know we all know Jerry West is not hard to find right? So there is some of that. But I mean, do you think Jerry's trying to needle the Lakers a little bit? Yeah. Of course, Jerry is a competitor. Yeah. His son works for the organization. Not of course, he is. He's even said it when he was on with Stephen a couple of days ago that he he jokes with his son saying they're trying to kick the Lakers, but when the clippers plan, right or the warriors because his other son is working with the warriors. Of course, what he loves it. He said he is a Laker at heart of Cordell. It might even hurt more that he's not working with him. You're right, right. And that's probably why he wants remember Steven told us the Jerry's ultracompetitive. He wants to beat them. And I'm sure magic wants to beat him. Like, that's this is why this is a real rivalry between those two guys. Eight seven seven seven ten ESPN eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six. We continue taking your calls if you'd like Cohn up next. I do wanna get into a couple of other things that we haven't had a chance to kind of chat about. So Joel Embiid who I love. Said something yesterday. That is much as I admire him in his game. I think he's kind of lost his mind. We'll tell you what he said in just a second Saddana show ESPN LA Saddam show here on ESPN LA. Hey, by the way, I'm going to be on ESPN has like a late night show on ESPN two actually at eleven o'clock called now or never and I'm going to be on there tonight. So if you guys. One little bonus Sodano DVR it or watch it live or whatever. It's all good. It's called now or never at eleven o'clock on ESPN two to thirty minute show. So it won't take up that much more of your time, and you know, winding down after the tournament, and you can watch some of it. And it'll be it'll be a lot of basketball with me on there. They'll be a lot of Laker talk. So you get some bonus labor talking there to so anyway, real quick. Some news about the Rams. We had clay Matthews on earlier and the Rams and Cowboys now officially set for a HANA Lulu preseason game. Saturday August seventeenth. The Rams will be at Aloha stadium in Honolulu. So if you want to plan a little vacation around your sports, do you do that Mike because I do. Oh, yes. I love to write a already plant some stuff in September. Yes. So I I liked to do that as well. Now, you know. Working in sports makes it a little different because I feel like sometimes you just need a break, and you just want to do nothing. But I do like because at the core, I'm still a huge sports fan. I like to kind of plan it around some stuff for sure. Like, for example. I may end up going to like the New England area in the summertime, and I'll probably watch a couple of baseball games. Right. Maybe I'll go see the Red Sox drive down in New York and just kinda watch a Yankees game or something. So right. Like, I try to plan the trips around some sort of at least one sporting event. Me too man, you big football fan, you know, that travel game here where are you? Yes. Zone is a great destination. Now, Arizona Arizona state either one because you can always just fly in the Phoenix right party out of Phoenix Friday night, Scottsdale Scottsdale, wherever it may be, you know, tabbies guy stale Cougars then Saturday you go to the game that you party after the game. And that's not a high school team, by the way, this guy Steele Cougars. You know what I mean? You know what? I mean. I know. Exactly. Yeah. So that that's fun going into Texas like Austin when USC play Texas rides one thing. So. Of course, Vegas for the fights. And things like that. Yeah. Yeah. Let me fights are different because you're going specifically for the fights. And you have to just be hanging out Vegas. But yeah, I'm looking at USC schedule here. You don't wanna be why you? I told you best Italian place. I've I've ever had is in Salt Lake City. Now, I don't know how far Salt Lake City Provo is from Salt Lake City. Am I guess is? It's got to be several hours away. I could be wrong. But I told Ireland to go to this place, and he will tell you he recommends he thought it was awesome. So vaulters they're playing at Notre Dame. You have you ever been there? I have not been to south bend. But I heard the trip is nice because you cog. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Chicago, you party and Chicago, right? Go up there to south channel. So I did that real quick. And we'll get to the Joel Embiid stuff and your calls here in a second eight seven seven seven seven ESPN. So I did the Notre Dame trip. And I did it before the renovations. So I saw the original stadium. And you're right. I hung on Chicago. I was actually there during the World Series. When the cubs were playing. It was crazy. The fans were going nuts. It was a blast. So that part is good and the drive to south bend is not too bad. It's like two hour also. And they say you can take a train ride down to. I don't know. I didn't try that. I drove so. The fans they're much nicer than you would end -ticipant, you know, mid west people. They're nice people for the most part. Yeah. And that's a good rivalry it is. But here's the thing about the stadium. As historic as it is. Stadiums kind of trash, man. The seats are like the aluminum seats like at a high school game. Ooh. Like that. Yeah. Ooh. Dem. Yeah. So the the Notre Dame experience in that regard. The actual watching the game can be uncomfortable and slightly overrated is all I'm saying. Now at Washington Seattle. That's a good trip. Yeah. That's a good trip because you always have to think about what you can do outside. I'm with you. I'm with you. I at college football specifically I'd like to look at the so obviously I grew up hurricanes fan. So they're playing Florida in the season opener on August twenty four in Orlando. So. You probably should pencil me out for August. Twenty third is what I'm saying. Because I'll probably be flying is my guess too. Gotcha. But at cow to that's a good one. Yeah. Berkeley for Cisco up there. Yeah. Notice parties twelve is great for that. Pac twelve is. Great. Because you've got real cities is what I'm saying. And that's good Paul in Huntington beach wants talk about the Lakers. Go ahead, Paul. Hey, thanks. I don't know. I saw that man. Something about Dr Steven van. I the dodgers baseball has amazing trips. You can take. Then there's any question about that. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, you got me going here. I I talked to you. You're the one guy on the stage show keeps a real with the Lakers man, you've been calling it out all year, and this this this. And this is a dumpster fire right now man, you look at five hundred since two thousand twelve this LA Lakers. We're talking about. And you look at win percentages in the three hundred they want thirty five games last year. And they may not even get there this year and they had LeBron for two thirds of the season. You say mystic a Monte miss too much. I don't care. He was still there for two thirds of the season. And you can't win more than thirty one games. There was no frigging excuse to the LA Lakers to the contemplating or rumors even go out there. That's better their franchise. They're gonna go Poetzsch the clippers coach I mean, come on second. We're talking about the brand of the Los Angeles Lakers into better organization. We gotta get the coach from the clippers. That's where the Lakers are today. And it starts at the top. And it's all the way through that organization. It's this county. It's the development. It is over selling LA nation on the young guys, by the way, probably the two best guys brought him out on his Asia last six years play football teams killing it right now. Now that that maybe a strict, but the point is. As they had a planet place that we were gonna go young. And look if you want to keep it real Jack kinda money at Kobe. Bryant couldn't bring anyone else on the. And then I guess kicks. They were going to build them within we're gonna take our lunch. We're going to have a young Corwin do this. And they fell in love with the name again, look the Lakers the plan for the name on the back of the jersey and Bryant and James not the name on the front, and he'll you go Laker fan at another is his dad's disaster season. Thanks. Appreciate it. I'm up against it. Because I'm late. But you hit the nail on the headman. Like, I mean, I I can't argue really with anything that you said there. I I didn't get to the Joel Embiid story if you're an NBA fan joylin be I I don't know how you guys feel about him. I know he's super polarizing, but he said the thing yesterday that's made everyone kind of freak out. I'll tell you what he said in just a second. We got what's trending coming up after that, including a fun story about fashion. So stick around for that Saddam show. ESPN LA sit down show here on ESPN LA. Hey, real quick. We're celebrating El torito's happy hour by giving away. One lucky listener, a happy hour dinner for you and five friends, and here's how you can win. Very simple. We're gonna hook up the Instagram folks because we always do Twitter. So you don't wanna do Instagram? So here's what you need to do you need to somehow whether it's in your story or in your post, you need to tag ESPN, Los Angeles on Instagram and tag me at George Sodano ESPN. It's almost like my Twitter, except it has my first name to like Jose, George j orgy, George Sodano, ESPN ESPN, Los Angeles, un-integrate and just tag us. Okay. In some way, shape or form with a screen shot of you following the podcast. Yes. These Saddana show podcast, and it can be on any platform. It could be on apple podcasts ESPN app. Wherever you get your Android stuff. 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So makes you. Happy hour thereto joined the party experience, the tacos Margaritas and other food drink specials starting at four bucks. Happy hour starts at three pm every day even weekends only at El Torito. So Joel Embiid before we get to what's trending. We got a couple of minutes. Here. We got like five six minutes. Joel Embiid Mike said yesterday in an interview with Cassidy Hubbard after the game. It was funny because we were watching the game here. And we were like, wow, you know, the Sixers came back. They were down pretty big at one point like fifteen sixteen points. They came back to win. Joel Embiid was a beast in last night's game. Look, he's amazing. Okay. He's arguably I think the best big man in the NBA like if I had to pick somebody now, I I would probably go with Anthony Davis. The problem with Anthony Davis is he's even less healthy than Embiid has been recently because I'm being obviously Embiid to start his career was troublesome. Right. But for the most part he's been pretty healthy after his initial rookie season where you only pay like thirty. Games. So I know you a little load management or whatever the knee thing after the all star game. But he's back in bulling. But he said that he's the most unstoppable player in the NBA. Now, I feel like he's the most unstoppable big man, potentially in the NBA. And I think that even early this season he was in the MVP conversation like very early like first month or two. But I don't think he's the most unstoppable player if I was breaking it down to unstoppable players right now in the NBA if I had to rank them number one would be Kevin Durant. He's basically seven feet tall and can shoot from anywhere and gets to the basket. Also plays defense, but we're just talking offense right now. Right. And then number two would probably be hard just because his he so slithery and he gets to the line, and he can shoot from anywhere. And he's just putting up video game numbers. Now, if if I look at it from shacks standpoint, which she says I didn't want to be the best player I wanted to be the most dominant. And I think that's what it beat it saying if you look at it from shacks point, I think that's what in saying. Also, I might have to agree with him beat. So you'd think most unstoppable was pretty much close to being the most dominant. So it's funny. We'll is he is going to join us at five fifteen I told you guys early you're going to want to listen to that interview. Because I heard Z today on on the Dan Le Batard show on the podcast that they put out. I I heard them or him suggest a a way to stop tanking in the NBA, and it actually the way he described it specifically he cited it would help LeBron and the Lakers. So I want you guys to tune in to kinda his idea because I thought it was mind blowing immediately. Mike, I Texas morning when I was listening to the popular we gotta get Zeon because he said this thing so you're gonna wanna stick around for that at five fifteen, but I'm going to ask him that. Because know is he covers the league to is. He's on sidelines and all these big games. And he's on around the horn and all these other shows too. But he he specifically is an MBA guy. So I'm gonna ask about LeBron little bit just to so he's actually been at a number of these Laker games. So I'm curious to kind of see from someone who's covered LeBron for a number of years. He covered him in Miami. And obviously, he covered them in Cleveland to just kind of the evolution of what he sees from LeBron because I look we talked about it a couple of weeks ago when I was laying down the law per se as to where the blame should go. I didn't discount LeBron like we talked about LeBron I talked about I think he needs to lose weight. I think he's too big. And I don't mean like he's fat like he's he he looks like the incredible hulk. But I always subscribe to the adage that Pat Riley says, which is as you get older. And this goes pretty much for any basketball player as you get older, you gotta get leaner because it just helps your joints. It helps you stay flexible helps you stay as as possible. I think you lose athleticism as you get bigger, especially as you get older. So LeBron looks as big as I've ever seen him. Personally. So I do think there's things O'Brien can different. And I think that there's things that caller earlier brought it up I believe the gentleman from Long Beach that I think he can operate from different areas of the floor to and do that differently. You know, he was a beast when he was with the heat and Spoelstra having have operating at the four spot creating mismatches down there finding guys when the doubles came. And like he just was unstoppable. He also had his most efficient years they're doing that too. And I'm not saying he has to strictly play the four. I'm not trying to make Carl Malone, but, you know, get down every once in a while, you know, if the bang so much it's just to create opportunities because remember they started the season hula Brown's gonna play the five and I'm like, yeah. Okay. Good luck with that. I mean, maybe we saw it for like two minutes somewhere around the along the line, you know, at the end of a game or something. But it wasn't a thing. Like everyone thought it was going to be. But, but I do think there is some aspects of it that he should do differently for sure. But but I'm well, I want to get to a little bit. But we got what's trending, including. Story about fashion. Not only what's going on in the tournament. We'll catch up on what's going on with the tournament. Today. All you compulsive gamblers out there, and all you people worried about your brackets, we'll get that. But a story about fashion that I feel like literally makes fashion jump the shark. We'll tell you what that is. And what's trending next today show, you're on ESPN LA? Yep. We'll get to what's trending here in a second. Is it good Yair is gonna stop by in twenty minutes. He's got this awesome idea on how to kind of reshape the lottery and kind of get rid of tanking. And specifically he cited how it helps LeBron and the Lakers. So we'll have that coming up in just a second. Don't forget, we're celebrating also Reto happy hour by giving away. One lucky listener, a happy hour dinner for you and five friends. Here's how you can win. We're going to help the Instagram, folks. Okay. Fam- we're gonna make you part of the insta- Instagram tag me at George Sodano ESPN like what? Hey, and at USPS, Los Angeles got tag us, both with a screen shot of you following and subscribing to this adagio podcast, and we will select someone before the end of the show. That's it. That's all they have to do. And. Yeah, that's it just do that and your entered. It's that simple. So we appreciate all the help on the podcast. It's yesterday's podcast. Was did good number. Hours on we had a crazy lineup yesterday. Zach Lowe who is you know, got the best NBA podcast in in in the world and works for this company was on with us yesterday. David Griffin who I wanna play that cut that David had yesterday. He had a couple of interesting comments about the Lakers team building process or lack thereof that I want you guys to listen to if you didn't get a chance to hear yesterday because it was really really good stuff. David griffin. Who was former Cavs in Suns general manager worked for Turner sports? Now, whilst we had Matt Barnes and studio then Seth Greenberg. Listen Seth Greenberg in a couple of those sleeper picks did yesterday for your bracket. So we may bring setback just for that. As we we kind of keep the bracket thing going because you know, they do you can kind of reset your bracket at some point which I feel like it's kind of cheating. You know, you can get like back once they do like this week sixteen you're going to do it again. Like that sports these days. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. It's it's an honorable mention ribbon offense offense of sports now. Yeah. It's all about the offense of way one. It's like giving everybody up participation ribbon. It does feel that way. Like, I love that. Like, I'm old school that way. I make my bracket, and I live and die with no white out. Exactly. So I think I'm perfect still right now. Let me check before we get to actually you know, what here's what we do. Let's get to what's hot. And then I'll check to see where I'm at my bracket. Oh, you know, who's got the only perfect bracket on the ESPN LA bracket challenge. Yours truly one jetsam come get some. That's what I'm talking about is one thing that thirty three thousand brackets. ESPN LA bracket challenge and your boy perfect perfect right now. Perfect perfect. Komo now. Oh, push. Trying to work sidelines for college basketball. Stuff. I notice stuff. Exactly you need to listen to me. I listen to the Caspian Los Angeles thinks yourself lose like four in a row. Yeah. I'll lose like Florida road. It'll be over. And just like it won't matter at that point. Anyway, I so let's start here. If you didn't hear his earlier it was announced today that the Rams have. Announce that they're playing the Cowboys in Honolulu on August seventeenth. So make sure you plan your vacations accordingly. So they have it. Yeah. I listen. You don't need to give me an excuse to go back to Hawaii, man. I went to Maui this summer for the first time. Yeah. I could do that all day that sounds like a trip for a morning producer, Raj. Groves right. Yeah. You know, you're right. And you know, he's gonna find a way to make that happen yet. That's that's he'll have a credential and everything. Yeah. Right. He will. He will absolutely have a credential and sandals. Yeah. He'll figure out kind of what's happened you. All right. So basically in the tournament. Here's what's going on right now the games that are in action right now the Gators are leading Nevada thirty seven to twenty eight at halftime. I got the Gators on that one that's a seven ten matchup. The Gators of the ten seed right now Kentucky's blowing out whoever the hell, they're playing thirty two thirteen as new coat sisters of the blind. Right. John Calipari, Gonzaga blow man, they are blue. Going out their opponent to twenty six to eight right now in the first half. How? Yeah. Yeah. Villanova that's early. It's just eliminate right now. So that that's an early one against. I don't know who the other playing either that I'm doing a terrible job at this right now. But I need to find actually a BRAC a thing that just gives me the scores. Here we go. I need to learn how to use this internet thing a lot better. So as I mentioned Florida's leading, yuck. Kentucky's blowing out Albelin Christian, which is the fifteenth seed thirty nine to thirteen Ken's aga- leading fairly Dickinson. They were in the play in game thirty to eleven villanovans Saint Mary's going at it that should be a good one actually too. But that's early eleven to ten and finals, Michigan state defeated Bradley and a two fifteen Florida state held on against Vermont in a four thirteen. They won seventy six to sixty nine LSU also held on against Yale Yale, give them a run for their money. They give them a run. Yeah. That's three fourteen matchup. Auburn barely slipped by New Mexico state. They were a big in the New Mexico state made a big run. So Auburn seventy eight New Mexico state Seventy-seven Auburn the five seed there, you always gotta watch out for those five twelve's, right? Like Murray state who is the twelve seed who upset today they beat Marquette Kansas one big against north eastern and Minnesota a slight upset at ten over seven. Over louisville. That's Rick Pitino son got little revenge. And then Maryland, a two point winner over Belmont a six seat over eleven. So that's what's happened in the tournament this far, and we'll keep you up to date on what's happening because I know you guys are gambling on this stuff or your bracket, or whatever you wanna keep kind of up to what keep up with. What the hell's going on? I so here's the deal. You are a would you say, you're a sneaker guy? Mike, not like our guy funches here bunches. I know I know I don't funches is for sure so fund is you are a sneaker head. Yes. Yes. Yes. I would consider my cell phone. Yeah. Okay. Now, how much have you spent like what is the most expensive pair of sneakers you've bought maybe like probably paid like maybe just a shade under three hundred dollars or something? Okay joins. That's fine. It's a lot. Yeah. I'm not saying it's not a lie. But that's not. I don't make a habit though, it is not on reasonable is what I would say. Okay. It's probably a little more than I would like to spend. But I mean, I get it. So Gucci is selling a pair. Era sneakers. And now, look we know already that it's Gucci. It's going to cost a lot of money, right? Like just off the start. But the concept is utterly ridiculous to me. And I love to hear from the audience at some point. We'll bring this back up when we're done with Izzy and the next segment. The concept is they're selling you, a filthy sneaker like this thinker looks dirty rat. That's the conduct of that's the concept. First of all. Why would you wanna buy a sneaker that looks dirty isn't the whole point to make it look as clean as possible? Like, that's the point. Right. It isn't say man, those things were clean, right, right? Like, some hipsters are really into that. Vintage look that looks dirty and us and stuff. So I think that's what Gucci's going for in this to shoot. Okay. The shoe cost eight hundred seventy dollars, and it's dirty looking. I don't like you look homeless, but like a fashion Easter homeless fashion east as long as I say Gucci. I mean, he's got to have the money to even buy those in worm right as you can care less. Where people think that is true. Yeah. That's an excellent point. Yeah. It seems ridiculous to me. But you know, I don't get it. You know? Here's what's next. We've got man. Have you seen what's going on at LAX recently? Do you? Did you believe in vaccinating your children? Barely. Yes. Okay. But you've accident your children. Yes. Okay. Good. I believe in vaccinating my kids. I'm not trying to tell people what to do. But there has been a second stint of contamination at LAX, I believe the first one was in terminal three and earlier in a couple of weeks ago in late February and now March fifth in the United terminal which is terminal seven of people walking through there with measles. Oh god. I mean, we Aratu Kate it noodles I used to work in terminal seven. Yeah. Nice job. Nice claim. Yeah. That's that's that's what I'm that's the thing. That drives me crazy about it. You know what I'm saying? Like, you are contaminating people with the disease that we had basically radically did like what like that's the part that upsets me. I don't wanna go too far of the depend on this. But he's like, yo man, I travel a lot. I just went through terminal seven five times in the last calendar year. I don't need that in my life. As too much man what she sitting on a plane with oh for hours. Yeah. Next story. So we talked about the Colin Kaepernick grievance, right? When he settled with the NFL and remember, Mike, you were you were not necessarily happy with him settling at that point. If I recall correctly. Yes. Yep. Okay. So at that time it was reported by Mike Freeman of Bleacher report that the number was somewhere in the fifty to sixty million dollar ring. And then I was okay. Because of that price right now, it is now been recently reported by the Wall Street Journal that the capper Nic grievance netted under ten million dollars. Is that change your opinion at all it shouldn't? But yes, it does matter because I'm hearing that he's sharing this also with air agreed right now. This is the combination. Yes. For both players. Yes. Wow. I wonder why he settled for so little I guess it's easy for me to say little, right? That's a lot of money. It is a lot of money. But compared to what he's made like twelve million a year when he played I defended him, you know, like. Basically versus you that day. I felt that you know, what would that kind of money that can you know, that money was generational. I thought and I still feel like he he forced the NFL to settle which was a win. Now. I still feel like he forced the NFL to settle which is a win. But financially. I am kind of surprised that they that him and era agreed settled for that amount of money. Yes. I'm with you that much means that they probably didn't have a strong case, we think they do. But with all the I guess the guidelines and probably a lot of loophole that favors the NFL on. Right. And that's probably why they settle I just think that it was a lot of information in there that we all could have found out about that probably could hurt the NFL for sure I agree. But you know, I'm sure there was a lot of stuff that was not maybe airtight as far as the collusion case, and their lawyers, probably recommended. Amen. Just settle get this amount of money. It's better than nothing. You know? And that's kind of where they're at next story. The Powerball is now up to. Six hundred and twenty six million dollars and counting and the jackpot is on Saturday, Mike if you win six hundred and twenty six million dollars. What is the first purchase that you would make? I gotta go. Probably by a the whole block somewhere Jefferson park in my neighborhood. Yes. And bringing the family and friends family everybody just leaving the block. Yes. I like that. I'm actually thought of that too. Just by like a plot of land somewhere and just let my friends and family live next to me, which I think that's cool though there that does kind of ruin the privacy, occasionally, you do realize that right? Yes. That's fine. But I I know how to get away with that type of money fair enough. Funchess you six hundred twenty six million while you doing I think I'm going to take a trip somewhere. Okay. True. Every wanted to go. Yeah. I'm gonna you guys are gonna around the world probably around for like, two months or something. Good for you. Yeah. I'm with you guys are going to have to find it feeling for two months, and he's to buy those eight hundred dollars Gucci. You you've got I say work back. We weren't him yet. You got a few money, but you're not coming back to work. Let's be real here. I'll say I'll come back to say goodbye to you. Okay. Thank you. I appreciate that his he'll give us two weeks. I would right. That's true. It'd be it'd be a good employees that way. And then of course, Jesse all of a sudden becomes our our board up at that point. I you know, what I would do. I would buy an MLS team. You can buy an MLS team who still at a decent price decent. You can get in for one hundred and something million like an expansion franchise. I would do that I would buy franchises. I think soccer is gonna continue to grow in this country. And you really can't buy anything else. Six hundred million dollars in get your hockey team. Maybe a hockey team. But and getting you an NBA team not getting your baseball teams not getting your football team. But I'd like to be a sports owner. So I would buy MLS team. What city? I mean, we can't get a third MLS team here. I don't know like whatever city needs one. It'd be famous. Ooh. That'd be good. Yeah. Close enough. Right. Easy trip. Right. Yeah. Maybe but I would do that. I'd love to be a sports owner for sure I last one here before we let you go. Do you wanna do a story about Vegas or a story about that involves Jay z? We both of them sound juicy. I'll go Jay Z. Okay. So do you know river tomorrow the twins on television? Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. So Tamara told the story recently that Jay z wants flirted with her then became a public story. She was doing an interview and the bay hive attacked her on social media. Never mess. Wow. Just by. Yeah. I mean, she said it was a long time ago. But yeah, the bay hive not having been that's what's trending brought to us by our friends at the dudes brewing company with five tasting rooms here in southern California Torrance, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Huntington beach and Thousand Oaks to order beer from the source. Learn more about the dudes brewing company by visiting their website. The dudes brew dot com. Right. Is it good ears is going to join us next ESPN NBA insider analyst you see him on the sidelines for a lot of these games. Basically for the last several years covers the sport for ESPN, and of course on around the horn highly questionable cetera. He's got a great idea. How have basically? Stop tanking in the NBA. And he specifically cited how would help LeBron and the Lakers someone have you have him tell us his idea. I want you guys to listen to it. I'm curious to get your thoughts on it. And then we will ask him. I'm gonna ask about the shoes too because he's a fashion Easter he dresses nice on those sidelines. He's always looking tight. I'm actually jealous of him when I'm on the sidelines. He's got better fashion sense than I do. All right. So is he gonna areas will join us. We'll talk to him about that. And LeBron and all that stuff next.

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