Episode 363 - They're Putting Beds In Theaters?


It. Gentlemen, who will come to the rock patters? By black rifle coffee dot com. Good james. Do you real good, man? It's monday. It's Monday morning. We take these these Tuesday night shows usually on a Monday morning, you know, strong weekend mother's day. All putin. You'll look smooth feel smooth. Thank you, look smooth to the top. Thank you stray, razors dot com. But it was mother's day. And we we've been you were working. So I did what I could take the kids for the weekend. And I said, hey, Jabes by love you live your best life. For those of you who are watching the video showed home subscribe on YouTube Roz Patterson revolution. We're building new studio. Yes. That requires jesse's personal Tich, Jerry. You're really great at that stuff. Yeah. Like, your your craftsman? Yeah. I probably have kitchen table. I probably could I probably should. I yeah. So I'm basically the manager contra general contractor. So I'm working with one other guy. He's doing all the build out. And I'm going to do the finishes. I saw a picture of lows dropping off with seems like I don't know enough would. For a habitat for humanity. Type of thing when I was just like we building house. Yeah. Look like, we're building a barn. But. It requires a lot for these. Because a lot of people don't see at home, probably. And then like, dude, how big are these sets how intricate are they this fucking thing is heavy man. Yeah. Probably I would say what probably one hundred eighty pounds. Yeah. Two hundred pounds. So it takes a lot of requires a lot of would. Yeah. And this is like our good hopefully forever studio. So you have to do. Soundproof were not forever Jeeves. Until New York comes brother. Of course. Like sound proofing and actually make it the real deal. A lot of people ask at home. Like what what the plans are overall? Like what's going to happen with the show because everybody three days a week drives into work with this? And everything else. The real honest to God answer is like, you know, hopefully it stern Robinson. Dane, we're able to take this and just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Yeah. We won't know Stearns retiring in a couple of years. So let's get it out of there. Yeah. Let's get it out layer and keep it free and keep it podcast. I'll would that was going to be my next question. Yeah. I'd just like to be Rogan. Really? It'd be great stern Robin have to answer to people. Yeah. They do and Rogan's model is still free to people. You don't have to pay for it. But he's making ninety million a year. Right. But that's his he built that. I've so it's read that would that would be mazing. To make it. So that like we leave the free model and be like, hey, guys, everyone. That's listen to us Goethe, Sirius XM. So which I don't think I mean is serious going to still be a thing. Tough call. I've I've said before privately to people, and I'll tell them I can tell you on air. Like there's been a couple offers for Sirius XM the the pace shit. Yeah. You have to live in New York. And just like, dude good. Luck minds will be a college student on that for me the point of doing this and the point podcast and all of the things that I love about. It are a we don't have to answer to anybody. We say and do what we want therefore you get real nece. And it's free for people know, if we could keep that and build that that would be my dream, it'd be awesome. And hopefully that happens. So we'll see we'll see what happens. But either way we're expanding. Thank you to everybody. Out there who's been listening. The one point six million of you and the studios keep getting bigger and bigger we went from one to another one to higher ends who IRA, you know, the buildings keep getting bigger and all this stuff. So I'm AMT about it. I'm look I'm amped about this this week to Jabes wet who you know. This is a sportsman sportsman at heart, right? Probably played professionally. Maybe triangle, not not. I mean, I consider that a sport. Obviously. It's not right. But the triangle to me is just because of the beauty and the wonderment of the instrument. I could never played professional sports. Therefore, I love professional sports watching them all the time where I'm just like man because you're always hoping to see something that you you you couldn't do in real life. That's why watch. Yeah. So need an explanation 'cause you're you're watching stint. Well, it's the same way with top chef for you. Right. That's true. Do you think you could ever be a Michelin chef for any of those things like in my heart? I do same. So my heart could score ten points. I watched people cook and act- in actuality. I can't score ten points NBA game. So therefore when I watched football, and baseball and basketball and stuff, I think because I played all those sports as a kid, you realize like, hey, there's there's a massive jump between that and being a professional athlete. Like, it's always joke about like Tony Romo right playing golf. He was a great NFL cornerback well decent enough quarterback. Right. And now he's playing he plays like professional golf tournaments where he just kind of sneaks in or they let him in because he's a celebrity, and it's like, you know, people are amps because shoots seventy six and it's like, bro, you'll never be tiger or anywhere near. Professional thing like in his heart. He probably feels. Yes, they all do all of those guys do, and it's like it's like every actor wants to be musician. It's like, oh, man. That's not gonna that's not going to be right? I'm going to be a thing for you. That's kind of the sports world for me. And then it just keeps getting reinforced like last night with that shot Lennon. We're watching Toronto ripped out the hearts of Philadelphia on a shot at the buzzer that bounced around four times, that's amazing. That's something you dream of your entire life in a game seven hitting the game winning shot. It's never happened before in the NBA at the buzzer. So when it went down, you're like, man, that's read that wish that could be me. You know? Okay. It's kind of the magic of it. The other cool thing about doing a sports show on drinking broS is we get tickets for all the stuff when we get to go and we do show once a week. And then I go to the Eastern Conference finals in hockey tomorrow night, precare allina, and I get sick. Boy. That's fun. I mean, it's about that. Yeah. So little he seems excited excited. Yep. And that's going to be great. Are you excited about you guys going? Yeah. Get an evening. The hesitation there James. I'm excited for you guys to go cook. What are you asking what? What do you mean? What am I am? I excited to have you guys gone. Oh, what about about going little one getting a hockey game up 'cause person pretty crazy? And he he's wonderful game in real life. Did it happen ready? What are you talking about? They already played. What are you talking about? It's over. He doesn't quite get it. But he is really excited about it which I haven't seen yet for like a game. We're always like, hey, you're gonna go. And he's like cool. It doesn't even really know. What that means? You know what? I mean. He's like, okay. I guess I'll go wonderful. Remember any of this? I always think that with thinking with my kids. I think at five you start remembering things so. Yeah. Sue. Yeah. We'll see I'm gonna we got sweet take is make it. So those the good memories happen. And you try to not let some traumatic thing. Overshadow, jamie. With what's going to happen? That's going to be traumatic you'll but that's the point of being a parent. You just try and keep the memories keep the life. Good enough. And nothing tragic happens to surely trauma, like beating the shit out of another parent at Disneyland or something that or like, yeah, you protect them from fucking weirdos. You like make sure they're good. There's no trauma like overshadows any good memories. They. I think is the point of parenting again, I do not know I've I've never taken a class, and I don't claim to be the best at it. So never have. Right. I wanna talk about what we watched last night. I don't think I've ever left that hard. Then after we finished because we watched there was a couple things out this weekend. And we wanted to watch that now one of them was the would Tang clan. Doc by of Mike's and men, which is great title. Totally great title, great title of mikes, and men after. So it's a four part special share. And we watch part one last night our piece I'm a big blue Tang clan fan. You literally your first words out of your mouth as soon as the credits came up where God, I am definitely not about that life new. I said, I'm I'm super white that documentary just holds Amir. Up to yourself as white people. Sometimes we like to think that like yet. I like looting like I'm with it. Right. I listened to them like I have. No, I know what their life was like right in the projects, I understand sentences. They say because I'm cool. And then you watch something like that. And you go, oh, I missed. Paragraphs because the words and the sentences and every I did not know a lot of the words in the short. So because I'm white as shit and not that cool. And so it really for anyone who's a white Wu Tang fan. I think that it was it was a cold hard look in the mirror of you have no fucking idea. What it's like to like don't even think for one second that, you know, what Tang about the reason why I laughed so hard lesson after after that statement was I was thinking the exact same thing to you beat me to it. But like half a second where I was just like oh shit. It's very much about what I was talking about at the top of the show about being a professional athlete where your heart. You think you can in your heart? If your Tang fan or a rap fan as as a white person you you'd be like. Yeah. And they'd be like they'd be like, no, dude. No, my friend. No, actually. No. You tell me if you would have made it out of the ghetto of this. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Or if you understand anything that we're talking about getting your feet wet. Yeah. You would you would think I would right. Just because of work ethic. You're like a man if I was poor and black and grew up in the ghetto where they did because they had they went inside, and they crazy footage, by the way. It's an awesome, doc crazy footage of them. Like on Christmas is kids like inside the projects and shit. You're like fuck and drone footage of these projects that are still there and like the ponds that they're talking about behind. They really is. Great. When I watched it. I was like oh fuck me on. No, probably I kid not never have made it. Absolutely not. They all went to jail or prison for crack. Yeah. But like a five to eight years. Yeah. So friends before in the project's kind of emceeing together, and then they all get get into selling drugs. I don't know how hard they were into doing them. They all get into selling drugs. Didn't seem like didn't seem like them actually doing. Sewing selling and all went to jail for like every single one of them or crack, we go. We we share about five eight years each of them came back together afterwards and was just like he deflecting get our live see other, dude. How do we the drone footage helps me understand what that was like Rozier? All right. So you're really stuck kind of on a couple of square blocks in this area that the government puts you whatever and showing the other part of it was what was that eighties early? Nineties showing these kids either being bussed in. Staten island. So they were like black kids that we're trying to go to these like, mostly white schools and rain earlier footage than I've seen of people standing at the line and telling these black people to go home like, where's the crack? Like. You know, that's that's the problem with bussing eighties, though. I know these people don't are still alive that's yelled at them like that. So it's it's another thing when I say cold hard look in the mirror of like. Wasn't that long ago? It wasn't. That's the problem with bussing to look I told you I went for one year and went to school that bus, right, right? Both both races were miserable. White and black where it was just like man, you're pushing all these kids together that you know, diversity can't just happen overnight. And it's certainly not going to happen on a long damn bus ride, especially when people fucking one of them's come in from an extreme drastic. And then you're shipping. People any weren't used to that extreme drastic coming into your school. It's a recipe for disaster both sides, in my opinion. But yeah, I have to watch that whole shit. I was like I could never live that life. Got out of there. I I really do believe it's on your work ethic like everything in life. Right. And so when I saw like there was always one guy, and they kept going back to the one guy of like, all right? We rallied around him. And he did it. No work ethic has a lot to do with it. But the rest of it is just like Jesus Christ. I don't know how you. How you get out of that environment? And I definitely knew inside my heart after seeing that I was like, Nope. Could never live the life that they rap about ever don't understand it. And also like love the music. It's real it's real it's real. Yeah. The whole the whole thing that. That they talk about and continue to talk about. I mean, I don't think bitching about it and wallowing in it is the answer. But like we also can't say like, hey, guys. It's over can we get over this whole racism thing because it's not, you know. And and even if it is getting better now like it was not that long ago. No, no, again are still alive were standing at the bus. And like, you know what I mean? Because you see these you see these footage of the sixties, and it's grainy and black and white and segregation, you know, just think that it was so long ago guys. Right. You know, what I mean or you see the KKK in their fuck. And you're like, please, these that's nobody right? That's like a little there in some field. They don't affect you. Really? They're just ridiculous. But then you see stuff like that not that long ago, and you go, okay. Pretty well super white pretty wild to see. But their story was cool nine of them. I like when they kept saying the record label, they really on the record labels wouldn't sign nine people at once. No shit that understood you magic Shanna wrangled nine crazy mother fuckers like that for just at one show killing guys. Wrong as far as like people getting into drugs. Who's the person? That's always late who's the person that like, you know, an absolutely nuts. That was impressive as well. And the other part about it is you wonder like, you know, there's always a group that big or any group really there's a couple of them that usually make it out like really big and the others are of just there. And like method man method man and those guys just like, hey, man. What are you feeling like imagine going from there to like Hollywood meetings where you're starring in your own movies? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's so wild to and then Rizza to was like. You know, we'll do risi's been like he scores movies shit. Yeah. He's done a lot, man. He worked on Tarantino's movies series and all that shit. He's done a lot. And he's mazing. But you wonder you're like man, how do you just separate that, you know, separate what just going into a Hollywood meeting after living the life? You lived of selling cracking looking at these people because he's I look at these people when I go into these meetings, and I'm like, man, you're all fucking ridiculous humans who have no idea about the world. Right. I'm not even from that world. Right. And I think that's probably the issue a lot of times. Right. Where you like you want to take my experience, you wanna take all the cool shit that I do, and I know and you wanna make in your shit, right? Usual. I know I know there there's a bio-pic coming to about like the invention of trap music. And it was supposed to be TI. And you pass like I'm good like and they ended up going. I think with young Jesus or somebody like that. And. It's Brian Grazer. If memory serves me correctly, and it was just like TI kind of started that movement, and when they couldn't get TI they went to somebody else. And it was just like man, they're just looking to tell this story. Oh, it doesn't matter who really started at. They wanna tell the story. They wanted to look cool. They wanna shoot it on red. They wanna get awesome footed. And so this was going to be a bio pic, by the way. Okay. Curious about that. Super curious about it. There's a bunch of bio picks out there that I wonder what stage of development there in why at this point. The Ronda Rousey was a big one. They bought that a couple years ago. It was book. And their booking twenty fifteen. It was it was pitched as eight mile. Okay. I guess she had a really hard up bringing see the dock of it. Maybe look a really good HBO style. Doc will get me over a bio pic, any talk, sir massive now, man, you pay ten million for that doc like that's look the budget on the new guy was, you know, thirteen million right pink ten million for doc for stuff like the Queen doc, the Queen buy-up bio-pic where you're just like he takes you out of it to just start thinking about the. Dollars. But fun saying for me. I start to think about other things lighting actor. He's doing a good job. Like what it was really like like I would love to see that that seeing that they did like in real the real footage from stuff short. I find myself just wanting to see the doctor Doxa but done really, well, maybe we'll get your dream some day. I don't know how that's going to shake out for them for what for all these 'bio-pics that are done pipeline because you have something that does really really well like what was it? Eight hundred million or something crazy worldwide for Baheen rhapsody, and then look Elton, John doc, everybody not bio pic at no. But now this does well forget it. You're gonna see a million of these things, HOGAN, doc, doc, but bio pictures got picked up by net flicks. Chris how is playing HOGAN? Okay. I'd like to be savage and that if I. It could be something with. Like, the Queen dock where you're just going to be picking him apart, the whole time acting wise, you really get into it with Hemsworth as HOGAN, I don't think. So the whole time you're going to be critiquing. If you're in the I don't know. Macho macho man, yeah. Who's playing him be great? If it was me. They're not ready yet. I think the writing the script right now. Okay. I know that packaged. It up Bradley Cooper's producing. Who's the director of the hangover Todd Phillips directing Hemsworth is in there. So all those which, but I'd love to place that tried triple stack for savage whose. He was always my my fav- him in RIC flair, obviously. But. In that world. He is. But I think he deserves his own bio pic, which is why said nobody's doing that. But it's someone gonna play him in this. There has to be it depends on what years they focus right because they were both bigger towards at a later stage. I what I heard was there focusing on him younger kind of the rise to the whole shit of HOGAN. So either we get some sponsors shapes. Everybody was cited the sponsors back libraries from you. Yeah. Love it. They love it from the IRS CHAI and make it into lifts putting first of all most black rifle coffee dot com. Yeah. But this by the string it today. You get the hair US Dream. Guys, what a treat for you. Grab life by the beans. Treat for you guys. If you don't follow black rifle coffee on YouTube, the YouTube or the Facebook do it. I did their last commercial did their mother's day commercials. Right. That was good one. 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I think this will work what they're trying to do is to get people to stop watching Netflix, and then treat this a home experience, and it looks like to go sped with the adjustable bases that go up and they're connected together. So you could be with your loved one and watch a movie together. I don't know if you've been to I think you have you've been with me where the the recliners and those theaters and you have the wagers theater NFC. It. That's what I said, right? Yeah. What's the stop you from just buying a ghost bed with adjustable base and wash? Fucking need that what I can press a remote? Go up. Awesome. I can buy that goes. But why do I need this? And when you look at it. I mean, it it is identical pretty much. I mean, they've got them these look like couches kind of pain couches, but it's the same Buchan thing. It's two splits that go up, and you're like, why would I do this? And it's like duty if you're building a whole theater to rival your bedroom. That that's just a it's so out of touch. It's just so missing the point. Of the stay at home culture. That is now where it's like you see all these memes. Online of like just loving plans to be cancelled hating to go out the loving if like, yeah. Loving if your plans get canceled, and you get to stay home, and binge the whole series that is like culture. Now, it's cool to be like I watched all of friends and didn't do anything this weekend. And you're like bundled up. The other thing is I don't want to see people lying in beds next to me around me. That you want to be in your bed. The bed is not the point you fucking idiot. Saying being home is the point not paying the money is the point houses the point. Yeah. Why would I leave my bed to go to another bed with a bunch of other strain? Embeds I like the recliner model. I like the serving dinner I like why recliner model like I like that. And I will go to the movies to do that. You can never got out of there under one hundred dollars though. No. But like again the movies have to be fucking good enough for you to spend that. What it is. And I don't again, I don't mind doing that. But I would not do it for a bed. I rang up. I rang up at tab of one forty one forty at one of those reclining movie theaters. It was Django unchained. Okay. I think that. Maybe opening nights or the day after whatever it was. I think it came out on Christmas or something. But either way like you go in there, and it's like three and a half hours when you're able to press a button right next unit waitress. She's comes out with endless beers. And like forget who with a buddy of mine, and it was just like we rang up a yeah. And it was like the button. The button, right. No spring it. Just put it on this table, right next. Yeah. And the menu there was pretty extensive. So it was just like, yeah. Let's keep bringing this out. And I knew the run time going in. So I was looking my wash. And I was like I got another hour. I can have at least two more beers. Awesome. Amazing. Amaz the bed thing though. That's a no go for me. No, that's again missing the whole entire point to the other thing that they were asking was whether or not people are gonna be fucking on these things, you know, that's going to happen. It's unavoidable. I guess yes. It is that's going to happen. I can tell you this right now again missing the point. I think people will stay home to do that. I'm not I mean, I don't novelty people will go out once, but I don't think this business model succeeds. Super creepy listing heard. Yeah. Possibly could be stupid. I'm not sure the day. You know, the day is young by like the stupidest thing I've ever heard. And again, it just seems like some older idiot. You get pitched a lot of dumb, business ideas. All the time. Right. I know. I do you do. Yeah. And I know why by the way, I do I do. Yeah. Here's wise like people ask me all the time. The look like the podcast books or whatever. Right. And be like, dude. I wanna do you do, you know? And I'm like, well, we've been doing this actually for a long time. Right. Podcasting for almost four and a half years. Now this point like beginning, we got in on kind of early side of this shows a couple years old. But the other one's four and a half. I knew what I was doing all that other shit. But I get it all the time because typically this age people are either bored with their job, they hate it. And or they took a job they never wanted in the first place their stock, and they're like, man. Switch and it's always me run this idea by I got this thing. And I'm like, wow. No don't do. It. Definitely do not quit your job for that. I don't think people run things by me because they know I I'm always telling people not to follow their dream. So I'm not the person that people like, hey, what do you think of this? Because I will always be like, well, if you wanted to do that, you should have done it, a long time now have a house, and you have a family, and you have other people that depend on you. So the following your dreams ship has sailed, and I don't want you to kill yourself or anything, but hope is gone and hope is law when I look at the bed thing, right? I always wondered to myself who like how people get these businesses going who gave them the money for this. I'm hoping it's not their own because they're going to lose all of it on this bed movie theater thing. And what do you mean their own the people that put in whoever like, if you have rich investors who can lose money, and whatever it's like, yes, you'll always feel bad about a failed business should right? But there's some things that are never inevitable. Something's you can't see coming. And all that shit. This is definitely one. You should've saw coming. I don't think his work build trying to build a business based on novelty. So like if that's the only way that I can think of going there, and I would do at one time. So I don't know if that. Everyone going one time a successful business makes. But you know, whatever, I don't think anything that's like. Any novelty thing like any restaurant? That's kind of like, hey, you do the business fun different. Go up you order, and then you have to do a little dance before you can get your food. And it's like so fun. I would never do that. You know, what I mean that doesn't ice gives me? I'm not going to go. And I don't know how many people would unless it was like inside Disneyland. So things like that. I don't think you're not gonna be successful. No, no. I don't think. So. Like, an Uber. It's not making your life easier. No, just some fucking weird shit. That's really just going to make your life harder. And couple away speaking Uber that IPO didn't do of them. Which was surprising to me like it did initially. So the initial investors that got in congratulations. The rest of gen pop though. Itsel and fell pretty hard. Right. You can buy that on the way down. I think I think that will it will go back up. But you know, it's gonna think it'll it'll take awhile. Well, they'll have to acquire. They're going to acquire all these other ones lift Bubba, blah. Well, I don't know lifts public is. Well, so. Yeah. Later on down the road. Probably. But we'll see maybe start putting beds in there. You know, there you if you can put a an eel on musk car driverless car with the bed around just to nice. This new Tesla's tests like that essentially I felt like it was in a giant bed riding and then thing. Yeah. Crazy. Yeah. I'm gonna miss it. Because I'm driving rally tomorrow night. The last time I drove to Raleigh with that thing. Oh, you're gonna miss having tribe. Actually. Yeah. You're gonna you're gonna miss the tesla because that's a one one time. Well, here's the thing. It's a straight shots all the way to Raleigh. So it was the last time. I drove around was that. Right. And it was in that thing. Yeah. Didn't touch the wheel. Once one of those roads the two lane road. You know, what I'm talking about where I could be on a train and could be on thing. It's one of those boring rights to where you're just like. Just takes longer because it is so boring straight. It was built for tesla ride. Yeah. Not a lot of turns not a lot of hoopla. You gave me one of those things. Just give me a musk core right now for driving go. That'd be real to go James being real good to go. Bam. Bam. Now. Actually some. Where'd you get that a lot of people are asking where you got that little sweater. Got it at. What is the back to Malibu high roller Spillers bell? Alabel? Yeah. Buffalo exchange in Ventura. Gotcha. Gotcha. Because people were Aaron thrift store. That's it. That's what it was. All right, cool. Because a lot of people are asking did you make that? And I was like I don't I don't actually know you make a lot of stuff you make a lot of stuff. You're a handy. Little lady, Andy gal, I'm crafty. Yeah. She's crafty you make crafts and stuff all the time. Yeah. Crafty, you have Idei y. Yeah. You've paint shit over right now show, the audience your arm. I don't wanna get anybody staining stuff for anybody's watching the live show. I don't on YouTube. I don't want anybody to watch this. And be like, oh my God. Jesse looks like she was beaten burned by raw. Registered learn bergh's like an iron burn staining staining about one hundred eighty four hundred eighty yeah. All different colors and textures. So I would number you know, what number four. I'm like I'm in. I'm under twenty I'm under twenty okay? I making video of it. You'll see the process feel about what do you like doing it? I do I really liked doing. It's why went to do it on mothers day is like it is like you seem to it about now. Now painting staining, cutting stuff, whatever like I like doing it. And how do I feel about it? I just you know, I hope it looks good because I'm a Finnish joy at right? I enjoy it. So I'm doing the finishes. So that would be just the look of everything he's doing the build and structure, and how what people are going to see is what I'm visually. So it's kind of like everything will fall on me. Whether I did it or not mine is for writing like. I like it when I'm done and own enjoy the process you enjoy the process, it's different mindless. So writing is not a mindless thing you have to be you know, and your mind is working the whole time. Whereas with what I do or carpentry or like staining painting. It's a mindless thing you can then out you can think about other things you can listen to a podcast. You can it's a relaxing thing. I think for me like everybody we were function the other night, right? Someone accounts. Congratulations on your on the successive, everything on what what was I what did I do? We're like with book, you know, the new books out on pre sale, whatever. And I'm like, oh, yeah. That's right. I still think about what needs to be done the audiobook all that other stuff like to enjoy it right now is like no on the day. It comes out. I will. Yeah. But now, I'm just like the. We just get this. There can we just push this over and get this thing out the door. Everybody reads it and loves it, then I'm aunt. But that process, I just don't enjoy the process, right? But I say that about editing and all of this where you like do you like it make you happy as you know? I don't think that you are job needs to make you happy the actual job of it. I think the things that you get from it. Make you happy, right? Yeah. You don't I don't want you to hate your life while you're doing it. But as with writing, you don't say, you're not jumping for joy love and every second of it. But you like what it affords you? Right. And so so it's like that's what I that's what I mean. You're like just doesn't seem like you're when you're having fun when you're editing like, it's it's my job your mind is working your thinking about a million things. They're trying to make things work, you know. And then when you're done is when you're happy. You see the finished product people liking it. Then you're like, oh, cool when you get off work, and you have time more time than you would if you're at an office, or do you ever think about like is there a thing for you personally that that would make you endlessly happy of like from beginning to end. Yes. Like all day at work all day when I'm home. Yeah. I mean, obviously a traveling. I don't like it. You would like it at this stage. I don't think I would like where travels, and then here's what I always wonder when I watch shows like that theory and those guys right? And this is all serious or like a morning show. Like, I think like Hoda and whatever like going somewhere getting your makeup done getting your topics NTV Levada and like being done at like twelve eleven or twelve but you're in a four thirty five. It's brutal. So with like, we'll take the cooking show, for example. I write here's what I always think. When I see those guys is how are you not full all the time. And then just shitting your brains out the next day eating like guy feary by how is he able to do that day in would go to like nine restaurants and just be like a so Mima would be more like boarding. So you travel to these places there for like a week, and you do dinner. There's so you do a dinner interview with someone right? So I'm like finding someone interesting. There we go out to dinner, which I would do anyways. I love to do. Anyway, filming is long enough, right? For me where it's like wine. You have to be there for a couple of hours. Talking to someone like I think that model and what he did the way that he did. It was just pathological. Right. Like he was workaholic about it. He just like would not stay home at ver had a daughter like would just keep going keep going. So I like his model but in like a season, you know, what I mean worth of filming. And then you're done for a long time. Then you go out for the season. But it is it's just going to cool places and going to dinner he doesn't eat all day long. He eats the meals he was going to Jimmy ways. Yeah. And then he just has a film crew. And he has someone cool sitting there with him. And either he uses it or he doesn't you know what I mean? And then the film crew goes out, they film, everything get the awesome shots getting get him walking down this cobblestone street, and then he goes to dinner, and then if he doesn't feel like filming the neck. Day. He doesn't he sends them out to do interviews on the. Yeah. So we're Dane I would love to take your model still giving shouts out to board AIn forever. Yeah. Forever. Illegitimate father. Yeah. Nobody's patch. The torch it to him right on that show. What are they doing with just kill it parts known? Oh, yeah. It's done. It was it was him the production company. They would try to replace with zero point zero which like if I had a million dollars. I would just say, hey, guys. I'm just going to take you over and do my thing. Now, you're going to be day. Now ages us all people is whole shit everything. Yeah. I like them. Because I don't like I don't like the fakeness of the travel shows. Now, they're like, hey, guys. So check out where I like I like that. He was just like he would get off the plane. But like I mean on camera the fuck. That was a shitty flight. Where can I get a drink? Like, that's what I want. Right. I want to be able to be real about it. If he got sick. He says it on the show couldn't film that day. I was hung over. And I was puking shitting brains out eight street food right being totally real about. What it's like. Yeah. That's would that be. When you ask me what what what could it possibly be that from beginning? From the time. I wake up till the time. I go to bed would make me happy workwise making money. But again, I don't I don't know. 'cause I'd be away from my family for that amount of time. So again, you're always training one shit for another the most that we can fuck ask for right is to get through our work day and try and have a good life outside of work. To balance your life. Whatever that is. Yeah. I was trying to think about that as well. Where it's just like, hey, man. There's some long job. And I was like, I don't know maybe playing baseball. But I wasn't good enough to be a professional, but I enjoy so much be gone so much. Yeah. Yeah. Look your base full baseball season one hundred sixty two games. It's just like. Just like eighty one of those are on the road. And I think the constant search to be happy. Every second of the day is fucking retarded. Your stupid if that's your main goal in life to just be happy every second. It's just dumb clean claim said something like that. I forget what it was. But it was someone on his show or something that was like. Yeah, man. But you know, it just wasn't fun. You know? You know, it like I would do it. But it's just not fun. Someone said that to him, and he was just like the fucking stupidest thing I've ever heard, right. When you're talking about work when you're talking about a project like, I don't know it just wasn't fun. No schiff. You're an idiot. If you think work is going to be fun all the time. This topic to me is always endlessly fascinating. Because I think that's what everybody's searching for in life is is stuff like this where you're just like, man. What is it? What is that thing? What is the whole shit of it? And there is never going to be right answer ever. Right. Answer is to be okay with mediocrity. And if anything else more than that happens be happy for a second. But don't be happy for too long because it will not last. Right. Life's a roller coaster. It's never good for that long. And it's never bad for that long. James is taking 'em. Inspirational your survey shins for motivational speeches and just lie down sessions. Life and they're not called motivational speaking. No, it's just called realistic. What would I call it a realistic? Wake of violent wake up wake up call. I think that should be doing race. Here's what it would be called a violent wakeup call to embrace your mediocrity. Grace, your Muendane embrace the mundane. It's always can ask for really is really is unless you Britney Spears. Things enough money to do whatever you want your dad has all your money, and you can't do whatever you want. Join the free Brittany movement. Now, you know that right? I think she's starting to realize like she's starting to come out a little bit. What are these going to happen with her killing yourself often yourself? I don't know what's going to happen with her. I don't know actually at all what her real mental state is again, if you're bipolar like shit can really go bad. If you don't take your medication. She wanted a core. Yes, she she is now telling the judge her dad right is committed hurts a mental health facility month ago against your will also forced her to take drugs. I don't know what the real thing with this is well, she must not be. On the right medication. Then if she's who knows man, I don't know what the with the whole with the bipolar and problem with these. Bigger disorders is like you. You know, you get delusional in that you think like you don't you're you feel good. So you're like, I don't need the medication normal now. 'cause you want so bad to be right? And your brain is like when it's leveled out it really thinks like your good. And then you stop taking them. And then you go down, and it's it is like this big. So you do need someone there to be like you have to take them. If you do not, this is what will happen. Right. With anything. Right schizophrenia. Whatever you go. All I'm good. I don't need it anymore depression. You're like, I feel happy. I don't need the meds anymore. Oh, you do. And with some people you need your daddy. It's crazy dad. I mean a lot of money there. We've got some boyfriend that I don't know what the deal is. So we'll see we've got the mom against it. He seems the boyfriend seems normal. Seems like just some dumb guy is just willing to fuck and chill out with right? You just don't want it to be someone. That's like a. Yes. Ma another. Yes. Man to her like, oh, yeah. You don't if you don't want to take them take them, right? The problem with her before where people just like, okay? And there was no one to be like, no, I wanna see a crazy Brittany again. A really do. Oh, yeah. Back on the streets shaking heads, right? Eating meats. You know? Just sure her reality show is fascinating. And she had one really remember. It was it with Kevin k- fed. It was great really remember them, which is kind of bone on cameras. Eating weird shit doing drugs. I think that was the real her. What do you think smoking to come out of Louisiana, and you're like all right, cool. Yeah. When her Justin Timberlake where together that was a fucking dream team. Remember the powerhouse that they were. Yeah. While think about now because he's with Bill Stor. You know Beal sir was with Chris Chris Evans, I mean, captain America. Yeah. He did. Okay. Tangled? What we did. We we. Did you go back to all those? Mickey Mouse kids get Ryan Gosling, Christina Agwu aware. Timber layers timber. But that was a real real hand job fest. That thing Gavin who's mill stead was he a scab in. The little boy Gavin the boy. Gavin. Mill stead story. Oh, the Gavin in the Stacey. Stacey. Club hopper. St Cloud, glavin hill. Yeah. Glavin hill really make. The what we're like what I even say if I was like the to those people that didn't make it out of Mickey Mouse, go. I know there were. Yeah. There were a couple times are making worth of depression. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Peel street. Boring ass, be Oester. Snooze e snooze. Smithtown USA news E Bill Bill, sir all teeth when you get that skinny your teeth kind of start protruding from your mouth. Skeletal. Warring skeletal is a lot of skeletal people out there. Yeah. Out. You have to be. For camera. Yeah. I know now that I know to there's no angle I was watching my boy till Timothy Olifants on a show the other day. And I was like man, it was an interview with him and Walt goggles, and they're both like super dainty and thin. That's why they always look cool. You're just like, man. That's what that is. That's what that is. It is there is a reason. Yeah. They told her to lose twenty pounds because they don't want to deal with your camera angle. That's all they don't want to give you a complex. We just want. We just wanted to look. Good. You know, maybe that's why they canceled. It busy Philip show. Did they cancel it? And then like the day after she got nominated. Yeah. For an EMMY or something, but you watch it watch a couple real hard, really, really hard. It was nominated for like. I think like an EMMY right afterwards or something crazy. Yeah. And what do you think the reason is because of the camera angle? It's it is unforgivable. It is very forgiving camera angle there for e. So I thought she looked good. No, she's a she's a. Taller girl. Okay. So tell toughen goes every tough angles. I was surprised she never do your girl. And you have a talk show. You should never do to on a couch sitting pretty boy, that's a hard one knitting pretty for that long. It's not ever comfortable. Do you know what I mean? Like you need need a desk. So you can really just have the conversation. You don't have to worry about covering sitting. What do I do with my hands? My. So maybe that was it. Maybe she did a straight across couch stayed tough one. That's a tough one. I know she was going for a comfortable look. But nobody's comfortable everyone's uncomfortable. I mean, the only one that was comfortable with Kim crashing cause. He's fucking professional matter. How or where she sit. She's she's the best. She's a fucking knows exactly angle. She's the best. She's proud to. Yeah. She even knows how to put her arms behind. So that they look skinny. Yeah. She's straight on and she can like put them like this group. She's she's one of the best in the biz one of the best in the biz. We want to talk about her actually your way. Like what she's doing like could in the world freeing all these prisoners ship on her own Dino quietly seventeen actually very because of Kim Kardashian on her own dime quietly to like. No deal about it. They're posting. And it's kind of coming out now. But she's been doing it since she met with Trump and freed the first lady, and these are all just so they're all insane drug sentences. So people that were caught with drugs and then got life sentences because of a drug possession. She's getting all these people out. Yeah nuts. Right. Yeah. I'm sure they're filming it in some way, doing something with it. Maybe. But I'm not to say, it's the only time that I'm not going to shoot on shit on her talk shit about her because that's what you that's what you want from people that have fuckin- money where you just go. You shouldn't be allowed to have much fuckin- money without doing at least one thing for either your community people, you know. Other people around you. I don't know doing something. Great with it. Otherwise. So like she's checked off my list of like, all right? So and you know, because you can talk as much shit as you want. Not do anything alyssum Alano. Right. But let's face. It Kim kardashian's actually doing shit in freeing people. She is and again, not making a big deal about it and not really outspoken politically. And you don't really know where she lies on on either side, which is kind of great. She's just doing things still and stuff. I don't know. I want the last last year I want to talk about here's his cockfights. I've always wanted to go to cockfight style. Have have you been one as you go to Mexico and all your travels throughout the didn't go to cockfight, really? Because that's that's the thing. That's a big thing. It is. But it's a very dirty grounds CD. Yeah. I like it student do that. No. You didn't go. Not once you go bullfighter. Oh, yeah. That's worse than a cockfight. Right. Maybe. But it's more out in the open, and they sell tickets and legal. I wanted. I wanted to college. College. It was running the bowl. So it was like in. I just ran from the bowl inside this ring. Jumped over fences. Yeah. So there's fighting each other. There was a huge bus and corns county as cockfights track fights in Texas. One hundred fifty gamblers were they're just ready for the cockfights, and they had no clue place got rated, and you know. That's shit went down. There was a bunch of drugs and money sees guns. People were just enjoying a cockfight if it's been going on that long. It's been going on. That's what bullfighting is shapes. Outwards again, I didn't go to a bowl fight and went to running the bowl. Oh, so you actually go to the they weren't fighting. Got you even go to bullfight with a matador. Yes. That too. They don't kill them. They kill the Bill. That's the whole thing. Okay. So it wasn't like the ancient. It wasn't. It wasn't like that. What was it a dance between a man and a bull? Yeah. You just kind of like Ryan. Up. And then he goes back into his never stab the ball ones. No, come on pretty archaic. But yeah, that's what bullfighting is. It's all over the world. So again, I don't they wasn't. It was in Mexico. So it wasn't both fighting. And the stabbing is more in Spain nuts everywhere. No. Yeah. No. So they just kind of like rile him up. Everyone's in there. So everyone from the crowd like so what happened was I didn't have enough money for tickets for the stands. But they told you you could go in for free. If you're in the ring, so it's a bunch of just like poor people really got in the ring of this thing in the ring, there's footage, my friend Deena sent it to me where it's like, it's an it's like old old footage because it's old broadcast camera and the bull is just chasing us around. And you can kind of. See us in the corner. Scaling this wall like to like two girls like it was so high, but for some reason when a bowl chasing, you obviously you're like super human the horn sharper were there dole. I mean, I think they were doled out a little bit. They were like super shar couldn't torn torn through rectum or anything like that. No. But it could definitely have broken your ribs. And. Rally around a little bit okra. Yeah. And then we also did the thing the teeter totter thing like the bull. You have to like push to guys Jackie was four four. And it has like whatever you get you get knocked off of that thing now. Okay. Good. All right. We got away from it. Look. Bullfight work fights. Yeah. Really want to go to underground cockfight though. Have I just I wanna see. Because you're gonna eat chicken afterwards. So what's the what's the FEC indifference? You know, they're Roosters. Right. I think they're not chicken. So they're full on Roosters, which you don't usually eat, by the way, you're eating the rooster. You're eating the hen. There's some recipes that are like call for like a rooster. But they're very tough. They're the male. Okay. And they have to stay alive for a lot longer than the hen because they're fertilizing all these eggs. There's like a couple Cox that the hen house. So you're not you're not actually eating them. But two Roosters just go and they are violent, motherfuckers. I heard and that's raise wanna sit. So don't feel for the Roosters. It's just like it's almost like hearing a crazy cat fight. It's just like. Jarring Sarai need a cockfight on my resume, James. I want to I would do it in Mexico. I don't think they get rated down. There. Don't do it in Texas or anywhere in the states. Lower lower part of Texas has become Mexico. So sure do it in the rate of. Yeah. Right there on the on the border, the whole city can kinda just maybe slide across the wall slowly taking over. I think the land was theirs anyways to begin with really big surprise on this one. We'll get to the revolutionary figure of the day Jacobs. Someone's going onto doors day. Pass at ninety seven. Yes. Yes. You adore. Stefon what was she from boy? I know I've heard the name from my mom. Oh boy. This is why want to have this conversation right now, we all the time thinking about like what we do for a living in like were important, we've made movies and you're like, oh, man. It's going to last forever. And it was gonna remember this. No, no, one is doors day was as big as you got. I mean, a lot of people consider her an icon. Right. But then today like if you don't if you can't name anything, right? Imagine kids right now. No fucking idea who stay was. She was big as you possibly. She was the Julia Roberts of probably the forties fifties and sixties that era. I would say mostly the fifties. Probably. Okay. And now nobody knows what anything it's just like. Hey. Pillow talk. What shoes in pillow talk? I don't know pillow talk like your mom, watches, all these movies. Yeah. I'm sure my mom knows. I mean, of course, my mom knows her. But yeah. Yeah. I'll just like all that stuff. Stay you said. Is it Doris? So when I talk about people like this like if you look back, and you're like, man, no one will remember, I don't think that right now. We're saying of like, we think we're doing this stuff. And we think we're, you know. You don't know in my mind. Eight people are listening tops, really one point. I know. But like, you know, it's amazing to me that even anybody fucking listens to me too. Calamity Jane, by the way, that I know just we'll put. She was in the man who knew too much Hitchcock, she'd been in a million fuck and things, and it's like again, I thought because you. This is the guys on. And this is what I'm talking about is the God's honest truth. What I thought when I started off making movies, right? And that's you moved to Los Angeles and do the whole thing and everything you think you're going to make these important films, and people are gonna remember you forever for what you've done, right? That's what I thought. It's what most of my friends thought what you continuously. Thank your life. Man. I'm gonna be important forever stuff as you get older, you realize no, you're not. And I look back on it. And I'm like man the best shot at maybe being remembered for something out of all of this stuff is probably books. Yeah. Because films people they'll get remade. There's a million. They don't like this thing. I don't know. They don't show any of her movies on Netflix. Therefore in today's world. You don't know that she was the fucking Julia Roberts of back in the fifty her time. That's the problem with getting too old though. So she should have died. Right. No, James, how old is she ninety seven. Yeah. You wanted to die young shit. You talk about this. When you you know, Dick Van Dyke still kind of doing stuff is. But like every anybody remember the greatness of Dick Van Dyke. I mean, I will. But I've just seen you know. You know, suck CPAP. And so what do you have to do you have to be in a iconic? Movie that goes past the generation so Doris day. If you name me one, that's like my kids saw it. My kids are going to see it. I saw it and my mom saw. Right. So you have to have something that crosses generations in order to be remembered, and again that could be a book. Could be a movie that's made out of a book that dick. Know that they remake whatever. Yeah. I don't know what the answer is in the other things you die younger you die younger. Okay. Because when you get into the nineties, and they show the picture on fucking today show a life. Well lived. A lot of times. It's like. Oh, they did that that's cool more and more as time goes by I I realized how fucking dumb I was younger like man, this is going to change the world. People remember forever, and they won't. Again books. Maybe I think things that I'm writing on. And here's why I was thinking about this. So they get Rian surgeons they get made into stuff later. Also like the books that I'm writing. Now are so aggressive comedic late that I feel society as it keeps getting down over the years with all this. Ripping all these people off of their platforms, Facebook and YouTube and all this other stuff like I don't know that you're going to be able to write this type of shit and ten years. Therefore, I think everyone's going to go back to it. And be like, dude. Can you believe this guy fucking did this years ago? Yeah. And I think that's the only shot, but like how naive. I was to think doing movies starting at twenty to thirty or whatever it was just like, oh man is going to be so important. I'm going to be so important forever realize now doors day was as big as you could get and then now forty years later fifty years later, it's just like, oh, what was she animation show net flicks? It's Doris, right. My mom if she's listening is like Jing creamy like her Fe. And I know I've only heard the name from her doors stay she's like Doris day. She's a door stages modern day doors day to show. You know, your mom compares you to stay right? Looks was me. Is that good? She was classic Hollywood class. Just a natural beauty. Beauty. Sure. Door and Doris day. I'll remember that name. Sure wrong was about all of the you know, I forgot about the other day was Robin Williams and that made me sad to. Well. I mean, yeah. But if he's the greatest I was the greatest the greatest, so many, you watch we watch all of these documentaries all the time people are, you know, man. So and so is the best or the, and it's just like you Robin Williams is the best is the best. And now like dude I forgot so somebody brought him up shit. Can't we died? How many years ago it was now at this point? I don't even remember the last movie, I remember his TV show that was shitty with Sarah, Michelle deller. But like I still forget the greatness of Robin Williams because it's not jammed in my face on Netflix every day. Yeah. Whereas like fucking John Mullany. That guy's face every day on that floor. Not Robin Williams. I realize I'm not that important. I'm not right. Well, I'm glad that you're actually learning that overtime. Really? Should we go into overtime overtime overtime, Joe? And over overtime. Over time. Go into overtime. Overtime. Though into overtime. But I don't think you should go into anything thinking that you're going to be the greatest remembered for it. Well that is why do good ship. Don't worry about what the fuck. But that's why I do things me personally. Right to to be the greatest and be remembered. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. The I don't want to do just something average and mediocre. Just just to do it. I try to do like take Matt's book. For example. The reason why this was so hard in like, I know we can keep talking about it here on social media was it is nothing like anyone has ever read before and the military world, and it truly has a chance to be like a groundbreaking. Piece of work. That's. Could shift and entire culture where you're just like. Oh fuck. All right. This is so totally different than everything. I've read and I'm trying to I was trying to go back in my mind. Trying to think about other things in life that have done that for me. I remember reading hope they serve beer now. First time, and I was like oh my God. No one's ever written. Like this. No one's ever talked like this. I felt that way about swingers the movie swingers where I was just like holy shit. I didn't feel like I'd ever seen a movie where somebody talks like me or thought like me or and then I saw swingers, and I was like, oh, my think that those connected with you because they were just like swingers he was just making the movie that he wanted to make with his friends talking the way that he talked and telling his experience, I don't think that Fabra was like I'm going to change the world and people are gonna remember me forever. I think having even that in your mind will take away the authenticity of what you're doing. So if you just do it. To be the coolest to do. What you say? It's talk. How you talk. You know, do a do the military. You couldn't have written that book any other way. Right. It's like you could have really wanted to write it in the way of like how you talk. How Matt talks how you guys talk to each other. You guys talk about the military in different ways than all these other books like made it like you're a hero or your fucking broken man man that needs fucking help you were doing it in a different way. But a guy that loves to you know. And has feelings about it. Fluctuates between different things and isn't completely broken in isn't a fucking hero. And isn't just a person that did some did all these crazy things Fabra though on the swingers tip. I know he got in a fight with the director. And they don't talk like they is Doug Lyman for whatever reason. Everybody's work with Doug Lyman doesn't talk to him afterwards. Matt did. Brown did again identity. Because Doug Lyman, directed swingers. Yes. I'm just saying. John. Trevor is one of the biggest directors there is right now. But he I heard gotten a fight because he wanted it to be great and he had his own. He wanted to be great because he wanted. Well, he wanted it to be the way he wanted. He wanted it to be the vision that he wanted it to be never an any interviewer. Anything was like, this is going to be the greatest thing ever this. I'm gonna be remembered forever ever. I don't know. I wonder it wanted to make the movie that he wanted to make any wanted it to look on screen how it wasn't his head. And he thought it was cool. He thought the voice of Vince Vaughn and his voice, and he thought all of these would like connect with somebody. And they did right. Yeah. Yeah. You know, what I would like to do by the way, speaking of Fabbro dream shows. Mine would be dinner for five that what remember that on? Or Sundance network. Oh, yeah. That was one of my favorite shows that was five interesting cool actors sitting around Ravin about life, and like they were all drinking you could smoke inside back then. So like, they would let loose after a few drinks. And you're like here we go. It's all over time. Here we go. Wow. Now that I would I would like to redo if I could hit him up and be like, hey, I'll do let me do this with you. Right. I know a bunch of these weird cool people now who've just kind of come up now. And you're like, oh that person that person that person that person it'd be cool to hear their weird stories where you're just like what? Yeah. And you'd be good with. I think connecting the right people to have doing finding certain people that will work well together as far as that dinner evening. Just find anyone you think is interesting. It has to be people that can get nag get along either challenge. Each other. Want to debate, you know, are smart in their own ways. Whatever. And what did he do you have a topic? Some are just talked about what? Yeah, they kinda just talked about whatever for like two hours. Right. The meals would be two hours, and they would cut it down to like twenty twenty two minute show. And kinda depends on what happens, and it was it was kind of a. Collection of cool stories about this this or did you work with so and so I work for so. And so here's what happened and it was super fucking. And then there would go off on their story. The only way you could do that. Now, I think it's I think that YouTube and your own people, I think people would let their guard down enough and be like are equal. Remember, remember, we did a show with Robert Davi? Yeah. It's Howen deli that was one of our faves. Yeah. But that was the thing they kept bringing over right? Like, that's the dream. They kept bringing food over drinks. They kept bringing bottles, and like, you know, we've recording the whole thing we didn't have it on video. But like that would have been an awesome show finding some weird little place like that that will let you set up and do a dinner interview people that was his suggestion had come into this talion deli. And like, it's it's a weird thing that and that's the four Dane model. Right. It's a weird thing that when you're eating food, and you kind of are using the food. As the main and you're drinking because you were that guy. They opened up wine inside that store. Remember, we had you drink copious. You're in like a setting. That's very intimate. You start talking about that. You're not going to be guarded. You know what I mean? You can't be you can't sit there and drink wine and eat, and like not say anything, right, or like, all the it all goes out the window that would be a fun when bring back, but yeah, I've as look it's time is has gone on your like a man, I will not be that important like none of this. Yeah. So let it go. Do the shows that you wanna do books that you want to write? No. Really that fucking important. Yeah. It's just going to be like, all right, cool, and the movies, they keep re-showing over and over again, like superior movies and shit like that where you're just like man like they still keep showing triple X with VIN diesel, and you're like man VIN diesel if he died right now people would give a fuck more than door, stay dying younger, he's dying. Right. He did something should look. She died at ninety seven VIN diesel as eight years old right now. So do you know what I'm saying? I know you're right. You're right. You're right. It's been well. I don't know what made me go off on that tangent. But thought you were going to be the greatest and you're going to be remembered forever. And you're not I think with all of this. And then again, somebody pops doors day, and you're like, man. Yeah. Your mom you. I'll turn the thing around your mom used to send pictures and be like, dude, you're like say. I am. And now, you don't even know who she is not going to hit your mom and be like, hey. Listen to this episode. You're not gonna believe this should daughter doesn't know doors day for chrissakes, right? D overtime going into overtime. Over time is over now Jacobs. No, you can't. Overtime is over. No, it's it's definitely in overtime. So we end the show it's over. Now. We're to end it. Now, we're gonna we're gonna call today. Here. Weird today. We just talked about whatever pretty much. Jesse wise Maneka James, I'm Ross Patterson is the revolution. Subscribe on YouTube. Everybody. Oh, good night.

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