Big Brother Canada 7 | March 31 | Sunday Morning Update Podcast


Darien rather? Yes. John. And sandy. Sees no. The reason is you. Roseanne that he could do to Morrow will do again. Hello, everyone and good morning. Welcome to our live feed update for March thirty first Armstrong, and with me today is Kirsten Kirsten, I'm tired. I didn't think anything could be more exhausting than a day named Joe age. And it turns out a sandwich, even more exhausting. Exhausting. But also. In my opinion, entertaining. There's so much happening that. It's it's it's a roller coaster, and we often leave, you know, I think it's a roller coaster with a lot more downs than ups, but but at the roller coaster nonetheless, and I'm enjoying the ride. I am no longer enjoying their. I'm just tired. I just am upset with people for not doing what I want them to do. It's too much. I mad at everybody. Yeah. I feel like I feel like for me. There's a distinction between seasons where it's just like everybody sucks, and it's lame. And like nothing is exciting and that's bad versus like a season where there are some good players. And there's a lot of craziness happening. And no like, flips, and switches and dramas and stuff like that. But the outcome is always like not what you want. And I feel like that's what we have right now where it's like, we're not getting the outcome. That we desire, but the ride is like thrilling. So I'm sorry. I just I can't agree with you on this. I've been let down to many. But that's that's life. That's life. You can't get the highs without the lows. Well, I would like some of those highs now. Thank you you've done the lows. Can we have the high? Well, we'll say I mean, even just this morning. I really I really feel like I don't know. I feel I feel like part of part of what we're seeing are the highs and we're in -ticipant eating. But like, I think we're anticipating a pretty boys final four. And that's what sucks, but like, I don't think we're getting pretty boys. Final four really don't. And so I think we should be enjoying what we have right now. Because I think it's going to continue to to play out in a way that will be fun. I hope so I really hope here in. Yes. Well, let me take you through the roller coaster of the day yesterday. And we'll talk about everything that happened on these big other candidates feeds it was day at twenty nine in the house, and I do have to say I feel like maybe part of this. Kirsten is that you know, we've we've talked about your feelings on on Anthony. You you're not an Anthony fan. And I feel like I feel like Anthony for whatever reason, maybe he just wants to mess with you. He is quite a villain. He seems to always do his best work on Saturdays. So like, I'm here to talk to you about how great Anthony ones today. Again. I it's not that. I don't like Anthony, I don't like Anthony at the time when we previously talked about Anthony and have a problem with him. Didn't think he was like the best. Now, I actively dislike hit the knee. And so he's a lion. And I'm just trying to decide am I to moaner my poem. I don't know. No choice Pumas pretty funny. But you know to moan he's he's income. Nkomo's meaner. So I'm probably to moan. Sorry, guys. All right. Well, we started the day with Adam. Adam also did some good work yesterday at various points throughout the day. He started the day talking to Sam he's really trying to make sure to convince Sam to get Corey out of the house. We're going to back door Corey. That's how we save. Mark. It makes it easier because you know, Sam wants to keep KiKi and he can't release him to convince her otherwise. And so the way out of this is to target Corey which takes us shot at Anthony. And that's great and cory's also go to competitions herself. So this is all great for Adam. He really wants to convince Sam that this is the right move to make and he does seem to get in your head a little bit. He's look it's not about men versus women. It's about what makes the most sense. And it doesn't make sense to to leave Corey off the block if we're gonna work with the twins and Dane than we should make this move. We should take. A shot at Corey and Sam. What that does kind of make sense? I'm kind of on board here. Yes. Tamas very easily snowed by Adam for no reason. Like fam-? You heard the boys talking, you know, this is about men versus women, you know, this. But she just accepts it. And like that does make sense like this will make KiKi SEO good. It'll keep Dane feeling. Good. Keeps you feeling. Good. Like. Yeah. That does it doesn't make sense if you just easily convinced. So then we're gonna get KiKi SD talking KiKi is starting to become a little bit concerned that you know, now she's on the block, and she's the vetoes coming up. But if she stays on the block, she's starting to get worried like is Dane is going to keep me. Right. That's he's definitely gonna keep me. Because I don't know. I'm just like, obviously, Dane wants to go to the end with U S D because he can beat you. And if I'm gone, then he can get closer to you. I'm I don't know. I'm just a little worried SD, and I don't know don't be worried. Yeah. Like kike size. Dane has definitely entertain the thought of getting rid of me. He's covering all of his bases. Like, I'm worried, you know, don't be worried. Also, like don't tell people their face that people want to keep you because they can beat you don't do that. So then Sam talks to cure, and let's cure. No. I'm kind of thinking about this Corey backdoor again and cures. Like, what did you talk to Adam maybe like stuff talking to Adam you can't let them do this. I can't trust you. If you're just always going to be persuaded by Adam we cannot let a guy stay in the house. We need we need to take a guy out. That's what we need to do. We cannot back door Corey that is not okay. And Sam I don't know. I just feel like you're a little too focused on the guys versus women thing. If look hey, curate, you said that corey's working with the guys. So what's the difference? One get corio, Mark and cures. Like, well, you know, cure Corey is is more disposable to them than Marcus. And sounds like I don't know. I feel like they're probably equally disposable and cures. Like, no, no, we need to keep the women in the house. We need to get rid of a guy and sounds like, okay. Maybe maybe we'll maybe maybe Damian is three minutes better move here. I don't know this is hard. Yeah. And I just like family will you were on the same page as me with getting rid of Corey and cures like, yeah. And then every guy through coriander the bus and how I think maybe we should keep Corey. And Sam is taking the exact things that Adam said earlier like I'm not looking at gender when I look at who I'm going to get out. I'm just looking at like who I can picture and jury I just can't picture Corey. And the jury. Like why not? Just it's much. And I see you in the chat people you're talking about like, oh, man. Look at Kiera. Just hold off wait until the end of the day. You know what I don't get too excited about this. I think if we've learned anything through big brother candidates seven so we cannot get excited by things like, I don't know. Maybe KiKi an figuring out the whole guys lines the parachutes or curate knowing exactly what to say because they need to target a guy. We can't get excited about it. Because they don't they will keep to it. They don't do anything about it. Excited about it. Just don't expect it to go. Anyway, don't get excited about it. 'cause you're going to be let down we need to have a low expectations. So that we can find some sort of joy in this. So we then are going to go to Kira and Corey and cure. Let's Corey know that hey, there's been a lot of talk about back during you now, this is cure trying to stir the pot here cure really wants to. Make some moves get Corey suspicious. Make her start to think about the things like the guys and stuff like that. She also wants to create a wedge between the guys themselves. She released she really feels. They really feel good with with Anthony. And you know, that makes them feel like, okay, we can I can get in with Anthony, and I can turn Anthony on Dane and make these cracks and Cory will be suspicious of the twins and the guys and it'll be great. And so this this is Corey this cures idea of like all right time to stir. The pot carrot is a mastermind in their own mind. Which is fun, but very disappointing. So that that that seed is planted and it's going to cause some chaos throughout the house for the rest of the day. In the meantime, the veto players are picked Mark and KiKi are going to be joined by ST Damian and Adam Adam will be competing in the veto competition. So we then get Sam and KiKi Sam talks with them with them again about when you take a guy out. She she's back on board. Cure has convinced her for the most part. Okay. Needs to be a guy. So if the veto was used, maybe we should back door Damian. Instead of Corey maybe Damian is the right move and an ST and Keith keeps you are on board with this. Yes, bull. Absolutely. You're right. Damian is the better option here over Corey. Which again, kind of craziness from SDN Kiki's point of view. But sure. Why feel like with KiKi on the block of you times? They're now just kind of like we need to do something to stop this from happening again and again and again, not the right move for not. But I think they're just like waiting to through anything at the wall, especially predo like maybe agreeing to this gets KiKi down. Then they can they think they have the votes, maybe, but they don't have the votes. But yeah, I don't I don't know why they I think it's just because he's on the block and they're trying to do anything to get her off the book. Yeah. So that's going on there. Corey is going to have a conversation with ST. They talk about this whole thing about like Corey potentially being back doored. Now, it's been getting around that Corey thinks that the twins might be behind this. So ST is trying to be like we had nothing to do with that. And she's trying to point the blame on salmon, Adam and cory's just like don't worry about it. It's totally cool. I take everything here says with grain assaults like. It's it's fine. Anthony is also doing a lot of work regarding this to make sure that Corey is pointed in the right direction. Kira? Really? I think overestimated their ability to point Corey in the right direction just planted a seed and then walked away, and then let Anthony direct that seed and until like where it would grow and basically just gave Anthony a bunch of cards to play which you never really want to do. So that's that's again still developing over the course of the day here. Yes. And everyone literally everyone talking about it knows. Like Kierra is the one who brought this up because care has been telling literally everybody. So it's like not working out for them. Because everyone knows she's not day. They're spreading this and Corey I don't take yours don't worry about it doesn't matter and which is really kind of speaks for the whole season. No one's really taking your seriously. So Adam is going to briefly talk to Anthony because Adam is still trying to make this back door Corey plan happen, and he is trying to set this up with Anthony trying to lay the groundwork. So that Anthony will be okay with Corey being back doored. So he tells Anthony, hey, I'm concerned about the votes here. I'm concerned that we may not have the votes to keep Mark. If of nominations stay the same against KiKi because Sam wants Kika day hero once KiKi day. And even if all the guys vote to keep Mark if we don't have Corey and Damian we won't have the votes. So that's very dangerous. And what I'm thinking is that we need to get somebody else up on the block that will definitely leave over Mark. And and I think that Anthony is like, okay, okay. He takes this in. And he's like he reads between the lines, and he's nothing really comes of it right now. But I think this is what really sets Anthony off for the. The rest of the day in terms of like, okay, I need to make sure that my pieces on the board are safe and that I make sure that it's other people's pieces that get removed. Yes. Anthony needs Corey there. Because the whole point of the parachute aside, Corey would go over Anthony. But Anthony's endanger this week? So he wants to make sure that he's got Cory and said he also has numbers moving forward as things do split if they're going to split needs to make sure he has his army. Yes. So next week Sam and Adam and he tries once again to get her on board with this backdoor Corey plan. But this time she says, I don't know I feel like maybe Damian is the better choice here. I don't wanna piss Anthony off. And he's like it won't piss Anthony off it'll be fine. This is this is the safer option. It needs to be Cory. And he's still trying to convince her of this. When the feeds go down for the veto competition. Yes. And so in that conversation, also if another thing where Adam just is so, AVI. The guys alliance. But it just doesn't matter because. Yeah. Again, I feel like it's important to point out that Sam and Adam both have like agreed without saying out loud that there is a guys alliance and like so. They Adam talks about it. Like, yeah. Like, he says it without saying there's an unspoken agreement between the two of them that there's a guys alliance, but he's using it to protect her and. Yeah, so he's like, no we're supposed to be working together. Anthony won't come for you like he'll be on the outskirts, anyways, if you decide to know he will not be outskirts. But okay. And I also like when Sam brought up Damian. I was like where did this come from this came out of nowhere? What are you talking about? And man Damian in trouble here, if if he goes up on book, not good, and it is just very disappointing. Because obviously the public wanted Jamie to have the blood veto and go far, and they just decided to this twist so dumb that was not even gonna work out in the way that would be most entertaining satisfying. Yeah. So feeds down for the veto competition. They come back up and Adam has won the power of veto, which makes this competition record Adam has won four out of the six competitions. He has competed in which is kind of crazy. We talked about how we on our end of the year podcast for twenty eighteen we talked about like biggest copies of the year. And really of a lot of a lot of time. Erica Erica who won fifty percent of the competition. She played in. She won four out of eight competitions that she played in Adam has now won four out of six which is like that's huge. And if he wins, even just one more his percentage is going to stay above fifty percent this. This guy's winning a lot here. Yeah. And it's really weird because he's so tall that you wouldn't expect them to be good at a lot of the big competitions. Like normally someone with a more compact body type would be better. But sorry, I am I thought he only had three what's the fourth one the tweet to us. What's you know, if you won the veto when Mackey and rainy, look I forgot about that week happening. So cool. Just totally wiped it. From my mind, I'm blaming the plug on that. So so there you go. And I mean, I think I'm pretty sure right now. I don't remember the exact number. But I think it's something along the lines of the Dane has won three out of. Maybe two out of four. Competitions that he's played in potentially. I had that number. But I forgot but I think Dana is at fifty percent and Adams at sixty six percent. So the two of them together are really this is starting to look like Kevin Martin and. Dimitri. So anyway. I need to wait for the question competitions to start really coming in before we make that call. Right. I mean, and that's the thing. We're Adam did win one of the question ones in. That's he was like I didn't even expect to win that one. And he was only God. Because he's so he's so dumb these things. I don't know why he's winning because he had this whole conversation this in in the pantry with salmon Dane about like so when is the ceremony like, boom, boom. Boom. Right. Like, it's like it happens right after and Dana like, no, no there's a day in between. Veto competition happens then there's a break and then ceremony and the only time it wasn't that was my wage when it happened right after and Adams, like no, no, I thought I thought it was the opposite of that. Like, I thought it was a boom, boom, boom was only yours did that it was like, you know, there was a break. No, do you. Do you think that on? I'm is trying to confuse people solit- he'll Moby answers, and they won't and it's our gang, maybe. But then Dane left, and he was still on it with Sam and then Daming came in. And he was on it with Damian. Were trying for a very long time to figure this out. Yeah. Well, we'll see how those competitions come down the line. We'll see we'll see very impressive records from both of them. He s actually considering that conversation. So so we get we get back into the house. Adam here has veto and cure is going to talk with Anthony and said Anthony is starting to get to work here and Kira is telling Anthony, hey, Dana, super sketchy, Dana, Dane, said this to me about you and about Corey, and he's trying to turn people on adamant Sam Dana just keep trying to turn people against each other. And Anthony has this thing that he does. And I'm still trying to figure out if it's affective and why it's effective if it is. But basically anytime anybody tells Anthony anything he's like, yeah. I know. He just the way he adds is so insufferable, and he'll just savings like in this conversation. He's like, I can feel Danes fear. You don't have to say anything. I know. He's scared. And honestly at this point, it's Stockholm syndrome. I sorta got. I don't I don't know why it's working, and it's just I don't he? So the mixed metaphors. Just like, oh, yeah. I know. I know everything like, oh, you're bringing me this mindblowing piece of information. I know it's fine. I know. Okay. I don't think I see that. Yeah. Of course, I see that. In life, like when people act that way, it is not pleasant and people do not dwell to it. So I don't really know why it hasn't come back to haunt him yet. But, you know, at might like, I I'm questioning my own life at this point because I feel like I've made a conscious I made a conscious decision some point in my life to anytime. Anybody tells me anything just pretend I didn't know it already because it's so like to be like, oh, yeah. I already knew that is like people don't like that. Like, if they're telling you something because they want to see you learn about like when you send someone a me, and they're like, oh, I've seen that one. Big just go. Vessel. Just go myself like or like to joke, and you're like, oh, yeah. I knew that. It's like this ruins the moment. So you just like go along with it. But no Anthony is just like Ono. I I knew this already. Don't like don't think I didn't know this. And for some reason, it's like very effective in the house where it makes people trust him more because after this conversation, basically, he's like get and see the hardy like, of course, I saw that. But like thank you for bringing up to me. Like, thank you for opening up to me and telling me something that I already knew. And so then afterward curious like man, I told Anthony, and he was like I already saw that. But like he was so grateful that I was that I was telling him this now. So now he knows he can trust me because I'm telling him something that he knew. And it's like, that's how did you get that from that? What I guess it's kind of the feeling we're like because he saying, oh, I know it makes them feel like oh, my information. Is verified. Right. Exactly. Like, oh, yes. I've passed. I am trustworthy. I am now in the inner circle of Anthony's, you know, alliance in this house and everything's gonna be fine because I'm close with Anthony because I got myself in there. So that happens, and then Anthony is going to really go to work with Adam. And he has a long conversation with Adam in the HOA trim where he tells out what he needs to do. That's that's the summary of the conversation. Anthony, he's again really been made doing some work throughout the house to make sure that Corey is not the option for the back door. And and then the last piece to put into the puzzle here the second to last piece because he also needs to go to Dane, but the last big piece of the puzzle that needs to put together here is Adam. And so he needs to convince atom that quarries not the right move here that it needs to be KiKi. And he also needs to if it's KiKi make sure that Adam is capable of convincing Sam and Kira to keep Mark over KiKi. So that they don't expose themselves in the vote. So that's I mean, it's a tall. Order. An Anthony gets it done in one conversation here. He says that that hey, look everybody knows that like. Deigned thinks he's got Esten Kika lock his vesting KiKi on log as a going to run around and try to talk about SDN, stinky. They're more loyal to each other than than you. And Sam are loyal to each other. They're never separating and dangerous to get KiKi out of here. And listen, listen, listen, this is how this is. How things work here is that I have Corey they know you think you have Sam you don't have Sam. But I have Corey and I'm not saying I control Corey. But she listens to everything I say because I'm really smart, and I make sense. And so like, she just she'll she will. I know. For fact, I can tell you one hundred percent that she will do what I say. I'm not saying I control her. But she will do what I say. We know we need to use that as a number, and we need to get out the other people it's all about percentages, and it's just like corey's one hundred percent. But like ST that she is not one hundred percent. And so our KiKi is. So we need to get KiKi out of this out of this game and Adams like man, you're totally right. Like, you have you have Corey unlock. But you're right Dame doesn't have control of these people. And he's guess, and so you what's happening right now is that Sam wants to get her own thing going because she knows that you have your own thing going, and so she is going to KiKi and trying to make this girl's thing happened. And we can't let that happen. We can't let Sam build up numbers like that we need to make sure that KiKi leaves. So that SD runs today and Sam runs to you. And I'll have Corey, and that's like that's how to make this work. And like, it's Anthony clearly the only person that's things clearly in the house of the pretty boys in how to make the pretty boys work Adams, like, okay, you're making a lot of sense that that that's right. We need to we need to get KiKi out. And there are. Few things in this conversation that I think need to be brought up Anthony had some more metaphors. He brought in. It's not a great to recess. They're not running around playing fake, and he called he referenced the bananas in pajamas. Kiki nasty is that a show in America? Or is it only in Canada? I remember it from as a child he calls the twins, the bananas in pajamas. And so he says multiple times the bananas in pajamas. The bad news bears. Yeah. So it is bad news bears. They stay because they are the bananas in pajamas, and they are running around doing whatever they want. And I also like when he's calling meeting and bring me into the room, and we're going to say if you want to be part of the all star team. This is what you have to do. And I just Anthony Keith freeing up the idea that he just needs to be in a room with someone and just tell them whether doing because it's been working for him this entire season Knowle's, and I was gonna go play. I just am waiting for the other put. And also like Adam in this conversation was literally like can you talk to Sam for me? Anthony went Anthony goes. No, I can't like he considered it for seconds like that Donald show my cards. I can't do that. You'll have to be used. So then he's like, okay. Because Adams like I don't know how to convince him to want to keep Mark over KiKi. She really wants to stay. And so it was like all right. Don't worry about it. Here's what you're going to do. So he's like he'd coaches Adam on what to say to Sam to make this work. Okay. Kiki has been coming after you. She's trying to tell you what you need. What you wanna hear? Mark can be a number four us that he will be grateful if you save him so on and so forth. I've been keeping you safe all this stuff that you wouldn't expect to work because it's coming from Anthony. And he's such like. I know kinda guy and. Coaching atom up, and and Adam is on board. And he's like all right. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go talk to Sam gonna make this happen. It's just so much like it's just so much like watch the coaching work. No, more pajama, bananas and pajamas because they're spares. Bananas in pajamas are running down the stairs. They're everywhere. Okay. He's like, I think he's talking about SDN give you like, what do you think they talk about like together all the time. They get the more than you and Sam or together. What do you think they're talking? They're not talking about yoga mats and an almond milk. Because you know, willing to women talk. They're very few topics that they could really be discussing reasonably and yoga mats and almond milk, Artil them. Okay. For field all of the secrets now. So in the meantime, here Dane is going to talk to Damian and Damian. We'll also talk to as KiKi little bit later to confirm this again. But Dane is going to ask him where his vote is going and Damian says, you know, I like both of them kind of close to both of them. But I am closer with KiKi. She came to me, I so that's where my vote's going to go and endanger like greats. So. Don't get along with Mark and like get along with him. But he came to me, I yeah. Which really like they should have learned from the Mackey vote makes you get to Dane Damian early because he likes to promises vote quick. And then these problems my vote get him get him to make you a promise. And then he will keep that promise. It's very very easy. Knowing July's ING teaming up here. So Anthony is also going to talk to Dane, and he does his same thing on Dane saying, you think you think you have ST and KiKi unlock you don't have as KiKi unlock, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever whatever whatever is what he likes to say. And. So he says Kiki's playing you. I've got Cory this needs to happen. We need to get KiKi out. And and Dane just kind of crumbles to to Anthony's onslaught. Yes. And I don't like everyone just accepts that Anthony's. I've got Cory and we're tight, but you know, you're not tight with your person. And it's like. Guys, maybe start trying to split the Anthony Corey thing a little bit too. Like, your people shouldn't be the only disposable ones. The Anthony is like like maybe got trained by like an actual conman. He's just like. Confidence guy. He's just like. Has all the confidence in the world. And that convinces people that he's right. It's like, that's all it is. I can't I can't explain it any other way. I he probably has gone to lake. Some Tony Robbins. Like that kind of thing. Feel it gets that same kind of energy. You get the vibe from right? Like like. All you have to do is to MIT the confidence. Emit the alpha nece and everyone will pitch late to what you desire, and and it's it's working. I could very easily see Anthony being prisoners like so you put your running shoes next to your bed you wake up at five AM on running shoes. Leave your house for an hour because you just need to get out of your comfort zone. And it's going to really start. You're gonna get those creative juices flowing as just what you need to do. And. To build your castle on concrete not on sand. This world this, but you need to be king. The motivational speaker. But like one of the very weird ones like. They're like very Tony Robbins ask. I think you're right. So he gets he gets Dane on board, and I can tell you is not happy throughout the Dane is really going to be upset for the rest of the day. He doesn't want to lose KiKi. He wants this back door Corey plan to happen. And he felt like he was making it happen. He was very he was like so excited. He was like, yes, I manipulated Sam into making this move to take out Cory which takes down a number from Anthony gives keeps my numbers takes out a big threat. Like, he was so happy about it. And then Anthony just kinda swoops in and just st- weeps everything away from him. And and you know, he he can't really do anything about it. Dan, Dane, loses. This battle to Anthony yet this entire like unless the non change this is Liz, Liz for Dane, that's just it. I also like Jane an SE both think that of Corey went hell Moby their move, which is very cute like s you had her camera out earlier. And she's like if. He goes homeless week. That was my move. This was my HOA's, and that's the t- like, okay. So it's very that dynamic is also very interesting to see like who's taking responsibility versus actually taking action. Yeah. Yeah. So Adam talks to cure a before he talks to Sam just because they happened to to get into a conversation. I and so he starts to try and push this idea now on Kira that it should be KiKi that leaves and Kira pushes back. No. I don't think. So it should be Mark and Adams like it needs to be kicking. She's much better competitions. By the way, KiKi was a very close second to Adam in the competition. So they are really starting to get concerned about her competition ability and curious care tries to deflect what you're saying. You should you should talk to Sam just talk to Sam about this. I wanna I wanna hear you have to say about this. And and cure doesn't have any good reason beyond the fact that Marc is a guy, and so they're having a lot of trouble articulating to Adam why they want Mark to leave beyond the guy alliance. And so they eventually. Kind of like, he's just annoying and condescending and he needs to go. Why also lake how at one point there? Like Kiki's more alone than Mark is. And I'm like, what are you talking about? She deigned like him you like when you talk him. Yeah. Kiki's KiKi has Estienne Dane like what are you talking about? And curious like, well, you know, Mark has deign to and other people like, yeah. This because cure and Adam do not have the unspoken thing about the guys. It's very Denver when they're talking about. It's like, yeah. Like, Mark Cranston power. He'll be good to you. If you're powerful like Marc doesn't talk to me. He was so rude to me when I was on the blog, and then Chelsea went angel h he was nice to me. And if you were winning competitions. He'll be training you the exact same way as how he treats me. Oh, okay. Sure. It's so. We then go to Kira and SDN cure did not like this conversation with Adam cure is not hat not pleased with it. So they're going to run straight to SD and be like, hey, you're not gonna believe this. But Adam is trying to convince me that KiKi needs to go over Mark. And that is not okay. Adam is so sketchy. We like he this is this is bad news, bears bananas in pajamas. I start this is it's driving me crazy whenever like bad news bears because I was like a very big thing. My group of friends said and first year university and evolved, very quickly to bad news grizzly pause. And so every time they say bad news bears. Yeah. It's bad, which doesn't make any sense stupid. But it's very distracting. And so I might flip up in one of trying to say that it's also like there's a point where curator is like dome in the boy's thing when you're campaigning KiKi. And I I would only say that to Corey like, why would I say that the guy? Like. Yes. Let me just quickly say that at least if you're saying bad news grizzly pas, that's not saying the thing that constantly get stuck in my head. Which is my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Which is what they sing in the house. Now, it a second my head again. You're welcome everyone literally like sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming. The. Oh my God. So so yes, so this conversation is there is some sort of tension underlying it because SD and KiKi are pissed Acura Acura, four going to Corey because then Corey blamed the twins for the back door Corey plan. They had to try and paint it on adamant Sam. And this just really drove a wedge this thing that core cure. It did really just drove a wedge between the twins adamant Sam more so than anything else. And and also a wedge between Adam and Sam and Kira and Kira and the twins, and so really backfired and almost every way possible. And so so ST is is pissed and so as KiKi and so s as able to get away with it when she's pissed. She's good socially. She has this conversation with with Kierra and Kira feels good about it feels like all right? I told us what to do even though as was secretly. Really annoyed. However, we're gonna get to a conversation later where KiKi gets involved, and that's that's bad. News bears for bananas in pajamas. And the thing is this whole plan was just so poorly executed like curious thinks that they can do everything on their own and that they can just control things and they can come up with a plan, and they can execute this planet will benefit everyone. They wanted to benefit and everything's gonna be fine. But they needed to talk about this plan more before they execute it with as dean KiKi and with Sam and try to figure out a way to actually. Blame it on the guys and make that a thing. Like, you can't just come up with a plan in your head not clear with the people that you're trying to work more closely with like if they're going to be any sort of opposition to the guys they need to work closely with the bananas and pajamas and with them, but it's just not happening because they think that they can just make unilateral decisions and coming back to bite them. So Adam goes to talk to Sam and he tries his new Anthony Robbins techniques on on her and didn't even click that Tonia short for Anthony. Wow. I'm dumb. So. He says, you know, Mark is not coming for you. I like. Needs to be KiKi leaves. And you were trying to get Corey backdoor dislike two hours ago. And he's like, no, no, it's it's I you convince me I agree with you. Now, it shouldn't be Corey. And so he starts talking about like, you know, like. We need to work with Corey Anthony, we need to we need to to take a number way from Dane and KiKi Kiki's been talking about coming after forever. You know, like. And Sam I want. Isn't Mark just a number for you guys though? Like, that's not that doesn't work for me. And literally says she feels disposable. Yeah. It feel disposable. And he's like, no, no, I will make sure that Mark does not come after you. And like, I can keep you sit. Like, I know you're worried about this. But like think about it have we touched the block yet. Just like, no. And he's like see like this. I can make this work. I can make can we can get everyone together. And she literally says it on point sound like Anthony now. Yeah, she's like have you been talking to Anthony sound like Anthony what no course. So much, and he's like she's like can I trust Anthony and one thousand percent he wants to sit down with us like we're here because of the like you've been helping me, and if you do your own thing like what do you think is going to? Yeah. I mean, basically, basically the underlying thought process here to go beyond the words that are being said between Adam Sam because they can't get a little bit convoluted is Adams pitching, the idea that like I have the guys I can convince the guys to work with you. I had a great conversation with Anthony where he talked about wanting to work with you. And so the idea that that Sam can work with Anthony and Corey is great. She doesn't trust Dane more than anyone else. And so the fact that atom is now more pro Anthony than pro Dane makes Sam feel a lot more comfortable with the guys. And so in the same breath. He's also throwing he's making her feel less comfortable with the twins saying that you think that they're safe that your state, you're safe with them. But they're just telling you what you want to hear because they want to stay safe this week. They're still telling the cameras that they wanna come after us. They're still it was just last. They were gunning for heart. And now of sudden, they're not whereas we have other people like Anthony Corrie who have been cool with us for a long time. And Anthony was telling me that Corey feels really good about us to. And so like, it makes a lot more sense for us to move forward with them and take a number from Dane, and everyone will be happy. We can keep you safe. It'll be great. And this does get through to Sam. And she does agree, and I will say again as I was talking about yesterday where it's like the people closer to the truth are actually making the less correct decision. This is the better decision for Sam like unintentionally like the logic is sound enough. Obviously, it's still not the best move in the world. Still feel like the right? The best move would have been Anthony Dane right up on the block. But Sam does benefit from this a lot more than what was happening before. And and add onto that the secret fact of Mark not being loyal pretty boy. And you get an actual. This could be the best move for her game potentially apart from the Anthony Dane nominations. But at the same time, it's still very frustrating to see her just you'll be like. Okay, adam. Yeah. By the end of the conversation. Sam says like yeah. Kiki does need to go. Like, I don't want her on the jury. Awesome. And then it also ends up with like the other thread through this entire conversation is autumn is very concerned about cure getting into SAM's head and convincing Sam to go against all this wonderful logic that he and Anthony of laid out for her and just let me tell them what they need to hear for now lake. Just let me go along with it. Like we have to keep it secret from them right now. Just because again, I think part of this is all kind of stemmed a little bit from KIRO where Sam felt like she couldn't trust cure as much excuse rand Corey and blue something up, and then that was like a dangerous situation it caused tension between them and the twins. And then because there was tension with the twins again KiKi very bad at faking that she likes people, and so she had less conversation fewer conversations with with Sam during the day. And in the conversations that she did have Sam they were not as reassuring as they had been previously. They're not talking about working together as much anymore. And so Sam is starting to feel a little bit. Uneasy like, maybe maybe they were just child telling what they wanna hear what I wanna hear. And now, they're no now that they're feeling a little more comfortable, they it's I'm not feeling reassured by them anymore. And and she's actually right. They are they are coming for adamant Samna, and they can't hide it. That's their problem. Because before they were telling the truth, they did wanna work with them and Sam. But now, they don't and and it's becoming clear to the people to adamant Sam that that they don't. And so it's hard for for Sam to continue to make a move against the people that she's working with mainly Adam when she doesn't even know if she can trust those other people so does go along with this. I think this all goes back to a really great point that Paris made on the Thursday recap of you have to make these relationships at the start of the game. And you need to build the foundation. They're both out of stone. Not saying do, you know, and like this just didn't happen with the twins and Sam Adams? So it's going it would be very very difficult to build something lasting going forward. Because they just don't have that bond and that connection and it just didn't happen. So yes, so. She says he's as you need to trust me. I trust you. And we'll keep Mark. But I can't tell cure yet because they're not gonna go along with it. And they're going to be in my ear all week, and it's going to be a whole big thing. So that's that's the plan. Meantime, again, SDN KiKi, they're still both very pissed at Kira for everything that's been going on they feel like they're sketchy and they just don't like the whole situation. So when Kirit comes into talk to them later in the night, they have a bad conversation here. Curious talking about how being sketchy, and he's trying to flip the, you know, the target onto KiKi and they're like, oh, yeah. That's not. That's not good and just KiKi has so much trouble. It's just it's so obvious that KiKi is disdainful of curious presence in this conversation. Like, I it's hard to even like reenact cannot because it's not really KiKi is saying way that she actually doesn't have opened by language has her eyebrows set like. Like do. I have this conversation like. One. You know? That's not good like, but you're right. You're right Kirsten. I agree. I agree with what you're saying. For sure. So the more I rolls. It's just not there. You're not there yet Taryn him sorry link. You're trying it's fine round there. I'm sorry. This is like a Martin. They both do it. We'll those conversations are so injured chaining because it's like these new people are literally miserable. They have to be there is a number of big brother is all about if not putting to miserable people in a room to try and pretend they're not miserable. Yeah. So they have they have this conversation. It's just not it's not working, and you can tell the cure is like, so we're not going to talk about the guys thing. Right. No. Carrot? No. Of course, not. And it's just like it's really starting to get weird. And they're like, but then they start talking about the vote and how they need cures vote. And cure literally asked to for like, you haven't been just been like telling me what I wanna hear because you need my vote. Right. And they're like, no. And it's also just like that's not gonna work. You can't just ask someone telling you on a year and expect an honest answer. Yeah. So sometimes asking just like a really obvious question to try and get some radical honesty like sometimes I can work, but not that obvious. So this conversation's ends on a bit of an awkward. No. And it's it doesn't like flip cure yet. But it puts Kira in a certain frame of mind at just the wrong time where cure is wondering that seemed really off. Now, I'm starting to question everything that we've talked about all week because they're acting this way, and it's really you can read it on Kiki's face. And so here goes into the room with Sam who is busy dancing to the music. They both start dancing together. And this is just a funny. I hope they have this on the episode because it's like a funny moment where they're both dancing, and as their dancing curate just says to Sam like. Do you think that maybe Esten Keith just telling us what we want to hear and SAM's like, yeah. And and so then they take the music down. And Sam says, you know, what else happened is that earlier today KiKi told me that that next week? She would put you and Damian on the block, which is is what she said because they've been talking about working together and stuff like that. And cure has not been included on those plan. So now that Sam has been flipped she's going to use that information against KiKi with Kierra and Kira is very annoyed. Like, I can't believe she would say that. And of course, you trust them, which she should because he is telling the truth is moment. And and so this really solidifies KiKi is just such a liar. She's always, lying and. Just starts the wheels turning and cures heads and head head. They start walking toward the hot tub because they were out in the hot tub snowing. And this is like this is just such a sad moment. It's a beautiful moment. It's a funny moment. Keep talking Cuna fall curate because this is so perfect. It's so perfectly stupid curious talking to Sam and talking about how they went to Anthony. And they feel good with Anthony. And they feel like Anthony is starting to distrust, Dane, this is the conversation that I was talking about work. Here was talking about how this was ineffective conversation that Dane Anthony said I know and they were like that made Anthony trust me. And now he's he's aware of what Dane is doing. So that those seeds I planet of Corey they worked so like Sam I did it. I cracked the boy's thing. I cracked it and SAM's like you did you did it and care goes. So now we can afford to keep Mark. And I tweeted this out, but I literally literally burst out laughing when I heard. Just I think it would be a really fun Twitter account if someone took clips of Kira being told really obvious information being devastated, and then just like a funny sound drop or like curious just like saying these things and then like, the X files music. I just like they seem to believe that when people are talking about each other. The not just definitely means that they're working against each other. And there's no way that this could be like a coordinated effort from an alliance to appear that they may be arguing together to protect themselves. And you know, they don't need to wait for any action to be taken. They don't need to see the pretty boys actually work against each other. Because you know, what they're talking about each other. So you know, what the cracked it's? It's it's Anthony, man. It's Anthony somehow is in curious head, and they trust Anthony for whatever reason. And so they feel like they have it in good with him. And that that that he's that he's really on board that he understands what Dane is doing the daynuss talking about Anthony, Anthony dogma like again, Anthony really the only person in this pretty boys alliance that understand exactly what makes it work. He is not trying to protect Dane in conversations with people that don't like Dane us not trying to protect Adam in conversations with people who don't like Adam he is using that influence conservatively as he moves along. And he is just really, you know, we thought this was going to be SAM's h wage than we thought it was going to be curious h wage, then we thought it was going to be Adam's. Then we thought it was going to be Kiki's. Then we thought it was going to be Danes then Adams again, but no all along it's been. Yeah. And it's just so much. It's literally like, honestly, I'm you know, what guys just for the outside world. Anthony's probably gonna start some kind of podcast after this should not listen to it because he's gonna get in your head, and he's going to destroy you. Convince you that bananas in pajamas are bad news bears. But they're not they're fun. Yeah. They're great. Okay. They the three bears that are friends with them and those are in bad news bears. Those are great bears. Okay. We're not cartoon whatever it was people in costume ever know there were both. There was cartoons to cartoon like intro. And then the show was the creepy panic costumes. I watched a lot of bananas in pajamas when I was younger. That's why I was like this was a Canadian show or not. Well, so what's going on? And so now Kira and Sam are both on the same page. They want to keep Mark and take KiKi out of the game. Kiro very much just was like, I did a good thing. I did a good job did night. Then I and SAM's like you did you did a good job. Just give cure a Goldstar. I guess. Big old gold star. Affirmation? Yes. Couple more conversations later in the night. But they don't really lead anywhere. We did get some movement this morning that I can briefly talk about where we had Adam Anthony and Dane all talking about the week moving forward. And and how to like move forward with the pretty boys. How when KiKi leaves? It'll be Adam with Sam Anthony with Corey and Dane with ST. And then it's just a matter of who do they take out of the the remaining people in on the board. And and Adam was doing a lot of work with them to say, you know, Sam is on board with us. Now Sam is good. And they actually brought Sam in and talked with Sam the three of them like this is the most open they've ever been about the fact that like. Like, this is very again eight now is now this unspoken thing is sort of branched out to Anthony. And Dane as well where they're basically saying like, we're gonna bring you on board and work with you. And we're going to take out the other people, and so they talked about that and about taking KiKi out. And then afterward Adam was like this is so good. This is finally happening. Your with your with the boys like me, and and we're gonna get down to the final six, and it's going to be couples, and we have the best chance of winning competitions. So it's going to be great and Sam seemed to be not like super excited about it. But on board enough. I don't know if she's still has some other things that she might might want to use in her back pocket here. She definitely has the information at this point. They're being pretty open about it. But but that's happening. And then also Dane was not happy with this Dane was super pissed. He went to s. And said, I just had a conversation. I'm Adam is so annoying. I'm so done with him. I can't believe that I've been protecting him for so long. I can't wait to take a shot at him. And sam. Like, he's he's really because he wants him out. He does not like this. He's losing a number here. He's going into this potential final six final seven scenario with STI his partner who can't win competitions. At least that we've seen so far. He's really feeling like this is a losing situation for him. It would not surprise me. If Dane tried to make some kind of surprising move, given how mad he was here. But Anthony may be able to keep them in line. But just saying there's still a lot of stuff happening. And these pretty boys are not a cohesive group. And so we've we've got a lot of stuff happening here carrot cracked. So it's over your did it she did it. She not they did they did a thing. You know, they did a thing which that's always fun. When you're like, I did thing. One other thing I thought was kind of funny yesterday. Deign talking about putting cure up next week. Because maybe the blood veto means you go home the minute. You hughes? Days very very much set on we need to put cure up next week to flush this whatever it is this blood veto. They need to be on the block, no matter. What? So that is that like any time Dame talks about anything. It's talking about make sure carrot goes up on the block. And so it's happening. Yeah. But you know, what we've heard Dane talking about Sam for a long time. And guess what nothing has happened to Sam? So we'll we'll see what he actually makes things when if you my God if Danewin's July time just can't fight literally. I don't think I can do it. But yeah, if he does win power again like seeing what he actually does. What it what Anthony convinces him to do? How pissed off Dane will be to lose KiKi lake. We'll see in all of this. I don't think I've even mentioned Mark at all. But he looks very safe at this point. This is still a lot of time for things to flip around. But it does seem like an atom will not be using the veto. But Mark should be safe because the votes here should be Adam Kierra Anthony Corey that's at least four and then probably Dane if he needs to vote that way, but he may not even need to. He may decide he wants to hide the fact that he's voting KiKi out. And then even if they lose Kira that they still can have Dane as an additional number. If they lose Corey, they have Dane is an initial number that need to lose both Corey and Kira and continued to not have Damian in order to not have the numbers, which doesn't seem particularly likely at this point. So Mark seems pretty safe. And again at this point. It's like there's not a lot of people that are gonna be calling for Mark anytime soon. So he should be sliding back under the radar unless he wins an HR wage, and he may still be wanting to take out the pretty boys. However, we haven't heard we haven't heard from him because of the stupid TV's in the lounge she's not taught in the cameras anymore. And so I don't know if this is still is plan or if being put up by Sam kind of scared him into submission knowing that the pretty boys and the only thing keeping him in the house. So I don't know exactly what's going on with Mark at the moment. But but his life in the game has been extended significantly. I think this is sort of curious where you survived once you should be good for a while. Yeah. And I think you know, as long as he doesn't go this week, and he is feeling protected by the pretty boys hill wait longer to make his male. I think he may be was over. Ver- stating how willing he was to make a move to make sure Canada like. Then that's the thing. He should not be making a move like, especially if they go through with this like final six is the three couples plus final seventy three couples. Plus Mark that puts Mark in the best possible Spanish in. So maybe he'll recognize that. But but who knows? Yeah. I he's a smart guy. Like, I think I don't think he was ever really making a move. I think he was aware of the like what the perception would be of this type of alliance and how it is working out. And I think he knew that I really don't know how where though I don't know if he's not self-aware, but I think. Don't of self awareness is the right term for that. I think that like he's watched the show, and he knows how frustrating to watch one side dominate. And so I think even if he was just pretending. He wanted to seem like other in case there was some sort of benefit. I don't know that it's a big part of big brother Canada is playing to the audience. We'll see we'll see. It's hard to tell even less likely to do it. Now, though, I agree. I think that. Between Sam putting him up realizing that if he stays it's like really just by the grace of the pretty boys probably pointing out to him that he doesn't have any relationships outside of them. And. You know, what can you do there? So watch out for that. I I guess all I can say again at this point is that this was a very funday feeds for me. Again, I feel like I feel like we're really lost in the weeds right now in terms of really wanting things to happen and having other things happen. But I do feel like you know, when we look back at this. We're gonna remember how like crazy and fun. It was to have all this stuff going on. There's still a ton of stuff that can happen. I really feel like people are there are a little a little sour pansy little bad. News bears. Ing. Trying to be grumpy. Miles better than than celebrity. So I think we can be happy about that. And so I think that we should we should be looking at this. And try try to try to look at it from a different perspective just a little bit. Because there's a lot of fun that can be had with this while and after the beano ceremony tomorrow, we will have the bananas in pajamas running around screaming at the cameras, and maybe that will be fun. And here's the thing to where I feel like if if you are just sort of like tuning out and just like like sort of skimming and seeing just like the end result. That's probably maybe one of the reasons why it's like, oh the end results keeps being the same thing. But like the journey there has been so fun every time. So I don't know maybe maybe that's part of it too. But. But I think. I think for Canada a lot of people don't actually watch as much of the fees because it's a little bit less accessible. So that could be charged of it. All right. So that's what we've got for you this morning. I will back tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern to update you and everything that happens today on the big other candidates six or seven live feeds and then tonight's I will be live with Ryan from big brother candidate six to recap tonight's episode where we will likely see the something regarding the blood veto it did happen before nominations. But I don't know if we will learn what it does yet. Because cure claims that they don't know what it does. And cure doesn't know that. I don't expect us to know either. Because we don't generally get information from the show that is not told to us by the contestants themselves on less Orissa is hosting. And so I don't like I don't see. I don't think the narrator voice is gonna come on. And be like, so this is what the blood veto does. No, I think we'd be more likely to get something of the voice over guys like and Kierra God the object and has a classified mission or something along those lines where we'll have no idea what it actually means. Yeah. Probably or it is possible. Also that the KIRO does know what it does. And that that they haven't told anyone yet. Maybe there really is some sort of negative to it. And so they're trying to keep that a secret. It might be a thing where if they can use it. But when they use it. There's also a negative thing that is attached to the game. And so if they are able to keep people in dark and just make them think that like, hey, this is a power don't don't even try. That's better than them knowing the dad, the actual downsides. But who knows I think we'll know by the end of the week. So that's nice, at least Nikki Nikki has a good theory. Here we could also be voting on what it does that might be another option, but we just have a vote for the bed thing in the have not room was just on Twitter, though. And so I think they like having votes to drive traffic to the website. So I wouldn't be surprised if they do it because we just vote for the bed, and then very we also had the vote for the Leon's lounge and then different vote for the Leon's lounge and the casting vote like there's a lot of votes, and it does drive traffic to the website. So yes, never never underestimate the possibility of having a vote on big brother can't enough. Yeah. Kiki did receive the have not bed by the way, which I'm sure was also great for her game yesterday. I just don't like, let's the point. So when necessary let's play the we're going to give tempur-pedic mattress to one of these three people. For flick for why just what's the what's the reasoning here? It was really it was coming from all angles here where KiKi came in second place in the veto. She received a voted bed voted for bed in the have not room. So clearly, the audience likes her, and she'd be inclined to win other votes is the impression that gives. And then she also doesn't like the people that she needs to have votes, and she's bad at showing that she'd pretending that she likes them. So all she. So. Yeah. Like in the double though, not good not knock ver kike. Unfortunately. So it's it's definitely not going to help. So all right. That's what we've got for you. Thank you once again for for joining us tonight after the episode and then tomorrow at eleven AM eastern and then tomorrow night's as well for the roundtable that will be at nine pm eastern. Thank you so much for joining us. We'll see next time. I everyone.

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