464: Enough - Camille Clemons


you're listening to the daily sales tips podcast and I'm your host Scott Ingram. Today's tip comes from Camille Clemens. Camille is a director at Colin and company out of Chicago and is another pillar of the sales success community. Here she is. Today's daily sales tip is about enough enough. Go a lot of ways but the goal here is to tell you that you're doing enough. Put it down walkaway. Give yourself a little bit of breathing space as long as you are practicing strong fundamentals. You're putting in the work you need to trust the process if you are showing up everyday for your clients for your prospects for those around you that need you feel like it's okay to set it down you don't need to be working twenty. Four seven enough is enough. Go easy on yourself. You deserve it for links to connect with Camille on linked in and her full interview with me back in episode thirty six of sales success stories. Podcast just click over to daily sales dot tips forward slash four sixty three. Then be sure to come back tomorrow for another great sales tip. Thanks for listening.

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