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Parkas listeners we have something special just for you. Starting December eleventh podcast Stas re-releasing forty-five classic episodes of the critically acclaimed series. Remarkable lives. Tragic deaths as part of the new limited series famous fates these stories are all true all compelling and only available on spotify every Wednesday famous fates will rerelease five binge worthy episodes centering around a common theme journey deeper into the impactful lives and shocking deaths of Hollywood icons icons music legends. Notorious names and more check out. This exclusive clip chronicling the impact of larger than life. Hollywood great aid John. Candy if you WANNA listen to the full episode follow famous fates free and only on spotify last call for flight to Los Angeles leaving Durango City Mexico would be my dear mother on this in Los Angeles Elyse. I understand Sir but it appears he hasn't checked in yet that's impossible. He asked me to confirm his flight last night. He called his family to tell them they'd be seeing him soon. Sorry sorry sir. There's nothing I can do about it. We're closing the doors. The plane is taking off to call this hotel. Who Good Luck? There's nothing we can do about that. Actually there is steer speak Spanish in your county senior Gandhi. Would cer. Condie may come in. Do you want me to the door open is that I'm sorry. We don't have a good connection here. Mr Candy Mr County County Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and I'm Corduroy. Welcome to famous fates apar- cast original exclusive spotify each week we'll release five. Fresh episodes centered around a common theme such as Hollywood icons influential women or music legends and each each episode. We'll take a close look at the remarkable life of a different person with the help of voice. Actors will dramatize their incredible lives reimagining their the greatest and weakest moments. Then we'll examine their controversial deaths. Some deaths came too soon. Some remains shrouded in mystery mystery and some changed the world forever today. We're covering the life and heartbreaking fate of comedian. John Candy known for blockbusters sister's like uncle buck planes trains and automobiles and home alone. But more importantly he's remembered as one of the kindest men in common you can find episodes of famous fates and all other podcast originals for free on spotify to stream famous fates for free on spotify just open in the APP and type famous fates in the search bar. Famous fates is a spotify exclusive. So you can only find it on spotify at par cast asked. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do it we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast. Twitter tap on cast network now back to the life of John. Candy the story of one of the funniest and kindest men and comedy begins on a rather cold Ontario night. It was on Halloween night in nineteen fifty not that John. Franklin candy was born the oldest of two brothers. John grew up a Catholic working class family. But for this comedian. It didn't take long for tragedy adjective to strike. His father sadly passed away when John was about five years old from heart attack and from a very young age candy was aware of his family's hereditary condition and did his best to keep the odds out of his favor. But we're getting ahead of ourselves by this time. He wasn't even an actor yet. That's because John's first passion wasn't comedy eighty football because of his size candy was a star offensive tackle but a serious knee injury cut his athletic career short paving the way for him to discover his true passion acting what began as a high school activity turned out to be his true calling. Everyone is given a gift. It takes different forms Ormes. Some are never realized unfortunately mine was and that point on. John was unstoppable. He acted all the way through college and eventually landed. Did a part time job as a member of children's Theater Company so he was set from the Gecko not quite. Let's remind ourselves that most artists don't have it. That easy candies day. Job was way less glamorous than his future roles the year was nineteen seventy one and he was working as a salesman for Kleenex. You called call me and Sir John sit down. Am I in trouble John. I have a Christmas bonus list here with me. Okay based on how much my guys made this year I give them a percentage to go home and get a nice Christmas meal. I'm looking at that list and I see one of my guys making enough. If to get himself and his family's a nice steak another one is going to make enough for fuel. LASAGNA's you understand what I'm trying to say here right. I'm trying to speak your language by talking about food in a way. I'm teaching you how to sell you. Connect with the customer. And you say what he wants to hear. So I'm I'm getting a bonus I have all the names of my team here. You want to know how much you got for a bonus. Yes you got half a grilled cheese. What type of cheese well? Everyone needs a paycheck. Yes but for candy. It meant more than that on some level being Kleenex salesman was was the answer he needed to pursue his dreams. At that time there were forty salesmen in the company and John was ranked fortieth on sales simply put he was costing more then he was bringing in so he got fired when that happened is boss told him he never should have hired an actor. That was exactly what he needed. No Stranger had ever referred it to him as an actor before from then on he would only take acting jobs even if they paid almost nothing. You found a way and it found him you you in one thousand nine hundred seventy three. The famous Chicago's second city. Troop was auditioning COMEDIANS for their new Toronto based venue. How was the scene back then? The names Dan N.. Aykroyd Catherine O'Hara Eugene Levy Martin Short ring a bell. John was the youngest among them. Some tough competition. That's what John Thought to but ackroyd sign them up for audition without candy knowing about it. He thought he was just there to give moral support for his friend but when the casting director called his name Aykroyd shoved him backstage and reminded him that he had nothing to lose. From the moment he jumped on the stage. John swept the guys off their feet. Aykroyd said they were more excited to get candy than they were himself and that was no instead of being invited to join. The Toronto Branch Candy was sent to the Chicago. Stage Right Eight. After auditioning the next thing I knew I was in Chicago where drink stay up late and Spell D R U G S and Walla. Second City he developed some of his best characters and impersonations and was adored for his self deprecating sense of humor. John's work was so good that that he was asked to go back to Canada to join second city television. SCTV was Canada's answer to a scrappy. Little American show called Saturday night live the ordinary back. I'll SETV Dow off the air starring. John Candy even even though they both came from the same school of Comedy Second City Television was different thing. It became famous for the raw talent. No Bullshit and very very very low budget gitte you read about that. Production was given about five grand per show and unlike its American half sibling. The thirty minute variety show was only a once a month commitment commitment from a tiny broadcaster but for up and coming COMEDIANS. Any opportunity is a good one and their intensity and dedication to honing their craft fueled the show for six six seasons John's most iconic characters during the show's run. Were POLKA enthusiast. lloc Maggie and jack-of-all-trades Johnny Larue joining joining the room. I want your vote now. I'm not GonNa beg you to vote for me. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. Try to fool you with any fancy figures statistics. You wouldn't and understand all I WANNA do is give you the straight dope on me and why running for office other say like the educational background who understand complicated the kid issues. We'll I've been looking over. The government reports here on tax reform made the public schools. Land these mystics economic growth projections. Hell you need at a college degree to understand it. Even if you could understand it wouldn't care anyway. No if I'm elected you're not gonna find me with my nose buried any lawbooks or any reports. The words to find out what happens next. Listen to this this episode of famous fates free on spotify.

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