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Efficient blown this pop STAN is man, all the gravitas is exiting the building, Bobby quietly. Those like, like I mean, like walls, kind of cool, the blessed. It would talking about this. Bob space, y'all know that about him. I have only had good interactions with him. I wish him the best. He is a legend alleged Ali deal was like, healthy career going. Thanks, bob. Thanks for that. Bob. I appreciate it. But our first name is Jimmy Butler, Bomani, our aging RC reports that the space racing rockets plan to recruit, Butler to join James harden. Chris Paul Houston would need a sign and trade with the Sixers all sorts of cap reasons. But the biggest worry might, of course, be chemistry, unless you're J Tucker who also told Sam amick quote if we win a championship together. And we bleeping hate each other. Then, guess what who cares at quote, but was adding Jimmy Butler to that particular locker room a good idea asked me that again. And again. What why are we presenting who thinks this is a good idea who is the person that looks at what's going on there? It was like you know what they need. They need Jimmy. They be Jimmy Butler to come in here and his say on things while Chris Paul who came in with his settle things his things that ain't working. Because Dilawar with James harden is really, really difficult. No. This is a horrific idea. This is what you tell people when you general manager has an owner who saying win a championship, or you might lose your job Errol, Maury is going through it right now man. He seems desperate, he seems desperate. He looks desperate. Here's a beard that reeks of desperation. And I am sympathetic to him because his job is clearly on the line. He needs to produce more than what he's produced the last two years. And by the way, the last two years involved a game seven in the Western Conference finals, followed by the best record after the all star break. But none of that is enough to satisfy his owner or the critics. And so what do you, do you go and try and adds some more talent? Scarcity of talent is the rule of thumb in the league, except this talent in particular, would be like adding an accelerated to a giant fire. No. No. I like Jimmy Butler a lot as a player. I actually like Jimmy Butler a lot as the construction of Jimmy Butler. I don't mind the idea of coming in and shaking table. But you say that they got in there that thing going break, that's able to not built for anymore shaking to be done. I also don't believe for second that this is actually going to happen. I will be Florida. Jimmy Butler is not right back with the Philadelphia seventy six for the mex- contract that they can offer him this kind of makes sense, because Jimmy is from Tom ball, Texas, which is outside of Houston. But you have to understand Jimmy Butler, does not introduce himself as being a dude from Houston do outside of Houston. He does not view the city in that way. Right. So if you're doing this way, he's from there that really the wiring on this do. Yeah. In the metaphor of them, you know, like Chris Paul being the back seat driver, James harden being the driver. Where does is you mean bowler gonna sit in that back middle seat is that where he ends up because that is just a nonstarter what everybody around. I think the rockets who has nothing invested in the rockets with love for this to happen because. It would be the ultimate in soap opera except there, Maury has some optimism about how all might play out watch. I think we're gonna have our starting five plus top level, mid level, you know, maybe we'll do better than that. And we're going to be favorites in the last for sure. With that group. And that's without adding one more quality player. Like we're going to do so close teams are scrambling to keep their starting gift together. We got ours gone next year. The weird part is that they are actually still a contender. You contender with Jimmy, they'd be contender without him. The only issue is the downside on the chemistry experiment like the floor just get so much lower as much as the ceiling would raise. Chris Paul doesn't seem to think this can work, right? Like this was simply a matter of Chris Paul, just being like I don't like James harden, you can maneuver through this. What a situation like that shacking Kobe they didn't like each other. They knew they could make work. I don't think Chris Paul believes is possible for work. And I don't know what you with. That's the case. Of next Andre Dala just last week told Pablo in me into office, he couldn't come on our show until he was out of the NBA because he had a lot to say what preference club and he set a lot. Let's start with the basketball related stuff like Andrei, etc. Explain why there might be questions about how hurt Kevin Durant was in the NBA finals using his own experience, as an example. Your happened to me. I missed last three games that Houston series. It goes a game seven we barely get out of that series and not looking at me. Like when you come back and I had a I had a fractured leg. And they but it's being put out there like you gotta bone bruise fraction. But also, I'm fighting with the team fighting with people fighting with the media. Then my teammates asked me every day. How you feeling. The. Warriors say no injury report goes out without the players signing off on it problem with you make what good I had to say. This is strange because there is. Exoneration on the warriors part because the person who was in charge, the director of sports medicine and performance during the twenty thousand playoffs. He's not who the director of sports performance, and medicine was during this postseason baxley changed people from Chelsea lanes, Rick celebrity celebrant was the K D disaster guy. Chelsea lane was the Andre thing. So to me, this is more about the title itself, like director of sports medicine and performance medicine, and performance can be in conflict point, is, they're dealing with a team and a reality in sports where you don't always have the best interests of your health in mind when it comes to the people treating you see I don't think that's what's going on here because I didn't feel like Dala was saying that he was misdiagnosed. I think he said that the information that was put out there was not the same as what the injury was. And that's when you start getting all sports gamesmanship, like do you want people to know he has a broken leg? Or do you prefer it'd be out there that it's? A bone bruise. Right. Like you believe the other teams boy to pray fall, some sort of weakness that you have. Right. So I'm very careful to be like you say the warriors lied about this. That's why the warriors like the player has to sign off on it. That doesn't seem to me to be the war. You're saying, hey, we missed we didn't misdiagnose him as much as he was in on this same kind that we were running. But problem is that con- didn't gets to everybody else in your of your players around. You were like, hey, we don't know how hurt you are. And it's funny when it gets to that, Kevin Durant part because he seems to be saying, we weren't sure how her he was. We weren't saying that because if he's saying that the guys Raskin him about that. What's he saying? They were asking Kevin to rain. Well, that's my question is worthy players aware at all that this is how the game is run. Because this has football all the time. I didn't realize it happened in basketball like this, because it would seem to be a protection of the team interest except that if the players around you are like actually wondering are you telling the truth that seems to be a very counter-productive approach to managing injury? Yeah. Well, one thing I wish he hadn't said it in this setting and. This is the breakfast, gloves cool, but that's not like they don't do the stuff that we do. Right. And so they don't hear that in think to themselves. Hold on these of the follow up questions that we need to ask, because a lot of this is still great about what exactly did, he find out on his own that he had a fracture did the warriors tell him that he had a fracture. If you've found out he had a fractured and he tells them, and there was some measure of conflict, like, I don't know what exactly that means. But I do take this right back to Kevin Durant there. Wow. It must have been rough to beat him. While all of this was going on the, to have the questions that seem to surround him at a time where he's like, dude. Kevin durant. I played basketball all the time if I can't. Right. Right. And meanwhile by the way, Andre does have all of these takes. He's talking about how in Golden State have priced out all of the real fans which is soom his owner Joe lake of dozens love except Joe lake of is literally moving the team from Oakland to San Francisco. So is that a big deal to the warriors brass care about that? They want these people ought to know we have priced out real fade, you can bring you and you'll rich Fritz in here. Here in the, the earth will be nowhere to be if the son of the earth is around you. That's because they'll be selling you a glasses champagne. Remember how the announced the breaking of the ground at the chase they'd Kevin Durant in the hard hat and dancing cranes giant dancing cranes. Which is a vision of some billionaires. 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Sweet is the world's number one cloud business system. And right now. Nets suite is offering you valuable insights with the free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits, and that's we dot com slash noon. That's net sweet dot com. Slash noon to download your free guide. Seven key strategies to grow, your profits net, sweet dot com slash noon. Hey, boys and girls baloney of Pablo or coming to you live from above the Heineken river deck at pier. Seventeen nice view. Oh man. I don't really know what is. Oh, good luck. Explain adds to the whole that degree of young lady the same way. In fact, you wanna know a mail privileges, maybe putting out young lady on Wheaties box, and she was the white man, hit done that to those people that is correct. I love any clip. That reminds me of a bad movie. Like come on guys really couldn't cooperate a little bit better on that. But nonetheless, impressive berry show just. Yeah, but no one got hurt. So we can laugh. I mean if they did laugh at anything, it's not on TV. Well. I love it here. My family loves it here. My wife loves it here, which is very important kids Canadians. You want to win more in my mind, I'm here. Raptors GM who Jerry Pablo do Jerry saying, he will stay make you think that Kawhi Leonard will to this seems like a necessary condition for Kawais staying, but not as sufficient condition. It feels like the pitch Masai is going to make is going to be built on trust that. Hey, the clippers are going to say you can win the championship here. We just did that they're going to say they can handle your body like no one else can. Well, we just proved to you that we know exactly what you like, and we delivered that to you with no problem. So I think this is essential for him to stay, but it's Leonard man. I have no say, people need to stop trying to figure out what to do doesn't talk is going to do. You have no idea what he's gonna do you think about here. Dennis right? Yeah. How much have you actually seen people write about who what did what his background is? None of that we don't know nothing about these people that we need to be real about the fact that we don't know about these people now as Jerry staying in Toronto. They're in an interesting place here because if I were to lead they can jump start this. Pretty quick 'cause they got big contracts with some older guys. They can start moving them out of there. And then get everything going in the future there, because, basically, if you're GM, I think you've got either one of two things, you want a team that right now win a championship or team, starting all the way over the rafters kind of sort of both at once. Yes. And missile usury would be a departure that I think would be more backbreaking emotionally than Kawhi Leonard leaving the Cy has been Mr. Canada. He is the guy who was cursing out in front of fans and they were playing the nets and Jurassic Park that one time Jurassic Park is really his invention. The fact is beside usury should absolutely be getting, like many eight figure offers from everybody. The same offers that the wizards denied ever, offering him, including ownership equity, but he is staying in that means that this is a franchise that maybe hasn't just Pete. I will say this about the idea is being backbreaking because I know they wouldn't like it if he left, but just remember some people root for players. Masher. Who gets layer? Ben is true to say I think that people find a way to cope, when the general manager goes away next quote Lakers, are now rooting for Kyrie Irving to land in Brooklyn. Said Adrian, mortar NAR ski on the woes and low free agency special about a scenario where the ngelo Russell could find his way back on the Lakers. If the nets get Kyrie and have to renounce their rights to Russell. So Bomani does reunion of Russell end the Lakers make sense to you about. Shoutout to kyri damn what I do y'all Irving, because all we've done since he started tug about who probably doesn't want him that bad, everybody now, as for the Lakers, I think IRA being is a distinctly in noticeably better player than Dangelo, rosary, right? And I it's hard for me to buy this idea that you would rather have the ends low Russell thing, Kyrie Irving. Right. I just can't get behind that. However, Russell will probably be cheaper. He will be younger, and I think there's a better chance. He'll figure out exactly how to navigate the LeBron Anthony Davis situation that being said there's a reason why they got rid of them in the first place. And I don't know just how mature he's got just because he's become a better shooter. We remember what it was. Like windy, Angelo, Russell got in trouble for snap snitching on Nick young, because it was as if he had committed treason against the United States. It was as if he had said, the most unsaleable thing, it was as, if he had violated most sacred trust, and nobody do you remember a single soul at the time saying the Lakers should actually keep him because he developed into a better prospect, nobody said that. And so, we had to leave, but the situation now seems to hinge in terms of this news update on the fact that it doesn't seem like hiring wants to go to the Lakers either. And so therefore, maybe the Angelo is a pretty good consolation prize for that. Don't know why people think wants to go there if he had a problem being LeBron's. Number two, two years ago. What makes you think he wants to be anybody's number three at this point? Right. I'm stunned by this. I am guessing the kyri winds go into the nets. Like we're hearing all this stuff that's going around there. But I still think that he's a guy that's gonna wanna go somewhere, where he is the number one dude. I'm not even sure he's really. To be paired up with Kevin Durant in their way because he demonstrated us he wants to be the number what it went bad in Boston. Yes. I don't have any reason to believe that sees how when Boston his is maybe I shouldn't be the number one. He's like, maybe I shouldn't be number one here, and I don't even know if the Lakers as constituted need a number three, they just need shooters. You have LeBron Dave is just people like the Angelo Russell around thirty eight percent from three to actually space more for you. But is the ngelo Russell? Thirty eight percent from three it was that just what he did recently. I'm not sure if it's one of those re-getting good shooting season or he is evolved into a good volume like eight threes per game less. Yeah, that's promising. But coming up next. The NBA goes short shorten the regular season. Listen to the high noon podcast and Bomani and Tony Kornheiser Kornheiser is a genius. Got people bouncing on trampoline. Yep. This is just begging for. Avalanche. Uh-huh. Very very impressive, and I gotta say out to the kid doing all the flips the rest of those kids idiots. They were they were just begging dot no mattress kid, though the kid through the mattress that kid might have the most crucial role in all this prevented fatality. I'm just saying the other kids, you realize how close for like not one key getting hurt three just y'all in the way, I love trampolines. What was the last time you're on a trampoline in New York? Where were you on this trampoline? I always out Long Island in the Hamptons on a trampoline. What age twenty two? Because that's when the NBA institute bolder initiatives like reducing the eighty two game regular season schedule, adding a midseason Cup and postseason play tournament. Bob, low, did you sound like a good idea. They sound like an improvement. They sound like an improvement in entertainment quality because maybe now we will get meaningful regular season action. What the question does remain? Are you going to get these superstars load manage otherwise through the regular season to play in any of his action? And are you actually going to address the problem that a lot of these sports science people have been, you know, prompting for a long time, which is injury, because that's seems to be the actual logic as to why would make changes in the end? They're not short in the regular season. You don't short season by replacing gains. We gains the ideas, we're knocks of gangs off the schedule and then put more games on that it's not shortening the regular season. What you're doing is throwing things that you hope some people might watch on television, right? Because the biggest problem short in the regular season is cuts profits. You're going to have to explain these people, where they going to get the money back. If they are cutting down on these dates there couldn't out on these TV dates all of that stuff, but I don't care about your little midseason Cup where we're not conditioned to buy into those things the postseason play tournament. Do you know how that works because I didn't really glean, how that was supposed to work. It would basically involve seating hinging on competition. It would involve I think also theoretically draft position hinging on competition like they would actually incentivize teams to want to win games. Like it would address tanking which to me, and you, by the way you should but behold on think about this for second. You're trying to go to one of these teams that is going to be somewhere in the draft. You say in the plane will be so y'all can get the number one pick. All right. Fellas let's get out here and let's go bust are Keyser's so they can get somebody to replace one of us who is buying on that who's playing horrid for that reason that is a fair point except I do think a team could have a cohesive strategy that would be built around players that might actually be around next year and those players might actually care. What about the other ones? Well, those guys are probably out of league. Anyway. Next number twenty twenty three. Because that's when the fair pay to play act would become law, which if passed would allow college athletes to make money off the road names, images and likenesses. But now NCWA president, Mark. Emmett Warren's that if you act does become law, California colleges would essentially be banned from championships. Monty, how do you see this all playing out? I honestly have no idea. Because my belief is always been the is there. We're going to involve and players are going to have to go through the courts because there was going to be no legislator that was going to be the person that was say, shutdown Texas football in the name of pain or something like that. Nobody will put their name on California a little bit different though. Right. And this looks like this can pass through. And then if that happens this double-leg has no choice but to say what they're saying right now because otherwise their whole model falls apart. Are they really going to take the most populated state in the country? The linchpin of what are your five major conferences, and say y'all outta here the most populated state in the country be biggest economy in the country by far they would be fifth in the world in terms of economic size. If they were to go sec-. Weed California is better suited than any other state to say we could just do this on our own like we can organize our own tournaments. You could organize our own playoff could organize all sorts of events in which our players get to get paid. And they get the profit, and that to me, it is an existential threat to the NC, double A, because they would get lots of players that are great. They would also actually defy the entire concept of what the NCAA's about the problem with your idea there these tournaments who's playing all the schools in California. How many of those do you give a damn about their four schools in California that are in the Pac tin? Right. And then you start lumping twelve rather, you start lump it in, like the mountain west conferences, and stuff like that. Okay, cool. Is that something that people are actually going to want to watch, my guess is? No. So that is a fair. Guess, but my bet is that if you can actually create a compelling alternative right, in which maybe cut out the middleman of ended up does what they organize stuff and provide clearing houses for like academic credibility. If you don't need. That maybe other states would actually join California in closing. Well, you've been away from New York City these last couple of days. And so I wanted to show you what you actually just. I. This is union square at union square this ain't even know this is fourteenth street. Brian went hers out here fighting somebody. I oh. I believe Filipino Brian win hearts to you because I've been zooming in on him. He does seem to have feeling go hard. Oh, buddy from optics. It's not really doing the work that I thought he might. But this does resemble be Mayweather Pacquiao that I truly dreamed up because this do oh, hold on. The seven slammer is a lot better shape than I expected him to be vascular workout there. And normally I would say, always bet on the guy wearing blue jeans athletic competition, because that guy scenes things. But Mr. buttoned-down salmon short sleeved shirt, he clearly is brought more to the table that I thought I'm also kind of looking out here at this proud a little difficult for me to tell back here but I feel like I know yeah, yeah. In fact, I wouldn't be watching that in that crowd myself. And meanwhile, the cops are just like, Yup. Nothing to sit here. Go ahead. I don't know who they rooted for. But I know who they ruined against. In closing out here for adult, the youth on the basketball courts, come all Marcus smart. This is just crew. I'm guessing a basketball camp of some sort. Maybe this kid was like now than all between gotta do. All right. Disappoint right here. Why not? Go is celebrate with the other just feel. So what Siri and yet very unbranded, if you seem to attend Marcus, Smart's, basketball camp like this does feel like what Marcus smart wanna do to you. I would think that, like, why does it mortgage more stand there like take charges from the kids? Right. Because that's what that's the biggest thing that he provides really. He's a great choice. Tanker. Why not do that? And I'll tell you why you don't do that kids to coordinated hit him in is going. Go now out of surprise here right now didn't get up hit of into going. That would be an issue. That's fair. I mean, disrespected him in front of all homes come all questionable coming up next.

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