A Message from Caroline: New Episodes Return 3/29!


Caroline hobby and. I am so excited to say i have new episodes. Starting this monday of my podcast get real with caroline. Hobby these past few weeks. I have taken a much needed break from interviewing sharing stories. Just because sometimes. I don't know if you guys feel this way but you need a moment to regroup and to take him. What's happening in the world and there's been so much going on sometimes i just feel completely overwhelmed and when i get that way i just liked to be quiet and i like to sit back and take in. What's going on around me. Learn better myself. Figure out how i can contribute to the world and most productive way and i feel so excited to be bringing you new stories of incredible women who have overcome so many obstacles who have believed in themselves when odds were stacked against them her using their voice to make people feel better about themselves. They're offering tools to help. People grow these stories from these women coming up starting monday. Our incredible and i am so so so excited for you to hear them and be inspired. Because that's all we all need. We all need to lift it to their up and spire each other especially as women. We are a team. we are a tribe. We're in this together. The pandemic has been so hard. Everything that has been going on in the world has been so difficult to navigate. And we're all gonna rise together and do better that we have to come together. And so i'm just really really excited to share these stories at this incredible women. So tune in monday for all the episodes.

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