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This is Dr Aaliyah, and you're listening to the before the man's podcast, episode one twelve let's go get them. Are you ready to be the master architect of your life? Are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle you've always dreamt up to? Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success? Hey, this is Derek location. Independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcasts. I am Gina Lofton. I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey, there, my name is Heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur. And you are listening to the before the millions podcasts. Hey, this is Mark squish. The host of the seven minute men to podcast, global entrepreneur all round geek and you listen to the before the millions podcast. I am MC lobster the cash loon injure, and you're listening to before the millions bought cost. You're listening to the before the millions Fahd cast. A whether you're looking to invest were cash flow. All building online business that allows you to be location, independent, you come to the right place. Mr. Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast. Now your rose to Ray. We're back for a new in stone. A new episode of the before the millions had cast and this up soda a little bit different guys. Sewed is actually on an episode, where I am being interviewed on another podcast by another podcast or now in the past two or three months, I've done about a dozen interviews and I often don't repurpose those interviews for this show because you guys know my story, I know as loyal listeners, you guys often go back in the ball and start from, like episode zero zero and work your way all the way up. Man, that's fascinating stuff every time I get one of those messages, this past week, I received about three messages. Exactly from three different individuals who reached out to me, and told me that they love the podcast, and they loved it so much the had to go back and start from episode zero zero and they're working their way up as we speak now with that being said every once in awhile, I liked to release an episode that kind of just highlights Maija Ernie and gets me talking about what I've been going through. And what I've been working on, and this is another one of those episodes. So I can't wait to get into what I can't wait for you guys to hear me being interviewed about my before the million story, you can some of these stories are things that you've heard before, and some of these stories, maybe things that are brand new to you. Now, I would say this is probably an a little bit older version of my story, but I will be releasing another podcast in which I was interviewed on that talks about the past year, and let you guys into what's been going on. Over the past six months to win year and I kind of have under the boot, but I, I want to get you guys until the grassroots of the story and hopefully USF away a few nuggets that you guys can use your business and investing journey so originally, I actually lined up quite a few of these types of episodes for the rest of June, and for all of July, because I planned on being out of the country, the in London England for a little over three weeks, since that's no longer the case. And I am no longer going to be experiencing. An extended absence. I have switch gears. I've decided to start marketing early for some openings in my mastermind groups. So I know a lot of you guys have been interested in being in a mastermind with me, and I know some of you guys are even on the waiting list. And some of you guys have actually reached out and asked, hey, when you take an applications, again, well, that time is coming up here, really, really soon and even faster than you may have hoped because I no longer will be out of the country for three and a half weeks. So that's good news on that end. So look out for more info and more details to come as to when I am going to reopen membership. For a limited time maybe two days, maybe a week maybe fourteen days before a very limited time. I'm getting ready to reopen membership into the before the millions mastermind not if you want to get a jump on things before we start promo. You can go ahead and head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind. And as long as you submit your Email address, I will personally reach out to you, as soon as my mastermind opens. So again, that's before the millions dot com for slash mastermind and mastermind is not first time investors, the other ninety nine percent of my products. Are this mastermind this where real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to use their real estate related business? That's already established may be small they may have only had one or two or three transactions or they may have had ten or fifty or a hundred transactions, but you haven't established realistic related business, and you're looking to use that business to help you escape, the rat race in the next two years. So whether you're an investor or realtor, or a property manager or real estate coach or consultant or a notary or fixing flipper. If you're looking to build your business, the right way, not just be really good at fixing in flipping, but actually learn how to build business systems and what I mean by that is the fact that there are many. Many great bakers out there. Right. People who love to bake cakes and pies and cupcakes and all that good stuff. And they know how to bake it at the right temperature and make Blakey and creamy and men like they're just really good at what they do. And they often get, hey, you should start a business. Hey, you're really good at this. Hey, you should open up a bakery. Hey, you start your own company, and these people go and do that. They fall flat on their face. Why? Because these people are technicians. These people are amazing technician. So these people are, are great at what they do going back the fixtures, and flippers, in realtors, and all of the people that I worked with my mastermind, but just because you're a great Baker doesn't mean that you're going to automatically know how to run a bakery. There are systems in place to our processes, right? So same thing with an online real estate related business. There are certain things that you're not taught out of the gate, you're not taught how to hone in on your specific target market. You're not taught how to divvy up your time. You don't have accountability. Right. Maybe you're not even sure about how to market yourself how to becoming influencing your space with this whole Email marketing space is maybe have no idea, what copywriting is and how to get clear on your message or how to use some of these systems and automated softwares to get you to your goal a whole lot quicker. That's what this masterminded sore. So again, if this sounds like something that you're interested in head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind. Okay. So just one more call to action today. Notable the week we're gonna go straight into the future presentation after this. But again, the only reason I know that people have been going back and listening to my podcast from zero zero and the Lebanon eight or because people are connecting with me on Instagram went on Facebook and let him, you know, these things. And we're having conversations some people are. More prone to Facebook. So I have a Facebook group that's at before the maintenance dot com forward slash group, and that's where a community of investors such as myself and previous guests on the show and people like you guys, the whole tribe, we're all in this community, and we're giving value to each other, but it's connect with me, personally, went on one in my favorite platform of choices Instagram. So you want to connect with me on Instagram, head over to before the man's dot com for slash Instagram or just typing, my Instagram handle them, the search bar, which is just my first and last name. That's. D'auray. Eliya. D. A. R. A. Y. O. L. A. L. E Y E. Okay. Ladies and gents. Let's go ahead and jump straight into the show where I'm interviewed by Mr Jacob airs and now your feature presentation. Hi, and welcome. I'm your host Jacob airs. I'm excited to bring you our guest today, array, Ola lay now not only does have a really cool name. He's a really cool guy. In fact, d'auray is based here in Houston, Texas in the same area. I am at so him and I share a lot of commonalities and a lot of similarities to is like, so many other people out there who was born with this blueprint to go to school getting good education, get a job. And that's where Diriye found himself working for a prestigious employer, but filling unfulfilled in his work. So Diriye set out to build a lifestyle. He wanted in started focusing on growing a passive income for folio d'auray, his gun on incense channeled his burning desire to help others by urging change in their beliefs about who they are in what type of lifestyle, they're able to achieve with the right mindset focused in leverage. So without further ado, I'm excited to welcome on the show. D'auray ole. Aren't today? We'll come on the show, a fellow Hugh stone Ian and young professional young, entrepreneur d'auray, ole while AA derived. Hey, thanks so much for joining us. Yeah. Yeah. It's my pleasure. I'm excited to be on your show. Super excited to see if I can drop some value bombs from your listeners awesome play during the first off. Tell us a little bit about yourself how you got started in the world of real estate investing in kind of your journey up to this point you like many of the listeners out there or another young entrepreneur, young professional and Young Hustler. So it's good to have somebody on the show like that. So just kinda walks through your journey in Wisconsin your mind at this point. Yeah. Definitely appreciate that. So I can start anywhere. And I love starting like from childhood just kind of people to kind of get an understand, like my mindset don't things. But I'll, I'll just kind of make it brief and start from college. And just like I didn't have a typical Hanno exactly what I wanna do. When I grow up type of career paths. Right. I just knew that I was going to be successful. I didn't really understand when how what vehicle I just knew it was coming. Right. And then when I grew. And it didn't come. I was just like what's going on? But when I first got to college, I never really had a real like quote unquote, real job on working forty hours a week, most of us when we college, we haven't really had that experience yet, I know I had not I had a few jobs. I worked at Jack in the box for like a year and a half on the weekends and things like that, just like little stuff, but never released a full fulltime job by understanding, like this is real the workforce, and in college, I was just like, well, I didn't wanna start there. And so I was just trying to find different ways to create revenue make income things like that. But anyways, I stumbled upon volunteer organization, and I was like, well, I don't have a job yet, it's my first year in college, this seems pretty cool. Let me kind of explore this and see what this concern into. So starting volunteering with innovation about a month to win a became the marketing director of the organization in was not paid position. But it was a title. I was like, oh, cool. Nice. So now in the marketing director, this relations really, really small? I mean it's not small, it's actually like their seven big organizations on campus. There's like five. Eight hundred musicians I campus is one of the seven but at the time it was a very small big organization. Right. So I was marketing chair in that lasted for another month and I quickly became the office manager and I got paid like, what I went from a few months of falling tearing for this organization to getting paid to volunteer like that's pretty cool. Whatever, but I was still getting paid hourly. So I had to actually be where I needed to be to get paid a year into that. I became the assistant or vice president and that was the very next position in this went from a hourly position to a salary position. So I was like, okay, we'll now I get paid whether or not I'm in the office, whether or not I'm volunteering. This is awesome. It's just kinda some parallels that I'm joined throughout the journey and that process went on, and I became the president and I went onto conquer many more organizations on the campus and actually grew this orange, like one of the largest on the campus at the time that I was there, but always stuck to the fact that it didn't really feel like to a lot of people on campus that I had a job I was getting paid. I didn't really have a job. I was doing what I loved. I was doing what I enjoyed I was volunteering. I was helping so many different organizations on campus. Volunteer. Get the volunteer hours in all these things will so amazing. But there were paying those like, okay? Well, I was gonna do this anyways, I volunteered like doing this freshman just to get on tier hours might give back. But now you guys are claiming to do this. Okay, cool. And that's kind of how my mindset has been all my life. Just like doing things that I really love being where I wanna be in controlling my time. So when it came time to graduate, L sad. And I, I gotta go to the workforce. I will how do become successful in China create the similar track in the workforce, where I could just be my own boss. Had my time freedom. Be wherever I want. I mean I love traveling, by the way. Jacob traveling is my number one passion. And I think that just from early childhood of traveling like it's not even something that was like vacation travel. It was just like mandatory travel by the age of two. I had been to, like three different lived on three different continents. And like all throughout my childhood every single year I went to a different school. So I never really made any deep relationships deep connections. But I was very good at being personable. And having acquaintances because I would be the new kid at school every single year up until high school. So I'm used to moving around. I'm used to traveling when I first heard about the concept of being a digital nomad having a lifestyle business now things Olivetti musings. I was like, man like person. I've been on my life like this. This is this is my career path, but any here about that until allowance of the workforce. So the reason I went into the workforce was because they tell me that, hey, since you've done what you wanna do. But, you know, you're going to be successful. How about you be being counter was like a guess I like numbers seems pretty stable safe secure? You know, all those worse it, right. Okay. Cool. Let me go be a bean counter. Before you do that, make sure that you go at work for one of the best accounting firms in the world. I was like, okay, I'll go do that. So in accounting, the best accounting firms in the world are called the big four accounting firm. So I was like, okay. It's like the Harvard of accounting. Let me go see if I can do this, and actually applied got accepted and outside. Okay. Well now real life begins my first full year as a professional Jacob. Jacob jake. I know the life of a big for accountant, especially new graduate in, you guys work insane hours. So I know how that goes, and yeah, I can feel your pain right off the bat, not personally. But I've seen a lot of friends through the same career path. It's brutal. So it's one of those shakeup, I'm dislike the travel like all the things that they kind of like tease you what you're going to get this AmEx, AmEx card American Express. I only have like visa and all this other stuff. I'm going to get a mix. Okay. Cool. You're gonna get all this travel. You're gonna get stay at the best hotels, you're going to get so many points just like, you know, I'll traveling Jacob. So I was like. Sino more. But it wasn't the time travel audit will be it wasn't the type of work. I thought it would be wasn't fulfilling. Right. So as an accountant, you're sitting in a cubicle, and you're doing work for the firm in essence, who is hired from a client. So you're doing client and you don't really know the client, you're not understanding, you'll have a personal relationship with the client. So you're not really understanding how what you're doing is having a major impact on the client in their business. Although from a number standpoint, of course, you know, you're auditing their financial statements, but there wasn't any real fulfilment in what I was doing the end goal. So it was just like I'm just pushing numbers around them, putting this file hair moving these numbers over here. I mean, is this my life like, is this what it comes down to just like using this black mouse to just move things around. Like, is that it I will so discontent. I remember I got an impromptu, call on a Sunday evening saying that, hey d'auray a couple of of the team needs to head over to San Francisco. Do this quick audit. You're part of that, that small team and it was a three person Sam outside. Okay. Cool when we leaving. Oh, you're leaving tomorrow. Okay. Cool San Francisco's dope. I love San Fran. Let's go talk in these impromptu trips. I was in the middle of spending time with family. I had things out for that week. But I had to go, and it wasn't even just for that, because for the next two and a half, I think three weeks, you would think that would be fun. I thought it would be fun. And I made it fun at the end later on. But anyways, I literally worked every single day while we had that audit from Monday to Sunday, and I worked from nine AM to two three AM sometimes and I was like enough is enough like this can't go on any longer on having a lot of trouble with other employees. I just did not fit in the system. I was like, stop trying to control me, I need to break free, and I had a guardian angel which is just another coworker. She just I don't know why I don't know who told her to. I don't know where she got the idea the notion that, hey, lemme give this one person at a the ten thousand people in this office Incas by thousand let me give this one person this little book, that I'm reading I think he will really benefit from it. The pimple buck. Yeah. Yeah, I instigate me that book Jacob in this was in April of twenty sixteen may of twenty sixteen. I bought my first single family property while. Yeah. I I was like this is not a game. This is something serious. I have we I think, in my whole entire life. That is tangible. I understand, and I will go after this full force, and I will not stop. I'll be relentlessness that I'm gonna quit my professional job in the next two years. I said by may of twenty eight I will no longer be a full-time professional ever again. Fortunately, and unfortunately my job quit me before I was able to do that. So I had to figure out how to fend for myself in the middle of major major, major fumble, you think you're gonna ask me about the flight of what's my worst deal today? Well, first off my we're still today are the deals. I haven't that I've been do that. I got under contract, and I listened where I didn't on the contract goes on my worst deals. But my worst deal today that I didn't do is my only raise that was a three hundred unit apartment building in suburb of Dallas. And I was raising money for that deal right around the time I was let go at my and I wasn't actually let go in a sense. It's a funny story because, you know, most people like to be like, well, hey, listen. Let me tell you why. I got fired, right. Yeah. Right. I was working at the time I went to go get once I read restart four I realized that I had all this technical expertise in real estate world because I had auditing financial statements of some of the biggest Rosset companies down. That's good strength. I didn't know that. I was ever going to be in real estate. But somehow some way every single thing that I did up until that point was in the real estate world. I wasn't interested in real estate. It was just like it happened to be like on, say, call it like God's divine in a rush because he knew I was full speed. He kept pushing me touristy. I did an internship side outward for companies. I did so many things that were always evolve around real estate. And once I picked up that book, I realized I had this so much technical expertise as far as looking in the rear is when it comes to accounting when it comes to the numbers, I can redefine a statement to easily. Right. But I didn't have forecast. I didn't have the financial expertise. I had the accounting, it's not financial experts exhaust like man, why don't I do what Robert told me to do? Why don't I instead of working for money? I don't I go work for education and work? Learn and work to use. The nozzle acquiring actually build something that can pay me residually for the rest of my life. So I quickly went to go find the job that did exactly that. So instead of going to pay for school again, going to grad school in pain. Another twenty thirty forty one hundred two hundred grand has said, hey, let me go have a company, pay me that money to teach me what to do, and I went to go consult for private equity, hedge fund, based out in New York so at that job that fund was buying real estate assets of the magnitude that I started dabbling into, there was a conflict of interest, or there arose to be a pair of conflict of interest. So my boss came up to me, and was like, hey Ray, we hear this is what's going on. Are you all it was because they heard that I was listening, I was raising money from employees, coworkers, I hadn't hadn't they had definitely considered it, but I didn't do it. I hadn't done it yet. And I was considering it, but she brought it to my attention that she thought that, that could be something that would possibly be pursuing because I was syndicator and she was like, hey, like, just kinda want to figure out what's going on. These are like assets, I'm like, well, these. Aren't really in my head. I'm like these aren't really like assets. I'm the only by government properties and only by property assets were not like whatsoever. Like we only by class b whatever. Right. And I could have argued my point I could also prove to her, that there was no reason that they had anything to worry about. I was only person in my position. So my position was super vital to the company. So they had a lot to lose from my point of view. I didn't have a whole lot to lose. I had began a podcast and I was slowly building out a coaching consulting program to help people who are in my position a year ago by the first investment property, and I was raising money for this major deal. So I'll just like look you guys need me. So what is this meeting really about it came down to? Hey, like, are you gonna explain to us what's going on? And I was like you know what are cut her off missing since I was like you know what? I don't think it's as good fit anymore. I think it's time that, you know, we don't want this to assure like it was honestly, what she had in mind anyway. So she put up a paper and she was like, yeah. Do you need to go back to your desk? And I was a single employee in the whole building that didn't have any personal items on my best. Any memorabilia? I mean have go hawks or anything. I didn't have anything. My best because I was always ready to go from day one. It was never a job to me was neigbouring to learn a process, our system. So when I left there, I had no money, right? Had just start investing. So I had a few investment properties. I was making me a couple hundred dollars a month and I was just like, well, I got this Chris coming out, and I'm raising money for this thirty two million dollar deal. I'm gonna be good. Pick up all good. Do you want me to keep going? I can keep going. It's interesting. So maybe a little segue there, like I think at one point you're following a path that many people find themselves in the nets won I found myself into, and that's especially people are. I don't know. It's just a generational thing, but we're taught to go to school. Get a good education so you can get a good job. Right. And that's your path to success. But for many, they realized that that's not actually a path to success. That's just looks like this general cookie cutter blueprint in. That's where I found myself at one point, it was like you've got this job. So what's next you're not necessarily doing any fulfilling work, you're not a path to become a super millionaire deca millionaire in your thirties. Right. I mean you're gonna live comfortable lives. So there's many people that are out there facing that exact same scenario that you did in that I was in. I think it's important to see that, you know, there are other opportunities out there. You can go out make your own opportunities and create your own success. And I think that's one of the appealing things about real estate investing in. That's kind of what it looked like your trajectory was starting to look like so, yeah. Kinda share you know what? Going on next hour you make this transition, because it's a rough time but you don't have to go. Math fulltime job to going out on your own. Let's like a big leap of faith. So here you are facing that. What's it looked like for you? Thank you for picking that up right back there. Because man at this point Jake, I was definitely of a young budding entrepreneur, so every single thing that I saw look like goals. I'm talking about drop shipping. I'm talking about Amazon. I'm talking about e books on kindle publishing. I'm talking about Lee gen size. Chiappa fi everything I touched it. And I was just like I am going to be a successful entrepreneur, if it kills me. So I started about six to eight businesses now, just like well one of these businesses gonna hit. So he but surely, I saw a run out of capital. Things weren't working out businesses that needed a whole bunch of marketing and marketing costs marketing dollars. I wasn't able to fulfill on that. Like I didn't give myself that runway. I didn't give myself enough runway to really take advantage of the time that I had now that I was a full time entrepreneur. So anyways, most raising money for. This deal had no idea what I was when I money rice, nor did what I was doing the first person that I picked up a book on how to even talk to a potential investor was Orrin class. And if you guys about listening to me in the past fifty nine that it anything. Yeah. If you guys know anything about me, listen to me in the past fifteen twenty minutes. I'm the orange class like I as methods are for a certain type of individual he has like that grind your gears. Like, hey, like this is technically. But this is what we're offering type stuff. You can't do that as a first time. But you can't do that as a first time syndicator I didn't know any better. I was like, well, this is this guy seems free reputable lending. I mean this goes back. So even following advice of even reputable, people who have proven track record in who have credit success rather, people doesn't mean as always at for you. So anyways, I said that I feel miserable, my money, raise a race zero dollars literally I race zero dollars. And I was so confident I was gonna raise the whole bunch of money might horse had been working on for so long I put three four months worth of effort in had built up my funnel built up my Email list ahead wash. All these YouTube courses in went to all be seminars and spent thousands and thousands. Hours of dollars knowing that, this course was going to help so many people, I was excited. But I went through that process for three or four or five months in by the time on launch, of course, of course, was like cheap. It was like fifty dollars. I think the course was free, but you had to pay for coaching. So coaching for me was like fifty dollars an hour or something like that. And I literally made no money from this course. And I walked away that year and I was just like man, like, so I had this plan to quit my job in two years year and a half in my job. Quick me I've just now failed at every single thing that I attempted to do. Do I go get a job? Do I stick it out? Yeah. So what that looked like for him in tough time, one thing, I'd say is if it were easy, everybody would do. Right. That's what I always tell myself. I'm like, experienced something hard like this rental properties. Give me a headache. Gosh, how do I manage that? It's like well, I guess were easy. Everybody would be doing it, and there'd be no money in air is, so, yes. So that the very next thing I did was something that didn't dawn on me before to do, but actually learn how to build. A business. It sounds crazy, right? But houses like there's a system for everything. And although there are millions of businesses out there and hundreds of thousands of types of business strategies businesses boil down to some essential pieces and a lot of those pieces, I didn't have a lot of those pieces. That didn't understand I want to do what I always do these days, something that I never did before. I used to hate. But I want to do it. I always these is now let's go find somebody who's done. Exactly what I'm looking to do not have them sit down and teach me exactly what I needed to know to be prosperous, guests here. Yeah. Let's go find a mentor in mentor sat me down was like, hey, like this everything they're doing wrong. Just need to start this, you need to push yourself moving forward. First off, you're not valuing yourself in the knowledge and experience, that you have, like you've had five six, seven eight years worth of real estate experience, even before you start investing. He said, you have this experience in accounting. You have the experience finance, you have all this experience in a now like that. You're an investor. You've had this experience raising money. Like you're not putting valuing the experience in the talents that you have to be able to offer to other people said, you're a great speaker. You know how to deliver your message like you have all these hidden talents in your. Undervaluing yourself. It's like okay. That was like the impetus of me like changing everything changing my whole system, changing my branding, changing my image changing, who I wasn't what I was able to offer. Not only that now also got some more mentors in the real estate space, and I started picking up a few more single family homes. You're gonna ask me about my best deal today, and my best, I don't have to do any of the interview. I like this. One of my best deals, man. This is how I recommend any and everybody get started, if they have the opportunity when I got the second job, I moved from Houston to Dallas. So I needed to get another job. I also knew that it was an impetus for me to start investing in Dallas, and I'll just like man, like, what's the best way, Nessin Dallas? What's the best way to invest? I have to go get an apartment after go buy a house in the live somewhere, but also have to invest, why don't I combine the fell? I started looking for a single family homes. So I can house heck like the rooms and things like that. I was on a prophet like six eight months in. I would have won property under contract for three or four months. And then it will go into a short sale like ill. Be all these nasty things that happened in I can amend some gory. Details every single month in my first year even now, like in my entrepreneurial journey, but long story short, I came across this four plex and it was perfect. So what I did is what I'm sure many of the listeners if they haven't heard of it, but they sit definitely became to something like this. Because scooper palpable Addidas house, heck that for flex. Yes. I in one you and I rented out the other three units tenants now the amount of money that I was making from those other three units. Hey, the mortgage paid all the bills like literally paid everything. So guys picture this. You have a piggy Bank, and you're not the one filling up that piggy-bank you have people who Philip this piggy-bank for you, but it's not their money. It's your money. And this is I'm talking about painting down equity, by the way, sharia, you have people paying down your mortgage every single month house, like so I have this magnificent property, and these people are paying a mortgage in, like they'd given me enough money to pay all the expenses and not only have done all that for me. But there's money leftover. So now I'm getting extra. Three hundred dollars a month, and I'm living for free mind, you my rent before it was like fourteen fifteen sixteen hundred dollars. So now I'm saving fifteen hundred dollars. I have a new piggy-bank. I have monthly reoccurring revenue. And this is the good thing about all of this is that I am now location because I live for free. I don't have to worry about going on vacation for the like, I'm going to Jamaica for, for like two weeks in about a week. Right. And I don't have to worry about paying rent where I'm living and also paint from my hotel there. Most people have to do that, like you have to worry about. We have to make sure that we're, we're being reasonable, right? Reliving accent for for you can go anywhere in the country for however long that you want your good. That's something that when, when I realized, like men, this is my Kita freedom. This is my key to freedom. So guys again when it comes to starting out in your real estate investing journey house. Hacking is so powerful because I think more than anything else is set you up for success because you're eliminating a large expense. You're creating your piggybacking trading your first string of monthly recurring revenue that was alongside. Anyway, so I started building them up maroshek before you a little bit more. I started. Actually value myself in my coaching, and consulting process, and actually builds up coaching consulting brand, and I started offering coaching started offering workshops in started offering masterminds. I mean, that's where we are today like services at I'm offering in my clients, or chilling it they're buying the I houses in Dallas Houston, in DC in San Fran and their house hacking, they're doing amazing things. And it's one of those things where all the trials and tribulations that I went through gaming the knowledge the resources in the impetus and all of the training that I had gave me all the skills to be able to help the people that I'm helping now. Yeah. Sure that's awesome stuff in a few kind of boil down a blueprint for what a lot of people, especially real estate investors life. Looks like is like go to school. Get the job realize this is not the answer. And then invest in real estate in many common pass for people. You started one of those best paths is house hacking, right? House act. That small multifamily. You've got the low down payments FHA loan or something of that nature run out the other units. Poss- weightlifter. Very save up your money. Do it again. Do it again. And yeah, it's brilliant strap. She for people just getting started. And I think it's one that's underrated. Many people think, oh, I don't have to pass the, the means to invest in real estate, but it's pretty achievable path. And I know so many people that have gotten started that way. I wish I would have done it. I didn't quite take the initial house hack approach, but not from the lack of Arctic started. Yeah. I bought a single family house in my home market of Oklahoma. So you and I are obviously, both parents Houston in, you know, is just as good as anybody I wanted to live inner loop, Houston rice. So for people that are not in Houston. That means kind of inner city and real estate prices are relatively expensive, especially small multifamily. And it just didn't make financial sense from an investment standpoint for those types of properties. And I didn't wanna go live far outside of the city to make that work. So it wasn't really to make that sacrifice. So that strategy didn't work for my very specific criteria. But it works for many people out there, if you're living in San Francisco, or New York, probably not going to work for you either. So sometimes you have to venture out of that strategy and do other things. But the brilliant. About real estate. There's so many ways to do it. And there's not a wrong way to do. So I think just get started. And yes, so here you are. You've kind of done that first house act which was four plex working grape or you're right. And then you're gonna grow this thing. So like anybody else? What's next for you, actually, my first house hack was actually a single family home similar yada. Three two. That was at I deal about right after I read recently actually, in Houston. But what I started doing after that was, like I was like, well, this apartments syndicating thing, like I really have to figure this thing out, and it's hard to figure that out while I'm focused on small Maltese, I'm focused on single family and unfocused on teaching that primarily, so I was dividing my time and I had all these other businesses going on, just like man, like something has to give, but before anything gave I realized that I needed to start growing might portfolio and was getting very hard to grow up for failure, especially because I was no longer an employee. And this is hard so through that process, I picture this, like I started running into trouble because I was like, man. This is hard to grow portfolio without longer, but having a W two job, right? Started running to that trouble. And then I started running into trouble on the on the koshen consulting then because as many people as I was able to help get into the first and second deal in house, hacking things by turnkey properties, and things like that. They're started becoming people that were discovering me inherent about me. Joining my programs in there were like, well, I don't have any money to house, heck, I don't even have that five percent or three point five percent. I don't have a. How do I get started? Now. She's like, okay, so you guys don't have any money to get started. And I am the longer employees in. I have no way to get financing. Okay. To has to be another strategy for me to help these people get started, because mice strategy is not working for everybody. Yeah. Share this recently started in the past like, literally few months in honing in on it now, but I'm working on hope if you can get started with no money, no credit. No financing, and I'm sure you can think of a few ways to do that. But the impetus of what I'm teaching now. Is that, hey like if you're in a means if you have the means to? Able to house heck, that is number one gonna be you're starting now strategy, but you wanna have a system that you're gonna be able to start being able to generate active income, especially if you don't have any money if people don't have any money in one start investing. It's like how will you have to ask yourself? What are you investing, right? Like you either invest your money your experience in, if you've gotten nothing than what are you investing your lets people invest their money, some people, invest their time, go work that employer for, you know, the experience or whatever it is? That's investing time. So you're spot on. So I was just like, well, what people have to do. Exactly what you said go work for that employer. There's a few options, right? You have to create active income to putting your passive buckets, most people what we do is we get our money, and then we're like, okay, well, let's go spend everything on our expenses. And then what we have left will save in will invest, right? And that's not how things should actually go, you should actually get your money. Invest have that money pay you. And then you use that money to pay your expenses and everything else, because you've created a machine that creates cashflow reasonable months. So if we can just switch those steps to. Three would be all the better. But what we wanna do especially for step. One is wanna make that when he first. So if you're starting with no money, you'd have to start saving money from your employer. You have to become an entrepreneur in start creating active income, there are few things that you can do or you can kinda just jump into real estate not from an investing standpoint, but maybe from a professional standpoint, and I'm not talking about a realtor anything I'm also talking about things like flipping contracts wholesome things like that right now, you have this active income, whether it's your w Suda a, you're an entrepreneur, where you're actually in real estate. You're flipping contracts things like that. You have this extra income, you're making five ten fifteen K on deals. So that's what I'm teaching. I was you're able to build his active income in. Now you're able to start investing, and what's really cool about building active income in this way that on the specific way that I'm talking about is you're the point man. Right. So for a fix on flipper to get a deal they have to go through that point, man. But wholesaler for a rental property investor skater, the most likely going through wholesalers feel the pipe man, you can now choose. Once you've built up your active streams. You can now choose. Well, do I wanna keep living these properties or postal ings properties for five ten? Or now to have a little bit of money. Can I start maybe putting some money into these properties and flipping them for twenty thirty or if I'm really stable, maybe I don't do any of that is keep the property, and I start making cashflow five hundred dollars or six hundred dollars a month. You're the point man. You have these reactions. So now, I'm just like have this mindset always have this mindset, but now I can prove it. You can get started in real estate today. Now we talked about this on my podcasts a few days ago yesterday we talked about, you can get starting now. There's nothing stopping you have all the resources at your disposal. And now I can pull it because I found another system and I'm using another system. I'm helping my students use another system where you don't eating stuff, so any and everything is possible. If there's a message in here, any and everything is possible. You have to believe it's possible. You have to go find the education that resources and extract that new, you have to implement that Gad definitely say one thing, somebody's telling me the other day, was that Napoleon hill who we all love in. We read, we consume all his stuff like he died, a poor man. Now, just like what's being Polian hill? Like the person I like I read all his books night is soak in all this information he died, a poor man. Wow. Well, that goes to show you knowledge. Is dead without works? Right. You can have all the knowledge in the world if you're not out there, implementing, what you're learning. If you're listening to this podcast because it's inspirational is entertaining. It's what you're gonna do on your Friday, commute home. That's not gonna Cutty. Yeah. You've definitely got a point there. Let's drill in there because. Yeah, you can listen to podcast, you can read books, you can learn about these strategies you can sign up for coaching sessions. But you've gotta take actions like where the rubber meets the road. You've got to implement those things with all the motivation all the education. It's useless without following up with actions. So, yeah, I mean and people out there thinking it's going to be like, some massive ordeal. I mean everybody's capable of doing something a little something each and every day. Right. Just like put one foot in front of the other take a small step like next step next thing you know you learn to walk in the you're gonna be spurning. Marathons in from there. So yeah, I mean it's all about just taking action following up like that vision in those goals with some sense of action s where a lot of people don't actually follow through with things again, I'm jumping ahead. But you're gonna ask me about my favorite book, my favorite book of. This year is going to really help people take action. So I can't wait to get into that. Well, yeah, let's, let's go through the lightning round series of questions. We ask everyone of our guests. Let's just jump into him. So the first question is, what was your biggest hurdle getting started investing in real estate in what you do to overcome that while as you guys know now? No, I bought my first piece of property, thirty days after I read risk that poor dad, my biggest was just not knowing like not knowing there was. Yeah. Not knowing as soon as I knew, I'd be a lot of people aren't like that, right? So I guess my biggest hurdle is not relatable. So a lot of because once I know something, I'm going to go do whether or not I fail at that. It's an experience and I can build off of that experience and I can teach other people about how to circumvent and experience. So I mean for me, I literally just jump in with the results tonight, analyzed their. Yeah. Sure. We'll do you have a personal habit to contribute to your success? I would say, I'm a big fan of this book called the big leap by an author of his name is gay Hendricks, and we operating from galaxies in the highest modality operating is, what is called your zone of genius. And this is the thing that you can do for hours on end. The you don't even feel like his work is pure bliss. I used to tell people that I'm retired. Right. And some people got got offended by the meat. You can't say you're retired like I mean I work my butt off. I work at reasonable day, but tell people, I'm retired unrealized with you got offended like why are you guys getting by that? I mean I, I am retired but my mentality when I say that is that although I work my butt off. I work like a dog. I mean my work is uplift. And others is inspiring is helping people is closing on. Everything is so fun, like I'm not doing this podcast episode. It's mind work. Yeah. Yeah, this is fun. You know. So when I think about what has contributed to my success. My personal habits are going back to how was in college in how I am now like I love to actually do the things that make me happy. Bet fulfill me and success to me is you going towards like it's the concept progression of something that you deem as a worthy investment or a worthy trite or whatever is worthy to you. If you're going towards that goal going towards that ideal that is success. So if you want to be a real estate investor and you're not listening to any podcasts us have this big Pinal sky dream that. Hey, like I'm going to be a real Santa Bester, but should not do anything towards that. You're fairly if you're working your w job right now you're the CFO, you're making two hundred fifty grand a year, and you're on private jets in wherever the case may be, but you're not going towards something that is a worthy ideal for you. Now, what everybody else thinks not what your direct underlying things. I own. Oh my God. My bosses so amazing. But what you think if that's not a worthy ideal for you. You're not successful. So by definition success is going towards something that's worthy ideal for you. And if your own sword to release that investing dream. So if you're listening to this podcast, that is a step towards the right direction, new are by definition successful. So when you talk about what daily habits make me successful is always pursuing my drinks. There's always going towards the things of the word ideals for me for me. That's helping people that's foreigners others, as nourishing people as giving people that aha moment that I had in two thousand sixteen when I first got that little purple book. That's what success is for me. And a daily habit that helps me get really crystal clear on that is my morning routine. Might go into the spirit of along morning routine, but definitely pick up the book a miracle morning by rod and he'll give you a good basis kind of formula morning, routine from yada. Love that love that old array. Do you have an online resource that you find valuable in your day today bigger pockets? How about that? Yeah, you're doing. We mentioned yesterday amount podcast that I haven't really been on Baker practice a whole lot. But recently, I decided that needs to change the GRA pockets is a large. Hub and that is gonna be my new online resource at all. Actively try at least for the next thirty days. So today's February first actually recording this, but for the next thirty days, I will make sure that I'm active on bigger pockets. That is a great online resource for any in everybody looking to start or progress down there investing during yet. Definitely will derive what book, would you recommend to listeners on why we've mentioned a few thrown out a few. But what's your alternate book recommendation? So this book, I just read December thirty first finish shape January first and it's called the twelve week year and before I read this book, I as any entrepreneur realized that, there are a lot of things in my business that I could work on at any given time. You go ahead. I know you have some thoughts on this totally right. That's for sure. I mean it's like anything. I mean you can work on your website, and that can increase your conversions tomorrow. You can work on your marketing funnel that can increase something smart. You can go work on your sales pitch. You can go work on timing. Investors, you can go work on reach out, and you can go work on. I mean you can work on everything. There's always something to do, right. Like you can never not be like, well I think oh, I'm good for the year. I've worked on everything. Everything's done. That can never happen the definition of entrepreneurs that never happening. So when I picked up this book and it made me hone in on what is my twelve week goal. Right. Because when we think about our one year ago, it's under sixty five days a lot happens in a year. And you think about a one we go. That's I mean a one year ago. That's way far out. It's almost arbitrary like you can't it's like a figment of your imagination can't really actualize it because it's so far away. So many things happened throughout that course and you're not really able to really properly plan like a step in January that will actually help your step in December right, right? When you condense your year into twelve weeks. And you get laser focused on the single going going back to books like the one thing by Gary Keller bucks. Single most important thing that is on the top of your like accomplishment list. This is what I want my disks look or this is what my revenue is whatever the case may be right when you focus on that you have a twelve week all might twelve week ends March thirty first twenty nineteen so I have three months to reach my goal from that three months. I could break that down into monthly goals. And then weekly goes in daily goals that as opposed to what I was doing last year, huge different and this something I just told my mastermind members like guys, you have to implement some type of ninety journal twelve week dropping bigger pockets, biscuit. We're one as well. You have to implement some type of twelve weeks. Short term goal setting journal, it is life changing, as my favorite book of the year of are awesome awesome about. Yeah. That's good. That's good. We'll wrapping out the last question in the lightning around. If you're to give advice to your twenty year old self to get started investing in real estate. What would you go back and tell yourself my twenty year old? So if I was still trying to become the president of volunteer, invasion, man. I wasn't no position to invest. But if I was just to give advice to my young self. It would literally be in a hateful use myself as v example, because I guys on me and Jacob, especially me, I am wet behind the ears. I know nothing like I'm just getting started. But a delight day, what I'm doing the. But one thing I have realized through my journey and interviewing one hundred million is not Smersh from all over the world at this point. And just getting the advice that I've gotten even having the experiences that I've had my single biggest ISIS, whatever it is that you're doing, just actually go do it start. I don't care what it is. I don't care. What that first step is. I don't care how bad you fail. Just do it. Like my first deal could have been the worst deal in the world, and I wish it was because it would literally be a story that can tell somebody like, hey, just do it, man. Like a know it sounds bad. I know it sounds crazy in a lot of people would probably figured it'd be cautious. I mean, yes be but deliver, please go into see what happens. Yeah. Sure. So many people just say they wish they would have started sooner is. So go back to twenty year old self. What would you tell yourself? Yeah. Just just take action, just get after just do it. So. Yeah. Love that will dry. Hey, it's been a lot of fun. Having you on catching up with you. Now you obviously are no stranger to the microphone yourself. You host the podcast called before the millions of tell us a little about that in then where audience members can learn more about your reach out to you disconnect with you. Yeah. I appreciate that guy. Definitely have a podcast similar to yours in, we're talking about some of the these interesting topics that mean you have just talked about on this on this conversation today. But on this one of those podcasts again, I share my story, and I walk on my path before the millions. I mean, that's why the pipe has gone for the measure singing some ice pack wasn't get made it, but you're watching like failures successes over the course of years, really in each individual episode, you're getting bite-sized like, hey, like this is the path of each individual's printer. It's been amazing, but it's also an educational platform so that all these my coaching sell tonight, help first time investors get into the build up their lifestyle business because. About lifestyle designed for me. It's not about how many units are half, which is crazy about man. I need to have a lot of units. Now. It's just like, like I really don't share about that. Like I travel the world freely. I live on my own terms. I don't have a fulltime job. I don't do anything that I don't want to do. And I don't have all say it's about lifestyle design, and if I can help people do that. That's what I wanna help people do on my secondary. Product is a mastermind group for people like me, who are building this business, and have no idea. What's going on? Like how do I build a podcast? How do I start a real estate meet up? How do I start that real estate happened in design it in how do I raise money? I mean, I have a group of individuals where all I can different areas. World were all. I mean, we all have different niches, right? But we're able to come together and collaborate and talk about things to move our businesses forward all in the real estate world. So I just love topnotch. Hello, love healthy real estate investor south here in that vote. If you're feeling like you don't know what to do to get started. I mean just look on Instagram like I love chatting with people, it's one of those things to our. Hey, like just having a conversation with you like hydra like this is what I'm thinking. I'll give you advice me. I don't care. That's what. I want you to go out in pursue something and do something like hydride I killed it, right? So you can reach out to me on Instagram on before the man's dot com. I'm everywhere awesome. So that's before the millions podcast, you can find that anywhere. You can find podcast or listening to this one or anywhere else you can learn more at WWW dot before the millions dot com wants to Ray makes it we're gonna change that site to before the billions. That's a little marketing pitch. So here but a dribble. Hey, it's been a lot of fun having you on and we'll have to connect soon in the future here in Houston till next time. Thanks so much for coming on. Thank you. Thank you so much. I mean, the inspiration show providing to your listeners just got done. Listen to a few episodes, and I was like, yeah. This is some good. Version, your for your Friday shows, man, killing so you guys definitely tune into every single one of Jacob's Friday shows on living. Thank you very much, straight till next time, take care, man.

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