Can You Hear Me?


Hi i'm apple. Fitness plus training kimmel. And i teach hit. Here is high intensity interval training. I love the f. Is plus is in your pocket wherever you go all the metrics start on your watch on the screen and you got that motivation of the trainer than me. And you know that you're going to get a workout my friends you can do this. Introducing apple fitness plus a new fitness experience powered by apple watch. World-class workouts by the world's best trainers requires an apple watch series three hundred hundred iphone successor later and a subscription to apple fitness plus two four. What would you talk about on your on your podcast. Strata percents fifty show. Gather again for the fifteen minute morning. Show podcast i'm e mail. Dropped it as we go along scotties migrants. Somebody's on your own. You're on browser scotty. You're happy now turn it down stop it. Turn it out okay. That's what scared tune in tokyo in tokyo. Coming back into tin cans. Hello can you hear us. I might down because it's all or nothing like my own echoing back myself superbowl. Let's figure barrick that's better. Can you hear me here. I keep muting him. Because i don't wanna blow your eardrums. It's lower now. I heard it in a better scotty. I can't hear you. I'm going home. That's the problem i can hear. You can hear me coming back to carry out of this. Really thought he'd turn off the audio zoom dot com. John my friends over you computer. I've sound preferences. And select your microphone. Not your microphones gameboy. Hell and stunning. But i think that's better him. I know but he needs an opportunity to speak on the show so we can't. You can't dispute people if you don't like what they're saying why we can't career of that. Did you fix it. Okay okay. we're good we. Maybe we can hear him though. Talk now he's not. Yes yes yes yes. But we're hearing excellent echo speaker of no. That's not speaking that's something. That's an input coming back at the sumer is he doesn't even really zoom in clean clean. Need the computer turn term. You won't see me anymore. Turn we wanna see settings. Turn off your audio on if you click on the bottom. The little arrow on the little arrow click leave audio or whatever league. God awful johnny. So i feel like an idiot pretty close. How about this. Yes yes so here. You still internal tra- audio microphone watching the very beginning friday. We saw about ten minutes this in their health. And he'll stroke aneurysm here seriously. I'm just gonna go away. I do notice with scotty talks. It doesn't say something something. I'm talking right now. Very good theory. Scotty host this. I'm just going to go away. We'll do this tomorrow. You help me later. I feel bad. don't you can help you later. Hey i'm leaving. i'm leaving you. Don't leave and it's all right. I don't know what to do this video camera. That's names may not went home to tampa for the super bowl. This okay okay. Okay no no all right all right. I'm talking about talking to phone. Well i'm talking to mate. Also because i was still like doing the show. What okay go ahead. Sorry russ god to hear that the the sound of not one person still listening. What if it's just us watching our own podcasts. Everyone away pour. Scotty you guys watch the podcast. Later in the day i do. Y'all do not today. Kids do and then i say oh. Gosh i'm so sorry. And i have to apologize then i get a phone call and this is how i know. She's watched it. 'cause i don't answer all the time when she called me around the time i think she's watched it. She'll say if you could give me you get a chance. There's just something. I i would like to discuss with you. I know that that means that. I said something that i should not very. It's so funny to me that where the age we are and we still get in trouble with our parents. Because when i think back when i was a small child and my parents were forty five. I don't think their parents called them and said hannington talking about something you said well. They didn't have a show right. They learn on the radio charge. So i can tell you this now. Since he is going to the super bowl. I was willing to pay your son some money to unplug the tv. During tampa bay's first touchdown of the super bowl just to get your reaction. And he was into it he was into it. And we're actually going to do it over the weekend. But he got so into the gain totally forgot that him. And i had this this deal. So why lease lisa record why. He's going to unplug the television. Like who i live with. You know your family. Think of who. Don't trust soul. Yeah we're gonna pay kid start chanting. Let's go chiefs at the game. Could you imagine lobbyists of so. I told kate and i go. I guess we're not doing this bit. And he goes well. I'm going to have to turn the lights off at the super bowl they go. Wow that was close. That would have been a bad moment in the froggy house. That would've been really bad. It would've been great for the show. Hey i've seen. But i've seen those moments with froggy like when he gets real pets like some monster lose my shit all the time. Oh no no no doubt one time that you did lose your shit remember okay. I've known you for almost. I've known you for fifteen sixteen years now one time. I think that's a pretty good record and to be honest. What you lost your shed over was worth. Let me ask you a question. What is worse than a friend recalling the time you lost your shit. You're late have to relive again. I self in the bathroom. But i was right right then. You yes you were. You're not filling in the blanks. Move on so. We were celebrating. Lisa's birthday and a whole bunch of ladies got together and we rented a car. And actually we got the car through a froggy friend. Free one of the girls threw up all over the car and made a mess and frog. We got it for free and it was lent to us by a friend and she threw up because was wasted and she couldn't handle her alcohol. So froggy was rail past. Because you know we're responsible for that car because it's a friends so was not was not good. He will not happy springs named daniel minero. And i'll tell you can yell. Was texting me for west like while it was happening. She said i'm so sorry. What can i do to help. what can we do. Because i know we didn't yet was bad but they did lose my shit but all i did was screaming. Y'all it was nothing physical. She didn't lose her shit worth up straight back. High straight nate. Oh hey where'd you go. You didn't go get a haircut plates. Here jeff jets trying to fix something for me. Does anyone think. Nate looks like napoleon dynamite. Today i think more like what's what's the what's the crazy scientists name back to the future. He looks more like that guy. Hey future boy. I look like prince albert victoria. No he's hot. Your hair your hair. The hair face much. He does have the flip hair over from the profile. I look a little bit like him. Ten sideways no. He's he's he's mike's in your way we can really. I will tell you if if you're not watching victoria. The who plays albert nowhere. Near as hot as the duke of hastings on bridgeton none of all. But he's pretty fucking hot. So i said nate you're gonna watch nate's i'll watch it then. I'm like your hot guys. no. I'm not really a hot guys. I mean i appreciate it very attractive. Man you know. I will tell you. That light looks at hot guys in this. Like i'm hotter and compares all the features. Elvis will say some guys hot. And i go please by the way i love that. Lightning on your forehead looks great This is sliding sucks. Scotty station is so but look at look at brody's lighting. his face is like equally. Yeah it looks good. Garrett looks good glowing danielle and gandhi frog is a little bit of a shadow but it looks kind of all coming off my forehead. If i if i it's often guard in front of that brick wall. I still have the old jingle ball background. Yes we ordered a new one. Let's keep it up until next jingle ball. Why not what are we doing. How much time do we even started. No we haven't started three minutes done. Did we include. Who got three in the ears by scotty. We heard a lot of echoes. Danielle made some noises about froggies. Flip outlook scott. He's back if it were. Mike's not even here so it's a scary. He's using the internal microphone on the computer. Sounds much better. I mean it goes a little bit. Anyway i'm leaving now. Now you know came. We don't hear ourselves back even a little bit must be using the computer. Mike who's rumor you in the office. We're having some worked on downstairs so this is now also our kitchen. Hello kitty stole it. What about the chair. You're on your very porn s share. Yeah that's a kobe catcher. If i've ever seen absorbs event what is free. I don't know all right well. This has been a podcast about nothing. That's ashley over conduit for disease so in the second stops i second the motion. Wow the fifteen minute morning shell.

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