Apokolips Now Redux


Hey welcome back optimism vaccine. I'm steve and it's dark day. It's the dark day opposite vaccine history. It's been a dark week. We've got our very first. Dmca notice that's right. Evil corporations out to take away podcast that we recorded four years ago. So if you're saying to yourself. I really want to listen to what optimism vaccine had to say about killing sacred deer in two thousand seventeen for a few days. You were unable to until we had to make some edits to appease our corporate warlords which we did and wouldn't you know the culprit the culprit. You may know him as eminem slim shady call marshall fucking eminem. Song is undoing the spaghetti clip the mom's spaghetti. You can't spaghetti anymore on the internet. Or they're gonna come for you. That is the state of the world. Also i'm joined today. By mirus. Jacob colin myra you doing. I'm doing all right. I'm glad we got that situation rectified. You know it's a classic episode. Real good i. i didn't remember it. I forgot that we've been did it. So it was like fifty one or some shit extremely old extremely industry episode fifty three. So y'all better go check that out. A new revised version extra special. That was great too because miles says like do you. Do you have the the master this. So i can fix it and i said probably two hours later after i thought that all of our podcast exist anymore on my hard drives by the external address. I was able to find it. So this actually spurred us to solidify the archives. So something good something. Good Jake how you doing doing fine. See united just got to go out there and get up. Come on get down with the sickness. You really just you. Just on the richard cheesecake man. All this all this. You've been doing this week watson. cheesehead original better. What's what's the thought process by that guy. The disturbed guy when he's like. I need like some sort of entry to this song. Like when the when the riff hits i gotta yell something. And he's like is it a yeah or or like how does he. How does he enjoy himself and he goes with who like. How do you get there. Is i thought you were jason. Momoa there for a second. Donald noises don't count on a bad man. You wanna laugh Look up Y down with the sickness is the worst kariuki song is just a compilation of a bunch of nerds trying to do that. Opening a while Under what microphone at a bar. You'll never stop laughing. I one time. I went to a bar in lansing michigan with sean and morose and it was it was like us and i think matt was with us to to matt of optimism vaccine contributor who hasn't attributed in several years. But we're at this bar and it was just us and then like two guys shooting pool and they were just like just dudes you know like they definitely drove trucks with like calvin sticker pissing on something and there was a jukebox. Just there's a jukebox. And i went over. And i played down with the sickness for them and then immediately after i played bob carlisle's butterfly kisses and so the disturbed and they're like yeah they look over at me and they're like so we're cool and then butterfly kisses starts playing afterwards and the guy came up to me and he looked like he looked. He's just one of those guys that doesn't have is incapable of smiling. Just very just bald an angry and he walks up to me and he just says that was a really sad song and then he just walked away like i broke his heart with. Bob carlisle adhere. I thought he was going to call me a dickhead which he should have. But yes so. That's the story of when i didn't get beat up but if you wanna if you wanna make dudes happy playing pool disturb the good the get colin how you doing man. I'm doing great. And you know. I i've been looking into this whole thing about you. Guys getting the whole takedown copyright from universal media group. I've been calling them up. And i've been reading them. Green eggs and ham and lindsay ls tweets and. I think they're gonna they're gonna cave in. They don't seem to want to admit that they understand what i'm saying or what it's about but sooner or later they're going to have to admit it dude universal universal media group. They went on a fucking tear man. Because i know you mentioned you mentioned the dr seuss thing because we all know that. Dr seuss has been cancelled indefinitely. So i had this idea for really dumb post where i was gonna use a clip from my favorite episode of elimidate. Which if you know was a dating show from the early to mid two thousand primarily shot in milwaukee in chicago and the idea was you start off with like four dudes and one woman or one woman four dudes. Whatever i don't think it was. It was a progressive time in dating show television. I'm not sure if they ever had any gay episodes but either way and then one by one the person that they were would eliminate each guy and my favorite episode of all time was shot in chicago. And there's this like real chicago guy and he's one of those dudes who just thinks he's just incredibly cool but also he. Has this kind of almost like bill and ted stupidity to him and his name is vito and his line that uses is a and the girl looks over he goes you ever hear of dr seuss. She's like yeah. I've heard of dr seuss. And he goes well the ladies call me. Doctors seduce very clever. And you could see like the look on his face where he's just like this is. This is the best thing that anyone has ever. clearly she's just just dripping wet. she's going to create a puddle. All the other guys are going to slip and fall. I'm the winner she. She did not go forward. Unfortunately but universal media group. They took down that episode off a youtube. My favorite episodes she limited that date. Yes she eliminated. It's yeah but here's the quality of men she was dealing with. He was like a out of the four guys. He made it to the final two. So it really tells you lot the guy who got cut i they were there at like carnival and he went on a carnival ride and like had a bar so they she just got him which makes sense. Anyways i had this whole bit setup whereas like you can you can cancel dr seuss. But you can't cancel dr seduce. And now my tweet which would have gotten at least three likes skyrocketing me to fame never going to happen because of universal media group. An eminem law. But we're not here to talk about the woes of our podcast. Unfortunately we are gathered here today because it finally happened. Boys never thought it would didn't even think this thing was real but it turns out if you yell on the internet for long enough. You get what you want and released. The snyder cut indeed. They did zack. Snyder's justice league is here and we wash it all four hours and two minutes of it. How did we get to this. Point is the question you may be asking yourself so it storytime alright. Have a seat. This is how justice league despite being released as a two hour. Movie in two thousand seventeen came to us again in two thousand and twenty one as a four hour. Film zack snyder. He's wrapping up production. His daughter passes away of justice. League county gets thrown into the limbo a little bit three months. After wrapping started had continued to work on the movie. He decided to step away. Probably a good idea. Joss weeden is brought in to finish the film. Josh sweden of course makes avengers and buffy is a sex past or an asshole. which one is he. Forget i think asshole asshole not sex past or maybe both we don't know just that's ven diagram tends to have a lot over that. So he just he ends up doing all these extensive re-shoots ads eighty new pages to the script. It makes jokey. He changes the color palette. So was snyder were used to just desaturate. In earth tones he makes it a lot warmer essentially totally different third act totally different third act. there's added scenes for gal gadoe diane lane. Who played martha. Ken and amy adams. Then they trim the storylines for the flash and cyborg. Okay you think cyborg in the suburb even theatrical cut. I didn't see him did you on the he's on the poster remember that he would call the poster. He's there he's there. He tends next to superman. That's super cool. Yeah you know. Super robot and fast guy allegedly. There's only like twenty percents of snyder's original movie left in even though he remains the credited director in the two thousand seventeen version. Which is kind of fucking weird to the point where i don't believe christopher nolan was like zachary deaf see the movie you'll hate it. Just watch it so you know. He listened to his buddy. Chris nolan never watched them. He's never watched. The original cut fast a couple years later because no one fucking like this movie and people start tweeting releases snyder. Then hashtag gets the support of gal. Gadoe ben affleck ray fisher. Plays the after mentioned cyborg and warner and hbo decide. Fuck it sure why not. We're gonna actually release. The snyder cut now. What that actually means is is not clear because there are all kinds of different snyder cuts. This movie was in trouble way before. Zack snyder left it. Okay mum originally. It was presented in a state that was described as unwatchable. Some sort of three hour cut. There is various cuts where special effects were removed or unfinished. There's at least like four. Snyder cuts that had been screened at some point for various executives and people. So it's not like he made this complete vision and then it was shelved completely and warner a few years later just dust it off and said oh here you go internet. It's exactly what she wanted when they decided to do this. They originally were like. Let's make this a like a mini series. Tv show type thing but said they're like no. Let's just have six ax and smash into a four hour film. So that is what we have today. What it originally looked like what a snyder cut. Actually as we don't know. But zack site or this is his vision. Or maybe it's not because also this week. They decided to release a version called gray. Which is a black and white version which allegedly is more in line with snyder's vision. I don't know what's going on. Also is it a four three aspect ratio and that was part of the plan from the beginning. Maybe no i'm not sure it's not bullshit part of the planet so okay so this and this is where it gets murky. I don't i don't know what is i. Don't know what this is. Okay we were able to talk about this. The fact that it exists is mind blowing to miss. This is three. This is like so many other things where people the fan base just assume that exists enough. That like people said right. There's money there but just put together and they put money into it because it did not exist. You gotta wonder like. I don't know how the of this fucking streaming shit works money wise. I guess that's all kind of locked doors still. But this is a seventy million dot director's cut. That's not say this is not not a seventy million. This is this is a seventy million dollars addendum. Yeah to To a work print. That was made years ago and then re shot like the the majority of the movie. The that was reshot by weeden. It is insane like basically just made a whole new film. There's only like a couple of scenes that are intact in snyder's vision and it doesn't change fund. I mean it changes only horrific but a lot of the reshoots that we did our like reshoots. The same exact fucking. See this asinine dialogue. put it. I mean they change the delegate enough to at least establish characters. I think a lot better not just tone wise but actually weedon version. No take no. I'm talking about weedon vision. He took the original existing footage. That snyder shot. And the reason you could say the snyder's fill footage all comprises twenty percent of the film isn't because they change the plot or they made all these drastic things differently. They would take the exact same shot and just do it over again just so they could put in this fucking horrible weeden jokey dialogue and this is like why this happened. Yeah so superman. Batman in the face and then batman goes on and goes super hurt. That's people love that when you do that joke you know the the the one bit of difference i noticed i was like that's weeden versus whatever. Did snyder write the script alone. For justice league. Okay chris -tario i believe yet. Okay well the one one bill dialogue. I really noticed is cyborgs. Father who's being interrogated by steppenwolf in the snyder cut. He says he doesn't know anything and step wells. Like who the fuck are you. And he's like die than tell you anything like he steps up. You know like he shows them that he's strong versus josh weaned. Cut for some reason. The steppenwolf just like basically agrees with him. Yes finally someone with some guts like Yes you're really cool. You're really tough even though he doesn't It's weird. They just tells you like who. He is rather than slammed show you who he is. You know like a well. I think we can all like dismissively. Fucking wave away the weeden version because it is a big trash like evict us. It's like nonsense. It drops into this open where batman is like fighting an alien from where this is. Now i i beg to differ. I think that seems an atrocity. Jarrell works for me because it's a guy in a bat suit already been ridiculous. It's just you kinda have to go with. We're talking about the death of flying. I'm i would say the only good thing about the weeden. I was actually apparently snyder invention. It's the senior. Superman is resurrected because they need him to fight Steppenwolf and there are. He's upset he's fighting the other superheroes in they're trying to pin him down in a flash starts to run around superman but because superman is also really fast he sees a flash out of the corner of the at and i thought. Oh that's just a little weeden touch because of course you've you've really fast but that's apparently a snyder creation. So we didn't brought no good things to this movie. Yeah even in the movie that you're like okay. That actually landed a bit like the batman jokes. I would say. I thought like the fucking you know. What's your superpower. I'm rich and shit like that on my god. That's that's weeden for sure and the. Oh how'd you get her house back. I bought the bank. You're like oh. That's that's definitely sweden and stuff and it hits all right but it's all in the snyder cut. That was all cut. There's yeah. I don't know where it came from. The one really funny thing that i saw especially coming from the flash wife phone really irritating. Large portions are in large quantities was when They're all on the rooftop together and they mentioned that there's how god for some reason mardi forgetting their names You know demons or whatever one team just cuts the flash who doesn't know anything about what's going on your knees because okay go right back into setting up what's happening. i just. I like that reaction that was very authentic and it was very funny. And all the other scenes with josh weeden dialogue. Or what. I assume we dialogue. It just feels like. I don't know if someone has to like kind of like sit up from being punched in the face or they can't be to human. They have to like wink at the camera. And it just. I don't know just means nothing. It just feels like a big long. What says you're seeing that memo online of the tube egg talking much. The soft boiled egg. That's like a tube they don't know. What is the bug into bag. I wanna hear why josh weeden movies are like a to z ghost. It's like cool hand. Luke eating all the soft boiled eggs. This is like a tube of soft boiled egg. That's exactly what the josh weeden one is where it's like This tasteless game thing. I do not appreciate the people. Keep calling him josh. Because that's it actual human's name. Let's referred advice factual fucking nightmare named joss. You just joshing ya. I like all of the changes that joss. we'd made. That were just made aesthetically but add nothing at all so we like the the final battles owner would average is sweden is just like make it fucking red. Make it all red sure body. Why not or even even steppenwolf okay. Josh swings like this guy is a little spiny. I think we need to spend fifty million dollars to smooth him out and gloom fucking goatee or something. I not stupid josh. Sweden say what you will about him. I think that he's one of those people who has his cycles like he e snyder's like that to us. Suppose it's interesting to look them in parallel with this because this is part of this. Reclamation of zack snyder. I think a lot of people are reappraising. His organ myself included and with weeden. It's the total opposite direction. Like he had this thing. Where had a huge rabid call fan base in the early odds and then he hit this big mainstream success with avengers after cabin in the woods hit and now you look at any of stuff and if fucking his age like hell it's rotten it's rotten to the core like this guy's fucking rotten and he was never a visually gifted director and say what you will about snyder. He certainly has that capability to pull out some very stark imagery in his films and is just so interesting to me. How one guy who who follow us on top of the world ten years ago in another guy who really just kinda got run out of hollywood almost with this justice league thing and now all of a sudden snyder feels like he's back and weeden. Good luck to you. Sir is i. I just don't feel like it's it's people finally coming around to appreciating the joys of him bo cinema. I don't think the snyder cut is particularly good. I don't think that a lot of snyder stuff is good. But even when he makes shit. I don't like i just. It's just made with pure passion and stupidity and commitment to those two things and it's nice like you could feel like i was like all right. I need to watch. What's the purest. If you distill. Snyder ism down to his essence what is that. No studio would demand these things. The clearly must be coming from someone else and it's obvious who it is because they're always following snyder from sucker punch to to watch men to wherever he goes so so snyder snyder's essence. I think you can find the snyder. Essence in sucker punch okay them all of his visual trademarks. It is the dumbest thing humanly possible. It swerves towards the you know the problematic realm because of the content choices but it never quite gets there and it clearly. The movie thinks of itself as a female empowerment text. But it's just goddamn idiotic. This movie's about girl power in dealing with trauma text. Exactly it's like this is about girl power dealing with trauma. It's like dude. You made like anime fetish action with a weird raping subplot and then and then it's like okay. So this girl she she. Her stepdad tries to sexually assault her so then she ends up in a mental institution. Which is she gets inside of her head and is in a dream world where she's actually in a brothel and inside of the head brothel. She's in a double layer head version. Anna may steam punk. Who sure man. Why not you know what they say about. How like in china so when came up with the idea of the automobile the exact time is someone in the west. Came up the idea of the automobile. Like they're just ideas that seem to spring across the world. I feel like zack snyder. And rubs rb might have like some like similar dna happening where trading ideas like. Yeah you should make halloween an origin story just to make it a store. That'd be great. You know you know don. The dead just need more action in it. That's what the movie was about action. Do that you know. They seem very similar in some ways. Rob zombie seems like a smart guy. Doing dumb shit. Where zack snyder's like a dumb guy. Earnestly trying to do smart shit oh. He thinks he's doing really smart shit. Yeah yeah the easiest way that you can describe zack snyder. As is he's a guy who made a watchman film and he's also simultaneously a guy who's been announced to direct adaptation of iran's the fountainhead and two more diametrically opposed text could not exist and these are nothing makes as a director for hire. He's not a director prior because he believes in them and he's just an idiot. And he thinks that watchmen is like a fucking randy tax and it comes across. I just want to say because we want to move past weeden too fast especially with Comparisons to snyder as a director. But neither of these guys ever deliver under deliver. When it comes to enthusiasm they overdeliver. They have too many ideas that are they go too far. That's one thing you can say about them. At their worst they are to elaborate and sort of laying a foundation for. What's gonna come next. Even if they're not quite sure what is going to come next. And if i don't know at least from the major difference between the two of them is that if the audience rejects the idea. Snyder seems to be like oh well darn whereas weeden and we can get into it later. Seems to hold a grudge against the audience for not appreciating his work and even against actors. Which is psychotic or it could talk about that now. I would just say like the last two things like he. He butchers the opening of this movie for me. Like i i have no idea how any like casual audience member is supposed to walk into the actual cut of justice league and know what the fuck is going out like. It is absolute nonsense. Like it's just like up here. You're aug space bugs. Here's much characters you've never fucked encounter before you're coming together that exciting and then the third ac has this bullshit that he pulled right out of his failed avengers movie where for no reason in the middle of noble family of peasants who were trying new back over and over again we have lived mutant animals for decades and now there is a man. Here is trying to bring the bug monsters. Just the stupidest shit. This is celebrity. I need in my life. Superhero movie just random sitcoms that jazz insufferable but i dunno snyder's brandao man it just it again like even when i don't like it i like that. He's trying and that people are giving them a lot of money to do it. I mean we talked about albert. Pune before and think about if you would like think about poon's captain america movie and what if someone had given him like three hundred million dollars but he made the same movie. i mean. that's the kind of energy that snyder brings to his work. And i respect that immensely and then the other thing i was thinking about is like there's some genuine artists like it's not aesthetically my style like i don't i don't dig all the slow mo stuff all the time and his the snyder default color palette desaturate thing again. Not for me. But i was thinking about. There's there's this ao scott review of three hundred from whenever that came out like you know fifteen years ago or whatever and trying to take a dig at snyder. And he's talking about how like you know. There's there's directors where every frame looks like a painting and zack snyder. Looks like every frame is like airbrushed on the side of a van and it was supposed to be like a like a ha-has you think about it that way it's like now. That sounds kind of fucking funny in cool and it is. It's just it's so stupid it's so goddamn stupid but you know what i don't care but not all snyder films are the same though. And that's something. That really should be clear because i feel like he's treated as a yes or no whereas for me. It's very much of like sometimes. Yes like the watchman. I think that's an astounding achievement. The fact that he was able to even make that even if you think he made it wrong key made it. He did it after all. This talk. terry gilliam. I don't like the movie at all but i will say zack. Snyder made it and nobody else could. She makes these dream films. That just seem impossible. Feel like they don't happen at all. Because i don't know about you but for the past four years i haven't seen justice league even though i love comic books even though i do have a d. c. unlimited universe subscription and do read comic books every day and really enjoy comic books. Never mind to see this right. Never even up on twitter. Dmz talking about that. There was a justice league film. And i didn't give ship which is so bizarre every once in a while i remember it exists. That's so weird. Even would still no desire. Because by i thought was. That looks like fantastic. Four just the worst of the worst just dreadful team films team films are the worst because they have to up. They have to try and figure out a lot of characters short on time instead just turns into weird banter which is really the biggest criticism of of josh. Weeden is just the way that i dunno characters are so jokey that nothing catches. It's just nothing. S- tins. Yeah because not every character is a joke. Like fucking bandmate. Is that cracking jokes. Jetblue it's in this version of cyborg is is not whimsical. We don't need jokes. This character bartender gave me my parents. That's two shots. I mean i guess the reason. His avengers weans avengers works at it does. I'm not gonna go revisited. I might sour on the thing but time to major achievement. It was a major achievement. It got to cheat. It was allowed to cheat because we knew these characters played a long game with that they introduce everyone before we were even in this film. So you yup. You didn't have to play that game with this team up. Movie and justice league did not have that luxury and that is why it is only somewhat successful in a format. That is not the viable. It's a fucking four hour film and as comic book fans. It's fucking insane to imagine the idea. That captain america and iron and we're able to put a bigger movies than superman and batman. That's fucking nuts because they're the c-grade characters and the only reason they were ever given films because they didn't have the rights to certain characters spiderman and the x men and so they did what they could follow certain method. Dc didn't seem to care. They're like a h- batman movie. Is this the nolan versus. Not the nolan verse. And i want to bring that up. It is amusing because there's like growing up reading marvel like the fuck gave a shit about the avengers. What's up anyway could read. That was not one of their big hit books until really the mcu it is. It's just got interesting shape the other at this point about no one. That is a good point. Because that's i mean knowle's batmans are not part of this universe quote unquote but he handpicked snyder. Obviously man of steel is existing in that toll like a is meant to be a continuation of what nolan was doing with these characters. And the tone. He had struck a more realistic than what you'd see in a marvel property so that's where they jumped off from which again snyder's an odd choice for that because i can't look at any of snyder's previous films and bill. Yes realist filmmaker zack. Snyder took watchmen and made it. Even more extreme god. Okay so jake where do you. Where do you fall as hard here. Like how do you digest and process the cinema. Zack snyder sum it up for me with one word. Dumb not necessarily a bad thing but a lot of his movies are. They're very easy he's not. I wouldn't say he's director so much. He's a visual stylist. Any discounts to beat you over the head with how awesome things that he thinks are awesome are And i think. I watched a good lord. The extended sucker punch last night. Because that's the only snyder film that is like not based on any other texted is is complete true original vision and Halfway through i just like got whatever the second fantasy land they go to with their fighting. Or whatever i of check out the words like world war one but they have m. sixteens and then there's like a mac zombies and then they kill a dragon and then the board on a train robots with shotguns and anyways back cider invented animation movie. I've never seen it. Should i q it up. i'm making it. I mean it's impossible to describe it without making it sound better than it is but i mean if you want just pure uncut snyder go for it i really don't i mean i kinda take weeks before. I don't mind as dc films. I think he's not a pretty admirable job with some ambitious stories with superman. Frankly but i. I don't like any of his previous work at all not i. I don't like a man of steel. I thought manas was terrible. Especially in the latter half when it's just all mass destruction with like no no stakes or any. No casualties felt like people were obliterated. Nobody shit That in a bit with batman. V superman which also has the benefit of applic- who's a rate batman gonna say rally one of the best and then with the snyder cut. I was actually really surprised at how much i enjoyed it in. I would even dare to say it's best film The final twenty minutes or so were not good. But it's it's interesting. Like i've just been so allergic to what he does as a filmmaker that a lot of that is nonexistent and I don't know if it's also just changed his view or like. I don't really mind. Watching zack snyder films anymore. Like i would prefer to watch this than any film hated for best picture to be honest but i yeah i don't know it like really completely worked for me. And there's there's humor in it which is very rare that you see in film very oceans. I don't mind the four three of the shirt. Fine whatever take it. But yeah i i had a good time with it i. It's all right jake. Why why is the snyder cut in the same aspect ratio is first cow. Well it's it's it's in the same aspect ratio of the mother boxes. See now with all okay it is. It is not of the same ratio as a fucking cuba nor is it the ratios as ibex. I know four three is not a square are a ido but i is for three either. It's like slightly different. Still bizarre that i one of the actual ibex quarterback all right. We're going to get into this. So he shoots his films in in scope which is three five two one. If you have that projected on an i max screen you're gonna be you're gonna let me let her boxing the film so by switching to a four three you do you do pillbox it but you get some of that height and i think he's. He's during the film for like a like a like the irvine spectrum which is twenty which is a six story. I max and then that'll be. You know the top to bottom not necessarily side to side but top to bottom will be filled with with all of his snyder glory. Thank that's that's the intent behind the aspect ratio there. It's i just. I just wonder why it's like slightly. Different dynamics. reissue. Is one point. Four three two one. So why not exhibited in that instead of it just like a Like that were doing this on his because he can't. I guess even a second lease on life and like nine flex we said we said that he within a week he already has released a gray black and white and gray version of it. He knows when you want. You know what i agree. Why not just. I don't like the dc makes he. He liked gets bullied into like making up a excuse. Straw stupid you need to say is i wanted to before three the end like when you say no because i shouted for i max. It's like well no you didn't and also that's not the i mex michio. So why do you even say these things you know. I will say this about snyder. is that like. I don't know if you necessarily makes his choices because you know some sort of deeper meaning other than he just likes it. And that's honestly that's refreshing in some ways because it introduces what seemed to be chaotic elements. Where you would never logically put things together. But because he emotionally feels they're appropriate we have just elements. We'll get into it later. But i do sit. Analogy he reminds you a bit of like your nephew or your knees. Six years old trying to tell you a joke and they can get their you know they can give you all the pieces but it takes so long and you already know the punchline lake zack. Snyder is not dealing with a very complex plot. It's like okay fathers and sons. They're repeating that theme and you know. I mean that's it basically team building in punch you gotta. You can't discount the religious allegory. I mean this is the third part of his christ triptych through cracking superman wherein the justice league services is apostles and spread the word it. But you could tell this story and is significantly shorter amount of time. You probably could tell it in or around to ten to twenty like i. I hate to say this because it immediately almost makes me want to dislike to cease existing. But there's probably a better cut inside of the the better cut is if he had not shot any additional footage because everything he shot and added to. This is stupid. Like it's like what he added was the epilogue and that is it hurts. The film the film ends with the nice montage. What's his name cyborgs. Father giving that voice over and it ends with superman ripping his shirt open. Cut to credits. You got yourself a pretty dang good superhero movie battalion. I'm upset about the epilogue because in promotional materials for zack snyder's justice league. We were promised a jesus joker there's like there's a promotional image where the job brand crown of thorns and we do not get. Jesus joker we get like. I don't know six days in fallujah. Joker something like i don't i don't even understand the epilogue at all what i was watching it. I thought it was like did. I accidentally skipped over something or when we talk about. Epilogues is just like tack on you know content doesn't enrich a story necessarily this is. This is the definition of that. It really feels like an after credits sequence just stretched for fifteen minutes. I really like. I was struggling struggling with why the epilogue was there. And i get that snyder. Originally conceived justice league is part of a three film. Snyder verse series. But i mean i is this. Just he had the chance to shoot his shot and get out there and hopefully get his. The fans riled up again or something thinks in service of the justice league director's cut as a standalone film object. It doesn't really do anything nor does the last portion of it which is totally inaccurate sequence Snyder doesn't really do after sequences news. That like ben affleck just standing around and the fucking martian man under spooks in goes like my name. Is the martian manhunter goodbye. And it's like what console you'll be seeing me around no. We won't one of the one things like around. Is the reshot scene with lois. Lane and martha kent Which went from various somber. Scene to dis- feminist. Hack jokes seen that joss put together. It's really terrible. Look it up but at the end of that scene in the snyder cut martha kent superman's mom turns into martian manhunter. Which why was that there. Well the point of that a no idea. The martian manhunter stuff is a grand mystery. This there are that's it just keeps coming back. You like okay. I get it. There is a better is so as someone who like. I read comic books as a kid. But i probably read more marvel stuff than dc stuff. And also i'm used to dumb bullshit but imagine you're like average joe and you're watching. The snyder cut and someone comes on screen and just says hello. I am martian manhunter share food. That's your name. That's the best people. Corbin jones is like john. C champion. dc has a big has a long history of when they take their comics and put them into new mediums. And i swear this is not new thing had never heard it reference by anyone else. But it's it's from the even the animated shows all the way ford characters need to say their names and you need to see the origin of their names for no reason. It'll just be like. I was watching the creeper episode from batman series and they have to call him creeps. He goes yeah. I liked that a calm yourself the creeper and all the way now until like hello. I'm martian manhunter and it just have to like straight face it whereas you know we're about one division on the other side here reminds we'll bring it up. There are because the thing is that it really is following the same template as the very first offenders film find the three things so that the portal can open up the flying creatures can come in and try and destroy the world like it's it's of the same thing but what. I like about the films. Moore's that they can at least keep the people part of it. I feel like the people weren't quite in this movie. Like they introduce their problems and introduced their powers. But i don't know if i understood any of the characters gone deeper level like i don't know the flashy wants to rescue his dad. The cyborg has issues with his dad. I dunno i think daddy issues. I don't think the flash works that great. it works better than in the weeden cutler for no reason he's a coward. They're like participated. This i. I've just going to run away but it's like okay. I don't understand why we're putting that it's not like it's something to be resolved but yeah like crap is bizarre in this movie. I don't know exactly what he's doing as father of the flash but it doesn't inherently work at. I i really don't like this guy. Got to play the flash either but you know so it goes i if you watch the cw show that guy's a much more amiable flash well and it's just is that i'm very open minded even though i really the comic books like you can do whatever interpretation of any character like just whatever like batman could whatever it doesn't matter just change whatever no nothing's precious however trying to actually identify one character to the next just powers and tragedies. There's just nothing there. I really wanted to stress this. Because like i can't tell you if you just saw this movie and you're like what's to deal with batman. It's like well. He feels bad. That superman died but other than that. I can't really tell you anything about this guy. I don't know it's pretty flat. Which is kind of a shame considering to spend a lot of time with them. He just doesn't really seem to have any sort of. I don't know actually watching it in the background. And he's flying out of a rocket chair avoiding getting shot and avoiding animals. And it's like all right. Because his parents died one of the weird things and we can were doubling back to that epilogue as we didn't really get enough into it. I suppose is it does tie into this characterization of batman and it's strange because if you watch this running thing from bbs where batman is having these visions of the possible future with a superman who has turned evil. And if you watch batman versus superman use -ssume that those are visions hearken to this event. You know when this invasion occurs. Lois lane is killed and superman joins forces with with the evil forces of dark side. And you know. The earth is apocalypse with a freedom fighter. Batman or something yeah is not apparently a description of this event at all nor nor was it a depiction of what snyder intended for the second of eventers justice league film. This is apparently something he had planned to pay off in a third justice league film unrelated at all to a dark side. I don't know exactly what causes superman to become evil other than the death of lois lane but it doesn't seem to involve invasion of any sort. It's just sit. Superman is is mean. Everyone's running from him. i guess. But it's kinda nonsense like why are we trying to again a little post credit sequence or something great. I'm not a big fan of them to begin with. But if you want to exceed something that you're going to do a decade down the line that might be placed. Where not the fucking middle. You got to giant s movie. But i i one huge failure for me. I haven't gone back and watch all three of these snyder. Dc films and really kind of gaining appreciation for all of them. This is not to me the most successful. What i think is a great failure is like of any explanation as to what the hell's going on with these visions like why the hell is batman a psychic would into the say two and a half ill. It's worth of visions of evil batman or. I'm sorry evil superman psychic. He's just a fucking guy. Why does he have all these visions. Where what is the source of the visions. Give me give me some grounds to texas and look it was exposed to the ship and it game remember krypton vision up that who gives a shit to say something and this. This is very much barring from injustice. Which is the the video game series that also became a comic series as a really good comic series about a lois lane becoming pregnant The joker uses the scare pro toxin with kryptonite to make superman temporarily. Insane and davos lane is a doomsday. Who is on the previous one and actually kills lois lane. Oh with child with child and it freaks them out so bad he goes back and just annihilate joker and says like and then for the next two years. It's basically just him saying. I'm never going to kill again. And then it slowly builds sleeps snaps again. It's very well written. Actually even if the games are a little ridiculous but it's weird that they're building to that because that's just something that could be done faster. It doesn't seem like this needs to be reserved for some future projects. I don't even know even hint at it. You know unless you're trying to show the motivation from the previous film. As way batman. Tried to stop superman like. That's i don't know what it made. It made sense in the context of bbs. As yes not an apocalyptic vision as like sort of fear dream. That batman is having all this is the worst case scenario of what could happen. If we allow this fucking god to rome among us like he could go evil until us all like if this is a paranoid delusion of batman grand but i don't need like him bid sub fucking prophet wandering. The desert is madness. Like why are we doing this. Like i don't really understand because this movie these movies function not just as christ al gory which definitely do jesus. Christ watchman steel fuck fucking all over the place. But it's also a moses allegory. And just put that out there. Yeah sure but what it is. Is i think this podcast is kind of a piece of doing richard kelly. Because they're both filmmakers who are kind of getting a second shot critic way and being they both. they're both idiots who are trying to do very actual things. If like southland tales is pinch on done by a lunatic moron. Prism of nine eleven. Sure this is. This is like i think. Neil diamond is really what he's pulling from a ton here with this sort of god's honors type of material so he's staying within comics to an extent but he's also not even one iota as literate as as someone like geiman like there's nothing. There's no subtext to these. This is like thudding action a noise and it can work auto level but it is just massively stupid. There's kingdom come and like Other marvel series of ninety s. Especially when they were trying to appease some of their artists before they bailed image and let them bright darker material but there is a tradition especially in the nineties when artists. Who didn't know how to tell a story. Ironically you know when crazy and just deal these crazy poses had people with too many parts stapled onto them. I mean look at the flash. For god's sakes he looks i don't know what the hell that is. I assume that the movie version was the tv show version because it looks so gimmicky. Look so bad. It just looks so i don't know we should talk about. Maybe the custom design. Because it's very i guess. Yeah it's not great. The thing is an this is kind of the big overarching takeaway is you can get into the nuance and like the zack snyder philosophy but i think like the ultimate himba move here is all of the smart stuff smart stuff. Heavy finger quotes like or things that he's like alluding to off in the future. Like i'm gonna do this later. This is going to be interesting later. Or we'll talk about this later but then the meet what we what we have for. Four hours is just a riff on the same marvel formula. Like what's what's the difference between zack. Snyder and whatever's fucking name stepping wolf and the three boxes. How is that different from the avengers in the tests direct from the first one or the the infinity stones from the last two avengers move. It's all the same shit. Yeah it's a big powerful guy from space and they need the thing on sentence. honestly it's it's my least favorite of snyder's three d. films because it feels like the whole time he's been taking notes. He's correcting every time. He's listening to his audience too much and the studio obviously had a lot to do with that but it felt like you had a real vision with man of steel. Whether you like that or not. That is zack. Snyder's man of steel like that is the movie a- by someone who had a fucking take on the character and i think he maintained that to extent in batman versus superman. But you see so many compromises of this like we gotta sit up justice league. Oh let's chauvin some computer files about cyborg gives a fuck like well and the only thing heck with ironman to and whatever the fuck amazing spiderman to where they do this thing where somebody walks past the laptop that has like logos that look familiar but like have like scribble marks on on. You're like whoa. You know ant man's come in you. Know i i think marvel's better able to get away with it because they're so they're not movies you know they're like there's no all tourism in marvel at fucking it is no it's it's corporate filmmaking at its finest it's it's got a very nice sheen but you'll get anything out of it. Yeah whereas these snyder films love them or hate them. They're autour driven. They are products infantile by divers visually gifted filmmaker. And when you try and like shoehorned into this beard like setup for other corporate tie ins. Doesn't it sticks out like a sore thumb and this movie to me is like even in its purest form. It's still feels very compromised. It feels a lot less like zack. Snyder's justice league zack. Snyder's man of steel as much more. Zack snyder to me than zack. Snyder's justice league. This is a film where he was allowed to go a little crazy and post but he was not allowed to go a little crazy the script or with the initial filming so it still feels somewhat the reined in to me i. I'd say an for that reason. I think it's my least favorite of the three now. I just want to ask the room. Why exactly did they ever trust deck snyder. To begin with because watchman. As far as i understood i think it it makes money back but it wasn't a huge success i know did well internationally. A man of steel same thing. It was considered a disappointment. I thought wasn't it well. Then a steel made money. Three hundred made a lot of money. Is okay yeah man of steel. They basically had already kind of decided to go in that direction. I think nolan kind of wanted the hell out and had had suggested him as as sort of the architect Yeah i think he's he has a track record. You know he can. He can make you money. I guess even movies don't make a ton of money they he's also with no one like you said no one kind of pushed him into the position a little bit and yeah it was. It was just one of those things where i think he's. He's a very passionate guy too so that probably helped him out and i think he's really well liked so it was. It was a big avenue but he's gotten a lot more mulligans than you would typically assume from a filmmaker yarmuk sucker punch was kind of a big disaster isn't it. Oh yeah yeah and but that one is. I don't know. I guess it was only only a seventy million dollar movie. I think that was the budget. Fuck it wasn't a huge threat seed like at that point. You're like oh yeah what. The fuck was the think. Isn't that like a beloved y. A novel adaptation or something legend. The guardian yells. Who'll don't on the director of dawn of the dead sucker fudge. That's just it. Is that when you look at his work. He has always gone after things that have been previously you for the most part previously established and we just talked about sucker punch. He's drawn towards education but he's he's not a You know he's not dog matic. He doesn't need it to be exactly like it is in the comic books he really does. It feels like he's almost like a new writer on a complex series and he's just writing it you know that's what he's doing rather than basing enough of anything because i don't know what the hell this is unaware. These stories are coming from. Well that's definitely the case with man of steel and that's why people hate it. you know darts not superman. Superman wouldn't snap guys neck. Mother fucked you pay attention to comics of the different writer on superman every third god. Deb day any changes the character. Fundamentally all the fucking time who gives a shit and this one universe there's infinite universe's and honestly i find refreshing but like warner brothers can take that approach and say sure you can make that weird batman movie. That looks like it's in the seventies and you can go make teen titans go and make all of our characters ridiculous and stupid like you can play with their toys as long as you agree that they're still our toys at the end of the day which you know whatever promise. They stopped they stopped. And that's what made joscelyn's justice league is they said ono. We gotta do a marvelous. Doing look how much money they're making and choice for this fucking avengers thing and that movie was already like almost a decade old when they tried to copy the formula exactly and it was like. This isn't going to work. Nobody even doing anymore like you you. You can't expect this trend for almost a decade ago is how you're going to get onto the track with marvel. It's just do your own fucking thing abso. It's like when they brought back a few years ago. And it's like buddy. I needed that a few years previously. When i was still drinking hard on to mix that up instead of red bull here comes an unthinking man. I'm a beard bro now. So it's just different. you know. Whatever our again. Zack snyder. I do love to you know the other thing that you can't get away from with snyder is the whole reason. This is over four hours long. We mentioned the epilogue. That's a little portion of but really the meat is he was like we just need more fight scenes but by more he just means extending the scenes far beyond their original run time. I just wish there was some sort of this. Is the next nerd project. I wanna composite. Cut where it's all. It's just all of the pacing of jazz sweden's movie where we don't have like. I don't need thirty minutes on the wonder woman island with the ladies fighting the bugs because that's the entire like probably the first three hours. This movie is just dumb. Establishing bullshit endless endless fight scenes and there's some stuff to where at least the fight scenes with the boxes make sense but there's there's a whole heist scene with wonder woman where there's like eco terrorists and some other shit which as far as i can tell as unless i was zoning out that whole like bomb sequence whatever none of that was relevant to anything. I mean it was cool. It was a good action scene. But it's literally there because it's cool. Which i guess you know. What fine fines act. It's it's your buddy you do it. And let's talk about the version of we didn't put out versus a snyder version of that scene in particular which just has the villains. Just being like what. We're we're we're we're were coming pavilions we're going to do it or whatever and snyder's version they are just psychotic and i love it. You know my favorite scene in way better. It's way better. My favorite dialogue is when wonder woman and as much as i find. Gal gadoe problematic as a person. I do think our wonder woman is especially written very well in the snyder cut where she's using the lasso truth and basis. Like why are you here. And it's like we're going to take it back to the dark ages of one thousand years. He's like boring. I meant like how many of you are there. And how many hostages like. She's almost treating these people like they're her iphone and she's just like no. That's not what i wanted to do. I love it very cool. Seeing and also it's i i love the fact that they really make wonder woman as strong as superman not as strong as strong like in the comic books. I just really appreciate. It helps this fucking like i mean. Hot zimmer's that volume this. But i still he imposed that. Wonder woman thing with junkie. Xl and that thing just rips so every time there's one woman action. It's saw like what i'm okay. Yeah i'm on board for this and also i just. I just think that scene works very well because a lot of people might have missed the wonder woman film. And so you have to see this character and really do need to establish that you know she'll take a guy with a gun and just like charamba up against the wall and you see the back of his head splatter like she'll kill people she's she will execute people. She's not afraid of that collin collin. That's that's her idea training okay. She was from age of seventeen. She learned how to do that. So it's nothing man. That's you don't need a alaso truth to do that. They just have to protect yourself. You don't understand the head sticks and stones. you don't understand. See feel like this like we could talk about. How some of the action scenes artificially extended by the speed at which runs them for you but he uses a lot of the time productively. I feel like because mine. None of the characters are introduced in the the actual kat and there are three characters of the six that don't even exist prior to this film a cyborg gibbs totally fun. Those there is no aquaman in there is no flash before this movie. Release the eh triclean. Those characters do not exist. You can't just throw them in. And snyder actually takes the time to be like yeah. We're not gonna. We don't have all day to give him like their own movie. Unfortunately although they d- hannity sense that's how they would approach but they didn't snyder at least i struggle the call. This film economical in any way but it feels almost as if he was using some level of utility in establishing the existence of these characters. Like that flash sequence with the fucking hot dogs. What have you that at least one see. That's that whole sequence. That does work because it really does like. It's goofy extended zack snyder. Slow mo action nonsense. but it's in service of establishing who is a character. Totally unexpected demand is so much fucking better in this than it is in the theatrical. Cut like that where they meet this. Is he meets this bar. And he's like. Oh yeah. I need to talk to this guy but in. The snyder is clear that batman like already knows this disguise ach lament and he's like saluted out how to talk with him And that it's got this whole weird like fucking again. God's utter nonsense with the fuck singing and these people are worshiping him like a god and you take the same scene and you put it in weeden and he just cuts out like all. This impact will stuff and he makes it. See my batmans a complete idiot. And the only reason he figures out that this guy is automatic because the crowd at the bar mysteriously like parts. There's like a fucking cave painting on the walls the bar that's this if it's all at a bar it must be true. That's what i can't wait to get lucky gonna call this number afterwards. I just my favorite part of the sequence. Is this repeats throughout the course of our our beautiful four hour film. But every time aquaman goes back into the ocean or goes into the water takes off his shirts. Slow slow mo so you can see the like the eight-pack and the glistening packs and whatnot. But he always walks in with pantheon. So my question. Zack snyder is why. Won't you show us man's dick but until the answers. That i respect them too much but i do. I feel like the front bubble shit as dumb as that is i love. How zags creates because he's got the hembo brain and he just creates solutions like there's dumb problems and he finds the equally stupid solution. So yeah oh man. These people are underwater. How do we hear them talk. It's acts like right. Do the friend bubble cool and then if you do a reverse friend bubble you can suck the water out of someone's eye sockets and that's cool too. Because then the blood comes out of their body. That's that's awesome. But that's just that he's a very sloppy chef like he. He doesn't know how to use the measuring cups any other way than like when he's making dinner for five like he does not know how to whittle that down to one person needs to use all of this Character to just really said established a person because really all the our firm is a bunch of circumstances. For the most part i will i will admit. Even though i don't like the flashes performance it does bring some levity. It is like he shows up in the movie. It's it's relief because even though a situation isn't great he's a lot less our than everybody else. Right yeah And i kind of thought he would. He would really dour up momoa in this but early. He's still got some stuff going on. And the one thing. I wanted to mention about weedon dialogue. Is that when memo is going into the ocean the first time you know You know trying to talk to him and in the weeden cut when he says here that a man is stronger. Loan ben affleck has do that. Annoying now mostly hugh grant impersonation befuddle phrase with. Is that the snyder he's like he's like. Have you ever heard of superman because that guy died right next to me. One of themselves like somebody. That's trying to convince someone to do something. Another one just knows the movies going to happen regardless you know what i mean. Like cut doesn't have purpose to scenes just happened around people whereas at least even if you ever does it it makes sense. You know he can. You can go to an internet forum and defended all day long. Which is what this is here for. It is it is amazing. To compare with wands aquaman which had not come out at this stage but if you look at the color grading you like talk about differentiation like weeden color grid is nothing compared to what while the kobe which is like fuck at hyper color and he he obviously is interesting like the way these different filmmakers approach this stuff because he doesn't use that bubble shit at all he he's just like oh fuck. They talk underwater pucca. It's entertaining to think about. I will say for for justice. league zack. snyder's justice league. It's an all time beefcake classic. You got a great to that. Yeah why you got memorial and fucking. Look at cavill this thing. Jesus christ chiseled. Chiseled absolutely even athletic like and this is. He's he's in that stage of his life where he's just like i eat dunkin donuts every single day and i don't care and even he like you know he did a couple with this one so compared to the weeden cut again like where they filmed a lot of ben. Affleck's shit he. He looks like he like throughout his backers. Like he can't even fuck it. Walk around half to seeds that we can. You look ridiculous and it's just such a like again one reason why i don't like the smell much is because he does lose a lot of the kinetic energy of the previous action scenes in. Bbs are like choreographed. Excellent hand hand fighting stuff and this not of that here. It's the cgi soup. There's there's touches of it here and there especially like i said the wonder woman sequence feels grounded enough that you understand what's happening even though it has fantastical elements it's it's it's just a shame that It took all of this work just to get to this film. Where snyder i don't i wonder really. What did he plan. Because i don't know if i'll ever get that answer if this was. Did you actually see the movie when he came out the very first version of this no. I watched it this week for the first time. I saw theaters with a truck on that. And i moved on. I thought i thought the dcu you is done. Yeah as like okay. I the same experience. Yes so it squad happened afterwards. Then suicide squad. What ford de souza's got it okay. It's hard because humana aquaman when which was like. Okay well i. I saw that in theaters like okay on. That was that was better than most of these. So smile nine convince no wonder woman wonder woman was before okay so was twenty. Sixteen wonder woman. Jesse was deputy the bushes and in the same universe. Isn't it joe. Fortunately yes saddam is in the same universe and presumably black. Adam which release date will be in the same universe i don't know about. They might have just abandoned this university stage. Like i know am is technically but i don't. I don't know that even wonder woman eighty four. I suppose but. I think they might just have like this. Regard just doesn't exist anymore so it's not part of this universe because that is gone. Well if you want. I can list some films slated. Well we just. We use received the trailer for the insanely warped mind. Jane's guns one hell. Yes that movie looked so good his the perfect director for that project. he gets it totally get. That will come out this august coming july. Twenty twenty two. We have black adam starring weighing the rock johnson. Then we have. The flash movie comes out november. Twenty twenty two. We have aquaman to in december twenty twenty two and we have shoes zam to in june of twenty twenty three or way. That sounds like all these are connected to this universe. So even if the snyder quote unquote is ending kazaks fighters. Not there the louis. The characteristics that are connected to this universe will be other movies. Well it's all it's all the secondary and tertiary characters like there's like cavill applic- or died. The next batman is just going to be the this. They're doing a standalone. Robert pattinson batman. That should be out this year. And then it's like it's like the same thing with the marble universe which was like that was a series of twenty two films but now like iron man and captain america reagan. You're just gonna do a series of films with all the spin off characters to eat. Make money i guess. The difference is already announced. Well i mean the batman is well on its way by the amartya announce another superman project as well. But you're right. I'm looking at this now and it does say all those forthcoming films are technically. Still part of the dc eu. But something like the batman and this new superman which has not evolved catalog. it's totally different characters superman. I haven't looked into that. I think maybe a black superman which she's got the internet angry of course but yeah. Those are not part of the d. c. You so they're all like they're taking in instead of like. That would be like if marvel was like tomorrow. We are making another iron man but he's not part of the mcu would be like what. Okay no that's kind of what their spider-man's been dealing with for a little bit. Because you know. I mean i know that spiderman is owned by. She crowning whatever it's complicated. Yeah but he's not owned. He's least until he's a good boy they can let them go again. What do you think is the ethical responsibility director. To release a teaser. Like that at the end of a fucking movie that will arguably never get a sequel. Never gonna see. I don't know. I mean he's just he's shooting his shot man. That's what he's gotta do he's. He's got lenders time. There's all these articles like like zack. Snyder was told he could not reshoot reshoots for his movie. He did it anyway. We'll pay out of pocket. I don't fuck out. Well he four totally four went to a salary to have like final cut on the snyder and good for him. Because that's like a really cool thing. And i really do believe that gives a shit about his movies like i really do think he tries really hard even though i think. I don't know this whole snyder. cut is just. It's just too fucking long like it's just too. It's too slow too long. You know. And i i actually. There are some teams to look better in black and white. The justice gray version does have some cool scenes especially superman resurrecting and the scene where momoa like very first leaves to go in the water and batmans talking to him. By the way when jason momoa goes in the water the women start to sing and sing and seeing. And i cannot explain why this is happening at all. I can explain other things. A cigarette grossman come on people that i love when the icelandic come on the counter. Jesus holy shit did you rehearse. What time did you wake up to do this colin. I'm going to have to ask you to dial it back. And i want you to think about some of you ever watch me leave a room full of women and what are they started doing starring you me and momoa got a lot in common talkers. Bathroom i remember. Yeah exactly very weird all right boys. Well we're we're getting near time here. We've got to wrap things up so you know we're gonna we're gonna do some over. I'm going to give you some options. Though you put something over and or you can create your own. Joss weeden justice league joke. Okay so so use the hacky joss weeden formula and see if you can come up with something. That's an option for you. All right thank about it for a second. Okay colleen go ahead. Europe i what are you putting over. Nothing was really much going on us. You gotta you gotta hacky jazz. Weeden job for us really. I'm working on videos and when the bills are out you will most certainly hear me putting it over here. But in the meantime that really i'd say go check out the episode of kosta content that we put Last week about those two animated films. Which were i thought. The discussion was genuinely funny. Because those films are just do not movies. What am i saying please listen. Yeah hey i respect a man who comes on the show and puts over more of the show. I like that. So thank you got it jake. Would he put over. This week will Speaking of long loss directorial visions st. Lemme ask you real quick. Who directed get even john. Hart john hart will. Before john to heart before commie wiso before neil breen craig denny in nineteen seventy five craig denny produced directed and starred in a film called the astrologer which the only way you could previously see. This film was if your local cinema was having a thirty five. Millimeter beat up print of streaming. It's been virtually released nowhere else because he decided to use a moody blue song that he could not get the rights for prevent him from what he said. Fuck it. I'm using the song anyways anyways. A really good to case scan of the film has popped up on youtube and i beg you all. It's worth even having its own episode. It's amazing i'm not gonna say what it's just. What's called the astrologer starring. A guy named craig. Benny who believe he was making something beautiful and i think he succeeded. It's it's amazing it's like and it's also only like seventy minutes long too so Yeah check that out and site. If i can throw a joss sweden joke. It's going to be a superman lands at the final battle. And he says you know what happens to a para demon. When i punched in the face then he punches in the face and he goes the same thing that happens to everything else. That's from x. Men exactly right holiest jaws wrote for x. Men was beautiful. Thank you for that will take you. Might you put over this week You know i'm gonna put over. It's a show that somehow still going on even though it was hacked to death. But if you're interested in what. Snyder seems to be exploring in this material. Because you probably not going to get snyder cut too so maybe move onto something else. But i would suggest watching the first season of american gods. This is neil diamond at tation bryan fuller. Who did hannibal It's very strange. And it's very interesting. Show about god's among us and how they've lost power over time as faith diminish and there are three seasons after the first season they excised bryan fuller part of the cast left and they have the budget to high hell. But apparently it's still trundles onwards. I can't speak to the equality of the latter two seasons i would bet on that being Distinctly lessened but the first season pretty excellent. Check it out. Do you want to put at least one lead sex nighter joke unless note. Is that when you watch is next movie and you will watch his next fucking movie. He's going to make it slow. Just pay attention. What the joker said fine. Well actually no. The joker this dialogue is amazing. What christopher has has has a lot of showdowns with the joker and batman ended dark night and then in the santa cut we have. That meant on the joker. I will fucking kill you a little bit earlier. Do lord myers. You gotta hacky just weeden joke for us. I don't believe in improv steve. Okay i think his name do you. Name is actually joshua. Is that his full name or is it just really just joss. That's a good question. I haven't looked into actually a short for joseph v. I well before you guys go merchantman hunter. Okay bye i still got. I still gotta do put over is actually a joseph hill. Weeden so of course. He chose john abbreviation for joseph. Wonderful joss joss josh josh sky. Yeah wonderful all right well this week. I'm putting over a little movie. From the wonderful country. Turkey called death warrior and this was recently put out on golden video just to close on our show couple of weeks ago. That's that's his his blu ray label and it is kind of the tail end of the turkish cinema boom. So i'm sure you you may be familiar with some of the like the turkish kung fu movies in the nineteen seventies or the really famous one turkish star wars. But you know they're always kind of hacky low budget but superfund riffs on established. John ras distinctly turkish way. Death warrior is not that death warrior is is something far far. I don't know it's deranged. So this is the bottom had completely fallen out on the turkish film industry. At this point. You've got the turkish. Tom cruise arken. And he is starring in this even though he's probably pushing fifty at this point and this film is as silly and nonsensical as as some low budget like turkish. Be movies from that. Eric and be this is the apex. Okay this is. It's at least three or four films kind of up and composite together by director producer. Who it is so just incomprehensible. It makes like a godfrey whole movie. Look like it's on a totally different level. Okay it's it's absolute nonsense insanity incomprehensible but it is endlessly entertaining and fucking hilarious like every single frame of this movie is a god damn work of art the entire end fight like the last five minutes they just light a dummy on fire and this guy just beats the shit out of it with a stick. It's hilarious absolutely hilarious Even even the subtitles are shit. They don't make any sense and that kind of adds to the magic of the whole thing so death warrior. You get it from golden video. You could probably find it on youtube. I'm sure there's not a good version out there. Every version looks like ass. No one should probably watch this but if you are interested if your interest in the astrologer i think death warrior will scratch that as well as far as far as my joss weeden joke goes shering. So it's it's the scene in justice league where he's kind of that flashback to right after the car accident and cyborg is in the lab and he literally like missing all his limbs and screaming out magoni except going. Why are you doing this. Be he turns to his father and goes. Could you give me a hand dad. Any waves as nub all right. Well if you are listening to podcasts right now do a big favor. You can rate and review sinai tunes. That helps us out a lot. And there's a lincoln the description for you to click on so you can. You can do just that that would help us out quite a bit if you want to help us out even more. We have a patriot that you can. You can give money to. Doesn't that sound fun. Given money to people for the low low price of three dollars you can get access to a huge back catalogue. Ve optimism vaccine content as well as new content. And hey guess. What from now until i run out of shit to give away if you become a patriot and subscriber. I'm gonna mail you a blu ray or a dvd or a box set or something. I'm going to send you something in the mail. So there you go. You get a package for me. A movie of a movie from optimism vaccine. What could be better if you donate us three dollars. I mean that's you're basically paying for a random movie from my collection could be something good. Maybe that's actually worth it. It's like a scratch off ticket you don't you don't know you're going to get absolute gamble but yeah that's that's going to happen this month and other than that if you have any questions comments. Death threats marriage. Proposals optimism vaccine at gmail.com is the place to send those. Or you can tweet at us at optimism vaccine and we'd love to hear from you also one thing that has to be said. I sincerely hope that a year or two from now. We're not back doing this shit again. Because i notice release. The air cut. Starting on twitter. People are asking for the suicide air cut so that is not something we need. I just want. I just want everyone to know. Zack snyder's an interesting filmmaker. He makes a lot of stuff. I don't like but he always. He knows how to wrote me. And i will sit through four hours. Zack snyder's justice league. I put my foot down at david air just because you made the bad thing longer. That doesn't always make it better. I want everyone to know that. And jake last word is yours to fucking kill you.

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