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Sisters to get up to eighty dollars off. That's basically getting dinner on the table for less than nine dollars a serving for your first four weeks. Visit sun basket dot com slash kitchen. Sisters to get up to eighty dollars off today. People's I want you to sell it back relaxed jet for awhile. Ladies and gentleman. This program is coming to you live. Right out of the body. Got a very special thing here today on the kitchen sisters presented. We're talking about barbecue. This is the legendary Texas pit master step Stubblefield from his blues cookbook cassette. You know, they tell me that Columbus discovered America. Now, you're going to get an opportunity to make this stuff. And you ain't gonna happen. The ocean across ladies and gentlemen, quitting to term and who worked for stub in Austin in the nineteen eighties. When stub I started marketing his barbecue sauce out of his kitchen. He take Jack Daniels bottles steam off the label and put his own on it along with your bottle of sauce. He'd sometimes get a cassette copy of stubs audio cookbook featuring step backed up by the legendary Jesse Taylor on guitar. Program is finished. You too can say I am a cook. We went to dancing. Remember what we tell you? We're going to go without a numbers. We don't bear with full reloads sausage when maybe are in Texas gathering stories for hidden kitchen series. It didn't take long for just about every story to come back around to barbecue burger. Here's some perspective from one of our favorite, Texas writers, Joe, Nick Petoskey. My name is Joe Nick Petoskey in. I've been writing about Texas for the last thirty five years the way we cook goes back to this idea of digging a hole in the Graham, which is really our connection to the agents are Texas kitchens are not so much hidden, but out in the open that usually means a picnic table, and at the very least a cut in half forty gallon barrel, maybe on stilts, maybe not even digging holes and ground. That's something to all the heritage ethnic groups of Texas Mexican American African American and Anglo American shared that train of doing that. When they cook their mate, we do it outdoors mainly because the heat. Band. I'll done loan and save my so get that by U N eat my pill. Come back home pain bay. When we have how we we get silly shoulder. Make bid pan. Whoa. Mom ain't antiques. After the civil war. There were slaves picking cotton anymore. This army of cotton pickers would descend on Texas as many as four hundred thousand hot and pickers would move in a swarm starting in the lower Rio Grande valley and moving north as the cotton ripened mostly from Mexico. Lot of them lack during the depression, some of them poor whites Oki's as they call them when they got to German towns like Lockhart and Algan the number of cotton pickers was equal to the population of the entire town. They weren't welcome in restaurants. So where were they going to eat and in the German towns, they went to the meat market, while the cotton pickers walking into German meat markets, all the smoke meat and said, hey barbecue, and they supplemented that meal with crackers pickles. Onions, they'd go sit on the. Steps. Eat the stuff on the spot. They don't put it on a plate and give you a fork just put it on a piece of paper, and we think of this as some kind of German tradition, but the truth is without the cotton pickers. There wouldn't have ever been the demand for this mass production of smoke me. I'm rob Walsh food critic for the Houston press. And I write cookbooks about Texas. I was chocking down the street number one day one of my. My God like who decides speak? So I opened the door down in then a look across the car and saw the bad is bad. I ever say stop the price which about barbecue and music, you knew if he wanted to hang out while you're kinda people you got stub Chia bunch of picker jets. You know, it's like camel till watering hole and eat love mutations lose a kind of an archangel. I think what he was. That's what he was never been the same. And I'll never forget the man, and I'll never forget the name. It was the. Uncomedic I'll Gilmore and love it. The very first van that I ever played in was Jesse Taylor and John Reid and Joe Ely and TJ McFarland Jesse blues guitar player. Hey was living over in east Lubbock Lubbock very segregated even now and one day he was hitch-hiking and this big huge black man stopped picked him up. It was stubbed Stubblefield. He had a barbecue joint tiny little dive over there in Jesse started hanging out with stuff, and they just became close, friends and stub had the best jukebox in the world. And how often Bobby blue bland? You know, Latin hoffy is truly wonderful. See we have a bowl and get up. Good at some point Jesse said stub could I bring a few my friends over here and play some music is unusual for a white kid. A black man become close friends. My name is Sharon eighty and I was born in Lubbock, Texas. And then I migrated down to Austin with my husband, Joe ily. Don Colwell would come and play his horn stubs barbecue Terry Allen started coming down. Yeah. Plan and Stevie rive on even muddy waters and Tom t hall, Johnny cash, and all these people I never forget when Linda Ronstadt came, and we took her over to stab since she went and steps kitchen in the back in her little white phthalate reading the slippers and walked through the most barbecue sauce in crested floor. I've ever seen. Stabs was born in Navidad, Texas in his father was a Baptist preacher and stubs used to cook. In the army. He knew how to cook for lots of people. He had this deep beautiful voice just exuded love. And he would get up initially, ladies and gentlemen on. He was stubborn. I'm a cook. Oggy? Well, he was generous to everybody, but he was generous to musicians, and it provided a focal point heaven the place to get together and space around food. It's best around the love of these people for each other. And the end the kitchen announced is the kitchen is the place. Everybody gets together. Stabs would go around to all the different honky counts where all of you guys were playing and he would invite all the musicians over for Sunday dinner. He would go back to his little place in cook like Turkey and dressing, and he would sleep on top of his pool table, we'd find him asleep. The next day when all the musicians would come over and they're sunglasses. You know, stubs would actually have stayed up on cooking. He'd do that over and over again, just free. You know, he was always. Saying I want to feed the world in Lubbock, Texas, the other night and beer and about half tight me and Paul and Jim and again aimed Al we were growing pictures and writing songs sitting there talking before to wrong, Paul Ted will to move this party over the stub. I'm Tom t hall, and I'm strong later country music singer. We had an organization we call the IRS idiots. Rescuing stubs once in a while stubs would go out of innocent, and we'd all get together and raising money and putting them back in business Willie in this club and Waylon and people hung around Texas being stub first of all he had zero business since now mining. Yes, everybody tried to help him in. Eventually we got him to make some barbecue sauce in the kitchen. And then we take it out and sell it to help us all the way from Austin, Texas is CB Stubblefield known as. Stubs all stop. My husband Joey was invited to go sing on David Letterman. And then may got stuff's could come and cook barbecue, he prepared it on stage. How did you become interested in the the science the art the fun of barbecuing longer? My dad stay. Yeah. Eventually stuck ended up coming to Austin, a got his own club, which still continues, and as one of the main music venues here you now it's been long enough that some of the young people that work there, then stub wise. It's really great to kind of revive the memo. I never had any stuff. Great friends. I love him like a brother, but I never told him that I would've vegetarian I go around you from Brad and being, but it would just one stop this year that teaches the lesson if some. The brave day. In phases and stages. Circles and cycles seeds. On scene for my name is be spears play bass with Willie Nelson band started in nineteen sixty eight. When I was little bitty kid. I cooked a an Armadillo out in our Ford hungry accidentally shot a survey or hiding from the low why was raised very poor. And we had some little baby chickens and chicken scratch was like three cents a pound. These sparrows gland and eat all our chicken feed. And my brothers told me I had set on ground and shoot my dad's twelve gauge didn't see surveyors shot and the guy with the transit level screened, and my brother told me so you killed ING. I was dead man at six I was going to the electric chair in mind. So they sent me into exile. And I was out there for about two days. Eating armadillos. We were raised in between. Hello to sin Bandera. It's it's nothing there. We lizards sticks and rattlesnake I was hungry. Heck, I was nine years old for that beans, what meet my mother had Alzheimer's disease when it was first kicking down dad had a garden, and I was saying wow, dad, you sure got a beautiful gardens. Yeah. I've got a poll beings out there, and I've got peppers and some coal Robbie in my mother's going Korn. Tell them about the corn. I remember corn. My dad just kinda roll this is they say, yeah, we got some carrots out there. Spins corn Sam tell them about the corn kinda shake his head. Yeah. We got some radishes and cucumber. I remember corn. And he turned out looked at any said about the corn at the HEB me. Me said that wasn't a corn plan out there. So now, we get on the bus ie making Makino every year. Do we remember corn? If you can't remember corn and your bus. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, pride. Non we? Go vote through the main thing about cooking barbecue. And good barbecue. You got the have something to cook it on that. A barbecue pit, ladies and gentlemen. It's kind of like a beautiful woman. Picked the one you Bank. It's the most beautiful. Grab Gertie of Mela Monroe as long as it's yield. Seconds of that latest gentleman's the wood. Mosquito. Back into that is old. Remote? Would you can't find anymore? Hickory hickory is something that's almost the thing of the past like the Maltese fold next time. You're gonna talk about me. Very important that you know, what kind of. What as bug me? You know? You cannot it's up to chicken pork chop to. Beef beef Turkey Turkey for you have to have the right thing in mind, and believe me, you need to have the right thing in mind when you're making preparations for food. It's very important that you have everything you need. Right. Where you got it, right. In the pit area. You got your meat all cut up pay next time. We're gonna go to here. We're gonna built the chicken. Comedy thing. You find cooking a barbecue pit in home. It's chicken oppa for cooking chicken cut in half this way. You don't have all the little pieces food put the chicken on you have to watch. It. You have to love what you've done you have to have seen for what you. You have to really understand good set of highs and a good good set of. Beans to barbecues like, teen, Texas and Dion Dallas, they go together. Put them on pod watching. Sure, you got the rock and all that other stuff. Fat tack. And. Fail. They'll salt and ten dollars. Member Potter, garlic, masking, messin, whatever you decide. This out. You don't have. Things that it's declared delicious to your barbecue. One thing about being you got the the hydrate. The new gas out of going to get it all through the house at night one. Baking soda move out. All that easy sleep comfortable of night won't. Box. The kitchen sisters present this produced by the kitchen sisters with Nathan Dalton and brandy help mixed by Jim Nikki for more about stub Stubblefield and Oliver hidden kitchens, Texas stories and beyond visit kitchen, sisters dot org. You can also find out about her workshops and special events. And of course, our electric fingers t-shirt at kitchen sisters that were. On vein. A while. The kitchen sisters present is part of radio Tokyo from P R X. A curated network of extraordinary cutting edge podcasts created by independent producers. I want to the world. If you haven't heard it yet, the makers of criminal one of our very favorite shows have a second podcast. It's called this is love, and it was one of the most downloaded new shows of twenty eighteen honestly, the stories in this show will just make you feel amazing about the world they've launched their third season, and it takes place entirely in Italy. The first episode is about a tiny mountain town where since eighteen ninety seven people have come together to join something called the ugly club. We tell me what the criteria for being in the ugly club is what is the test. We have a card where there are different marks. It started with undefined and sufficient, medium, good, great and extraordinary. And of course, we talk about ugliness not beauty nece. So. If you are extrordinary admits that you are exerting every ugly. Would you give me the test course, of course, of course, if you want we can do it right now. Yes. And don't hold back. I mean, I would like to like a real critique here. Okay. And now we have to judge co listen to the whole story by searching for this is love. Radio.

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