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News in Brief 22 May 2019


This is the news and brief from the United Nations warning in April of a disturbing ground. Swell of intolerance and hate based violence. U N chief Antonio Gutierrez identified the fight against hate crime and hate speech as one of his top priorities for twenty nineteen following the secretary-general's launch of UN system, white plan of action to tackle hate speech, the responsibility of criminal Justice systems in preventing and countering. These kind of crimes is being debated at the twenty eighth commission on crime prevention and criminal Justice, which is currently taking place in Vienna. Speaking at the opening session, Yuri Fedotov, executive director of the UN office on drugs. And crime said that crimes motivated by intolerance or discrimination could only be counted through international collaboration and by strengthening effective fair humane and accountable criminal Justice systems, that protect people. And they writes the commission is the main policymaking body. Of the UN in the field of crime prevention and criminal Justice and a forum for the international community to discuss measures to stop hate crimes. The results of the sturdy, experiment are crystal clear record levels of hunger and homelessness, falling life expectancy for some groups, even fewer community services and greatly reduced policing, this damning assessment of the UK government's or sturdy policies comes from Philip Alston? The UN special reporter, Ron extreme poverty and human rights whose report on the UK was released in Geneva, on Wednesday, Mr. Elston condemned austerity as an ideological project, which has seen UK standards of wellbeing descend fast in a remarkably short period of time as a result of deliberate policy choices, although the UK unemployment rate is at a historic low said the independent UN expert millions of workers rely on charity to make ends meet close to forty percent of children are predicted to be living in poverty by twenty twenty one and sixteen percent of people over sixty five live in relative poverty. The report comes some five months after his fact-finding mission to the country, which saw him on that breaks, it, the UK's delay's departure from the European Union risks driving more people into poverty, and two more countries are officially free, from one of the world's leading killers malaria, the U N health agency WHO an instant Wednesday that the disease is no longer prison to in geria- and Argentina. WHO guidelines say that the country can be said to be malaria free, if it can prove that it has interrupted transmission of the disease for at least three consecutive years. In Argentina's case malaria was last reported in twenty ten in JIRA. The disease last surfaced in twenty thirteen the moment follows years of improved surveillance, free diagnosis and treatment, and both countries that has allowed for every last case of malaria, to be rapidly identified and treated WHO said in a statement. Malaria, is contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. It's estimated to have claimed more than four hundred thousand lives in twenty seventeen colon U N news.

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