John Cena Versus Bray Wyatt Hype


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We're going to start with a little conversation about the return of the firefly funhouse John Gray why we are building towards Wrestlemainia and things are just starting to get interesting mark. Henry now is getting interested in. It is just arming airways. I'm so looking forward to this week. Man this Sunday is just beyond me. I'm without words law. Well you talk you talk about the week yes. It wasn't exciting week in pro wrestling. It is the Saturday edition of Busted Open. So that means we are bringing you our weekly winner in the world of professional wrestling and mark. We had a lot to choose from great promos throughout the world of pro wrestling. Monday with Randy Orton on raw Wednesday on eighty. W with the return of Jake Roberts. How much great pro wrestling can we possibly consume in one week mark? You know a man like the stars aligned with Randy Orton and Jake Roberts. Both on the same we doing with most unrealistically great performances when it comes to cutting a Promo. It was hard to pig. But I I had to make one and you'll find out what happens on the then of course it wouldn't be a busted open on a Saturday coming off a smackdown mark. If we didn't talk about our Guy Otis try to find love against I should say with Mandy. I feel like time's running out for our boy Otis mark what you're concerned level is really. I was really heartbroken that this didn't happen the way that we wanted. And I got mad at Ziglar but I'm not mad at all anymore I've changed. The person has net person. The man do rose. She needs to step up as a woman and give. Otis yes or no and you know it looked like she gave him annot no but is yet to be determined so much emotion so many feelings in the week that was in pro wrestling. Stop wasting time. Click that play button. Let's get it. Go a busted open radio on Saturday. Joy Friends Swing back on what I thought was the best portion of smackdown last night and is really just the continuing Story of Bray Wyatt and Johnson and Johnson has returned. Wwe Universe it is obviously a big story. He wasn't on smackdown last night but his presence is felt nonetheless. Because we know he's back we know he has a match at mania and mark. I touched on a little bit last week but it becomes even more clear this week at least in my eyes. I listen I am totally with you in the sense. That Bray Wyatt doesn't need a title. But for the sake of this match and this moment at Wrestlemainia I really would have loved to have seen. Bray Wyatt verse. John Cena further universal title. Because John CENA would have been chasing rick flares record and trying to break it. He's been away for a couple years in the return is already you can feel it. It's palpable people are excited about it. You built Bray Wyatt into this unstoppable monster and it just feels like the reason. Goldberg is champion is because Saudi Arabia right wanted Goldberg there. As a part of that super showdown show and now that that happened well. Hey let's put them in mania too because he's going to sell tickets mark. I would argue right. That scene as chasing a championship championship heading into mania is a much bigger story and would've sold more tickets. Am I wrong on that? What's your read? I don't know by wrong. I I think that the dirt she guy me would be like. Oh yeah that's that's that's a take that that makes you want to argue points but I think the wrestling fan in me you you WANNA see John. Cena in a in a place where it means something and what's more meaningful than have Johnson face one of the more dominant things that have come along and pro wrestling. You put him in there with just anything or anybody and I think that this is the point where the tire. Miester road is. We're talking about it because as matters title involved John Cena Matters. He's history. You just mentioned it. He has a potential to break. Rick flair is rick. He could do next month after mania. He could do that down the road six months if he wants to he could come out of retirement in another year and do yeah. It matters to be able to have somebody like a John. Cena is a big plus. It's just like saying Iraq is gonNA come back shirt wrestling match. He only needs a wrestle. One match every two or three years not be consistent performer. You know so. That's that's kind of where I am with IT I. I think that you had to put him in there with the theme. Because what what else are you going to do? Put Him in there brock. You'RE GONNA put him in. I love him. I love him with the feed mark. I I think it's the perfect booking especially with the history as we saw which was highlighted last night in the firefly phone house. I think it's perfect. I would've liked to have had it before a trophy in this case a title. Because I think the story of John Cena chasing Ric flair's title at Wrestlemania. Excuse me Ric flair's record at Wrestlemainia. That is a knockdown drag out main event that everyone can get behind. There's no critique there's no I'm not no one is having a thought or an opinion on that like they do. Roman reigns and Goldberg. You know what I'm saying is it's safest booking that everyone would have gotten behind. And there's no controversy it just it just feels like the better option for me but you know as we say. You're every single Saturday. I don't got the pen mark. Well you know that's a point that I can't argue. I think is a ironclad. But why do we need to have it all at once? And that's that's the thing that I've been seeing for the last two years that people the fans won't when they want it rather than the way that it was meant to be when we were kids we didn't have the social media we didn't have radio channels like this one right. Twenty four hour breakdown ideas just did it in a backyard with our friends and now we have so much time that we are breaking down and tearing up of ideas to say that I did is better and I don't know if that's necessarily true but in some cases it is certainly fun. Definitely Fun in this case you have to dominant entities that. I don't even care if anybody has. A title is about the war about the story. That's going to be told and you know that. Oh Man I'm going on the record right now. My I have to say that this will be the best match on his show even though I thought that. Aj Thousand and undertaker is GonNa do is going to make us all go holy Holy Hail. Here's takers taker. And a J styles is still wanted top five performance in the world and mark. Don't forget edge and Randy Orton which I know you didn't That that has all that the possibility of that match matching of the night is very real as well. I think one thing that you can't deny is when you look across this bill and you look at the Star Power From Bill Goldberg to John. Sina to AJ styles to the undertaker and the returning of edge. I mean this is In terms of star power this is one of the greatest wrestlemanias on paper. That I've seen will deliver. I don't know that's why we watch and that's why we wait. Now our question to the fans because I ask to you mark Henry should this match between Wyatt and Sina beat for the title. And how excited are you for this match? Eight seven seven five nine hundred eight seven seven three four four eight nine. Three is the number very curious to hear the nation's thoughts on Sina and why it because we've been talking about it a lot here on this show and while we just found out about it last week so it's very fresh new new toys. It's very exciting for a lot of us and you know what mark? You're you're not wrong when you talk about Sina in the title Chase for Rick Flair. Listen that can happen. At any point and common logic I guess would suggest that if Johnson has been off a couple of years and he missed last year's man he's coming back this year and the scene is sucks chance of died down and he feels like he's been hotter than he's been in a lot of years when when people are kind of appreciating his return. Imagine what it would be like if he took another few months off and then came back next year for a push towards Wrestlemainia and that was a story my point is mark it would be even hotter next year so as we talk about it. Maybe I don't hate the idea because if you're going to do it down the road and I think it has to happen mania. I'm okay with waiting for next year. I'm all down for the way. Look at it like this look at the raw rumble. That we had the car was stacked and then the rumble matches they delivered. We were there. We stand here right now. Still in awe of the performance that was that was sick with drew McIntyre and having gin now we haven't even mentioned drew show is so many things that's going on not mentioned brock. Listener drew McIntyre. How crazy is that? Lions Gate to mania and a lot of this stuff is going to be Put the bid but the end result is will have a champion out of Brock Andrew. And I don't think that there's there's that you have to have three or four of them you just need to have one good one and I think that's what we'll get. I think we'll get that really one good one out of Drouin Brock. And then everything else is going to be left to interpretation. You can have a j styles and taker. You can have randy and edge. You can have defeated John. Cena and all of those three matches that I mentioned as opposed to brock and drew are GonNa be hard to beat. I would not WANNA follow that. I'm with you. Let's check in with the nation mark as sound to you. Go all right. We got frank in indy wanting to talk a little. Sina and Bray Wyatt. What's up frank? Man Happy Saturday. How you doing pal? Hey Good Morning. Good Morning Good Morning. Good morning atmosphere. I disagree with that. That firmness about that about the turn. Turn your radio down. Focus Room I was in. I'm sorry it's just Yeah but I. I think that That the Johnson and match would have been good one for the title. But I kinda feel Kinda. Kinda way is framed is like you know. Fans like the fickle fans. Like I think about what message put Roman. You'll have. Some fans are complaining but I think kind of his time. I don't I don't agree with the way them canceling the match. I think they should at least do like the mets to try and get other guys in the eye of the people but I feel like they kind of fixed book in a way. I think it will definitely work with roaming and and Goldberg and Feigned John. Saying that because like you said that would be a epic match. But I don't really see John Senior. I think in Hollywood. I think we may get some next year. But that's a long way away but I think next year. That may be the Josh. Go for that. Yeah Let that historical title. You know what I mean. Yeah and that is and that's what that was the point they did mark brought up and it was a great point. We appreciate the call. Their Frank Enjoy the circle city down there in India. I went to Ball State Indianapolis very very very well but I'm a Chicago Guy. That's okay booking oil Martinuzzi book and right here go knowing that Wrestlemainia is in Los Angeles next year the Hollywood star. When you start thinking Hollywood you think Iraq imagine if it got to the point where the rock got involved and John Seen got involved and it was a triple threat between whoever had the title at that time. Yeah how `Bout Listener? Could you imagine? Leshner Sina in rock kidding me. Wow and those are the kind of moments that Being in Los Angeles you could have that and John. Seen Win a match. Like that to have the debbie supremacy of being the all time title holding winning as a wrestler in history. I mean that. Let's let's not rush gas. They take your time pump. Your brakes let the let the wrestling come to you rather than US trying to dictate it and then when that happens we get what we won't like I mean think about how we're analyzing wrestling right and we just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks let let us concentrate focus effort. Take place let that happen. And then we won't have so many issues you know right now. We're just thinking ourselves Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm FIGHT Nation Channel. One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. Xm APP. What is week in and week out? As far as I'm concerned as we talk about smackdown mark the most intriguing the most emotional and really the best story as we head into Wrestlemainia on well. That's a good thing or bad thing. I'm not complaining. I love it. It is this love triangle. I'm not even call it a triangle. It isn't this love story involving Otis and Mandy. We know they belong together. But roadblocks keep getting in the way and mark last night on smackdown. We had our boy. Otis going up to. Mandy hat in hand trying to apologize to the rose trying to apologize to his lady trying to make amends for that miss date from a few weeks ago. it did not go so well for our. Guy Otis smackdown last night. Andy I just WANNA apologize from last Valentine's Day I did it tex receiving that you're GONNA be late. Screw I'm sorry Otis listen. It's just a little too late woman doesn't appreciate the in setup like that. What what you're more at happened. Otis didn't get a chance to explain himself. Yeah and you know what? That's that's kind of par for the course. When you have an issue with someone like you know Mandy where I think that she is looks in the mirror and sometimes think that you know. We always talk about the outcast. He's should don't think like yeah. I think she's looking in the mirror and thinking that she's an a more elevated place than she is. I mean he's Otis. He's oldest. What a catch we really do in this. You got a big. You got a big burly Guy Comfortable. It would have been a big burly guy. Got A lot of money that's true. His mom makes a hell of a cake. He's a Momma's boy. How listen? What more could you want? Well we're more. He loves it. Mama you love your mom and Egos definitely take care of the that you wit mark. I mean I'm a big guy. And we re for big guys at Otis is a catch but I mean the a side of this relationship is Mandy. Rose I mean Mandy. Rose is really really hot and I mean I actually give credit to own that hot. Oh ooh I will not not not to throw rocks not colored rocks at my throw rocks at my boy no naked eight seven seven. Three eight seven seven. Nobody in the world is that Hot Thawing Roxetta Otis. I'm so pissed I don't know what to do with myself and I. I was mad at Dow Ziglar dolls a piece of trash. He should stay out of the way. And now it's not dolph. No it's not and I talked about this yesterday with Dave and I feel the same way this morning when I woke up as I felt yesterday when I woke up mandate needs to stand up and say listen. I agree with that. What's the deal? Is there a US or is there not US there? You Give Otis the the ability to say you know what let's air dirty laundry you know. I gotta tax. You told me that you were running late. I thought I had time to pick flowers. I get there and I see those ziglar and rather than making a scene and go to jail and a public place. I decided just to go home and let you be with him. Because that's who you wanted to be with. No that's not what happened. I don't know what Tex you're talking about now you can expose what's going on. Can we get there already? I do agree with that. Can we get come? I'm hurting here. I'm hurting here. I don't like seeing a big game pain like that. Yeah he could take a drop kick. He can get run through the rail through the wall. He can he. He could take people's finishes on outside on the floor. I can handle that. We signed up for that but his heart. No one is heartbroken. I don't want him to be sitting in mental anguish. I want that guy to have peace and love train. Nah As rob show but I wanted to have peace on joy like like we deserve. That bless his heart. I feel like we're like the. Liz owes a pro wrestling over here. Jewish boy. I feel like we're just. We're just hold that now from the big people out there that's right. This is Eliza edition male Izzo addition of busted. Open here on this day. You were talking about drop kicks man. We got a great window last night into just how effective heavy machinery can be when they are let loose right and we saw that in the gauntlet match last night. In what was I mean listen? It felt like they were going to go deep into the gauntlet match because it felt like ziglar and rude. We're going to be waiting for him at the end. And that's exactly what happened. But when you match up with the new day to start that gauntlet match and Otis gets the Pan on big E in that first match. I mean that is probably mark. The biggest moment of heavy machineries in ring career so far on the main wrong without a doubt. I mean for them to go and WanNa do announcers Michael Cole mentioned last night that you beat new day you be Luce House party Usoz like and there's people that have not beat the ooh in new day in the same year never to mention in one match so Kudos Man They. They work their ass off last night and thirty minutes. I'm going to tell you you start to be dangerous when you if you can't protect the people that you work with their conditioning for big guys was unrivalled last night. It was really unbelievable to see. And that's why I was so high on the show mainly because of the gauntlet match. I told you I wasn't happy with everything that went on and now I'm sure to. That's what the fans were looting too. But there's very few cases where one match can take over and save a show and last night. That was the case. I thought the Gauntlet managed more than made up for it. And it made the show means if you don't know series Xm than listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. For just one dollar just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home an online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new siriusxm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required weekly wintertime. It was another great week for professional wrestling. I listened while smack smack down really was whatever positives to take away. I think we hit about all the positives that we possibly could. It definitely was not my weekly winner. In fact smackdown hasn't been my weekly winner since the invasion of annex t Adam Cole going over on Daniel Bryan Saudi Arabia situation. And IT AIN'T GONNA be my weekly winner this week. I'm GonNa tell you I'm gonNA lead this week. Is that okay with you? Go ahead all right so last week you gave your weekly winner to smackdown and although I didn't agree with you I understood the logic from this standpoint. It was Johnson. And Hey if you're gonNA take a moment a singular moment from the week that was and you're going to give that and it is a huge moment. John Cena returning is one of the biggest moments of the year. If that is going to be a criteria to give your weekly winter I am all for it. John had done getting bigger than John. Seen it now that leads me to my weekly winner for this week. You WanNa talk about returns you WanNa talk about legends of the Ring Stepping back into the squared circle and if you WANNA talk about that in context of it being surrounded by his show that really wasn't that spectacular and it really wasn't. I'm talking about all the elite wrestling the show itself. It was fine. There were positives that I can pull from. I don't think it was one of their strong shows. I will say that. But but but but the return of Jake. The snake mother bleeping Roberts and the Promo that that man cut from being away from the squared circle for years and years and years mark to step back into a ring and to deliver a promo with the conviction and the passion and the believability and the psychology that all the things that we come to expect from Jake Roberts but to do it at this level at this year in twenty twenty when we haven't seen that man forever in terms of like a live active storyline. I was blown away like I cannot. I cannot stress enough. How awesome it was to see that and just on that alone Mike if you can give one moment last week to Johnson and making his return and that defined your weekly winner will damn it Jake Roberts stepping back in a ring and doing what he did on Wednesday. That gets my weekly winter for the week. Congratulations to Jake Roberts. That is one of my favorite moments really of like the last ten years in pro wrestling history. That was so bad ass. Mark Bro love to sit here and say you know what I'm GonNa let you change my mind but I'm not good. I'm not GONNA do it. I have to go with raw raw. Got started with brock listener and drew. Mcintyre was like I see what you're doing. You're trying to get me and Braga was like tried to get him Bam Klay more and it showed right away that I can beat you. I can hurt you. I can put you down. And they went back into it again. Drew Live. He came out he gave them and it was like one of these buildup moments for drew McIntyre to stand over and Kip up and stand over Brooklyn. How many times have you seen it? Not many not many know and then there was a good show in the middle. You look at the bookings you only look at the beginning. And the end and Beth Phoenix comes out and Randy. Orton comes out and Randy Precedes V. Best Promo that. Not only has he ever cut in his career. But he delivers a Arcadio to Beth Phoenix and put her down and let me before before I get to that before I get to him giving her Arcadio. All that happened with that. Randy Orton said to Beth Phoenix. I love your husband more than you do. Because you're an enabler to emotional sensitive place that very few people not only are willing to go to Can even go to. We saw historic performance last night. And this that'll be one that will remember for a long time. But getting to the point where the physicality happens is spas was going to be expected next week. So now edge is coming to raw and Randy was the catalyst for that to happen and I hope it's comes back and he is. He looks pitiful. He looks like you know how. How is he going to be able to wrestle randy or never wrestlemainia how and he unleashes? Hale in all the theory that comes with it. I'm talking about Tombstone Comeback Doc Holliday. Ib huckleberry I wanna see it all weapons. Let's go and that is why I say Rau- is my weekly win. Yeah if I wasn't being jake. The snake mark and being hyper not even hyperbolic I mean I was being legit like I truly feel that way Obviously I love Jake. The snake moment but in all seriousness. If you're going off the strength of the entire show I don't see how you can say any other show wasn't the weekly winner other than raw. You brought up the open which it was. Electric with drew McIntyre absolutely put in Brooklyn Down Multiple Times being sold wonderfully by brock listener. Another thing guys gotta stop with the brock listener hate. I don't I don't know what else to say at this point like he puts the address. I know I know. But it out there. And it just baffles my mind you would be. You have no idea how much you would miss brock listener if he wasn't around and I know that's one of the things that people say. Oh he doesn't wrestler he wrestles and he puts people over all right and when it really matters he will give you a match and we are going to get a match at Wrestlemania I. I'm expecting at least fifteen minutes between drew McIntyre and brock listener. Now I'm listen know. That's not the norm especially with Leonard. But I do believe he is a man that likes to prove a point and I think there's a payoff with listener. And we've seen it before where you don't think it's going to be amazing and then it is and that's kind of his thing like I. It's what they've done with them and I really like it. I like. I love the way that lesson has been handled in the. Wwe that whole show. Hey Mark Yes. The book ends right. The way it started was great the way it ended was spectacular but in between there we also had a street. Prophets win taken out Murphy and Rollins team title so that was in there too for the first time they win title. They got over in the process We got to see Kevin Owens who is always good to see. Kevin owns but the motions will walk through the crowd. Did you see the crowd all the cups people toast in and I it was just a really really special moment and the crowd got to share that because they like to go out and the crowd and I guess man I guess they got. They finally got the That they needed to be considered a must see part of television. And I'm I'm just happy to say that that's my pick. Yeah well you talked about. You talked about that. Promo to end the show in Randy. Orton. Taking a deep dive into the psychology of what it takes to be a pro wrestler and the family dynamic you know surrounding being a pro wrestler and he called Yes Beth Phoenix and enabler. Which there's truth to that. Which makes it a great promo. And then he talked about the crowd being enablers feeding into the crowd and wanting edge to be back and this idea that he was saving his friend by putting him out of his misery hurting him to the point to where he could never wrestle again but hurting them to the point where he could still enjoy his family life. That's what makes a great promo is believability. If you can pull from the realities of the world and he can yes right but also still keep it real then then all of that right you can have that formula but then mark you need someone to be able to be the vessel for that formula. You need someone to be able to deliver that formula and Randy Orton and his delivery on Monday night. Was You said it right? You're the famer your your and your friend. I know you were texting with them. And send an innocent praise. But I'm the fan and you're a fan too. That's not to say you're not a fan. But I have watched Randy Orton for well over a decade where a woman was nearing twenty. Years with Randy Orton mark. That was the best I've ever seen him. That is crazy to say that tells you how good that Promo was man. I just I've seen I've been in the Ring Randy a hundred times and I've watched him a thousand times man in the last twenty plus years and where he rose to own on Monday was it was added out of this whole stratosphere like the guy transcended wrestling. It happens every now and then we'll be here all day naming every moment that we thought was unbelievably spectacular but in recent memory. I put it up there with the best of them that that speech was. Leo's inspiring so I mean the emotional side of pro wrestling is why we're fans because more guide mostly invested. I'm gonNA tell everybody knows the story of me being nineteen years old and falling over a barricade and I drink a giant. Picking me up and putting me on the other side of the barricade. You fast forward to this past Saturday. I'm in Los Angeles and I'm sitting next. Andres daughter and Andrei had his hall of fame. Ring he also had they are they are. They had a jacket that Andrei war one his suits and I was able to put on. Andres jacket his ring on top of my ring and take some photos that I sent to you so you can put on on the Sirius. Xm Page it got emotional for me. Sure like I'M. I was visibly emotional. Circle yeah his daughter was like. Oh my God stop it. Now's Kane as like this is this is this is my graceland like it was it was real and that's what. Randy did to thousands. Even millions of people that saw him in that moment an mark as we sit here talking about this dance in this moment. Between Randy Orton. Well your dance is only as good as your partner. And Oh my God Beth. Beth Phoenix needs to get a shit load of credit. And I say shitload because I want the effect there. That was master flea masterfully executed by Beth Phoenix the emotion on her face. The tears welling in her eyes their reaction to each line. That randy dropped. While at least bombshell it was organic. It was real. It was in the moment and Orton. Fed off that in fact mark. I'll go as far as to say without Beth Phoenix. I don't know if Randy is is even remotely as successful in that angle is. He was because I felt like he was feeding off a Beth. And you know what that's why. Why is there not an emmy for pro wrestling performance of the year? Let's talk show the best performance in a wrestling show like it's ridiculous to force performances. I've seen a thousand performances in movies where they didn't get remotely close to the motion that random. Beth put forward remotely close big movies. You know like the Oscar races like it's ridiculous come on. You can't tell me that you look down on wrestling so much that you can see the art you can't see the the entertainment value wrestling presents. You can see the Batista's the giant Cena's the rock. These guys go to Hollywood and they become Hollywood. Keep a Lotta here. And there's more people can get the job done. Put Sam Zane in their bray. Wyatt and Bray Wyatt Charlotte flair and one of the most believable female wrestlers. That come along in a long long time and I can really really see like I shoot hot. When Oscar starts speaking Japanese I don't understand what she's saying but I'm angry and I'm like why are you laughing at fake laugh and it's intentional is very? I don't respect you laugh. You you bore me and talking about guys. Throughout History Guy Right Piper was so good. He was such a natural the Ebony cane to performing acting and he was taken away twosome. But I guarantee you if you would have put him in roles where he would have had the elevators game he would have just remember his mark mark before and not to cut you off before the rock before seen right before there was any that we had Roddy Piper John Carpenter and they live I mean he will he broke into. I mean He. He kicked a door of Hollywood in. He was a a a transcendent force. And you're absolutely right. His his absence still felt to this day. Rip Roddy Piper truly one of the greats and really laid the table for everyone else to follow in many many ways still to this day. One of the greatest heels if not the greatest. He'll that this business has ever seen and he could easily jump over and be a baby face the the versatility of Roddy Piper. And that's that is a great way to end the segment because We'll hell wins a bad time to give the CAP told Hot Rod. Thanks for listening catches Monday to Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six. The busted open podcast.

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