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GSMC Television Podcast Episode 103: Best Of - Part 1


T._V. has changed over time. Streaming has become the new norm. That's why golden state media concepts television podcast dives had I to the world cord cutting getting wants to be on the blue book watch Netflix or if it's not a preference what about original shows and Hulu we've got you covered join us as we fill the blind and talk about movies to street and what show you should be binging. This is the golden state media concepts television podcast greetings good people the planet earth in the known universe. You're listening into golden state media concepts television podcast Kenton Keith and today good people. We're going over the best of television in two thousand eighteen so this part one because I know that they'll be a second part somewhere to share with you just a great television chance to watch last year <hes> and bring to you <hes> out there in the universe so oh to kick things off. We're going to start off with one of my favorite shows. I can't wait for season to become killing Eve starring Sandra oh formerly of Grey's anatomy and sideways fame so just to give you a quick synopsis again. We're not quick but we'll talk about what the show is and then my take on it so eas life as a spy is not adding up to what she had hoped. Eve Is Sandra character. It's not adding up to help to be when she started. She's bored very smart. She's am I five security officer who was very dense bound. Villanova is a very talented killer Mercurio and mood who claims to the luxuries of her job even though now go ahead ahead in a fierce game of cat-and-mouse each one equally obsessed with the other as Eve Eva's test tasked with Huntin down the psychopathic assassin Sarah Net B._B._C. President says killing Eve stands out in the Sea of scripture stories as professionally entertaining in great fun. That's true that is very true. <hes> killing e one of those rare shows that when a debuted the ratings were in a certain level in each week the show as each episode happened happened the ratings they grew rapidly. They rose so is one of those rare jams where people start catching on and more people start watching the weeks went by so it's a great h show I like it a lot. It's dark. It's fierce. Some of it's very comedic villa. Nell the beautiful psychopathic assassin is very interesting. She's job. She likes killing people get. It's creepy. It's her thing and she wants obsessing over. Yves Saint Joe's character no Sandra. I'm excuse in east care to loves her husband but she's bored with her life so it's just a you just get the impression when you watch the show that she is <hes>. How do you say <hes> someone wants more and you don't know if she was always that way before she got married or she just got their way after her life just became humdrum and this is based off of novels caught the villa now novels by Lou Jennings so they adapted for television which is glad they did after those books because the show is amazing eve Steve pays attention to detail and you know the office she works for they're just not really equipped to handle was what's going to happen with villa now and by the time and now has his handler? Who's like you need to behave yourself? You only kill them we tell you to you can't go off script. Now is just like yeah okay but of course she doesn't listen she doesn't listen and because she doesn't listen eve winds the beginning on her trail and by the time that Villanova realizes the this woman is getting close to napping nabbing her so now mind you if you are a professional assassin of killer and you find out the so much trying to catch you usually the response would be okay while I'm going to have to kill this person or subdue this person so they can't catch me. You're probably going to go with the first you know. No no no no. They'll know they'll announce so quirky so quirky so first of all I mean so when she realizes who is trying to get her she starts. She starts obsessing over eve. I mean sexually she she. She wants this woman I it's just I've never seen show like this in my life. It's just very I gotta tell you the B._B._C.'s doing their thing have to give the producers in creators of Luther props in respect because I feel like this goes back to Idris Elba Plan John Luther a good detective who's just darkened quirky and his chemistry with Alice. I feel you like B._B._C.. Figured out that that's an area of theme that they should explore and you're getting that there are female equivalent of that with killing eve so yes so eve is being you know lusted upon by analogy doesn't even know it so she goes on this trip so they can try to Connecticut investigation and catch her and when he sees her excuse me one villain L. C.'s eve and her her luggage. She's still the luggage because she saw obsessing just goes through it. Then there's a scene where she hires his woman to sleep with and she's like you know your name is e for now. I mean it's just really dark and twisted and then I mean like I said they'll know has his handler. He's older guy. He's charismatic unfunny. Whenever though no sees this guy was handling gives her assignments she's she's always like how come you never sleep with me? I never tried to sleep with me so she's excited and aroused by this guy because he hasn't come onto her. She's a hot mess but when you watch the show is just so intriguing digging you just get stuck. You want more and more because you don't know what's going to happen next and eventually figures out what's going on with villain now because she's like where's my luggage. Don't hang my luggage. She thinks this loss has been no. Oh no no handed and she was going through it sniffing it smelling it rubbing her body with it was crazy and just you know she just excited so what you realize going into the shore watching is that villa knell has been bored to she loves job but she needs some excitement and having a woman who's like basically her equal pursue her when she's been so careful for so many years killing people getting away with it you know to turn on he no. She feels alive again so I mean so they have this cat-and-mouse being going. There's this you know there's the sexual tension between the two of them and it shows and then there there are other supporting cast characters <hes> have interesting backgrounds that are great as well in the show <hes> she she has a friend and make sure I say his name right. Frank see Gimme one second when I when I her colleagues who's pretty cool when East colleagues the scene Gene Frank Yeah. He's a character as well watch out for when you watch the show but the show was great between between watching and then you see like eve is there's a fine line. That's really separates her in villain. Al Avila now is cool to see a T._v.. Show where the the so-called good guy good girl in the bag girl does not too much to separate them to different sides to the same coin and you and you see that in the show you never know you. Just don't know what's going to happen next next and like I said this dark humor in to <hes> that that you'll enjoy <hes> bill knows very funny. She's very interesting very much so free-spirited free with the sexuality she just free in general she doesn't she basically lives by her own rules. Even though she has a handler and that can be considered problematic and eve is just she's alive begin because you know she's been tracing these different murders and she probably she finally picked us out the connected to the Llanelli but she doesn't know her name yet and it just goes from there and like I said I can't wait for a season to season was great special to win ended American even tell you a nice a little twist and season one <hes> so I I like to show I like the chemistry. I like how it's written. B._B._C.'s doing their thing there yeah. They're redefining what it is to have a cop show yeah I can honestly say did the British in my opinion that British doing that better than them in America right now. They're cop dramas a lot more interesting lot more intriguing darker <hes> just more layers to to dive into the between the the hero and the villain chemistry in their shows is just it's just a lot more fun to watch so by the way Villanova's play by jody comber. She's amazing. She should get an emmy and Sandra outplays eople ashtray so <hes> so even gets promotion <hes> to this new to working for secret partly ah five because this woman comes in who wants to being one of the head honchos and Eve just talking about you know the murder sayings how they're all kind of connected as she has lots of detail so when this lady here's that she recruits eve to leave the government jobs she has to come work for her and secret and then you find out throughout the series that this woman was working for she's got secret. She's got connections. It gets layered and very layered. <hes> and it's hard to know who you can trust from. You can't trust so and that just makes the show even more intriguing when you watch it. It's a great show and apparently so yeah. Season Two has been approved. We're going to get some time two thousand nineteen but there is no specific date for it yet but definitely want encourage you guys. If you haven't seen it wash to first season of killing eve. You won't be disappointed and like the cover for the T._v.. Show is a picture of eve in front and they'll know has even headlock. They're left arm underneath east leaves phaser. Her Chin was looking over her very intriguing but yeah excellent show one of the best of two thousand eighteen to watch some B._B._C. has done it again. Grow bitter British Broadcasting Company B._B._C. America. I believe actually so to keep you guys. The schuylkill net a good show to watch also. I want to talk about the last O._G.. Now I don't know if they're I'm going to renew it for season starts Tracy Morgan Tiffany Haddish and let me give you the synopsis again. Spending fifteen years in prison didn't transform trae but everything everything else sure seems to change after he was released on good behavior he pretends to his newly affluent Brooklyn neighborhood in shock to find out how much different the world is for starters. He's a father to two twins sons well to insert. He's got a twin son and daughter. Fraternal twins boy was former girlfriend shape play by Tiffany haddish. She's not married to a successful white man. WHO's helping raise teenagers who grew up in private schools can't relate late to their dad's hardscrabble upbringing wishy he wishing he could connect with his kids by having needed the money to support them nor himself trae real trivialized on some well-known some well one skills to make ends meet wow trading unfamiliar territory so ask her when Jordan Peele is actually the co-creator and Co executive producer for the series so now they don't tell us that while trae was in prison he learned how to cook so he wants to be a chef nowadays at a prison so he wants to make that dream come true and he's still in love with Shay? There's even a flashback seeing basically trays to sell crack cocaine in the nineties and in the flashback back you know Shays telling him don't go out in the street because they're hanging out in the apartment having a good time and he goes out and he gets he gets caught up he gets set up and when he gets no he goes to jail it is life changes forever after that. 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He's just a man out of time. He's just out of sorts because he has to readjust. I mean nothing is what he thought it would be. You know he stayed the same with the exception of learning how to cook while in prison and be very creative with with what the things that is cooking. <hes> you know Brooklyn's been gentrified <hes> he just he just he had no idea that he was a father so now he's gotta spend time with his children. <hes> make himself feel relevant to them and be relevant for for them and Shay has changed. She's changed as she hasn't. She's successful businesswoman. She's married yeah. She's she married a white guy. Who's been raising her kids with her? You know who they call dad so this is Australia's for trays character so and then his trays a best friend he died but his his little brother is still alive. He's played by the same actor actually which is kind of clever Allen Maldonado playing bobby so bobby comes out you know he greets trae. That's his only for any really has traced forced live and a halfway house ran by szegedi entertainers character may mullins who wants to be a comic who's just bad with his jokes. I mean he's telling like really bad jokes that no one likes to get and trade zone. One dislike nine minutes not funny but it's quarter century container in the show with Tracy Morgan Tiffany Haddish. The chemistry is great but yeah. It's a funny show. It's a good show it's interesting. It's the whole the whole perspective live is unique and fascinated. There's never really been T._v.. Show about next Khan who gets out of jail and finds out that he's a father and finds out that the world around him has changed and he's just trying to find his place you know he's just trying to find his place and he looks at his ex fiance and you know she's still the same former that he loved but she's moved on. She didn't tell them about the kids because she felt like he made the wrong choice. We left the apartment and got arrested in for tertre doing on their own. So it's just a I enjoyed the show I enjoy watching the interaction between trae and the stepfather who is played by Josh. Josh is step by these played by Ryan all he's very funny any and the spell saw problems saying his name right there interaction is very funny. It's very priceless you find out trade things. Oh right you know me thinks that Josh she's just a squeaky clean guy. Who's now the DAD to my kids? And how can I compete with this white. Dude who's married to my woman. She's not anymore and you know he doesn't know what to do in and how to go about things and then he he thinks that we had a job he's GonNa just give it easy job as a cook somewhere without realizing he has to culinary arts school or maybe start ashore uh-huh to cook restaurant somewhere I so because he can't be the chef that he thinks he already is and by the way when you watch him and you watch what he makes is pretty good. He's very creative. He winds up getting the job with his his old friend working as a Barista in his coffee coffee spot and that old friend is Malea Yoga as his name real life traffic out CIANCI on the me what his name is on the show me one second wavy. I mean yeah the Guy Calls himself wavy you gotTa love and his characters pretty cool too because he's just Mr Cool guy walks around with his way go chain charm around his neck so he's got a suit and tie on but he's got the way to go chain the hangs over the Thai okay yeah so he gives trae job as a Barista at his coffee shop because basically when trey was selling drugs he was doing it for wavy eight didn't snitch sway was like okay well. You know I got you and he goes from there but it's intriguing show I like it. It's very funny and like I said somebody gets dark and I'm not gonNA tell you about that part. You just have to see for yourself so just when you think he's just really silly and finding somebody gets very serious and and I'm curious to see where it's going to go. I really am by like the last Oh gee last original gangster so they're called. Shell so check it out. You won't be disappointed. Tiffany Anthony Haddish's funny as a Shea Sassy smart and just real her chemistry tracy. Morgan is joy to see so she's been blown up everywhere. She goes these days so she's putting the work in in a definitely shows so that's another great t._v.. Show to watch and so you know before. This podcast is over. I'm GonNa talk about Krypton right but I want to talk about it now later on we're going to say that later on the podcast yeah so I think my teeth Internet with you is so Cobra Kai okay. Where do I start found this show on youtube premium? It was this show that got me <unk> subscribe to you to premium media otherwise it wasn't going to happen but I'm glad that it did. I don't regret youtube. Premiums been a great shimmy platform for original programming some happy about that so Cobra Kai like can't keep didn't talk about that before yes and we'll talk about it again. One of the best shows two thousand eighteen thirty four years after events of the nineteen eighty-four about a karate tournament down and out Johnny Lewis Seeks Redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai dojo reigniting his rivalry with the now successful Daniela Russo who sells cars for a living is always using this girl his whole karate term thing to help sell cars chapin down prices and stuff so poor Janney drives by any sees those billboards and he's just shaking his head. So where do I start this. Show is excellent. My only complaint with this show and the first season is that episodes are all a half hour long and maybe did that because they didn't know people were going to dig the show or not I wanted them to be longer. You get some flashback scenes the Chinese childhood and what made him who he is and how he became like the bad guy in the credit kid movies. The show is great because you get his perspective like okay so what happened to him and you see it. You know he's down out. He's like divorce voices gotta son that he doesn't see and his life is going nowhere. He's got no discipline. A just doesn't care so it seems like Dale. Larusso has everything and Johnny Lawrence has nothing and mind you. If you watch original credit kid movies you know Johnny Loris girlfriend was played by Elizabeth shoes character and she wind up leaving him to go with Daniela Rousseau and then in the end you know her Danny broke up to so neither one of them in with the girl so basically what happens in this new series reboot you see Johnny Star Start Building back up he does opened up the DOJ. Oh and he finally learned how to talk to other people 'cause he's not a he's not people oriented. I <hes> it is apartment. Complexes kid moves in Dan and he wants befriending Johnny. Johnny sees that the kids being picked on Johnny helps the kid out and he the kit convinced Johnny to teach him karate and and eventually Jonny sack okay and then the kid wants to giving other people who are kind of like picked out of school outcast and they joined the DOJ. Oh and Johnny goes back to what he knew because his corporate mentor Sensei was like more of a father speaking of own dad so when Chinese like show no mercy you know there it is and what's cool about credit kit movie franchise especially the first one. If you're lucky unfortunate you'll see this this t he sure goes around and it has his Censeo on the front. It is so sweet it's so sinister as folding his shoulders in the says sweep the leg yeah that that's from the first movie when again when came down to Danny and Johnny for the final round and you know johnny since as like you went on cost sweep the leg kicking the cheap shot so what I see that t shirt I smell a shake my head Adler on that's just so wrong but it's so fitting from the movie so yeah and this film I mean in this series you see a softer side of the Johnny Johnny. Is You know he's at first. He's just kind of rude rude to these kids and what happens is that you know his neighbor who he wants to taking under his wing. I'm GONNA give his name on second. Miguel play by ZILLOW MARRIAGE WAYNE A- Miguel deers Miguel's like look since you can't talk to them like that you know they get mad at school they here so it can be better. How would you feel some talk to you that way? So eventually James like okay I get it because a girl pops up and it's gonNA teach new girl so Janis like a throwback from the eighties he stuck in the past and his neighbor Miguel winds up pulling him out of the past and bring him into the president in the future in his cool to see four might this father son type of bond a first the mothers very overprotective. She doesn't want Miguel learning karate but there she sees the he's bonding with Johnny. Johnny starts to be really to MacGill's mom and he might have eating dinner with them and stuff. So you know things are going along smoothly. His dose starts to build up and there's a scene where Miguel winds up getting more confidence because his bullies trying to pick on them and Miguel uses the karate that Johnny's taught autumn and it works and then one of his classmates is like no mercy she says no mercy as mcgeough why kicking this guy's button the lunchroom from everybody so and then you see that you know johnny son is Kinda wayward in Janis <hes> the mother of his child. She's just not a real positive person and you know because Johnny gets a phone call by the aren't getting into trouble when he sees his son they just don't they talk at each other. It doesn't work and there's just the whole thing with that and then you wind up seeing Danny Larusso he sees the Cobra Kai Dojo open up he starts ars the freak out because he's having flashbacks to high school karate days and he's just taking the Johnny's just as bad guy and Janis driving this beat up car him you know Jeremy's lower money but like I said things start to turn around because is cool stars to pick up the teaching start to catch on so of course because Danny always feels competitive with Jeremy. He's like I got to stop this. What can I do so he tries is to stop them from open? He's tries to stop johnny keeping the DOJ open but he fails because Johnny goes and he speaks to the board about what he's trying to do and how you helps the kids and Danny gets voted so once again they're on opposite sides and Dave Davies got a daughter <hes> and she's the same age as Johnny's son and McGill so there's this whole thing about what's going to happen with this generation. How things are GONNA play out? This TV. Series is actually produced by overbook entertainment which is will Smith's production company love season one such addictive at totally put me into youtube premium bread. I can't wait for season two. I can't <hes> I have some mixed feelings about how season one ended so. We're going to see how things get played because WHO's good well. I don't want to give it away but I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in season two a special because of how they let things and season one but but there were twist and turns and season when that you don't see coming that are are pretty cool so once again that's Cobra Kai named Afro is named after the type of karate body the Johnny. Did you know that was the rival gang the right of rival karate group that Ralph Macchia went up against and it's cool Ralph Maggio and what's his name in real life sorry. I forgot to tell you that didn't they. Williams Zaka plays Johnny Lawrence. It's cluelessly raft march on Williams Abkah. You know thirty plus years later doing their thing as adults. I still have still have a rivalry and like I said there's a whole new generation and what's going to pan out for them and what's going to happen with corporate. School is GonNa stay. We'll be successful ASPEL. Were they face. What type of adversity are they going to face? They face adversity in first season. I'm I'm GonNa tell you how they do but check it out. It's really cool show so much respect for will willing Jada for producing this series <hes> well. They're remake of karate kid what their son Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan was an amazing movie so I like that too and tragedy Hinson as well but yeah you to Premium Cobra Kai season one. What are the best two thousand eighteen will be back with more best of after this break? Will your child be ready for kindergarten at Chester broke academy preschool. The answer is yes. Our curriculum offers the perfect balance of. 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DOT MC PODCAST DOT com follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and Google play <music> and we're back once again you listen to G._M._C.'s television podcast on the G._M._C. podcast network the seizure Canton kief talking about the best television in two thousand eighteen and we just finished talking about corporate guy now on talk about a Netflix original series called Marcella or Marcello and while so don't know if you remember but last year we talked about when we were talking about new T._v.. Shows were exciting. I told you there was a new thing happened to me. That never happened to me before I started watching T._v.. Shows that I really enjoyed but the main character was somebody that didn't like but the writing for the show was so good and riveting there. I didn't leave. I had to keep watching so it was a weird sensation feeling watching a new TV series and not liking the main character because ninety nine percent of the time you're rooting for the for the good guard the good girl you rooting for them. You know you're like you love to main character you emotionally invested in the main character her but the way T._v.'s written now the Best Shows Having Ensemble cast where you get to know all these quirky details about the supporting cast members <hes> and so there's not so so much pressure put on the main character which is good and you get that Marcello but it's just interesting to have a character this not likeable and maybe the character is because my character it was a hero slash anti hero. That's a whole different fascinating thing to that whole genre and that whole term anti hero yeah very very fascinating so but but as I was saying this is a Netflix original series my chiller from acclaimed writer has Rosenfeld continues his first British drama and following the international success of the Swedish Slash Dana series the bridge Anna Friel F. Our F R I stars in the role of my cello back land a British police detective working in Contemporary London set and Rosenfeld unique style of Nordic Noir. The body of missing child is discovered inside a wall and a task force is similar to catch the killer account set of characters from all walks of life and weaving storyline takes viewers on a dark you must journey with turns into every corner and that's true so much. My chiller has been retired tired from the police force for a few years now. She's got to kids. She's divorced and by the way her name is Marcello back land. She's divorced from her ex-husband. Jason Backline played by Nicholas Pinnock and she's still stuck in the past. She's still loves her ex-husband. <hes> doesn't really know why they're not together anymore and he's like moved on. Basically my child gets sucked back into working with police force because someone comes to interview her about a an older case that she used to have and that brings it back in because she's just at home. She stopped working so she she can be fulltime. Mom and it's just interesting to see what happens. She's a cop but she can be very abrasive as a cop then just as a person she loves her kids but she's now always attentive and the right way with them and her relationship with her ex is just kinda strain in very interesting acting like a love hate thing going on with the with the two of them so her daughters Emma macklin play by imaging fares and their son is at we're battling play by Asher flowers and she's also mindset working with D. C. D. I. Tim Williamson play by Jamie bamber from Liebau Star Galactica who played Apollo the show is it's different. It's just man like for example. No Marcello is investigating what happened this murder and she's having blackout as she hasn't told anybody. Enduring these blackouts she gets very violent towards other people and you like why she having these blackouts and what's up with this cop. WHO's having blackout because so you know if I'm watching this T._v.? Show about this police officer and she's having blackouts. I'm like <hes> what you guys trying. What are you hiding from me? What's really going on with this character <hes> <hes> and that's what makes it intriguing her kids make you feel the tension between her and their father and they wind up kind of wanting to spend more time with their father than her basically Marcello? She's a good cop. Sasha's got going for herself for the most part and she just when I got from watching this show I felt like she needs psychiatrist actress. She needs some therapy like yesterday. Talk to somebody she's dealing with something cool about the show is eventually you'll find out why her husband's split. That's all I'm going to say <hes> mm-hmm and there's and you do find out why she's having these blackouts and it just adds more and more layers to what's going on but yeah she's definitely a problematic person. She's a she doesn't know how to deal with her emotional issues and then I realized that I could because she's a she's a cop but she's just abrasive and she just wasn't really likeable and she provoke somebody as a police officer that just made things worse for other people because what she did. She didn't think it through so I'm going to say and then I find out I realized that I don't really like her ex-husband that much either but the show is still riveting so like I said earlier in the podcast that last year I discovered these new T._v.. Shows that I liked most of the time I enjoyed the main character but there are sometimes where I didn't care for the main character but the writing was so good it didn't matter I was engaged and I gotta tell you the way season one into for my cello was like Whoa my mouth job to the floor for multiple reasons and I don't know what quite to make of it. I mean I do what I don't because once again I'm dislike hiking. What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you and then when you ask you have to ask yourself to you when you're a police officer? How far do you have to go? And how far would you go to solve a crime. How far would you go to get into the mind of a murderer so you can catch him or her? Will you descend into darkness with that person who you rise above it. Can You keep your head afloat. Can You keep your sanity. Why you trying to catch someone who's insane and dangerous? Marcello basically has lost everything but our job you know she's not able to relate hey turn children right now. <hes> she's not on good terms for their ex-husband and like I said I'm not liking him that much either. I don't like either one of them after awhile throughout the season but once again I couldn't stop watching so there's different characters <hes> to look out for and then there was some other things to kind of bothered me a little bit like there was some commonsense things things that much cindy Kinda be lacking a little bit or how did I say this. I got the impression that she loves the children very much that comes across US intensely and it's very evident <hes> but she has a problem with her communication skills with everybody as far as I'm concerned but enter frail did a great job with this role. She was amazing she she really was because you know she doesn't got into motion. Outta me I'm watching the show and like I said the way season one ended season two is going to be even darker and trickier and more intriguing <hes> 'cause the ending for season one. I didn't see coming at all. It was really bizarre fascinating creepy intriguing all at the same time it was all those things written very well like I said if you can get me to watch a show where I don't even like the main character but I excited about the show and see what happens next you've done your job and Netflix Alex did their job with Marcello and that regard so definitely much love to them and props so looking forward to a season two of Marcello Netflix original series starring Anna Friel or Friel as much <unk> back land so and Jamie bamber playing defy Tim Williamson look out for his character to he's. He's he's a mess yeah it was it was nice seeing him in a different in in a different role yeah so so between Jamie bamber as the Itim Williamson and Nicholas Panic as Jason Backlash Charles ex husband watch and actually see the M Marcello is children Emma and Edward all of them do a great job on the show so check it out definitely next. I'm GonNa talk about how Crypto Yeah Yeah. We'll talk about that <hes> D._C.. I was very very very very impressed. Where Krypton I remember watching the trailer trailers for it so sci-fi original series and is like it's a prequel to superman and it's a sequel to Superman? It's both it's a pre sequel. It's very it's very fascinating. Well we'll get into. We'll get into that after this break after this last break Wanna find out what movies to go see and check out the G._S. A._M._C. movie podcast it your ticket to the latest movies. Whether it's a new blockbuster event romantic comedy or action flick this show has got it all covered. They talk some what to go see now. Don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between that's G._S._M.. See podcasts Dot Com backslash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies it has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit G._S.. MC PODCAST DOT DOT COM for more INFO and we're back once again you're listening to emcees television podcast off of the G._M._C. podcast network captain and we're talking about the best of television from two thousand eighteen and yes. I WanNa talk about crip time here I do original scripted TV series off of the SCI FI network. Let's let's <hes>. Let's get into it used before the destruction of the legendary man of steals Home Planet Krypton Superman Grandfather said L. S. E. G. Dashiell from the house of their fights to redeem his family's honour after the House of L. is ostracized and shamed oversexed grandfather's false claims of a world killer come into crip town when an attack on the government is attempted six seizes an opportunity to advance himself and his family by allying dying but those who sent into his grandma sentenced his grandfather to execution and destroy his family's name but when evidence that his grandfather's claims were true is discovered segments work within the system that discard the house savell in order to protect their future legacy. Oh yeah that's a great description of the show so this is man. What do I start? This show is great. I love it. I'm waiting for season two when I I saw the trailers on the south by network I was like I don't know man. You don't do a prequel superman yeah yeah yeah whatever. But there's so many twist and turns to the show that you just don't see coming and I must confess a so sag. L. is played by camera. Cuff does a great job C. U.. F. E. Georgina Campbell plays light is at Oh yes folks but wait. There's more so crip Thanh the series goes over the House of Hell. Excuse me the House of House of Hell sorry about that House of L. and also covers the house of Zahed so everyone's living in Kansas City which is like the capital of Krypton and your lighter is that better Gina Cambo Campbell and say L. Cuff they are from two opposing houses ladders outs mother. Is she works. She's the head of the military. <hes> I'm in the city of Kantor. They're a very staunched vary by the book officer her name is Jana Zahed so does Adam strange so lighter and Surg are in love with each other but Jane Zahed does not approve of light of being with say because has no rank anymore has house was stripped of it and sex parents are scientists. They're part of the so-called lower working class last now. I hate all that but so there's like this whole Romeo and Juliet kind of thing going on between SAG and leader leader Alight Azide and Adam strange shows up play by Shaun Sipos disciples US Adam strange is the guy from Earth who comes back to the past to meet Sag any tells said Hey man I'm Adam strange and I'm here because you know your grant says going to be the greatest superhero the world's ever known we call him. Superman Austin's cal and I need your help and we need to make sure that you don't get killed because if they kill you he'll never be born so now think about this year. You're a young guy in your twenties. <hes> you have something to prove because your family's been stripped of their name when they shouldn't have been and your love with a woman who you're not supposed to be in love with and on Krypton you know arranged marriages happened all the time right at least in this story and they do so some guy claiming to be from planet earth that you've never heard of comes and tells you that your grandson is going to be the greatest superhero the world's ever seen it shows you like a red tape. You like the really I mean what would you do. How would you feel would be like this guy's crazy but eventually sec listened to Adam but he finds out that Adams telling him everything and actually there's a guy named Dab? 'em play by Aaron Pierre. He's supposed to he's he's tied linked. He's supposed to marry lead Azide. Jane Azad approves of Their Union so she's supposed to be engaged to him and she's not supposed to be messing with sake and then SAG winds up being engaged to Nisa Vex from the House of X. Play Wallace Day so oh man oh yeah this is great. I mean it just it just gets deeper and deeper <hes> and then Val L. is sex grandfather which is superman great-grandfather great grandfather right or great-great-grandfather Yeah Val L. Play in mckinney. He's the guy who's like hey. There's a world killer out here. You need to be worn. It's GonNa mess up CRIP. Turn <hes> and there are like that's Heresy Dude worshiping the of your rank and we're putting you in the phantom zone bail so all that's going on so like I said this is a prequel but it's not a prequel. It's also like a sequel because us there's acknowledgement. This man does exist but Sega's never seen as grandson house. He's supposed to know all this so you know sexists trying to get through live. He's trying to reclaim his house back. There's a situation where he winds up looking in an unfavorable way. That's why he gets linked to Nisa Vex from the house events now the house of is also the people that stripped him of his house so there's Iranian that and Darren Bex father's like you're you're marrying my daughter your take on our name vex but eventually sake is like man. I'll marry a daughter but <music>. I'm not GonNa take on that name. Does he say that maybe he doesn't say that but he decides that he's okay. He may not say that but he does. I declare independence even though he's agreed to marry Nisar and Knicks Nisa is beautiful intriguing mysterious woman. A lighter is a beautiful for strong women trying to prove herself to her. Mom feel like she's no matter what she does. She doesn't have a Momma's approval. She feels like her. Mom May Not really love her because her mom is just very strong. I'm kind of hard so I mean seeing these characters very fascinating and then now mind you all this is going on Sega's maneuvering his way through Kansas City. I'm trying to reclaim his house trying to balance the fact that he's in love with lighter but he's engaged to Nisa and Liotta's in love with SAG but she's engaged Dev and Dev works in the military alone leader or lighter and the you know you got Adam strange. Guy's name has atma strange and he's like hey man you know your grandson Superman and we need to make sure that we save you so you know they know one kills you so he can be born and you see this Red Cape and you see he shows the Cape. That's how consec knows the guys real because it has the s which is the house of else symbol for what hope and faith so. I love how initially they took the estimated Superman's crest for the house of L.. I love that and then when you're looking at cantor you're looking at Krypton. Everybody has their own Chris for their house. So you see the House of Chris too so what's interesting is that all this is going on and there's this religious figure from the house of row who's basically running kantor and he's just like a control freak. He's he helped he also helped in stripping House of L. of their rank. So what people don't realize the maybe sake is starting to see it as that this religious leader the guy who's the head of the House of I mean the guy who's the head of the order of row that religion like this cut league this cult leader basically running kantor he walks around with this gold like AAC mask and it's got like three or four different faces on it. It's really creepy man. I mean if he would've see this guy. You like no. I'm not going to your church dude now. I'm good all that's going on so they're like and there's an attempt to try to assassinate. The leader of row has no love for him so that's happening now mind you. That's going on but also so you know Adam strange tell said I'm here because BRAINIAC wants to destroy this world and destroy you so superman and never be born so there's the threat of Brainiac so there's the third BRAINIAC and this other threats pop up on Krypton and you're just like wow where does it end and then now you get a glimpse into the house of Zahed so now of course you understand the leader. Anjana are the ancestors to generals out the infamous famous general rod now what people don't realize though is that of course year like Superman to back in the day Christopher Reeve Terence stamp play generals as he did a great the job generals out the bad guy so yeah General Zad is a bad guy to superman but on Kantor and on Krypton he wasn't always the bad guy so it's intriguing gene to see leader Jana his his ancestors and then eventually you know well dominant even say this because when I started doing this to vision podcast I get really excited about these shows and I found out that I might have been saying a little too much about what was going on so I don't want to give you any spoilers but I will say that this show gets more more intriguing. You do see the fortunes of solitude in his early stages basically L.. Oh you know sex grandfather was burning scientists said gets to see the fortress and he gets to see a computerized image. Vow Els essence is preserved served in contained in shown in the fortress so sake is the talk to this guy basically has his grandfather's memories in essence so I always liked it about Krypton how they could do that with their loved. Ones take their essence in their soul to preserve it so you talk to them and interact with them. Later like never left. I thought that was very cool. science-fiction to so much science fiction today is all about the Stope Ian Live how everything's bad and the messianic figures going to come and save the day and free the people that it just gets Kinda played manage. Just soul clicheish can just so the little tidbits like that. I think are cool. I mean what if you could save a loved ones essence and put it in this like computer or or this artificial intelligence that has the essence of your mother or your father. You're you're talking to it and they had those memories. It's like they didn't leave yeah you know they're gone but they're not and you can always call upon them for vice. It's just really interesting fascinating. It gives you questions about the soul so one of my one of the most powerful scenes when they're doing the trailers for this show is watching L.. Hold that Red Cape in his hand. Adam strange told him when that Red Capes is certainly start to disintegrate centigrade at the bottom starting to eat up eat itself. He says this Cape Eats itself. All the way that means your grandson will never be born so a very powerful moment and seeing when you see SEC hell holding that Cape in his hand knowing that grants Cape and he standing right above there s on the floor very very <hes> just a pivotal moment and said L. is very likable character alaikum a lot. He's all about doing the right thing. He's about the people make people are taking care of <hes> in some ways to house about getting stripped of their rank was probably the best thing happened to them because they weren't humble before you know it taught say what it means to be humble and what people go through and everyday alive because he was from an affluent house so and then that kind of rubs off on this a little bit too so he winds up having chemistry but even though Nisar knows that he's in love with leader Zad Orlando and their them knows that connection between line and sag and of course JANA doesn't approve play by an Bomo. She's great characters to watch out for on the show camera cuff as Sehgal Gal. Georgina Campbell has lead Azide <hes> Shaun Sipos disciples Adam strange and at boat Moore's Janussan the matriarch of the house. Damn Ampere you know leaders intended. He's he's very stoic and in calm and Miss Avec Nisa vex play by walls day you know sags intended and Darren dex the the head of the House of X. by Elliott Cohen. He's a trip to and they're so surprised people who pop up in the show and you're just be hooked. This is probably the Best Show D._C.. Has I haven't I enjoy all I enjoy all D._C.. superheroes L. shows but one I want to mention that one so but you could probably figure out which when talking about it's the weakest link it has been on a few years but crypt John is amazing can't wait for season to check it out and the sci-fi networks excellent show looking forward to seeing what they do looking forward to seeing what what happened in the House of Zahed will the house how the house of elegant restored will argue restored because at this point joint superman may may cease to exist at that keeps burning up so can crip. Tom Be saved Kendra be saved. Can they stop brainiac with a house of row with religion row spread. It's propaganda to everywhere what's going to happen. This shows also great because it gives you the very complicated history between the House of L. and the House House Zad. It's very tangled. It's a very tangled web. That's been woven yeah yeah berry very fascinating so I liked it. The show it's about house of L. is about Superman and his family but it's also also about the family too so and the family just there's different players. It's really cool very creative. Show the definitely the Best Show D._C.. Has <hes> and it's the newest show but all of these shows are good except for the I don't like that won't be mentioned but yeah crypt on site by network. Check it out good people the planet earth in the known universe. Thank you for listening to go and save me Concept Television podcast best two thousand eighteen part. One Colby had a good time. I know I did I appreciate you all thanks again for listening and until next time see some route in space you've been listening to the golden state media concepts television podcast part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at W._W._W.. Dot Jesus MC podcast dot com download our podcast on I two stitcher soundcloud Google play just type type in G._S.. Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment and even Weird News you could also follow us on twitter and on on facebook thank. You and we hope you have enjoyed today's program. Quitting your burgers copy table. 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