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Brand sock. And hey, everybody out there. This is a net. This is brand talking. Yeah. You like that intro. I thought that was pretty cute that was one of only but goodie. What am I trying to oldie but goody song from? And gabe. The Bee Gees song was called jive. I think jive talk can. Yeah. So I want a little retro there for those of you who like a little bit of retro music. I thought I bring you a little bit of. Jive dunkin. All right. So. I'm jumping right into this podcast because I feel like I need to I want to and. I need to want to. So we're gonna talk some brands. We're gonna talk about brands, right? You like brand. Okay. Then shop the brands, you know, at brand shopping network dot com. That is one of my brands I am proud to say that it's part of the and that Thomas Senate prize brand portfolio, and what we bring to you what brand shop and network is brands deals coupons. And if you're like me every once in awhile, I shop a good deal. I like, I do my coupon clip in every once in awhile. So if you're like me, then you need to check out my blog website at branch shopping that were dot net. Deals. Galore shopping galore. And I will say this. There was a bit of a piece of news that was out there, and they were talking about how people can save because they had that recent government shutdown and people were talking about getting people to save more money because they were, you know, their their budgets are their money was being they were losing money with this thing that was going on. Branch dot com has always been a deal site. Not because of anything that was going on and the US economy. Not that anything that was going on in the government. Not that anything that was going on anywhere. We've always brought deals. So if you haven't checked out. Branch shopping network dot com. You need to. We have deals from different brands. I mean, you name it. It's there this coupons. You know, the kind that you can print and clip, and you can go to the grocery store and use this digital coupons. There's also branded coupons. So if you like to shop brands. Come on you asked for it there. It is deals deals deals everywhere. Brought to you by. You know, branch shopping dot com. And I recently revamped the site. To showcase more of the deals, right? And. I got a bit of a bit of a response. But I want a bigger response. You know, I the fact that I'm made it like that is because I know what it was like. To be able to. Okay, I'm looking for the best deal. And I still do. So if you are person that likes to deal shop wanna save money. And I'm not saying, you are, you know, because sometimes some people think when you shop deals is not quality stuff. Not every time not every time. So if you like to shop deals. And you wanna clip and save. And you like to shop brands. Branch shop in that were dot com. I don't need to say anything else. Branch shop in that were dot net. Okay. I think I'll say that. So you need to visit you need to visit by the way branch shop number dot com. Here we are Valentine's as closing in. Right. Haven't have you shopped for anything Valentine's Day? Perfect opportunity. I believe there's diamonds and jewelry and rings and things. Their on branch dot net dot com, come on not only that Valentine's Day is what what is Valentine's Day Sadie. You. It says to me romance. Is this to me love it says to me anniversary? It happens to be my anniversary. It happens to be my interest. I was married on Valentine's Day for all of you out. There listening Valentine's as for lovers, and I love my lover. So while I'm selling braiding Valentine's Day with all of you. But I'm celebrating another year. Now, I'm not going to tell you how many years of been married. I will tell you. This is not the years in the marriage is that life baby is that life in those years. So if you're married and not necessarily on Valentine's Day. Breathe some life into your relationship have some life in there. Don't just have years that are like da years that they like boring years breathe some life into your into your relationship into your life into your relationship. And every time I think about Valentine's Day, I think about the emphasis of love being the essence of it. And you can love anybody. You can give to whoever you want to in Valentine's Day. But expression of love is always an action word. And if you love somebody you're taking action on something whether it's shoots telling them something giving him something saying something to them it's action oriented because that's what love is all about. So I suggest you take action. Not just by visiting branch shopping that were dot com and checking our latest romance novels because they are there. And I would deny myself the the opportunity to tell you guys to do that. But I want you to be able to enjoy the day not just today. But when you talk about love love is an action word, and it should be three hundred sixty five days of the year. Twenty four seven. But I celebrate the day because I happen to be married on that day. And it's something special to me. So if you're going to celebrate Valentine's Day. Celebrate the essence of Valentine's Day. Three hundred sixty five days of the year. As it's about love. It's about action is about doing is about giving. Reciprocity in relationship. Give give you know. So. Happy Valentine's Day, all of you. And I will be enjoying mine. But I enjoy it three hundred sixty five tastes of the year. So I hope your Valentine's Day is sweet. And by the way, if you're shopping for candy, they're not making this year. You're not gonna see member that you know, the the little chocolate nut chocolate little hearts, the not making those this year. So if you're going to buy somebody something you'll never find it in stores. They're not making this year, the little heart shaped sweet and sour things. Those are good weren't they? But you can always buy chocolate because chocolate is all the time. I thank you for tuning in to this episode of the digital vibe podcast. And of course, this is an at CEA.

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