BTM154: Q&A with Daray Affiliate Income, Stimulus Checks, Stuck Overseas, Market Predictions & More


This is the right away. And you're listening to the before the millions podcast episode. One fifty four Cowabunga master architect of your life. Are you ready to design your business and invest the needs that create the lifestyle? You've always dreamt up. Are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires? Who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent Entrepreneur. And you're listening to the before. The millions podcast. Hi I'm Gina Lofton. I am an investor and listening to the before. The millions podcast. Hey their money. Heather Haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions. Podcast hey this is Marcus crispy host of the seven minute mental podcast global entrepreneur and all round Geek. And you listen to the before the millions. Podcasts I am MC lobster the cash flow Ninja and you're listening to before the millions bought cost. You're listening to the before the millions podcast whether you're looking to invest more cash flow all build an online business that allows you to be location independent. You come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions. Podcast now your host. Diriye over the past few weeks. You guys have been sending in your questions whether it's been through facebook it's been through. Instagram. Vm's it's been through boxer. It's been through emails. I've gotten in all your questions and I've compelled quite a few for us to have a full length episodes today. Four begets that though. I wanted to do some shots. Some of my loyal listeners have tied tunes or went to spotify went to their platform of choice. Where they listen to this podcast. And they've left some five star reviews so reviews number one comes from Mr p watts and he says from tastic episode. The INFORMATION DERIVED PROVIDES. Is Barnes any other real estate podcasts? He provides valuable information for free. That anyone else would charge thousands four. I Love Betty teaches us house which lifestyle design business and his guests had the same mindset. We WANNA be location time at financially free. This is the podcast so listen to all of the above. Thanks very well. Thank you MR P watts. Thank you for your five stars and for listening to the before the man's podcast. We have another review and this is from immigrant investor and this review goes like this fogo and then you see blame emoji. It says actually. The title is an understatement. D'auray leads with so much value. Either on his solo episodes or win brings on guests baillieu stacked on value stacked on value as a content consumer and creator arm inspired. I'm hooked. I'm taking notes. Thanks to Ray will thank you immigrant investor. That's a beautiful review. Those are five stars and guys if you haven't get leftover beyond the before the man's podcasts. What are you waiting for right? I WANNA get your WanNa know exactly what you think of the podcast. And this is low key away for US. To markets more people for us to show itunes and some of these actress aggregate. There's that our content is valuable and they're willing to broadcasts are content to a lot more people make sure you head into your your directory and leave a review preferably a five star. Okay because I saw you guys last week that I was going to have a bottle during these listener questions and I'm just popped it open so you won't get that pop sound just yet but hopefully you will get that pops out when I pour my second glass So I'M GONNA go ahead and get my wine ready guys. I'm not a big drinker whatsoever. Actually very seldom ever drink. But when I do drink if I do drink it's gonNA be some red wine so for today. We have a bottle of Kendall Jackson so for those of you who are watching on facebook. You guys can see the bottle It's a Pinot Noir. Twenty seventeen and I've already had bought a before. It's a beautiful bottle So I'm going to enjoy this as I get through these listener. Cuban is so if I start swearing But ultimately I really seldom ever drink and if I am going to drink it's going to be wise. I think outside of that. It's probably like once a year has to be like New Year's something right something Something really really big But again today we have that Kendall Jackson and go ahead and take my first SIP. So let's go ahead and pull up our listener questions and let's get this party. Started QUESTION NUMBER. One reads like this. How can I make some quick extra income during these uncertain times? And that is a beautiful beautiful question. I'm not shielded from the economic effects of Seal B. I D nineteen. I am very much in this. With all of us and I'm experiencing some of these setbacks in different portions in areas of my business so I've had to do some thinking of digging as well some rearranging and it's been a learning experience. It's been a little bit fine. It's been a little bit challenging. But ultimately it's a chance for growth and it's a chance for me to reinforce how my business cannon will operate during downturns during recessions with that being said. I WanNa make sure that I'm providing you with optimal advice in terms of making some quick extra income while run through a few ideas that you may or may not have already implemented and hopefully this will spark some new interest in your life. Hopefully the spark some new streams in your life one thing that's not so common is affiliate income now. This is popular in the online space. But Not really all that popular in the real estate space. So I want you to consider different streams of affiliate income now. This is income that you can earn quickly. This is not income that it's GonNa take a year or two years three years five years for you to start building up this. Can you can have an affiliate account and have affiliate offers soonest tomorrow next week next month so ultimately how these things work is. Let's just say you have a friend or you have a partner or myself. For instance you know a coach and consultant you have somebody in your vicinity who has a valuable product that you use that you enjoy. I remember when I first started the podcast back in two thousand seventeen. My very first affiliate relationship was with audible because I read about forty sometimes fifty bucks a year and I consumer law those books through audio. Behoove me for my listeners. When they're asking. Hey what books should I read? Or how do you recommend I read these books? Getting through fast. It would be behoove me to be like. Oh just go before dot com forward slash book. You can do the same thing whether or not you have a podcast or platform. I mean it can be. It can be something that you offer to your friends but ultimately you're making affiliate income by endorsing somebody else's product because you use it because you enjoy it and you would know and you know that other people would get benefit from that so that's affiliate income me personally. Some of my top affiliates are Proctoring which is a real estate investor all in one tool all in one solution. I love PROC STREAM I use profiting on my business every single day. All of my clients whose PROC stream all of my students use props during a helps me analyze the deals. It helps me market too deals. It does almost everything in my business. That's all that's over at before. The millions dot com for slash. Deal the ill. That's one of my highest earning affiliates as of today another one of my highest affiliate as of today is fund rise and. That's all rebel for the man dot com forward slash bind grise fundraise is a crowd funding platform for investors. So I invested a portion of my net worth in fundraise and fun biased right now during this economic disaster They've kept us at bay. I'VE GOT MY Q. One dividends and I got a ton of updates from the founders so always recommend fund rise to everyone I come across even if you're not yet a real estate investor that's all right before the man's dot com for us last rise. Those are my top two affiliates So that's how I that's some ways that I have some extra revenue coming into the business during these uncertain times. Another thing you can do. You can teach skills right if you have a skill if you have a trait if you have a hobby if you're great at something if you're passionate about something you can teach those in an online format and I'll get to a little bit more about how I teach and all I format but I also get to a little bit more about how I teach other people to teach in an online format and have masterminds and things of that nature. Because I think it's really important right now. Everything switching to digital quarantined. You're working from home. You're on zoom. You're you're doing things that you haven't normally done as an employee or an employer so it's B. It's behoove us to to utilize platform again to make some additional income. If we're great at something for skilled at something right so think about teaching your skills. I've been great at cultivating a group of people right and teaching my real estate strategy so once I learned how to cultivate a group of people how to market to students how to how to enroll students into my programs I wanted to teach other thought leaders. Other potential content creators. Right whether you're a real estate agent whether you're listening investor. Whatever it is I wanted to be able to teach you how you can leverage what you've learned to what you do to help. Other people get started in that path as well. So that's another thing you can teach your skills number three real estate income again. We are uncertain times and you may feel as though things are tightening up. It's hard to get loans and things of that. Nature will dive into all of that here on today's listener but ultimately though are still real estate strategies and different vehicles and real estate that are seen an uptick. So I WANNA make sure that you're pursuing real estate in the right way when you think about. How can I make some quick extra income? I talked about the rise earlier right. Investing in sunrise is a way to to have dividends again paid out to you quarterly right Still Searching for property still being an investor right searching for cash properties maybe trying to do a few wholesales every now and again Fixing flipping not so much in this market right but ultimately bureau things in real estate that you can use to facilitate your current situation. I even did a podcast salt last year. And I think we're going to re release it here shortly but I do podcast episode last year. Would Andre Hatchet on this podcast episode? We talked about loan signing agents right and most agents or those agents who walk you through your contracts when you're buying a home when you're selling a home right you have to sign a few contracts that that ultimately ended up in the title companies hands right those contracts when you're filling out a loan signing is walking through those contracts and as a loan signing agent you can get paid anywhere from eighty dollars two hundred and fifty two hundred dollars poor pregnant now. We're getting guys all of the other affiliates He's affiliate as well by the way all of the affiliates that I have I use their products. I believe in their service so in order for Andre the become an affiliate over at before the millions dot com. Actually it's over at lifestyle. Notary DOT COM. I created a highly different league Ron. It's over lifestyle. Notary DOT COM and in order for Androids have become an affiliate similar. It's all of my other affiliate products like front rising extreme. I needed to test out his product and make sure that it worked so one of the first things I did after enrolling in this product was I want to go see if I can conduct conduct signed me and my very first signing. I was paid a hundred fifty dollars and again guys. I charge students per hour right so I started to think. This is not worth my time I would. I ever do this and ultimately decided that this is a brilliant way to make some extra side income especially on days where you don't have a whole lot to do As a full time entrepreneur there are different days where I'm just like do this to assign me but my first signing took about thirty five minutes and I made a hundred and fifty dollars and I was like. Oh Wow this is interesting. I think I did like tool more than we can ended up making five hundred dollars and this was a total invested time of an hour and a half hours like imagine you know people who are maybe not in my position. Maybe don't have coaching programs. Maybe don't have a higher hourly rate but can see how valuable this is right. People should in could jump on Mrs Amazing Opportunity. It takes about two three weeks to get set up to get started to get your license to get to learn all about mounting and they are often running. It's super easy so again. That's right before the my inst- dot Com. I'm sorry again. That's over at lifestyle notary DOT COM Metal Straits Andre courses that. Teach all about how to get started. But that's my favorite link as well. Ultimately these signings can take anywhere from ten minutes like literally ten minutes forty five minutes. Maybe an hour depending on. If you're just now getting acclimated with some of the contracts and put you in a better position to learn about these contracts that you're going to need to know about anyways as a real estate investor so this is again this is all under the umbrella of real estate income. There are tons of different ways to make money in real estate research and find some more definitely. Try some of these try loan signing ages. And if you're worried about the current state of you know just your immune system and trying to you know catching viruses and things of that nature girl. Online versions of loan signings loan signings as well so ultimately The entire industry is not move all online overnight but there are opportunities for you to do this online. I don't know the specifics about this. And I'm sure Andre covers somewhere but there are ways in which you don't have to meet up with individuals to get longtime in Saxony. Check that out as well and do your own research so number four last but not least government assistance gin. The umbrella is how can I make some quick extra income during these uncertain times and government? Assistance is a big one. Do not take this lightly bear. Currently that I know of four different programs relief programs that you can begin to think about an start applying for if not if you haven't applied already was actually only three that you can apply for the first one you can apply for. It's automatic so the first one is the stimulus check and some of you. Most of you may have already received your stimulus. Check if you fall into the category. That's able to receive a check which I think is a four similar check of twelve. Hundred is under under a salary of seventy five K. A year and it'll be portioned off from seven five Cave Ninety Nine K. I believe you may WANNA check. Irs Dot g-o-v e But ultimately after one hundred K. I don't think you're entitled to anything again. Talk you'll know if the money in your account then you know you've got stainless check if it's not then you also know that as well and again they don't you don't. There's no requirement for you to submit any applications or anything like that. The government has your tax return information from two thousand eighteen if not already from twenty nineteen so ultimately Use that as your mailing address. I mean they're going to use that as your bank account information to send you a similar check. It's twelve hundred dollars per individual. I think the next couple of hundred extra dollars for your dependence and things of that nature. again find out more information over at IRS DOT G-O-V e but that's one of the government assistant programs. Another program is the unemployment program so the unemployment program works like this. It's very different than it normally worse. 'cause normally think of an employment as oh. I don't have a job or I got fired or laid off or whatever the case might be. That's when I go apply for unemployment. So they've actually changed the guidelines appointment because of co VIP nineteen so now as independent contractors as a self employed individuals. There are self-employed individuals uniform. The umbrella who can apply for unemployment so you yes. You can and should take advantage of this opportunity. This is when you have to apply for and this is going to vary by state so make sure you check with your state. See what the rules and regulations are and make sure that you get whatever money you're entitled to next up we have As far as the Government Assistance Program is the E. L. Program and the idea programme is a program where as a business owner as an entrepreneur. You're entitled to certain right and originally the grant was up to ten K. And then there's some confusion about the wording of the grant and that's not by any error. They do that on purpose. And we'll get to that. There was some confusion about the wording of the grant so it was interpreted that most no longer grant in which we're going to be able to receive ten K. But rather you be able to receive a one thousand dollars so when the SBA Wind of this they were like no like our intention was for this grant to be granted at ten K. Not at one case so make sure that. That's the guidelines you guys are following people giving out the grants right so ultimately You can qualify. Four grant up to ten K. And I'm not too sure particulars yet of the program. I'm actually it's in the back on my computer where I'm just now starting to fill out the application so I'll know more about this once. I felt that in which I've heard from other people but they haven't yet released funds to anyone to have an approved tonight. Anyone yet so it's something that they're still trying to figure out the the wording is very cryptic and it's very quick cryptic because they don't yet know what direction they want to go and they want to leave Rome for changing their mind going back and saying this and or going forward and saying that right so ultimately it's just a wait and see type type of brand but you should apply as soon as possible. So that's the ideal and this is all over at SBA DOT GOP. So not only will you see the ideal but you'll also see number four. Which is the PP the payment protection program or the payment protection plan and the P P P only applies to you as a business owner who has employees or. It can also actually apply to you if you're a self proprietor your employees in Your Business and your business profitable okay. So what they're gonNA do with the P and I think you can. Even I think. Get up to two million with this again. Check ALL FAX CHECK. All these things are definitely changing by up to two million with this. But it's based on your profit per month so let's just say your profit last year because the go look at your tax return on this air profit last year and your business was six grand. I mean you're making five hundred dollars a month in profit of six grand about twelve months as five hundred dollars and they take Bob Hundred Dollars Times. Two point five right. So that is the amount the turn titled to under the P. Program. So that is what fifteen hundred or one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars that you'd be entitled to under that program again this primarily for business owners who employ so that you're not laying off employees so that all of these programs are really to help stimulate. The Economy. Right had a few friends this morning that they were like. Hey We got our stimulus. Check robots go buy stocks and invest and things of that nature. I'm not opposed to that. But that's exactly what the stimulus check wasn't met for right. They want you to go spend money on groceries. They won't vote money into the economy so that our economy does not crash. That's why all of these relief funds and programs are being issued right now and at a rapid rate We WanNa make sure that we continue stimulate the economy so a wow question number one. That was a whole lot of different ways to make some extra money. Hopefully that was helpful. That was valuable to you and you can pick two or three. Maybe even four the different things that we discussed and stabiliser income question number two. Is it possible to virtually wholesale from Nigeria? I'M GONNA say that. Nothing is impossible so the answer to that question is yes. It is definitely possible. You can do anything. But let's talk about the level of difficulty and we'll spend too long on this question but the level of difficulty is rather high especially if you don't yet actually would almost be impossible but especially if you don't if you haven't yet visited the United States or if you haven't yet visited the area that you want to invest if you haven't yet built up connections in the local market if you don't have resources and people that you can turn to that can run your business or do all the all the on the ground work that needs to be done has an investor you know I grew up here in Texas and more specifically where I invest in Houston Dallas. Like it wasn't a situation where I discovered one of the cities and I was just like. Oh let me build up my team when we got a contractor or let me get an agent and all these other things and just kind of start virtually wholesaling like that ultimately I- entrenched myself in meet UPS. I talk to people ask for connections. I had lunches different individuals. I did interviews right so I was able to build up my team so that when I do travel when I am in Mexico for a month with just came back from I can virtually also I can virtually takedown rental properties right. It's it's a situation where I I built the foundation and then I went virtual. Doing virtually from the jump is going to be really challenging. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's going to be very very challenging. But it's not impossible. You just have to have a strong network locally so I hope that helps for rentals. What should we do if tenants decide not to pay? This is question number three. Okay so here are my thoughts. I was in a group chat the other day and I saw this this Think it was a collection of tweets from an individual who actually is in the Houston market. And I think he owns like Gertie unit building or six unit building something that range and that's his only investment property that's only as only source of income and with a union. Mix that size It's a great source of come But as as only source of income it's also very scary so I believe one of the tenets got a hold of all the other tenant emails and some type of mass you know email and said hey like let's decide to stop paying rent so this owner of this investor was no longer collecting from attendance as last month. And obviously you know the question is will. What do you do and it looks like? He didn't know what to do. And I can't remember the turn out of that situation. It was it was about a weaker or so ago when I first read the story but quite a few questions from people asking what would you do? Or what's the best thing to do on a situation like this ultimately it's not a great position to be in? It definitely sucks and my biggest advice and what I'm doing now. What I've been doing since early. March is being proactive not reactive. He's a situation where he has to be react. Because he wasn't being proactive right. He has to be reactive to what the markets ISP reacting to what the tennis have now decided to do has to take action based off those actions whereas I will take the approach where I would reach out to my times. I will talk and I have talked to my tenants asking them. What's going on? What whatever current circumstances of the ones that need help the ones that have gotten laid off the ones that are not maybe unemployed but underemployed getting paid as much as they were getting before having those conversations early were were making gang plans were testing and tweaking things right from security deposit Maybe we'll use half your security deposits cover this month right there and then going back to the government programs when you think about what those programs are meant for. Most people are going to get their stimulus check. Most people are going to get those grants and those loans. And they're going to do what's most important to them. So if you think about what's most important to us most people it's going to be their food. It's going to be what what are we eating. How do we survive day by day? Right maybe might be tissue for a lot of people I don't know but it's going to be their food and then number two. How are we going to survive right? Where we're gonNA live how I mean number two as rent naturally right or your mortgage. A lot of people are willing to. I turned food. And then they're gonNA turn to the second most important thing which mortgage so unlike the stock market. There's no there's no you know. Stocks drop forty to seventy percent and the the the government is not going to issue a relief indirectly to help you recover that. But ultimately as real estate investors with the stimulus checks these graphs and these long programs were indirectly benefiting. Because we're that it's almost like we're we're the first line of defense when it comes to WHO Who People are going to pay so we have a little bit more stability so again. I want you to know that. One be proactive. Right start to figure out win win. Solutions for both of you guys to understand that the government is hoping much as much as possible because nobody in the government wants this economy to fail and ultimately three is. This lenders are obviously tightening up. The requirements to get loans right but on the opposite end of that lenders are also loosening up their requirements and loosening up and being more lenient with individuals who currently have outstanding loans. Bernard able to pay because maybe tenants moved out or tenants or not. Paying tenants lost their job so landlords not able to cover their monthly expenses. Their monthly mortgage so lenders are being a lot more lenient. Because they don't want to foreclose we don't know where the economy's going so much unknown at a need to make sure that they can provide and help vir landlords. Again everything is built around helping us as landlords investors us as business owners. You're not getting these types of bailouts in the stock market. It just doesn't happen right but lenders are finding ways to help us so if you need to modify your loan if you need to defer your payments. They're all open to all types of solutions if not they already have some solutions waiting for us to call your lender and if you're able to not pay your mortgage for the next three months it's so much easier to pass those benefits down to your tenets right because just as much as you're not able to pay your mortgage right you're instead of collecting that tenant of that money from those tenants when you're not paying your mortgage anyways we're passing that savings down to them while they're working on getting on for you. They're working on getting back on track or we'll all working on getting this back stimulated. So there's there's quite a few lines of defenses when it comes to what to do if tenants are not paying I'd be proactive about that. Situation Analysis follow the rules of them. That just laid out for you guys. How okay question number four derive? What are you twenty twenty market predictions as I take a sip of wine or two sips of wine rather my twenty twenty market predictions? First and foremost I wanNa let you know that. I am not Communist. I am no data minor. I am just a lowly investor paying attention to what's going on around me and if you want professional advice from a data miner from an economist of things of that nature then listened to episode one five one of my podcast before the Maine's podcast. That's over it before the man's dot com slash episode one fifty one where I interview just that. A data mine are professional data minor. Mr Neil Bowel. He's also rose investor so tons of insights tons of nuggets. But all that up so we talk about how to find the perfect Margaret to invest during these times and talk about the state of the market. We talk about the best quarters to invest hearing twenty twenty and where we see the market going. It's fascinating and that's where we turn to the experts. Now what I've been noticing in my own backyard and what I what I project to happen here in twenty twenty as far as my own personal doctor and opinions are this as much as it's going to be a great benefit to us to get these loans can be stimulus checks and these grants of different nature. These things are going to hurt a lot of people as well. Let's just be honest. Most people are not natural money managers. Most people don't know how to handle finances and again you. You know that if you can't manage the thousand dollars is what you command a million dollars. I could just doesn't change because you have more money. That's not how things work. So here's what I believe is what's going to happen over the next few months you know again. A lot of investors. A lot of homeowners are going to opt to what I told you. They're going to call their lender and they're going to get loan deferments they're going to get. Longmont's they're going to try to find a way to just last the next few months until we can get back on track if it only lasts a few months right and I'm not sure if most people know how these things work but ultimately these loan mods these deferments don't work how you would think they work like they're not gonNa take like let's say you're paying your mortgage your mortgage fifteen hundred dollars a month right so let's just say in April May and June. You don't pay your mortgage because you your loan deferred you said. Hey it's okay. We're being super lenient right now. We understand what's going on. We're going to go ahead into for your payments. Don't worry about it. Just make sure that you take care of yourself and you stay quarantined cool so for the next three months. You haven't paid your mortgage and they've they've been for a as a courtesy for three months and then July first comes around and it's time to start paying your mortgage again so again. Your mortgage is fifteen hundred dollars but one thing that you don't realize about these deferments is that they're not just going to take that forty thousand dollars at you know from the past three months and spread it across the rest of your own. GonNa take it and add it to the back end of your free to worry about later. They're going to call that do on July first along with your fifteen hundred dollar payments again. This is most learners. Most banks will check with their lender check with their bank and see what's going on what they're offering how they're offering these deferment programs in pay attention to the words that they're using because they liked me slash sometimes sense of the word age. Pay attention to the dates. How things are being organized and ultimately make sure that you're getting to the bottom of how the loan is being restructured. Some loan programs. They're going to say. Hey maybe what we're going to do is take that forty five hundred dollars and spread it over the over the next three months July August September. So that you don't have to pay for five hundred dollars plus fifteen hundred July. But you'll maybe pay forty five or go. Maybe pay fifteen hundred dollars for July. And then we'll split those those three months of payments that you miss with split those over the next three months you'll be paying three thousand dollars a month for three months until things get back to normal right that. That's an option. I don't know if that's an option for all lenders. But that's definitely one of the options that they're highly likely to give because they'll give you. They won't just tell you one thing they'll give you a few different options. So ultimately again a lot of people are GONNA get in trouble by this. A lot of people are going to manage their finances. Some people still be collecting rents while having their loan under firm just to buy some groceries just to make sure they have a little bit and reserve just to take care of the car right whatever. The case may be things. Come up medical bills and you're going to see a lot of investors and a lot of homeowners get in trouble in Q. To curate just because of this along because they're mismanaging their finances because we're not doing the right thing For their financial future because they don't understand how these programs work so when it comes to the state of the market. I think there's going to be massive opportunity for all of us. Investors when to take down and cater to those types of homeowners and investors we can learn skills and strategies which will get to here in a moment to be able to capitalize on that and help both people out of their situations. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA be able to take a lot of properties this year guy so definitely stay tuned. Those are just my personal feelings and my personal twenty market predictions. But we'll see what happens right and I'll keep you guys posted. So the next question actually flows right into the last question is what is the best strategy for these uncertain times so the best strategy and my personal opinion I only use strategies with no money. No CASH NO CREDIT NO BANKS INVESTORS SOMETIMES. I use investors but what is the best strategy in these uncertain times to take down those types of deals? That I just highlighted for you. Ultimately it's going to be subject to strategy so if you don't know subject to is it's it's short per subject to the existing mortgage and the reason why this is a no money no credit and all that good stuff is because of how. You're structuring this. Do so you're not going to apply for a loan which is very hard on these certain times right. Loan requirements are definitely timing up. So That's how you normally take down properties in definitely want to how I take down properties right. I only you subject to an owner fire right and these than these strategies I'm able to take down properties with no and low money down okay. So ultimately you'll be taking over the payments of the seller it's on some of the seller said of you go in and get a loan and you. Can you know one hundred thousand dollar loan to replace to sellers? Loan Castles out so the seller can walk away. You get loan and you. You got a new loan and you get the sellers. Dean now at your property. There's one caveat you don't have to go apply for a long. You don't have to get approved. We'll have to meet certain requirements. All you have to do is go talk to a motivated. So build report explained to them with a subject to is and that you're going to take over their loan you're gonNA take over payment of their loan and and you're going to also take the deed to the property the details property that's gives you ownership so you'll take over payment. Get the lead to the property. And now it's your property. You'll be paying payments on their path that is called subjects who investing This requires very little money. Out of your pocket doesn't require any credit right. It doesn't require working with lenders and meeting certain requirements. It's the best investing strategy for these and certain times you guys know I have a course called the motivated settlement We had enrollment open for about a week or two in February and early March and we'll have enrollment open again until the fall but there are plenty of resources out there and we'll even talk about some ways. We can work together to help you build up your portfolio using subject to as well here on this podcast episode but definitely understand subjects. Who WENT ON OUR FINANCING? Deals are the way go in this market. And that's Kinda how I see the the next few months or the next few quarters pine out rather number six. Why is it important to seek only the types of sellers that are motivated by circumstance so you may often hear the term motivated seller again thrown around in different real estate circles? And you may not know exactly what that means or why that's important or why we don't look for property on the MLS so we don't go to villa dot com start. Scrolling must say you can't find motivated sellers there but ultimately I look for a seller that needs help and needs help bad. If I was sewing one of my properties today I would want for price vows. Only one of my properties and I wasn't in any major stress or wasn't because I needed some extra money or any Any of the reasons why people may need to hurry up and so I would sell for full price. I would list my property on the MLS full price. And I would wait until I got. That only make sense right. There's no pressure for me to sell at a discount so for lower than full price. But there are certain people who sell their properties at desperation cosell because maybe they just lost their job may be. There was a divorce. Maybe they inherited the property. Live all the way in New York and they don't want to manage tenants. Maybe their burnt-out landlord right. There are so many reasons why people sell properties and you can find people with the right motivation. You can make some spectacular deals happen. I remember about a and a half two weeks ago. I was I've been in Mexico for about a month and I started watching the news and Keeping up with COPD. Nineteen and making sure that I didn't need to worry about returning back to the US. Or if I did I would know right and slowly but surely like I started seeing borders close. I saw like the Canadian border close. I don't know if it was for flights as well but I know like the ground border was closed. I was like oh I started seeing like rumors and hearing from either tendons that were saying. Yeah Mexico's next. Mexico snacks and I was like all man. Like what do I do on the one hand I can? I can stay here and just Kinda you know quarantine here and just kind of two and a half on here with Mexico at the time. Nobody there was talking about corona. Like wasn't a big deal. Like tissue paper was stocked everywhere. We have to worry about any goes literally lists throughout the month of March And that was an auction but at the same time I was like I know it's eventually GonNa Start Spreading year and I know that you know we may or may not have the best medical treatment and have Have more resources if you know if I ever needed anything right and then again I'm close to family and friends and all that could self like well. I could go back but again. I don't know I wanna go back because so many people there are so many. Us cases and why even myself in another plane airport and all this stuff and then I saw the writing on the wall. That was probably not a good idea. The extent to stay 'cause I I only got one ticket therefore month and I had time on being there pro probably until things die down for the next few months but I finally decided after Washington us for a while which again something I hate. I never watched. I totally despise news and we can get into that later but I decided to go against my my judgment or what I wanted and I was going back to the states so I booked a ticket and mind you when I first got to Mexico. I flew in through Cancun and straight from Cancun. I went to a city called play del Carmen. And it's one of my favorite cities of all time on my love play stadium player for about seven days. Which is a little bit south. Maybe about thirty to forty five minutes south of Cancun Cancun airport save their seven went back up to Cancun for another seven days and then came back down to play for another seven days after that I was like. Let's go down south further so I went to a town called Salone That's maybe another thirty forty five minutes. Maybe even an hour away from Plato. Does I'll pay few locals about leaving from the airport leaving to the airport from salone because I started watching the news. And Oh it's not that bad as our you know and this is how you do it and all this. I think you know it's an hour. Just have to make sure that you know a book a good flight and you know I I get the transportation. Somebody get eighty. Oh bus and all this stuff and I got really directions and all that stuff so I was. I was set so the day comes that you know. I need to get to the airport. And I'm leaving from Tacoma again. Mind you when I when I came. I came to go straight to play that I went up to Cancun back down to play like I never really had traveled from two to the airport from airports like because I was city happen and ultimately the day I left my flight was like at three thirty five in the afternoon probably not Thursday and so decided. Okay if it's at three thirty five get to the airport. Maybe two thirty Two o'clock I think took perfect and just hang out right so if I need to get there by two thirty two o'clock that would be perfect. Let me leave. Let me get. Let me get on a bus that maybe leaves at one or no twelve thirty so I get to the get to the ADO. The it's not like the regular transit bus. These are like high endless sad wifi and all this great stuff was pretty cool So I get some radio bus and Wait IN LINE. Get one money exchange all this good stuff and Get on the bus. Finally we probably didn't pull out until maybe one one fifteen some flights at three thirty five. Okay cool I'll be there. You know to fifteen latest besides by our Bula to fifteen. I'll be good. We start driving and we actually for a good minute and I looked at the time in hidden our as like now. Okay to Fifteen Mike. Our flights at three thirty five will probably stop letting people on at about three o'clock till so. Let me let me ask. This guy was going on There's not a whole lot of time for me to go through Drop off my luggage go through. Tsa and all that good stuff right so ultimately asked the bus driver. I was like hey you know how far we how much time is left. And he said well we're about thirty forty five minutes away. How soccer serious right like people had told me the locals that told me about an hour and I don't know if I misinterpreted if my Spanish was the law. I don't know what happened. Or maybe they didn't know what I was saying but ultimately I was screwed by the time I would have gotten to the airport Boarding would have started in probably almost ended. And you can't check into your flight less than an hour or less than forty five minutes ago someplace flight. Well it was already two teams in twenty minutes. It was going to be the cutoff but we weren't going to get there until another forty five minutes so I tried to use the Wifi. Try to revoke all this stuff. And it wasn't working. I was frustrated when I got there. We got to the airport and I hurried and I went to go. Try to find the line. I don't know why because by the time I got to the airport. It was like it was like three three zero five or something and it was just. This is pointless bio go. Try to find the line and all my way to the line guy stops me. And he's like. Hey what's your flight. You know what are you looking for? I can help you not needing help. I JUST. I just need to go. Go find how to how to get on a plane today and head to the. Us mind you. Everybody has gloves and massing all these things on and no song super paranoid about shaking hands and all this other stuff But he was like. Yeah what do you need? Let me help you know it. Looks like I told Miss Fleiss looks like you Mr Five. Maybe I can I can. I can help you. You know. Get to your next destination or or another flight. And he wasn't like one of the people who work for the airlines but he was like a third party service and I looked at shirt and he was a transportation transportation company. Now I was like. Oh He's you know he's a weird guy but he's he's trying to be nice or maybe he's trying to eventually work me up to a needing his services to go back to play our to loan because there's obviously no flights leaving today Which was the case. Because we had he had gone through like hold on. Stay here for me. I didn't I really didn't want to talk to my really. DidN'T WANNA say WanNa keep going and finding lines and talk to other people who are part of the airlines was a free stay here so he went to get a phone and you start looking at five. Yeah Mike Eighty percent of flights to the US or cancelled which again he was right like a lot of flights being cancelled that day in my flight wasn't one of the ones that cancel by missed it. So he said your best bet is to just go back go booking flights for tomorrow and go back into the city. I'm like he's transportation service. Of course that's what he was like. No I think I WANNA leave today. I need to find a way to lead today. You don't think there's any way possible like no. There's no way I don't see any way possible for you at least one or two flights left. I don't think you're going to be able to make those and you know all this other stuff as I. I'll you know I'll take my chances. Let me go let me go find out more information but I appreciate your help. So after that conversation I went not into the the lines to contact my baggage. Which is the one I was going to before but I wanted to the customer service line for my airlines to see if maybe I can get my ticket swapped even though I'm going I'm at fault. And actually they are at fault because I originally well okay anyways. Even though I'm at fault hopefully I can get my ticket swapped but this ticket swap line was so long so long. I was like okay. It's long but maybe it moves fast. So I get into the ticket swap line and I started to think everybody's hysteric like everybody's running around like white gloves and masks and sanitizer in six feet apart in you know there's so many Americans at the airport who don't have lights but they're trying to get on pines because everybody's literally trying to give back to the US. And I'm just like Oh my goodness this is a pandemic for real like this is bad. I don't know if I'm going to be able to leave at all like not not tomorrow but at all so I stand in this line and literally stay under for about thirty minutes and I'm like the whole thirty minutes just kind of like Oh my goodness I need harping on fly. Like there's probably one or two more flights left for today like I gotTa Hurry. Hurry hurry hurry up. The line does not matter one bit for thirty minutes not one day so like I'm super like now. I'm getting like super paranoid phone. Start saying maybe I look at myself so I already know what to tell them what I get up there. The specific airline. I can't remember what it was. They didn't have a flight for me normally tonight. I don't know why didn't fly united this time but they have a flavor me so I started looking at all kinds of flights like I can take any type of connecting flights to get to the US new mentioned to get to Texas. But anyways I found a flight that allowed me to fly straight to Texas right to Houston I was. Oh Wow there's but this flight is an hour and a half now. I don't know how I'm going to be able to get on the slight. Let me see if they're only available seats in their world. There are available seats rows. Like I'm in this line trying to not pay for another ticket but get my flight revoked. And hopefully that works out but whether or not that works out. I'm going to miss flight right here that I can easily go ahead and book through another airlines United Airlines and just pay a few hundred dollars toll. What do I do it are waiting this line? Risk missing this flight and then getting to the frontline only for them to tell me how your flight is not going to be able to be re booked or do I just go ahead and buy this flight. Get Out of this line and head to that flight now. I was motivated. I was motivated. I wanted to get home Mike at First I didn't want to leave. I Never WanNa leave Iraq a whole period but once I got to the airport. I'm like I'm already here. I might as well leave. I've already risked being at a public place all these thousands of people. I'm not GonNa do this again tomorrow. I need to leave today. I was motivated so ultimately I made a decision is like let me get out of this line. Let me by this ticket and let me see if I can hurry up and get to this terminal. I buy the ticket. She Hundred Bucks get out of the line a little spot in line. I said he also now. I'm going to another race against the clock to get to another terminal so I walk back I walk. I walk outside of the airport to where you know. Passenger pickup is the seekonk line at taxi or shuttle or something. I don't know got shuttles. You know how we have shows that trans transport between different different terminals and I found the guy who walked up to me earlier his. Hey what happened did you did you did you would every book it. I was like no. I wasn't able to re book it but I just went ahead and bought a ticket. He was like yeah for tomorrow. So you wanted to you know. Finally get you back to your house today. Oh you did good good. Where where is the terminal all? Yeah I can help you know. Send us at terminal and like okay again. I felt like he was sketchy. Has like whatever he's been trying to help so he's like okay he's like okay well that terminals like three or four. Max. Five minutes away. I'll driver he'll be able to take you straight to the terminal no worries you'll go straight and you'll be able to get in line and you'll be fine. Wow this guy's got sent. Maybe he's not after all and then he tells me the price after. I just bought a brand new ticket on the spot. He tells me the price and he's like yeah so it'll take you about three minutes away. It's going to be about forty forty five dollars and obviously it's not a big deal. It's forty five dollars in a general sense but for what is being produced which has taken me about three minutes away. It's outlandish especially in Mexico where I pay thirty five pesos. For the average ride and just to give you context thirty five. Pesos is a little over a dollar so again. We're in Mexico. So you have to think about how exorbitant prices and. I was appalled. I was like I'm okay. I'm GonNa Finally Airport Shuttles. I've been to airports to know how they work. Find a shuttle and I'll be there in five ten minutes. Whatever and he's like no. The shuttles are about lagging about three or four hours. I was like what's how and it was the pandemic like the sodas were full. They were lagging. I was like I know what I m. you can't walk to another terminal like the airports are huge. So right in there I was like Oh my goodness okay so I can't take a shuttle. Maybe I'll find a taxi. No taxis only service only option available for me to make that flight was to go with him and I decided to do it because I know what I still it if you can if you can do it for forty hours not forty. Five forty five for forty dollars. Still you know just bargain a little bit okay. What for forty? So he got my luggage. He He takes it to causes guy the guy pulls up and he puts it in the trunk or the back of the van a small small. Maybe like eight seater. It's small van White Van and see like four other people One couple in two other people in the van and I sit in the very front with the driver and ultimately the guy comes by what his credit card reader and he swipes Egypt cards for forty dollars. Forty forty five dollars so easily. They made about two hundred two hundred fifty dollars on his trip. Just going three minutes shuttling back and forth. I made about two. I was like wow. This is a great business is insane and I paid for it and other people paid for it because we had a need that needed to be served we had. We had a circumstance we had. We're motivated we're motivated past the average individual motivated past the individual who lived in Mexico City. Who was trying to get home. But you know he's a player for for the weekend right. I mean he he stay another night. He'd crashed out of showing gets what miracle. My motivation was through the roof. So as everybody else in the in that van so it goes to show you that under normal circumstances and what the locals locals would never do that. That's absurd you know normal. People would never do that. That's absorbed by another ticket in him and pay pay for a show like that like but again the situation that might be myself. I was particularly in demand with that. I take massive action to get to the goal that I needed and ultimately I want you to know that. That's how you need to think about these. Motivates not also are a good fit for our strategies but the ones are in dire need. They heard a great fit for our strategies. And what's crazy is after he swiped my credit card. I don't remember how many times I thanked him in from meet thinking he was super sketchy right he obviously just wanted my money to. We built a relationship. We laugh the few times throughout the whole process. He swiped my car tonight. Thanked him for charging forty dollars to get three minutes away because there was no other chance there was no other possible solution and I thank them for services because I was happy that I was finally able to get back to the states. You guys think about these low ball offers that you're making for wholesale feel uncomfortable but on the other end when you complete one of those you'd be surprised at how many people tell you you for making them a low ball offer but an offer that worked for them to get them out of another situation that they were in. This is the definition of motivation. And when you only go after motivated sellers you have the possibility to do some great deals so I hope that kind of gives you a little bit of insight as to why motivation is so important. What motivation could actually do for individual question number seven? How much money do I need to save for a downpayments? This beautiful question. I love this question because they can take so many different directions. I can say well it depends on how big the property is. It depends on what type of program you get. It depends on what your goals are which will ultimately gets who because that's the ultimate answer. It's kind of the power goes on what type of Investment Strategy Brazilian. So there's a lot of riff off of with this question but I wanna let's start with the amount of land that you need for a down. Payment is where you currently are today. If you want to invest today right now you should go ahead and the best today right now with the money that you have today right now it may sound weird may be off putting for some of you who have any money but you have all the resources especially here in America. You have all the resources at your disposal to get deals done now okay. So the amount doesn't really matter and you know it's funny one of my Mastermind members. He has a client Where I think the client was paying twelve hundred thousand rents every single month paying twelve hundred thousand right and he wanted to be a homeowner and perhaps even start being an investment through that home but I mean homeowner so ultimately he decided him in my mastermind member. They decided that he was going to enroll in a loan program that allowed him to put no money down an actual important that allowed him to put no money now. So in this transaction. He put zero dollars now for the down payment. Back to answer your question. How much do you need? He put zero dollars down and at the end of that. Transaction has monthly mortgage. Came out eleven hundred dollars which has one hundred dollars cheaper than has rents but now he owns an entire property. He owns an entire property. He's building he's building equity in this property tax breaks there's so much that he's now being privy to as opposed to being just a normal renter and we moves out of that property. It's a new rental property. He put zero money down and he lessened his expenses. How many people would love to do that right? It's because he educated himself on the things that most people don't educate themselves all right. So if you're like I want to start in real estate but I have to wait until I get my credit score. Upper have to wait until I get the down payment right afterward until I learn a little bit more of the whatever. Your excuses know that there are other people who have tried and succeeded at what you're trying to do with what you have or what you're trying to get. There's a way around everything have to learn the rules of the game so you can have a zero dollar down payment and you can have a forty thousand dollar down. Payment right ultimately depends on what you believe. Seriously what you believe if you believe. There's a way to get in and have a down payment of zero dollars. You're gonNA find that way. Heck you've already found that way right. We have owner financing. We have wholesaling subject to all strategies inside of MSN MSN. If you don't know what's the motivation it's my it's my implementation. Might the my strategy for taking down deals with no money no credit financing catering to a motivated sellers needs right currently closed for enrollment. But the waiting list is definitely alive and thriving so you can head over to before the Mayans dot com slash. Ms To get on the waiting list. That course opens back up this fall. I've been thinking through this crisis that there may need to be a adjustment to that because I know so. Many people sit at home. They wanted to start in real estate but what they WANNA full implementation system and they don't WanNa wait until the fall Just because nineteen. I've been brainstorming about different ways to get that kind of content out. We'll talk about that here on on on the end of today's episode but ultimately MSN will be to the fall so head over to before the man's dot com for such MSN to get my entire package on how I take down deals with wholesales with owner financing subject to also there's a fortnight US call Tenet virus drowsy which is absolutely mind blowing will talk about more about how you can learn about all of this stuff on upcoming Webinar. That I'm hosting for free for you guys so definitely stick around to the end of episode for that so when it comes to down payment. I want to leave you with this. It's all about your minds about education that you get in space but also it's about your investing strategy so if you head over to before the MAYANS DOT com forward slash guide. Guid you're going down. My newbies got which is going to help you kind of filter through all the different investment strategies filtered through exactly where you are today how much money you have. What your connections are what your education is in real estate and then were you wanna go. How many units you on. How much passive income? You want to make all that stuff. And then we're going to close the gap and figure out what that gap is between the time that you're starting and what time you'll get to that goal so for me. I started in two thousand sixteen. Mongo was to make five ten thousand dollars a month and passive income in two years. My very first property started cash flowing two hundred and fifty dollars a month but my down payment was twenty thousand dollars like eighteen and some change so ultimately those savings and if I wanted to cash flow at ten K. A month or even say five careone I needed about nineteen twenty thousand dollar downpayments to replicate what I did for that. I do. And that's absolutely insane. We're going to get that money from. I used my entire life savings right so what I would do now. What I would suggest to younger me is. Don't use twenty thousand dollars for a for a down payment. Don't go the traditional way. Traditional way is wrong for you. I'm saying for my situation. My goals where I was what I wanted. How fast I wanted to achieve that right. I had a two year goal right and there was no way. I can come up with twenty nine thousand nine hundred thousand down payments in two years so I have to rethink my actions or rethink my goal. I wanted to keep my goal is to rethink my access to get your so ultimately. I decided that the next time I get twenty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars. I'M NOT GONNA put it all sorts of down payment. I'm going to build a real estate business. I'm willing to use strategies. Allow me to get into real estate. Wouldn't no one no money down and use that money towards marketing? Now that didn't happen for maybe a year or two later. Still a few more properties are few more single families about some Maltese as well. But those mealy I decided that after after about a year and a half two years I needed to strictly start using my money for marketing and strictly focused on taking down deals with no one loan money. So this is all stemming from my resources including education not just money but also education even connections my resources my goals and then how long. I'm giving myself to get to Michael. Wish again for two years so with all of this I happened upon the strategies that used today teach inside of Amazon. So it's going to go back to your roles. GonNa go back to where you are what you're working with with the resources or whatever resources you have today you can get started today. Whatever downpayment you have today you can get started today. I guarantee you just have to open your mind to education. That's needed for you to get there. Okay so we're crossing the one hour mark and I really thought that we're going to get this podcast episode in about thirty five minutes. Hopefully this is really good content. I'm sharing a lot of stories but maybe we'll get through a few more questions than than when maybe we'll have a part two of this of this package episode. I'm still on my first glass almost done with it. Maybe I can get to the second one before we wrap it up so let's Mosey along down to question number. A is it better to invest in the suburbs or the city. This is a great question. I'm going to be a short and sweet answer. It's all about the numbers. It's all about the numbers. It all boils down to the numbers so just make it a numbers game to go a little bit more in depth. Like let's say you're invested in AIRBNB properties right. You're investing in properties to turn them into urban bees in that situation. I would invest in the city. Our I would invest as close as possible. I would miss an tourist town in the tour city tourist attraction tourist area. The only way I wouldn't do that is if the numbers made sets investing outside of the city right so again it. It's always going to boil down to the numbers even in the city. Numbers may not make sense. I still may not do it so ultimately going to look at the numbers for rentals right. I can invest in the suburbs rentals. That's easy that's no problem. That's what I do mostly anyways right. I can invest in the city Francois but regardless of if I'm invested in the suburbs of the city's the numbers to make sense and when I say the numbers I mean like your mortgage payment versus how much money you're bringing in through rental payments from your right so if those types of numbers make sense than that's what makes it a great investment not thinking about whether city or suburban things of that nature so I hope that gives you a little bit of insight of how I think about. These things has to make sense on paper. I what book recommendations this is question number nine. What Book Recommendations Do you have for? Someone just getting started in real estate so I'm not ashamed to say that my entire adult life I did not read a single book of until the age of Twenty Five. I think eighteen nineteen twenty. I tried eight. Forty eight laws of power by Robert. Greene. Three four or five six times. I try on airplanes at home before I went to bed. I tried sold might but I just wasn't a reader and it's crazy because middle school high school and stuff like that. I was a rare. I love reading More fictional books though but the wasn't until twenty sixteen where I started facing life challenges and circumstances were just hitting the fan and I really need it to get into personal development where I picked up a book that changed everything and that book is reset port. So I would recommend that you start with that book That's by Robert Kiyosaki. Now with that book. It's not going to give you concrete steps to jump into real estate. It's going to give You a vision. It's going to give you. It's it's going to inspire is going to show you exactly how to think about money. How money works right. And it's a beautiful beautiful book to get started. Another book was to. My favorite book is called the four hour workweek. This is my Tim Fares so I would recommend those books. I starting out ultimately Me Personally once I started where report. Ed I started reading about that. I I start reading into like May of that. You're more or April that your first. You're probably nineteen twenty books. Handwritten Single Book Holland entire life. And since that you have read about forty to fifty bucks a year every single year so if you head over to before the millions dot com slash resources have a top ten book list from Two Thousand. Sixteen all the way up so that you can get all of my recommended books last year between nineteen. My most highly recommended book is called the surrender experiment by Michael J. sinker. It is a beautiful book and it's a perfect book to read during these times. Call surrender experiment. Hopefully some of those recommendations help haven't don't really give this linkup much anymore but again. I'm an audible affiliate which I mentioned a little bit earlier in the podcast episode. So if you want to listen to those books for free you get two free books on audible if you had over two before the millions dot com for slash book beet. Okay so that covers book recommendations Before the man's dot com slash resources to get my top ten list year year and before the man's dot com forward slash book to use audible and get free books on me question number ten and I think we'll wrap up question number ten and maybe we'll do a part two so continue to submit your questions. Hit me up on instagram. My instagram handle this derail aliyah. Or you can head over to. Before the man's dot com for slash INSTA- Graham hit me up via our private facebook group. Which is all right before the man's dot com forward slash group via email derive before the man's dot com. I don't care how you reach out to me but get your questions in. Let's make sure we get your goal. I don't want you stagnant in Q. Two or Q. Through Q. Four visger any year so definitely get your questions to Munich. We don't answer it in this form. The session I would definitely shoot you a quick response to enhance so get. My supreme handles before the millions dot com forward slash instagram. Which reminds me today has been a day full of QNA's like I did. A ton of Instagram is did a facebook live to answer out of the group which I often to life. You guys just answering a ton of questions so again take advantage of that because I can almost be your personal mentor through these groups so have over two before the man's Dot Com force last group to get your dosage last but not least question number ten. What this what are the different ways in which we can work with your so. There are quite a few ways that you can work with me if you're looking for a real estate mentor coach for consulting someone venture bouncing ideas off of if you're looking for an accountability partner. Maybe looking for a real estate partner. Because it's different ways that you guys work with me I'll start by saying that weight number one which is a beautiful beautiful system. I GONNA. I've talked about this a little bit earlier but msn the motivated seller metro. Which is my brand new course. That came out earlier this year. The cardis currently closed and currently working with all of the students who Who enrolled in the course in February and March. And we're getting them to their real estate goal. Now this is a self study course but it also comes with a two week. Acuity is every single week where we show up. Live to your goal and this is the way you can work with me when the car opens back up. So that's all right before the DOT com forward slash M. S. M. It's my entire real estate system and strategy from beginning to end eight modules. You'll learn how to create your business entity you're learn how to analyze deals. You're learning how to talk to motivated sellers. You'll have all the scripture automations you'll get contracts so my contracts were actually three grand about three or four grand and then to get them universal for all cities in all states in the. Us cost me another tool grant about one point. Five grand to get that all done for you guys attorney so I miss 'em is the real deal everybody who's been through has gave it raving reviews and I love it absolutely. So that's all right before dot com force. I M S M to get on the waiting list and will most likely released course for a short time to be about a week's window in August or September latest October so there's WanNa make sure that you know that's one way that you can work with another way that you're gonNa work with me which This way is actually not inexpensive. It's not cheap. This is my one on one private coaching and this is one of my favorite products. Because I'm able to help you side-by-side build up every facet of your business. So taking for instance every single thing that we go through an MSN. When we go on these I've QNA's it'll almost be like when when you're one on one client almost be like I'm sitting beside you and we're building your business together your night in the loan. We're doing everything fifty fifty like it's one of those things where this is the most amount of value that you can get as you build your business and you have accountability. You have a partner to lean on. Your mind is GonNa deals which you have somebody who's going to motivate you and support you Ah so much that goes into my one on one coaching program. It's ridiculous I can talk about all of that here on today's episode but if you WANNA learn more Head over to before the millions dot com slash workshop and. I don't accept all applicants actually except maybe about ten percent of their actually set this But except for about ten percent of applicants because this this utilizes so much of my time so much of my time and a half to be with the right people. I'M GONNA spend two to three to five hours with you per week. One on one. It's one of those situations where has to be somebody that I'm compatible with. Has TO BE SOMEBODY. That's motivated driven. That's determined that's going to get the results and you know there's a vetting process. Oh it wouldn't hurt to put out application. Maybe we'll get on the phone. We'll talk a little bit more about your Rosa investing journey miracles but my one on one coaching program is really helping you get to the next level and building up your entire real estate business which includes not only build up assistant for passive income but also position to create active incomes such as wholesaling affixing flittering which those fixed flip is not actual strategy that we pursue that we use but you'll you'll use a strategy which tenant buyer strategy that makes just as much money as fixing the flipping without all the headaches contractors doubt managing individuals managing projects pies worrying about costs over worrying about the market changing on you without putting your money at risk right. There's so much that I do in my strategy. That again the ways you're going to be able to learn my strategies it's going through my son course or reprimands. Dot Com FORCI show. We'll become one on personal. Coaching client over at before the man's dot com for slash workshop. And then the third way that we can work together is off the normal beaten path And it's a very different type of product. It's called the before my mastermind. Now I've been running a high-level masterminds since January of Twenty nineteen and we're changing the philosophy structure her a little bit here in twenty twenty but ultimately and it's still in the works. And you're going to hear a lot of a lot more about this in a Commune Week. So no worries. But if you're a religious at Osborne if your investor your real estate professional and going back to your real estate income going back to teaching your skills right if you have knowledge about what you've done that's been successful right. Maybe you have a platform. You have a podcast. Maybe you're thinking about Brennan email lists right one of my mastermind members currently We got him started email list last March march of Twenty nineteen and I think he has a few hundred subscribers today and he's been able to pull out of that email this so far twenty thousand dollars out of that email list so this is a real estate professional was getting ready to open up his own brokerage and these are the types of bright minds individuals that you'll be meeting with on a weekly basis in this mastermind. How this difference for my other products. I'm not teaching you how to become a real estate investor owned by Roy Estate. This is more of a meeting of like minds right. We all have our own niches and real estate world doing our own thing but ultimately we're wanting to spread the knowledge of what we're doing right whether you have a platform where you don't have a platform want to educate you WanNa teach what you're doing so that other people can benefit off of your success and then to become successful so we touch on things like a family a health wealth relationships I mean. We're I mean it's a band it's like a brother and sisterhood. Like we're all a close knit family and it's it's imperative that if you ever think about joining a group like this that those are the qualities that they uphold right we have each other's back we give each of those resources and connections and things of that nature so a very different product and all of my other products and for those of us who already have a successful real estate business or on the way to a successful roasted business and they want to start helping other people by maybe creating a course great podcast being prominent on social media and using those means take. Sensu IT Your Business. But also using those means to create revenue another source of revenue three or teaching and consulting and masterminding in workshops and a live events and things of that nature so again the details and the crux of this is really being ironed out over the next few weeks or your hair a lot of promo about this but if you're even the slightest bit interested in this mastermind Let's let's go ahead and get you an application so head over to four million's dot com for slash mastermind and most likely as soon as you throw that out. I'll show you a quick email almost immediately and save hop on the phone and see if we're good fit because there's another product where most people that apply for this or not a good fit for the masterminds. I'm looking for people who have value to give not only are a bit to take value from others but have have their own experience and have value to give to every other member in the group as well so it's a vetting process and if you want to mastermind with me like minded individuals for doing great awesome things real estate head over to before the maintenance dot com for last mastermind. And that's where you will learn more about the before the Mayans mastermind. Okay last but not least last way that you can work with me is a Free. Webinar that I have coming up and I'm actually excited about this wherever I've never done anything like this before. So we'll see how this goes. I'm working on the format now and I think it's going to be a Webinar to wear any and everybody Webinar. You'll be able to share your screen. You'll be able to share your audio. We'll be able to ask you. You'll be able to ask them questions live. It's very different from facebook because on facebook. Our lives like you can only type of comment boxer on this. Webinar. It'd be on zoom in. You can show up either by phone or by video. I'll be on video. Obviously screen assurance lives but on this Webinar. What we're doing is we're ultimately helping you create a virtual real estate business here in twenty twenty if you're listening to this twenty twenty one. We're helping you crater virtual business in these uncertain times As real estate investors were having to adjust real estate professionals. You guys are having to adjust everybody's having to adjust and it'd be behoove us to learn the strategies that allow us to social distance. It'd be to learn the methods. Allow us to take down deals right now. We're lending this tight right so I wanNA teach you guys from A to Z. What my system looks like in about a two hour session. So it's a it's a entirely fascinating workshop There should be a price point on this at two forty nine at one ninety nine for this workshop. But because I've been thinking about what might give back component of this of this pandemic is going to be hi. I'm going to help. Individuals get to their goal. I decided to make it a free workshop. Okay so again if you look if you look at my journal back in January back in December new see concrete Louisville's a price tag. I think it was one ninety nine as a price tag of one nine nine for this workshop and now this time is coming understand. What's going on and I want to get this contents as many people as possible. We're GONNA have this workshop for free so if you want to learn how to virtual wholesale if you want to learn how to virtually takedown rental properties if you WANNA learn how to get into deals with none of your own money no financing and you will remember systems that I use to automate all of this right if you WANNA learn how I hire virtual assistant so that they can take me out. Mum Show the business and completely see my real estate system from beginning the very beginning all the way through the very end once we close the deal and we put tenants and their then head over to before the millions dot com forward slash Webinar. I guarantee you. It's going to be mind blowing past erasing one of them. People have fallen in love with them and none have ever been like this. So we're you can actually show up on video. You can actually show up the audio and I'll be able to answer your questions directly. We'll be able to walk through whatever you're going through Isis and at the end and you'll learn a system from beginning to end it's GonNa be magical had overseas before the man's dot com for slash Webinar Reserve. Your seats. There can only be one hundred people. This is not a marketing anything. There can only be one hundred people on this Webinar. This will fill up before the DOT com forward slash Webinar. This webinar is going to take place at one PM. Thursday April Twenty Third. At the time you listen to this At the time this episode is dropping. This is going to release. It's next week next Thursday and I say released I mean we're going to be live next Thursday on zoom. We're going to be getting you to your real estate goals. We're going to be helping you build your real estate business again next Thursday one PM. I'm showing up with a bunch of slides showing you the the back doors of all of my systems all my softwares. How I set everything up. Like you're going to see everything before the Mayans dot com forward slash Webinar. Okay so guys. This has been an amazing. Qna This is the first of its kind our listener question and answer segment will. I've been able to answer all of your questions coming in over the past few weeks and we have so many more to cover so we may do apart next week in the upcoming weeks if you have any questions that haven't been answered or any of the question that I've answered today sparked additional questions. Hit me up on instagram. Let's get you to your goal and guys sign up for my free Webinar. We ARE UNCERTAIN. Times and there are so many sellers. We're going to be vulnerable. There's so many. Investors are going to be born next coming quarters. I want to be prepared to take down these deals. I wanted to be an awesome Melissa. Investor a savvy investor. Someone who knows how. To Creatively. Finance how to creatively bank and get into these deals. Because that's why you have to be during these times. Someone show you guys exactly. It's hopes of sellers to go after. And what they could possibly be going through right now. I'm GonNa try to talk to others and take down those deals head over so before the DOT com for slash Webinar to make sure that you reserve your seats today so guys. That's all that I have for you today. It's been a whole lot of fun. I'm just barely getting through my first class but I know where is my poor up. The second line whom I see is on the very next episode before the millions podcast do.

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