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Ep. 2,970: Ricardo Lamas and Farah Hannoun


Sirius X._M.. I I took nastiness baby on Junkie Radio with Gorgeous Georgia and this is what we do. We do it baby covering Eh may from all over the world vis is the premier stop for all your combat sports needs and that may junkie radio the only show broadcasting live from a Mandalay Bay resort and casino in the fight capital of the World Las Vegas Nevada. The lights are on the Mike Sir Hi. It's tied to get your M._M._A.. Fix Junkies take it away big. John Gorgeous George Goes. Are you ready Junkie. You've written cute all from the fight capital of the world inside the beautiful Mandalay Bay races sportsbook. You are listening to the Junkie Radio. Show the only show that matters. I'm your host Gorgeous George with me as always a devious industrial egos are east coast rose to my left. It's the fight analyst Dan Tom Backwards producing classy Kelly. What's up pillow? That's going on all good in your hood good over here so check second outgoings. Okay Vegas has been inundated by everybody. I who are saying locus I I said that yeah and then grasshoppers basically it's grasshopper grasshopper grasshopper flu but every I saw coalfield also joking about this coalfield a friend of ours in the minimum me-media local <hes> l._V. Media Guy Pugh said don't worry it's downtown and on the Strip. I figured the bright lights when I walked out to the car today there was grasshoppers everywhere now. No and I walked outside. They were all by the door all started jumping around. I mean not as much as what you've been seeing on the Strip. Have you seen some of the strip videos no do the strip ones are the worst. You can't even walk through a door because they're everywhere okay so does anybody we just have the cliff notes anything to worry about or just not not grasshopper but millions of grasshoppers. Nothing okay apparently happened before yeah. We're the lizard. Some news is guys on. It wasn't a big deal and saying not to worry and whatnot we saw so grasshoppers fly you. I don't know isn't that thing. They hop really high. No no a hopper flew in what what was that Muslim bug's life or aunts hopper played by Kevin Spacey which extra creepy now you look back now. They really were afraid of hopper so they do fly them because that's what we kept seeing was up in the lights. They were there. Yes all right I suppose or maybe it's like the <hes> the west coast grasshopper you know there's sometimes there's just a version or fancy version of of something else coast. One of you guys are going to believe how much like in certain areas dare tally what's the northeast. He's like in the summer I hear it super hot and super humidity guys going through any form of a heatwave or anything like that definitely last weekend it was I think both Saturday and Sunday over ninety and then felt like over a hundred with crazy humidity this week. It cooled down a bit because we got a ton of rain so it's in the rain rain coming off a ton yeah it was it rained a lot like Oh. I pretty much swam to Penn station from work on on Monday bad yeah it was nuts but now we're like eighty so we're okay not to get political or anything but this climate change. What is I mean? We had a tornado in California. We never have tornadoes then. I see these little. What are they call dirt doubles with shovels sidewinders something like that here in Vegas? I've seen a couple of those but then the extreme he driven through one in <hes> when I had the convertible yeah and air hurt it didn't and like it would mess anything up there so many little rock's hit me in the face. It was horrible. Would I read was <hes> anytime we have really extra mois or prolonged cooler springs early leading into early summer <hes> that's what will happen Panos for some South to north and these apparently aren't aren't from far away and it's happened a few times before only watch like two things I just I'm nutty man. I gotTA look it up. I didn't know too. You know what I'm saying like. When I saw that stuff I'm not I'm not a good with bug-eyed not gonNa try to pretend a macho? <hes> you know so I was like I gotta you gotTa know this stuff man even when I watch a movie the Saint earlier today is like when I watch a movie. I'm like if it's a good movie. I'm like Oh. This was based on a character and I gotta go look at that character and you know look it up or there's a mess man i. I don't know it just seems like bizarre time. There's no reason that I get that there can be rain but she just said a lot of wrote. You know what I mean. California also like rain stopped sometimes they say April showers and sometimes like June gloom room or whatever but I I've noticed that the whether it's just been a little bit weird the last few years and I'm wondering if it's all attributed to hop I think so poll and cavs melting yeah I've seen some of the ground oh my all that out on the ground yeah but there are some of the casino still have like the lights on the side they couldn't even walk through doors and stuff because it was a big cloud of today's show <hes> to Lascaux the week. It's going to be fun time. We have fodder Cahoon the latest edition to the May Junkie Radio team she'll join us in about a ten minutes or so she'll be calling in from Morocco and she stayed up late just like Simon U._k.. Did the other day so she could do this spot so we'll talk to her or learn a little bit more about her and might be a good time to if we have that a quick moment we aren't we weren't able to do at the other day but maybe slide into the daily debate as well which ties into fighters making weight and I it's. It's that topic but I can't safely you. Tell you that the fighters didn't make wait out in Canada. <hes> main event for sure is good to go remember. It's a title fight so Holloway and Edgar have to make a hundred forty five pounds on the dot any other featherweights or anyone else would get that one pound weight allowance but they did have to go the <hes> you know all the way down to one forty five so we're good to go there. Allies Vulcan off ski which I didn't know about this <hes> he was he was the backup remember but this is the dude that beat Josie Aldo in May then almost lost his leg spent a few days in in Chile then got back to Australia and and we're wondering if <hes> you know it would be too quick turnaround for the October Card in the stadium because of what he had gone through this Guy <hes> this guy is ready to go and one of the other guys you know didn't make weight and he flew all the way from Australia to make the happen. We'll we'll tell you all that into the daily Bay but that was simply amazing easy when I heard it and he just goes to tell you how bad guy wants to be a world champion now. We're hoping the plan is that the winner of Saturday night we'll fight woken off ski in October on the scene card as Israel to Sonya and wherever whitaker the stadium card in Melbourne where they unify but the but yeah that's something that we'll touch on and just a bit Holloway's last night was one hundred fifty five pounds. He had to get down to one forty five for this one and everybody was watching you know to see if this was going to be something that he would struggle with or or or not but <hes> he you know he got the job done. I mean he is a consummate professional. He did have one one event where you know they. They actually pulled him from <hes> you know competition but which we never ever really got a one hundred percent explanation it doesn't appear so because didn't they run tests on him and still didn't know what he could not knowing all that what I've probably would attributed to his body just shut down because of the stressors you know <hes> that that one can just go through. I've heard that plenty of times and it I it's just not your week. It's not a week and that that's that's what happened. We all held it against them. How's IT GONNA look against? Ortega Khameini Look Great Against Ortega. You know what I mean. How's it going to look when it comes down from one for define well? We don't know we'll know that tomorrow but at least he made wait so so far that fight is ago and don't forget tomorrow night goes beyond the sports caster so we are GonNa be doing a watch along with you all for U._F._C.. Two forty you can go to sportscaster dot com slash may junkie and catch us at ten PM Eastern Seven P._M.. Pacific to <hes> enjoy the fights along with you guys. I think I'm going to drink shot for every finish. ooh Okay Yeah that that <hes> that works now on today's show Ben Saunders will join us here in studio longtime. You have see well too but he's been around Bell Turin Ord many promotions. He's been in for a good fifteen years. He'll join us here in studio and hang out with us and we're GONNA I think take more of our time breaking down this card rather than some of those rush jobs that we've done in the past so we got some odd sheets needs from here courtesy of the M._g._m.. Resorts also have <hes> best fight odds dot com appear so we can reference some of the ups and downs of the Line Movement you know these sheets just have the line but over here at tells us a little bit of the history of which way the fight is going upwards or downward so we'll have fun with Ben and break all that down fodder will join US shortly as well <hes> and then we'll talk to Ricard Alanis remember him he fight U._F._C. Two thirty eight in Chicago Chicago Illinois and and he was on the losing and he got his job broken to buy Calvin cater and <hes> we'll. We'll catch up with him. He you know I'm not joking here now. He can talk and eat because he had the job wire yeah so add that to remember right so <hes> he is not out of the woods yet I mean I think he's still might have to have a he has to have more follow ups or whatever and we're not gonNA talk about any potential fight yet. I imagined I do know that he's not done what the sport but still I think we've we've had them on long enough and he's such a veteran and you know we're going to talk to him and just see what what a state of mind is. After all these years after such serious injury like that go ahead speaking of injuries guests I see Yellow Santos here in Vegas both knees and he says he's an agony man. He says it's he's been in a lot of pain. He can barely sleep and reminded me when I must have mining and I had pain for about a good a good a day or so but the meds helped now granted i. I don't know I mean how early is this guy on the rehab like I had the way too good two weeks before they did anything <hes> it could just be mental and granted. I was in my own bed. I had my own nurse. I will say I mean Juliet was there twenty four seven whereas he lives in Sao Paulo Brazil. I don't even think he's been able to fly home because right away. They got they went to the surgery and he's just basically been here for the last month. Associate could be a little bit maybe depressed us from just not being with family and then having both these at least I had the one knee but I vividly remember. Just you know how how brutal it was especially those first couple days but he was like five days out of a surgery and he's still experiencing some pains. God God bless that guy. Did your doctor do it. I don't know I got a good question. No I think I think it got done in L._A.. Oh did you think I heard that it got done in L._A.. Yeah <hes> and then my other question was going to be is the beef finally GonNa get squashed with with Ben Today. It's funny because I'm going to bring up the story but it has not been be for so long because he's always been so cool on the show. I'll just bring up the story and I'm sure hopefully we'll get a kick out of it but yeah the first interaction I had with Ben and again it wasn't really beautiful before my side and it was just like say well. You know what I mean. When I tell the story hopefully you guys will get a kick out of it because that's stories at least ten years old from our early days as of doing <hes> we were still take radio right may just because yeah okay because <hes> so it was trig yeah but that story you wanted to tell that day and then he said now save it for when studio yeah so and and literally he's been cool ever since <hes> ever since I've known them yeah so you know he's got that middle killaby smile on his face? We'll be good. That's our show for today and if you WANNA call in and participate at any point it's eight seven seven hundred ninety three eight seven seven three or four four four eight nine three right so let's get this break out of the way and when we come back we'll talk to honeymoon believes addition of two excuse me ever made junkies editorial staff they close. We'll be right back. They're fighting style is described as fluffy but they're radio style is on point here. Are George Goes Dan. How about this guy's noon the latest addition to ever made Junkie Radio? If she were fighter this would be her walkup Song Straight Outta Morocco follow her on twitter by the way at Fata underscore hello. How're you doing fire good to have you back could have you on the show? Excuse me hey guys take so much rather than me all right. We we get the music right. Did you like that traditional music. So that's why account wait for him to be on your show. When you intro him to Karachi all right <hes> welcome to anime junkie radio? You've been part of the Junkie team now for months great to have have you do excellent work and <hes> I'm sorry we didn't get you on sooner. I've been saying this all week to Dave and Simon and Nolan when we eventually get you in but seriously <hes> you guys have been great additions to the team and we've been Ed Meiring your work even before you join Junkie. I read that guys that means a lot now. How did how did you get involved in the enemy junkie too sorry to begin with? Tell us that story. I actually my brother got me into it. I've always been into sports and growing up. I played basketball so honestly I thought I was going to go that. Direction either wanted to be a pro athlete or write about it so <hes> older and I figured I wouldn't be yeah pro athlete <hes> I started to divert attention towards <hes> like sports coverage and stuff and I honestly thought I was going to go down the basketball route but then I started to get into Emma made because my older brother and there was just being super intriguing about the sport because I saw how hard they trained and <hes> I felt like they train harder than all the other athletes and they just weren't getting the the shine that they deserved and that was interesting for me because I said <hes> if I'm GonNa get into into sports coverage I WANNA do like I wanna make a difference so the idea for me was I wanted to try to grow a large platform where I can hope these athletes <hes> in a way where you have up and coming guys <hes> that are probably not getting the shine they observe cause in the sport. It's a little bit difficult. Of course you need to self promote as well. You need to win a lot of fights and like in basketball and football you could lose you could still be super popular and this sport. It's a it's a lot harder so I just wanted like I was interested in this for right because I just thought that I could actually try to help the athletes by by giving them try and especially the younger than <hes> up incomers so it was just something <hes> I saw on the sport that I felt like <hes> I could actually make a difference as opposed to of covering the N._B._A.. Storage football stars or something like that what I like about this story is basically made your decision early. Either want to be an athlete or cover it and I admire that because I wanted this world like a buffoon moon for years until I finally settled into something that I love which is mixed martial arts but yeah eighties and ninety so I was just thinking about this last night. You had a good eight hundred nine eight hundred ninety. I agree with that but what I'm saying is as far as I career career wise in knowing what you WanNa do and making those decisions and boom folks. She's got a really cool instagram page. I gave the twitter early but on instagram follow at M._A.. At U._F._C. News alerts her pages blowing up the there there as well so very very cool now. Let me ask you about Your Basketball Games. You must have been pretty good. It sounds like you played a few years. Yeah I mean I I still play every day. I play just like basketball because it's like my my only escaped like from like I'll I'll cover him and they all day then. I'll head to the basketball court where I'M NOT GONNA look at a my phone or computer screen for just a couple of hours. It's nice to have that escaped by so play by play for fun. I just kind of like <hes> got my own pickup basketball crew and after three other than cover have time to do <hes> pretty cool. I like it. You know here at Mandalay Bay right now. They're doing the it's the W._n._B._A.. All Star weekend today was like the three-point shoot out there and it was packed over there. You saw people yeah. I saw that so we're here at Mandalay Bay. Where studio is it's? It's the home of the aces and according to goes you know the team a little bit better. They're they're one of the better teams right goes the W._n._B._A.. There picked the arenas pretty full. You know quite often so it's quite a buzz at they've created here within our hotel nice yeah the sport. I four like the women obviously they don't get at the same attention as the W._n._B._A.. Much attention as N._B._A.. <hes> but I I feel like it's getting there. It's gotten better there. I went to see him. I think the first game in the second game and the game play is really really good and that team is awesome cool all right all right go for one hundred one cushion. I wanted to ask you Dave Doyle on earlier this week and he was talking about early on in his career how the sport just wasn't getting covered and he he almost had to kind of trick editors into covering it. What about in your neck of the woods like how does the sport get covered on the local scene like do they will pop up in magazines pop up in the newspaper on the news do do they hear much about it? <hes> that barely to be on that was one of the biggest challenges for me. <hes> covering enemy was because <hes> there wasn't that large of an interest there as much of a local scene so I lived in Egypt right now I'm Rocco in general <hes> there isn't much of a local scene to begin with and the coverage just in general whether it be the local scene or the U._F._C. or any of the bigger promotion <hes> it was never that big it was never existence like honesty when when Habib Fall Connor and he beat corner that's when it started to get a little bit of big in the Middle East the amount of people I had hitting me up that I haven't heard from in years like did you watch that because I come into sport but I I had so. Many people hit me up that I haven't heard from him forever which was really cool because I'm like they they didn't they don't know much about the they don't know much about m._M._a.. But it kind of <hes> garnered that interest outfight specifically so I feel that flight was pivotal now all of a sudden we're going to get U._F._C. Abu Dhabi September and it's no coincidence because it's been since in two thousand fourteen since they've gone and <hes> after Habib beat conor all of a sudden they do the new deal now. There's a new APP that you have to subscribe in the Middle East and North Africa. You have to subscribe for I think five dollars a month and like before it was for free three <hes> so they're changing things 'cause they're realizing that there's more interest towards sport but when I started covering good about five years ago it was really challenging because <hes> in a way that can my own world <hes> like I'd I'd covered U._s._C. and stuff. I had no one to talk about about it. <hes> no one to like <hes>. Did you see the flight's last night. Nothing like that at all. <hes> which is why nine instagram page helped me out a lot because I kind of created the so network where I was able to form relationship with different fighters monitors coaches as well well. It's diehard fans from all over the world but for me back home like there just wasn't that interest <hes> all about sports so I never had anyone to talk to about it or or any really fellow journalists around me so <hes> that was kind of one of the big challenges for for me <hes> covering this is just because I didn't really have anybody around me to show me the ropes if that makes any sense so I just kind of hard to figure it out my whole trial and error kind of thing and see what works and try to network through social media. Can you point to a specific moment or a specific fight where you just kind of turn that corner and said this is for me like covering underneath yeah because they're one that just one you over invent or a fight. I remember <hes> honesty like the first time I started watching like actual like press conferences build up to the fights as opposed to just watching the fight one silva thoughts on <hes> I remember remember my cousin coming to me with tons of like press conference footage and interviews and stuff I got and he was showing me kind of the the build up because when I watched sport whether it'd be basketball football whatever I always watch everything around the nauseous the game like I get really into the stats and everything and that was kind of the first time the honesty that I started to there's a lot to it <hes> to sport and I was so into that fight like before that was the first time I walked the buildup of a fight and I was actually really anticipating the fight as opposed to watching around them <hes> event that are had done many times in the past so I think that was like kind of the turning point that okay the sport is really interesting and especially the way the fight ended <hes> wh-what Philbin son-in-law Triangle Troch in the fifth round and everything so I feel that was the point where I started to cover the sport. <hes> entirety will realize that there's so much more that goes into sports in the fight itself. Our guest is the latest addition to the editorial toil staff here at Enemy Junkie and let me turn it over to the fight analyst Dan Tom Dan. What do you ever fighter? I was going to touch on a lot of the same things <hes> goes did so I just want to add really quick that just yeah it was super impressive as far as finding kind of a bridge so to speak and finding kind of your your your own voice and I know you know obviously are managing editor. Simon Sunday similar praises but you know they're very true and I think it's a good example <hes> that many people that I'm sure you've experienced the two <hes> you know as far as people reaching out maybe in your you know d._m._z.. Messages you know saying hey how do I break into being journalist or reporting or how did you get your star Fata. Did you get those questions and and and do you kind of of a point to a similar example as far as trying to find your own bridge invoice. Oh Yeah for sure I got them to this day. <hes> I think a lot of people never really new 'cause at for for very long time. I was like hidden behind that U._F._C. Account on instagram the the update stage I had I wasn't like out kind of afraid to to put myself as like I didn't know when the transition points like when I should make that transition points for the longest time I've got like dude and Bro and people would think I like I. I remember calendar one at Invest I remember he was so shocked because like I set up an energetic took me a while to do phone interviews as well like I was doing via email a law 'cause I was super intimidated and then eventually I transitioned to doing call all interviewed by remember. Andrew Obama was so shocked he's like what is that. I thought you were a dude in California and I 'cause I've been talking to these fighters to counter the longest time so it's kind of <hes> to put myself out. i didn't know and and i don't know there was a specific moment where i felt like i wanted to but like i just started doing these instagram live videos and everyone's reaction was like complete shock like this e that i'm a girl in base in the middle east so it was interesting a little tough because i'd get a lot of like negative or comments or whatnot but i go through it eventually just 'cause i kept doing it again and again i'm like the bad comments are gonna come anyway and i just go past it by like building kind of relationship by i tell them like asking me questions and i'll answer just engaging them and <hes> i kinda use that to get my name and then i suddenly switched my twitter account to my name because i didn't have that before and <hes> slowly started telling the fighters by the way on the girl like after talking on the girl so there are a lot of weird tons like that but <hes> i knew i eventually had to do it if i wanted to take the next step in my career and <hes> yeah i eventually did well glad did you did and i definitely hope we hear from you more we'll make sure we'll get you an don't don't don't be shy if you wanna certain you know certain call intro music and don't feel bad with george gave because let let's be honest he tried to play me on with the gong before and i'm just kidding georgia that was a breakdown segments no no no kidding but much respect and i didn't know about the basketball either as here is like yeah because these guys no i talked their heads off but <hes> maybe in a different way but i came from basketball to him and mamane way different okay i guess that nothing in you know meaningful but <hes> i appreciate that that bridge there's that was cool yeah i mean i love to cover basketball one day but i just feel that come so like annonay there i just had the sex-specific connection with the in regards to like i said that i talked to a lot of these fighters and i see like <hes> done good their name out there like when i bill a following on my instagram and i got up to like a certain amount of followers i started to the fighters really appreciated me putting their name out there which was a little crazy to me because i'm like i'm trying to put my name out there i'm like i haven't even put my name there yet but i'm like it was it was cool to see the mental lot to them and i was crazy to me because these guys work so hard so there was the weird satisfation i and like being able to help them even if it's zero point zero zero one percents <hes> to help them <hes> kinda got their name out there and then the idea for me with to post about every single fighter on the roster not just the because i'm sure if i was like posting about conor honor mcgregor every day i could have reached like half a million followers and whatnot but idea for me was to make sure i gave every single fighter voice and then eventually they'll learn about them and then i remember looking these fighters when they were like one annot newcomers and where they are now and it feels cool that that i was like covering them we're trying to cover them back then nice all right do you play n._b._a. k. by any chance i admit a while i used to but venables fade you'd wanna see you play daniel cormie he gets heated i'm super competitive you know this is going so well i'm just gonna leave it at that we're going to do the debate and just a second but part of me wants to ask her who were n._b._a. team is but all man if she says the wrong team is going to go in a bad direction <hes> but then if she were to say the magical name than they could be the greatest interview ever buy right now i'm just gonna leave it a mystery because the odds are against us you know there's <hes> we got a good really yeah i see we ask ask her all right here we go fair who's your team well that's the thing is i'm not gonna give you the answer expec 'cause i had a team for the longest time and you can call me disloyal or whatnot but i don't come from that state i don't come from that city the teams completely changed so for me for like ten plus years i was a die hard phoenix suns son steve nash was like one of my idols i'm modern my game around stephen the watch videos of him shoot because <hes> he wasn't the most athletic her fast guy and neither am is so i kinda us <hes> like his skill and his ability and i just enjoyed the way he uses i._q. and stuff like that so i was like a die hard suns fan for like ten plus years and then when the team completely got assembled <hes> there are a few teams that i like and now the m._p.'s just become citrus circus like with all the trades as well <hes> i don't even know what to expect in the she's in like <hes> with coli and lebron and anthony davis and just all in westbrook i don't even know like what the season's going to be but i just feel like it's not like it used to be i don't know that's right yeah yeah like the pistons spurs i hard for bottles <hes> it's not it's just not the same pretty crazy like ever since the cavs made that three one comeback which i love by the way because veloso bond but like when they made that to me one comeback against the warriors <hes> i just feel like everything changed suck all these super team started forming and i don't know how i feel about it well if you love lebron wouldn't make most senses be a laker fan it's weird i used to be the biggest rival sons for awhile so that's weird dollars the lakers fan but yeah i guess got her i'm a bulls fan but i also marked that era well it's hard because like you could kinda even tell back in like the golden era as good at it was like you know ninety seven grant hill doing sprite commercials you can see where the money's going but actually mark lakers fan of the nineties i'm a classic lakers fan but man that the whole tim donaghy on a he and the buying the championships and do you wanna talk about stack teams you know with with <hes> you know not just a shack kobe everybody was talking about i mean th they were stacking to like that was i'm going to get get beat up on my co-host right now but that's to me where i started the tune out fair because i i couldn't tell there was too much money in the league and i i was done there wasn't any teams anymore like like like my team like the bulls like guys like bill bill wellington like he looks like the detective from stranger things that guy was on a professional basketball team guys he was on a finals pill wellington sorry yeah you know it's weird siders man between cartwright will perdue weird but somebody just walked by wearing a steve nash jersey rain i better watch what i say you got spies oh there is there yeah that's funny i'll go if you know what you wanna hear something funnier row madrid losing four nothing to athletico injury something funnier even that funnier you're even that ben saunders that the m._g._m. right now in the m._g._m. sportsbook on my bro- we're at the mandalay bay just look up i mentioned that like three times but what are you going to say to a fighter right so hopefully he's gonna it'll be a little bit of a delay before he gets here but <hes> but i'll tell you what we got to end this really quick but i wanted to include you in today's day the debate you down still it yeah sure yep all right let's go hit it kelly brothers garcia seeming recanted kathy everyone knows it's duck season preseason duck season season whether it's food that's really great spelling case great gambling always bet on black i like red black reading fuck black dummy or even social media instagram snapchat tap tap instagram snapchat the same applies to the biggest stories time for elevate junkie radios debate today's debate question for the junkie radio team and the the latest addition to the enemy junkie editorial bloom when it comes to having a fighter on standby for the main event like alec our excuse me alex woken off ski at u._c. to forty do you like it or dislike it but obviously we want you to expand your dots leadoff goes i love it so long as the fighter can make it in a healthy way doesn't feel panic they're given i don't even care that that they don't let you know ahead of time like i just found out about this you know he's got to prepare for two fighters lighters yeah i know that's pretty threw away cut as the show money which hopefully for everyone is pretty decent at that point of they're asking put you in that situation but i absolutely love it as a fan i would feel more comfortable uh-huh comfortable about buying tickets ordering paper views knowing that there's that security blanket all right how about you i feel like this is going to be really one-sided but i don't wanna play the other side just to play either side so even though my vote may not be this way let me tell you what i don't like about it makes sense okay so what i don't like about is i'm sure these guys are getting paid and whatnot <hes> but i don't like about his anytime they're asked by the media all these different types of guys guys more talkative than others it's all the same answer and it's kinda mum and that's fine <hes> <music> i'm hoping that means that they made a good deal with the u._f._c. but you wonder are these guys really getting compensated to the guys that are having to do this are usually guys like the jock arrays of the world or <hes> you know who who who else has done this before <hes> like guys who like volkogonov ski or a guy who come on guys who've been on like long winning streaks who probably should've got the title shot a sooner than they did or jockeys case did didn't come at all when it probably could came a couple times in his career right let's be honest here and and that's what i don't like to it's it's the good guys guys having to go through the winning streaks are the ones that are having to do this and kind of like how you can't just get into u._f._c. anymore it's either contender series <hes> we don't really have tough anymore or it's pretty much even from contender series at short notice things well ah that's for guys coming into it on the other side guy trying to get to the championships it feels like they have to do these these these things for the u._f._c. <hes> as far as stepping in their invokana scheme particular here's what i don't like because it that kind of muddies up the time line in the whole reason why they said hey let's go with frankie <hes> volkogonov he's not going to be ready anyways right it wasn't that what we were told by the officials but then if vulcanology wasn't gonna be ready how is he proposed to be the backup here now it's good they needed back appear especially for as light of a car like this is hopefully it's not a trend but sadly that's a whole nother oversaturation argument and that's what i don't like about this all right how are you sir i recurring down a agreed but the way i think about it is i mean i like it but i almost feel like the u._c. now is that if you don't do it it'll stick with them if that makes percents <hes> then like if you're in the good graces if you don't they'll remember that and they'll probably pass them up because i was one other thing dane on one of his interviews and he's like they're like him why did he give franken title shot over alex and he's like well he took that fight with brian ortega when he didn't have to so i feel like those things like stick with the u._s._c. if you and i sometimes the fighters feel a certain pressure to have to do these things to feign they're good graces because if they don't then they can be passed up 'cause all of a sudden now we're seeing interim champion being passed up for title shot it's a little different this day and age <hes> with who gets what so i feel like a great for the tons because in a cord like this which is in the strongest pay per view if if something were to happen to and i'm thinking about that i would w curtis well because that's another card that isn't the goes and i'm wondering if i mean felder spoke on on the show saying that he wants to make one fifty five on the dos so should something happen and that for me these of he's gotta fight you know anyway he's going to do the cuts he's probably just going to cut an extra point if you're gonna make one fifty six so i think maybe down line would they could do is probably have another pivotal fight maybe not in the case of out smoking off-key but another pivotal fight where top rank <hes> featherweights are also competing on that card because the that way you guys wear cutting purpose anyway as opposed to vulcan off keep flying all the way from australia well you all three made excellent points so there's really no one to disagree with but i will say this dan you're right the reason these there is because the card needed insurance assurance deep fry you saw how deep thirty eight was in chicago thirty nine in vegas in anaheim sick you know what i mean but this one doesn't have it so okay in the way i applaud the for having a backup for edmonton the fans there but at the same time time it's because they didn't build a card okay the next thing here is what that point why not just use something i've always said in something like farage's touched on why not just have woken ascii fighting somebody on that same there on the same time online and everything works featherweight division would be popping for this for this particular card in fact have have another pivotal match that starts things off at one hundred forty five i've often said if they can have like two or maybe three on the main card that just focus on a division or maybe even the lead into the main card and it would really really big for every division <hes> all right so what i don't like is i don't like that this guy had to put his body through it now i guess one way to look at it is hey alex whatever you get paid fifty fifty fifty sixty and sixty he's gonna get paid show me for fifty grand do you want to lose weight and travel costs and maybe not fight he probably thought yeah i'll probably do that you know now granted he had the train because if one of them didn't make it he doesn't wanted to get his ass what by frankie or alex or are max acts i mean that's tough you know what i mean so i think there's more to dislike about it then to like about it i just wish they would have given them someone now if they don't give him someone then have somebody that that's close if you wanna keep woken ascii eighty four that australia card which would make sense you know what i mean so i think they just need to keep building more stars and keep forecasting further ahead and and and yeah every once in a while man we just don't need we have forty forty two shows just give us thirty six that would loosen up so many things and give so much more value to the fans in different cities what he had to do is a really tall order what are you guys think would have happened if he came like a pound short or something yeah what would you do does he still get the money does the only get half what do you think they would have done in that whole man i don't know i think about having to do that that's going to be go ahead sorry it didn't happen with her not to more ikano <hes> when he came in stock open he didn't he get paid anywhere reminder yeah that's what i remember yeah i guess the effort that he made or what but this travel thirty eight hours it was a mess anyway all right that was fun father thank you so much time again again welcome to the enemy junkie family we <hes> as long as you're okay with staying away hopefully we can have you on a lot more often <hes> you calling in from morocco thank you so much for having guys we appreciate it all right take care how how nice weekend all right folks honeymoon and we are going to take a break now when we come back we'll start digging a little bit into some of the news reshuffling a little bit of the game plan that we discussed earlier bent saunders is gonna come by and so we'll we'll shift up some of the u._f._c. two forty forty previewed so when <hes> when he gets can participate it's ever made junkie radio on fire nation channel one fifty six close and good you still here the boys were just getting warmed up now the real show begins taken away boys the n._f._l. radio training camp towards starts tomorrow continues to march the with a pair of stops at one eastern nil visit with the chicago bears then at six eastern they'll check in with the arizona cardinals here at all on channel eighty eight or listen anytime on the sirius x._m. all right big thanks again too far hanoun for joining us here on solanki radio show the cartilage will be coming up in about thirty minutes you'll see feather way and ben saunders will be stopping by the co host the last hour of the show with us longtime you have see welterweight now folks <hes> we reshuffling a little bit of what we originally wanted to do just kind of accommodate the time that will have with ben <hes> so my man dan tom he also is the producer and star of the protect your neck pottstown tau his latest guy announcing himself he's a dropped his latest <hes> podcast episode protect your neck podcast subscribe on items terms and he covers these cards i mean basically every weekend so you can almost count on them for fifty two weeks of the year in the latest is you'll see to forty he goes very in depth there and then he also makes it very convenient for any of you towards the very end <hes> and he does very well with this you're pro jerry very well respected in our industry here from a lot of fighters and <hes> a lot of the analysts out there that they really enjoy his work so check it out and also give review <hes> those is really really help us out i noticed we've gotten quite a few every time i said about dan we've gotten a view so <hes> check out dance give them a review give helps a lot with the algorithm <hes> and obviously five stars is <hes> aw quite welcomed to kaime yeah now we're going to do a little bit of the main card when ben gets here but let's start on the under-car dan i'm gonna go backwards hakeem dewa do versus yoshinori hurry where he just as anything there that you think is worth placing a bed in other words is do i do is closer use the cantu a lock or his hoary a tough match a form where we might wanna look at these plus three twenty odds on the dog minus four hundred on favorite i do without even looking at horry i knew that you gotta stay away from the chalk here that's too high of a price for water you know we've seen him <hes> we've seen them kind of level out and just kind of go to decisions with guys on the higher level and that's not even including when he got to the u._s._c. even know slight we've had him on the show very underrated fighters steve sadler back in the p._f. l. a. w. s. o. f. i believe when he fought there <hes> even then was kind of having trouble <hes> more importantly i'm glad you started off with george because there's only one dog play that i i really like on this one and it's this fight you could bet it based on value alone because it should be it out why but when i looked at this story kid you know very few times this unspoken kind of a a unspoken almost not racism but we kind of you know ray slang that commentators tend to use the the the sims call certain guys explosive <hes> those guys aren't asian guys for the most part i'm asian by the way for people worry we're going with this <hes> yoshi naughty haughty he's one of the few dudes you can do this guy's explosive okay i love it because we don't get we don't get that label enough we unassuming that's what they call us you know do choi even do he's ice and dudes what did they say when he's walking on oh we sell unassuming like that that's what we get thanks guys anyways <hes> yoshi not hodie though he's like he's like a song you know who's a featherweight really athletic athletic accept this guy's more of a bantamweight he's fighting featherweight though he probably could cut to bantamweight a lot of those japanese guys don't cut way but this guy's super powerful isis dudes like barely touching them out of the clench he's going to have a speed advantage he's going to have just as much a knockout powers voted which is crazy because dwelled was a big one forty-five by the way so big he was the last guy to weigh in by over an hour just beating the by fifty it looked to look really happy to forty six us actually you know it was a windfarm because you know it must have been hard cut now does that mean anything guys <hes> even if he came out looking great like i said on my podcast i actually would still be throwing a shot which i did by the way on yoshi not wholly i like to skill set a lot he also can you know grapple pretty well and as long as he doesn't get ice because he's been knocked out before by a ise tamara tomorrow he got knocked out twice in the a._f._c. okay that was what was it hoffa l. son sound t. j. dillashaw yeah those h pretty darn well and aside from that he's looked really good y- you know at pancreas going to one forty five that is tamara <hes> <hes> winning a bunch of fights in a row and this guy haughty he's like only twenty three years old you're going to get that i i al right the first loss time that always happens and if you look at the shot it was the perfect shot at should've put them out <hes> and he actually sits out to actually hit him with five others and and he was still actually came back hurt tomorrow amongst that flurry but the ref thankfully stopped which was a good thing especially with what we've seen in boxing let's save these young let's save these young guys but yeah there's due to even that one kale loss it's a respectable kale loss of that makes sense sorry along with the biggest dogs have been winning oh yeah yeah totally again for value learned remains to so tough to call man and i'm telling you see something that whether it's a match up you know maybe a somebody struggles against southpaws or or whatever <hes> <hes> i'm telling you you look at these in your licking your chops you know what i mean as long as the other person does have paths to victory so that's why i never see that big of a favorite in mixed martial arts 'cause like in other sports they don't have very many there's not very many sports have that one play that's just going to you'd have to do it over and over mixed martial arts all it takes shot here's a mistake that's happening it would happen with the public but even with a listen to podcasts my my little dessert after i get my work in there's a couple of podcasts suggests that will listen to and some of on here guys actually do the homework where we're making the same mistake i figured a lot of people will be make the spot oh this is a gate candida win <hes> bill this guy up <hes> you know all asian guy having a travel outside for japan for the first time life but but it's not easy he's traveling and he's fresh outta here this u._c._l._a. haughty guy he's actually been spending the last couple of months down at oh a guy named colin oh you know yamaha's camp and team oyama down in southern california so he's actually not coming from very far and he's actually well adequate antiquated with american training ooh okay <hes> that's a little bit about a guy that we all like watching fi jeff neil very underrated has some of the best hands not just in welterweight division in my opinion in all of them are may <hes> he's facing nico price who is also no slouch but again i think because of neal's projected <hes> i don't know about superstardom but but the fact that it looks like you know this can really really be a strong contender for years he's coming in at minus thirty forty price at plus two sixty i like this i mean i i don't know about playing wise but the difference between this fighting the last night is not only my actually picking the favorite jeff neil i can see how it gets to a minus three forty five that being said do you wanna play it no not because jeff neil like you use the right word there george projected he's projected really high end in my opinion projected ejecta correctly but nico prices guy you don't wanna be better as a favorite but he is your quintessential underdog nico price shows up he consistently over performs even in losses i would argue maybe minus the alcohol on lost he's got cold in a bad exchange but he's worked a lot on his boxing it's going to be something to look forward but i don't see how he wins the fight outside of a freak thing and i said that before you know when he's went against south one of my favorite southpaws and <hes> tim means timmy's was peace and love like i thought he would and then he you know he thinks he hasn't heard and and then boom i gotta stop tim means for real stop them so i'm done counting out nego price on i don't know if i'm going to bet against george but i'll pick up macneice tough man he's talking let me say this about neil see how john edwards is now popping because he just got over on r._d._a. a even though he also has wins over cowboy and a few governor oh yeah he should've been popping before but now he's got that i think jeff neil might be in that position but i don't want to jump too far ahead and this division of stack i just really really enjoyed watching him fight weird that that that fight so low on the card did you know it should main car because it's on our staff picks so yes yeah this thing's listening that's was honest athletes he has remember who yeah sided with this one on the spot i remember why did let me look i don't blame a lot a lot of a lotta people took price on the staff by the way <hes> i posted right now so but yeah that's that's my i don't blame anybody taking that shot on price but that's the dog or passion betty perspective but i'm picking neil here i really this is the exact kind of fighter i picked out <hes> <hes> pick against nico pressure the problem is that was kind of fighter i picked to beat them last time and we saw happen i want to give a shout out to clay and kim from louisiana they stopped by the sale yesterday <hes> they are longtime listeners of our show he also told he's a fan of the luke thomas show he loves sirius x._m. fire nation channel one fifty six and little did i know that klay was actually outside the studio for a while and folks like we like we've mentioned before you're more than welcome to stop by the studio <hes> <hes> and hang out with us so just pop on in that's why the doors open but hopefully they have a nice vacation i think it was the first time vegas yeah yeah they had to get away from the four kids all right folks it's just a sixty minute break keep discussing u._f._c. two forty pack a knuckle sandwich chain some punch the boys are about to break down the latest news here are george goes and tan at least love watching us behind your back in two thousand seven captain david via he's in the forefront of the field nice so please for a l._a. way i've seen the l. a._f._c. that's all that have you seen how those guys have <hes> buildup they got following now and the guy because kiva sucked nobody wants to still be they became l._a._f._i._c._o. they're trying to say that that that that one is not the other <hes> but look one l. eighteen basically replaced the other what they're trying to say like the distinction just basically one shut down the other one started up but they have their proper rival rivalry excuse me with the galaxy even though they've been kinda getting big brother there <hes> but they have i mean even have a little bit of version of their hooligans already i looked it up on staff did take price do you want to the price you picked took on me scroll down and find a winner he's going i'd be happy to pay that is down here okay confirmed i said let me scroll down today goes into the order of all right so folks let me update the audience kelly goes and dan no ben saunders asked ask politely for rain check <hes> he made the mistake going to the to the wrong hotel and <hes> manny's hotels especially with this weather he probably got out of the car walked off on my health i could find the right he was like looking around everything and unrealized mistake welcome back and he's just like you know what i he has to do a quick weekend trip so he's going to be back next week and it'll be great to have them because again this'll be the first time having them in studio he's real world cool dude we cover covered them for a long time <hes> so we'll just continue here breaking down u._f._c. two forty and at the same time don't forget we also got ricardo llamas coming up in about fifteen minutes or so so that said let's go to tanner boozer and giacomo lemos said that fight got removed <hes> one one because tanner buzzer there is in fact a fighter from two thousand six back in the n._f._l. no he's not but he sounds like it doesn't tender browser sound like if you look at them to looks like a skinnier roy nelson like jesse team and it kinda as tanner bos you're for the team and account is year he's coming in for ring that name is such a what he looks like what you're saying that fights that doesn't that name those in the n._f._l. doesn't cantor for sure yeah yeah gyco guy cuomo apparently tested for something that's looking the lighting them wasn't he i don't know on instagram them up yeah but if you look at this guy the glide komo lemos if you look at his shirt picture <hes> let's just say <hes> it was probably minus five hundred that he was gonna pop for something i'll leave it at that ah you know he's got an estimate doctor in brazil all right not that nice because he got pop in grade school whenever he grew up for sure you got like good one poser right probably christoph jaakko versus mark andre borrow jaakko minus one seventy borrow plus one forty anything there dan mark andre borrow looks like the canadian brian's danny is the t._k._o. chant champ lay heavyweight middleweight <hes> but i think it's going to be tough fight form <hes> kyoko here the odds are about right and you'll go is playable the reason why i'm gonna stay away from this one is because <hes> barrios kind of an overachiever even though he's not going to have as many skills i believe is yoko whereas yoko even though he kinda wanna hit some some trouble it makes sense to why he did it was trying to get an american top team new a new experience who's trying to like reformatted skill and last night he looked really good granted against super low competition like really good because he said i'm getting back to the joke palm is even though he's gonna fight letter the old joko mix for really close fights and money to decisions and in canada we're going to have some crazy decisions here folks and i don't think necessarily gonna go for the canadian <hes> home cooking but we just see really bad decisions who came to losses what decision to cause not not lost but one on judge gave two rounds takao balk nagging last night in kabul one zero rounds like so it's not for expect wild scorecards is it still i'm saying this fights casual counterpuncher that's still gets screwed when fights go to decisions and controversial you wanna solve susan states who want to say so but not fight akeem toward it was lining the hardest strikes he was doing the more visible damage he was coming forward and he was the frigging canadian and then just and again back to the physical thing he looked physically exposed as the word explosives for like he he look the party was doing everything you're supposed to and some judge for some reason not only one around which nobody i didn't see anybody give around around the kyle <hes> taking them to so just one of those things and warned that edmund and commission who was apparently it's cleaned up this is the same commission that let let him hey go out there guys is and that's what happened so this is not a great not picking on candidate by any means again not even saying the home cooking slander not even thrown that back emission okay <hes> in in the end who i took yoko <hes> this one this was honest ethics as well where he got off to a great stuff starts middleweight i remember wrestling and then a couple of guys wound up checking them i might have been branch or rock hold i can't remember but <hes> he's been a five hundred fighter ever since his blistering start similar to me circuit off in light heavyweight as well <hes> it i'm telling you you can prepare yourself for battle when you're fighting early on but once you get to that top fifteen top ten i'm telling you man it's just killer after killer that's why we can get on a tony ferguson esque streak or fill a son sal i mean you just stand back and look at that you go dude you're eleven and one in the u._c. that's that's amazing i used to sell how that is amazing amazing he is now eleven to believe after losing to marlin which technically one but that that's why i actually named off all always wins so people could see just he's beating along the way point ericsson's the only one that took his al he'll do that and that's what does he is i was the other day which you could say i was doing because i was doing it because matt matt does it by taking diego got when you when you had the switch it remember dummy me the tom tom face as tomcat fee oh that was i broke the curse broke the kershaw one and then i wanted to switch but i got afraid to switch last time i was gonna switch to turn aldo and then as soon as i that fight got over my new i should've picked it because everybody thought all the one which is probably did folks got the decision this isn't like okay maybe i went on decisions dot com and <hes> like those twenty outlets like eighteen entering although only two hernandez <hes> how about this fights a fun one here davidson figueredo alexander panta you guys see the other night yeah figure already kind of egging him on saying this guy's probably gonna take me to the ground blah blah blah <hes> figueredo had i mean he really i thought he was going to be the next star for brazil about a year ago year and a half ago i remember we're talking to fernanda practice practice when she was with us and he got stopped by juicy you know what i mean his cardio tank ran out a little bit i mean he's obviously well put together and everything but <hes> dare you say maybe he was broken because he was one all those guys that was just steamrolling everybody be speed power athleticism mary thing and look if he tightens a few things up titans of screws a couple of weeks here i'm telling you could still be a world champion i thought he was gonna follow suit of what aldo has had a had done you know a a few years ago and the w._b._z. leading in his career <hes> that said i'm still taking them against alexander pinto but pantoja has been a beast because i watched him a lot at r._f._a. which became l._f._a. and then through the reality show and then through the actually won some money on pantoja so it sucks than the one against them but i i like figuring out oh here you're saying this is going to be fine i think it's going to be everywhere and they're in shallow division after ben evita's they're going to be looking for someone one maybe the winner this fight could be in play who do you like you're in i i completely agree with everything you said by the way and yeah i i'm excited about this fight this fights on my avoid list because i like it so much but also it's rightly lying close i think you're going to be sweating the whole time i think like the right guy will win unlike what's scaring off the mark andre barrel yoko fight where you're going to be sweating in the right guy might not win <hes> but i'm gonna take pantoja big fan of both guys <hes> figueredo for the reasons kind of georgia's sand physical force but he showed that he can just kind of get beat he still <hes> by <hes> just someone beings being smart with them which was what for me you did and for mega you know great fighter granted but hasn't really evolved that much so <hes> if it's more of i._q. tests with pantoja too high coming off that knockout win of wilson hayes and he wants to stand with one of the most powerful rates or is it going to do what i think you should do scrambling jujitsu advantage i don't know if he submits <hes> figueredo but we've seen them in how many fights were once pan does she gets the back you can pretty much bank around you guys do that when you're betting on a guy right you see him get the back mount you hold on a mission around if you can't get at least banked around you you train them a little energy get in their heads so that the next time they wanna throw flying either thinking about it i think it's going to be one of those i'll take pantoja but it's on my list because i'm not getting and plus money on that side and right now we're not really plus man in either sites just enjoy that fight all right how about vivian idaho versus alexis davis auto who's the favorite at minus two hundred alexis davis plus one sixty alexis davis has some very impressive wins on a resume maybe it's me see this is me being professional times that i better and she's lost she doesn't look like the the title contender that she really really is <hes> i've kind of had a similar relationship should betting on her that goes has with cal i just can't get it i was just about say she's like the female cowboy for me a little bit right i believe auto who was going to win the fight <hes> but like i said this young lady has seen it all and fought a law of good fighters so i want us dan dan the she of the skill set to neutralize in any way and can we possibly take advantage at plus one sixties an underdog i think a lot of people kind of we're looking at that and that's why the line actually has gotten bet down a bigger favourite read it didn't surprise me i'm picking through and i'm gonna stay away unless people keep putting money on alexis davis as a dog i mean you look like okay the girl who kick you like shot my man dan levy said you know the girl who knocked out a mandala nunez an underdog girlhood knocked got to lead up bernardo when you frame it like that it's like holy crap why am i not playing that but you look at alexis davis man and i like her and she's training c._s._i. which is a great camp they're doing great things shouts to them from pseudo to help in the alpha male guys improve their striking this visit a second secondly judge just grows clark your second or third camp there but you know like let's just put it this this gift going around and i recognise changes with cindy daniela and also just not even that look at their face she's right up there lena landsberg for like girls girls who just look messed up win or lose after the poorly landsberg looks like the elephant man after every fight i mean she pretty woman i'm not trying to be disrespect by saying that she's a fighter and she taher in some fighters don't wear a lot of damage it's a fact and she's just one of those fighters and and alexis davis is also that way to her face looks whether the scorecard getting ready for her not and against the girl who's just lighting people up i know she's in a career straw weight but i think she outgrew it so that's why she's only going back down to flyweight as opposed to <hes> you know back down a straw way compared to her last night which is at bantamweight wait but do she can knock girls out whether they're one fifteen or one thirty five in the third round i don't see you're getting tired she's got really good jujitsu chops i like the way this girl moves i think she has a better wrestling than alexis davis to which would compensate for the size and strength i think it's gonna i'm rooting for alexis but i think it's gonna look ugly here i think it's going to be bad i love alexis davis can't just add or no it's always so hot and cold weather you right now real quick because we gotta go to commercial to get rick on <hes> there's another girl that doesn't wear damage well but she's a great fighters cloudy cadila that's not what i wanna talk about the did you see a recent comments about jessica josh now just shouldn't be in the division because she's too strong now she did it without hinting which i believe she's done in the past when this time that maybe jessica's enhanced or whatever so there was it wasn't like that but still i just didn't understand that logic i was wondering if you guys caught that and i was like well no there's just nothing you can do that's just her you know what i mean and she's been unbeaten that look she's been beating <hes> joe joanna beater so <hes> i i don't know i have are on the show to see if she can expand true others have said that about her but at all right we'll may we'll spend a little bit more time on that one later she's a local here in vegas in the studio to see what all that's about but that that was just really we <hes> an unusual take now we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we'll be talking to ricard llamas you've see featherweight stay close it's the enemy junkie radio show on fire nation channel one fifty six six i'd like the chance to apologize tattoo nobody raw in your face and totally unapologetic this is sirius x._m. fire nation penis come coming so these put excellence in excitement in your vitamix and ice and you get eh may junkie radio all right joining us now on the hotline is one of my favorites you've see featherweight ricardo llamas he's been doing this thing for about a dozen years between the w. e. c. and the u._f._c. <hes> and <hes> he joins us now on the hotline what's up rick how're you doing not not much man how you doing how's your summer going so far going good guys always got me hyped up when you play my entrance on shit around nice well we'll we'll to our producer classy classic kelly she did her homework <hes> ricardo yeah you know like i say like i've told you this many times i mean most of the time we're talking it's always coming off a win this time it's coming off a loss but this one was a little bit more devastating because of the injury and i guess we wanted to get an update i i think one thing you haven't made media does get criticized time-to-time and i think rightfully so it's just it's always about winning winning winning winning many it's not about a lot of stuff and urine o._g. and i think ah you know what i mean i i think all due respect i think we need to do a better job of catching up with fighters after every fight regardless because every single fight is its own identity you know what i mean and losses make fighters better and <hes> i from what i remember what i've read it doesn't appear that you're calling it quits so i think this is just the bump in the road exactly man yeah totally agree with every fight is is kinda just a a story on this journey that we're all on and each one is just us important as the last and as the next so <hes> i it's good that you guys realize that and <hes> you're you're one of the few good ones in the industry that that i think really care about the fighters and <hes> have a good you know general interest in in their health and wellbeing so i appreciate you guys for that oh thank you sir so let's let's just get that part out of the way in terms of the the injury itself i think it was a broken jaw obviously you're talking to us but how long was that setback and and <hes> are are you completely healed from that <hes> i'm not completely healed no <hes> i have a follow up with my surgeon august eighth i have to get a cat scan the day before on the seven so then they take a look at those and <hes> you know kinda see how my bones are healing and my jaw <hes> and go from there <hes> i have i've been training obviously no contact anything like that <hes> in the beginning of the beginning really sucked you know after the surgery of ju- it was just like a lot of pain a lot of swelling <hes> <hes> and obviously you know you gotta stick to eating soft foods i was lucky that didn't have to get my job wired shot that kind of the option and i was like hell no i don't wanna shut if you're gonna give him the option what's your the wired shut you got no i'm i'm a foodie at heart so they told me i was supposed to stick liquid soft foods although shopping pizza and my mouth like today i got home from the hospital we're going to get idea but it was very thin crust pizza and i was like turn it off pizzas swallowing them all like pushing them in my mouth and so that worked out well like an anaconda sort of swallow my whole damn oh man i mean i i can imagine what that is like and poof okay i mean i'm glad that at least the worst is over and and hopefully you'll you'll get clearance soon but but do you want it or is this or do you just want time off ah where do you sit right now after this latest fight i just want the joy to be one hundred percent completely healed so that when i do go back training i don't like re-injure anything or make it any worse so as long as it's healed up up and i can go back to you know one hundred percent training and sparring again and being able to take hits on on the job without feeling any excruciating pain or like any looseness because right now it's still in the two spots where fractured <hes> even if i moved my john certain directions like push my lower jaw or anything like that like i can feel where the fractures worry it just doesn't feel like tightened up yet so <hes> i just wanted to be a hundred percent he'll then then i'll i'll get right back in the gym ricard can you here's yeah i can hear you i lost them there for just a second do you <hes> this actually is just tying in by coincidence but do you have look good relationship with eddie weiland <hes> i've you know i think he's a good i think he's a good guy as a cool guy a few times <hes> i've had like people that train with him or some of his coaches like like they suggested in the past that we should try together but we've just never linked up <hes> you know he's not too far away he's over in indiana and probably be able to meet like you know halfway in between and and y'all it'd be cool but <hes> we just never made it happened yeah okay i was asking because i i don't know if i'm getting a confused but it was like chicago based or maybe i'll or something i had once heard i just had wondered aloud with some media members <hes> about like why like there isn't like you know there's a strong team in las vegas there's a strong team albuquerque there's a strong team in miami or the few actually but i was wondering why there isn't like chicago based team and then some somehow this is like ten years ago somebody had said i asked about wine lynn elkins and mamas and i thought i had heard heard that two of three of you didn't get along or something but here's why i asked because we've had any while in on the show many times and he went through the broken jaws and when we had him on the last time i go how long did it take you to get be able to get past that because he said it was more like a mental thing like the jaw was good but it was a mental thing so i it was kind of a twofold question maybe you could clear up that rumor was one which you did sounds like there isn't any tension there anything and to you know like <hes> i if he's available able to you maybe him or other fighters have gone through the same thing can can talk to you about this yeah it would be cool <hes> you know kinda get their perspective on it they've gone through it <hes> i feel like as of right now i i don't think i'm gonna have too much of a mental problem getting over it i know it's an injury happens and the doctors actually telling you that wanted wanted fully heels that if it ever breaks again that it will probably break in different spot because the titanium plates that they put didn't actually make those spots a little stronger so he's like you know you wanna if you get hit later on you go back to fighting it if you're ever does break again it'll probably be in a different spot so <hes> that kinda helped put my mind at ease when i heard that from the doctor did you ever imagine when you first starting off in the sport that you'd even be having that type of conversation it you know definitely crosses your mind we're not <hes> oblivious to what we're doing here you know we're we're stepping in in a cage with another trained professional i know fire was trying to hurt us and you know when we signed her name's on dotted line we know that there are a lot of risks that come with it so obviously we hope and pray for the best but <hes> i fully aware that stuff like this can and you know most likely will will happen depending on how long you're in the sport carter llamas our guest here on emi radio let me turn it over to the guys here goes would you have four ricard allow us card i wanna talk about a couple of positives here and i one is being a gym owner you just celebrated raided the one year anniversary how did that i go in relation to the gym itself and then being able to handle fighting and being a gym owner at the same time <hes> jim has been a a really cool experience i really enjoy being in there <hes> and sharing my knowledge with all the members and helping all the members <hes> and you know it would be really really busy trying to balance bite life and trying to run the day to day jim but luckily i partnered up the people that really have my best interests at heart and take care of everything when i have to focus on training for a fight so one of my partners in the gym i've known her you know going on almost fifteen years now we wrestled together in college we roommates <hes> and we always talk about it you know probably from like our our later college years <hes> talking about what we do in the future and kinda talked about you know started out as you know like wrestling jim or wrestling club starting up something like that <hes> but as i started in my career it kind of evolved into like a fight jim and <hes> and then we decided to go you know the u._s. jim root <hes> which is kind of open to everybody you know what i mean so it's not like a fighter jim you know we have grandparents parents aren't kids <hes> and people who aspire to be fighters they're also so it's a gym for everyone ricardo going forward future camps will the blue demon be part of any of these you know this kid is he's threatening legal action if i don't start paying him as my sparring partner so i think i'm gonna have to do something because he's wondering me out man i mean you guys have the i think i might go by some of those melatonin chocolates to settle this kit down you know make him pop those like tic tacs i don't i don't know what i'm going to do with this guy but it's literally everyday see wakes up he comes downstairs he grabs his outfit and then he goes in hide behind the sofa and changes into it and then hops out as move dominant is like that'd be let's wrestle and i'm like oh jesus christ matt account uh but <hes> i love it man i love the energy he has and i love that <hes> he's already so passionate about you know even though it's fake wrestling but he he loves i've i've taken to the gym he's already done <hes> classes there and he does does really well in the classes which which really surprised me so i think we have a another professional athlete in the making here i was just about the asset because when when i saw that video i kept thinking like man these guys are still similar obviously your son but like would he even be that similar in following in your footsteps but <hes> it seems like that could be a possibility then it could be i mean i never pushed anything like this on him you know obviously <hes> messing messing around with him a little bit at the house but like as soon as he got a taste of it like addicted to it and we'll see if it sticks goes kids go through phases and <hes> i just want him if he does decide to do it i want him to have fun with it He decides to do in life. <hes> you know I'll be there to support him. One hundred percent whether it's fighting or not so Ricardo Llamas is our guest here on Monday Junkie Radio. He's fought in the W. E. C. and U._F._c. for the last dozen years or so got wins ends over Bar Pilots Eski James Krause Matt Greis. Remember him guys tall fighter back in the day he acts actually had an accident that Kinda shortened his career Cub Swanson Pot Su he yoki Eric Coke Hawk Ron Dennis Ramirez Diego Sanchez Charles Oliveira Jason Night Darren Elkins Holy Cow. It's been fun to follow <hes> Rick through this journey of his <hes>. Let me turn it over to the fight analyst Dan Tom Dan what do you have for Columbus named out those fights because really you don't have to go back a dozen use go back nine years and to current and Ricardo Llamas guys that are currently in the U._F._C. ranging from bantamweight featherweight lightweight and Yvonne Multiple guys at Welterweight which is insane so this is kind of open ended question for you ricky ticket where you want <hes>. Obviously you know answer. You're the guy with the experience here. I'M GONNA mainly ask you about the two guys at welterweight one of them's fighting. It won't wait for the first time this week and Eric Coke. Obviously you fought him and the other guy you also did very well against which was Yego Sanchez obviously his one fight at one forty five was you and just guys kind of come in and out of the weight class where they go down like your your they go up like the guys we're talking about <hes>. Do you follow these guys career Ricardo and I guess is it a surprise based on what you felt because you did excellent against both guys based on what you are. You surprised to see them doing well it. Does it make sense that they're doing. Well going up and wait. <hes> you know it it. It makes it said they're doing well going up in weight opposite or not the pleading their bodies as much. They're not as run down. <hes> you know it's a hell of a job getting down to one hundred forty five pounds <hes> especially that week prior to the fight <hes> that's a real grind that you have to put up with and enforce your body through <hes> and you know it's always been in the back of my head. I used to fight it white. Wait until I was running back my head that <hes> maybe go back up but <hes> I feel good where dramatic featherweight <hes> and I to answer the other part of your question I I do follow you know guys that I thought before I will watch their fights afterwards and <hes> you know I wish everybody well whether whether it's someone I one or someone I beat or if someone who lost to everybody that I've shared the cage with I wished I'm well in the future after our fight and I will follow <hes> follow gun through their career. That's awesome man and <hes> just just one last thing for me last the same year on here. I can't remember what accident impression was but it's not that I haven't heard you do before I know you've had your funny guy had videos. You GotTa follow your career but he really blew me away. I'm an accent kind of a Dude Ricardo and give you mad props men. Do you remember what it was and key. Give me like your power rankings like what's your top three. Go to whether it's like a kind of a an ethnic if that's the right word impersonation as far as like an accent or or or personally celebrity in general you know that makes any sense. What's your man I the thing the thing about the accents and the impressions is like when you get on the spot do them the rubber? They don't come out right. I gotta do them but like tell us what they would be yeah. I think it was a Boston accent. Is Santa show that was good yeah. Yeah it was a wicked from Southie from Southie Lavis good lavas hunting and you do a Cuban one. You've been down to Miami a lot Cuban human one man <hes> again. You're at the restaurant ordering food or some ordering food. Well Cubans have a very interesting way of speaking you know. They have their own slang so half the time time you don't even know what the hell they're saying. They're speaking Spanish the walk up the joy what I said it going up with. What the Hell's this guy talking about? It sounds like you're like chewing on gum half the time a lot of them. Have these like I don't know what it is about Cubans but allowing Kimmel's I'm not seeing the like they were like in handling the cigars two years old the voice of sound all messed up I dated a Cuban girl and the the GRANDPA GRANDPA could barely get a couple of cigar written words out of his mouth before I heard Shinto followed by a bunch of laugh so but it was the first part sounded exactly like that the Ricardo's spot on man. What's Funny Yeah Yeah? I'm half Asian Adam okay. Eh Yeah does a good impersonation of the <hes> of the guys that are cornering. You'll L. or Maswadeh. All these also really really into that might medal that is funny. Hey real quick since all three of you well well. We've followed Ricardo. Ricardo's obviously fought one of these. I WanNa give you as a quick pop. Quiz Okay Tannhaeuser Peter Take about fighters that have fought Ricardo all the way from bantamweight up to welterweight technically. He fought a middle or someone who's dabbled dabbled with middleweight. Do you guys know who oh yes. We're Ricardo's cargo yeah yeah so you can you kind of the name. I'll have to check if it was him but I know he's fought at welterweight. How about you? I can't think he did fight. Somebody who fought wants at middleweight and you're GONNA you're gonNA slap yourself yeah yeah more than than away. Well isn't it Yego Sanchez the ultimate spider Kenny Florian remember they fight in the finale that was their middleweight fight so can you could break defied as a middleweight <hes> lightweight featherweight. I don't know if you ever fought as the welterweight but <hes> yeah Johnny Brennaman might be able to come closer to the point where Johnny Brennaman was fighting. It won't fifty five while Anthony Johnson was at two Oh five Charlie Charlie Brennaman but the guy who <hes> I think wins that category Ricardo also also almost fought or at least was scheduled to fight B._J.. Pen I think that's the only person that really can hold you know you. Oh so he's got guys at you know <hes> Hanzel Gracie ended up fighting in the U._S._C. fought him outside of it granted but but yeah Ricardo was scheduled to fight him to yeah all right my man well it's great catching up with you and it sounds like you're definitely in good spirits. The jaws <hes> on the physical size is going to be stronger than ever and that's coming along as well so united snow when you get that next five booking and <hes> we love to have you on preview we always do and of course the invites always there. You'RE IN VEGAS TO CORNER A teammate or out here on vacation. Let us know we'll go get some Peruvian food definitely man. I'm always down for that and he has very much have beyond again. Okay all right Ricardo. Thank you sir and have a good weekend didn't sound like those mortar his last sentence a little yeah it's like he started the subject but he didn't get to the predicates someone on the shoulder thing it could be so with the plate of food and he's even you know you're missing you. Fail off your that your double-parked. It was like you know using the Dan lebatardshow sometimes yeah he has his own podcast. It's called <hes> Stupidity Seats Paddock guest on any ordered a Parmesan chicken sandwich because he was home alone plan it was going to be delivered <hes> later after the interview but the interview was late so the guy rang the doorbell during his interview and he was the only one you know what to do so you asked the question that he thought we'd get along answer so that he dropped his mic eight for the sandwich exactly what I think we ended up like typical twenty bucks because he just didn't have the exact change but he had to get back in time before the guy finished talking and right when he came back he sitting here the Guy Gone Stu Stewart you there. That's that's great all right. We're going to take a quick break listening to Junkie Radio on fire Nation Channel Fifty six when we come back. We'll keep marching through this. You've see to forty card which takes place tomorrow night. The iphone and android carry a feature to make their show more enjoyable. It's called the mute button here those two numb Nice Gorgeous George and goes lock it in to swing away with Reggie Jackson Tomorrow Morning at eleven eastern Mr October we'll be joined by the newly inducted hall of fame member Mariano Rivera Reggie and Mo- we'll talk talk about his weekend in Cooperstown reflect on his tremendous career and discuss how the game baseball is evolving. It's Mr October and Mariano Rivera tomorrow at Excuse me tomorrow morning at eleven eastern on Mad Dog Sports Radio Siriusxm eighty two and on the Sirius awesome out man. I think Mariano Rivera he was the closer for the New York Yankees for many years and I think about are closer Rick Bhutto us thinking about him last week. Yeah shot off to Rick Buddha. Where's our Budo? Isn't there something Buddha West there in other news. I I like one junkies do get together though <hes> saw that Brandon Louisville recently I had ahead of birthday and he's out there in Canada not not not for this card but in Toronto <hes> up there with Galley Galley so cool to the Junkies Lincoln up or you know when this Fox shows go down in Chicago People meet up with HAL and try to avoid his popcorn trick you know good times happy belated birthday to Brandon from Louisville seriously when we talk about tag radio he's from that generation yeah and I think of them every day. Because of that cool gifty give us that bat baseball bat that goes over there yeah <hes> it's funny because every guests that comes in always takes a look at it and I I wonder what goes through their head. You know like Haymond as you guys get down in here had battles where a gang what's going on here and then we show to them and they always think wow. That's pretty cool all right listen. What are the things? We were GONNA talk about but I think I wanNA save until so Monday. When Benazir is the Aurora Cannabis relationship with you of C- <hes> you'd be basically you've see has a C._B._d.? Partner now <hes> just like belt or did it. I actually and I anticipate a Lotta. Big companies are sorry sports. Franchises are going to be doing this but we'll dive into that a little bit more with Ben Saunders. I think we're on a roll here with talking about these fights putting some <hes> maybe parleys in for Tomorrow Speaking Tomorrow One more reminder sports caster tomorrow tomorrow night fighter beat pen. Oh all right mind EH video right. I didn't do it that I'm barely just do borrow my pen and write that down all right <hes> with sports caster sportscaster tomorrow night ten PM Eastern Seven P._M.. Pacific goes and I'll be doing a U._C.. To Forty Watch along so as you're watching the fights watch them along with us. We'll be reacting at the same time and if you don't choose to get it and I wouldn't blame anyone. I gotTA keep real. This isn't the most card then guess what we can basically call the fights for you. It's kind of like old school when you would just listen to a sporting event via the the radio that's US sportscaster dot com forward slash and Ray Junkie. You guys read the story. I didn't solve all that you guys take it from here. Tell me about B._J.. Pan He's fighting nick length right. He's yeah no okay. I just you know I it was within the same interview came from shots on Man Aaron Broad said over T._S._N.. You know you need. He fires off a whole bunch day and I kinda like those old school area. Ones we gotta get east of back back in the day just trying to kind of ironic to go back and watch and I'm sure it doesn't come right after the other but it was within the same interviewer he's talking about safety and how important it is with the fighter and boxing and we know how closely Dana is obviously interested the fight world but even boxing yup and so just kind of ironic you go from that <hes> booking Japan and even you know. I'm sure we have our own version. I'm a I saw someone re tweet one of fighting's report just from like last month. I believe the date was six eight nineteen or it was like databases I can't I can't come to booking B._J.. Again and the member are you really so statements talking about Luke coal to retire in the same also thanks guys like sage North Gut sure which I don't agree with say no should take some time off to heal and get his stuff together but I mean the kid so I I'm. I'm not trying to pick on on Dana but yeah that's kind of work came from and I think just all the hypocrisy. Everybody's Kinda reacting right now on twitter from what I'm saying I definitely tweeted my own reaction with you may junkie link but yeah it's shocking for the fact that he he just doesn't need to be in a cage right now but it's all shocking because of the things going on in his personal. There's so many reasons for him not to be fighting and here he is again. Put Your right. What you brought about Sage Luke there is a lot of inconsistency from that man that's for sure <hes> even for daynuss very very sensitive subject now again so what Dan said about Lucan sage what goes to the budgets the personal struggles throws he has been a rough year for that dude but more than anything we are literally less than a week removed from two fighters dying in the Moxie Marine? I know you all know about the Russian <hes> who passed away but there was another kid Argentinian eighteen right yeah yeah and so there's two boxers have passed away tragically our thoughts and prayers with their family and friends and teammates coaches that that I mean I I read Kevin Lee who follows them a Miami boxing. He's covered boxing for a long time and he said he actually tweeted. I don't know how much longer I can do this or that. One really really hit them hard. I've yet to go in and read that article just to see what he's you know what he's thinking and I'm sure that's just a certain reaction but markle's vegas another good friend of the so he was pretty brokenhearted man to to to see that I I didn't even maybe I'm getting older guys. I don't know about you. You wait on this because we've you know who we've seen enough combat to where you guys have seen more than me but let's say it's splitting hairs at that point but we've seen enough to where thing we can speak where at least maybe you can can either check me or cosign. I guess is I don't I don't I know at the age of sharing things and it's so easy to find things and we've already we even people like myself who hasn't went and looked up suicide videos or stuff. We probably stuff like that it just by nature by now from being around the Internet since its inception that said guys in the sharing ultra sharing and it's good to be reminded and take the silver lining out of these very tragic situations. I kinda was upset. was people even prominent people just kind of sharing in those clips a bit too much in my opinion <hes> of showing these guys in their last moments and I know I know some people they may be prominent positions to let people know but I feel you also have much more responsibility especially when a lot of people are are coming at H._B._O.. which is even more gray line or not I'm not going to I'm not an authority guys on opposition and have the right answer? I'm just giving my opinion but I see a lot of people coming H._B._O.. Production for filming it and putting it out there maybe after the fact if they're continuing to put it out that's definitely bad taste and you know <hes> and whatnot but like I just <hes>. I don't know I mean and don't give your I don't want to sound like you know <hes>. No no no no. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite because I'm sure you know things can be thrown our way to it or not even trying to get their split hairs as guys but I guess what I'm trying to say is that seeing these things bother me more and I think it's important to talk about them and I'm more than happy to talk about on the show is as you guys never shied away from the important subjects but as far as putting it out there I I don't feel good about that couldn't watch it really bummed out with his trainer. Buddy mcgirt onto stop actually hit me over it was by the time the second one maybe because it was a poor over effect because of the first one George so I'm sure that has to do with it. I'm not but I'm actually more specifically talking about the second one I saw people posting that were shows the guy getting his hand raised and when the REF was raising on one hand and that's when the other guy started go really going off line and couldn't hold himself up and eventually when died and people were sharing that clip and I'm like come on and it was after <hes> you know and and I mean it's not you know who's not not a big deal or whatever but like it was A. I think aerial posted that what I'm not coming area again. He's a person of authority. <hes> as far as like media goes obviously but I just I was like man I I just I'm just seeing that stuff all over my time line and I just felt like some people were maybe sharing it too much and I don't know what you guys think about that not a crime my call anybody out. That's why set it because it's not a malicious thing but it's I don't have a problem with voicing it honestly and I don't think <hes> you should feel that way. <hes> the what I've come to find out is we're just whether it's you and I whether it's you and aerial aerial. What's me and go which is not always gonNA agree as long as we respect each other's opinion you know what I mean <hes> and and totally and that goes for a lot of things that that I read you know online like right now I'm just on the youtube chat and I'm seeing friendly messages and then other messages and I was in Farah? Don't worry about the haters remember Kevin Lea <hes> he said if you ain't got haters ewing pop and again not coming again if anything I was saying I'm probably the one that's being overly sensitive. Here I guess but when you said about Kevin and that guys actually like been there ring cyber these things I don't know I don't know these fighters. I'm just Joe Schmo who just watched it on my twitter twitter feed in it's bothering me. I can only imagine how Kevin feels yeah. Do you remember a real quick shot out to Alex Kill monger on. He says twenty bucks on Max any takers. I just feel like betting is just that. I don't know this guy so what's going to happen as if he wins all sudden twenty if I lose. I don't know if I'll get the twenty but I would take you on Alex. If you're here I shaking and that's that sounds like fun. I like Max but I just like bedding to shout out to Leo Dervish Dervishaj. He says the junkies shoutout to Juliet Staff Smiley Face Kyle Moon Gari. He's writing Z Z Z Z so we must have either we put them to sleep where maybe watching a porno himself. <hes> California love junkies at Max Alcohol. Could we Holloway Yo and then last one at abandoned reality on Youtube says it's okay to be a fan of the player and not a specific team. He's probably talking about Fara who was a fan of <hes> Steve Nash so anyway goes where we can say it was <hes> I want to say it was on the undercard of Julio Cesar Chavez fight and I want to say maybe Frankie Randall but once somebody had passed away he's actually the first one that game a loss right Frankie Randall. I WANNA give <hes> technically yeah yeah but I remember that was just I was way younger back. Then and I remember thinking that was kind of a wakeup. Call that kid to OUGHTA shots. I mean a lot and when they stopped it. I think I think the card hadn't even finished already passed away but was tough to watch or even <hes> Bret Hart's brother Owen Owen Yeah yeah that that was something that happened as the show when the show went along with that Jim Ron just recently did a podcast about that about that for I wanna go back more than three hours and it was really tough for him to do but it they went at it from so many different angles angles that it really wasn't good for us that were around and I wasn't even I mean I don't know how hard coil was back that I was more making fun of my friends but all my friends watch it so I had no choice but the kind of follow along and <hes> but that was interesting there wasn't a youtube. There were podcasts do you for insider insight the production went. Black people aren't posting included. You didn't have nowhere to post the clips right so it's kind of this dark thing unless you're like a super insider person who probably they'd have to talk to people and find out years later. That's that's super. Koi reminded me of that. I gotta go back and check that out. I wanted to listening to like okay. I'm definitely <hes> all right. We have a few minutes here. We'll do this because I gotTa tell you. I'm watching the screen. I think you gave me this shirt. Hey it's making me look thin and be good. It's popping it over the right size letters. Whatever yeah thank you again good? I still think you should wear more of those wine shirt so they made you look good as well. I mean they're thinning but more importantly you look good and I could do the UTAH. Give me to ball sound baby all right. Let's rush through a couple of versus Arman <hes>. I'm glad you said that. Are you minus two hundred on this sheet but I got him at minus one seventy on online books if it's minus one seven year Lower Plan Lamb O._e._M.. Is One of the most popular dogs and hate the against the guys one of the few fighters who follow these tests O._e._M.. I'm sorry but writing Canadian guys is the real deal <hes> it just doesn't make sense for most people. He only had one U._F._C. Fight. It was a loss now he's coming onto bancard against a proven guy in Canada and you're putting minus number next to him like it makes no sense in that realm so a lot of people are betting just because of that but that lasts default on back in Russia there wasn't that much chalk there was only one line that even went over over minus two hundred and that was Islam march of minus three hundred over Armand so you can but I said my pick as market chef who did win but I told people avoid that Chaki going to be sweating this kid can hit and he can wrestle and his wrestling was impressive. If you watch that fight a very few times guys I stock go up in a loss there. I think it's going to be like Alex Hernandez fight. He's either GonNa work or possibly knock him out. I don't not sure what I think. I'm fading the public here Kyle Stewart versus Eric Coke Guy. That's bought a welter. Where's the guy that's feather and <hes> bullfighting feather? You know we've we've had stewart over there and goes over there but it must. I like Kyle there. I I like coke in the spot not not a lot though if you got anybody plus money take the shot on either side but this is on the avoid list for me. I'm I'M GONNA pick coke but I'm not feeling good about Jillian Robertson versus Sarah fruita fruit a lot of money coming on her. She's alive dog for sure Dogar Passion Bending Perspective and I was looking to pick an play fro too. I just couldn't do it play or even picker so I'm picking Roberson but Dogar pass okay stay Koi versus Gavin Tucker. Gavin Tucker hasn't fought since the weekend. I was with you guys a little last J._B._l.. Trip that's how long it's been since Guy Thought Twenty seven years Yep Valentina Shevchenko versus a man the Nunez fight I I do like Tucker. Here is just he's been away for so long and we haven't seen a lot from Choi got wrestled. We didn't really can see a lot of his strength but I like Gavin Tucker. I was big on when as a newcomer and <hes> he got a little too much too soon but I think he's fine now. We'll see all right goes. Oh you got partly for us. I'M GONNA go with Frankie Edgar gang take a Nico Price. ooh Yes me okay. Go ahead. I already Bet Nielsen go and Parlor Davidson Figaro. Okay all right <hes> we the Edgar and Holloway has been broken down on the side as Spencer Cyborg so check that out and again to forget about dance podcast protect your neck and yeah. I don't think I might go put some money on autoshow on armaments. Are you in and then author. I'll do the George Combo with one dog sandwich in the three U._C._l._A.. Hoodie plus three twenty to get the value on there all right. I want all of our guests with the week Simon Samano Andrea Laskey Ski Ray Borg Chris Wade Dave Doyle Eve Edwards Simon head Manny Bermudez Pat Excuse me Peter Murray match Snell Pat Morita Mark Henry Fonda Hanoun and Ricardo Lama Spence Ben Saunders again apologizes for not being able to come in. He will be back <hes>. I think you'll be with us next week so that's it for us. I hope you all have a nice weekend. I hope Real Madrid can recover from that beating. They seven goals seven one seventy. Is it over it must be classic. Kelly job as always nice weekend goes and Dan you guys were awesome. I however was fantastic. I took it to another level all right folks. We are Outta here see you.

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