Episode 527: Matalo! (1970)


Airwave media podcast show people say could to see this movie when they go to a theater they want. Cold sodas popcorn in no masters in the protection booth. Everyone pretend podcasting is boring. welcome to the projection booth. I'm your host. Mike white chimney once again is mr colin gallagher. Thank you for having me back. Also back in the booth is mr chris tissue. I promise while. I look like klaus kinski. I am not in fact klaus kinski. We are kicking off spaghetti western month with perhaps not one of the best known spaghetti westerns of all time but a personal favourite motto also known as kill him. It's a little tough to some this one up. There's a group of outlaws ghost town. Maybe this real ghost and eventually lucas shows up wearing pace coat and wielding one of the strangest weapons. I've seen spaghetti western protagonists wheeled. We will be talking about all that as we go along so. Piet don't want anything ruined. Please turn off the podcast and come back after. You've seen the film so colin was this the first time. Watch for you know. I had seen it a few times before. I think the i was at spectacle here in brooklyn in twenty fourteen. They did a series of italian films. And the next might have been when you showed at mike on one of year projection booths watch parties and chris. How about yourself. This is the first time. I saw you know. Mike when i come on the projection booth a lot of the time. It's me stepping outside of my comfort zone. This is not not outside of my comfort zone that much. This is you know it's a spaghetti western which i have seen spaghetti westerns before. Just not this particular one so this was a i for me. The thing that's strange about this movie is it. It has this weird pacing issue where like the first half of the movie and the second half of the movie are almost different movies in a way like maybe the first third of the movie and then the two-thirds is like kind of like the other characters that just show up. It has that weird structure to it that the first time i watched it i was like waiting. Okay so now. We're with the different characters fine but i watched it three times now. It went from okay to it's okay. It's it's pretty good. It's pretty good. I mean look the thing with the boomerang is ingenious. Who's going to argue that not me. It's funny that's your first impression. Chris because i i sort of had the opposite the first time i saw it. I absolutely fell in love with this. And i adore american westerns in preps be for some reason. I was actually really slow to like a lot of the euro westerns outside of no obvious classics like the sergio leone films. But the first time i saw this when it's spectacle it was just so startling different than anything i had seen before in extreme minutes style that i i just felt immediately in love with it and i think what i really responded to was. It's very much a primal film. The western reduced to the barest knows abstract elements to need a lot of ways. It seems very like semiotics the way that it has all these signs and signifier 's but nothing's really explained in. We're just supposed to infer meaning from all of these signs throughout the movie. Knowing where i can think of is uncompromising it reminds me a lot of another western that is as uncompromising in its vision of what he the director believes the west to be which is l. Togo this movie has a dna connection to that film and this may be jumping the gun ten twenty minutes from now but that i mean i see what you're saying one hundred percent agree with you. It has that feel to it that like just go with it. It's you're just here just eight. You're along for this ride. Whatever this ride may be an. It's going to be whatever. The director wants to present to you. And it also has dna to another movie and again this might be jumping the gun but it's based on a previous spaghetti western kill the wickets. It's from sixty seven. It's the original. Italian is called deehan pasta. Il sabato translate as god doesn't pay on saturday. It was directed by tanya boat who was credited as amerigo antonio in written by nino rowley. Who was credited as mike ashley. It's essentially the same outline like begins with a concludes with the same. Sorta shootout hits the same beats but it really lacks that eccentric style as well as the boomerangs. That's a terrific movie. It's really fun but the style just takes this in a whole other direction. It's wildly different. That way swiss direct by his attic cavity and you hook me up with quite a few of his films and this was the only one i had seen for a long time and seeing the other films i can see. He definitely has things that he'd likes to do in this movie. Really has those in spades the whole idea of the quick. Cutting the closeups the weird angles. He goes for. It's very very psychedelic. The way that the images are presented to us even when you've got a character like looking through a multifaceted glass ornamented looks like and then us seeing through that. I mean it's very much like. Let's try to be as trippy as we possibly can be the other two elements i kept thinking about. In relation. to his other movies are voyeurism and torture. He loves to have characters looking at each other in a hyena in the safe. There's always a television monitors. Spying on people and in multiple movies specially established last orgy. It's lots of torture gestapo's last orgies pretty much nothing but torture for ninety minutes. Essentially that movie. If you don't wanna watch. I understand why someone wouldn't. It is the first half is sallow in the second. Half is the night quarter but nowhere near as well done as those movies But maybe it's the subject matter is very easy to turn one stomach as it probably was intended to. I was expecting you to say it's just a dash of the producers there at the end. It's a rousing musical end for springtime to hitler at the end. Well it's funny. You mentioned that because especially on rewatch is of monticello. I noticed more of a sense of humor that i did not. I did not see in his other movies. I don't know mike if you thought the other movies had humor to them. I was laughing at high in quite a few times. I really enjoyed that movie. I thought that was fantastic. Especially the the low angles. When the one character is playing the piano and that kind of discordant way and just I really liked that. And i mean we should talk about the music and this too is just is some of the best funds rock psychedelia type of stuff. I mean this score is fantastic. I'm going to be a finding a copy of the soundtrack one way or another as soon as we finish this podcast. Luckily it's out there. You can get the cd of this. It is not impossible to find which is a great way to get introduced to this film because that music is so good. Not only is it. Is it good. It is essentially what i think of. When i think of early seventies psychedelia rock it is like stereotypically psychedelia rock which which worked so well in this film which makes me wonder how well psychedelia rock would have worked in westerns. All the time you get those great guitars and things like once upon a time in the west but in here is just like a different brand of music and some of the sounds. That they use this to i mean especially. There's a swing that plays a major part in this in the screeching from that swing will just put your nerves right on edge. Are you familiar with the composer. Mario meal artie. I didn't know his other work. And especially on repeat viewings. This seems a little different than like the more konate. You know vein of soundtracks. They were really popular at the time. I i kept thinking of penderecki. Tanaka send people that used a lot. More like a tonal chords that used a lot of noise to be like abrasive. And then someone like torie. Talking meets the japanese composer who used a lot of indian sounds in percussion to give it a really like the articles. Not the right word but this I don't really like ghosts lee. You know ambient affect. I thought it was really effective for this movie. Yeah we'd like to see more movies with him. Doing the soundtrack of i wanna see. Shoot the living in. Pray for the dead. And i'm not sure what this one translate says. But elvin tony de morte so it sounds like the seller of death and those are good title. I know for sure klaus kinski is one of them. Okay which is why. I want to watch it. 'cause i was again i mentioned it. The first thing i said on this show. it looks like klaus. Kinski on the poster for montebello. If you look at it too fast. It really does that. Poster is kind of deceiving too because it is caratto pani. Who plays the bert character. Who's basically are. I don't want to say protagonists. But he's the star of the show in the first half of the film but yet it says lucas style right next to him. So i always thought that that was luke style and i was like no no no lucas. L. is our protagonist in the second half of the film very much. You know you're talking about alto. And i always think of that as having very distinct acts especially when the second half of the film starts alto bows there with the shaved head and everything. This film is very much the same in that. We have corrado pani in the first half lucas style in the second half and then eventually their paths cross. but it's kind of a surprise. Sakata pontius is still there. Because he essentially dies one part and then kind of comes back as a ghost. But not really ghosts. He's just hiding out. So it's it's. It's interesting that we have to put them in. Coots ghosts in this film because when they first get to this ghost town there's the old woman constance benson who is going around with a rifle and you never see her face until eventually they reveal who she is and then she's almost replaced by earth who is also going around with a rifle and you don't see his face. It feels like this film is very haunted. Feels like a horror western. That's a really good way to describe it especially the style the way they play with missing characters and shadows in so many times. The camera seems to take this sort of spectral perspective with either the way it moves sort of the way it cuts. It's like it's like a point of view of somebody but you don't see who they're looking at when you get the shot cuts of the is with that little electronic kind of noise that goes on so much of it like there's a part. I think it's when. Bert is on that swing. I was talking about. And you just keep getting these flashes of is near. Like what the hell's going on and you're gonna get that through a few more times in the film even when it's not him and i guess it was. Maybe mrs benson looking. But you're talking about voyeurism. That's right there as well having the shots. These is you get that even the opening scene of the movie. I think the very first shots are these extremes zooms of the town so there's no establishing shot you see all these out of focus characters right in the foreground in you look a little bit in the background. It's almost as if you're like spying on this town in. That sort of the first clue that somebody is spying in watching. What's going on but you don't know that for like a little bit into the scene until all hell breaks loose. Were being dropped into the middle of the story is well because i love how you described it. That extreme zoom and you can see in the background. A casket being loaded onto a wagon. You see a woman who stressed all in black then you start to get more of her and it's like okay. What's going on with this woman. It's like there's this whole thing that's going on like we have this back story that we're really never going to get. And then we see you know. Burt being led out to the gallows. And i love him and his interaction with the priest and the priestess reading you know last rites on its own latin. I'm just like with a fucker. The subtitles for it's a kunda multitude in missouri. Tianhe two daily believes may. I've been equator topic. Khartoum long creteil him. Hey go canoe. Katamon ma'am i found an italian print of the film and it exactly the same other than obviously the opening credits which the opening credits are strange. Because these are not over images these are white over black just text which is kind of strange and i'm thinking like oh did they just tack this on. You know in the video. And then i found this italian print and same font. I think it was like red on black rather than white on black seem order but it was all an italian and then when it opens up on that image of the sun there's a title current that comes out and it says in english their only two good men one is dead the other is yet to be born and then the movie starts properly. And then that's the exact same film if anybody from hino or ero indicators listening on a blu ray of this would be very nice. That'd be really good. How many times have we said that this year quit a few. I want to know. Because i've said that on my own podcast with cullen on it so and i think we've said it before at least once this year mike. You're finding a lot of good stuff this year mike. I think this film has a lot of crossover appeal. There are people out here who deserved to see this movie because a lot of people would be into this kind of movie. I agree with you. Chris eye syndrome. Ever you guys bringing that up a few times on the what was the theme of the month but it was basically like colin picks right at the no our films. Yes thank you. And i remember a couple of those who were just like man. This was beat to shit. It'd be so nice to see a restored version of this. Yeah it was the kill off the kill off. Yeah that looked like it was filmed with a lens. Covered in mud was very. I mean you know it's like this right. It's like wherever they're getting it from is not the best quality that they can get. You should have seen the very first time. I watched this movie because it was a fan at at that somebody did or like a fan restoration so it was the english track but then it was partially one cut of it and personally another cut of it and whoever did it like cut it all together put the english over it and so every once in a while the english should start to slip so they would be not necessarily in line and then every once in a while there would be parts that there wasn't english four and they would just start speaking italian and it's like okay. What the hell's going on here so this version. That is now on dvd. From i think wild east looks really good compared to what i saw originally but yeah i agree. It could look a whole lot better. I was looking around on youtube for steph about the film the films on youtube in its entirety but a lot of the music is cut out large swats of music or cut out. I've seen this other movies when someone uploads movie. If this music is tag is copyrighted. One of the options is to just have the copyrighted portions dropout. Yeah so. That's what i think's happening the one on youtube which is funny because when i was watching it was like while it's still a movie but all of a sudden when they're riding their horses on the high it's just literally silent completely silent and again if you've seen this movie you'll know in the first third half of this movie we wanna look at it. There's not a lot of dialogue. I mean there's not a lot of dialogue in this movie otherwise so in the beginning twenty thirty minutes of this movie. It's like ten full minutes of silence. The other thing i noticed too is said. They're being very careful to not show people talking like a notice a lot of times that characters will speak when their offscreen or when their mouths are obscured. It reminded me a lot of like the old cartoon. Danger mouse where it was like. Oh it's too expensive for us to animate lip flap so we'll just have danger mouse. Look down when he's speaking so you don't see his mouth move with this. I'm not sure if it was just like. We don't have time to really sink the dialogue or whatever. But i just noticed. There were so many times where the person speaking is not the one that we're looking at. I reckon you're probably right. Might that it's it. Cost saving measure that. It's a lot easier to edit when you don't have to do the voice overs when you don't have to think about sinking the lips because italian movies do all of the audio in post production anyway and this was this would have been dubbed both into italian and english and i think the scott released as well as france germany. I've seen posters for it in those countries as well so i don't know how well this did box office wise but at least it was out there for the audience to see because this was kind of far as my reckoning goes this is quite a few years after the spaghetti western boom started but i think we still had a few more years to go before was going to wrap up. We haven't even really talked about the opening scene. It reminded me a little bit of The the bad and the ugly this whole idea of the guy who's about to be hanged and that one you know it's all i can. Then he's got bright eyes or whatever hanging out watching over him there's or or an angel watching over him as well because the van cleef is looking out and checking out the scene as well but with this band of outlaws that come in and rescue him and he manages to ride out with them and they're like okay. Well thanks for the money for saving you. We're gonna take off now. And then he massacres the entire band all by himself which is just amazing and the thing that i loved the most other than the crazy voice over the comes in. I think only one time in this movie will we get birds. Pov right he's got a thing. And i noticed the so much last night. He's kind of like jewish ito and brandon to kill. He loves the smell of gunpowder and every time he shoots his gun. He'll sniff that gun and it just takes a big within. There's dislike a couple like little occasions where he'll just run the gun passes knows and it's like wow. This guy really likes that odor. It's a nice little like perverse touch an unusual perverse touch. Howdy folks. i'm bert. Because that opening seeing you know after they rescue him from you know being lynched. They kill everybody in the town. The widow who obviously had some sort of love affair bird kills ourselves in the only person left standing in town is the pres. Twos dislike giving everyone their last rites all the corpses lying around. Then make as you pointed out. He turns on all the people who just you know. Rescued him kills them all and steals the money and then he comes on doing this like really jokey comical self addressed to the audience. You know giving his father's advice. Money's like ripe fruit on a tree. All you have to do is reach out and grab it before someone else does. It's like some like leave it to beaver trappers something in this as you put it like. This never happens again. No we start with the voice over with this guy. We never get back to. It's like okay in those moments that to me. This movie sort of becomes like weirdly like theoretical. It's just like he's sort of taken. This elements from like tv westerns or something. Well this is. What some westerns tab zo. We're gonna have this parts in you get these characters that don't really fit so he eventually heads north to colorado and that's where the soundtrack kicks again and there's like a goblin edge to it when it comes up so this is like the first hint of like this is not going to be your typical western. He heads north any meets up with his two boys. Phil and ted and phil looks like a pretty typical western heavy. But then ted in this lambskin vest studies wearing and he's got like stuff like beads and stuff hanging around his neck and got this receding hairline with two long hair trying to cover it up and stuff but he looks like he's a hippie. It looks like there's a hippie that escaped and made it into this movie. That jacket is just so shaggy and ragged. Looks like it's was cut off a land like it's still partly alive does not look like it's actually will made. I like how they make fun of them to like when bert shoots a rabbit and they're like oh you should make a hat out of that and then we get our fourth person that shows up. Which is mary the gorgeous woman. Claudia gravy. i'm surprised that that's a real name. And i have a feeling it's not like ravi. Gustav sheep is playing the long con of. She's kinda dayton phil. But she's teasing ted but then at the end you find that she's really births girl and it's just going one to the other to the other and just playing everybody off of each other which i really appreciate. It reminds me of one of the two. Clint eastwood once. He starts paying the families against each other by working for both of them. There is always going to be one person out for ostensibly themselves. Mary's costume kept reminding me of like raquel. Welsh in you know like you don't like handy calder. Or like hundred rifle shedded sorta vibe and like even her hair john lane don't have anything on her fringe game. Hello wow what. Whatever corrado ponte's poncho poncho has a life of its own or his. I guess as sir rob a or his throw that he keeps over himself that he in one scene essentially does a back. And there's like hiding underneath it. It's very i mean. That's the scene from the poster where he looks like klaus kinski in that super tight green shirt that he's wearing again it just doesn't feel like era appropriate but i love it. I love it because it's not era appropriate. Speaking of era appropriate the fact that the character played by luca. Stelle of ray. His weapon of choice is boomerang. I love that. There's ray and then the other girl and i'm trying to think of. She even gets a name but they just like happened to be out in the desert. It's not like they ever have a purpose. Like she was riding someplace with her husband. And i guess the husband died. Her horse fell the wagon wheel. Came off so the first time we see her. She's shooting her horace so she's just kind of wandering in the desert and meets up with ray who is very much wandering in the desert. They ask him what he's doing and he doesn't really have a good answer. It sounds like he was just mosey in along. Kind of thing yeah. Her name is brigitte. The scene were always people are introduced is really interesting. Structurally in chris. I think this is the moment when it shifts from movie one two movie too because mary has engineered this holdup up of the wagon. And she's really the instigator of the shootout because they're gonna be robbing the goals and Ted and phil get the gold in. This is also where. Burt gets shot and mary seemingly leaves him for dead. Meanwhile on another part of the desert nearby lou just sort of collapses in his horse finds him in. Bridget comes along. And we now have all these new characters. And it's just like wait. These characters are meeting their. They have their own stories. Are movie has sort of lake stumbled into their movie. That was going on at the same time. It's like two different movies. This is a third movie and now math happens and the rest of the movie is sort of sorting out. How these different storylines interact. Because we get bridget in ray meeting each other and then we don't see them again for a little while and then it goes back to our like our first movie and we get this whole thing like now. Mary's try to get with ted and fills being suspicious about the gold. And all this kind of stuff and it's like okay. We'll we're these other characters and who is this that keeps looking at them with this rifle and it seems like there's somebody out to get them. Okay what what what is happening here. Please tell me what's going on. But i love when accused me in suspense like this. Because it's just super spooky this mysterious person with the rifle. I'm just like this. That is that burt back from the dead. What's going on here. That mean harp played with that rifle barrel that diabetic harp that i did not realize anymore than i think. The three of us realized it was diabetic. The first time we watched it. I was just assuming it was just just background noise. And then there's the rifle. Playing the harp was it. The rifle i thought was the curtain but then they were gone by the time they got there and then it was the curtain play Okay it's that it's that whole fake out the trying to have it both ways but there are so many like spooky touches like that. I mean earlier. I think it's been bird dating. He keeps hearing sounds and the cameras cutting and then okay. It's the rabbit or like oh there's the they're the swing moving so there are all these hence that maybe there is a ghost. I'd be inclined to think there is one and every once in a while that rifle just kind of sneak into through a window from outside and just be sitting there sticking out and it's like okay. You're going to do anything or what's going on here. It's really off putting. I love win. It's at night when the character we come to learn Is the old lady. We just see her shadow. Sort of like entering the saloon. Everyone sleeping and it's it's like something like at a knows farrah or something where it's just it's like there's no body it's only the shadow yet. And this woman gertrude benson. We didn't say but the town that they end up going to you know they all meet up the the four criminals they all meet up in this town and the ghost town. There's absolutely nobody there. But then we find that gertrude was there and she's the only resident and she's like the town matriarch because i noticed a sign that said benson before we even see the. The hotel sign this unwelcome to whatever benson town or whatever it is. There's a gravestone. Isn't there yeah. Benson this benson that but benson benson. So when she shows up gertrude benson she has this whole thing of like. I want to get the town going again. And really when she finds out about the goal dishes like okay great. I can restart the talent. I'm just like this is really weird motivation for you. But i can see where she's the voice of capitalism like. Give me the gold. I wanna start my town going. And i want to be the person in charge of everything in the way she even speaks of. It is almost a little spooky because she says the quotas. My life ended here years ago. And it's like well. Do you need like figuratively. Your life ended when you know like people left the town. People died because your family you settle his money or do you mean like literally you died in your ghost just hasn't left in the golan the Like tarpaulin for clothes and just start being a huge nuisance to her. Tie her up. So we've got her kind of stashed out the way. And that's when gertrude and ratio up and you know we talked about the boomerangs but raise paisley coat l. My god. I love his coat so much and it can't talk about not feeling appropriate to the era because it feels like i would see him dropping. Lsd into his drink before he visits the gogo club or something. It just seems very nineteen seventy to me. They may have spiked the water in the town with lsd. That would explain a lot of things the trough maybe just pours off of births body since he's taking a bath in the town. Water supply if the trump had lsd and if that would explain a lot of the animals weird behavior in the weird close ups of like the horses is that horses legit though yellow the way that it protects its owner. I mean because once lucas style shows up in the movie proper it is time to beat the shit out of him. We're going to beat him up here in the bar. We're gonna take him outside you know. He's just super desperate for water. We're going to tie him up and just keep them away from this water. He's gonna crawl over when a kick him away from it. We're going to whip him with a chain has just constant poor lucas. Stella's just being brutalized through almost as entire role. This kind of our guys. He's a sick guy you're sick. Oh man you're sick. You're sick category. He loves his torture. He does very effectively also one can say he films a boomerang very effectively as well. Yes the rotating camera thing. Oh boy jesus. That's a bit much. I mean. I appreciate it for what it is as ensure both of y'all do but man hopefully you don't get motion sickness. Well there even parts where it's not the boomerang. Where he's doing is wild. Almost three sixty degrees with the camera like shooting up into the sky. Like wow what is happening here. This is amazing. I forget to mention when. Ted is beating up ray with the chain that we get a lot of backwards shots like backwards and slow motion so it's just adds to the trippiness of it where he's whipping this guy but it's all backwards like whoa. This is terrific. I mean i like the camera work. Yeah i mean you know my about the boomerang aside and joking about it because it is it is so cool but at the same time if you're ju- if you genuinely have an issue with fast camera movements do not watch this end of the film because it will make it will make your head spin but i like that. That's the reason for having the boomerang ends up paying off in a cinematic way. Which i always find to be very cool when a film is able to use something in a way that not only makes sense to the fail. Maybe in boomerang. I didn't make sense in that. It's like a kind of an eclectic interesting weapon but also because kind of brings in this camera movement trick towards the end if feels like it pays off and that's something that actually works better in this than in the the. Kill the wicked because the the character originally still has the pacifist where he grew up. The son of a preacher doesn't believe in violence but new original. He has a gun. He's shooting people but in this one the fact that he uses the boomerang and you know he does kill people with the boomerang. It's at least a little kinder but more interesting. It's like okay. You're you're you're you're hurting people a little bit at a time and you just hit them a lot of love the soul. I'm a son of a preacher man. I learned different ways than everybody else. He's like yeah that pacifists but but they're going to have to pay after what they did to me after what they did to miss benson after what they did to this woman. They're going to have to pay for what they did. Okay time to kick some ass especially once he gets that water he's like a reborn it's almost like he is. He is made new again. And then gets the put on the pace jacket again and go out and give ted. What for what these boomerangs and has so good in before we get to the climactic scene. There's another new character. Is introduced mr baxter. I believe it's phil who goes to talk to mr baxter. And he says. Mr baxter you hired me to find that gold mr baxter's like well now. Everyone thinks mexicans did it. So you're gonna have to deliver it to me in my spread in mexico and there seems to be a little disagreement about how they're going to get the money to and yet like where did this come from whereas this mr baxter character from. It's so surprising that they were hired to get that gold. It just seems like that was their thing as we're going to rob the stagecoach but then that we find out that they're just guns for hire. It's kind of like when we found out that those men that saved burt at the beginning were all for higher as well. And i think that's kind of a you know just letting us know that the same thing that happened to all of those bandidos is going to happen to fill and ted and bert and mary after they give mr baxter as gold. I don't think anyone involved really ever intended to give mr baxter. The goals and i don't think they intended to split it amongst themselves either. No there's no honor among thieves fill almost immediately takes the gold and hides it someplace. So we've got again the looking we've got married looking out of the window and then telling ted about it later on so she gets to pit ted against phil and then we find out towards the end the film that surprise. Burt was not dead at all that he's just been kind of laying low and letting them kind of hash it out and he's his plan. I think was to swoop in and get the gold. Maybe get the girl and then off. They go to wherever they want to go to. I absolutely loved the editing of this for one. When mrs benson comes out with the rifle i kept thinking of lillian. Gish in the unforgiven. And maybe that's just because older lady with a rifle but i don't know she seemed to be having a shot but again to that sort of leeann a good bend the ugly cut between everybody's closeups of their eyes. Everybody's ready and then he keeps going back to close ups of the donkey's is 'cause the donkey is just in the middle of the road with the gold. Strap to its back. And it's just like oh shit everybody's got a gun except for this donkey. The donkey looks a little confused. But also like. I wanna get the hell out of here. It's like those people that took the gif of eli wall can leave in cleveland clinic swimming and then added like the cross. Eyed cat had to enter the mike you it goes on goes on further even that i mean that is the that is the tip of that iceberg. And you'll send me this gifts. I think they'd start bringing in like characters from other movies. I look i mean the mexican stand-off for the standoff or however you want to phrase it in these films it's not a requirement right but if you're gonna do it do it in a way that's interesting i mean make it your own. Make it your own and doesn't enough to kind of let it stand. Stand out from the pack. But the standoff scene i mean every western teams to have a standoff especially these spaghetti western so it's nice to see kind of are doing something really unique. This seem to really sell aware and almost moment of like parody or satire. The donkey gets away with the gold. I think you're right. Raise not about the gold. Mrs benson is completely about it. I mean everybody is about it. Other than ray and raise just like. Yeah whatever someone. The donkey runs away. She's like okay. Bridget doesn't want the gold she just kind of wants to survive. She wanted no part of any of this. I feel very bad for her because she's brought into the situation. It's just like hey listen. I just lost my husband and i just had to shoot my horse you know. She's like the innocent bystander. In all of this and raise pretty much innocent as well but then they start beating them up and he's just like. Hey listen i think your business. I got a with these boomerangs over at the sky and couple other people as well just to take care of them during the starts which again has more of the crazy cutting in the camerawork. Birt's in the middle of it trying to get to the donkey and that is some slapstick to me. It's i really like those elements of humor. Because they're denise unexpected because it kind of alternates between. We're gonna be really serious and hard boiled now. You really sadistic now. We're gonna be really mysterious like or now we're going to be really goofy visible gertrude. Kinda given a little speech there about how she wants. The goal to rebuild the town. And he's doing this great thing where he's like zooming a little bit and then stops then zooms a little bit more stops than zooms a little bit more. It's like wow really makes the scene so much more intense than if he had just given it to her and let it be a close up of her and then it's not even ray far as i remember that kills bert. I think at this It's it's up shooting them in the back. Yeah shoots him in the back like the coward. She wants to down a dog in the street. She's not letting anything someone in the back though. I'm not saying that i would do that. But i'm saying that's what she she wants to gold. She doesn't want anything else. It's a pretty nihilistic movie. it's very nihilistic. We started with this city being a ghost town and really the first city that we are in our first town ended up being almost a ghost town. Because everybody's dead other than that preacher and now here we are in this town and we even do like a check in with the camera going from body to body to body just to show like everybody's dead again other than ray in bridget and they get to not necessarily right off into the sunset they just kind of like. Okay see ya. They go their own way. Everybody was killed in this movie for money and nobody gets the money and the only people that survive never really wanted to be a part of this. And that's pretty antithetical to the way a lot of westerns end whether it's with revenge whether it's with justice whether it's with new completing a goal or an there's always some sort of sense of something it's like none of this really means anything. Nobody really got anywhere. Nobody knows where they're going. The only people left her lost and the money is on a donkey at the end. Mr baxter doesn't have a skull that's the definition of nihilism. Is that the reason that they're all here. And they're all dead ends of not mattering at all anyways and the dunk is probably pissed because the gold probably ways allot dogs. Just get this fucking money off my back. Let me into that. Lsd trough again. What are the things. I love your old talknet. The camera sort of the looking over the dead bodies and then it rises up to welcome to benson city hotel sign and then the camera. Just sorta start shaking left and right and to me. That was really really kind of a stirring almost like disturbing moment. And i kept thinking. That is the camera taking a god-like perspective because it's almost like someone like shaking their head like Not happening today. Look what we got here in. That goes to black and get music for a couple of minutes. If memory serves no end credits is just the music playing over it so again. Kind of emphasizing. How important the the score is to this. And it's not even. I did notice that it's not necessarily music by Meg liatti it is special. Electric music affects the heck of a credit. It sure is and i did check. That's in both versions. The english and the italian but in italian itself much nicer. I would love to know about the background of this movie. And that's something. I could not find online. There's not a heck of a lot about who does director is what his background is because clearly. He's got a style. Clearly he wants to do some pretty radical things with the camera and chris as you said like you. Use the word cinematic. And it's like this is a very cinematic movie that really pulls all the tools of filmmaking from editing camera movement costume music sound effects i mean. It's a little bizarre the choices. But he's using the mike. Nothing is wasted in. Its effect the way that i would describe implementation of the boomerang in this film is it's very thematic in its nature. You have a boomerang in this film. You don't have to film it that way but of course you're gonna film it that way. Why wouldn't you. It makes the most sense. Is it the most logical way of filming nine times out of ten. No but in this scenario it makes perfect sense the actually showed the boomerang flying at one point and actually sing like a legit person through it like it goes and then it starts to come back like boomerangs are supposed to do but then of course when he's actually attacking tied with it. Then you get the now. We're going to pan over here. This kind of wild pan and we're going to hear the sound of the boomerang and then it'll be somebody just basically throwing it at ted and him overreacting but it's great that works but it was very nice that they actually showed the boomerang. Flying at one point was at all just trickery as far as like oh just use the sound effect and do swish pan. They don't exactly always stick to the circular three sixty camera which is nice because again. It's as good as it is is a little much used sparingly as they would say as a prop when he goes in collects those after he's thrown them a bunch. Those things are pretty hefty. Yeah they got some nixes a cool visual right. I mean you got this guy walking over to the dead body grabbing the boomerang like yeah. that's cool. That's just a cool visual. I don't know if we talked much about it but the ghost town itself is incredible. Set all the windows busted weird when a when they go into the you know the bedrooms there's like the cabinet with no doors of basic looks like a coffin at standing up so much dust everywhere this this is. It's a real lived in town. There's one part. Where i think is ray is going through like an attic or a room or something. There's all these cobwebs everywhere. It's like it's again that horror movie kind of thing breaking through the wall of cobwebs. It's a spectacular visual movie. As we said. I would love to see this on blu ray i would love to see a thirty five printed. It's to your point. The visuals opened the way. The film opens the non-credited version. Not the credits were slapped. On and post hyper post version. That opening with that son is just it's spectacular canterbury. He made as far as i know directed nine films over a period of nineteen years. So it's like okay. That's quite a while between some of his projects because when he started he was going like sixty four sixty five sixty eight sixty nine. Seventy seventy four. Seventy six seventy seven eighty three. So it's like. There was a little bit of a gap before that last one. But he's got at least one other western. That i know of portland delauro tucson mora so but i would love to see that. That's only value available in either a german dubbed version or an italian dubbed versions. I would love to see that with subtitles. I'm db they say the translation to die for a dollar in tucson. I couldn't track down a copy. I would love to see it as last movie is strange killing of the flesh. It seems that you know he did. These two western's pretty early on and then he wound up doing more like almost softcore sort of like arthouse erotic like exploitation movies. Did you know like. I am annual the new princess. Very strange movie and then killing the fleshes. It's almost like it takes the structure of a like a an old mystery. No someone has died. And everybody's shows up the hotels for the funeral and the reading of the will in people start dying but before people start dying they start screwing in. There's just a lot of screwing. And then eventually people start dying and then it goes back to the screwing and then some more people die and it goes back. It's mostly a lot of butts boobs in clearly. That's the market is intended for. It's just selling it for you. Know sleaze but it has like once in a while. He'll do some crazy visuals stuff. Like in gestapo's last orgy new. It's in the new princess. which is you know. A woman from a fake made up. African country comes to a Trade summit and everybody's more interested in her scandalous sexual background in their journalists. Trying to find out what's happening everybody's having sex with everybody and it ends with an orgy with all the politicians in. There's a bird flying around. You told me about this bird just keeps cutting like close to the bird's eye and the beak and it's just like is this bird actually part of the orgy is this some sort of metaphor don't really know. I hope the bird was okay. Yeah he's just clearly. He still maintained that like psychedelic. You know sort of surreal extreme style I can't imagine people would have been that thrilled by seeing that in the middle of the orgy. If you came to actually see the type of content you would. I can't imagine the satisfied. Maybe that's why he didn't make a lot of movies. The new princess was put out by mondo macabre quite a few years ago and had extras and everything. So it looks that one has something going for it. Metallo had one extra was an interview with lucas l. on that wildest disc though he barely talks about muklewicz more kind of his career overall. And it's one of those frustrating things where he says. Why told you about this already. And you can hear the cameraman. Say you told us about it. But the camera wasn't pleased. Ellis again kennedy thing so it was an interesting interview. And i can't remember when they shot it but he still had the baby face even when he was however old he was twenty thirty years after. This movie was shot. He still has that baby face. So it's just like. Wow you don't look like you've aged very much at all sir. It's a very distinctive. Look at a guy. That's you know you put him on camera. People are gonna notice in my god. I am so glad that you set me high in the safe because that was so good and it sounds kinda similar. The the idea of they're not necessarily getting together in screwing they're getting together and screen each other over but it reminded me a lot of like ten liberal indians where it's like okay. We've got these people. They all want this thing this safe of the title or bank fault of the direct translation and the want this really bad and they have seven keys and okay. We're going to kill off all seven of them at one point. There's going to be one person who's holding all the keys houses going to play out and i loved the way that the handled it. I'd love the main theme that they played quite a few times through it. I love the use of the close circuit cameras that they had just saw it. It made me so happy watching that movie the other night he has. He has a real knack for these sort of like ensemble multiple characters all sort of going against each other plots as you think you some that you summarize it perfectly with sort of agatha christie analogy and. I could see that he was trying to do that. In the killing of the flesh. That mystery wasn't really the purpose of they. At some point they sort of reveal. You know why people have been dying and it's like oh okay. No-one really set enough dialogue to build towards this bottom with her weird thing to in hyena. Where the guy who's faulted to this is kind of back. He's the disembodied voice in from a helicopter up above and just like shouting at people down below. About how horrible and use this. They are and i'm like. Is that really him up there. I thought he was supposed to be dead. It's it's almost like voice beyond the grave or like the voice of god kind of thing because he's just hovering in this helicopter and seeing everything that's going on it's a really surreal touch. I wasn't expecting that thank you. Yeah i would love to see more of this stuff. And i'd love to see just you know. Proper translations nice transfers all of that and because he was all over the map with his different styles that he was doing while nut styles different genres but then bringing his style to it each and every single time. And he's a euro spy sorta 007 seven spoof tango dollar russia. I've i don't know how to how to see that. That's also available on cinema gidon but also not available in english in any form. I think it's they've got a rip from tv and maybe a like from vhs or dvd. But yeah it looks like a dvd rip but neither version has english language options. Well you know they say you. Just get a half to learn italian. i tried. I tried a couple years in college. Didn't work very well. same i retain minimal. I should try again. i would say. Don't learn spanish in than learn italian because you'll end up like me and like speaking. This weird amalgamation of both. That is exactly what happened when i had to go in for my italian oral. I hadn't taken spanish for several years in. I apparently was saying things that i correct in spanish that i did not know that i knew how to say they still passed me. Maybe they shouldn't have well. It's a romance language. Come on i think they just took pity on the any interviews that i'm able to find what kind of our our in italian so you know that might help out there. He was interviewed in ninety. Six early. interview came out ninety six for a minute. Talion magazine called nocturnal or nocturna. And then cullen you found a an article or an essay about modelo but unfortunately it was all in french. We were able to translate that through google. Translate and really it does talk about the film quite a bit but it's more kind of positioning it in this like supernatural western sub-genre which of which there are a few other things like the first one that comes to my mind is was at paulblanco movie like black noon or something. There are other supernatural westerns. But this one just screams out at me as as far as how greeted handles the supernatural aspects will throw a shot up to mystery ranch from nineteen thirty two george. O'brien that's a fun. Little spooky western spooky westerns are. I love spooky westerns. But that's because there aren't enough you have things like grim prairie tales. Which is almost. it's it's an interesting movie. That's the word i would use. It is something the poster alone ladies and gentlemen the poster alone. All of the short stories are as hold hold up. Some are better than others. But i like the the sitting around the campfire but i think that was the most well written in wellstone part. It's just it. I mean it's just. I like horror westerns. I just wish that there were more and there aren't and then you get something like jona hex. Which is you know right. But it's a horror western like what about the living caution from nineteen fifty nine. It's a mexican film to know that one not seeing that one. that's good. I haven't i assume if you're mentioning it. We should watch. I mean there's also cursory undid which kino lorber put on blu ray last year which is pretty good. I keep thinking of horror westerns. Also act as comedy. I wanna say like you're the second or third dust till dawn movie is set in the old west and magic sure. Yeah they like goods. Like a prequel thing and i wanna see. Even one of the tremors movies is a set in the old west. So you've got the tremors creatures in an old mining town kind of thing so that was interesting. I liked that one a lost. It plays to humor more than horror. I would say i just want to watch the valley of glum. I love that. It's the clash. I watched that a couple of weeks ago. I've seen it. But i would like to watch it. There's there's there's a really great blu ray of it if it's still in print. Is it cowboys fighting dinosaurs. Yes i'm there for that. Then that's what montello needed. Just all of a sudden you know. He's got his boomerang. Throwing all of a sudden he throws what in a raptor just catches it in. Its mouth i mean. That's that's what this movie clearly needed. Well i think that's what the terrific world soprano is really needs rather than clone little girls. I need cowboys to show up. I i agree yes please yes. We ended this new dinosaur technology. I said chris pratt with with a boomerang. You know why not. No no no see here. They have the opportunity. They're making a third drastic world movie. Sam neill shows up and he has boomerangs because he already has cowboy thing going. That's right and he probably knows how to throw a boomerang and he can. He can hit. Chris pratt with boomer. And yes. I can see several times. Oh my goodness that could be a really good joke. Not that they want actual chris to get hit with a boomerang which violence upon people. But i think that would make for good movie. It'd be better than that remake of magnificent seven. oh my. I remember when i mike. I remember what you and i in toronto when that movie premiered. That's right. what twenty seventeen. Yeah yes sounds about right. Yeah that was the that was the year that was tiffs. Big thing that year. Oh god the magnificent seven yet never understand why film festivals go for like. This is the movie that's going to open wide in three weeks. But we're gonna premiere here at the festival. What doing the district distributor pays them a lot of money. Because that's going to generate a lot of pre movie buzz and reviews for that movie. That got was no buzz in was terrible. Speaking of remix no gibson is now directing the wild bunch. Remaking he's gonna turn it into a gothic western apocalyptic. Butch this many movies. That don't need to be remade. And clearly wild bunch in my opinion is one of those end of the people who leased need to remake. It would be mel gibson. I would go. As far as to say that most films don't need mel gibson remaking them i didn't mind apocalypse. Oh just for the record. I haven't seen it and i would like to. It was actually pretty decent. Yeah but like. I don't want him to make someone else's movie as what i'm getting at like he can make his own weird ass shit cause apocalypse though is good and weird. It is a bizarre movie. I thought he was doing. The sequel. To passionate of the christ is passionate. Trae sequel. Going to be the wild bunch. What's that movie. i would watch movie. Yeah that would work. I mean how many apostles were there versus. How many in the wild bunch. Yeah which borgnine is he. Jesus no. that'd be william holden right. Yeah yeah i think working. I might be thomas. Does that mean the rubber ryan characters judas. That would be kinda already was i. What we this. This movie's halfway down. I just gotta find the actors to do it. While i mean they had some really good actress in that magnificent seven remake may get to now frio or even then sell back in there. A really did right. What the fuck you and hawk was really. Yeah it's like so many good actors and nodes he missed that one. Barely remember ryan reynolds was he. Where k why. How did they not managed to rack the wrangle him into that one. I guess they already got their pithy white man. That was chris pratt. All right we are going to take a break and play trailer for next week. Show right after these brief messages. 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