News in Brief 22 January 2019


This is the news in brief from the United Nations a bid to give amnesty to all those responsible for crimes during Guatemala's decades long. Civil war could represent a drastic setback to the rule of law and accountability you and right sheaf Michelle Basch, let has said in a statement on Tuesday. The High Commissioner expressed her serious concern that the data mile and congress had taken steps to approve an amendment to legislation that has been force since the nineteen Ninety-six peace accords that ended thirty six years of clashes if adopted the amendment will see dozens of people in jail for enforced disappearances summary executions, sexual violence and torture, freed within twenty four hours ongoing investigations into abuse. Will also be halted MS Bachelet continued warning that such a move risked reopening old wounds, and in addition would destroy victims trust in the state and its institutions before the amendment can be adopted. Congress must approve it after three separate readings some two hundred thousand people. Are estimated to have died during Guatemala's civil war. According to the UN human rights office, h Chr in November it welcomed the conviction of a former Guatemalan soldier involved in the infamous dos s massacre of indigenous Maya villages OH HR said that the ruling against Santos Lopez. Alonzo was an important step for transitional Justice in Guatemala, although he was one of only six military personnel to have been convicted amid the frequent use of injunctions to stole the trials of high level officials. A spate of migrant shipwrecks and rescues in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days is evidence that urgent action is required from Europe to help the UN said on Tuesday the warning from u n refugee agency UNHCR and the UN migration agency. I o m comes after close to one hundred seventy people are believed to have drowned in separate tragedies of the Libyan and Moroccan coast late last week in one incident last Friday, more than one hundred people are believed to have died in Libyan waters, where the coast guard has reportedly being grounded because of fuel shortages. Here's Iowa spokesperson. Joel millman three men were rescued fifty miles off live from sinking boat by Italian navy helicopter and brought to Lampedusa easily. I am staff spoke to the three survivors who said the boat carried one hundred twenty people on board based on their testimony. I estimates all hundred seventeen went missing. And presumably drowned at sea before rescue services could reach them. According to the survivors. Ten women one of them pregnant and two children are on board in a related development. I o n reported that nearly one hundred fifty migrants had been returned to Libya and placed in custody after being rescued by a cargo ship UNHCR confirmed that migrants and refugees held in Libya suffered terribly inefficient. And unofficial detention centers with many reporting going hungry for days on end Libya has no safe port for docking rescued passengers the agency has insisted before calling for a coordinated multi state policy from European governments to help this people on the move and finally to the World Economic Forum or Werff in Davos, where a u n appointed panel has urged global leaders to put the rights of disadvantaged people I in their discussions the appeal from the UN working group on business and human rights comes as the annual gathering in these Swiss ski resort tackles this year's theme, which is how best to manage the challenges of our digital age. In a statement, the UN panels chair Syria diva called for all business enterprises to respect human rights throughout their perations as they appear to be absent from discussions at devils on how to reshape globalization, unless human rights are fully integrated into discussions. They conclusions will simply repeat the failings of the previous versions of globalization. Mr. diva added before noting that an authoritative framework on the subject already exists in the UN's guiding principles on business and human rights. Daniel Johnson UN news.

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