Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 1) How bad did Jerry Krause want to dismantle the dominant Bulls?


Good morning everybody. Hope you're off to hand. Start on your Tuesday. How you guys doing out there. I ban tastic. That's a good answer keys. And he's singing right out of the Chute. That's good news key. It is music looked calm is like the mid eighties and I'm flying in my convertible down. Pch Drugs front-seat night. Even the back in the front seat you couldn't put those in the trunk or something knows to drugs in the front seat down. Pch convertible car mad at the world but excited at the same time. What are you mad about everything that was going on in Santa Monica before I hit back? Drivers think he's mad because he's in a convertible and it's drugs but the play out the car flying so fast that you think it's only one person in the car but it's really too and then the cops pulled me over and they find out his second person key. I think you've got to forget this whole sports broadcasting. Then you gotta go to work like right movies or something because you have very acute imagination about this scenario with the music and the cars and the setup the fact that you have a a A conflict in Santa Monica. That's leading you drive past. You basically wrote the movie in your head. You just gotTa put a piece of paper. Maybe you've seen those movies with a guy is in the car convertible and he's a party boy. He's got some girl in a car but you can't see her and she they're flying. They're doing all sorts of illegal activity gets pulled over right on ridged cop pulls up. He looks up. He's like Oh okay. Loans are Molly Ringwald and one of those John Hughes movies. Listen little this little P. and G. I. Feeling keys movie would be at least. Pg Thirteen maybe are. I don't think he's going to John Hughes route thirteen twenty yesterday like in Fourth Twenty. I feel so good. You Celebrated Law Day of the listen. I wrote a stop celebrating Holidays Easter. Like he wasn't nothing and idea for twenty like he was something you know much about four twenty yesterday's the first time I heard it and that's because I'm in house in I'm not watching the depressing news so I'm not really you know I'm not in a car. I'm not hearing the radio usually just watching television. This is the first time that I if four twenty this is the first time I heard about it. Well I have a four alarm set on my calendar. Starts Regan starts ringing on the seventeenth to make. Sure your supplies so you don't get too low. I just think it's funny. You say that about the four twenty part but he didn't have the news on anybody out. There is just looking to take a break for a day. That is a really good place to start is. Don't look at the news APP on your phone. Don't turn on the TV just the day. We all need to be informed and whatnot but taking the day off from that is not a bad idea man. I took a day off for sure. I walk the dogs and I was just thinking you know I was thinking to myself as walking the dog. I've been watching that. You know I just. I can't I couldn't do. I couldn't do. It's good advice. Good advice the last dance was as popular as we thought it would be Part one drew over six million six point. Three million people are to just under six million people. Five point eight million people so it was some of the biggest sports documentaries we've ever seen. It beat the Bo Jackson. One pretty comfortably beat up OJ. America part one Nearly doubled the audience of OJ and not a huge surprise. We were all looking forward to it. But it's funny that even a couple of days after it debuts. We're still getting more and more information. Now we find out Tim. Floyd was talking that we knew the template came in to replace still Jackson and ultimately we knew that Jerry Krause wanted to blow them up but what we didn't know is that he wanted to blow them up a year earlier. Here's Tim Floyd on the radio talking. About how after the seventy two WIN SEASON JERRY? Krause wanted to hit the button. That'll Jerry REINSDORF and I walked around downtown Seattle and they ended up the Bulls ended up winning that series. That was the first year Michael came back or walking around down down and he basically said look Krause wants Phil gone this year. He thinks that Pippen's breaking down his his back. He thinks that this this team is run. Its course He doesn't WanNA overpay these players. They're coming up on their contract years. He wants to move before before their contracts are up ninety seven ninety eight where we can still get value for him and he can start to rebuild and In Jerry Reinsdorf you know it was torn. Because they're winning but Jerry Krause wanted a over and done with so that he could go back and basically take all the credit for the next rebuil- May to hear from the guy that was about to get that. That is stunning stomach. You've been in a similar situation championship team and they start to break it apart. Piece like piece by piece as a member of that team will just going through your head. Well you start off by you know the year that originally hired him you always gotta go two years a year before that to know that the flirting has already started just because he's now the head coach all of a sudden. No He's been talking to this guy behind closed doors for years so Just undercover you. You start to you. Start to look at and say just like he said about Jerry Krause. He wanted all the credit. I remember. We won the super bowl in Tampa Bay and all of a sudden these we started to. You know we wanted to make a second run back at it the next year and we could have but eagles got in a way. It much like Mike Wilbon. Who's on our show yesterday said As I was saying to you guys prior to that eagles getting away a lot of things start to dismantle two championships in in for us when we won the Super Bowl John. Gruden's Eagle got an away. The next year and things started to fall apart. I left team rich. Mckay in the middle of the year or general manager elected to step down as a Tampa Bay buccaneers general manager in left teams to become the Atlanta Falcons general manager and middle of the season. Keenum cartel leaves the team. Warren SAPP leaves the team. John Lynch leaves the team a couple of other guys. They leave the team Because of different contracts or or didn't WanNa play for the coach anymore just became one of those deals. Where you sitting there you go man. We could rent you know we could have won three of these things down in. Enjoy the ride instead of coming in here in worrying about who gets the credit. He was so worried about everybody. Giving Tony Dungy to credit. Because it was his team and everybody giving rich McKay to credit because he built the team that he did anything he could to for the demise of breaking up the program. Small men do small things. Does John Small. It doesn't matter how you define the salt a small but small man do small things. You could be the richest person on Earth. But if you're a big man you're GonNa do small things and I think that's what you're talking about. You're talking about someone. Perhaps in Jon Gruden who even though he's big in the NFL. Just want to super bowl. He's on top of the world. He's all over television. He still was small on the inside. And that prompted him to do small things because he didn't feel the bigness that everyone else was him for. He was just seeing the small guy. Steele and Jerry. Reinsdorf obviously Jerry Krause so that his small band in Tallahassee to saint team so his franchise. It's sad but it's not a story that's unfamiliar to US was look at look at Dallas. I mean Dallas had Roland. They want to super bowls with Jimmy Johnson and then they made a change there because Jerry Jones felt that he was not getting the credit that he wanted to bring it here. So that you know Jerry Yang tomorrow. I'm not talking about physically small if Eko prompting him to do that because I was thinking more size not not physical smallness the smallest of. I'm not getting the piece of credit that I want to see that every day we see that everyday life what the statue of the body is the mind of being small instead of big pitcher to part of this to that just keeps coming back abuse. Cook this first of all to have a dynasty like we saw the warriors very recently where they went three and five years. But we hadn't seen three in a row couple years off and now you're going for three in a row again but in the midst of it not as it's starting to break apart not as guys are getting hurt and getting older but in the middle of a championship run. They're actively trying to blow it up and go back to the warriors would if they'd said Steve Kerr you're not coming back Kevin Durant. We're GONNA move you want. And they all wanted to stay together. Imagine a reaction to that. It would be the same reaction we get. Now when we look at the Jordan would have the same reaction we got when shack lift in the Kobe. Bryant Saga the same reaction. I mean what are you doing and we do. The problem was think about all the bands. I've broken up really really good historic band. They're broken up because somebody wanted for credit or somebody's Eagle got too big and end up destroying the whole eight television shows. You guys know one of my all time. Favorite shows Golden. Girls talk about all the time. I was shocked with each other warning. Show show a pretty good job of concealing it right. Were until now. We'll see we'll see who. Who's the Jerry Krause in this? We need to identify? There was a way to keep it going. Even without the way that they had it set up the Bulls did have a plan in place that might have actually worked at Take place we'll get into what that was in. Who killed that one? That's going next on the morning show on seven ten. Espn can I tell you something? No I was a little worried about you last night. I was a little worried that I did not see the whole movies of you making dinner. That's Kinda come part of my normal routine when I did not get a a series of videos of you put together at dinner. I started to think all right. Well you know what the problem is is a has a little have a little injury going on in my hand and it's not from videos typing or anything like that. It's got to be an old injury from football and I had to have slept on it wrong on my hand in a has some sort of hairline fracture in the middle of my in in just never heal properly or something and I slept on wrong in our woke up and it was you know it was hurting and it was stiffening swollen and I just kind of it's been bothering me for the last couple of days but I'M GONNA go in Coma Dr Day when I get off the air and see if he's available to check an x ray and check it out to see in fact if it is something like that or did I just really really badly lean on it to the point where it's just you know no return. I mean it really hurts like aol where your mask when you go into the doctor. My mass when I go outside gas station mass grocery stores mask anywhere. I don't mess around L. C. R. U. Mass Guy Everywhere. You go are you masked up first of all? I'm not going anywhere. Let US I. I don't I we go once a week. We go to the grocery store. Yes I al Mal basket. I actually just ordered a couple of fancy looking masks. 'cause I gotta make things work for guys. I can't be out there in East St L. Conway so I order. A COUPLE OF MASS. Little Fails E. Yoda managed care by what you look like a staying healthy which one the reason why. I'm getting the math there. He makes either or it is not an either. Or but if you worried about wichita mass look like oppose it. You stand healthy because you can get an Anais mass. That doesn't work to look. Good is not going to work because you always got something travis. I'M A Walk Sutiyoso Travers. One day in my math is going to be fly and he asked me where I got my global dark mask from it. I'm GonNa tell him you said you WanNa go to dark mask I got a whole I gotta ask you. As long as we're back in the studio is long as we're back in the studio whether it's masked unmastered where between on there for that I'll wear glow in the dark. I don't care what it is. I gotta I gotTa mask right here. A basket full of them. That's all designer to that. Was You know delivered to us some time ago? They got all the COCO. Chanel Gucci's this. I'm like man just because it's material don't mean is working it's a Gucci and nineteen. Ask just you know designer. Young lady put them together. You know which is which is great. I love the idea but I'm like Yeah just a lot of holes in that mass. Chinese has been doing it for years. Though I showed you travis. They actually have designer masking runway. Now so it's like painfully. We're behind the net trend because we have needed a mask. But now that Kinda here. But I'll bet you got done soon a bit. You got the right protective stuff too though. It ain't just cloth it's not just designer right all right. So we know that the Bulls Dynasty got blown up. Because they didn't want Jackson back. Michael Jordan said he wasn't gonNA play anybody play for anybody other than Phil Jackson We got mentioned very briefly passing in the dock. The of the night vict- the Bulls tried to make a deal for Tracy McGrady that they wanted to trade Scottie. Pippen for Tracy. Mcgrady mcgready was talking about it and he went. What he said was a lot of people. Don't know that nine is the jury cross was actually trying to make a trade for me and Scottie and M J called in acts the whole deal. They brought me in for a secret meeting. Yes they did. Okay I love that. Michael was loyal to fill and Scotty like that. I think that that's fantastic. But the question is is. Should he have been a little less loyal and realized that look? This is the way that the goes you move out an older guy for a younger Guy Tracy McGrady and Michael Jordan. We know they got six together. What would that have looked like? They decided to go with Tracy. Mcgrady and I should say Michael Jordan decides it. He's okay playing with some different guys. I mean are they rip off another two three? God only knows but at that time Tracy. Mcgrady wasn't as good as he pimping come on now. I don't care not yet. No but but even even so that would have been setting up the franchise for the future. Not the immediate. Now Because Scotty. Pippin went on to play several more years at a pretty high level where Michael Jordan you know his was Kinda over and done with. At some point he would have passed the torch to maybe Tracy McGrady but winning the the now is would Jordan. I'm sure was looking at saying himself. Okay we're GONNA win right now and I don't WanNa win with no young dude. Will I gotTA train him get him to play and think like me are already got Scotty in the bag? Let's keep rolling like this man to be waited ships. No Really Tracy McGrady people forget how hold on hold on people forget how cold Tracy McGrady was and Toronto. I'm not talking about once again to remain. No and he was free. He was out cold coming out of high school in Toronto. His he played fantastic defense. He wasn't the shooter then. He became eventually but remember Scottie. Pippen was migrate shooter. Each ball handler. He was a willing passer and oh by the way he didn't have the EGO to demand to be the one he had the EGO to demand to be recognized. Which is all he needed. He would have been a satisfied to and I don't know if after ninety eight if they had if they had traced McGrady if that would have been over with Michael Jordan even with an ag Michael Jordan because by then we saw we're chasing grady. What's about to become what he eventually became. And that is one of the most lethal as offensive players in the last thirty years. But remember it wasn't it wasn't the wasn't ninety eight. They wanted to save one. It was earlier than that was Scottie. Pippen was tracy. Mcgrady League was ninety. Seven Ninety eight thousand. Yeah but that was the year that was the last year they won the championship. So why would you? Why would you take one of your key components? If I'm Michael Jordan why would I flip Scottie? Pippen that with one year pre prior to that would mean a championship run at the level that he played at. Why would I wanNA flip him after that championship to get Tracy Mcgrady? When I'm trying to three peat what would I do that? Because you figure you've gotten what you need at Scotty pippin that he's getting older but Andrea Perron Young Tracy McGrady who I can mold in the shape that I want and I don't have to pay him for awhile. No I'm not see Jerry Krause. I'm talking about Michael Jordan. He was a high school kid. He wasn't at the same level of Scottie. Pippen and ninety six ninety seven or eight or call. So why would I move him for him? I'm not GONNA do that if I'm Michael Jordan. Because the alternative is it comes to an end. The decision is do. I keep Scottie or do I take Tracy McGrady the decision is do. I take Tracy McGrady and keep this thing rolling. Rather I'd rather like Michael said I have. I rather defend my championship because I have the right to defend my championship. I earned that right. Sure you're not going to break it up as if we lost now if we lose in six okay but after five. I'm not going to break it up to try to get the six. If we lose his six you WANNA break it up less running back to see if we can get another three with Tracy McGrady but I'm not. I'm not willing to do it after five senior. He would've traded and his six and real talk. He might have ended up with three more right that though. I don't know in Hind in hindsight we know. That's what the likelihood but you're right. You're right key. Trade away a bonafide hall of Famer with five chips for a high school kid on Nelson was risky as hell risk. Especially when I got especially when this this this guy that is the hall of Famer has a foot injury. It's coming back. He's going to come back. We know he coming back. We know why he's mad. He's mad because they didn't pay him but he's coming back. We hold it together. T- gives back go on and win a championship. Why WOULD I? Why would I do that? When I know Scotty got at least five six more years left any why would I do? Well Scotty was gone after that season and Michael. Shut it down after I understand that but that put the year that they was trying to trade for Tracy was after the Fifth Championship. So if I'm Michael Jordan in feel Jackson I know why he's holding out. I knew I didn't have the surgery. He'll be fine in if they get smart and they make a decision at that point in time we go running back for seventh even though the today maybe maybe the owner decides to fire Jerry. Krause it says you know what man forget that we run into back. Maybe he vetoes the whole idea of blowing it up. Who knows but even if I don't go into it thinking that way if I'm Michael. I'm going to defending their championship. Because I have the right to with my cats that I want my fifth with and then I'll deal with the seven when the season is over with there is. There's another reason that he may not have wanted to do that as well. And I'll tell you what it is on the other side the morning show on seven ten. Espn your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place. Home is where he built a giant pillow fort in your living room and when people ask why you have a pillow. Fort Living Room. You say it's for your dog and when they ask what kind you say Chocolate lab and we've a web of lies that's almost as intricate as the crown molding in Fort Pillow. The GEICO Insurance Agency could help protect the pillow. Soft fortress you call home call Geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance. You can pretty well little impromptu quiz that I gave you during the break key. You knew who is drafted number one the year before you in the after you. Of course you're taking number one ninety six. You were all over key. John Carter in ninety five. Why was that on the tip of your tongue because a fluid it was the year before? That was the year that I was going to come out in. I decided to stay in school. One extra. You know another set. Another season I just remember I remember the whole thing. I remember if I come out and be a top ten pick. I'll probably be the first to see off to board in front of Westbrook in front of Galloway You. Know Front. Jj stokes. But then I was like no. I'm going back to school the next year. I remember ninety eight ninety seven because there was conversation at the New York jets. We would take peyton manning if he decided if bill parcells decided to do it and promised him and he will take them number one then he would come out and obviously bill never do nothing like that in then in the following year was manning's year so I kinda. I didn't get the Tim Couch. You're right because it just you know like tim couch to couch was decent. Though man rolling bad teams. We go to bad teams and Butch Davis. It's just it's bad. Coaches bad teams will recognise career. Man unless you just well so coldblooded that you can. You can fight through all of the obstacles in the bad stuff until you get somebody good tim. Couch number one overall nine of the browns the next year. Guess who's picking I all over again. The browns they took Courtney Browne. Yeah they took Courtney Browne number one in two thousand and you just go through this you see the browns pop up over and over and over again with that first overall pick and sometimes you get a guy that can kind of gauge direction. Like you're saying if you've got a personality ability but if the organization sucks it's not a skeleton key to get out of a bad team you gotta get lucky to you. Got To have a special guy and a good coach. And you gotTa have you gotTa have top top people like when. I got drafted by the jets the year before they were two and fourteen and we wouldn't want fifteen. I wasn't happening. I wasn't I was. I was not going to sit around and be coach. For four years. By rich. Kotite wouldn't happen. It was just watched it happen. You know I don't care what reporters right what they would say. I didn't give them at the end to me. Somebody and get somebody who can coach me to win the championships. That's all I'm accustomed to doing it. I mean it's so many things out to snap in the place. Let's go back to Jordan for second we're talking about. The idea of the bowls wanted to make a deal for Scotty for Tracy McGrady and Michael Jordan said Hell No. We're not doing that. We're going to keep Scott. We're GonNa win another championship. I get it Scotty. Was Guy all the things that we talked about. You wonder too. How much of Jordan's legacy plays into this? The idea of look. I know I can win with him again. I've already won five with him. I'm going to win six with him and I don't want that and oh on the back end to have to go anywhere. I don't have to train up a young kid like Tracy McGrady to get on my level. That's GonNa take a season or two and I don't want to go through the process of my legacy big dragged back down because what Michael got to the top. He never came back down until he went to the wizards when he was around other than when he wants to play baseball for a couple years. They were right there in the championship level. They're winning championships. And you just wonder if he didn't WANNA have to start over to go all the way back down and take a a season or two or three to get back because he obviously still WanNa play basketball. I know is shut it down for three years. But he came back to play for the wizards. You wonder if just don't want to have to rebuild this with a kid. All over again played into his decision. Absolutely it into the decision and I don't blame him Jay at the end of the day. You don't give up a Scottie Pippen for Tracy McGrady. I mean it's not. They're coming off their fifth championship. You've got a chance to now. Go to six and you know you go into six you looking at it. You see what's out there in the landscape. Yeah Tracy McGrady. He's a good high school basketball player. All the sort of thing it's just like it's not as it's not the same as Vladi and Kobe. The Lakers were not coming off championship. Victory after victory after victory when Jerry West made the swap for vladi in Kobe. You could take a chance on that one but to give up a surefire Fire Hall of Famer. Who is Julia steal one of the top five players in the NBA for an unknown? That's not you don't do that. You just can't do it. There's no rhyme. There's as a player front office people can do we but as a player especially somebody like Michael Jordan. It's like a flint football and all of a sudden we got an aging Give me a good quarterback we gotTA. Ag Troy Aikman. Who is is not at the end but just came off winning. The Super Bowl missed the super bowl of next year. Then all of a sudden you WANNA draft another quarterback this young because you think Aikman and had one too many concussions. I'm not having that you're not gonNA be out. There was some dude. They can't hit the side of a bus yet. There's another go I don't know man I don't know I guess it all depends on how we here's the reason why you don't know. Elsie is because we like Tracy McGrady's gain in Hollywood evolved. They'll don't don't don't look at weird ended up at look at where it was at. At the time I get that but remember it was because of the exposure to Michael Scottie. Cain Scotty and I just wonder what Tracy McGrady would've turned into because Tracy McGrady is a hall of Famer and let's face it. He didn't really have a lot of great examples in terms of someone grooming him. He had a grooms himself but imagine. What would happen to that? Holidaying talent emerged in a Michael Jordan. World I always thought the same way about Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins head a lot of potential and I just wonder what would have happened to his career had he stayed in Cleveland with Lebron been grown by Lebron as opposed to go to Minnesota and left his own devices and Tracy McGrady. Obviously it worked out okay with him. But I can't help but salivate thinking about Tracy McGrady being tutored by Michael Jordan. There's no question there's had they had they had. They moved on from Scotty and there was a hiatus period in a championship. Run Michael State around. There's no question that they probably could have won a couple of championships. But at that moment in time if I'm Michael Jordan I don't WanNa make that move for the simple fact that I know what that is a number thirty three when I got here in four years anyway. He's a proven commodity. He's a he's a he's a hall of Famer. We got but the one thing that we cannot criticize Jerry. Krause for that. He absolutely was brilliant. He identified talent right guys. He he knew which you gotta get rid of. He knew which got to go draft. He knew which was exactly the right guy to fit into that puzzle and he did it with McGrady. You're right. We didn't know what Tracy McGrady was going to be. Jerry Krause did Jerry. Krause is a really unlikable guy in this. He's obviously the guy that killed this thing but he was right about Tracy. Mcgrady be laugh. But I see this all the time and professional sports guys like Oh man. I really liked that guy. I only get him. I want you to get so discover him. He watched him in soy discovery him but think about what he did with pippen. Think about the move he made for Charles Berkeley to get bill. Cartwright did together moves jerry. Krause made were the right moves. He we can criticize him for a ton of reasons but not that he certainly formed teams in found pieces that go along with what Phil Jackson needed and wanted to do. There's no question about that this job but sometimes in your job you could screw things up like getting rid of a Scottie. Pippen to get Tracy McGrady in fact you say well. It's cheaper in younger at that time period Tracy. Mcgrady was go. Make little less Scottie. Pippen Scottie Pippen was only making like two point. Four million dollars at the time. He's a two four so they could trade with Gregg radio out. There Scotty was going to go make tens no but remember. We're not talking about ninety eight when it was over. We're talking about before that. So you still got the books at two and some change yes. Rabi on the books at one is some change you one more year. You could get McGrady for multiple years at this year but you. You're moving from Scott. You've already made that determination. You're moving on from Scott anywhere ninety eight so he's not GonNa be on your team. The only thing you could have done is get Tracy McGrady in hope that Jordan would stick around and then if Joran sticks around maybe he leads you into the future and if he doesn't stick around maybe you got Tracy McGrady to take them out to Jordan in. Move on in the future. That's the only win win that you can get out of it but trying to make six run at the championship with a High School Kid. If I'm Jay I'm like no aren't doing L. Z's top ten is coming up next. Let's get right to it. L. Ziadeh's Tuesday. It is six forty five in the morning. Top ten time. What do you got well Sir April Twenty First Twenty Sixteen. Do you know what happened on that day. I would tell Ya twenty sixteen. Yes hit me. The world mourned because Roger Nelson pass away now. Obviously everyone's going to go through and talk about all the great songs the Popular Ones Purple Ray blocks but this is my top ten list of princess non top ten singles in other words all sanity something not crack the top ten and they were officially released a singles. So no you're not gonNA hear erotic city because it was not officially released as a single however these hand work starting at number ten from the double album that in my opinion is as best album hot thing by Prince. So you listen to that. Now I'm I will admit some of the The lyrics here are inappropriate but as twins were appropriate. But I think for the title like Hot Thing. You kind of know what? The song is about number nine was the saw that for him. It's neat song. Controversy the thing about Prince. That's so amazing. Is that he especially when he was really hitting he had a way of blending and so many different genres of music. Whether we're ROCK DISCO PASTA THUNK but his lyrics were always wrong folks lyrics no matter what genre. He was playing always for the grown folks. I just little controversy because he asked what I I really wanted to know too he says am I black or white and I was trying to figure that out a loan. So what does he? What about the other question nos? Eds gator straight day. Or I just figured he was gained so I was confused about that one came out. We'll talk he's asking questions you know. it was a great great song number eight another love a holding your head. This from this came under the Cherry Moon. Which is the most alcohol Lewis Movies I've ever seen in my life however the music was banging and this was one of the least singles off of that another level holding number seven speaking of movies. This came from the much better movie. Paret that is take me with you. Do the do now was talking about riding down the PCH. Aids coming in from Attica with a convertible. This is actually. This is the one that just feels right. I don't know why he's playing all the live versions of these songs. I'm I'm just GONNA keep it rolling system and I told you I didn't know why your plan all the live versions. We keep it rolling. Thinks we actually can't play because I guess there are no Eric's that are sensible for our listeners. Ears just know the song. It's called sexy. Ms Yeah that probably doesn't qualify. Don't qualify but when I was talking about before how press was so good at using different genres and different forms of music six is a complete tribute to the sound of Change Brown and it is absolutely amazing and if you listen to it today which I have still hose up number. Five is probably the most popular non top ten song and that is nineteen ninety nine. It's so crazy to think about the lyrics at that time you know because we were still dealing with nuclear war here for liberation and Prince made a disco song about. It took a serious geopolitical conversation. Have PEOPLE CELEBRATING IT? That's that's artistry right there absolutely incredible number four. Is You know. We'll pick up line for a long time. Sometimes it works sometimes. It didn't but you could tell me I wasn't prince when I said I wanna be a lover crazy that I saw did not crack the top. Got All the way up to the number of luck. Hey you guys get here. This will be playing. Travis me you sitting at the bar waiting on your friends gear your way which. I wouldn't be trying to because this works. That'd be as I was leaving early. So that's number three is where you go when you want to try some. You don't want to go downtown people. You WANNA go up. No I don't think I like this. So why not doing one of my favorite like the lyrics surprise surprise. Wrap this up now or hey. Because Chris Prince banks put it this way coming in at number two as one of the donkeys groovy is raw dog songs. Princess ever made once again. I can't believe that so then crack. It went all the way up to the number twenty one and it's caught get off now. I will say this would good job because that's another one that's right that's all right for you. That's all right number four number four and you want be your lover and it worked then you went uptown business number two and now number one the number one non talk Cam Transa- to me of all time. Lyrically is the most sophisticated song by years of ever heard the analogies to picture that he paints the details about relationships. The real conversation number one. I don't CARE CARE. Care to me is always a girlfriend. Do your clothes before we go. This was this is I think so that was so pinpoint accurate in terms of relationship dynamics then this one would you run to me as somebody hurts you? Even if there's somebody that is you can't go any deeper than that. You can't let that blows my mind. But he puts the serious dynamics of relationships and made them songs and not like goofy. Sounds like you. You'd be spun and stuff but I mean once you get a certain age and you really start going through one seriously in another serious relationship and you go back and listen to princess songs and he listened to the lyrics. He's really breaking some stuff down so and win. This song came out remember. Just sit lyrics into like okay I get it. See how like this though. I'm glad to find the guy in about three of them. That way. When a top ten Donald Dell Michael Jordan's first agent is GONNA join US coming up next on the morning show at seven ten espn.

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