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Episode 252: Focus on what you CAN control


Hi I'm stubbins. I missed celebrity assistance. Certified lifestyle manager and time management expert. You can find me at take it easy concierge dot com and thanks for listening to the Rockstar real estate real estate podcast show dot com. Oh good afternoon Palm Griego here. Toronto REAL ESTATE UNFILTERED recording today in the bod cast studio real estate. Podcast SHOW DOT com. I want you to take a moment and forgets everything. That's going on around you from this on. I want you to focus only on those things you can control. So why does this guy sound like a meditation specialist? While because I believe very highly in what you feed your mind is what it eats so if you feed it focus on the things you can control some of those things. Include your thoughts your words your actions your mistakes your fitness your finances and your future. Those are things you can control. Let me explain what? Got Me to the point where I'm able to reprogram my mind and I do it every day because if I don't and if I don't write this stuff down forget it's so the reason that I've gotten to this point is because I've hit some pretty low points over my twenty year career in real estate. Some things that have happened over the years that were completely out of my control. But when you're in the middle of it you just don't have any control over your thoughts at a certain point this this might be some of you. Who haven't hit a low. That might even be worse than what's going on right in the world. Yes it's bad. But for a lot of people who have been not focused on their their own futures and their own success a lot of people have been sort of just blaming other people for things so right now I want you to focus on the things you can do and I wanted to start with something as simple as just breathing. Two things I want you to do about your breathing and your fitness for the next who knows how long you're going to have time. Don't tell me when I talked to you about this. You don't have time you've got time now. It's time that you wanted to have free. But it's important that you use it. Well a lot of you are going to sit there and worry worrying only means that you suffer twice most of the time the things that you worry about never happen so get that out of your head. Limit your exposure to the media at all times not just now but three years ago and three years from now so decide how much you can take. I know for me. It's about a half an hour or an hour of its and much more than that in some of what they're saying gets into my head and makes me rethink the way. I was going to do my day for the most part right now. You should do your best to stay healthy. Stay away from large groups. They away from places where you could possibly be in interact with others where the virus can be passed. That's that goes without saying but aside from that I want you to focus on things. The two things I want you to focus on this week is to look into the whim half W im last. Name H. O. F. Wim Hof breathing Google and practice. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not but it is a very very helpful. Deep breathing exercise Followed by a study that he was involved with or he was actually able to fight a virus. Not not this one but fight a virus that was injected into his system. This was done a few years ago. It was all documented. As far as I can tell it's all proven it doesn't mean that this is the only way around something like this but why not do something? That's good for you. You'll learn to actually improve your adrenaline response in your system by following the deep breathing. A can't hurt. It can only help the thing I want you to do is look up and I'll send it to you if you want but look it up one hour workout in ten minutes. You've got the hour but a lot of you don't want to get your heads and so there are ways that you can actually get a one hour value workout in ten minutes. This was a study done at McMaster university by the way real study and actually does work so I want you to look it up and I want you to make that your goal. This week is just to do that. Ten Minute worked maybe once maybe twice hopefully three times and keep it going. There's been a lot of things in the world that have happened before now. Let me add this before I let you go today and get back to planning your futures planning your finances. I've been talking to some of you on twitter saying that you wished you had an emergency fund in place for this. Well the truth is no one and I mean. No one could have predicted this particular situation. Not If you tried but what you can do and this was the case for me a few years ago where I hit a certain lowest point I would say with my own In my own career where I decided that at that moment I was never ever going to work for a client because I needed the money it was. It was a very dark time and the lot of a lot of lessons came from that. So that happened for me a few years ago and sort of put me in a position where at that point I was never going to have to take listing that I just didn't feel good about and I haven't and it's remains the way I proceed into this day right now so for those of you who haven't done that too who haven't had the emergency fund who are panicking. Some of the stuff that you're going through is out of your control. Some of it you can hopefully get through but some of it's out of your control so the thing I want you to focus on is create your ideal emergency fund plan. How you're going to get there. How much you're going to need and focus on having it in place the minute things go back to normal. They will go back to north. There's been times like this. Two thousand three was similar in ways. Two thousand eight also had a very bumpy time. Both of those events we've recovered from. I can show you in real estate stats anyways. How well we recovered. So you have to be able to endure a few bumps to be able to get there and this is not the time to doubt what you're GonNa do anyways if you were planning on securing your future. If you were planning on purchasing a property that will be your insurance. Your your your your recession proof real estate property that could provide income for you when your other sources of income don't exist like right now. I can't recommend it more. I mean I've already been telling people to prepare for twenty thirty in terms of how rentals are going to be. I know that there's some people that are talking about not paying their rent in April. That's not the thing you guys should be upset about paying a month or or getting a month's rent or whatever the government might be suggesting you not do because they've shut down the ability to eliminate or to to vic tenants. That's not what you should be upset about. You should be upset about the fact that you may have paid twenty five or fifty thousand one hundred thousand some of you in the last few years of rent and you did that willingly right now. You need to do everything possible to break that chain. You need to make sure that you are not under anyone else's power you were in your own position you've got your own property where if you had to you could create income from the property. It's not rocket science however a lot of people with three or four degrees aren't ready for this right now so I want you to not be following the pack anymore. I just had one client on the phone with me this morning. They've given their sixty days notice. They're done with their fire in the landlord. It's over. It's time to regain power. It's time to take the next step and if if you don't believe me I leave me out of it. Hopefully I'll be able to help you with it. It's a very very new process right now. For a lot of people buying and selling and renting right now is very much virtual. It's very much hologram based so I'll explain more on to that when we talk but more importantly than anything have a look at what the interest rates are right now and have a look at what they were five years ago. Have a look at what they were twenty years ago. They've never been this low. So if you do decide to keep renting even at the same price your landlord just got a race whether or not you think. So because you're you're paying their mortgage it's you're paying mortgage anyways. The only difference is you're paying theirs and they get all the benefits from it. You don't get any of the benefits put together what you have to combine forces with. Sometimes it used to be where one person could walk into the bank get approval and bio property. Used to be now. Probably GonNa take two or three of you. That's fine you get yourself a property where you've got three or four bedrooms or the potential for three or four bedrooms and you make it so that you can live in one or two of them and possibly rent out one or two. And you don't have to do that is just good to have the choice in times like this. Whatever it might be in five years might do this to us again. The only thing you can do is just be better prepared for a lot of you with condos and lofts and downtown Toronto. You've already got house. You're sitting on so much equity. Some of you already have three or four bedroom house within an hour of the city almost every weekend I'm taking clients have been. I've been taking clients not so much lately but almost every weekend for the last year or two. I've been taken condo owners over the Durham region. I'll show our Ajax pickering And just doing the trade over sal on the condor the loft buying the house and many of them are in such a better place because of that because of the fact that they have the option to rent out property to rent out some of the and they call it in investing the the way it works. Is You count the number of doors you own. So if you've got the potential for three or four doors meaning you've got the potential for three or four incomes to come in from your properties then you can get to that really good place where this is going to be a little bit out there for some of you but again it's taken me a while to get to it as well but give it a try. Think about creating an income for every expense so figure out if you can have a way to create an income for every expense that you have whether it's housing whether it's groceries whether it's close whether it's travel for a lot of people they get into real estate investing so they can travel. They themselves might never be in one place for Very Long. So they just sorta stay where they stay but they have believe me very large portfolios some people that you would never imagine that do so. It's a good place to be. That's where I want your head to go right now. Focus on what you can control brief. Take care of yourselves anyways if you smoke quit cold Turkey or whatever you have to do get rid of that from your system that will weaken your immune system. I'm telling you right now you'll see people. I swear if I see another one I might lose it Where people are standing out in line senior citizens people who are scared of their mind. And there's someone in that line six feet away from them smoking. It's it's so disrespectful to me. It's a very weak feature. I don't like it at all anyway. I'M NOT GONNA go there today. Focusing on the positives focus only on what you can control anything. You guys need for me. Feel free to connect with me at real estate. Podcast SHOW DOT com.

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