Sept. 2, 2019: Tracking Hurricane Dorian; 7 Dead In Texas Shooting


This message comes from here and now sponsor indeed. If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash n._p._r. Podcast from n._p._r. W._b. You are i'm robin robin young. It's here and now and it is labor day. We hope you're working if you wanna be you aren't if you don't in florida and in parts of the east coast people aren't having much of a choice today barbecues have been put off work sometimes put on hold as people track hurricane doreen now a category four storm still parked over the bahamas. We're we're hearing reports of terrible damage there and at least one death eight-year-old who drowned his sisters still missing and oriented slowly headed for florida earlier today today florida's governor it to santa's told floridians not to let their guard down. This is frustrating. I know for a lot of people because this seems like we've been talking about this for a long time. I'm but we are in a situation where the storm is stalling very close to our coast and the movement that it makes is going to have a lot of impact on floridians. Georgia and the carolina's are also bracing ray. Hawthorne is a meteorologist with the florida public radio emergency network ray. You guys were so hard at times like this. What's the most important thing you want us to know about dorian right now well dory and right now is still moving very very slowly has not yet started to make that turn toward the north that we have been anticipating. We do expect that to happen a little bit later on today or tonight. <hes> the storm is still a category. Four hurricane maximum sustained winds ends are near one hundred fifty five miles per hour and a lot of us here in florida have been waiting with baited breath for that northward turn it. We still anticipate that to happen a little bit later later but <hes> hasn't happened just yet and remind us we know because of climate change that waters are warmer. Does this mean that a storm like dorian is hovering longer over warmer waters and maybe hoovering that water up well. It's a fairly complex subject there so warm water is certainly a part of what hurricanes is required to intensify <hes> the other part of that is wind shear in the atmosphere and the wind shear typically has to be on the lighter side so it's really hard to say with any certainty. Just how much of an impact climate change is having but certainly that is a consideration. That's under heavy research. We'll take that out of the equation. I mean these are warmer waters anyway. There are florida florida so does that slow moving for you as a meteorologist. Does that set off an alarm if it's moving slow. Does that mean more rain or no you know. What does it mean yeah. What it means essentially is that there's likely to be more in the way of heavy wave action. Coastal flooding is going to be a major concern. We have had a sea level rise of course over the the last several decades and so that this concert exacerbate that and that very slow motion is due primarily to the fact that there are hardly anything steering the hurricane at all. We did have have a ridge of high pressure north of the hurricane steering at the last couple of days but that ridge has weekend and so there's really nothing for the hurricane to be pushed along by so we're waiting for that the neck next mechanism and that should come in tonight into the day tuesday. Well it is anyway. It's like trying to pin down a whirling dervish. You know it's it's a it's. It's an act of nature but eve you know even with that. Do you have a sense of when it might hit a florida georgia north carolina south carolina on and whether or not there's going to be as we're hearing reports from the national hurricane center a tornado involved in this yeah so it looks like the the current forecast track doc is keeping the core of the hurricane most likely offshore somewhere around seventy eighty miles somewhere around that amount but that is still close enough robin to you. Bring tropical storm force winds pretty easily onto the east coast of florida. I mainly from the treasure coast all the way up to the the first coast coming up. That looks like it'll start to arrive live later this afternoon. I've been looking at some of the observations down there and windsor getting close to tropical storm force in parts of southeast florida. We expect that trend to ramp up later on the sapphire noon and tonight and if the storm gets just even a few miles closer we have such little room for error here there certainly could be hurricane force winds hurricane raquin force wind gusts getting on shore and i'll tell you what rob and this is not likely to get out of the way along the east coast of florida until perhaps later on wednesday and it's monday sunday afternoon right now so not a fast mover and we're in the thirty s we have for people saying oh it went from a five to four and win from that tight is that we saw early this morning to a wider. I you know maybe spreading out more for those who think that's meaning not to be worried. You say oh gosh. There's hardly a difference between a category four and a category five hurricane. Maybe the difference between like being hit by eighteen wheeler in a train. There's really not a huge difference there. The impacts will be much the same to florida and the carolinas those over the coming days may hawthorne meteorologist with the florida public radio emergency network. He's going to be updating us over the day watching hurricane dorian on this labor day ray thank you you're welcome robin and texas where the city's odessa and midland are reeling after a gunman drove through both on saturday killing seven people injuring over twenty twenty marfa public radio's carlos morales is here and carlos. We spoke to during the el paso shooting now this one terrible stories we know the shooter was pulled over by police for failing to signal he fired on them a young woman on the phone with her sister her sister scream as the shooter killed her and then took her her truck talk about how this was different than a shooting that happens in one space people to know where the shooter was going next. That's right. I think for a lot of the people in <unk> own desa they heard ambulances ringing out through and they didn't know where the person would be aware of the shots were coming from <hes> the gunman was in one vehicle and as you mentioned he hijacked united states postal service mail carrier van and then <hes> so people thought there were multiple shooters at one point <hes> which police have cleared up that there is just the one gunman and people they we know where he was going to be. You had people that were shot. Well waiting at a stoplight others whose cars were struck that were parked in and <hes> kind of like a shopping center where there's a walmart home depot and just kind of other places that you would go to on any given saturday to do your shopping shopping and we are not naming the gunman but we know others are speaking of him including a neighbor who said that she called police because he would sit on his roof and shoot at her pets in in her backyard. Apparently the police couldn't find her address on g._p._s. but the point is that people knew things about him. That might have raised alarms. What else do we know about him well. He's thirty six years old. He's a white male and just last night. The new york times reported <hes> <hes> that the shooting began hours after he was fired from his trucking job <hes> born in texas. <hes> haven't heard much else as far as kind of alarms that might have been raised beforehand but we know those <hes> those details at the moment what are people there are doing now. We know there was a seventeen month. Old toddler who underwent surgery for wounds to her mouth or teeth were shot out but we understand she's home a playing with her twin win grace there but what what else do we know about how severely wounded others are and how are you know people starting the when shock we stand the starting to mourn you have the are starting to more than just last night just over a day. After this terrible tragedy unfolded ended in our west texas community <hes> people came together at a at a local university <hes> for a prayer vigil and it was an hour of of of prayer of people just coming together and really you know in the open grieving and i think a lot of people that were there was really a first step toward toward toward healing toward that process of finding that sense of normalcy there were a several people there who spoke to a reporter on the ground at the vigil and they told him that following the shooting they did not want to leave their house. They were scared and terrified to go outdoors but when they heard about the vigil they knew they had to be there and that's what started to bring people loud so i think last night at this vigil it really was a space for people of the permian basin of both odessa midland these sister cities that are about a fifteen minute drive from each other to come together and really unite <hes> and begin the healing process. That's why you're seeing the t shirts permian basin strong but this shooting comes after the one in el paso twenty. Two people killed there texas. This is loosening some gun restrictions as this is happening and your governor greg abbott made an impassioned plea at a press conference saying something has to be done yet. Others others are pointing out in two thousand fifteen when reports showed that california passed texas in gun purchases. He tweeted out something to texas residents to the effect elect of hey. Let's take back our lead. I'm paraphrasing so people are pointing fingers at him. This is a gun state and yet nobody he was able to stop this shooter until the police rammed him with a special car. You know what is the gun conversation around this. Will you know at the beginning of our conversation. Precision we talked about el paso and following the tragedy in el paso at walmart a lot of the <hes> el paso democratic eric delegation the state lawmakers they came together and they were really urging a texas governor greg abbott to push for special session to bring lawmakers back to the state capital capital in figure out a solution to gun violence in the state at that time a abbott told press and those elected officials that were kind of imploring him to make this move he told them that there wasn't a need for a special session to do this and what he did was he followed through with a series of roundtable discussions which are happening across the state just one oh maybe a week ago are actually maybe this past friday in el paso to to have conversations about what can be done. I'll be interested to see now what happens given this weekend shooting. I think the pressure is going to be on to to call for a special session and i think some of the state lawmakers that represent odessa and midland think it could be a possibility mark public radio's carlos morales. Thank you so much. Thank you robin <music> <music>. The emmys are in about two weeks up for seven awards more than any other. Documentary is national geographic's free solo which has already won an oscar for best documentary which had me and maybe you sweating buckets watching through fingers. Even though we knew the ending free solo follows klimuk climber alex huddled as he becomes the first person to climb you seventy national parks over three thousand foot rock mountain el capitan with no ropes to catch him should he fall filmmakers jimmy chin and his wife elizabeth chavez rally filmed <music> alex with a team of caraman climbers on rove's all wear that one little mistake from them could kill him he clings to the tiniest crevices mrs at one point debating whether to swing one leg out to get a toehold on a ledge or jump sideways in some ways. It makes more sense to do today to to hand john because you're jumping to a good edge. There's actually something to catch but the idea of jumping without a rope seems completely outrageous. If you miss it that's that's that we spoke with alexander and filmmaker jimmy chin last february worry and jimmy. I wanna start with you because as we see well. Alex is training for this climb. This is a film that we're discussing the climb of course first and foremost but you filmed it and you and your wife were very conflicted about that. Explain why why i think the main question for us was whether or not us being there there filming him would make it more dangerous or more likely for him to fall. I used to work a lot with cameras and you said you were conscious of something called kodak courage people who will do something because the cameras there they wouldn't ordinarily do yes that was one of the central questions that china had to answer for ourselves house <hes> was whether or not we trusted alex's decision making process and how he would approach the climb in whether or not the external pressure of production would push him to do something that he wouldn't normally do. Whether i see you've said somewhere even dropping a lens cap. Yes being that the climbing is it's very tenuous. I mean if you knocked off pebble. Even you know it could actually fall two hundred feet in him. Just at the wrong moment you there were a lot of different scenarios that we thought about <hes> an tried to kind of imagine all the different outcomes in order to to mitigate the risks. I think maybe worth adding that overall. The production probably made it slightly safer for me just because kodak courage and a lot of ways i experienced the opposite <hes> and because i was up there with my friends working so i'm because there are people watching the wind up preparing for the climb than i'd maybe expected because on your end alex you didn't want to put them in the position. I can't even this is so hard to even say you'd be dying right in front of them. Yeah i certainly was trying to avoid that but but even more so i was just trying to do my due diligence to some extent i mean the crew was putting so much effort into crafting a great film and so i was trying to do my share you know i was trying to make sure that i put in the amount of effort as well and just to back to that thought not that i want to belabor it but you know to later probably already have but jimmy you know as you said you would see him. Go through through the frame. Yes i think over the course of two years of production and i think i woke up every morning thinking about oh the worst case scenario that sounds really morbid but i mean it also is a useful tool to make sure that that doesn't happen truly really didn't think every day i certainly thought about worst-case scenarios but not every day i mean it has to be a balance of weird every day. When i woke up in the morning i had like this this stressful for you alex. Do you feel bad talking. Talk about what we're talking about when we've set the stakes here but alex free soloing seeming to pull yourself up your body strength is amazing. Your fingers are amazingly strong. What's the appeal yes yeah. It's interesting that you ask that because i think often lost his is the joy of it you know the sheer joy in the movement and how almost playful it can be to to climb the wall of that size size and scale unencumbered. I mean it does feel quite beautiful and i think that at the heart i've always loved the movement of climbing and is you know in some ways the purest way that you can rock oakland and so i spent a lot of time talking about the consequences facing death those kind of things and those are natural questions but i think actually the joy of it is why i saw because it's not like you're not looking. You're seeing where you are. This context of you know you're you're in the air. There are points on the mountain when it's just friction. There's some kind of friction between maybe a toe oh and the wall or a thumb and the wall. What does that feel like. I mean it feels incredible. I think you're kind of touching on it. I mean to be surrounded by air to be in the void but still feel in control. Personally you know to take a situation that should be terrifying but then to feel comfortable through preparation through hard work through a self mastery are you some extent. Yummy feels incredible. We learn a lot on the film about how you in particular may be more able to do this than the average bear because you have a special brain. Apparently where do where it's been tested and your <unk> doesn't really fire the way other brains do. That's the kind of the. I actually don't think that that's a unique feature. I think that's the result of ten years of exposure in this space. I mean basically you by having spent so much time. Free soloing putting myself into these positions and i think are sort of desensitized. My middle certain stimulus explain because you eat doesn't fire up so you're you're saying. I had the chicken the celtics so it doesn't fire. You're up the way ours might when we get frightened or we're thinking we're not going to survive. Yours has toned down exactly. I think that the level of stimulus in the test that i underwent is just not sufficient after having having spent my whole life free soloing on on big walls you know and and it's hard to say what comes first chicanery i mean maybe that's why i've loved for so long so much my whole life has maybe i am slightly duller in that response ponson than average. I i'm wondering you know this idea that <hes> you're not frightened. We'll know so on the actual day of the client. I wasn't particularly frightened still certainly nervous walking debase 'cause it's a pretty intimidating very very large but the thing is i was very frightened for the many years ahead of time and that's why i put so much preparation into it. That's why it was something that i dreamt about for so long and didn't actually do and it wasn't until i spent two years working on it that it actually became a possibility well. This is something something that really impacted a lot of the people that i was with who are athletes in different ways every single inch of that climb you would plan ahead and done over in over and over again on ropes yeah yeah. That's correct and that's what i felt like. I needed to feel comfortable up there. Jimmy chen and talk about the planning that you had to do there was a tremendous amount of planning choreography in terms of shooting alex on the wall and over the course of two years while he's practising were where essentially also practicing how we're gonna shoot it so logistically you know there is a lot of matters that we had to deal with three thousand foot wall. There's certain sections that are you're a thousand feet down. The wall and you need to get a camera person. A thousand feet down the wall. You know they're carrying their camera equipment. They're building their cameras on the wall. It's a pretty significant physical task. We also wanted to make sure that on the day of the climb there weren't a whole lot of decisions to be made so so we practice shooting and figured out exactly how he wanted to shoot each section that was important to the narrative but in terms of the producing. I think that the real challenge was kind of insulating alex from the pressures of the production. I want to talk about one other aspect of the film. Jimmy your wife felicio chai not a climber. She was interested in the effect alex that your climb head on a new girlfriend so your relationship with her becomes a thread in this film and there's a moment where she asks you if you would ever take her into consideration when approaching a climb. Let's listen would mean to the equation actually actually ever change anything. Would you actually make decisions differently for had some kind of obligation to maximize my life span than like yeah. Obviously i'd have to give up so lying at me asking you. Do you see that as obligation. No no oh yes. The sun is not going to be thrilled but i mean you know we had many many conversations. I mean it's hard to we're still dating dating. It's you know we're three years into this relationship but you know we were in this new relationship and free selling all cap is something that i've been dreaming about for so many years that it just meant so much more to me then you know a new girlfriends opinion but clearly that balance changes over time right alex <hes> el capitan behind you you done how we'll see because the now i mean i'm certainly not done climbing climb my whole life. I love conning kind of climbing not just free solo but the impossible. I don't know honestly <hes> you know l. Captain has just meant so much to me for so long. You know it was worth it. We'll see if anything else ever captures the imagination form in quite the same way and again jimmy chen. I'm just wondering part of the film. I love is one of the cameramen who is such an affection for you alex they all do he turns around. He can't look through z. finder. He can't see particularly difficult passage. You can't watch yes and jimmy chen. I'm wondering do did you have what you were there. Parts where you just could not watch there there weren't because the directive i gave to the entire team and which i felt like i need to live up to that. He needs to stay focused on the task at hand and that was for the wall team that it was okay for my key to turn away 'cause he was on the ground and in some ways i mean mike you had to watch the entire four hours of the ascent dan whereas the crew on the wall climb pass him for a few minutes at a time he mike you watch the whole thing why he was horrified by the can handle but hey by the way that reminds me. I did want more. Will we ever see that four hour climb. I hope so if people have asked about it maybe someday maybe someday that's filmmaker. Jimmy chen along with his wife. Elizabeth chai vass rally he directed free solo about alex handled the first person to free solo climb el capitan in yosemite national park. We spoke last february by the way we still can't see that four hour climb. I'm not sure if i could watch the whole thing and free solo is up to her. Seven emmy awards on september fourteenth <music>. We've reported a lot of stories about immigration and and deportation but this next one hasn't been in the headlines as much. It's about keith byrne who is not the face of immigration enforcement you see on t._v. News the thirty-seven-year-old from ireland was picked up by u._s. Immigration and customs enforcement this summer after leaving his philadelphia area home for work as laura bench off of member member station w._h._y._y. Reports burns case puts a spotlight on the small but growing number of irish immigrants facing deportation in recent years keith heath burn is from county cork. Ireland has been trying to get a green card for nearly ten years his wife. Karen says they've always been out in the open. There's a sign on the front door of suburban home that says welcome in gaelic out back. Did you see the irish flag coming down three. Oh nine because you can are down paper mill. Did you come down this way. We did come favorite meal but i didn't we ever irish flag that you can see when the winds blowing carrying a u._s. Citizen says though is applications were rejected time after time. She was still shocked to find an immigration officer at her door one morning. He had his business phone and you gave them to me. He said he'll contact you shortly. He's going to be detained. Burn came to the united states in two thousand seven through what's called the visa waiver program it lets citizens from participating countries. Mostly in europe visit the u._s. easily but it makes it harder for them to get legal status. If they break the rules keith overstayed then he met karen they got married in two thousand nine and are raising scene three kids because he applied for a green card burn received work authorization and started a painting business but his green card application was denied two the two small marijuana possession charges from when he lived in ireland ironically they were able to get them. The equivalent of expunged expunged wayne. Sachs is immigration attorney who has worked with the family or the expunge wouldn't be given full faith and credit in the united states burns case goes both how easy it is to overstay visa or visa waiver as hundreds of thousands of people do each year and how that can put families in a difficult position shen nikola bell with the irish immigration center of philadelphia says. It's hard to say just how many people from ireland are in that situation. Nobody actually knows people. We'll tell you that they're undocumented. You know official estimates put the number of unauthorized irish immigrants in the united states anywhere from ten to fifty one thousand in recent years deportations of irish immigrants though tiny have also ticked up from thirty a couple of years ago to nearly fifty last dear in a statement and i- spokesman said burn was arrested for quote failing to depart after two weeks in detention. They released him on a judge's orders his his wife. Karen says his arrest has forced them to confront a possibility. They tried to ignore that their life in the u._s. Might not be permanent. I guess you can be really naive. When you really want something. Just we just didn't think it would happen to us or not. Even the soon in we were still like in our minds still working on that process we weren't done then. The family got good news. The government agreed to let burn try again n. for a green card sending him back to the beginning of a long application process in the meantime he has check in with ice for here and now i'm laura bench off sleep. Let's take a break from the news for a few minutes please last year and a cruise a self-described housewife from greenville south carolina began onto experience some uneasiness. Maybe the same feeling some parents are feeling on this labor day the traditional move in day for college students anna's youngest child taylor had been accepted have to clemson university. That's good but anna soon be living in an empty nest and even though you know it's coming right. I mean the calendar pages. Keep flipping. It is something you can't anticipate how that's gonna hit you. You just can't until you're in the middle of it until you're experiencing it. Then taylor did leave home in august two thousand eighteen. Your mind knows this positive milestone but the profound emptiness you know it's just hard to describe and so i'm thinking why in the world am i going to do. What am i good at anymore. Well how about looking looking at something. She was very good at four decades ago. Gary wallich from n._p._r.'s only a game has this story in nineteen seventy eight and a cruise was twenty ninety one years old. She worked as a word processing specialist in maryland and <hes> was driving home from work one day and heard an ad on the radio for tryouts tryouts the n._b._a. Champion washington bullets were holding auditions for their dance team and i thought <hes> i'm gonna do it. I'm going to go and try out and didn't have an extensive background in dance but she went to the tryout anyway all the way there and even when you get there like what the heck am i doing. Why am i here. What what am i doing. Anna says most of the other dancers were n._f._l. Or college cheerleaders but she made the nineteen seventy eight nineteen seventy-nine washington bullets dance team all of it you know the friendships and the performances even the practice. You know it was all exciting. Anna plan to try out for the bullets. The following season but in the fall of seventy nine i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer very unexpected very out of nowhere. The air it just was a little bit of an ordeal. After a year of fighting and a beat the cancer she returned to her job as a word processing specialist but not to so the bullets in the late eighties she gave birth to a daughter the first of her three kids my greatest joy hands down has been being a mom so i'd just put everything into that you know into the stuff at school and to yeah they can all come over into this and that so that would have been lunacy unisom to me if i had thought about dancing even as a hobby or you're going to take a class or anything like that it just wasn't even on my radar but that wasn't wasn't entirely true sometimes when anna watched dancers at an event or on t._v. she'd remember how much she loved. Being one. You know maybe sit there and let my mind wander about knowing how that felt and how exciting it is and betting i could still l. Do that move the years flew by an anna's two oldest kids left their home in greenville south carolina then in march of two thousand eighteen the washington wizards words held a fortieth anniversary celebration of the franchise's only n._b._a. Title from back in the days when they were still the bullets and so they invited all the players back and the coaches and then any of the dancers through the years i think there were about sixty of us and and we got to perform at this event it sure reminded me of how enjoyable it was and the feeling you cannot describe you know while you're waiting waiting there in the wings and you're waiting to go out there and perform and wanted to hold on to that feeling her youngest child was preparing to leave for clemson clemson university in the late summer and that empty nest was looming and so i'm thinking what in the world am i going to do the what what am i good at any more than this opportunity with. The wizards showed itself just absolutely out of nowhere in early september about a month after her daughter left home. Anna got an email and bully oh boy. It seemed like perfect timing to me. The wizards were holding tryouts <music> out for a new dance team or perhaps a new older dance team. It was for dancers fifty and older and was sponsored by the a._a._r._p. It would be called. The wisdom god is saying here. Here's an open door now. What are you going to do with it. Her answer was to in her words. Get serious about my moves. She learned the latest hip hop steps on youtube. Her younger daughter taught her what she called. Booty pop in late september of two thousand eighteen undeterred by the eight hour drive from her home in greenville. She tried out for the wisdom again. You get there and i'm like what am i doing. This is ridiculous but it was my heart's arch desire to do this. Anna had hardly danced over the previous forty years. She says there were more than eighty dancers at the tryout ranging in aged from fifty to seventy six experience well. I was at the club last night. Pretty good absolute characters totally uninhibited you know comfortable in their own skin and just entertaining folks so two three four six seven to the goes one and it was told final decisions would be made in a couple of days. She waited about a week and began to think she had made the team. Then late. One night she got an email and i had just gotten home and there was it was so exciting. Anna crews had been chosen as one of the twenty members of the wisdom over fifty dance team. Her daughter taylor happened to be home from clemson comes in for a visit and she was screaming and jumping up and down with me and i didn't feel like a mom and a sixty year old. I felt like a girl. The wisdom cut just four practices in before their debut on november twenty four th twenty eighteen they so the fans so gracious and the affirmation from them and the excitement of the fans bands to this over fifty like water these women out there doing when we came off the court that first game i'm mean these ladies these were screaming and haagen dropped. Three of those women were on the bullets with anna a forty years ago. Another dancer whose grandson is a member of the wizards regular dance team is seventy six. One of them is a guy and all all of them have moves to see these women in their sixties and seventies who are shaking their groove thing and doing like the tootsie roll lindy's dances and just the sheer fun and the joy. We're having whoever's watching us or cheering us on it was like were you do for the record. Anna's husband michael is completely supportive but maybe not always for the right reasons. He's gotten some mileage out of this. I don't mind telling yeah he'll say the children my wife dances for the washington wizards and they're like what how old are you. The guy has played that card more hard times than i care to think about the wisdom danced at ten games last season sometimes in a state with friends or at a hotel so she wouldn't have to commute for the game on a friday or saturday and then again for practice on sunday and anna realized something. Maybe the dreaded empty. Nest syndrome wasn't so dreadful laughter all in fact. She says having no kids at home was the only way she could have chased her latest dream and the whole experience gave her new confidence. It makes you feel like well if i did that. I know i can do this and i can. I can do it like carrying him sixty one years old he so you know but i have learned that. I still have stuff to learn right. Anna will spend some time with taylor when she's back from clemson this summer and this time she's looking forward to the fall. She's going to try out for the wisdom again you now that i've been bit by this bug. How can i not. I hope you make the team next year. If that's what you want but if you don't make the team what are you gonna do to sort of fill that void well hello. I don't know if the charlotte hornets have an over fifty dance team but i think they should they don't but maybe soon there are already about a dozen fifty and over over squads dancing it n._b._a. Venues and that number is likely to increase for anna and all the other dancers fifty and older. That sort of growth is good news. The opportunities brings just never grow old for here and now i'm gary wallich charlotte hornets take notice us and to see anna crews and lewiston dancers doing the cabbage patch and the electric slide go to here now dot org and to britain now where this could be a momentous week as if others have been tomorrow parliament returns to work after summer break last week prime minister boris johnson got permission from the queen to suspend their session which will help johnson in office since july. Take take the u._k. Out of the e._u. Without a deal on october thirty first deadline without a lot of pushback from parliament. There's also talk about johnson calling a a snap election. Let's bring n._p._r.'s frank langfitt in london frank. There are members of parliament including in his own party fighting boris johnson over this but that's been outside the formal parliament gathering so remind us what it means that johnson suspending that session what it means is that what what boris johnson is trying to do. He's actually curtailed the amount of time that parliament has to meet and actually fight him before october thirty first when the country would crash out with no deal abraxas without any withdrawal agreement with <hes> with the european union and so they were going to go on recess anyway in the fall but it's going to it's going to be a much tighter timeframe timeframe for them and they object to this because they feel that he's basically trying to sideline them and that's why they're so upset and on tuesday they'll be coming back and we expect them to to go after the prime minister on this well and he was only elected as prime minister by a handful of people because of the way the british election system is set up his he was elected by his own party <hes> so it was not a national election so he does not have a a sort of u._k. Wide electoral mandate and what might this snap snap general election mean well. Here's here's what we here's why boris johnson would want to do that right now. He has a razor-thin majority in parliament which is one reason why oy he's had trouble in certainly prime minister theresa may failed to get a brexit deal through what he may hope to do is if parliament blocks him him this week if they're able to pass legislation that prevents him from taking <hes> the u._k. Out of the e._u. With no deal <hes> what he could then do is call a snap election and maybe next month run against parliament and say listen the the parliament is trying to rob the people of the brexit vote and i just need a majority to get this through and bring people to the polls. He's a very charismatic guy. He's a good campaigner and he may bet this is his way out of the beck's brexit conundrum. That's paralyzed the politics country now for more than three years it would. Is that a guarantee no. It's not nothing nothing absolutely. Nothing is a guarantee robin as we've discussed for quite some time. I think what's interesting. Is that right now. The conservatives are pretty if you look at the most this recent polls. I've just looking at them this morning. It looks like conservatives could be in the aggregate in august about let me see eight points ahead of labor the opposition labor party thirty so maybe he's figuring if i do this and the labour party's relatively weak because jeremy corbyn the leader is not popular <hes> broadly speaking in the united kingdom and he's a socialist so johnson could run against that and say here's a guy who's going to nationalize a different parts of the economy <hes>. Maybe johnson thinks he has the margin he needs to do this now. Of course he could also end up losing his job. Oh he the the the tories could lose and <hes> an audi goes well and <music> over the weekend. We heard from a lot of people who like to see that thousands of people protesting in london across could you k- <hes> what did you hear from them. Well i think what they were coming. In <hes> to the london and other other places as you said is they really objected with johnson is doing with parliament trying to tighten the the timeframe they have to address brexit exit and i met a woman named alison carter we were riding in on the train together to london and she really objects to <hes> prime minister johnson trying to push the country <music> out without any withdrawal agreement and really what she thinks without the say of the lawmakers here here's how she put it completely against elvis <hes> it's undemocratic nick just gives pulmonary time to stop it crashing out with the new with an ideal would be horrendously bad and when she says horrendously bad which he's talking thing about robin is the nightmare scenario is suddenly you have customs posts up against the borders between the united kingdom and the european union wong what they call here in england tailback sweet we call them giant giant longlines of trucks trying to get through customs and maybe even the worst case scenario customs posts going up on the island of ireland which could cause all kinds of anger problems may between ireland and northern ireland look exactly october. Thirty first is is coming. <hes> are there steps being taken to prepare for it. They say there are and they say they've worked on them but even government reports which they say are old. <hes> government reports show all kinds of potential problems <hes> in in terms of keeping the economy running smoothly and keeping trade running really smoothly so there's a lot of vang's i._d. Here you know people have been doing stockpiling. People are anxious about it and it's the unknown you know the kingdom would be leaving this enormous market of more than five hundred million consumers <hes> in europe and it would be done very very suddenly just cutting it off like that so people don't know what to expect and they're anxious. What does this mean for the u._s. and u._s. Consumers sumer anything. I don't think it's going to affect them at all. I think people are more concerned as they look at the global economy every time you have these this uncertainty these disruptions options especially given the u._s. China trade war just makes people anxious and less willing to invest. That's n._p._r.'s frank langfitt in london frank thank you you're very welcome robin so britain closer to brexit back here in the states hurricane dorian bearing down on florida. Stay right here for continuing n._p._r. Coverage here now is a production of n._p._r. W._r. byard association with the b._b._c. world service. I'm robin young. It's here now <music> <music>.

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