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Live from npr news. I'm lakshmi saying if the us confirmed corona virus cases now. Top eleven million. The death toll nearing two hundred fifty thousand. In wide swaths of this country hospitals taking in record numbers of covid nineteen patients are approaching or have already reached capacity. But there's more promising news from another vaccine developer. Npr's joe palca reports. Madonna claims it's experimental covid. Nineteen vaccine based on interim results prevents disease nearly ninety five percent of the time. The manufactures the biotech company. Modern ah its vaccine is what's known as an m. r. Na vaccine the same technology is vaccine made by pfizer and biontech. The companies reported last week. Their vaccine was more than ninety percent effective in preventing disease. The madonna results come from a study of thirty thousand volunteers. Half cut to injections of the vaccine. The others got two injections of an inert placebo. There were ninety cases of covid nineteen in the placebo group compared with only five in the vaccine group and impressive result particularly for a new vaccine. Joe palca. Npr news president elect joe biden hones in on the pandemic and the economy in his speech today. Npr's windsor johnston with details. Biden and vice president elect comma harris are expected to introduce economic plan aimed at building back better in the long term during his campaign biden laid out an agenda that focused on increasing the number of american jobs and included two trillion dollars in spending on clean energy and infrastructure biden has also stressed the urgent need for additional relief legislation to help americans struggling amid the economic downturn. Today's speech comes as the number of new coronavirus infections continues to surge across the us. Windsor johnston and pr news people across central america. Who are still recovering. From the ravages of hurricane. Ava are bracing for category five storm. I owed up to gain strength overnight. It's headed toward nicaragua honduras. Hurricane specialist stacy stewart says flooding and other conditions are expected to be a lot worse especially goes various that flooded during eva. They're just going to see a repeat of that situation worse because the ground is saturated. There's really no place for the water to go. So it's going to begin to pile up very very quickly and create as much probably more flooding than what they saw with hurricane. Ava that's gonna to cause mudslides that will unfortunately damage homes and even large trucks will buildings. Iota was expected to make landfall late late today. At last check on wall street the dow jones industrial average was up four hundred thirty two points or nearly one and a half percent at twenty nine thousand nine hundred fourteen. The snp up more than one percent nasdaq has risen three quarters of a percent. This is npr news. A former harvard fencing coach and telecom ceo have been arrested in boston on charges. They took part in college. Admissions bribery scheme. Federal prosecutors accuse jack of paying more than one and a half million dollars to peter brand help his sons get into harvard by recruiting them on harvard's or to harvard's men's fencing team. The boston globe published an investigative report on the scheme last year. Harvard later firebrand investigation has resulted in charges against scores of people including celebrities and executives secretary of state. Mike pompeo has met today with french. President emmanuel macron and the francis and francis foreign minister. Npr's eleanor beardsley reports. french media. Say the meeting. Put macron in an uncomfortable position. Mac hall was one of the first leaders to call in congratulate. President elect biden on his victory so receiving palm peyot who has suggested a second trump administration forced micron to kind of balancing act. Say french media. The leeza made it clear. The meeting was that pompeo's request and in total transparency with biden's transition team. French foreign minister joined today. All said pompeo is his counterpart until january twentieth. So it's normal that he met with him largely all said they discussed every subject even those they disagreed upon like iran and climate change lewdly. Leon also made it clear. France opposes a us withdrawal from iraq and afghanistan because of the joint fight against terrorism. Eleanor beardsley npr news. Paris us stocks trading higher with the dow up nearly one and a half percent since the open. This is npr.

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