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Meditation: Awake and Alive (2019-10-23)


The following meditation is led by Tara Brach to access more of my meditations or join my email list list please visit Tara Brach Dot com aliveness letting the sensitivity spread through your face paying attention to your heart you might ask yourself softening and fuelling what's here one of the most direct portals to presences What is my deepest intention for being here right now for practicing meditation whole now softening and feeling lower pallet relaxing down to the root of the tongue feeling the whole head from the inside out A. and since the braff coming in and out of your heart the same way you might feel slight smile at the mouth in the stone this let your census be awake perhaps I bringing the attention to the eyes and letting them softened can help too very conscious awakening to the body you might gently scan through the body let a year attention go inward you might feel your body breathing appealing the Scalp and the skull you feel and imagine a smile spreading through the is lifting the outer corners of the eyes the Brow be smooth incense the sensations aliveness in that whole region even sense a smile on the inside of your mouth letting the jaws unhinge the tongue filled opening to feel sensations that fell the tongue gums the lips and listen what is longing of the heart what is it that matters to you and your life lowering the shoulders to follow away from the neck the shoulders letting awareness fill the shoulder as you might imagine dissolving from ice to water ice to water can you imagine order to gas softening and feeling aliveness via the sensations that arise and the neck throat in an easy effortless way softening the hands you might send the land the volume the weight of your own maybe softening again feeling from the inside out terms letting your hands rest yes you soften the aliveness that's right here that they're being openness to the chest softening allowing receptive interested presence and again self to feel the aliveness the energy inside the chess again softening the is and you might imagine and feel that curve of a smile spreading through the heart spreading through the chest scanning down the torso letting this next breath be received a softened coming from the inside out receptive to the sensations aliveness ailing into the is slight smile now smiling into the heart filled with awareness filled with sensation nations and energy that's there softening resistance opening to alive US including sound stance of aliveness I am belly this Bra now this one listening not just with your ears but with your whole awareness with your whole awareness hands are solved La soft scanning down healing from the inside out the aliveness of sensation telling the feet relaxing back and letting everything happen tingling vibrating places this whole dance of sensation the legs the lend volume the way letting everything be just as it is not relaxing back and listening cessations and the background that vast open wake will the pelvic region from the inside out relaxing and opening the aliveness since had energy flowing up through the through the body slowing up to fill you with awareness and energy kill your rudeness of the feed into the earth consensus whole vast earth body and fill the belly so there's an awareness in the foreground of the changing flow of sound feeling our tightness pleasantness or unpleasantness space density once again listening to and feeling the whole moment soften and open to the aliveness audie shoulders the hands flight smile in the mouth softened in the and when you notice that you've left this open weight so you can send your body's a field of sensation calling on the kindness of awareness perhaps sending the message this bombs it's letting the hero now beer refuge reawakening the sense Aston awareness relaxing with the changing flow of experience feeling at US sensations noticing how it changes assists lessening to and feeling jesuits here and if it's difficult choosing to stay moment to moment listening to and feeling the moment in these last few moments calling on the presence of your heart offering whatever blessing our wish in that heart fullness serve care for all these you're listening to and feeling the moment the whole mom you can just gently relax open again reawaken the census you might listen again liked offer to yourself whatever prayer of care a seclude other beings in this world holding the world in your heart incensing your he might find that meditation means turning back to presence thank presence again and again twos impress and this when the attentions gone into back to the future pass when you notice that Ooh Ooh.

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