Mimicking Human Cells


Tissue ships could help predict to the effectiveness of medicine in humans innovation. Now a series of investigations have been conducted aboard the International Space Station to test tissue chips in microgravity made a flexible plastic tissue chips have ports and channels to provide nutrients and oxygen to the human cells contained inside them. The chips provide a home for the cells outside. The body. Tissue chips behave much like an astronaut. Spotty in space rapidly experiencing changes often associated with ageing scientists can make observations over the course of a few weeks in microgravity. That would have taken months or years to happen. On Earth fluids that mimic blood can be infused with drugs and passed through the chip by analyzing the chips. Once they are returned to Earth researchers are able to measure the effectiveness of potential treatments without conducting human or animal trials and personalized chips could be used to monitor cell changes and propose counter measures to keep astronauts healthy on missions to the moon and Mars for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer. Pulley innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace Through collaboration with NASA.

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