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Truly what's going. Oh man how are you. I'm good how you doing Steve. I don't know how to hell. You can't be good. You Love Football Football. More than me will follow. I mean damn all of these quarterbacks going down. We got we got Sam Donaldson for Monday night football tonight. He's down with mononucleosis. We notice how serious that is. We wish him nothing but a speedy recovery drew brees for for the next six weeks after his hand injury courtesy of banging it against our era donald hand. We've got big. Ben Rothlisberger new came down about two hours ago. He's out for the season would elbow injury. He didn't even suffer from contact. What the Hell is going on. It's survival. Stephen as football man I mean injuries or part of the game and every year it happens every single year I think you go back and you can find a significant injury I I think we're GONNA pay a lot of attention to it now. Because at the quarterback position and I think all the teams you mentioned you know. Pittsburgh is going to have a hard time surviving without being no disrespect Mason Rudolph but he is not big Bam augsburger drew brees. We'll be back and I think you know the same as teddy bridgewater the highest paid back up in the League for a reason they feel very confident and comfortable in him. I feel for drew brees and I and I think that if he can just kind of keep the ship afloat you didn't and how to win every game but you know two and four three and three he's GonNa be out six weeks when rubrics comes back because of the division they play and in the NFC south James hadn't played good at best. He's been Kinda you know up and down. Cam Newton research resemble anything of the Cam Newton where used to see him and and I think overall Matt around hasn't been consistent enough. I think when you put all that together the saints although they're gonNA lose some games I think they will be finding the end assuming that drew breeze comes comes back healthy. Do you believe in my opinion I think that drew brees injury cost him a super bowl berth. I had them coming out in the NFC but it was because I thought they would have home home field advantage the road to the Super Bowl would have to go through the Mercedes Benz Dome and unlike last year with that no that pass interference call that wasn't ultimately cost cost them. I don't believe that would happen this year but what this injury going down. I think they'll losing a share amount of games that they normally would not have lost as a result even if they make a playoff push. I don't think they'll have home advantage and I think ultimately that will cost a super bowl berth or how do you feel about that analogy right there or I disagree with you just because yes they are a different team in that dome but I'll take my chances with Sean Payton and drew brees healthy clicking all cinema news regardless of what stadium and what field we're GONNA play on and I think that if you're Sean Payton. That's the message that you got to convey your team guys. Yeah we're down but we're not out. Let's is just everybody's got to pick up their particular role one more notch because we gotta pick up through breeding cycle not hear nothing bridgewater. This is a great opportunity. You know he had an opera. He had a chance to go find a starting job this off season. He decided to come back to New Orleans be under Sean Payton because Sean could help him mature and further his career as a quarterback quarterback now he gets an opportunity for extended period of time to do that and so I think is going to be fine. It's tough yesterday so i. I don't want people to look at yesterday and say okay well. I'll tell you can't do it. It's one thing to be the backup. When you get fifteen percent of the reps and then you gotta go in and play the entire Game Teddy Bridgewater GonNa have an entire week of practice study not a big game plan toward him and I think he's going to be miles better next week than he was this past Sunday coming in a backup role. We're going to talk. Walla was stephen a ESPN radio ESPN news. I think it's safe to say we're bid dig. Ben Roethlisberger finished for the season courtesy of his elbow injury combined with the way the steelers I have looked the first two games of the season albeit with a our new New England and Seattle with the way the Baltimore Ravens a look in right now. I think the steelers finished season is finished. Where are you at as it pertains to look into these Pittsburgh steelers based on what you've seen from them over these first two weeks well. I think Pittsburgh was always going to be a team. That's going to have to outscore you because their defense still having quite gotten together especially in the backyard Tom. Tom Brady Warren Russell Wilson hit their defense up from three hundred yesterday I give him a big plays in the past game. They give what like I and thirty you. GotTa Pass Interference Call yesterday so their defense has been shaken so they were. GonNa always have to outscore you now. That becomes a lot more difficult to do without Big Ben. Mason Rudolph played as Oklahoma State. We know we can throw the football. He's been doing it for a long time but he's just gotta get up to speed with the different coverages defenses that he's GonNa get juicers. GonNa have to step up James Connors. GotTa Step Up. Everybody's gotTa do a little bit more when the backup quarterback is in there so it was always going to be an offensive team until ladies and now I think they're gonNA struggle because I don't know if they can score no points because their defense isn't the same steel curtain of old when they were just dominant top one two three in a league they are giving a lot of passing yards and I think that's GonNa be ultimate. Downfall Bergamo fallen tonight. Is Monday night football the New York jets won't have Sam Darnold. I know you had some expectations for them to season particularly on the defensive side of the ball but now they've been called upon to step up even more after after losing the openness of the Buffalo Bills It's hard for me to imagine that the jets are going to be a impressive at all trevor. Simian is a pro quarterback. I'll give him that but he's no SAM. Donald there is no number one receiver overcrowded with crowder or Anderson. They're in it. I don't know what to expect from Levy on bell at least at this particular point we as your mindset about the jets going into their Monday night encounter tonight officer. You'll be calling that game when I go up against the Cleveland browns. I think you know human nature is to say back up. He's not gonna be as good but stephen after watching tape I can tell you the Sam darnold play well and I feel very comfortable saying Trevor Siemian will at least play as good as Sam Darnold play last week and more than likely. He's GonNa play a lot better so that's GONNA give offense to boost lady on bail is still as good as advertised. He is still one of the top five three down running back in the national football league and you couple that with Adam gays his ability to scheme plays open and for the Maria's Thomas or Jamison crowder. I think you can see a path where they can move the football now. It's going to be paramount on the other side of the ball that their defense grants minus. Cj Moseley minus winning Williams at third overall pick out Alabama. How are they going to slow down. Brown's offense who is by the way coming in what they point to prove because they they feel friend on their face last week so I think the jets offense is going to be what they are. They'll move the ball lady. I'M GONNA make place Semyon is not GonNa win the bid because if he's got his career so like the offense will be fine. I'm just concerned. How did they stop Jarvis and Odell joke who and chuck and Baker Mayfield especially sleep how they're gonNA play with chip on a shoulder is because they were disappointed in how they play last with what are your thoughts about the Cleveland browns with Odell Beckham Junior returning to metlife stadium. I mean what are your thoughts about all of that right now as you look forward to this encounter. I think it's a great storyline. You know he's coming back to New York the House that he built you. You know so to speak It's GonNa be fun. I'm sort of crowds. GonNa let him have it He's GonNa be amped up. He's GonNa have a lot of energy. I think it's just one of the storylines. It's just liked to watch. Everybody's making a big watch and I always tell them. I don't care what you were as long as. NFL says is within the rules. You can wear what you wear. Odell is what what you calling and I've heard you say before he's box office so anything that he says or does is going to become store and he's got to realize that and ultimately when he touches the football tonight everybody everybody in America's. GonNa think he's GonNa score and they're only a few players in this league that feel or put that kind of fear in in defensive and he's one of them so he's going to be a huge storyline. I'm on this game is in New York is only going to heighten it but I look for Odell end jobs. They have a big night tonight follow here with Steven. ESPN RADIO ESPN news book. Tell me I saw your mind. When we talk about the Cleveland Browns I'm of that mindset that I think that they don't want to sit up there and say they've been crowned per se but the level of expectations -tations associated with them now. Obviously all of these guys weren't on the team. We get that but there's a franchise that has not been to the postseason since two thousand and two basically they've been more for for the vast majority of the last sixteen seventeen years yet because they acquire. Odell Beckham junior you pair him with a Baker Mayfield. I thought the people looked at the talent that they had instead of the fact that you got a second year quarterback and first year head coach in the National Football League. I don't think that people look at nor have they paid enough attention to that and I think because of that one could argue. They may have been a bit over hyped talk to me about your feelings as it pertains to the Cleveland Browns and what you expect what you walked into this season expecting from number. Four game was even played well. I thought they were going to struggle in some form. I'm a fashion because you have to learn how to win and no matter the amount of talent you have no matter how many pro bowlers know how many offensive weapons the defensive players you acquire. You have to learn how to do the little things you know. Whether it's understanding how to take the check down and not try to throw the the twenty are route and get an interception. It's the little things that win. Football Games nowadays and I compare it to this Stephen. I can go out and buy to whole foods or whatever a grocery store that you like and get the best ingredients on demand but if I don't have the right shift and I'm not a mixed those ingredients together. I can't create the meal. That's going to be comparable to are those ingredients and so I think it's for the kitchen to teach his team how to win. They have to understand how to do the little things to win. Football Games. Everybody has talented Miss Nicely and so when I was in Cleveland I think they're going to be better the second half of the season than the first and without surprised they lost the Tennessee sure was I surprised the fact that they committed eighteen penalties penalties more yes that was to me because that to me tells tells me that there and undisciplined young football team because personal files files are selfish penalties kicking a guy in the neck. That's a selfish penalties. That's basically saying whatever my prerogative is at that moment supersede with what the team goal is and I think those things have to be coached out throughout the week and we'll see if they coached them throughout the week and we'll see what happened tonight but Cleveland has talent but they're are just gonNa have to learn how to do the small things in order for their talent to show on the biggest state in a crazy kind of way the thing that most disappointed me about the Cleveland browns was Jarvis Landry with the media afterwards where he was getting upset for. Somebody as don't even ask me this question. The guy asked it was a perfectly logical question he was asking asking. Do you believe the lack of activity on the part of some during the preseason hurt. Shawl in this game there are plenty of opportunity were plenty of times orange where people had alluded to the Baker Mayfield's of the World Odell Beckham Junior's and others not participating in preseason action nearly as much as they should and I thought for the most part these guys were treated like veterans as opposed to young thoroughbreds who had something to prove. Did you have that feeling it all coming into this season about the brown no no. I didn't have that feeling because the preseason now has become a mockery. Nobody wants to get anyone hers. it's not real football. Which is why they're having conversations about doing away with it. That's an entirely different conversation. What I'll say is that Jarvis comments were very indicative of. What I spoke spoke about earlier. It's a young guy who super talented. He's frustrated and they lost and all of the expectations and now I gotta deal with the social media. Everybody's saying we're overrated. I gotta deal with Krantz and man what happened. The up like all the things that go into a losing a football game. Always young players have to deal with fans. Don't think about it fans. Just think about man we lost and you know we we we move on but these players have to live their lives from the game from the time the game ends until the next game and all the little things the nobody ever thinks about that comes with so that was indicative of a young player that was frustrated. Jarvis stand up guy. He is the anti-d I definitely agree with that. I definitely agree with that. Which is why I was taken aback that he would handle post game. Media situations like that yeah. That was a little surprised I think in a private moment he probably regrets that so I mean hopefully he learned from it and moves on I think it was a learning experience for free kitchens also because you know Freddie ready hasn't coached at the time of season yet and so now everybody's GonNa Start. Okay you got the job because of the offensive prowlers bakers development and you come out game one and the offense has one drive and then we don't see anything so I think there's a lot of pressure on them to come out tonight and put on a show so it wouldn't surprise me tonight. They did in the first four or five plays. They try to get one deep. Dole del or they try to get something to Jarvis because they want to get the momentum. They're young team. They WANNA play in risen them in timing if the jets GONNA win. This game is very similar. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go on your warehouse now. When you play the Golden State Warriors you gotTa make the game choppy. Don't let them get them. One of those sixteen nothing wrong. You GotTa make the game a half four game well in football. How do you do that. You run the football. You get first downs. You keep the clog moving and you keep Baker in Odell Alan Jarvis on the sideline. That's gotta be the jets formula tonight if they WANNA win following here with Steven A. Espn radio ESPN news the voice of Monday night football right here with us right yours truly right here with the Stephen a Smith Show Boga. What's been the biggest surprise for you thus far in the first two weeks in his NFL season San Francisco Forty niners execute. Your images had that had that performance on Monday night football the broncos everybody's man. I can't believe he gave Jim. Gee All this money and Jimmy D is not worth it and all the forty niners have done is go on the road to temper when go on the road to Cincinnati and win and Jimmy these looking more comfortable they can run the football the ball defensively the four Nick Bosa Kwan Alexander wanted to keep going Richard Sherman. They got players that can play now and I think they they were my darkhorse. Kinda come out of nowhere before the season so they're not a surprise to me but I think throughout the country the forty niners or two and also giving shout out to through the buffalo bills because they're stuck in way up there by Canada in New York. Nobody talks about him but there are also so I I think the forty niners giants are they beat the jets and the giants book come on now. It's pro football stiegler really wait a minute. Wait a minute. I got proved. I got proof for you that it ain't necessarily early pro football. You want to hear my proof. Let me hear the Miami Dolphins. Is that a professional football team to you that might be a worse football team in the NFL history three right. Now you understand that right yes by name. Only they are professional football right now. What an atrocity that has taken place before I ain't blaming Brian floors. He just got there and obviously they people accusing them of taking or whatever book I think I can make a legitimate argument and I ask ask you and I'll lean on your expertise you covered college football in the NFL plus. Now you know your football your former plan. NFL obviously as well as college book. Have you ever seen a worse. NFL team that you're watching right now in Miami ever no I know I have and they can say they want to say. I think I agree with you. The Front Office is is putting Brian Florez and his team and a bad situation. I kind of feel bad for be flow to Steven A. Because regardless of what we know the Front Office doing is doing this is going to be on his resume and as an african-american coach who we haven't gotten a lot of opportunities per se when you look at the big picture and now Brian Around Florez has one and the dolphins might win two games this year but that's two in fourteen is going to be on his record regardless in three or four years when you look back. Nobody's GonNa Remember member well. The Front Office Passageway Shen all they're going to say is Bryan Florez Fourteen. He's gotta live with that so to know what they're doing with four T to afford book. I'm making a legitimate argument to say something. I think they might go on sixteen bro. I can't see this team winning the game. I'll be stunt. I'll be stunned and I want to see the NFL team that loses to these Miami Dolphins. I've never seen such atrocity on. NFL and I'll make the point with this booker is one take for you to be bad in November December nine ten of whatever you just WanNa go home and you're done. I mean Damn. They opened up the season sticking up to join. David Stakes Day one yeah I I. It's hard to go and sixteen. I would venture to say I don't think so be- yeah well I hopefully for be flow that they love and the ball bounced their way at some point the season. I don't think they're going to win more than one or two who but I I do think you'll get one or two bogeyman. Father Right here was even a is being radio news. The eternal optimist pudding fallen from now on is taking this position about the Miami Dolphins I right now. I have my MVP candidates based on their performances in this this order Patrick Mahomes that number one Lamar Jackson at number two Dak Prescott at number three and he disagreement there for you I will put that to over Lamar because I think they're really the cowboys yes. I think the cowboys are better TV. The giants played the giants booger listen. I'm just going off for the performance. The team and other side doesn't really matter. I'm looking at the execution. I see why you have padding mahomes number. One and that's understandable speaks for itself. the cowboys are legitimate super bowl contender that press guy right now is driving the price up for Jerry Jones. I really don't understand why Jerry hasn't paid demands to be disrespectful. Gas To me the fact that Jerry doesn't go ahead and to venture to say and take care of I I I would say that none of the other quarterbacks none of the other headlines quarterbacks would be treated this way I couldn't. I couldn't paint Hannah picture where you have a young quarterback. That's playing well who's basically playing on the on the last fourteen games of his deal. The WHO's not been taken care of because what it does is give that peace of mind you can talk about the insurance policy and all that stuff. He's got endorsements but that's not his contract now. Oh he doesn't have peace of mind so the fact that Jerry is still a little mental gymnastics quarterback. I completely disagree. I will tell you this to you. Probably I stand corrected correct because I said he played the giants. Completely forgetting that Lamar Jackson played the Miami Dolphins a week one shame on me shame on me. Bookham follow and you're absolutely right about about that. Peace of mind for people out there that are realize that stuff mad is when you wondering about your contract status wondering whether or not going to get paid it makes you look at other people salty like really really you really hesitate to pay me so I kinda wonder what Dak Prescott. He doesn't give me any oppression that he's GonNa let a fluster him nor does it give me any impression that he's going to allow his professionalism to dissipate in any way but I don't blame him. You know if he's a bit frustrated. Make no mistake about it. Last Question Antonio Brown with the with the Patriots yesterday is hard for me to take anything. He's done seriously because they were they were against the dolphins. The flip side is they realize what he can do not just as a wide out but in the slot as well is something special that could be Bruin in New England and I'm just hoping that they're not the Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant of the NFL where we're looking at them and knowing nobody can beat them. That's what I'm hoping for. What about you or you know football is has a way of humbling and even taking the most talented teams and putting them in defeat. We've seen what happened to the Philadelphia Eagles. They thought they had a dream team now. I realize Tom Brady is the goat and this is an entirely different animal. You have Antonio Brown. can keep his nose clean. Come in and we're car. Their offense is going to be as unstoppable if not more then the Kansas City chiefs and I would favor New England because New England's defense is is better and and and I think those who teams if they stay healthy are on a collision course for another. AFC Championship game and it doesn't matter what you play it at like that game is going to be one. I'm for the ages I just hope. Ab gives us something positive to talk about. I'm tired of talking about a be a negative light because he's one of the young on dynamic players and football a lot of kids look up to him and for whatever reason he just doesn't understand the platform. He's on but often times in life. You don't start to you realize that until it's too late and I hope he doesn't realize it you know five ten years down the road the opportunity in the platform that he has now been followed looking forward to listening to you tonight. Call the jets brown Monday night football buddy. I'll be watching thanks so much all right one and only follow right here with Steven. ESPN RADIO ESPN news eight eight eight say ESPN is always the number to call eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six. We'll get your phone calls and more right after this break. 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He put his Sir you stop it. I you said he put and then we lost you for a second so start back. You said he put what so we can get you. I'm saying that would would why we saying it was racist. What he said is because he put too much emphasis on hisself self life now his life is you might he might not be rich. We you know we understand that but it is a little Louis easier now his passion I understand Tiba Passion but when you start seeing the history and you'll grant and all of that I think as a black playing football and I'm not playing the race card. I'm just being reality. You have to look at him funny because he's he was set in college and after college now right there. Stop right there. Here's where you're wrong. You're highlighting different two different prism that he's looking at it some compared to you right now. Say Stay with me for second. You're basically basically saying that as a black person you're going to view the dynamics of college athletics as it pertained to compensation station towards the student athlete vast majority of them being black in college football and college basketball of course you're. GonNa say he has a different point of view day so you cause. He Ain't coming from your perspective right. Is that what you're saying well no. I'm not necessarily saying it just so happened that the majority of US play football but the person who asked this question is a white guy tom out we also they asked me. They asked Ryan clock. They've asked two white and black players Damian what he spoke about it. The whole bit what I'm saying to you is distant. Here's what I'm challenge you slip you can highlight right how he might see things differently because he's a white guy and he comes from a different background as some of these underprivileged a privileged athletes and that might be a reason why he views things differently the U. which is no problem with that because I happen to be factually correct buffer him to be castigated and excoriated as if he had alison ten in expressing a different point of view than you for that matter because I probably agree with you. I'm saying that's going to there. For why could we not simply say your Bro. Nope we disagree with this. I feel differently than you. Here's why how can we couldn't do that because the person Stephen I got you gotta coming from as you. Iran clocking those guys you didn't put passion into it and you gotta understand where I'm coming from. Whom I don't understand why you you come from because we have put passion into it. It's just an odd passion because of how we feel there's a line with your passion and how you feel you saying what you're saying saying about. Tim Tebow is the equivalent of me getting on you for calling up to this show speaking passionately against him. What's wrong with the passion. If that's what you believe no it isn't I'm not speaking black and white understand what I'm saying the person to me T. Oh you both is not a person who would understand that he needs money. Okay now. It's not black and white. It just so happened that we are the majority in this sport so I don't think that you can ask a white guy. What a black person. Your arguments should be against us because we asked custom it. Should it be him giving an honest answer to our question what I want to say. Basically I think when you said people Bush should be ashamed that they show I think no no no no no wait a minute you ankle give no referendum on ESPN cut that out. We ain't going there what I'm saying thing. Is this your attacking the guy's character I'm not saying you but people were cat attacking his character because because they disagreed with his position and I equated to was the equivalent of expecting white billionaires for example to be sensitive to the black plight. If you way black and you a billionaire. What would you have to do with the black plight? There's a level of sensitivity not that you would hope of this half but the expectation that they showed this fool's gold because if they don't relate to experiences and they don't want to Stan Dan and they don't get it the nasty reality. Even let's stop saying black and white when that talking black and white is just so happened been that they asked the white guy if it really in a way he can only clueless tutor scenario meaning. It's you know somebody's making trillion does the dollars off of you okay but the money was one one billion and that was the NC Double A. during the march on other than that you got big. Schools haven't television context. Whatever there's plenty of colleges ain't making money but go ahead? You're see all I'm saying the end of the day Steven A. and what this comes down to is college. glaze should be compensated in some way for him but he did say that he did say that he didn't say it like that lying so now it's like well. What the Hell is. He supposed to use live. If we're asking what are they supposed to come with judgment perspective. You're asked past experience when I'm listening to your your show Steven. One thing I like about you is you don't use your opinion in all of your experiences to George W desk because I've been a journalist for twenty five years and I've been connected to people directly involved in stories so I have inside information and I have a more defined an indepth perspective that our thieving thieving from others that most people don't have the luxury of having that would target. I'm glad you said that. Do you think Tibo has that same perspective though I it sounds more like he's not down with it well. He's not wait a minute. He's unapologetic about not being down with it but what he is saying is breath. I did play college football. I am Ha's Mitchell FY winner. I did with the National Championship. I had the number one selling Jersey. I didn't get dawn while he institution got a dime and I didn't care. That's what he's saying. You're right but he cannot speak for. Let me just say that's why keep interrupting you because you keep going off off kilter and you're wrong. He did not speak for anybody else. He said him for what he feels. He doesn't believe this. Here's why his personal opinion about doc is feeling is that's what he said the point of making to playing black and white black and white. I just wish I'd say that's what he said. That's what I said. He was talking about himself. That's what I said. I didn't say black white. No no I didn't say I didn't say that. Lets you want what I'm saying. Stephen they at the end of the day they asked the wrong person because when you as a person that questioned you're not allowed to go and ready for this ready for this land. I I just had you on the air for almost four minutes. There are a lot of people out there listening right now feel that I'm listening to the wrong person. They're like what are you qualify. How you qualify to say something. I'm not questioning it but they might but guess what you ask. Everybody a Potpourri of opinions come our way. That's what makes excrete here from every body now if you want to disagree with him disagree with him and I gotta go appreciate your time. Thank you for the call. If you want to disagree with him the slips of the world out there that's fine but to act like he don't have the right to express it is ridiculous and act act like it becomes a racial conversation. I don't even have a problem with that because people look at it from a race from racial points of view. If you're black you might feel different about it as it pertains to compensation part of student athletes then if you're white I understand that but to sit up the into never have any reason to look get him in regards to racism and in a suddenly go that route just because he expressed an opinion. That's different to you think it should be. He is wrong in my humble opinion it at eight say. ESPN edit eight seven to nine three seven seven six. We're close out the show with your calls. Steven is ESPN RADIO ESPN news. Guess what you're in the middle of a Stephen Smith. Show podcast. If you missed any of today's show go check it out on demand and Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by the capital one quick silver card earning unlimited one and a half percent cashback on every purchase everywhere. Hey Hey what's your wallet Andre Alava Stephen Real Quick Dray. Go ahead yeah thanksgiving. Everybody has a right to their own opinions. Everyone does not have a right to their own specs. He won the National Championship at Florida. He you obviously get more than a few economic classes because this man is up here talking about authenticity realness and passion and to multibillion dollar industries. Let's breakdown coach. K. would be the third highest paid coach in the NBA okay if he wasn't an NBA man makes ten million dollars a year he getting at Brett Zion Ryan. Rj Damn start right this guy right there. Let me help you jogging near Tim Tibo. We both disagree with you but you're acting like he's ill-informed. He's not he's just doesn't care what I mean by that is he's aware to college coaches. GET MONEY. He's awaited rated. Administrations and institutions get money. He harbors the personal belief that student athletes should be supported. Should it'd be compensated in some capacity but shouldn't be paid. That's his position. See what I'm trying to say is agree or disagree. Stop acting like somebody doesn't know stop acting like Oh. He's privilege so he doesn't care. He is it from a privileged background. A and B Tim People Bowl has stated publicly and unapologetically. He had opportunity to make loads of money. Why everybody around there was making money. He Never David and he never cared attack. That premise it's not that he doesn't know is that he does not care. He did not care about the money and he doesn't believe that the student athlete an amateur sport should care either. That's his position okay sure if if he's happy with a couple thousand dollars here and there and that's what he was saying hi hi bill that's what he was saying. That's exactly what he was happy with a scholarship. You know ten twenty thousand dollars a year again in these two multi-billion dollar industries then let him go ahead and be happy but but but for me I like what Lebron is doing on the other hand. I like the broad on his way to being you know a billionaire athlete and own NBA and NFL franchises because he's maximized. That's fine soda. Why but you have to understand. He doesn't feel that way and biblically when we talk about what good is the world what what good is a man who profit the whole world but loses his own soul. That's where he comes from. Now will use that phrase we use that term in the Bible to lean on it particularly for those of us who don't ask and we have no problem with it now. Here's a guy that lives by it and suddenly we have a problem okay. Let them keep on living by but I live by John but nobody cares. Evidently you care hell of a lot more about what he lives by. Ah then what other people live Bob because he doesn't have a problem with what you live by. Just don't have a problem what he lives by. GotTa go running out of time. Talk to you another day. I don't understand then this. Here's a guy that had an opportunity to make. Millions did it do it didn't care and Y'all WanNa crucify because he'd okay. Wow how talk to you on twenty two hours visa just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen a Smith show weekdays at one P._M. Eastern on E._S._p._N. radio and the E._S._p._N. APP.

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