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REShow: Bubba Wallace, David Spade, and Brandel Chamblee. Hour 3 (05-15-20)


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts. Just the rich Eisen show. I'm up here what you have to say if you wanted eight. Four four two four rich from the rich. Eisen show studio in Los Angeles switch do his thing televised online at richeisenshow dot com earlier on this show from NBC's Beverly Hills Stuff show up far Bosh Abi Amila six time pro bowl running back. Sean McCoy Coming Askar Cup series driver Wallace actor and comedian David Spade. Golf channel analyst Randall. Shambley and rich is final hour of this Friday program. Yeah we've got David Spade joining us for a little bit of fun a little bit of laughs but we also have sports to preview. Live sports to preview on this weekend right in the middle of May Brandel Chamblee of the golf channel is GonNa join us to talk about the skins competition. That's going down on Sunday afternoon. Right here on. Nbc `send but also NBC and the Golf Channel. Terramae driving relief and you can raise as much money for covert nineteen relief funds at PGA Tour Dot com slash driving relief right now and also while you watch. Dustin Johnson and Ricky Fowler Dustin Johnson Rory mcilroy go up against Ricky Fowler and Matthew Wolf Brandel Chamblee will be joining us we had a nice chat with. Shawn McCoy Last Hour. Akbar Bosnia being in the first hour and in terms of live sports returning this weekend. It's going to be three thirty. Pm Eastern time on Fox. Our friends at Fox showing you the NASCAR Cup series returning with the real heroes. Four hundred Darlington raceway. This Sunday. The driver of the famed forty three car for Richard Petty motorsports Bob Wallace here on the rich Eisen show. How are you sir? All good faith unhealthy. Hope you are as well. Yeah we are. I mean that's a that is that is the ultimate right. Bob I mean that is the absolute ultimate and so I guess the question for you is You are. You are healthy right going into this race on. Yeah it was healthy as I can be right now. You know obviously We're all kind of on eggshells and and like the whole screening process and what's going to go down what takes place and and it's just kind of nerve wracking. Just because you know the one driver has it and Can All be put out drivers? So we're all just trying to take extra extra measures to be Ready Mentally physically emotionally. If it's been a long time all For usually we're we're kind of bored in the off season which we just got off of you know in in January and then things like we went back for like two weeks and then been sitting offer offseason so we are We're excited ready rolling and Countdown the days in our well. If you don't mind I'd like to get a little detailed with you about the health and safety in public health issues that you're you're right in the middle of right now because it's not only just fascinating to know what you're going through and how you're preparing because eventually you're going to have to compete. But a lot of sports might be looking in direction in NASCAR. Let's see how this works. So how is it working? Think where have you been tested? Sure For how this goes and and so there's going to be a lot of is watching US. One 'cause sportster back on TV Yup and too because There are some out there that want to see us fail and can can nitpicking every little thing if we don't follow the guidelines so we have had multiple calls and Nascar is done a tremendous job up to this point of land guidelines out for us and what they're being told from from the health advisors and and people that that are making the most important health calls As making a social distance as much as as much as possible you know we are not allowed to really be in contact with anybody Once we at the race track we were ordered to self quarantine ourselves. Whether that's in our car we drove down in all of that. We're bringing down Until minutes before the race so We have no outside contact. You only communication. I'll have my crew is via telephone. Email zoom I think. That's the new thing nowadays so it It definitely going to be different. You know us on race. You get to spend thirty minutes with your team. Just to kind of debrief and and go through the ups and downs of what to expect but here it. I'm literally coming going from my house to my house on wheels To the quarantine myself more. So that's GonNa be definitely different. Okay have you been tested for covered? Nineteen I have not been checking my temperature and and stand as minimal contact as I can But I've been I've been up until this point okay. Will you get tested before you get in the car or are you planning on you? Yeah they will have a whole screening process When we show up to the race track and and so they have all the guidelines in place and protocols in place To whether if a driver does have what they need to do what they need to do. Next Steps so We we have a whole lot of things that we have to go through. So IT'LL BE A. It'll be a process for sure. Sure Bubba Wallace here on the rich. Eisen show so I guess 'cause we you know then out right then and practice times out. You're you're just GONNA the next time you get in the car and you're in Darlington is is when it's time to race or or is that going to change. Yeah I keep everybody. It's the perfect. Hold my beer and watch this moment. We're going to go out and just jump in and green flies him to drop so You know for us or for new sports fans they don't really pay attention NASCAR. We have usually about a three schedule. where we practice and qualifying and get to set up underneath the skits. Come in and make adjustments and then lineup for the race. Hopefully with the best possible setup for us. We're going off last year's race Dr Darlington which was Which was in September So there's there's a lot of racism between that and our cars have changed Tremendous amount With upgrade and new this new that. And so we're all KINDA worried about those first couple of laps. If we have our travels we have to set up close enough to where we can be competitive so With all that practicing and and Teatime it definitely gonNA throw a curveball things? But Hey that's why we're some of the best and a lot of stock car racing so we're GonNa do it all of course and do you think that you and your colleagues might be more cautious because of all the setup or what are you expecting Sunday to be below question lot I think I think we're all gonna kind of be mindful. Yeah we don't really know what our car is. GonNa do Davidoff into turn one one of the most craziest historic places such as Darlington So we'll we'll all be cautious and know what we got but there will be a time without that switch. Switches flipped. Probably that's lap to. I'm not sure but fools will hopefully take it a little easy And then get some racing underneath us. So bubble. Alessia on the rich Eisen show. Just just to repeat you are not in physical proximity or contact with any of the rest of your team. You are by yourself and you will not be allowed to be an approximity of anybody with your team until it's time to race on Sunday and then you're going to go I think Yeah I think we'll still go through what all's going to happen but I I won't see or talk to anybody physically. It'll be through phone or from very safe distance We will be separated. We are told If the races at three thirty we were told to be strapped in our cars at three twenty and we leave our bus at three nineteen. Like it's it's that critical and that strict on who's around what time we have to walk and move so it's They've got down to a a T and I hate to be them in these in this time and leading up to this time now. I'm sure they've been up day and night. Nascar speaking up day and night trying to figure out how we can get racing back in front of fans you know and and and you know there won't be any fans this time how we're going to be. Do you think how that going to be somebody different but I thought a couple of people. It's like a glorified test session so when we were allowed to test We would have some preseason testing and and the last one I did last year in January in January at Vegas and there was twenty plus teams there There was very little fans just because it was. You know middle of the week but But I think it's going be like that but now you know something that we are. It's IT'S GONNA be a test session for the first couple of laps but then we know that when the checkered flag falls there's going be a race winner and they will get moved into the playoffs. So it's There's a lot more on the line then. Just test session but I think I think we also look at it as on our practice and qualifying days. There's not many fans that are in the stands. It's definitely GONNA be a ghost down. That's GONNA be Weird for sure but that doesn't change for sure doesn't change my competitive competitiveness. we still going to go out there and give it all. How much contact you had with your racing colleagues. Everybody else is going to be in the same position as you Sunday. How much contact you had with them. Drivers Yeah we have group chats that we're all a part of and you know we just jumped off a call with sanctioning body and all of the drivers that were in trying to get. Our last couple is dotted and T.'s. Cross before we had down there But I think everybody's just excited to get back going we Whatever it a lot of speculation when this first started happening you know not racing at all or whatever the circumstances could be and I think this is the best scenario possible for everybody involved in it. It's IT'S A. It's a really big deal for sports. I've I've also said it's the multiple it's crazy to realize how many people in the world needs sports until you take it all away. Never see that so for me. It was no sports being around. I was okay with I'm racing. I'm busy but I didn't pay attention really until September first when college football started back up. I'm a huge college football fan so it feels like this is kind of the norm to me but seeing that there's absolutely nothing and how people are going crazy over this. I think is a huge moment for us to kind of lead Sports teams and Thanksgiving bodies back into the arenas and racetracks stadiums with or without fans. We've got to do with this safe and healthiest way possible. So we will be. I wouldn't off the test dummy of the Guinea pig. That's what it is and we gotta do our best Best job sounds Bubba best. You have recounted here you know. This is not being done slipshod. It's being done in a way that that is you know buttoned up as best. You can I mean and again the the the phrase being best you can is is the freight I know earlier. You mentioned also in the conversation that you think there's some people potentially rooting for the failure of NASCAR. I I Where are you picking up from? I'm I'm I'm hoping you stick the landing here and other sports say Okay Nascar. What are you doing so we can do this too. And you could. You could drop if you will or let the green flag fly on many other sports if if this works out BUBBA. Oh absolutely. I'm saying there's going to be those people that are out there. Like they are not six feet apart. They're five point nine feet. You know it's going to be those types of you. I think like I said we're all excited for sports to get back underway but we have to be careful and manage every everything we do is under a microscope right now and we know that there's going to be extra is on us To see how we handle each and every circumstance that comes out of so from from the EMT's being around the driver gets into Iraq or or the the winner you know. The interview process is totally different. No no crew around at all different so and and NASCAR is really. You know it's it's more of the health officials that are coming to the track and making sure that this all goes smoothly as well so this isn't just like a game plan that we add scripted up. They have done numerous amounts of Work and research and conversation emails you name it with health officials and following the CDC guidelines allowing us to get back state officials and so many people that are above my pay grade that I do not envy right now That that are making this all happened so we have to do an exceptional job. I'm I'd like to ask you. I know it's a thorny subject but have you spoken to Kyle Larson lately. What's your relationship with him? Like right now not I have not been to him so Yeah it's I haven't spoken to him some incident when them okay Look Man Bubba. I I'm I'm I'm rooting for you and I'm rooting for your sport. I'm rooting for all your drivers. Let let it be safe and let it be sound. And let's let's do this. Let's let's race and see how it goes and I'm appreciative of you. You know wanting to do it and I guess that's my last question for you is What's your emotion right? Now we're ready. We're counting down the days and the hours really Just kind of figuring out you know. When to be there we still have some some media media obligation and Fonterra obligations bill on Sunday Race Day. Just like normal Through telephone and and and face calm and zoom meetings and stuff like that so it's It's just GonNa be a different Take and I think everybody's anxious and excited for that but when it comes to the racing stuff we've been doing this for a really long time and and This break it has us itching and ready for racing more than ever and to show A new fan base that we'll be watching it for us this show for the show them. A great product of racing is also important to us and put on the best show possible. So I know there's going to be or you have a competitive hungry drivers out there. All going for went okay and I guess last one for you. You're from mobile on. You said Your College. Football is make you auburn or Alabama Bubba. I see believe it or not okay. All right My mom track there In My blood by families from Tennessee Nashville so but but yeah. I'm Tennessee vall that's your SEC affiliation okay. Very good for Mobile Alabama figured. That would be an easy question lasko and get. I didn't expect that answer. Hey Baba good luck to you be safe be sound be healthy and And and race race like the Windsor will offer. Should thank you for the for the call. That's bubba Wallace look. I think you could probably include me in the in the bucket that I think bubble was referring to which is overly cautious about opening up society. I was one of the we came here and I was saying. Hey everybody's GonNa stay home. That was the middle of March right now. Mike I seeing like we have no choice but to stay home. Cancel the NC Double A. Tournament. Cancel these tennis events. Everybody's like what like? What are we doing play in sports right? We got to figure this thing. I mean I was. You could call me an alarmist. I see what people call me in the chat room. Sometimes and that you know when we're not here. I'm wearing a mask when I go out. You know to get groceries. Whatever mascot glove up come home? Trimbe practices much social distancing as possible. I'm remember I talked about some guy who is in the supermarket without a mask making jokes and I'm like April you this not to drink minimum this cove. Nineteen minimum all right so. I think you could include me in that class of. Let's close things down. Be sure before we open up. I am not rooting at all and I don't know a single person rooting against NASCAR right now. That kind of took me aback. We sing that. There are people out there hoping may fail. That could be one of those off against the world mentality that you do need. I guess to to to to compete that so many people compete owned. Everyone wants to take this away from us and you hear that about players before they go into a game or whatever so I I can. Maybe understand that. Do you know anybody. That's out there hoping the man. I hope NASCAR just totally flops. I hope this is so successful and that the point of care testing. They have in Darlington. This week will be the model that other Sports League can follow because it some percents point. We're hoping all sports come back when it is safe when you can figure things out for your entire staff and crew which of which is you could hear. There's quite a bit of logistics as we all know for for for any race let alone. Nascar RACES Darlington. So I'm hoping they crush it and I hope that baseball and the NFL's calling NASCAR. How'd you do it? What did you do? How'd you quarantine everybody? How'd you keep everybody out? What did you do walk us through the process so we can emulate it and that they have expanded the schedule into June go for same thing with US standard. I hope that we find out. Nobody has tested positive in a week or so from the UFC event. That just take place. We don't want these things to fail and even want sports back. I want to know everyone safe. And in that regard by watching sports to be back and US feeling normal and that they're being safe can lose myself in the competition knowing that everybody is safe doing it. No one's GONNA wind up on a frigging ventilator and that I'll be honest as I am sitting here it. It helps me figure out how I'm going to go about my life with my wife and children and how you can with your life and how he can open. I'm rooting for NASCAR GO. Let's take a break. The very funny and talented David Spade will be returning US before Brandel Chamblee joins us here on this Friday. Show on NBC. Let's take some phone calls here. Michael in Arkansas here on the rich Eisen show. That's line for Michael Del Tufo. What's up Michael? You they're rich. I'm here how you doing. Buddy how are you? Hey I'm doing good listen You know very good. Longtime friend of mine Chuck out there new in California. We were having a long discussion last night about football. I mean he's been a Dallas fan from fifty something years. I've been Pittsburgh steeler fan for fifty something years and you know we were going back and forth talking about this you know. Nascar is really completely different than NFL. The drivers can walk out with their full face. Helmets and go straight into the car but the NFL. You've got fifty three plus hundreds of other people on the sidelines and the contact that they have over and over and over again is completely different. I'm hoping NASCAR does absolutely great love right but when it comes to the NFL do we sit it out free here and hope that we get this stuff cleared up and get this economy back going. Or what if three players from a couple of teams that played each other start to get sick and what what happens then. Do they shut this whole thing down? Do they take those players out? How many tests can you test a players you know? Do we have enough test for them? That these are you know. Michael these are all great questions and I appreciate the call. Thank you for the call. And that's why we need to be listening to the experts. Experts scientists doctors epidemiologists. These are the people we have to listen to. As opposed to listening to their caution and saying that eighty s overcautious and something that they weren't elected to say these are the people who are not I don't know coaches don't know commissioners don't know they don't know you can ask the doctors and some of them they don't know I. It's we're still learning about what this this thing really is. I don't know these are all great questions. And you heard the commissioner baseball sound on CNN last night. We don't know but we know it's not risk free. That's the one thing we do know but I imagine if you test the hell out of everybody and you know who's got it and doesn't who does have it and you can quickly quarantine them. You don't have to stop the whole league like the NBA was forced to do because we didn't know nobody knew. And we still don't so that's why I think all eyes will certainly be on Nascar and I mean you WanNa talk about on top of each other who's more on top of each other than UFC. I mean I don't know which fighters face looked like he was went through the wringer over the weekend. But let's have some fun with David Spade when we come back here on the rich. Eisen show do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GYCO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's GEICO easy. Visit GEICO DOT com. Today that's Geiko DOT COM G. I. C. O. DOT COM. Listen to our podcast. Every single day PODCASTS DOT com slash rich. Eisen all three hours of the rich Eisen. Show anytime on podcast. One and we can be streamed everyday watches. Youtube dot com slash. Rich Eisen show you listen to a Sirius? Xm Channel Two eleven of course NBC S. N. Every single day between one and three eastern time. We talked about this film earlier in the week with Nick. Schwarzen- who accused this man of being so Averse to jogging that. He insisted they do a fast walk during a take of this film. Director stopped in the middle So there's some controversy on the right Chris. There's some controversy and foreshore and you know this man because the mother of Your Child Sarah Tiana has done much producing writing reporting for this man's work indeed the star of the wrong MRI on Netflix. David Spade. Back here how are You David? Where Red Light Way? What is Richard is? What's that from my grade teacher saying? Where's your homework in Tomboy? When he goes Richard Hayden dos rich deep. That's a deep one but playable deep cuts. It's not real but I Rich Buddy David spade how are you? I liked it. That little pork Pie Schwartz. And it was making automated. Well he said that. A scene in the wrong missy called for you to jog around pool you said to him before action was called. Let's do a slow. Let's do a fast reactor based on so. This is a true story yeah. I don't come off the blocks like I used to There's a reason I'm not at the combine and you are okay. I make more money funny movement. I don't really and I will. Yeah we were doing it and I got a bad neck and I realize I don't even running more and and they go. You spread around the corner and I I in more realistically I go. Listen I'm not doing. Fifty takes a sprinting all right. Let's let's keep this thing within reason so let's not even a slow jog. I started was blowjob. Downgraded to a fast walk and he goes to. We're running that's the idea and I go. I know but there's I had to make make sense. Actually I go well because every looking at us. They're gonNA think something's wrong. You know the character so we have to be like warned a big hurry. We're just GONNA across campus here. And he just rolled died of the neck. Come on play along. No one's looking at this movie for Realism. Thought someone goes. I saw something on twitter. And they're like the wrong trending and the critics are split. I'm like yes that means. Somebody liked it so you don't mind the split critics that means because I mean fifty percent liked it because you know let's I love the movie and there's okay that's number one that's great but but you know that the critics are never like going out of their way to say. How great movies are. I like it so one day you wake up. You're like if all the tomatoes are not rotten. I'm in good shape right. That's pretty much it. That's what you're right. I think the best tomatoes I got fame on the do over it. I think it was nine and keep me out of the all game and then back in jail. We got mine too. I don't know on it. Grownups at least ninety tomatoes. I gotTa have a lot of tomatoes for grown ups. We could go on and on about it right there. Was this the first time I've been in a movie? That well number. One is different on Netflix. Than any real world the world but grownups was last one and now has probably not grown students on. Yeah but that was you know. I don't know I've years ago. It works out. Even I'll I'll take whatever I can get David Spade. Net flicks is the wrong messy. Check it out on Netflix. Right now So have you seen a preview of like Bob Costas for some reason so I have seen a preview of it? David Kostas thing didn't come to mind though. What what what makes you look? All Custodian dyed my hair dark brown and I gave himself bangs. And I didn't mean to but I look a little Bob Odenkirk and better call. I look a little light costas and I look a little bit like myself as a doofus. I also shaved which I'm terrified of that is that is that's jarring. That's a little jar these get. How jarring then they do anything they go they go. You Need to look twenty or ninety. I go I know I. That's one sick by it. I had a girl on. So why do you have stupid mustache? You think I wanted. I look worse without it. If you can imagine because there's no way you can get any worse I go yes. There is a short clip in the wrong message. He's like oh fantastic. Ma'am I wonder what what do I want to ask you? There's so much to ask you about many things. There are because I don't know I don't think I've ever really delved into your Tommy boy. Black Sheep era type stuff with you. I saw the UFC fight. That's a sports thing. All right what. D- What did you think of that I felt bad for Ferguson. Because he was supposed to fight could be right. Well Yeah I just you know you. Couldn't I guess it could've helped him and he didn't fight could be well. I mean I think Ferguson might have been office game that night I mean might have been but you know you probably Had A bad day because he just could not get it going and I felt that he was supposed to fight the BIEB and like some huge arena with thousands of people said. He's like in some Jacksonville outback. Steakhouse parking lot. You know giving corner to applebees with six people there and he loses. This isn't really how I pictured it walked away looking like Gaulan with a hangover. I'm like Oh boy. I think the other guy like no. We should see you. Golly with the hangover. It's a great that is one I did not think of. Is that your friend? Is that your new fantasy team nickname. Chris one that's pretty going to put down here along this so Chris do you. Did you guys send a thank you note to David yet for the baby gift for you and Sarah this could suffices to write one. Thank you dave. I'm not gonNA say that I was in charge of any of the announcement or thank you note. Serta care of all of that so you should wanted. I give you a lights out hat or something. Yeah lights out. Had A portable battery pack and I stole that from the Green Room and a Hoodie. From Jimmy Kimmel. Did you really steal something from the lights out gift? Pack that they give the panelists. But you're not a palace rich. Yeah you go in there and you do you rifle to the dressing room and then suddenly Jo Koy wonders where is You know it's interesting though David. What you've done in our green room you signed the wall next to a eighteen signature filled. I E poster from one of our super bowls. You sign the wall in our green room saying can I sign here. David spade wasn't no one else on the wall. There's no there's no one else on the wall David. You're the only one the only one who signed you did ask but in the signature. You know like it wasn't that was the forgiveness rather than permission moment right there. I by the way I'm good news. just come here. If people are listening I don't know if this is outside of La that's not good The governor said we'RE ON PHASE ONE OF OPENING UP California which is great so as of today all archery repair stores are opening Caterpillar Sanctuaries Rock quarries rockwall. I let him he's less. I'm like when does it kick in the my life what's happening here. Tree cleaners Well I don't know I. This is healthy win. Stay to they're like Oh December. Well I mean it could be a time for for for your do your fantasy football draft. David you got you got to prepare weeks to prepare. You have no excuse coming up this fall. I've only I've only done. Three thousand mock drafts. That's what everyone does mocked up and like already I gotta get in the game and the data otherwise you're GONNA get lost. You'll get absolutely ra a guy that's right. De'andre Hopkins is now going to be on the team David. That's that's impressive. I know by yelling system because she's louder than me. Is that WHO that was? I honestly thought you were an airport. I'm like what does that go. What are the hell is going on in the background there? That is amazing. Do you know I have to do Kelly RIPA on Monday. And they so they have to zoom you ahead of time and then they're like we need to know that you have a really big house. We need to see it and we need to talk to people and it's like oh I thought you were zooming and I set it all up. I look super cool. I got everything. Set up my house. So it's like rich. I have a little bag behind me. And then And they go no just call and I go what. I'm sorry. You went through all that trouble to put your money bag where where needs to be seen know. It's funny in in the sports world. David all of us when we're zooming. We're we're sitting in front of bookshelves. We've chosen people have chosen book shelves of Books. That we have it and you know what I mean like we're there. I'm sitting in front of a bookshelf. I literally have not touched those books since I moved into my house. Probably about two and a half years ago there I know I know. It's a little snooze e but I guess it makes people feel professional or smart or something. I WANNA see scientists in front of a book. Show the microscope on their desk. And like Oh this one means business. You know what I mean. Do you have a bookshelf in your house? I think the question is do. I have a book. I have one or two books. Both line senior model on your instagram. Feed David I mean you know you. I think I might have spotted a book out there. Were I love you? Watch other great. Are you kidding me? They're phenomenal. I didn't say all of them. Yeah they are thank you. I do jokes morning and Little Sarah Jokes. She's great she's Sarah GonNa is Great. Chris Chris I mean your you know. Your household is is filled with laughter and crazy baby cage cage. Yep just pretty cool. I mean I know it was a little rough ride there for a second. One's GonNa add a subtle in but I like. I think it's a good name. What does that? What does that mean? What was that. Two days old the appeared on lights out that right this is I. It's first appearance. Say partly that gives the only the only two Dale to be in a union looking. You don't want to name like my name's so Marlin Blando. Dave is like the dumbest thing I should. I would sound younger by changing the connor or something. I won't be like. Hey Connor spit. It was a car twit late. It's never too late David All right the wrong missy available now on net flicks. It is number one. Half the critics love it. Glass half full. Wrap Up. What else you talk about the last dance. You know there's an actual golf skins game tournament. That's going down this weekend and I've got Brandel Chamblee of the golf channel. That's coming up. That's what I got. Okay well you got to say that that makes sense got right. I'll just good. You don't have to watch it now. All right out to take notes. Thank you David. Thanks to you the best brothers. My big closer okay guys. Thanks for having me next time. Zoom Zoom it. You Bet David Spade. Netflix is the wrong missy. David spade checkout his. He's the those are great on twitter and instagram on his instagram his monologues. Sarah does jokes for that Every day to you know what I'd like to do. I would like to do on the show you know. We're we're zooming next week. With the Watt brothers no fun. All three all three together awesome. And we're going to put that on because their new Tag Show on Fox. John Singer. Finale I'm going to get ready for my daughter to write a note about one to stay up late. Because he knows her brothers went to watch the new tag show. They're already all in. My kids have seen the. He's getting ready for that around your house. Oh God the tag. They won't sorry. Should I require the watts? To presume days advantages check connection. Come you have to check every he got we want? We want two days in advance. We WanNA see your home. We WANNA make sure. It's the right shot. We should have mike do it. Because I guarantee Kelly Ripa not migrated the guy who's like you just plug your microphone into the side when I text you and I call my first twice three times how to make it work. He's like Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you you have to do it. On Zoom to our wormhole will tell you as many of them watch. Friday night. I'm perfect. It's perfect on a Friday night. Doing an excellent job of things on the air tonight. We will take a break There we go to teams one. 'cause we're going to talk about this event that's on. Nbc NBC SNL Golf Channel. With brandel Chamblee of golf channel. Take your calls as well to wrap up this Friday show in a moment. Let's take a few more calls. Our friend Ben in San Diego has been hanging on for quite some time. What's up then? Hey Rich First Time caller Big Time Fan you to talk to you today. Thank you. I appreciate you hanging on. Hold as long as you did. Well I wanted to chime in here real quick I. I really can't believe the amount of say they go from here and call him about the chargers but it's the same guy Sure it's the same guy. Keeps calling back from San Diego asking questions about the chargers so it could be twelve guys man but I don't get to La sympathies. You know I'm born and bred ten yego nearly thirty years and You know we haven't had much to win. You know we've had some good guys some of the best in the game. Say ow win but when you know starting to think sometimes you know maybe if we do want us to. Maybe they'd still be here. And so you know here folks you know might as well be a dodger fan if you're going to be you know. La Charger Fan. So I guess my question to you. Is you kind of? We're talking about rivers and the charts from rivers. And you know I'm kind of a you know a lot of crap from my against kind of being like you know. Maybe you should move a little bit sooner. He looked at the niners cheap giant. I don't know about that. I mean don't think Phillip Took the team to the playoffs the year before last and and was dynamite down the stretch making all these great moves they torched they torched Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. And I know the defense had a lot to do with that But Philip and thanks for the call I think Phillip is going to be better in Indianapolis a new situation a new lease on football life. And he's going to have a better offensive line and a better running game. I do believe last. Year is such a mess from Derwin. James Being Hurt Melvin Gordon holding out and he thought he needed to do so much himself. And how many times did he just like Vince? Down seven down three needed a force it. I don't believe it when we come back our best of the week and then Brandel Chamblee of golf channel that is how we rolling NBC esn returns from its commercial break. And we'll take more your phone calls in and have a good time with our our friend. Brandel Chamblee of golf channel actual players playing and by the way in the week after. Now we're talking tiger fail and Peyton and Tommy do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with geico. Gyco makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT COM G. I. C. O. DOT COM Beard Charlie We know what it's like during the playing season I imagine what it's like in quarantine here trump. It's been a couple of months now. I'm looking a little rough kind of hard to hide the beard under a bath. Take out a photograph of you currently and then tweeted at richeisenshow and we will. We will share it. I've got some time shelving words that I wanted to tell you a joke. A joke about okay. Here I'll break care over at that. Might be a on that here. And there you go. There's exports Oregon giving the people what they want right there so if your podcast is called everyday greatness on the first guest right correct hurt immediately right. You've been around me you've been around me. You know how I operate how I host going to worry. I want everybody. Listen it is I will be calling is into my podcasts everyday braintree it never thought I would ever introduce Barry. Zito the unmasked Rhino. Did you hear from any or your your old teammates that the first one that I think was Matt. Cain who I pitched with the with the giant. Yes he's like dude he's like come on he's like are you the. Rhino you know and I oh Man. That's crazy bruce. Bochy didn't reach out to you say technique today if he just said hey man I gotta do my both recurring or you get great man. Great job so. He's watching the mass singer. You're certainly bruce is math. That's a solid compliment from very arbor. See Now who through all those touchdowns to you and Super Bowl Championships Rainbow? Tom Brady has given us the ultimate restored. When it comes to Tom I I always wanted to sack you in college but you never played him to actually stack off solid appearance by Mike. Variable of the Tennessee. Titans Ainley on. Wync is always right here on the rich Eisen show. Nbc S. N. NBC. Will be the home of live. Golf along with NBC and Golf Channel. This weekend how phenomenal is this? I can't wait for this and I'm so excited for. I'll even overlook the fact that doesn't Johnson's May did. Look to be the same height as rory mcilroy. This problem shorter tailor-made driving relief. Two teams one. 'cause Lot Sunday to eastern time Rory Dustin Veep Ricky Matthew Wolf for covert relief and for our viewing pleasure. Brandel Chamblee of the golf channel. Joining me here to wrap up this Friday show and actually preview a live sporting event. How about that brattle? I'm tickled pink about. Thanks for having me on rich talk about some real sports realize right. How about this? I'm going to. This is Great Christopher ready for this. I'm going to set the how this real sports question. How does the course set up for all right? How about how about that? That's a real question. I can't stream ozark to house of cards anymore. Four okay okay to watch. How did it set up? I mean that's a big unknown. I mean this is one of the most mysterious I think Reputable clubs in world think of Augusta national having never hosted the masters. That's kind of what we're talking about here with this golf course but I think Roy is probably the most familiar with it. His father's a member and these great friends with the president. There Jimmy Johns Roy's played at the best. But it's a it's a wide open. Venue basically But with a lot of just diabolical sorta green complexes so I think you know given the fact that three of the guys in the forest some of some of the longest hitters in the game. And then Ricky's probably although not sure it. Probably one of the best if not the best part of the game so this could be like an all out brawl. It could be like the equivalent of pool sharks having trick shot contest. It could be a hell of a lot of fun to watch why I'm looking forward to that. And which which team do you think has the advantage going in? That's that's another sports question. I'm this is a great on paper. Rory Dustin. You're talking about who are the most dominant players last thirty years? Only two players have held the number one spot in the world longer than rory and only four players the number one spot in the world longer than Dj. But then. I think you know the Golf Fan knows Matt Wolf but I think those are tuning in and there'll be a lot of those. I think that are not that familiar with the game ago right. I think they've got gotta be absolutely have their mind blown by the swing of Matt Wolf. It is the most. Maybe the most unusual golf swing professional golfing has ever seen but he swings the club about one hundred twenty five miles an hour. So if you're a baseball fan. This is like Chad Broadway. Going it as fast as Nolan Ryan. That that's what we're going to see here like this crazy. Funky action where you sit and you're GONNA go. What in the hell was that? And it's because he swings so hard and destined hits it so far and Roy so far it could be a lot of you know a lot of trash talking a lot of catch that United. Catch that or so. It should be a lot of fun on top of being you know. I think Pretty Competitive Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel here on the rich. Eisen show again for those who may not know about seminole golf club You obviously alluded to How few times it it holds anything I'll give you the floor and About this golf course and what we're going to see on Sunday. Well it's known as a masterpiece designed by fellow. Donald. Ross who designed it only gosh hundred years ago? And it's it's known for. It's really difficult green complexes and within the world of golf course architects lovers. Some would argue that it is the greatest second shot golf course so the most difficult second shot off course in the world because the Greens are pitched sharply back to front crowns false bronze insides and the conditions. Are you know tight? Fairways really you know. Unpredictable wins so it's IT'S A. It's a very difficult golf course but looks Kinda easy. But it'll be beautiful because it's packed right hard against the the Atlantic And and I think there's you know we're GonNa hear the players that are gonNA be miked up likely they gotta to be some great exchanges and it gives All the players sort of a chance to show off well Donald Ross had some awful evil things in his mind back in the day when he was designing golf courses. Brand along with wapping on golf course up in West Hartford which I was a I played out when I was out of. Espn it was a donald. Ross course the false fronts were absurd just absolutely. It turned me into Mush by the end. We all know. Pinehurst is another Donald. Ross correct right. That's right you know I. I played the ninety nine. Us Open at Pinehurst. I drove it perfect every day on the fifth hole. I only had eight iron in there every day and I never sniffed it in the Green. And that's a joke. My Caddie that was harder to hit than the tropical mosquito. And that's and that's the green complex dollar off their these perched up little greens they look big enough but when you actually get up there there. There's big as your kitchen. You know I mean you gotta hit the perfect shot ship the perfect way with the right amount of span and the right trajectory and then the very next all you'll have different wins because the holes move around in different directions so it will challenge and it does challenge the best players very many times. You know when you walk off the golf course you think. I cannot believe I shot seventy seven or seventy look. The first time Arnold Palmer played their back When he was rookie right he was just getting started on the tour he went out. He shot eighty seven and he told his wife. I don't think I'M GONNA go back out the next day. She said you can't do any worse and he went out. Shut Eighty eight. That'll give you some idea of the difficulty of this golf course even though it has never been notoriously known as a long golf course. I mean it will play seven thousand two hundred yards and change but not. It's not going to challenge these guys in length. It'll just challenge them and second shots and shots around the Greens. These sound chipper man. This is a golf event. It's human being as it's going to be live. We're going to watch it. It's it's you sound like you're in this chipper Brandel Chamblee. I left the players championship March. Thirteenth drill writes got back talked to my wife and I said I don't know that we're GONNA play golf. The rest of the year. You know because it it just sounded the uncertainty and the doom and gloom and making allowances for the worst case scenario. So the idea that they're going to get out and safe and responsible to get back playing golf without fans under the right conditions You know go off is you know. It's a Lotta Fun but if you're a professional golfer for professional athletes competition is addictive. It's nicotine and and everybody in the game is is each the light up right now and everybody in sport is it into light up. It's like let's get back to competing and and try to make the best out of this and compete safe and responsibly and The only one who's more chippers Chris. Brockman my Degenerate across the way. Who's actually with friends your your your propping and all that sort of stuff right you wanna you. WanNa you WANNA ask Brandel Chamblee X. Chair have you actual piece of restaurants have questions here okay. So we're talking about the second hole. Who Do you think might say drive at the furthest on whole to? Gosh I think I'd give the edge to Matt Wolf again. Matt Wilkins Swing up with one hundred thirty miles. An hour and you know Lori is around one. Twenty two to one twenty four. Dj's about the same. Although he hasn't been this year so I give. I mean I think surprise some people you know. These things are notoriously hard to handicap because one match plays game players of this skill. It's almost a toying a coin toss but then players show up in these matches with varying degrees of sort of Intensity you don't know who's practice you don't know who hasn't so I I think more than anything this is GonNa be like the The All Star game you know guys are going to be showing off and it's it's really the purpose that yeah sure they're competing to win. There's pride at stake really. It's just a raise some entertaining people raise money for an incredible cause. He of course. That's well and good but to be a close match or do you see this as a blow out one way or the other I I personally I think seventeen eighteen years of trying to guess the winner of tour events. I might have gotten to right. Nice you're getting. The wrong tree is what he's saying right. And nobody's record is any better right. Everybody's terrible but this one can only go one of two ways so I would definitely give the edge to rory DJ You know they're they're you know number one players in the world. They both wanted to trophy. They both had at nine mile to get the edge there They got the edge and driving and they got the edge approach shots and I think that'd be different. This is exciting. That's his bottom line and DJ looking on the degenerate lane. Give it to you. Bet on Roy. Dj Go closest to the microphone. Congress I'll rory closest depend on five. Thank you sir. All right envelopes all down and I love how you said. Matthew Has Wolf Scott the strangest swing of Professional Golfer. That that that allowed you the the Barclay Room that you need to have in terms of a swing brandon. Yeah well that's we're talking. Professor Berkley owns that real estate. It is for the weirdest golf swing maybe in the history of the game but in professional golf. And there's been some weird ones. Jim Buric Trevino brewer. But Matt Wolf See. Maybe you've already seen it rich. I'm sure you have but you know. It's it's unbelievably unique. Well I can't wait to see. Oh this weekend on golf channel. Nbc NBC S. N. Balls in the AIR TO EASTERN TIME RONALD. Thanks common on the show. We'll get you back on. Maybe next week to preview the Tiger Phil Brady Payton Manning Extravaganza to take care. Thanks for me on the show got enjoy the weekend actually fell you gotta go actual event actual van by the way I understand. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE HUMBLE. But the name of the show is the name of the show for reason. And how about me talking? Course design work with Brandel Chamblee. I mean how me don't talk. A little tilling asked. We can do that and now working to get Matt Wing Right now. I'm watching Matt Wolf's Golf Club Right now. It is unconventional. I as you know as you know is a national football league employee I I. I have nothing but scorn for your gambling habits. Score nothing but absolute total derision. The Guy with the weekly poker game. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me. That's a totally different ball of wax. What you're doing all right. I'M GONNA friendly game of course but what you're doing. What you just did is a total degenerate. That said I prefer to say. If you choose wolf you'll be the only one you just got yourself some inside information there buddy boy perks of the job. WanNa Thank Bar. Bajour BE AMILA watched the Beverly Hills dog show presented by Purina on NBC at eight eastern time. WanNa thank brand. Chablis can watch again. This remarkable skins event at two eastern time on Sunday afternoon on NBC NBC N. As well as golf channel the Shawn McCoy bubba Wallace. It's GONNA BE FASCINATING WATCHING ACTUAL NASCAR RACE. And we wish him the best of luck and all of the drivers to be healthy and the best of luck. They're great chatting with David Spade Next week's guests already in the shoot scheduled to appear on the rich. Eisen show next week. The actor Luke Wilson will be on Monday show the hilarious will forte frank. Grillo is apparently appearing on billion soon. Uh Sweet Yup. The Watt brothers. Jj TJ and Derek. Together Rob Riggle speaking of someone from Your House. Hold Near and dear to you Colts head coach Frank Reich and the host of America's got talent on NBC Terry crews. That's next week and we're going to add more and more people enjoy the weekend. Everybody actual sports this coming weekend and best of luck to you. Krista that on Dr and we'll chat with next week podcast one presents. This is a collect call from sing-sing sing my name. Is John Wayne Linen? I'm locked up for selling drugs and committing murder. Also toughing beater freshwater magazine project. So I'm a writer and prisoner. Imagine trying to stay focused and talk about issues of substance skied slamming screeners screaming blaring background. Get new episodes every Wednesday on spotify. Podcast one and apple podcasts.

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