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Support for NPR and the following message. Come from Subaru featuring the all new three row ascent with seating for up to eight and a choice of second row. Captain's chairs love is now bigger than ever. Learn more at Subaru dot com. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer, the US China trade battle has a lot of constituencies concerned that includes Georgia's pecan farmers as Jim bursts reports from member station W A B E in Atlanta. The heightened tensions come at a difficult time historically, China has claimed as much as two thirds of the state's annual Bikaner output, but tariffs imposed last year dropped boat demand and the value of their crop and in October hurricane Michael hit. It all means unprecedented. Struggles for the state's pecan growers says Jason Rourke with the Georgia chamber of commerce or already dealing with a lower price because of the lack of an ability to export to the Chinese market. And then they got hit by this massive storm that hurt their supply. So we've seen pecan prices dropped thirty percent. That's too much for some farmers who say they're not sure they'll be able to hang on for NPR news. I'm Jim Boris in. Atlanta. President Trump today said he would take steps to help you as farmers being squeezed by the trade war Tucson oil tankers. A Norwegian flag ship sustained damage, and what Gulf officials are calling a sabotage attack off the coast of the United Arab Emirates the incident, highlighting the wrist to shippers in a region that is vital in terms of global energy supply, and it comes amid the heightened tensions between the US and Iran over an unraveling nuclear deal, which the US pulled out of last year while Gulf officials aren't saying who they believe was responsible US has warned ships that are honor its proxies might target maritime traffic. Actress Felicity Huffman known for her role in desperate housewives broke down in federal court in Boston today. She pleaded guilty to a scheme to boost her daughters. SAT scores NPR's tovia Smith explained. She's one of dozens charge in a sweeping conspiracy. And bribery case Huffman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud for paying fifteen thousand dollars to have someone correct or daughters SAT exam. She cried as she explained. Nd to the judge that her daughter knew nothing about it. And that her accommodation for extra time on tests was legit everything else. She said I did huffman's apology expressing deep regret and shame will help her at sentencing. Prosecutors are recommending four months and a twenty thousand dollar fine. Another parent L A businessman. Devon Sloan also pleaded guilty to paying two hundred and fifty thousand in bribes and using Photoshop pictures of his son purportedly playing water polo to get him recruited to the USC team. Prosecutors want him sentenced to a year in prison. Tovia Smith, NPR news. Boston supreme court says US consumers can pursue an antitrust lawsuit claiming is unfairly monopolized the market for the sale of iphone apps. Justice spread cavenaugh joining the courts for liberals in rejecting a plea from Cupertino California-based apple and the lawsuit over the thirty percent commission. Charges software, developers whose apps are sold on the company store on Wall Street, the Dow plunged six hundred seventeen points, this is NPR. Beloved, actress and singer Doris day has died at her home in Los Angeles, just a month after her ninety seventh birthday, the cause of death was pneumonia is NPR's nettles report. Stay was also a passionate animal welfare advocate. Stay with herself a workhorse. He recorded more than six hundred songs she appeared in nearly forty movies, including her Hitchcock's the man who knew too much and musicals such as the Pajama Game. Hey. You with the staff junior Doris day started as a dancer, but after a car accident, she switched to singing and quickly found success while still a teenager her wholesome, charisma and comedic chops would make Doris day. What if the top Email box office performers of all time, but her real life was not as delightful as the characters? She immortalised onscreen daynard four times unhappily wants to a musician who abused her and wants to a manager who grossly mishandled her finances Dora? Stay retired from acting in the early nineteen seventies and turn to working with animals a source of happiness for performer who gave so much joy to her audiences Netto. Libby, NPR news interesting proposition, two employees from giant package shipper Amazon, which your job and the company will help you start your own business. Delivering packages for Amazon comes at a time. The company is looking for ways to speed up delivery, especially for its prime members. Amazon says will cover up to ten thousand dollars and start up costs. And pay three months worth of salary. Crude oil futures prices fell today oil down sixty two cents a barrel to end the session at sixty one zero four barrel in New York. I'm Jack Speer. NPR news in Washington.

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