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Walk on welcome. Welcome to the black ones podcast. Some you'll hosts Arthur Johnson. And guess what I am. Seabra Michael's we are the black winds and unfortunately on the white one and I am the black deal with it so now for those you know. Were from our instagram comedy. At the black ones all underscores after each word it's about two wacky detectives on a hunt for a Satanic Jelly bean killer who moves around by touch and kills victims with the Black Jelly beans. I'll played lead detective Larry and on the other detective named Robert. It's a comedy shutting clips with the backstory. And all socal our peach right right. And if you're still next podcast we're sure to keep you entertained on our journey and catching a jelly bean killer. Now you could just go to our site at the blacklist dot org that is the black ones Dot Org. All of our comedy is there including our pocket and you can download our podcast to remember. Yeah Yeah yeah which is different now. We like to call a variety of nothing comedy. Yeah which so pretty much what we're GONNA do is turn your pc into a non pc talking about sensitive topics if you know what I mean. Those that are making America solved again. Yeah we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA have interrogation sketches done up like how shows back in the fifties with narration and sound effects. There'd be sat in a series. So you'RE NOT GONNA. WanNa Miss Not one. You know what we're covering all spectrums we're not just. GonNa be one-sided podcast for comedy is up make you uncomfortable. We're not doing our jobs and just remember. Don't ever take a serious. It's comedy couldn't see peeps yelled yell was Black ones fans be got another episode right now coming at you right now. Wan's what's going on that same old same old good good time. Hey I'm alive. Are You alive? I'm alive. That's great for every Damn Day? Hope you guys are all listening. If you're out there and you down and out your car these going to shop. You broke up with significant other or your family's not talking to you. You just done wake up and be like come alive today. Be Thankful that you're alive and listen to the black ones. Yeah the black ones so yeah. Oh Hey liven up bitches y'all or you got people dying we're alive we're alive right now screwing with your heads. Yes never go live because you already talked to your family every day you wake up you get your son your kids your mom your parents you get to wake up and say hi. Thank God you're still here. Just be thankful you're live. We're we're here to PEP PEP. You up you up here we go. Yeah Oh first of all when man by yeah rest in peace to my aunt Gwen Dude. Oh No yes Ma'am Auntie passed away man. I feel bad. Sorry Man Yeah she you know she's in a better place Dole but desma on Heaven's Heaven Mom's sister one of my mom here is there? You know what I'm saying. You GotTa Gel Auntie Gwen you in a better place recipe. So thank you I just WanNa say thank you antique TC win. Thank you on. Glenn didn't know about now when I'm just saying thank you. She's in having going. Excuse me a hey but you'll first of all I want to say Auntie Guignol. You are the one that taught me how to be the mother fucking domino king that. I yeah do my Auntie do remember as a teen. She taught me how to play dominoes. Oh you're okay. I'm talking about Domino's yeah I'm talking about domino. Domino motherfucker dumped. This ain't seen like here. It's like being champions. Yeah right my Auntie. She taught me how to play dominoes. Team Dude and she taught me how to like the entertainment factor of it. It wasn't just beaten people. Being bored. Taught me how to bolt on your mother fucker. She said that the submarines for you is dumb. Talk Tans tennis shoes Bitch Damn Dude. She was hardcore She taught me how to do like. Yo If you whip. Somebody's ASS man. Make sure you intimidate the motherfucker. Know Shay Yeah DO MONTE MASS UTAH. I mean besides the fact you know all the other things growing up and shit like that you know on the band that has all around great person due to go up there Louisiana Sony. I'm sorry Sir but you know for her passing I. I'm sorry I laugh because I thought he was gonna say something funny but I the way you do daycare. I have a sensitive side dish. Muck came off money. Fuck you okay. Thanks a lot. Okay yeah any. Who can't you up there? Eight there you go Let's see who else we got? A Kirk dellis. Rest in peace. Kirk article has ARTIKA. Hey what's up? Dude fraud you little kids have no idea what the hell we're talking about. Actually the dude one hundred three to one hundred three eight. He wasn't born eighteen hundred. You don't talk if you wasn't born eighteen hundred you don't know who kirk was your. That's pretty pathetic. God Love You. Thank you too yeah. Don't fuck one hundred and three years old who wanNA fuck lives to be one hundred and three to probably not me looking. I wish I'm crossing my fingers actually and I don't want to live that way to do like twenty years ago. I I'm sure everybody died. Twenty years ago at ninety I mean he was out of loop nobody knew about it or didn't know about if he was still alive. Did you hear what I said? I thought he died. Twenty years ago. Ninety sorry what the Hail. Yeah Yell Bid and everything. All the movies I go sit here and bring up like two hundred movies that he's been in. Let's dude he was. He's a classic. But you know what Michael Douglas? I bet. You didn't notice his son Michael. Douglas like birthdays on same day as mine. Manson libra there. You Go. And Catherine Zeta Jones. Kathryn Zeta Jones his wife. Same Birthday both Undo September twenty fifth. Wh wh what Both birthdays mental. Same Day did you come from them. That's weird now so we do have some kind of tie but always you'll wow. That's crazy. Wow you you. They're married and you have the same birthday. Wow Yep exactly in both of them do but yeah again recipes. You know what I'm saying. Yeah Smart Agha's Janette Dubois. Good Times played well. She played with weeds. She was the She was the good times right. Now it's the and she was. The aunt returns. Yeah I do remember. I'm going to get you sucker fucking classic dude so I'm going to get somebody else. I'm going to get you suck. One of the best black comedic craze art is a farce in just in Canaan the Wayans Damon. I'm Chuck Cod as she was funny as Hell but she played she. She was an attitude. I forgot crazy dude. That's a classic movie who rest in peace into by the sea. We've got another one Pop smoke pop smoke Yeah who the Hell's pop smoke dude. I really white. I'm really white so I have no idea who the hell mobs moyes. I didn't find out who he wasn't till this. Watch this morning. Oh wait yeah. This morning I found out how to do was I didn't even know who smoke was for real at all. I saw was recipes on twitter. And is it just because we're old or what not know who pop smokers? Apparently and become an artist. You know what I'm saying you got some video was out there and stuff like that. But Joe Puff Milkman. Rest in peace. He was young to twenty years old the sexiest dead at twenty. But what the heck I mean. I don't know why but he's young entertainers man is these rappers. Manages fallen off due to get into their heads man. I don't I don't donate hooks going on but right now. Somebody's chain. Somebody stop because dude. Oh I don't know I guess a few people first of all he got a what for. I think it was four hundred nine. The morning attempted robbery they assume and I guess he was robbed or so these days. But it's four fifty nine Hollywood hills dude Hollywood hills four. Yeah well now robberies happier very rare so might be an inside job. I have no it just you know what I would. I wouldn't doubt that we're not cops. We're still we're fake boy. We're not a real detective. Yeah yeah man I mean I guess yeah so I guess. He was up in an artist. You know what I'm saying. He's he's got some videos in. I feel bad. I mean these. These younger kids are doing all this shit Getting into jail and getting killed. What the hell. Yeah Man. What the heck is going on with really? I don't know do but I mean this guy man I guess you know. Some people are talking about. His voice was Unique and shit. I guess he had like a unique voice. Some kind of onyx type voices on my devotion stuff. I like beets and style man. So he's up becoming but nowadays man you know and I think what Niqian feel. The People Online Few celebrities talking about jealousy or something like that. You know like some type of jealousy. That's probably how you got the WII got killed or whatever. If it wasn't a robbery it was based off. Jealousy. You know Yeah La Freeman as you try to outdo everybody feels you know what some people are saying. That I was going to outdo everybody else you know. I was going to be allowed to be the top. You know. Maybe he was well. He was only twenty. That doesn't make sense. Jealousy manage just know. You never know man you. The money was he. You're saying money so you're saying here to target on his back. I don't know that's a yeah. I'm I'm just back but if you see videos man these kids and videos man. You'd like to just flaunting. Yeah cars money. Jury will see what they've signs. I mean these kids down low man seriously. I mean you're gonNA flaunt it like that people are GonNa be a mother fucking. I'm GONNA fucking rich. I'm rich I'm GonNa rob this rich guy and see what happens with a gang or not or I'm not saying he was in a gang. I'm just saying you'RE GONNA gain or not and you get into to wrap businesses stuff like that man you start doing running signs everywhere you go but it has. Mass does mention the moment due to make sense in a moment. We'll never unit video man. You Balancing Down Shit and you're all that stuff malicious you're in a moment dude but give a lick. It Will Smith when he's you know. It seemed about Miami singing about Miami. It was all about Miami. It wasn't it wasn't about gang. Do nowadays not all about like that but I anyway say. I didn't know too much about pop but Recipes DYING TO YOUNG MEN Sabra but yeah so real you know I I didn't i. Didn't you know I'm old school man? I didn't know him either but like I said we only have once they're just live life to the fullest man. You gotTa Take Care of yourself as a man who you hang out with whoever you hang out with out there man. Just beware of your surroundings man. Why do you want to cut your life? Short at doesn't make sense. I don't get it like you. Ready Stephen onto the knicks. Yeah Yeah Yeah it's depressing. Yeah let's go here. We go okay onto comedy yes please. Can you WANNA ask me was pissing me off right? Well I'm GonNa Fuck of you asked me about. The Astros already told me you know it's supposed to be a surprise like a topic where the audience is not supposed to know what the hell are about to bring up. But I just be to it. Yes I threw you a curve ball so what you gotta say you're Astros Man. You're asking what do you want to see about your Astros as your Houston Astros? Mlb Baseball they suck your favorite team. Yes Dude what the hell serious of all time. Yes and it's if people you are outer loop and you don't know sportscenter. Espn whatever Astros are cheaters. No I got a glut. You could've said it kind of bluntly Dole. I'm do no sorry this your favorite team. But I'll my team. Yeah no they suck but I was going to like. I was going to ease now known as the way into it right. Who the band aid off. Man Pull it off the plane. Get to the point. I came off. Yes out fuck it now All right so now okay. So let's let us know what's up now so anyways. If it's Iraq Major League Baseball Major League baseball my shoes my favorite team Dachau's Houston Astros caught reading signs stealing signs ceiling signs signs. No stealing signs. There were still signs. They were caught. David reprimanded. Punish everything. Well no not yet. The players the season hasn't started yet. Yeah and the players have not been punished. The season has started. No actually they punish people. The team got the team has gotten punished. But not the players individually. Y- what people were pissed off at lightning really okay so steven. Yeah your favorite team. Yes and they was my favorite team to the last five years. Monte right you follow me here. Fortunately and You boys are cheaters. Men Get caught you okay. So I'm shaking my head and I agree I agree. Yeah I do agree. You can only imagine man service season. I'm it's hard to to grasp what's going on right now and it doesn't make sense. Okay I mean it doesn't make sense but I'm like in a weird world. It's like do my team. Who won the world series? And they're getting screwed rabbit project do during like what two out of three years one to two out of three years. Whatever they won one two thousand seventeen. Yeah Yeah that was the main one every year. They're like in the finals. Whatever they were there so six moving at one. Espn U. Boy a tubing run around a basis shitting shirt. Open shirt not shirt. Open one at open. Not Whatever short. Oh Yeah so what do you think though I guess one of speculation was he had the microphone in your this why he didn't. He's about to open shirt up to home plate. But then you close it so some people are saying that it was mike under but descent as Tattoo. He stayed his tattoo. What do you think about that? I do come on now. What do you know everything that you think is a tattoo or Mike and Mike? Oh you ask me you think it was a Mike for real. I'm going to sugar coat it I don't know I don't know I'm Gonna. I'm GonNa think of the worst the trot around a basis to seventy this groceries up to fifty covered around basis. He's coming around me so he comes on because around second you go home run he's trodden. He's about to open his shirt. Teach my mind. He hit home. Run right yeah. He don't run around the bases but to come to home plate open shirt up so everybody is muscles. Yeah he decided not to. T- closes it for some reason he trots. Any hits home plate bought out his groceries over one run. Yeah there you go. What's your beef for you folks out there listening? He's a diehard Houston National Spain so it is harper him. He's struggling right now to talk about this situation in and I'm egging all right now so I'm not going to give props to Nolan Ryan. You know the terrible you know in Asia Bagwell Bell. I gotTa Okay Stephen Okay. But but now we're talking. I know you do every person from the past eighteen hundred. We know we're talking the cheating scandal. The cheating scandal right now. This is worse than back in one thousand nine hundred the shoeless Joe Baby. Yeah Shoeless Joe. We're we're talking about days like that man. I got an early nineteen hundreds. Yeah normal I no no no. It's not this is crazy right. Now do your boys. His committed a shoeless Joe. Act alone not allegedly. They did they call. Yeah pretty much okay. All right so back to you boy trotting around the bases L. TUBING. Do you think as they say there was a camera or a microphone or something under a shirt that was given him the signs telling them what to do. Do you think there was something on your discount. Spiracy is bothering me. I I don't know if he had anything on him or camera Mike or whatever but there is there they they did. They did something and with the Superman thing and maybe maybe he did have something under a shirt. I I don't know I I don't know okay. Let's say he did. He had a camera. I'm going there. He had a camera something narratives. Delay like Like a police officer with the body like a body Cam. You're talking about a by obvious. Right is like back in the seventies where buffy taped up like masking tape ball replaced with a camera in the middle that was like a fucking micro micro cameras why would have a camera underneath micro audio microphone. Okay we're talking to him about. The idea is up audio stuff audio. I've been Astros Fan. Seles five years right. I just love how just I couldn't believe I keep asking myself how. Come up from the Ashes Whitman people asses. Well they were remember. What like. Let me say like eight years ago source. Illustrated's said this is. This is the team that's going to happen in about five years. Houston Astros aren't to be in the world series and five years and guess what they made it in three. Oh they made in three there. You go there you go. That's is that they want issue here but we don't know no don't don't don't quote me on the numbers. No they were. They were on the sports illustrated. It's like this is the this is the future team. Okay Okay Houston Astros major team right on so now I know I was like Oh my God my team sweet so let me say it's awesome Sulaiman. They made it. They made it to the playoffs in like dude because they found I'd get all that right. Okay all right and I get all I did. You're not it's not me I I get it right. Don't tell you this is why they felt the pressure to cheat this what. He felt pressured itchy. Wait what you've made me almost this. This is filter Russia to cheat. No no what's illustrated eight years ago by telling him. Hey y'all in five years team is GONNA be in a buck and world series right. Does pressure do president. Now that I think about it maybe you'd be at the bottom of the barrel in fucking. Espn is predicting that you're gonna be in a top five within three years right or to win the world series right that right. There is an cheat. That's a more efficient cheap right now with your with us day. No that's the team under the bus. Even your team under the bus Steven Michaels still my people. Microsoft just do is two hundred bucks now. Everybody knows it now. Everybody's going to right now. Why did she? I'm so fired? Okay okay so now I quit. I quit like no. You can't fire me. I quit okay. So I I gotta get back to your boy to do is like what he's like but to his wife and being a dwarf no offense dwarfs images or anything like that but he's duty short five six. I think he will be a dwarf. Midget what do you want to call it? It'd be short. Yeah Yeah what makes the story so huge I do? I do like three seven right. It's like three. Seven is due to smack in homer that park. And that's why I'm cringing right now. Because he's he's not he's just like who does this. I was even like why Neo am. I not an NBA player. Because I quit because I was too short and he really quit. But it's just like I couldn't hit the ball because I wasn't tickets to her was not but I couldn't hit this ball. But if you which come in if you know which is coming you're GONNA be okay. It's IT'S GONNA be okay it's GONNA come. Yeah now after all should now know what is little short as dude was hitting home runs now because now just fucking all you know. I thought this guy was like an amazing fucking fee. Nom See that's see I'm thinking commutable thinking in my head to. Oh my God. Are these guys really good or are they fake good or they fake good or they really good? Because I don't know now no actually it. Kind of upsets me. Because I'm like. Oh my God He. He has so much. Talent Korea so much talent springer has so much talent. Altoona has so much talent man. These guys are actually you can you can you? Can differ is differentiated from the rest of the folks because a the Gaza strike out a lot. Obviously they weren't eating you fucking assholes suck. You could tell you know I know. Yeah what the fuck. I didn't realize it but doing shit nobody can ever do. I was thinking the same thing. World series is so what is like the world series like fucking two strikes to who else to strikes bases-loaded you spend a bucket home. Run the sad thing this Grand Slam. The sad thing I'm going to say right now is now a question their talent which is a sad fucking thing now. You have to question their talent because now you do. They're so awesome. You know those past three years with with a with a world series and but now you're like was that helped was that real was it now. You're we're talking about to be a love that little guy. Yeah but now you're now you're like dude. Steve you know he probably you know steal signs of stole sites to you rock. My baby him might right like he's like could just look here. He's so cute he's fucking little. He's the cutest second second baseman. Ever Seen Doodo my get. But I'M GONNA say this. Bill is like a barry bonds right big der buys the disturbance. Shit Yeti I'd you figure a lot people arguing right now like can you still hit all them. Home runs into cheated but you gotta see the ball. Did you have to see the ball? Even though you know what's coming to you or take wasn't a ball looks a lot bigger than normal. But you still have to see this boss. Oh I don't think that it's like you'll have no talent at all because first of all you got to NBA MLB telling so but would you be great. See that's the thing you got talent or would you be great for A. B. Nam. Okay go ahead and in you know. So that's what it what it boils down to Altoona. I think he's good. I think he's still at the ball but now I see why he had a lot home. You think twice years. Here's I talked to a buddy of mine question. Of course who does this Shit Dude? He did it crunch time. Deaths whatever nerves come in not ship fucking just comes through all the time this guy be someone that has got to be something to this man. You kids who does that just like some miracle Type Shit? Who doesn't do a miracle happens. Once in a lifetime discipline had like five miracles. Okay now you've got season coming up right now Spring Training Right now. Air By showing up you know off reporters. WanNa ask just one question. Does all the talking about all dizzy? It's GonNa be it's GonNa? It's GonNa be nonstop. This whole season is bullshit bracy. It's GonNa it's not gonNA fuck up their whole season. It's just going to be a hindrance. There be reporters as doing good. What about what about Getting it doesn't matter. What no matter what they do. Hey you're losing so he. Should you be cheating or if you're a winning? Hey so how is cheating either way? Yeah no no matter. What the fuck cabins. They're gonNA get torn a new asshole. Yup God you guys suck you guys should keep on cheating so listen to me. You know like fucking. Nobody respects them out. You see my Mike Trout and everybody by just talking about doing. He's a bad ass. Nobody respects them. Do Ya like it. Sucks it sucks. I'LL BE LA more coming right now right now. It's only a few superstars come out but do I think. Eighty percent of my focused. I'M GONNA say eighty percent no dude. Now it's I totally think it was all about the trash cans and everything and beating of the drums. That's the way I'm looking at it. Who Hey that's GONNA cheat. You know all I know is whatever story here right now traffic and smoke signals aluminum foil stuff like that. Does she smokescreens telling you what they did. So you can be like. Hey you sure. You won't use trashcans more that way the MLB will make them take all the trash cans out the goddamn dugouts. Yeah no shit like spit far seats elsewhere. You know every astros can get plunked this season. Everyone's GonNa Fuck Dude. They're going to get a fucking fuck. No get. Hit Mug is concussions everywhere man. I do my ribs. He's like yeah. Well you get you deserve it. You know pitches pitches pitches. Don't fucking fastballs other pitchers and Shit? They're gonNA be fucking doing is going to be. It's this season's going to be very interesting very interesting not for Emma being before the Astros is going to be like you not use it the better plug but the pitcher doubles and team pitcher too. It's GonNa be monthly Astros on the defense side about fucking fans and Shit Company baseball. Baseball's we're going to have. Oh my Gosh Dude. Asser bear start working out. Because it's going to be a lot of baseball's each fucking output rather have security is no shit. Do outfielders dude. I'm just standing here. I'm just standing here trying to do really usually nine month. Focus on the outfield. You got nine month. Focus on now you'll have like about twelve because each outfit for security that's funny outfielder is going to have a secure exactly looking watching out for their backs. Oh my God that person in section one fourteen over there in seat twenty. Yeah Yeah. That's the guy that's either a bottle. Yeah booed for every game? It's GonNa be crazy but you know what you know what I'm saying right now man it. Let's let's just say I was in their situation. Right cheated on You know I'm a I'm a godly. Man Christian whatever you WanNa call it you know. Yeah and I'm all about the truth. Sal set you free right. Yeah no I totally believe so to astros whomever burland all y'all near a take it like man. Y'All which he won't do it again. We will show you. I think the fans when he heard I think people want to hear that just fucking amid get get out the way don't avoid quenches but just just be like. Hey Yo we cheated. Who doesn't because who doesn't do they got caught. They got calling cure so awesome. Everybody has a little. You know like you know Sneaky Evil Evil Chits. Oh yeah I mean normal person or the CEO? Everybody has that. Has that mentality. Yeah so it I mean it's not like oh you're a cheater. Gee what was cheating mean Dude? I could just see right now at the Mo- forget all the NBA teams as like Shit. We're good close call. We got lucky we are straight. You don't let the Astros deal with that shit we're good so I don't know the teams are just happy. They got caught happy but the the thing is is that you brought that up because now they're they're hiding. They're like yeah. Put all the intention but all the intention does we're going to steal sign. Do Every baseball team still signed even so it's like okay. Hey put the attention on the Astros. Hold on put the Put the attention on the Astros. We're now they're not thinking it but they're thinking that unite here. You know what I mean to San folks what you do. They're stealing and this cheating baseball all the time you know here was Stephen assist. Not New Stephen. San Right now is that those are the teams are going to get better at cheating. Because everybody's GONNA be focused on. Astros this year right beauty of opening season. Oh Shit you gotta be out there right now. Could go nuts on cheating because everybody's GonNa look at the Astros they're gonNA be fucked up. We're going to learn from your mistake folks. Are you listening? It's going to be cheating all over fucking. Mlb this year. Do there's always been cheating in baseball. It's just it's just. It's just now because it's financial you know it's money this and that so now it's a big deal but now says they got caught like screw you. Astros. Then you've got the you've got the little teams like fucking ridiculous right now. Fuck you astros anyway. She Oh all right. So we'll cut the shorts. Listen yeah a man day. Such a free true. Don't do it. Whatever teachers suck suck but hopefully ash shows you bounce back from it but it's still love you. Yeah and I know. There's a lot of the teams that are cheating but just haven't caught. Yep Yep Yep we're out onto the next one question though for you if you don't mind if it's okay what's up question go ahead. You're by the thing would wait. Wait and all that stuff. You have a beef with about Transgender now what's trending right now training. Did he wait? Lead kids could zero year years here. Yeah Yeah Okay. So a lot of she was happening but this right. So what do you think about Zaire? First of all. It's a little too much in the business. Too much in public right now is just too much right now right. They're throwing it into public public side too much right now. It's like you want somebody to just jump into your to your world right now. He's asking he's he's asking for attention. Yes it's like. He's asking for everybody to jump in. Look at me and first of all. You can't complain about the people that are being negative about this. You can't complain about that. No no negative. No no yeah no. You're right you're right but I mean he's GonNa like everyone at the talk shows everybody's agreeing with him there With Dwayne Wade with Dwayne Wade. Whatever decisions he wants to make their data apparent is he's apparent exactly being a parent. Yes so I guess. Apparently for you know their kid is transgender. And he wants to beat is I year. You're here you're wade female. And I think they changed the name to to Zambia Year. Way To Zairo. Yeah and I think that's already happened. Right I don't know I don't know I think so. So boozy he ripped on him or some boozy boozy boozy something. Too busy jumped on social media just all out like it was just blunt. It wasn't like a gradually getting to the topic. He just went all out. He's just he's just went for the throat yet. He's like okay. We're going to talk about this shit right now. Yeah exactly so you know everybody's waiting for everybody's all alone deep way like you and I you know like what you do in his his wife's name Gabar Jerry. You're pretty nice cute couple yet so okay so the beef is right now with boozy both went off on a twitter. Whatever you WANNA call it needs talking about tiger. Oh deep wait Duane Gill. Don't let the Dick get cut off deep way. Don't cut the Dick of wait. What Yeah Man. He just went off just talking about a twelve years old man their mind is developed right now with the boy is a boy. He's okay so he wants to be. Okay so Zayas the he wants to be or Zaire wants to be so you okay. So everything is cool. Everything is cool with with the transgender. You know what I'm saying. Everything is wanting to be girls something like twelve years old but boosie was talking about assuming already dig is going to get cut off. I I don't know first of all you're not gonNA cut off at Tokyo's Dick. Maybe I don't know I I'm not a doctor so I don't. I heard it this blood and nobody seeing it. So this is what he was saying. Boosie was cut off to Deng. Yes booze. Beef is don't get the Dick caught up twelve years old. But nobody's saying that even said anything about that. It's just they're just a with the flow. You know if you want to be a female will let you dresses. You know girl. You're some skirts and shave. You WanNa do. But boozy would just like he act like the Dick is going to get cut off all right. He would just like. Yeah fuck this shit gas. Well he's like Dell meet you know. Finish it by guilty Wade. Y'All don't get the Dick. Don't cut the Dick Off de wait all this shit right. It was just just mad nuts. Going crazy over that shit but again twelve years old right. Yeah okay so now. Here's were kind of gets a little rough right. So Yeah boozy. Just came out bluntly said that Shit Dude. I was really impressed or surprise with comments because a lot of people are actually agreeing with him. Which with WHO with boozy? Oh even came out kind of bluntly but a lot of people are agreeing with him. And I don't do don't do it. Yeah you're twelve years old exactly. You're twelve years old. Why are you doing this to your kid? So it doesn't make sense so it's like this man. I'm stuck with A. I'm stuck with doing homework because of the fact that I do agree with you that if your kid wants to be a female or whatever you know you want whatever yeah but I one thing I do agree with boozy. Is that yell? This is not this if if if this is in the plans right now to get the Peter. The cutoff don't do it. Here's the deal dude. Wait till you're eighteen. Yes wait till you're eighteen. Parents should not do anything to their kids until they're eighteen just like voting driving smoking doing drugs. Whatever the fuck you WANNA do. Hey you wanNA tell you you turn eighteen years old you wanna be a check. Go for exactly. I don't care because you're moving. Your mind is more developed. Yeah twelve years old. You're you're you're really. There's a setting is called experimenting. You don't sound like you can experiment at twelve years old and still not know you experimented twelve and probably like it but at Fifteen. You might start to write. You might start to see more women you might just. You might start to see people that you like. You might fall in love but if you get your Dick cut off at twelve high. Supposed to touch yourself at twelve if it's cut off. What exactly does I omega. Act here you experiment decimation exactly point. You can't squirt. Hey at least get some skorts. Yeah come on you gotTA shoot that. Shit some senator before you cut the shit all mankeshaw fill the experiment. The experience disquieting. You know what I'm San your first masturbation dude. Hey Dad I haven't jerked off yet in. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA cut off my Weiner exactly and not saying nothing is agreed that it. Yeah but seriously like dad can sell first before you tell me that you're gonNA cut my junk off exactly gosh so any. Let's say for example he dig his Dick. Cut Off Right at twelve years old thirteen or even fourteen. Let's say a fourteen you've got dick off right okay. Awesome eighteen years old. He's like he's like damn. I'm not gay after all but see. That's that's the thing we tell you this crazy dude which will get older and your mind is a little bit matured instead of telling your kid. Hey you're twelve years old. I WANNA be a girl. You don't lead. Let's grow up a little. Yeah grow up a couple more years so yeah so what? I'm seeing like. So what if the eighteen thirties like looks down and shit is shit? Ain't there no more. The look would not shock that united. Do Reality that you were going to get. It's like do those crazy. I'm done my love at eighteen to twenty one years old and you went and she was have kids or whatever you gotta guy but you ain't got no shit because you should have gone forever. It just gone. What do you see crazy? So it's like I'm agreeing with you. Know what I'm saying if say if you WANNA support if Zayer Ziya wants to Zaire whatever's poor do it all you gotta do but just don't get the shit cut off all they're going to say don't get it if you think about it. Don't get cut off way to wait for by six years. When do you think that? Wouldn't you think the kids like you know what I WANNA be a guy? I want to be grown. Identify with is I want to do with that. When do you think to me as a parent it'd be like eighteen years old yes eighteen. You're an adult. You can do whatever you want. The little kids will be like what? Wait SIX YEARS. I WANNA hang. I WANNA be a girl on us again. What you're under my roof. You're going to do this once. You're eighteen years old. Hey Gopher go buy a bunch of flowers where dresses put on makeup. I really don't you tell my eighteen number gloom. I'm going to say about twenty three twenty five now do you. Don't WanNa take care of your kids after non about the the mind dude. Oh the yet at twenty five man that mind that from eighteen to twenty three eighteen. Twenty your mind changes big time. You mind changes stages man weird. Yeah I mean it's weird dude. It's weird your your teams and your twenties are where you're just like. Oh actually realizing Holy Shit. This is me as a person and we don't do this. Do that would be this. I want to be that yeah. So that's when actually not maturing but you're developing a doesn't you're trying to say when you're twelve years old you have no fucking clue you've only balanced plan for twelve years and you've been aware probably eight years that you've been on this planet so you have no idea what the fuck is going up and I'm not saying I'm not saying no it's not a bad thing. Yeah I'm not. I'm not saying this is gay during the No. No no no no. It's just twelve years old. You might think you're gay. You might not you might be you. Might you have female. Tennessee's dude ice play barbies. You play with. Who Cares? Who Cares? Low Plymouth barbies whenever I was fucking tin. Do you use them as action figures. Probably something I do I love I do I love being Barbie. Ice Play with Barbie love being Barbie. There you go. Are You gay? No LAPOMA barbies dude dressing up shit like that dressed put makeup on monash is it ought shipment of your your point. You can be young. You can play this weird you know action figures you know I. It's no big deal because no one's like oh you're playing with a Barbie doll game. No kids don't say that when they're young you're just playing action. Figures doesn't matter I played with girl girl. Action figures tube do not Barbie but you know I think it was a gi Joe or something. He's awesome played with girl action figures to do. It doesn't matter it doesn't dude. I used to apron. You don't sound like play like low kid games and shit where you got the family and Shit you cook a mud pies and all that Shit Muramoto. I pretended Cook Road where in neighboring to all this shit dude what your girl. No I just like to cook. Yeah exact- so see you go through those motherfucking changes whenever you mean. You're going to grow gay. Just yeah you you don't need to get bombarded at twelfth exactly one bombarded but you just kind of like this Lombardo bombarded with all kinds of going to at the same time but experience everything experience everything you know guys stuff girl stuff you know. That's fine but you know to me when you're eighteen. Go Cut Your Dick. Remember when I used to do that. Shit when I was young Nelson like I think. Five years later manage like boom. Dc At me at once like bomb foot barbies like you're just like oh you've then you realize. I realize like fucking the hell am I doing? Were parties I was done with barbies and mud pies like I was just fucking done. You're just like yeah okay. No it finally hit you know. No no now finally hit you know. I don't know you realize that you didn't WanNa play with Barbie dolls. I realize I didn't WanNa play you because you could still played with Barbie dolls. That's my point. You still played with you because when I said that that was Kinda bad but you could still play with Burritos but you decided. No I don't play with Barbie dolls anymore. Yeah now if I was. Eighteen is still played with barbies. Yeah don't maybe. Hey Hey it'd be questionable. Yes questionable pushing. Maybe it's like okay. All right he does want to be a yeah. Yeah we'RE GONNA go through with. It played with barbies but like you said eighteen twenty one. When you start turning twenty one you go hit the the gay bars and be like. Oh you know what this is not my thing anymore. Stephen is good though. So D- wait. What you should do is let Wait you wait till you turns about. Eighteen right an endorsement of gay bar and see if he likes it or not just to know not eighteen. Twenty one to go to you know but just to experience just like hey. Here's what you WANNA do there. You go and you know how many times he will get buffet. Yup DOMAIN ROOM AT O. J. He's Dad. I don't WanNa be gaining more. Dasell hurts fucking hilarious. Yeah exactly you're on. Fire put in a situation debate in an orgy. What do you want to call it? A whole bunch of do let them get. How Fun. Yeah happy play. Let them let them get. But it's fun to get. It sounds bad but yelled let him go through that. Shit right when we come out of their happy and enjoyed it might be gonNA right back. Here he goes son. There you go have fun like but daddy like. Hey go in there. I'll be out here in about half an hour we cry. You'll be running out here crying. Have Fun Steve Rouse turned? Sixteen right you know. My Dad was like yeah. You know number is twelve or thirteen. My Dad was like yeah when he returned sixteen. I got a surprise for you. What's what's it. He's like well. We we turned sixteen. I'm getting your first hooker. Rightness my Dad. My Dad told me whenever for real or joking for. Real was overseas overseas twelve. Thirteen years old. My Dad said when he returned sixteen. Get your first hooker. I was just like at Gentler did. Did you know what what what was coming or what was supposed to as I got older? I realized what a hooker was. And what a no know I just feel like a hooker? Yeah Dad thanks What kind of toy is that? What I did was my dad's GonNa buy me six sixteen. I just knew he was gonna be so so. You're Oh so you knew it was going to be sick like son when he was sixteen. You're going to be older. I'm GONNA show you right but I think back. It's like dude. He saw me like. Hey what are we sixteen on my show you this if you like it or not? You're going to know what's up. You know what I'm saying. So he made you decide. He kind of gave me the options. Like I'm going to do this for you if you like it or not. I guess that's GonNa that's GonNa see the route that you want to get. He's he's GonNa make you decide. Yes he's going to be. Okay you're going to like it you're not gonNA like it. Yep so good luck buddy. Exactly what are played with barbies? Not My dad didn't say. Hey go son. Good Luck if my dad call playing barbies like at twelve. He wasn't like son. You're gay Harden Okay. You guys keep playing in new whatever because my dad knew once that age comes on do this and that and we'll go from there. We'll go from there so. D- wait do that. Gophers have him experience. It do my son right now right. My best years were in high school. Mice ride learnt my son right now. If my son right now at his age would it came out and said. Hey. I'm gay I belie- cool you want to be gate as cool on you your your. You've already been through the process. You've been to everything you've had with. You had this Najeh aging by the way. Ag To six bow. Yeah I'M GONNA fifth. Yeah we own monarchy going on myself she would. Dad is the fourth. Yeah Saint like a George Foreman Shit like four five and six name all you folks out there listening right now. My son is Arthur Gustov Johnson of the six year and I am members sick the fifth and my dad name of the fourth and his dad is a the third and that is the second. The second okay. Yeah this generation is doing this is. This is not just not just not George Foreman. Where you've got like Maude. Kids you name. Art One two three four and five. This is like my son is six so anyways so yeah. My son is up age to where he can make his own decisions now. Now you don't care you don't care he's not drake who fucking twelve years old but listen. What I'm saying is Muslim was twelve or thirteen and talking about he was having these feelings. I'm not going to know I'm not gonNA force going to say. Hey if you have any feelings cool not I'm going to do my best to freak and say hey wait you get to sixteen or seventeen or eighteen. Yeah I'M GONNA I'm not GonNa sit there and say I'm with you or not. That's not using right now. You might be having these feelings urges but yeah but don't get wrong some people. Do I do believe in your gate when you're born. I do believe that but still wanna see for myself. If he'd get old enough. You understand okay. I believe you have the genes in you. You'RE GONNA people are not GonNa like this episode. Because I don't believe in gay with the born thing I I do. Not Oh no no. That's what I'm saying. People are people going to be pissed off episode born Gay Really. Yeah I think it's I think that gene is in you. I I think it's in you. You can force yourself to not want to be. That's why does not force it. No No. There's not sixty years old. I realized that. Hey I'm gay. There are some people that you never see. That's the thing with us was with Dwayne. Wade thing he he maybe was born game but I know but listen. What I'm seeing Stephen is is that you're born. I'm not saying I'm not seeing what you know what you are. You're born the way that you are. I believe that gene is in you but what I'm like. No no no I believe you. I believe you now know now. Yeah you're born the way that you are. Yes you are born the way that you are yes mentally does how you are physically fucked that when people say. I am a girl and I have a winner does fucked up mentally. You are but physically. I do that doesn't work so I believe in being born Gay Rights. So if you are it doesn't matter where the if at ten years old you're obviously gay or eight years old. You're obviously gay. But but you do some deal but the goal is to wait to your eighteen. Yes okay thank you. Yeah we when you're five years old you're not gonNa tell your mom that your yes when you're five years old. I came Mama. I'm like dude. You're only five years. No I'm not doing. I'm not seeing it. You born gain you pop out. And also I'm GAM gay lender. No no I'm agreeing with you agreeing there. You're you're already you're born with with that mindset yes you're born without mindset but as a parent when someone says okay. I'm five years old. I'm getting like no no no well you don't because the parent doesn't know that no the parent doesn't know that no okay. Let's let's grow up. You have to mature the lift to life and then and then realize if you're gay or right or whatever and then after that it's like okay. You Know Golf Club. Yep All right go through stages gold you to stages just go through this. Jj Yes exactly go through the stages of a good of adulthood as well when you when you actually mature enough to realize that you're that you can say that you're gonNA say that exactly ten years old and you look at your mom and dad like hey mom dad. I'm gay and you look at them and you're like really kid. You're ten years old. Yeah now just because you heard that you're gay doesn't mean that you're just to clarify what? I meant by being boring game. Was that when you're old enough and you realize that you are gay right. That's what I mean by you're born. You're born gay. You already going to be gazed so because a lot of the a lot of people out there to turn twenty eight or thirty or forty years old. They're like gay now. I'm like no. You're you're you're you're you're born game but it took you forty eight years to figure in forty eight years to figure it out but you're already boring gay in you. Now that I understand I understand that and I didn't believe that but now I get the now he understands. Now you see rob coming from. Not that he he rump coming from because like I say I'm not just saying you'RE GONNA be at ten years old. I run around your game. Day issues that period could pop up forty years later in your brain. It could be like. Oh Shit yes gang. I wasn't acting gay. I was all tough Eh. Forty years later. Oh Shit. I'm gay because do shake because I was born gay but I just didn't realize until now yeah because some people get so pissed off at themselves that come out the closet that get so fucking mad like suck slipped like forty women this him he cannot be gave. Those are the people that force themselves to sleep with women. Yes exactly do. I am so gay but because society says I shouldn't be exactly. I got a fucking chick. See Him now. You don't get so much matter yourself. It's just you you're always getting took a while to come out. It's all good. If you would've been gay earlier. Maybe that would have been. Hey you know whatever but yet yeah but You wanted to force it and fight Eddie. And you're twenty. You're thirty years old and you like hey you know. Hey but see but see now now because everybody is so so accepting now back in the day. You couldn't have done that now now you can be like hey art. Hey I'm Steven I'm Gay Steve. Really like yeah. Yeah it's like all right good job Demo Stephen. It's there's a time and place and then there's a time when when people are be like you know what it's time for me to come just the right time. Time is the right time. It's always the right time the right time looking good for them. Good for you too emmy. Unfortunately took you that long because of how society treats you like like Shit but you know. Now they're doing it you know. I don't buy fuck me. I don't care and you know what Stephen Fuck it. And if for example right now at my age of. Hey Tim I'm gay. You know what I'm not going to get pissed off by myself and be like something from from the start I was gay from the start is just a gene I was born with. I'm not going to get mad at myself. And say how can I just papa gave nodded. no did you know that you were gay. Says thing it's like some people re you probably you probably want to keep it inside society and stuff like that your parents athletes not as dumb and yet you don't want to just come out and say but I'm just saying I'm not going to beat myself up if I came out and said Hey I was going to beat myself up because I knew it was in me and beginning from beginning no but like all the people know it come out. Come out come out. Who Cares you know I? It is what it is. Come OUT COME OUT. Come out wherever you are out. Come out wherever you are. But he look. I'm looking for a Harry. Caray assholes so yeah so young so yeah so anyway. So like I say man boozy a lot of people say hey may stick your nose in somebody else's business but last I think boozy he's he's only been. I think he's only doing this. Because of the fact Zaia is twelve. See that's yeah. I think that's why he's doing this. So maybe it was kind of blunt but I think he's sincere. I think he's being sincere because he cares and he knows that. Hey their minds are still being developed. I'm not his parents on. Yeah exactly so. Good luck you guys but to end this me personally. If I was in d wait shoes I would support but I would get the Dick Cutoff Desa. Hell No no no Zion right now. The Name Ziya. Right now came to me and said Dad. I want to get my dick off right now hale. No you're not getting Emma cut off right now way. T- turn eighteen. Get the fuck out of my house and you get your Shit Cutoff. Not Right now but you know you gotta gotTa go to the parenting. You've gotta do whatever told us all the shit out of Social Media Mandy Way. Drop this shit too because right now. Everybody's personal business so I I don't know why you got the shit other in first place you know if you know whatever that's yeah that's yeah. So what am I gonNA keep your private? That's another thing that you agree with me Steven. Right you agree with me Yes oh one. Hundred percent eighteen yes eighteen. Yeah Yeah Yeah you know what? Give eighteen years to figure out if you're gay or straight how's that that's pretty much just because because your parents don't have to say anything when you're eighteen years old you can say whatever the fuck you want you can say whatever the fuck you and be like. I'm eighteen years old mom dad. I'm gay and what are they going to say exactly? Indeed why I'm moving. You think. Okay and if he was born with the gene yell still given to eighteen. You still got to give me reassurance. Yeah and then and then at eighteen when he says it. Or she whatever he supported. Be Supportive you know because because you gave him eighteen years to figure out what's going on just south of Dallas and they and they just eighteen years old and you're like I'm games like you know what this out the Dallas. Y'All do what you gotta be happy. Happy happy don't be pissed off at your kids because when they're eighteen they're on their own but jolts we love all your we love all your you know what I'm saying. Salt good we do much love to you deeply doing. You'll thank digital thing. Are you doing your thing by donor? Support doing whatever saw my love. You know what I'm saying. Which what we saw love each other we love that we love everybody race creed color anybody pay on to the next. What's bothering you? Do some over to bother you do. What's up the when you Williams? Wait Whoa why are you laughing? Wendy Williams Saul K no. We're talking about death here for real. Yeah no we're talking about here. Yeah that Wendy Williams died she kinda put a little twist on she put a twist. You didn't die but it seems like she's about to die now figuratively speaking. She is she built a little twist on. Someone's death so you don't Ju Drew Carey. Here's X. was wrong ex-fiancee ex-fiancee yes. His ex fiancee was thrown three stories. Alleged allegedly to her death allegedly by her ex that she wasn't literally dude. He fucking did it. Predominately video right. Now it's good for hug and did it in I think there's there's a few cases before that where he he's for abused women or something like that so yeah he fucking dotted good. Hobie jail rest in peace. She's in better place. But so the beef is Wendy Williams when Williams who when Williams everybody knows Wendy Williams came talk show host okay during the day. No saying she's in Hall of fame. Whatever radio what. She was inducted. Like two thousand nine or something like that which she's known for being controversial. Okay you know. She got a talk show. Do you know Wendy Williams I kinda I kinda SORTA titties. Whatever okay. Now I know her. Yeah Okay thank big takeaways. Big which you say. Oh titties big table cities or yeah so anyways titties. Yeah so as you know that. She's a very controversial Right well that's what I've heard yet. So would you heard what I seen was that I guess are low shows. She's like a lot of feedback negative feedback because she has a habit of being controversial so I guess he was talking about this to happen and I guess he did a model or whatever on the price is right. You know he made some kind of wishy. Do you wish you she quoted. Oh I guess that famous line from the prices right come on down or whatever he got it. Yeah so what? What would she fell off a third storey building out on us and what she did was right. I but her audience dude her audience even kind of like. Did you really say that? So I guess what she was doing she was talking about it and she was like yeah. Come on down in her head. Like Kinda SORTA went down brutal. Yes very very last very brutal too soon or too inappropriate. I mean a girl falling off at three story building butts. Come on down exactly so let me think Somma Tell You. Wendy like say you you doing your thing. You're very controversial. People know you for that so I know you still air. Even after the situation. She's still going to be on Arab because people know that's character. Okay so is that so. It's normal yummy. She interviewed like Whitney Houston a long time ago whenever she was in the height of her crack addiction. And Shit. Cocaine ADDICT WHITNEY HOUSTON. Yeah they had they had a spat. you know what. I'm saying in an interview. Data spat so she kind of she kind of known for stuff right. Okay you know. There's a way of jokes. There's a way of saint passes or if you want to be kinda comedic to it or whatever she was being communiqu it's just it didn't it didn't go no. I'm saying so. It's like if you're going to say something about somebody worth as death. Make sure it's obviously funny. Make sure you're obviously trying to make a joke about it but in a good way instill sound sensitive. Always going to say we're talking about sensitivity here. It's like yeah I was GONNA say sensitivity. Yeah okay there's no way of telling a joke you know and you still centered about it but didn't Kinda try to cheer people up a little bit seeing time make you make make make an unsensitive joke. Yes so she made a joke that was. I don't know if that was funny wasn't work. You're saying it didn't work even audience seat at work. I mean it wasn't oh wait. Wait what audience just like. A man like a A what you know how to the most earpieces shit. I think somebody was an EP. Like no don't what did you just say? Did the right way to get out of this back back back. Music did you really. She's so she pretty much left it. I guess so but I'm sure you and I we. We talk about jobs all the time. It's no big deal but we're very sensitive to other people's feelings. Everything Corona virus autism and. We might see some say something you know but we still care. They let him know. Were sensitive to everybody. Don't ever take. We know right away and we joke about everybody in. We joke about each other too. So hey rip on us. I don't care but getting restore going to make a joke like come on down. You coulda twisted a little difference. God Him when you kind of cringing right now just Shit Wendy come on down building. That's what Jacqueline Phoenix. Remember what she said about him talk clip not as Shit. She was talking about Jacqueline. What Phoenix the One? That won the award for joker. Oh Lipman ship club. Cleft LIP cleft lip. Yeah you see that episode man where she put put a finger in her mouth and she lifted up her finger with like. That's not funny. I mean it's funny but it's not funny you tr- you're trying too hard. Yeah you're trying way too hard to did not work but if comedy is not in your blood don't do do not straight up dude dude you and I have come to your own but we can. We can make fun of each other. Yes but if you're saying something like that and you and you mean it yes. Weakest weakest weakest is an obvious joke. It's an obvious joke but when you're doing it like that trying to be funny and then you don't say anything you don't say like that was a joke and but you don't say that that's pretty true. Yeah like Oh yeah club like Steve. Did you know that was funny though? Okay those Funny Bunny Bunny now. If you're not funny it doesn't make sense. Does it make sense to make sense? Maybe some practices on the stand up in front of somebody and try to do some. Nobody looks but she's she's a serious talk show she's been around she's a serious. She's not a comedian now. She's been around for five minutes. She got jokes. She got jokes and Shit that she'd been saying for over the years. Fuck rights are jokes. Yeah exactly these writers zoos. Actually give a Windy. A mother fucking excuse. No no no. Somebody said that you know she needs that bad ass motherfucker job somebody else. She needs to know who's writing those jokes because if she's she's like That's funny now. If you if you wrote me if you really a joke for me I would read it about. Oh okay. That was twenty. Hang on wait a minute. Even thinking about this shit wait. Usually those talk shows like say. Don't exactly the writers yet? Era was up. They they all that Shit right. Yeah so to. Everybody thinks her. What if it wasn't her? What if nobody? When I saw that when I saw that she had no hesitation. No fucking sorry God a God damn hesitation. She was this out and she was like. Hey come on down. I was like Whoa all right. Wendy trying to give you the benefit out here but my boy. We're we're trying. I'm trying to give her the benefit. Is You hear see and that was all windy. That was all her was no earpiece in and like that was all her. She hadn't near peace and someone said that to her she could have said. I don't know I don't know but she just went. She went. She was one hundred ratings. Dude that's fucking. You told us all about the money. It's all about the money. Yeah that means She the solar solar with very sensitive. I think she's solar what time ago said she'd been. I was GONNA say you. She's when you said she's been doing this for a few radio hall of fame two dozen. Yes Oh yes. She's been on props props her. Hey y'all when we hit on you. We're not hating on you just pointing things out. What do you say? Oh man among the muck and ex just passed away like fucking yesterday got thrown over three stories. What the bought come down. That's pretty certainly. That's pretty sad. I mean you know me I would have said a backtracked. I'm like oh no. I shouldn't have but she didn't backtrack now. Do actually be honest with you. Backtrack did she tries. Not backtracking if auto said come on down right it would have been like a down and look down and all that shit like no you you. Obviously you would have made it more entertaining. Yes me too but when she said it you saw on the video come on down here went down on an audience like Nick. Funny when you're learn from your mistakes so hopefully. She lives from mistakes. But but dude fucking crazy do her ex with the roommate was in house in in Iraq Bardstown Ali. Her was like all this commotion in nearby down. I WANNA ship John Keener. She was down already done. Did I don't know how that happens in so young. What can you do it as crazy? His ex I feel bad for drew. Drew's like Oh my God. What am I good? Friends is not here anymore. Yeah that's crazy. Not because of what just through a weird ordeal dude. It's just a weird situation man enemies. I can't believe that happened. Yeah they just put up for a while but due to hit him so hard. I think they canceled. The price is right. I think for a little bit yet. It canceled because even though you know it's it's unreal. It's unreal on when it happens to someone close to you like that. You're just like way that can't be real mandate CISCO'S SHOWMAN. You'll enjoy life. You know what I'm saying. It could be snatching heartbeat with us like we say we were talking about Kobe. In what love each other. Love your immediate family and I mean you never know you never know some guy might just bum rush in the house and this crazy over you over the balcony and then buy in for you out there. That are agreeing with windy. You know what I'm saying. You know much power to you you know if you think that was funny or whatever. However she said harvest did it. You know that's up. You know if you like that kind of what harsh I was. GonNa say comedy. That was dark dark. Not that wasn't even come down like dark dark. That type of comedy. I mean we have stupid comedy. But that's that was like in the cave back in the day type. What the hell comedy was dead if you think that was comedy. Did you see here sitting on the Sofa? She's like she's like backed up and she says she kinda knew. I think she kinda knew like a dude. I don't know man. Well it's like I said she said it's plenty of time before what was her. Does she have any rebuttals? I don't know I sat heard. I haven't heard I know. I heard she didn't apologize. You know that's her. That's even more better debts. Her what do you call? It is her personality her Her Niche She. Don't apologize with nothing. She says. It Nets it Kinda Kinda like like you will not you know whatever we whatever I say is what I said. Yeah but but no but I have a certain fuel for people but what I say is what I see is what you say but still we still are sensitive. You'll we're very sensitive and very sensitive and if it's a comedy or a joke we let people know that A. Don't yeah sorry. But she didn't apologize now. I fought to say that right down down down down. Bow SPLAT autumn. Like honestly something afterwards let people know on real. That happened is like it was just like a boom. The she had no remorse. Yeah exactly no remorse. She was like actually. I think she said it was like you know what I'm GonNa enjoy the ratings tomorrow. That's what he said. I'm enjoyed it back last tomorrow. A move on with us a we want but we're we don't go that far whereabouts but we're not that bad us we care about people and I was sick. We care about people dead alive. Who Cares you know we we do care about people and when you use a death like that too for for for ratings. Yeah that's crazy. I don't I'm not GonNa Make Fun of somebody's death to to raise my ratings. Yeah our ratings crazy. We don't know too much. Yeah it's is pushing it anyways like say drew a man yell praying for you. You know what I'm saying. Hope you'll get over this loss So he can get back to work. Whatever it quick pass over you know. Get back living your life whatever. Yeah sorry about that but Yo Keep that Wheel Spinning Perot. So we want to thank you for listening everybody. Yeah hopefully You enjoyed our quick intermission. Podcasts here just a little snippet Yup because As you know we're going to start on these little daily which we're GONNA try to stay on top two things that are relevant. That happened each day besides our Our Long podcast. Oh we're going to do little snippets or little sketches besides our Our weekly stupider start the winning snippets and shit like that Happening just right away he was gonna get together like Bam in knock it out just to keep you guys going till the next podcast. Yup So just let you might get a weekly podcast and then you might get like a podcast. Two days later. Angry hungry angry. I'm into hungry. Joe Next podcast We got our first. That's what oh I guess She she we know you want to say okay you got. I guess okay. Cool yeah here. We got our first guest or look up on instagram. You might guess who might become a non yeah. I guess you're going to see how we interact. She might he he or she might be a good guest. Yes and I just I I just I just gave it yes superb. So she's like you know we're GonNa Start Adding Guess. Bring on guests. You know what I'm saying so I guess it's coming up until the next podcast one right after I think the next door right yeah I think so. Yeah Yeah it's GonNa be a guest fully full on just that one episode one guest in a funny asked to go with that. Yeah so you guys. Next time sucked balls or suck titties state-owned folks PD's.

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