Tropical Storm Isaias Nears Hurricane Strength as It Barrels Toward Carolinas


Tropical storm is. Near Hurricane Strength, as it barrels, toward Carolina's. By Wilfredo, Lee, and Danika Kotova the Associated Press in Vero Beach Florida. It's is was forecast to be near hurricane strength as it approached the Carolinas Monday, just a day after bands of heavy rain from the tropical storm lashed. Florida's east coast, the US national. Hurricane Center issued a hurricane warning from South Sandy River, South Carolina to serve City Carolina in its five am advisory. Tropical storm is es had maximum sustained winds of seventy miles per hour and was expected to strengthen. Later, Monday forecaster said a category. One hurricane has winds of seventy four to ninety, five miles per hour parts of the Carolinas were due for up to six inches of rain, storm surge and possible tornadoes. Tornadoes the advisory stated forecasters said is es was located two, hundred, eighty miles south southwest of Myrtle beach. South. Carolina. It was moving north at nine miles per hour over the weekend is he is brought heavy rain and flooding to Florida as officials kept a close eye on the storm while dealing with surging cases of the corona virus, the storm had weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm on. Saturday. Afternoon don't be fooled by the downgrade Florida. Governor Ron Santa's warned at a news conference after the storm spent hours roughing up the Bahamas upper level winds took much of the strength out of. said. Stacey Stewart, senior hurricane specialist at the Hurricane Center in. MIAMI. We were expecting a hurricane to develop and it didn't Stewart said, Sunday, it's a tale of two storms. If you live on the west side of the storm, you didn't get much. If you live east of the storm, there's a lot of nasty weather. There authorities closed beaches, parks, and virus testing sites, lashing signs to palm trees. So they wouldn't blow away to. Santa. Said, the state is anticipating power outages and asked residents to have a week supply of water food and medicine on hand officials wrestled with how to prepare shelters. Shelters where people can seek refuge from the storm if necessary, while also safely social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus in Palm Beach County about one hundred, fifty people were shelters said Emergency Management Spokeswoman, Lisa? Deliver. Janda county has a voluntary evacuation order for those living in mobile or manufactured homes or those who feel their home can't withstand winds. We don't anticipate many more evacuation. She said adding that the evacuees are physically distant from each other and are wearing masks due to the virus in Indian River County north of West Palm, Beach Florida emergency shelters were clearing out. Sunday after. was downgraded to a tropical storm officials told TC Palm newspapers that thirty eight people registered at three schools used as shelters. Those areas now must be cleaned to ensure no traces of the coronavirus remain as teachers and staff report Monday to prepare for the upcoming school year. No one checked in with covid nineteen symptoms. Temperature checks were done at the door official said and isolation rooms were designated. In case anyone came in with symptoms. The storm did not affect the successful return of to ask renaults aboard the SPACEX. Dragon. Capsule which splashdown into calm waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Off The coast of Pensacola test pilot, Doug Hurley and Bob Benkin road the capsule back to worth less than a day after departing the International Space Station and two months after blasting off from Florida. Is He is had already caused destruction in the Caribbean on. Thursday before it became a hurricane, it uprooted trees, destroyed crops, and homes and caused widespread flooding and small landslides in the Dominican. Republic and Border Rico One man died in Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico the National Guard rescued at least thirty five people from floods that swept away one woman whose body was recovered. Saturday is snapped trees and knocked out power as it blew through the Bahamas on Saturday with Corona virus cases surging in Florida recently, the added menace of a storm ratcheted up the. State run virus testing sites closed in areas where the storm might hit because the sites are outdoor tents, which could topple in high winds, Natalie Benton curse stocking up at a grocery store in Palm? Beach. Gardens. said that the storm itself doesn't cause a great amount of concern. The hurricane is not that serious, but I feel that the public is really panicking because it's a hurricane and we're in the middle of a pandemic she said. Officials in the Bahamas open shelters for people and Abajo island to help those who've been living in temporary structures since Dorian devastated the area killing at least seventy people in September two, thousand, nineteen. Koto reported from San Juan Puerto. Rico Kern Anderson in Saint, Petersburg Cody Jackson in Palm, Beach County and Julie. Walker in New York contributed.

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