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The following is a production of the motoracing network. The Voice of NASCAR clean. He'd already per thousand position gotta be there in Canada Day and try to be counted. The motor racing network presents. That's car law. Danny have one is on the prowl. And it's over quickly. I racing invitatinal. So there's the rig got it done. Today was great. Nascar live is brought to you by Xfinity Internet. That's more than just fast. Xfinity PROUD PARTNER OF NASCAR by wheeling on the road in the air and around the world. We Lynn trusted to be seen trusted to be heard and trusted to perform by Hercules tires. Right on our strain and by blue EMU blue E. News family of products support healthy muscles and joints is family owned and made here in America. It works fast. And you won't stink from the motor Racing Network Studios in Concord North Carolina. Here's your host Mike Bagley. Hello everybody welcome to another edition of NASCAR. Live here on the motor racing network Mike Bagley and the skeleton crew here with you as we work our way through this corona virus challenge out there were practising social distancing and. We're so glad you're here with us for this week's NASCAR live in case you missed it over the weekend. There was a virtual race through. I Racing Fox. Sports one had the call. It was the inaugural Pro Invitational Series Denny. Hamlin picked up the checkered flag in a in a door banging finish with Dale earnhardt. Jr. You may have watched it on F s one denny. Hamlin is going to call into the show and chat about that and a whole lot more today. Also coming up a piece of the Mr out loud podcast with woody Cain to catch up with NBC's Parker Clergyman about virtual racing and a lot more. We also have an extended conversation with Kurt Busch. We've got another forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson. And we'll look back on this week in NASCAR history but first to get started nascar today. Middays COW Ricky joins us with what's trending in the world of Nascar Kyle while the racing action has been put on pause the NASCAR over the next few weeks social media buzz surrounding the sport has not in collaboration with Fox. Sports and racing NASCAR staged a virtual online race Sunday. That saw the majority of the Cup series field competed on F S One Denny. Hamlin won the inaugural pro invitationals series race that the virtual homestead Miami speedway beating Dale earnhardt junior to the line on the final lap. Here's how Hamlin reacted post-race on his twitter. That's what it's all about being dealt junior there at the end. We got a ton of experience racing together. We've been doing it for at least fifteen years. Now that we've been doing this but We neither one of us have done. I racing in years and so for us to come back and had the success that we had was really cool. Thank racing thanks Fox. Thanks Fedex for everyone that helps support this and Toyota's well for streaming at. That was exciting few laps. I was yelling and screaming as you probably heard overall really fun event and can't wait to do it again. Hamlin's twitter handle is at Denny Hamlin. If you want see the video Hamlin posted. He and his daughter Taylor were reacting throughout the race with various videos and it was really fun to watch. Hamlin will call in to chat with Mike. Bagley about the big win coming up. Shortly here on this program practice allows you also competed in the event and even hosted a virtual media bullpen following the race on his instagram account. Well that was an interesting NASCAR pro invitational race I A lot of fun lot congrats denny. Any Ham great race for him drove to the Front won. It was pretty cool new tires. I tried to pit for new tyres me on the same strategy and got ranch but that's part of it. Hope you enjoy. We're glad to have a little bit of racing action in the middle of the OSCE. Everything that's going on Wish was on a real race track. I know is you guys do too but This will have to do and we're thinking about all those who are affected and want to be respectful to them so thanks for watching appreciate the series will compete again this weekend at Texas well the virtual Texas be sure to follow all of the appropriate channels to stay up to date with everything. I racing during this downtime. Brad's teammate. Joey Logano has a new blog that he started during the break in the racing. Action if you don't know what a blog is it's a video blog. Lugano has posted three already on his twitter account including the latest with he and his wife. Brittany as they are getting ready for the birth of their second child. Guys Joey. Here's my lovely wife Brittany. Let me tell you something guys. My wife is eight months pregnant almost nine and one thing that is very real nesting that they real thing. I learned that today all quarantine. There's nothing else really do. I forgot about this after your first worries jurors in the honeydew list is now. The honey did list. I'm happy about that to follow along. With all of La Ghana's adventures be sure to follow him on twitter at Joe Lugano and finally speaking of Babies Dale Earnhardt Jr. White Amy Earnhardt or expecting their second child as amy posted a video to her social channels revealing the news with daughter. Isla amazing sister. What have you noticed the girl? He's a sister. Even that sound. Courtesy of Amy's twitter account at Amy Earnhardt. And of course you heard at the end. They're saying she's going to be a sister. Well done there are just some of the items trending in NASCAR nation for more news visit M. R. N. Dot Com. Thank you kyle coming up on NASCAR alive denny. Hamlin joins US fresh off his pro invitational. I racing series win at the virtual homestead Miami speedway and later. We'll hear from chip Ganassi. 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Homestead Miami speedway winner Denny. Hamlin joins US next. I THIS IS NASCAR. Live on the motor racing network. The Voice of Nascar folks. Mike Bagley here at Marin. We rely on equipment from racing. Electronics voicing electronics scanners in headphones week. Elizabeth every incentive conversation between driving crew attain when we need audio in park cameras and up to the second statistics use their latest hand held unit. Paul Legend to learn more about these products and many others visit racing electronics dot com racing electronics. The official two-way communication partner of them are end checkout M. R. N. DOT COM for podcast series. Called the tough trucks of NASCAR. Twenty five years and still trucking. We'll take you back to some great races. Can I come crashing into back? By some wild moments spread gone gets turned around and slams heart into the inside retaining wall and the stories that go with them. We lost the championship. But there's a lot of ugly things that went on behind the scenes and a lot of friendships actually to this day. Download the shows for free on I tunes in Marin Dot Com. This is Nascar live now back to Mike Bagley. We welcome you back and ask our live if you were tuned into F s one over the weekend or on social media salt were there is a virtual dixie vodka one fifty run at the virtual homestead Miami speedway. The gentleman that went to virtual gatorade victory lane was Denny Hamlin and joins us now on the show. Danny welcome back to NASCAR live. Congratulations on that big win on Sunday. Appreciate it Yeah it was a bigger than I thought. Evidently so it It definitely got a lot of attention and You know I know that we all prepared quite a bit for we spent at least a week or so Running a lot of practice lasts a lot of Mock races and whatnot to try to make sure we put on a good show and the best we could. How did that come together? Did you get a call? Did you get a text? Did you start this? How how did all this begin? I don't remember exactly but I I know it didn't really come. You know the driver's willingly got on irises and started running Some some races and at night and or hosting some races You know you saw a lot of tweets over the last couple of weeks or so people saying hey in gritting on racing her system racing whatnot so during that. I think I racing reached out to you guys next thing though I guess. More traction And it really happened late in the game when I say late. It's like you know just six or five or six days ago it was. It was like okay. We're going to do this. It's going to be on TV You know here's the setup Let's see what kind of participation we get and you know with over twenty five guys. Lock it in. I guess twenty nine that the race full-time. That's that's a huge number. And by the way no one not everyone had a rig and was ready to go like somebody had a bar rigs so if you bought one last minute so you know. I think that the product really could get better and better as guys get more experience. How often are you able to erase under normal conditions? Let's say that the issues that we're not that we're dealing with now are not in place. Do you have the time to sit down? And maybe do a little bench racing with your guys. They're ally racing otherwise. Yeah I've got time it just kinda depends on you. Know my kids schedule and things like that but Yeah I mean you know things have been shut down for the most part right. I mean everything is is Kinda done. the The Internet you know. There's no appearances to go to. There's no meet and greets no signings and things like that. So things have changed and so I looked at my schedule. And there's just there's not anything really on it for a while and so I can spend as much or as little time. I want preparing And I chose this week. That's been some more time Getting Ready for it and it paid off and Denny. He Hamlin the spending time with us here on Nascar live to talk about it denny for the race fan. That has no idea when I racing is what it does how it works first of all. How close to Real Life? Is this when you race at homestead on I racing and you took it off into the corners. Did you feel the bumps? How much is this as close to real life as possible? It's really close. I mean it is closer than what did he looks like and they look very close. So I you know. I try to compare it to other sports in in. You can't like it's not even close. How much better? It is to being real than other sports. Nba Player can't go to go play NBA Two K. And it looked the same or even feel the thing. You don't need the same skill sets and this it requires you to have the same skill. Set that it does for you to be good in real life though that. That's where I think that you know it's really intriguing. How it all plays out and the competition side of things. I would say that that the race on Sunday and whatever potential races that are out there to come. I imagine that that's great for the platform you know. They say that in moments of challenge are born new frontiers or new things. I would say that probably in this case a spotlight is shining on. It's been there for a long time but I would say that out of this situation probably going to get a little more attention and is good for that medium. Would you agree with that? Yeah definitely yeah. I mean it I think it's good for everyone in bald right now. I think it There's a lot of people talking That You looked at. Kinda on twitter. I go through like the verified you know mentions and whatnot and you look at. I look at media outlets. That are talking about this that that never talked about NASCAR so I think there's definitely a lot of positives to be drawn About this and especially like I say it's the only thing that Kinda is is remotely relevant to realize in case you missed it. The dixie vodka one fifty one by denny. You had Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishing in Second Timmy. Hill Chase Briscoe Garrett Smith Louis the top five on a more of a serious note how are how are you and the family Holding up what are you doing to pass away the time Mama Lou and her crew. Okay everybody making our yeah. Yeah it's you know. We're we're protecting data a little bit You know trying to keep him home. Keep them from trying to go to the car shop and work on cars all the time but Other than that you know K Kids are good You know really. It hasn't changed a whole lot around here. Taylor gets a little crazy. Every now and then but We find creative ways of keeping her occupied and there's plenty of stuff to do around here so she's got really got no excuses not when it comes to that so. I think it's it's you know it's actually gives us time to like. There's no excuses right like whatever you WanNa get done personally or you have a goal you. WanNa get to like. Now's the time to do it like you there. There's just no other better time than right now to accomplish whatever you've Put off in the past. It's GonNa say are you one. That bores easily. Like you have to be doing something to you. Do you appreciate the downtime. You appreciate being able to do some different things obviously than you would otherwise. We were racing every single weekend. I do get bored easily. I mean you know this morning. I wrote on the calendar in things. I WanNa get done this week. I want to go through my closet. I WanNa go through all the Nike Boxes. That are in the garage. You know. Just trying to get stuff done that You know because I know one for a racist season starts. It is going to be wide open. So I think that We really need to need to try to get stuff done around. Here that I've been putting off before we let you go anything you want to say to your fans out there we got a lot of eleven. Fedex Denny Hamlin fans that listen to the show any any words of encouragement or advice to those folks before we turn you loose. Well it It's it's good to talk to you again. Obviously and Especially under these circumstances. Well maybe maybe not the circumstances being that you know we. Have you know kind of a negative thing going on in the world right now but we also have a positive that this sport has found a a light to Kinda give everyone so It's it's really cool to kind of be a part of this thing and it looks like we're going to be doing it again. Next week in a sexist. Well I would be remiss if I did not if I did not turn loose the fact that you've pledged one hundred dollars for every lap you lead yesterday and five thousand dollars if you won that all goes to benefit the families affected by the cove nineteen virus in the homestead Miami area. I saw your tweet earlier. You tagged a lot of folks on that you know what we had fun during that race but also there are a lot of people that need help and we appreciate you and the rest of your colleagues for stepping up and and trying to fill that gap of need. That seems to be ramping up across the country. I appreciate it. Thank you thank you. Dan Appreciate it. We'll talk to you. Never know you go back to back there when you take them on Texas a lot of work I can guarantee that I'm not going to be with just show up and Be Be competitive. I mean I I'm thinking that I'm probably GonNa go to start working on Texas here probably on Wednesday or so and she can't do it again. Well we've we appreciate your time all the best. Thanks for you and your colleagues helping us get through this difficult time with that with that very entertaining distraction at the virtual homestead Miami speedway. We'll talk to you. Thanks again thank you that's Denny Hamlin. He won the virtual. Dixie vodka one fifty at homestead Miami speedway denny along with the rest of the NASCAR world coming together to help out and give us some entertainment and get us through this crisis together. More coming up here on NASCAR live five decades. The motor racing network has been the voice of Nasscom. And now it's time to tell our story. They are incurring to in front of my joy with help from some of the sports ICONIC VOICES. Oh crap and I spin around here comes jerk petty. I'm Fred Armstrong. Join me for our newest podcast series M. R. N. presents fifty years the voice of Nascar available for download on Amazon Dot Com. And wherever you listen to your favorite podcast. Wheelin designs and manufacturers reliable and powerful warning lights white illumination lighting sirens controllers and high powered systems for automotive aviation and mass notification industries worldwide. Every part of every willin product is proudly designed and manufactured in America and is tested on site to meet the toughest industry certifications on the road in the air and around the world. Wieland is trusted to be team. Trusted to be heard trusted to perform with the Twenty Twenty Cup series season suspended xfinity to look back at the xfinity fastest lap from the pennzoil. Four hundred at Las Vegas. It was turned in by Joey. Logano on lap. Ninety one the speed one hundred seventy eight point zero one two miles per hour. The xfinity fastest lap is brought to you by Xfinity. That wasn't just fast. That was xfinity fast coming up what he came chat with. Nbc's Parker Clergyman. I THIS IS NASCAR. Live on the motor racing network. The Voice of Nascar guys escorted the joy. Join me and my two friends. Learn Fox Daraghmeh Sunday money every week as we talk a little nascar racing a little nonsense mostly bicker with each other super bowl and neither along. Okay sometimes yeah. I'd say it's fifty fifty. I think the hairsprayed is Sikhs cranium into brain. He throws off his regretting being here. No topic is off. Limits succumb join our conversation every week on Sunday. Money right here on the motor racing network. Wherever you find your podcast is the rip defense podcast. Three and four Chris Cornell a winner at El Dora. It's good to see that congrats. That's probably the most exciting when I've ever had in my career with Dylan Welsh and Tyler Burnett Collison is a Chili Bowl midget nationals champion. From those words. Coming out of my mouth. How does that make you feel when it comes out of your mouth was really good? Because you're the biggest. Christopher Ville Lover in the media center every week bailable download wherever you listen to podcasts and on RIP Defense Dot Com. This is Nascar live now back to Mike Bagley. Thank you so much for taking time out of your week to join us here. On Nascar live moments ago we heard from Denny Hamlin talking about virtual racing. I racing the popularity at scene because of the break in real life. Racing or virtual racing isn't new in fact a professional series called the Coca Cola. I racing series has been in existence for quite some time. Parker Clermont is a team owner in that series he owns Burton Clinic. Herman e sports that's Jeff Burton of Burton Clergyman E. Sports this past week Parker joined Woody Kane on M. R. N. Out Loud and talked about that and more and thirty eight t the same time. I started racing. Go karts back in two thousand ten. So I've been a part of it my whole life You know it's really been the thing that I felt like allows me to get to the level. I got to with very little real racing experience. you know. I sat on the pole for my first start. Two thousand nine. I had like probably fifty racism. My whole career And but I'd raised thousands and thousands hours online sim racing. So I've always been a big believer in it and You know that's why I have the team of Jefferson. Because you know it's a way for me to give back to something. I love and believe in Hopefully you know in this time. Those time more people pay attention to it and they they like it and they continue watching and seeing what we're doing there and my goal is my dream. Is that whether you're sixteen years old or six years old. You can be watching that. Ns Car race and think you know what? If I start today I could maybe get there and for a small nominal fee. And if you're good enough maybe in a year and a half you could also be racing with the top of the world. That's an important point because it's not like you have to. Actually be racing fans can just click in and watch right. How do they do that? Yeah so it broadcast across the Internet for free so it's on twitch and then it's also on ESPN DOT COM on facebook. Live and it's on Youtube live so it's when it's broadcasted on Tuesday nights at nine o'clock it's on all those different platforms at the same time. So it's it's the it's pretty and then later this year The the last six races season will be on. Nbc as well so you if you've already watched NASCAR AND ESPN you've got channel and Just stay tuned for the announces when those will be the last six. Now let's dig a little deeper my understanding of the NASCAR. Coca-cola racing series. You guys are racing live race as every other Tuesday. You and Jeff. Burton have a two car driver team. But you're going out and getting sponsors and you mentioned the money involved. It's it's huge. But this this this thing is really just imploded or imploded exploded this year and gotten huge. Has It really? Has We brought in teams in the first time last year Which is a big thing. I wanted to happen for the last couple of years because I felt like you know this series have been around for. It's now the eleventh year and I watched it a lot and I'd actually sponsored drivers in it and I paid attention to it but I felt like it wasn't getting the attention. It really deserves And I I felt like all right. What's the to help it? Well let's bring in team owners people NASCAR world that could help you know. Spread the message and so that's why teams are brought in. That's what our goal is and our job. Our job is to help. Spread the message of this and that it exists us are falling to get more people to pay attention to it. And then it's the same thing bringing valvoline in who became our sponsor. Both cars this year. Was You know they? They help us amplify that message. And you know they wanted to kind of dip. They're telling the East sports and see what it was all about. This is an easy consumer way for them to do it because they know voters sports. It's a little different than going to do in a shooting game so A little safer. I guess some respect for their brand so overall it's just worked well and and they've been incredible Parker. They've really loved it. And as you mentioned we've been off to a great start Aspirin crowder you. Driving Seventy seven one. The second race of the season he was tied for the points lead going into last night. He's not second in points and Loki. Clinton finished second both our drivers. I think we're tied to the team chip chip right now. So we're we're off to a great start two races then. Hopefully I can keep it up all year. Yeah it's going to be a really cool. Deal to watch and participate in. Oh give us something to divert our attention from all the serious news going on right now. Let's talk a little bit of a personal stuff you're also a pit reporter and analyst for NBC. Obviously it's a Fox time right now and you guys would take over the second half of the season but just for you personally. How things changed for you over the last week or so. It's different in different communities all across the country. What's it like for you right now You know it's I don't think any Any differently what else you know. It's almost like a sudden stop right. You're doing everything one day. You're you're in the GROOVES. You know you're just going through the motions and then the next day everything comes to a stop So it's it's definitely been out. I've I've I've practiced South Korean teams the last week or so we can have so. I very rarely left my My apartment building. And you know I think that all of us trying to be smart about this and trying to help this. Go Away as quick as possible that you know the best thing we can do is stay home and and you know not be out and about so. I've tried I. I will say you know sports become a hot topic so my days have suddenly become incredibly filled with these Very busy but you know unless on the TV sides but you know once we get through this. I'm sure You know all that honesty picked back up and probably be crazy whenever because you know missing time that we would be racing enduring things so You know I think it's been an honor Justin but you know. I'm very fortunate position I am. I know so many are going to be going through second time through all this and and I can't help but keep thinking about all of them and hope that we're just providing bit of entertainment to take your mind off that I just I look forward to meeting all come out again and get past the situation and experienced that because maybe we'll learn something new. Maybe something will come from it. That is a positive that we can say. Wow you know this works that way better than we thought that was. Nbc's Parker Ligament are Woody Kane as heard on the out loud podcast by the way you can find that weekly at dot com or wherever you. Listen to your favorite podcast. This portion of NASCAR live is brought to you by blue EMU. Maximum pain relief. The official pain relief cream of the motor racing network coming up. We've got Kurt Busch. He'll call into chat about everything that's happening in his world and later another forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson. Sir where you go at forty miles an hour. This is a residential area. Sure but I'm on my lawnmower. Wait am I getting ticket? No I've just never seen anyone top nine miles an hour one of those bad boys and mother attire lawn in thirty seconds into you. Well it did fuel up. Its Noko this morning at two not know how to deal peak performance even doing it for American racing for over fifty years fuel. Your best. The nineteen Ninety-three Cup series season had more than its fair share of twists and turns checkered flags wave and a look in my mirror and here of earn. How right on my tail? And he goes down low the past me and I said Oh. No you don't swallow spent on extols hear stories that you've never heard before in the ten part series called the nineteen ninety-three season and Davey was behind me and we came off corner. And there's a gas stan middle race car. You can download it for free on. I tunes ended Emma Dot Com. Right now coming up and extended conversation with Cup series driver. Kurt Busch this is Nascar. Live on the motor racing network. The Voice of Nas car now or Easy top Denmark before you dive into the race weekend. Get up to speed with M. R. N. out loud would make an extraordinary team. I'm woody came inviting you to join me every Thursday as we talked the NASCAR drivers and crew chiefs about the coming weekend's race so there's a lot that we've been working on and let you know when and where to hear 'em Arendt's coverage from the track one of the older rate services we go to Europe for the race when you catch 'em out loud streaming every Thursday M. R. dot com or wherever great. Podcasts are found. Here's a special message for those of You. Who Owe the IRS at least ten thousand or more in back taxes the IRS has special programs in place that could eliminate or reduce your tax debt by thousands of dollars the IRS is currently accepting reduced settlements and other favorable programs? You may qualify for substantial savings so get the help you need. Take down the number now for the federal tax management hotline. Eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six eight hundred two four to seventeen zero six. This is Nascar live now back to Mike Bagley. We welcome you back and ask our live. We're so glad you're with us here on the motor racing network and we're so glad that our next guest is with us as well. We're talking about chip Ganassi racing driver. Kurt Busch who's in the House Kurt. Welcome back to Nascar live how we doing. Hey guys I'm doing good not quite in the house. I'm at my house. You know I'm with you guys and we're glad that you are tell you what we are in. Devon and some uncertain times right. Now it's like we don't know how to act we can't get to the race track and everything is in a state of flux all across the country what about what about with you and the and the family how you guys make an ad during the during the situation here. Yeah we are definitely. It's among uncharted waters. And the territory for everybody is new and for my family With Ashley Myself Down. In in south Florida My brother is up in North Carolina. My parents are in North Carolina about half hour from where he is My employees that Kurt Busch incorporate or all hunkered down. And we're all just trying to respect the process. I think that's the easiest way to approach all this. It is and it seems like that. The process changes by the day. We'll get into more of that in a moment. I'm curious though. There are those of us that went to Atlanta Motor speedway Couple of weekends ago there and seems like things were changing on the fly there as well. How did you get the message that we were not going to be racing at Atlanta? And where were you when you got that message So after the Phoenix Race I stayed in Phoenix for some spring training baseball. Who would have known that was going to be the last time we'd see baseball for a while racing for that matter and so I flew into Atlanta and when I drove to the track on Thursday night. It was an eerie feeling. Like wait a minute where are fans whereas all the motorhomes whereas all the energy it everything's felt deflated? And then I had mentally focused on okay. They're going forward with practices and race. I've got to give my best. I have to be the leader of the number one monster Energy Chevy team for Gassy. And that's again the next morning things just didn't feel right and I got the call from a Pr Guy Literally about an hour before we were gonNA prep for practice. Everything had been postponed and I think that was the right decision From there I just drove from the racetrack in Atlanta. Down South Florida. I just said Heck with it. I need some time to think and compress and you know when I got home. I was just trying to prep my wife and family members for everybody to go. Hey this is gonna be a while. That was going to be a weird weekend and I think you said it right. It's like you know when we go to the racetrack. We're so accustomed to seeing race fans and we were prepared to go without them. But that was the weird thing. And I I know how we as broadcasters taking a race you get the fans there. They add an element of excitement but one about being one of the competitors. What was what did that feel like knowing that you are about to perform in front of an empty house. Our fans are the sole of NASCAR They're they're the ones that that give us that energy to go perform and to put it on the high side sideways burning up right rear tire owned for the wind and the loyalty that they've always shown us with buying our sponsors products and being there for autographs in the garage area. You know driver Intros It's part of the whole atmosphere. And that's that's where it just didn't feel right and I'm like you know. We don't need to be racing unless we have our fans in the stands that that's my first impression with it all Then we've got to figure out what to do now as we move forward with TV and everything else. That's part and radio. That's that's part of our whole production and I know that we don't know what's next. We are on the preliminary plan of trying to return to racing at Martinsville and that leaves a lot of racing to be made up. I'm just curious. We're just spitballing. Here what would you like to see? Let's say we go back at Martinsville. We start racing again at Martinsville speedway. But we've got these seven races that need to be made up if NASCAR came to you and ask you for your your council and your advice. What would you be open to? As far as trying to make up those races Everything is is so difficult to predict and to understand and again it gets back to respecting the process. I really don't know what what to expect. Or how things will progress from where we stand today I if I just had one quick thought it would be any track with with lights. We can run during the weekday and we tried to like Steve Phelps. The president of NASCAR said the other day Keep our playoff intact and run those ten weeks out In a normal sequence. But we're still very very early and all the processes of of how we can make decisions and so all of it's speculation right now. You're exactly right and I know that there's a Lotta race bands that are anxious to get back to the race track and we're going to have to go through this process that we don't know how long that process is going to be. We were talking with some fans the other day. And you know everybody's got suggestions and all that you just mentioned midweek racing. This is something that we obviously haven't done in the Cup series. We've done it in in trucks and and all that with racing in eldora. What do you think about? Perhaps maybe whenever we get back to racing that that all things are on the table. We've been TOLD THAT BY STEVE PHELPS. This could potentially be an opportunity to maybe look at doing some things differently going forward out of necessity obviously in this case but there may be the next great thing there for this sport that will discover in a time of challenge. Like we're going through right now. Yeah I think everything is is going to be on the table and everybody needs to smile and take a deep breath and know that and we're GONNA have to adjust on the fly and no matter what it is and you know. I just read today. The twenty four hours and Lama. That's supposed to race in June has been now. Move to September bats That's a huge race around the world. I think there's GonNa be a lot of dominoes. That will fall around. This is just me now. This is Smith speculating. I'm not I don't need to be quoted or tossed around and this is what each side but Indianapolis. And what the Indy. Five hundred is going to do. Roger Penske and his group. They have a big decision to make. Because I see them as is the biggest kingpin of all motor sport. And so we'll see how things progress but everything has to be adjusted here and there and some of twenty twenty if finishes by November might have to go into twenty twenty one but we've all talked about weekday races shorter races. Maybe even doubling up. You know like poconos doing this year. Twenty twenty now probably going to be a hybrid of using some of these races and these scenarios to see what works best for twenty twenty one in the future. I agree right and we will reaffirm to the listeners. That this is just spitballing. Some thoughts that we're throwing out. Nothing is official. Of course we got word from Steve Phelps. The other day what the intent of what the goal is. But we're all in just that wait and see situation more coming up with Kurt Busch here on Nascar life pay raise bands. Do you WANNA drive. Like a NASCAR champion now. Is your chance. Enter to win a brand new one of a kind twenty twenty Toyota Camry. Tr D. At Nascar Foundation dot org slash car giveaway and help kids in our local racing communities this championship edition. Camry celebrates the winning manufacturers Nascar Cup series title. 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There you can find the nearest authorized Hercules retail location to you plus. You can use the tire tracker to find out which Hercules tire fits your vehicle the best. That's Hercules tire DOT COM Hercules tires. Ride on our strength that's car local regional and international racing grassroots racing from the short tracks of America to the road courses of durum in Mexico. I'm Kyle Ricky join. Had A new house in me for Nascar Coast to coast presented by Wheelin and Hercules Tires. Each week on the motor racing network. We'll talk with the race winners. Newsmakers and grassroots racing personalities Nascar Coast to coast on the motor racing network. This is Nascar Live Greg. Beffa coming off turn four download the start finish line. He's been the strongest man all day. He'll win the season ending. Ford four hundred and V is Kurt. Busch and he is Nascar Nextel Cup series champion now back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded on November. Twenty first two thousand four at Homestead. Miami speedway the season ending Nascar Nextel Cup series race. You heard it right there. Yours truly joe more with the call of Greg. Ripple taking the checkered flag and Kurt Busch taking the championship. We welcome you back. The Nascar live over the weekend. We aired that race on M. R. N. DOT COM and brought back a lot of memories. What you remember about that day. Wow Wow I mean that afternoon. Had everything eighth through Z squared thrown at the the number ninety seventeen What an amazing day To finish a season such as two thousand. Four is the champion I I never would have thought and to to have been able to win at all and the debris humbled by the sport. It all happened right when I was lifting up that trophy at the end. And you have all these flash memories of past champions and for me also the people that helped me get to that point and my family the team all other teams that I raised for and gave me a chance to work my way up to the top. All those people We're we're flashing through my mind. I wished all of them could have been there that day. Though wow what a set of emotions would have set of obstacles. And what a unique challenge and what an opportunity that Rouse racing myself. Jimmy thinning. We're all able to to work together and to piece it together and bring home a championship. I mean I don't even know where to start with all the emotions that went through for that day when I when I look back and I reflect back on that day. Of course. One of the biggest events of the race itself was when you lost the tire coming to pit road. Heggie lost that tire one second later you probably would have been in the wall. It happened at just the right time. It put ship behind a little bit but I saw a team that day that dug deep I saw a driver that dug deep crew chief crew members. Everybody dug deep. And you're able to come back from that that to me defined that race for you and ultimately put an exclamation point on that championship. Just just how things went but how you guys were able to come back from that adversity. Keep your heads on straight and then focus enough. Bring it back to the checkered flag and win the championship. Do you agree with that assessment? About how you guys doug and focused and we're able to to keep your eye on the ball that day. It's it's amazing what that spirit of competition and and the amount of adrenaline that everybody had but also to look at each other and to hear it over the radio and the go. You know what we're in championship position. We're not going to let this moment. Derail the effort or break down and I mean that that wheel coming apart listening I felt like I I'm driving. The car is within the first fifty laps of the race we hadn't even pitted yet so it wasn't a loose wheel from a pit. Stop It. It was the wheel that we started the race with. And I'm sitting there in my mind like lap thirty of the race running second to bill. I had this vibration. I'm like what the heck's going on and then the other voice in my head goes oh man. You're folding under pressure. Bro. You're you're talking yourself right out of this aren't you? And then my other voice goes no no no think this through what what's going down. I mean this is the wheel. You started the race with. It's not a pitstop. Did a wheel weight come off. What's this vibration? I don't know what's going on over here with with the other side of my brain. I don't know well we should probably just hit. And that way we still got time in the race to make it back up and for that outer rim to break apart from the center section of the wheel right where did the outer rim and the tire went out onto the track to create the yellow for me to barely miss the end of pit wall like literally I thought I was wrecked. The wheel broke. I'm looking straight at the end of pit wall. And I had that tingling feeling in my nose that was about to wreck like those are those moments when everything goes into super slow mo and direct and something lifted the my left foot off the brake pedal similar to when people are in snow. And you're driving and you're on the brakes and everything's just sliding forward just list off the pedal and a car turn just enough left to miss the end of pit wall somehow. I wasn't speeding but that that penalty wouldn't have mattered but the yellow created by the tire out on the track. I came to the end of pit road where we were in pits. All number one. I got my right sides changed and we were so freaking out. It was chaos and I don't even know how we got out of there with with that situation under control. That's how the day started for us in our first fifty laps. All right so we talked about the loose wheel but what was the second turning point in the race for you for me. I thought it was at the end of the race. There's all this of should we pitch. Should we not hit and the light bulb went off above my head and it said if Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon. Both pit here. I need to do what they do. Because the crew chief Jimmy saying if you put now we're can't make it on fuel where where the front runner right. Now they're going to gamble the leap ahead of us. We have two pit with them and jennings like no. I don't think we can make it. We we shouldn't we should and those guys peeled off. I peeled off pit with them and the team like absorbed that I felt that moment of if the driver said it we gotta roll with them and I'm glad they thought that because in the car I had that second voice going again like hey buddy. I don't know if that was right decision. No no we gotta race points right now. We gotta race. These guys were points and what an amazing race. What an amazing field because at the end of the day a teammate Greg. Beautiful held off Jimmie Johnson from being able to lead a lap that day because those bonus points would put us almost neck and neck for the championship title. But just to just to rewind just fuzz. When we put it together none of us could make it on fuel and we all came back out running around thirty fifth place together and so. I just followed them wherever they. I gotTA keep them insight. I don't even know what position I'm running in. I'm just GonNa follow him and we passed cars past cars. Pass this got past that guy. I don't even know if we had another yellow or not. I can't even remember. And and at the end Jimmy Johnson was running second trying to pass before. I could see it all up in front of me. I'm like if everybody just stays right here. We've got this and also what I remember the of the last few laps. I don't remember looking out the windshield. I remember looking in the mirror trying to block and keep those guys behind me so that I could finish this and that would have been enough to win championship at that point. Two thousand four and we pulled it off all kinds of teamwork in all directions before one's race we finish this and win the two thousand and four championship and what an amazing feeling for everybody on the rouse racing team. Hey we appreciate you spending time with us here on NASCAR live. I know that it's a very difficult time in the country and you made some time to be with us you and the Mississippi Safe in south Florida and we will catch up with you soon. My friend likewise guys be safe Be Sound and just smile. We're GONNA be okay. That's Kurt Busch. More coming up on NASCAR LIVE does view. Today's topic game changers makes me think of Progressives homequote explorer finally simple efficient way to quote home insurance. Let's go to Collin. Who will now try to say something first of all? 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So they can just be a kid and support victory junction. Which is the dream of late. Race driver Adam. Petty who wanted to build a camp children concentrate on fun and laughter not build this disability at victory junction. Kids enjoy zip-line horseback riding swimming fishing. All in a medically safe environment all at no cost to the camper. What do you say? Richard Petty Best New this learn more at Victory Junction Dot Org checkout dot com for a podcast series called the tough trucks of NASCAR. Twenty five years and still trucking. We'll take you back to some great races. Can I come crashing back by? Some wild moments gone gets turnaround at slams into the inside retaining wall and the stories. That go with them. We lost the championship but there is a lot of ugly things that went on behind. The scenes ended a lot of friendships actually to this day. Download the shows for free on I tunes and at Emma Dot Com time now for the wheel and pit crew member of the week. Ernie Pierces the Jackman for the number twenty. Joe Gibbs racing Toyota driven by Eric Jones. Pierce got the job. After taking a tour of the ratio I showed up and at the end of the tour. I was just part showed up every single day. Eight and at the time they have a pass opens all wait for someone to walk in and just assume the sales of walking right behind him head right to the area. I worked for free throughout the first month and a half. Just got him where I could fit in rain tires. Tires clean starts. Get all the small things and Eventually hasn't Jason Taylor. Who's the Jackman on the Kansas? Driving just took screen. That was probably the biggest four took on the road in the air and around the world we win his trust it to be seen trusted to be heard and trusted to perform now back to your host. Mike Bagley welcome back to Nascar live all this year. We're celebrating the career of seven-time champion Jimmy Johnson. Who will retire at season's end after an amazing NASCAR CAREER? We've produced a series of forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson though speech or defining moments in his career. Here's Kyle Ricky with the latest one of the greatest accomplishments in Jimmy. Johnson's lifetime is becoming a father. That two wonderful girls Johnson sees the value in showing his girls. How fortunate they are growing up with a successful father. A few years ago Johnson took his daughters genevieve and Olivia back to his home town of L. to Home California and gave them a glimpse into what it was like growing up modestly. I think just seeing obviously with today's with my situation today and the way we travel great place we live in Charlotte and just just the means that I have now and lifestyle being able to create. It's so different and as a parent. I know that I want my kids to appreciate what they have and work. Hard for. You know the world they want to create for themselves and my kids are starting to act as a lot better off than I did from that perspective. I grew up in a house full of love and understanding and highly motivated parents. That pushed me to to chase my dreams and I want to give that to my children as well obviously but take him back and show him show him the street. I played on. I even saw some bicycle. Jumps kind of eroded away now on the side of the road. Up in inquest. Where I grew up I just and they're young but I feel like they need to see that in to hear my daughter's Jenner leave comments about the house and how small it was and things like that. So give us. That's why we're here. So certainly from their standpoint it was great show them around but for me it's just such a nice reminder to go back. I do shake my head and find it hard to believe. That's where it came from and that I made it to where I am but more than anything the memories and this is wild how the old memories and stories come up and I just pepper. My wife with these stories have fifteen times now that one twenty times so it. It's just fun to open up those memory banks. I remember being in an experience. Those thanks Kim. Johnston has given back to his former hometown of alcohol in California through his Jimmy. Johnson Foundation help secure grants for his former high school and has also partnered with habitat for humanity to build homes for families that are in most. Need I'm Kyle Ricky. This has been forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson Baker. Kyle if you'd like to hear more forty eight stories with Jimmy Johnson there featured at dot com. You can find them by using the dropdown box on the shows tab the checkered flag waves on another edition of Nascar live shortly but first a NASCAR history lesson with Suzy Armstrong point reinforced nylon harness. Check carbon-fiber head and neck restraint thermoplastic nylon window wedding. Nascar uses innovative technology to protect their drivers. Shouldn't you do the same to protect your Wifi network with xfinity x? Y. Advance security. Your ex by gateway safeguards all devices on your home network so if it's connected it's protected. Wi Fi security check extending official partner of NASCAR VISIT XFINITY DOT COM to learn more for five decades. The motor racing network has been the voice of Nascar. And now it's time to tell our story. They are in turn to in front of Mike Joy with help from some of the sports iconic voices. Oh crap I spin around. Here comes jerk petty. I'm Fred Armstrong. Join me for 'em. Rn's newest podcast series M. R. N. presents fifty years the voice of Nascar available for download on M. R. N. dot com. And wherever you listen to your favorite podcast this is Nascar live now back to Mike. Bagley Patna head of the House for this week's edition of Nascar Allied before we go your Suzy Armstrong with another addition of this week in Nascar history. Thanks Mike this week. We roll back over three decades to nineteen eighty-eight british-born Rick Ashley. Rick rolled the globe with the international smash hit. Never GonNA give you up San Diego quarterback and pro football hall of Famer. Dan fouts hung up the helmet for good and lake. Speed claimed his one and only Nascar Cup series trophy leading one hundred. Seventy eight laps in the winds K. Mart Oldsmobile to win the Trans South. Five hundred at Darlington raceway light speed on his way to victory. Calva backstretch Tower Tower. Turn THREE TO FANS ON THEIR FEET. Saluting Lake speed. He can almost walk at home here. It is taken in eight years and one hundred sixty four Winston Cup races lake speed of Jackson. Mississippi turned four. Nine hundred. Ninety six patty loveless feels good at number one with the country hit. You could feel bad. Mel Gibson's braveheart destroys all best picture competition at the sixty eight the category awards while the SAUCY box office bomb showgirls struts away with a record seven Golden Raspberries and Jeff Gordon had the right tricks that the track too tough to tame stretching the fuel to win the trance south four hundred at Darul. Jeff Gordon Rumbling. Down the back straightaway. He comes out of the pocket from behind Mike Wallace swings down to the end side of that lap Gar. Jeff Gordon has headed home a final run-off turnover four if the fuel hold up Jeff Gordon will score his second straight win at Darlington raceway. Here he comes off the corner. He can coast home now and for the eleventh time. It is Nascar Winston Cup series career. Jeff Gordon is a winter two thousand thirteen Luke Bryan belts to the top of the billboard. Two hundred with Spring break here to party Americans soap operas staple the young and the restless hit a maturity milestone celebrating a forty year run on. Cbs AND KYLE. Busch showed off his veteran prowess skating by the entangled. Denny Hamlin and Joey Llegado to win the auto club. Four hundred at Auto Club speedway of southern California Bush has all of the world he wants to make it three Gano. Pamela Push. There's contact there's pushed to the outside to take the top spot Kyle Busch. We'll just power round the outside. Meanwhile Hamlin and Licadho may Khattak Hamlets in defense. Bush is GonNa win the Auto Club speedway in an unbelievable three white passes. Warcraft turned over three and those are just some of the events for this week in Nascar. History thank you susie and thank you to Denny Hamlin for stopping by on this week show also thanked Kurt Busch and Parker for stopping by for the rest of the crew. I might badly thank you for listening. We'll chat with you next week right here. Other another edition of Nascar live until then so long. Everybody Nascar live production of the motor racing network with studios in Concord North Carolina and was brought to you by Hercules Tires Ryan on our strength and by Louis New blue family a product supports healthy muscles and joints is family owned and made here in America. It works fast. And you won't stay. Today's broadcast was produced. By Alexa. Henry Tyler Burnett and rich culprit the executive producer for MRI is Ryan Horn. Remember visit dot com for all the latest news and Information Nascar live is produced under an exclusive license with mask on any use of the accounts or descriptions contained in. This broadcast must be with the express written permission of Nascar and the motor racing network.

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