The 9 Angles: Does Satan have a military?


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Ben, we're joined as always with our super producer, Paul mission control deck, and most importantly, you, are you. You are here and that makes this stuff they don't want you to know a quick check in as we want to do recently. How, how are you guys feeling feeling good? Did some traveling Noam backed good to be with you guys? Could it be with you, dude and sacred space? That is stuff. They don't want you to know. That's right. Hey, I got to know none of you will ever hear it, but I got to be on an episode of ridiculous history this weekend. That's right. That's right. The reason the no one will ever hear is because we forgot to record it. Who recorded a version of it while you were on adventures? Math will there we go? See, it was just an ephemeral moment that occurred, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you guys do to help you save the show. Okay. I don't accept to your what you say. But it was it was a lot of, let's paint a picture, real quick. Matt was the voice of the super producer figure in the scenario like much, like, super producer, Paul mission control deck, but he was producer, Matt the madman Frederick and he decided it would be fun and ended up being very fun. If he was off stage like the voice of God, like the man behind the curtain, and he'd shined in with great quotes, and did voices and sound effects, and it was just a delight marry. All of a sudden, we're words written by Mr Ben bolan will those were quotations from Richard Warren, Sears. Okay. Well, then big ups Richard, and he did some great reenactments. So we I hope you will be able to join us for a recorded. Facade of that show. One day, you also can we mentioned this on air? You're in New Orleans a. Yeah. Went to crime Khan and just hung out for a little bit met a wonderful couple of the last names, white and black. They were they were really awesome and did some monitoring of a panel. It was a lot of fun. We've been doing more and more of these panel things recently. No paul. I know I know that despite trying to cajole you into talking on the show and it's not really your bag. So maybe for a check in with you. We can get a thumb up or thumb down is this a thumbs up thumbs down day. Oh, that's a vigorous. Thumbs up as a specific. Follow up question, Paul. I saw you at movies the other day, going to see a film was at thumbs up or thumbs down film, double thumbs up. You got to remind me what it was called again. Demon Tino, and it seemed like a really kind of interesting twisty, not sci-fi, but kind of an interesting absurdist weird kind of ride. I'm looking forward to checking it out. All right. All right. Well, here we are, again, folks, and we hope that your check in with yourself has gone well, feel free to tell us about it. If you discovered something, especially strange you can. You don't have to wait. You can just pause, the episode and call us now because we have a call in number. That's right. We're one eight three three as CD, w I t k to sell all of a sudden, at once making more or less intelligible more. Yeah. As people like ritual, stands, Cipolla feels like a ritual was like we're summoning something we say that. And here we are, again, folks conspiracy realist longtime in first-time listeners. Thank you for tuning in. We have spent several recent episodes, diving into the true crime aspects of this show, proven can. Spiracy. Many horrifying or disquieting things that were acts of Monday in human beings. Just kinda crappy people who were self important and or had power wanted more of it. That's kind of how this stuff goes often. But don't worry we have never forgotten about the supernatural side of this show, the world of the occult the world of the hidden, the SO teric, the unknown today, we are delving into the controversial world of what is called theistic satanism, and the strange story of something called the order of nine angles angles not angels. What the heck is this thing? You might ask the best way to answer. This question is to begin laying down some ground work, I. So here are the facts. Most people are cartoonish Lee wrong about satanism. This is true. You know. Yeah, when you when you hear satanism you. You probably think about some of the imagery that I myself have placed into videos about satanism robed figures, Baff, Mets everywhere horns of goats. And certainly pentagram pentacle is all of those kinds of things the chanting yes, is definitely one. And oh always almost always black, like just black clothing with some hints of red. Or maybe all red with some black the head of goat certainly heads of black goat with a thousand. Yes. Sacrifices both animal in human. Right. Right. The idea here is there's a secretive group of humans and maybe some not quite humans opposed to the more publicly dominant narrative ideology, or religious movements of Christianity Judaism, Islam, the people of the book writing, and the people worship this monotheistic God, who has in this entities past had a conflict with an adversary, sometimes called Lucifer morals, scratch, the devil, El Diablo. What are other good devil names like the actual devil, not demons say, yes? That's what. Yeah. And that the MorningStar and the MorningStar favorite, right? God's number two, the light bringer. That's a really good one. So, yeah, it gets into that permission thing. Right. So the idea here is for for most people on. They think of stereotypical Satan, or devil worshippers there. Picturing. People who accept this sort of supernatural religious narrative. Right. That there is a God and God had an adversary of some sort, who had all is known by these names. This was once an angel I among the angels, and then it fell in rebellion and it took its fellow mutineers with it. And now these people who worship this fallen angel seek to spread this message and to transform this, the Monday and world into something closer to his infernal vision. They also they also seem to usually informally refer to Satan as dude. Yeah. Absolutely. It's almost. It's interesting. How it seen as and we, we actually talked to David I briefly about this, how, there are these two opposing forces a force of light and force of darkness, essentially, or corruption on the other side, who I creation and corruption is kind of duality bounces around. And in a lot of things, right? Yeah. And Nostitz system as well and Star Wars movie Star Wars movies, and some animistic beliefs. I don't really know where I'm going just to say, like that, that really is such an old vision of how the universe functions within these sects or within these groups. So how accurate are these images, the pop up when we hear the word, you know, satanism or seat? More sugars. Luckily, for us, they are not very accurate, had all their there are several ons column genres of satanism. Right. And there are multiple interpretations of things that could be called Satan in these John RAs or their people's interpretation of what this thing, called Satan, actually means or represents without getting too, into the weeds on old boys identity, we'd like to refer you to our earlier video episode, there's all about the origins of Satan in near eastern and western ideology, and we even have a show called are there. The real Satan worshippers or something. Oh, we do. We do have that as well. Yeah. And it does into almost all the questions you might have like at the beginning of this. We're skipping all of that. Yeah. So if you pause today's episode to call us and leave us a message telling us how you're doing which thank you. By the way, if you did. Phil free deposit again and watch those YouTube videos as long as you're not driving, or flying a plane or something like that. So. Let's assume you, I'm posit- now, you know, all about the origins of Satan, it, whether they're real Satan worshippers, as with any religion or religious movement satanism has numerous branches. It's more of a convenient umbrella term for some related beliefs rather than any specific dogma because they, they have vastly different opinions. But they do have some commonalities, right. They have they have a couple of things that they all generally agree on. Yeah. Largely an interest in magic that can be played out in several ways either, like some sort of psycho-drama, which to me is a ritualized kind of performance of kind of experience. Sure. Is there another way of looking at that? Well, it's yeah. It's, it's one in which the, you know, we get catharsis which is why people watch and participate in plays. So it's sort of an an empowerment of catharsis, or a leveraging of that. So now. Now, the person who the, the person psycho dramas everywhere. It's in Christianity. It's an innocuous version of psychodrama would be the reenactment of the birth of the Christ child. Got it which all the kids do in church. But in this stuff, they're like I in this role. Now, am whatever deity, I so really performance of ritual it's kind of a rival or there's another kind of ritual, which is maybe less performance. It would ascribe mystical events and much more of a magic magical power kind of to these acts, as opposed to the psychodrama which to me, maybe implies that your body ING, but it's more catharsis rather than some kind of like spell the first or the second psychodrama psycho drama, yet because the mystical event that would be not as bad, as more of a spell that is more of like saying, I am doing this to create this effect, you know, in real time, and we can, we can also explore an instance of that, but we would want people to know what's, what's going on. Yeah. So that's that's one thing. Yes. This interest in in magic and, and the ritualized performance or an action of magic, but that's not it right. There's other stuff. There's also a sense of community, the creation of a community that defines roles in a hierarchy relationship between members somewhere between people who share a Miskel pursuit to those who live, according to a set of religious belief doctrine, in generally when you're talking about a lot of this stuff and how they're forming their community. You're talking about people who really see this philosophy of a symbolic Lucifer or Satan, which is more about yourself, your own, like the single members nonconformity to society in almost everywhere, as many ways as are achievable, right philosophy, thriving, on the maybe instead of nonconformity. They might see something like the benefits. Of being true to oneself. Yes. And in that way, it's, it's a lot of times about breaking your chains from a lot of societal norms, depending on the type of Satan is okay. Okay. Right. 'cause, you know there can be conformity with there can be internal conformity, strictly enforced in groups that are externally non-conforming. You know what I mean? Yes, it's, it's a little bit of a securities way to put that point. But you're the into more of there's some that focus a lot on individual individuality others on, like the actual sect. And of course, last commonality, not a big spoiler some sort of reference to Satan, if that worship of a singular entity in there are, there are many, many satanist groups of the best known of which are today are probably the church of Satan. Anton Levin, right? And the spin off of that. The I was called it the sequel of set the temple of set. It's sort of, like how golden girls was a spin off of Maude, but with Satan, that's a for golden girls fans. So the church of Satan, and the temple of set had this sort of low level, hierarchical leadership and kind of loosely agreed upon thing, right? We, we agree these following things, and then do as they'll wilt. So. I want to be very careful not to seem disrespectful of anyone's personal religious beliefs. If you're listening to this odds are you're probably not in the church Satan, just because there are so many other religions with so many other adherents out there, but your personal beliefs are your own, as long as you're not inflicting them on anyone else in or harming someone. It's our opinion that you, you can do what you want, you know, absolutely agreed. So with that all in mind, here are some just a few different types of satanism. Right. There's one that I think you are, you're probably alluding to directly there, Matt rational. Satanism it's secularized. It comes about in the nineteen sixties. It's a theistic meaning that there's not really a God. There's not. They calling it satanism is sort of using Satan, as a stand in for something else. This was under the direction of the famous Anton Levin, an author and occultist based in the states, who you can find audio and video recordings of his voice sounds far less sinister than one would initially assume it really does. And I will never understand why he didn't begin going exclusively by Zander, lavar, the as his. I mean having S Z ender totally as a middle name. That's powerful thought he. Looked like Ming the merciless from the flash, Gordon movie. Okay. Wow. He really does interesting. Yeah. Okay. Less than society thing with bald or shaved head guys. And go t's very pointy, go t a particular type of goatee. It's like that's super angled kind of one. Yes. And in this gentleman, I'm just going to call them Zander. Yeah. Or Levy do as though will see that. That's the whole of the law. He created this attack bible, it still to this day remains available. You can find it. It's one of the most at least most available books that you can find about satanism or the satanic religion, any form of this thing known as the church of Satan, that we've already mentioned, it is by far, the most well known as the thing that is mentioned. Oh, what's the what is that show? Gosh, why can't I think of it? Dateline? Twenty twenty on H B O comedy about nerds. It's awesome. Thanks game of thrones. Deadwood. Of the what is it? What's it called Paul? It's the Silicon Valley. Jeez. Silicon Valley, you'll see mentioned or at least referenced heavily in Silicon Valley where there's a satanist character. He talks about the anthem Lavelle the time and again, as you said, it's, it's all about atheism. It's about the individual essentially being empowered, and it really does have this nice symbolic, Mirroring going on between, you know Satan rebelling against God or whatever the large God is. And then the satanist rebelling against mainstream culture or, or mainstream religion right, right? There is a nice symmetry to the structure of the philosophy. Right. And it's exactly as you said, according to LeVine, neither God, nor Satan are actual beings. And this is heretical too many people who believe, otherwise, even some sadness, people who consider themselves such the only God in this sort of satanism is the per. Person themselves, the individual so Satan, quote unquote, Satan is a symbol representing the qualities that satanist embrace. So it's kinda like they took a character that they thought was cool and didn't think was real like superman or something. And they said, that's it. Those are the those are the things you want to aspire to be so invoking. The name of Satan, another infernal names is a tool in their rituals to focus one's mind on, on the manifestation of those qualities, and those workings tip in the hat to Alastair early. Of course now right? Yeah. Yeah. He's still in play. You guys seen good omens yet. The new TV adaptation. I preferred it to the book, I found the book whimsical in a way that didn't really speak to me, but I know I'm gonna get me for that. I found that about the show, I couldn't make it through episode one. It was a little too key TSE in the CGI. Really call too much attention to itself. I'm gonna give it another shot though. But crawley. The name of the demon character, which is based on the self styled, most evil or wicked man in the world, Alister Crowley, famous famous sexual predator heroin addict and egomaniac. They go doing have at parties. Do you in rituals in the middle of the great pyramid with his wife? Well, okay, that's that's true. I am being I am being a bit flippant about that. Because I think that guy gets more credit than he deserves blots, but in some circles, he is considered a pioneer. I've never done that. No, no. I would be surprised if you had, I don't know. It's just we can do an episode on that maybe I need to be more fair and come to terms with it. So the problem the problem is that at certain points in Crowley's life. And this is a little bit of a soapbox for me at certain points in Crowley's life. He demonstrably functions more as a con artist than a true believer in someone's thing. No. If you're not if you're a true believer in something, and you're not hurting people. It doesn't matter what someone else believes about it. You know what I mean? It's your decision. But if you are an acting harm on people who you know, have not agreed to be in your shenanigans, or if you are pretending to believe something that you do not believe for the purposes of bilking, the credulous, then what are you, you're not? You're not a leader of people. You're not you're not a holy being. You're, you're the same as anybody. Crooked game of three card Monty and just for the record the mercilus out, they look exactly the same just want to put that take. So Knowles holding this yet. I've got comics being the mercilus them. That's, that's an Ming the merciless, right? After after being but several other ones. Yeah because there, there are other characters that appear in. Oh, what's that flash, Gordon, comics? Because remember flash Gordon comment at swimming, the merciless from. Okay. Yeah, but there's, there's a predecessor the maybe I'm thinking of someone else because I swear that his predecessor maybe encyclopedia of super villains. I'm talking about in the movie in with Queen soundtrack. Oh, massed out of a university now. Oh, yeah. A good stuff. So in comparison to earn contrast rather, to the church of Satan, it flossy. There are theistic satanist, these are what we think about right if we're the average person we're thinking about what satanist is two members of this branch Satan is not just some cymbal, nor some clever useful metaphor, instead, Satan, is a genuine actual entity. These are the ones that you could refer to as devil, worshippers chur. Yeah. They might. Worship associated demons as well. Yeah. Different groups of the eight nece may have different interpretations about the nature of this being, but they all agree. It's real. It's similar in a way to the process church of the final judgement. How they would have some Lucifer's, and then they would have some where they sets or Satan's, I can't remember but they some worship this sort of light bringer permitting, aspect, and others. Worship this punishment and fascist aspect. So examples of this include things like the temple of set the golden girls, to the Maud of church of Satan, and then something called the order of nine angles also known as Owen a or Oneida, a, in a lot of the a lot of these sorts of self-styled organizations, just like Scientology or just like federal government agencies. There's a huge emphasis placed on the on initial 'isms. And acronyms. Let's talk about how they were founded, but let's you that after a quick word from our sponsor. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look, here comes one point seven percent decrease in finished overhead. I know everybody. No. I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy. Go, you know, projected increase in organic, cute three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. All right. We're back. Let's talk about the order of the nine angles. So according to, you know, one of the common story that you can see people in the order of the nine angles, which are we're gonna get into later. It's a bit hard as an outsider to discern. What is what as we'll find later in the episode within the order of nine angles, but of the things that are publicly facing in the virtual world. The common story is at the, the organization itself was founded sometime in the nineteen sixties. And then as it continued along. It started to gain more and more attention, especially in the nineteen eighties and a lot, a lot of it had to do with activism specifically Neo Nazi activism, which tied this group into its self described traditional satanism, right? At times, the order of the nine angles has been described as one of the world's most extremist and dangerous of. Botanic groups, and it's known for its support of far right? Militant movements overwhelmingly racially or religiously motivated, vice called it, the most secret of satanic groups as well, claiming that it advocates for animal sacrifice human sacrifice and reshaping the world higher to ones will. So what is the true story where does the order of nine angles come from, and how do the rumors stack up to the facts? Here's where it gets crazy. I version, according to their stories, very much like, like, like you said, Matt, I version, it's established in the nineteen sixties by this shady, lady, who's usually called, not an intentional rhyme. Usually called lady master, and she had previously, according to the story, the tale they spend been involved in a quote, secretive pre Christian tradition that survived in the Welsh marches of western England. So before the time or the rise of Christian ideology, there was this secret mystery religion and this, this person inherited the secrets passed down through through ritual through oral folklore through rights, and passages unbeknownst to the greater world and the owed nine A, or ONA believe that Satan is one of two aycock, casual beings, AAC, Hajjah will be a something. That is, is not dependent upon cause for to exist, something that sort of prefigures, the if then reality of human existence. These attornal beans are there, two of them going back to your thing about duality. Right. One is bath that was female in their mind. And one is Satan who has mail in their mind. And then in nineteen Seventy-three guy calling himself, Anton long was initiated into this group eventually attaining the title of grandmaster, and he really popularized. The group with other groups, because he was quite prolific. He was the Alexander Hamilton of his group. He he wrote wrote and wrote and wrote man, the kid is nonstop, etc. Other quotes from the Hamilton Broadway show because of this. You'll hear a lot of people say that he was really the de facto founder. It's suspected that the person. Was the original, they called her. The lady master eventually, had a child with a person calling themselves Anton long and relocated to Australia, at which point long began running the show. Hey, go. Yeah. You'll you'll find you'll find different versions of it one and this website called a cult dash study dot org. Talks about how it was Anton long who actually and again, this is probably likely from whoever's calling themselves like you said Ben into long from the on his own writings, essentially where he brought together three different groups essentially three different secret orders. The what is it knocked trillions, the temple of the sun in the Cam lad tradition that this guy, brought them all together in created this thing called, oh, nine a and, again, you'll find various versions of it throughout the internet rights, the, the expanded on the orders concepts and their ideas in all. All these publications which will get into, and they tied it into some. Oh, which we call it some, some contemporary politics of their time in nineteen eighty eight they made their journal, fin rear which was another was another sorta rung in the ladder of walking up to public prominence, which is what they always wanted with each publication this group sought to establish links with other Neo Nazi satanist groups, which are totally thing. And there, there are more than you might imagine. And by that, I mean, not just not just people who are being profiled, because are fans of metal but yeah, honestly, do consider themselves satanist. Yeah. And this is where we get into the full society and some Vigliotti strange occult, beliefs and actions of portions of the Nazi party, or at least some of the upper echelon of the Nazi part, I'm really glad that you. Mention that because the order at times has preferred to describe its ideology as Nazi occult, it's strange the way these things become a federal write. The names can be worn and discarded like a old jackets or reused in reshaped. And now in means, something completely different. Redefined, right. Yeah. Like you know that I mean that's also just a human thing. That's just a Monday and thing there is a magical power names for people who are adherents of, of those belief systems, but ticket to Neo liberal versus liberal, liberal means something, very different in the international sphere than it does here and the, the leading conservative party and Australia. For instance, Australia, just had an election as we're recording this, the leading conservative parties, the liberal party, I believe they go, I don't know names. What are they maybe they are all all jackets? So the order prefers describe itself. Well. Well, it's ideology rather, as Nazi occult. So that's promoting a supernatural system of thoughts that can Dem's liberal Judeo Judeo Christian society and longs for a new imperial age created by a sub niche in superman. Figure called the Vendex and that is not windex pronounced with a German accent. The index. The that's right. The that's true. Yeah, it is. And they Anton long to do that, right? Okay. S and ultimately, the idea is to expand to the stars and to bring this ideology outside of the terrestrial sphere. Yeah. I mean, that's it's an ambitious belief system. It sounds like they want to be stormtroopers. You know what I mean? Like full on the whatever the new order is in the new Star Wars systems if feels like that, to me when they also did some really disturbing stuff the way it's, it's tied up in, in this kind of love of fascism. And this, this again, I don't know how sincere it is this warship of characters like Adolf Hitler? So that's the first version, the second versions, a little different and dives into more mundane matters, according to observers and commentators, and you'll find a surprising amount of literature on this. There is no real Anton long. This is a pseudonym used by a British of former Neo Nazi David Miot. I think it's my it and why ATT who either use this organization to further his own ends, or created an elaborate hoax out of whole cloth. Yeah. He's known in Britain for being a hard line national socialists or Neo Nazi advocating national socialism as well as violence in the past. He's been implicated in physical beatings of people. And usually when these sorts of characters are implicated in violence, the attack in packs. You know what I mean? So like a group of people jumping, a single person, the Oneida grabbed national attention and the global war on terror when the organization was second, or even third hand associated with series of murders. So Venezuela wanted to, you know, move up get some more. Things like not really infiltrate just bring in other groups who to grow their own ranks. Right. So they attempted to infiltrate some of these non Tannock Nazi groups, or Neo Nazi movements such as there's one specifically mentioned in several publications called the atom Waffen division, which often the atom of whatever it is. Adam Kaufman division, and it's a US based organization and this group at least it's affiliates killed five people in two thousand seventeen and two thousand eighteen so this is recent. This is very recent. And it is a real group is just sounds, it sounds odd from the law enforcement side of things. The all this Assa Terek, an occult ritual, doesn't really matter anymore than, say, like a gang initiation or some kind of really heavy hazing. Yeah. Right. Exactly. Because they're not going to. It's useful in that it can identify members of an organization, but to them, you know, imagine if your job is the stop organized crime and gang killings, you want to learn about these groups so that you can to some degree predict and prevent particular behavior and prevent further criminal acts, but you're not, you know, odds are if you're if you're in the FBI or something, you're not going to stay up at night worrying that these people may curse you, you're more concerned about whether they have access to firearms and explosives. It's a, you know, it's, it's kind of more grounded or Monday and look at this, however, do have to say on the side. No, I did find to freedom of information act request to the FBI about this order of nine angles, and in both cases, the FBI responded by saying that they searched and they didn't have anything Ligo. So maybe they're. Not a victim. I don't know my it for for his own his own. Right. Has also. In addition to deny things like the holocaust denied that he ever went by the name Anton long. He also went through interational where he practiced as a Buddhist monk, and then he embraced radical Islam praising al-qaeda and attempting to unite Nazis and Islam ick terrorist. That's nightmare material. That's a odd couple, isn't it? Yeah. And seems strange. Right. But so, so we already see in the origins of this thing there, there is a bit of duplicity. The question is, whether it's purposeful or whether it's just kinda bungling you know what I mean. How much of this has meant to be taken seriously, how much of it is meant to be believed? I think we mentioned a little bit about their process. You mentioned vindicates what, what about the, the rest of their beliefs. What what's their plan? Yeah. So they believe that civilization. One has to be destroyed from within completely undermined, and disassembled dismantle, so the adherence are actually encouraged to be pretty awful people like as a, you know, part of their whole prescribed course of making this happen. So that includes things like committing crimes random acts of violence sexual assaults and even this whole like genocide kind of idea calling human victims. They also embrace magic. They do share that same commonality that we had mentioned at the top right of, but wh when we talk about their magic whoa. What are we? What are we talking about? I guess that's part of why they're called the order of the nine angles. All right. You ready for this? I got this from oh nine eight dot org and it's just a post to there and it's talking about what the nine angle is actually represents says, quote there, nine angles referred to the nine combinations of the three basic L chemical substances mercury sulphur, so. Salt and these nine angles slash combinations were first outlined in this text is nine hundred nineteen seventy four is called emanations of Ranya, Iranian Urania, who knows. And these nine combinations can be used to symbolize how the causal and a causal are manifest to us as, for instance, in our psyche the next, John of causal, a causal that we are via archetypes personality types, and it just goes on with stuff that I honestly, I'm struggling to understand, and a lot of this. A lot of writing in this fear whether's hawking left, hand path right him path stuff does tend to be a little bit up to the they also practice something that they call the sevenfold way. So the sevenfold way is a series of steps meant to make someone a, a practical master of all forms of sorcery physically mentally fit. In this way is divided into these seven stages. The stages are neophyte initiate external adept internal adept master of temple or mistress averse grand master or grand mistress. And of course, it, mortal sometimes initiates are described or called novices and adept cer- called presort priestess, it goes on. Mejias midgets drought. Also known as heb Hebdomadal, every does that our word for today, Matt dommage, ry, or the sevenfold way. How does it? How does it spelt? HEB DOM AD are y now. Right. Someone used that in a sentence, and call us. So strange. We look at this because what, what we're seeing quickly becomes a rabbit hole of a colts philosophy of working, again tied in very much like the whole society or Tuli society to these to these race based beliefs and. What, what we pointed out, however, should already be pretty disturbing than the purpose here for the members of the society by their own statements are to destroy what we know of as civilization up to an including human sacrifice, which they do talk about at length in which differentiates them from a lot of other satanic groups. Let's, let's pause for a moment for word from our sponsors. And then assuming that we have not been killed via magical means, let's explore a little bit more about the work. This episode is brought to you by Cox. With contour TV from Cox. You can find all your favorites. All in one place. Does it have the YouTube, you Bet El what about that? Netflix thing Netflix, too. And although superhero movies, contour has all the latest titles on demand. Oh my grandkids love that big green guy, though. I prefer the one with the hammer myself. Okay. I think we're done here now. Get all your favorite apps shows and movies, right? On contour TV from Cox. We made it we're still here. Yes, no one has gotten us by magical, psychic or more. Traditional means. So that's good. Let's check on Paul. Yep. He's there. He's intact. All right. Foof good. I don't know what is is turned all black. But, you know, it's, it's, it's, it's call the Monday. It's monday. More of a cosmetic thing. Yeah, yeah. These kids these days. So they're not this group is the order of nine angles is not known for subtlety especially, so they have a book called the black book of Satan comes in three volumes. These are considered so extreme that they're kept in a special section of the British library, or they're not available to the general public. You have to ask for them at a counter research, purposes. Kind of thing that's because these books repeatedly talked about the idea of, of calling committee acts of violence and destabilization up to an. Luding terrorism and with, with active culling. What's fascinating is one of the steps that they're, they're told to do is to groom someone to voluntarily submit to being sacrificed, that's the alternate the ultimate coup there. And they also have a an interesting work study program for lack of a better term that they send their members on. Would you believe it looked up the black book of say on Amazon, and there's one paperback available used for eight hundred sixty four dollars. Yeah, I would believe that I guess they're hard to get a hold of that happens with a lot of a cult books. Yeah. I mean I it may be too. This one has someone as either like bilking someone or they have multiple copies and they're just putting them out, one at a time I saw that before. I you know, I wonder if anybody does have a copy of the black book of Satan, I found a free download PDF on a called boards dot com. I'm sure it's the real deal. I don't know yet. Right. Getting a PDF of the black book of Satan, I laugh at the fair. So let's get into what is required of Owen a- members who were going along that sevenfold path trying to get into one of the noxius or whatever they're called that works study. I was mentioning exactly one of these one of these cells, essentially, so they, they want people to spend six months, either just traveling hitchhiking the way you would a traditional traveler along that path working as either a burglar, maybe working, even as a police officer or infiltrating some, some version of an extremist political group where you're just kind of roaming, and in working inside one of these other organizations to things that connect with this. This is very inspiring for any of us. Horror writers in the audience there used to be a television show. Maybe the nineties rarely two thousand that was sort of the scary Thalji show called the hitchhiker and remember that. And the, the hitchhiker, the frame was that someone picks up the hitchhiker and terrible stuff happens. Yeah. Which was, which was gold. But it makes me it makes you see how appealing this could be to people who are fearmongers in the nine hundred eighty nine hundred ninety Tanic panic scare here in the United States, we could say, Satan after all around, you there, low level criminals, there hitchhikers. They're living off the grid. You know, they're going to rainbow gatherings or, you know, they're hopping trains, voiding the spotlight of mainstream America. And with the fact that, you know, that seems like that seems like just some something people would say to sell headlines, right? Or get people to tune into. Sixty minutes or something. But here we have a real group say, yes, go do this for six months. Yeah. Yeah. It, especially what baffles me is thinking that at least on this list. Where was mentioned seeing a police officer would be a good route for this, and I guess, it's because you're, you're essentially practicing power over others. I guess they're reasons to that a police officer would be I think on on that list. Yeah. In one in one passage, they said, do something that is far outside your previous life experience. But working in law enforcement will give you a Liam Niessen, esque, certain set of skills, they go, you know, for physical altercation tactical thinking, or that yet, and that's something we kinda talked about before. And this will we're mentioning that sevenfold path that you go down to join this group, you, it is about the psychological. It's about the empowering that it's about empowering. You psychically. It's about empowering. You physically and all these things. So I guess a police officer would be a really good. Way to get there in from their literature. This has. This is where I want. You guys think of this. So from their literature. They attempt to quote undertake the role of extreme political activists and so- champion heretical views by becoming involved in extreme right-wing, activism. They demand this one of their introductory books. They say quote, the aim is to express fanaticism in action, ex and be seen by all right. Thinking people as extremists and dangerous. So they want to be the people who are, I don't know, if feels to me like they're talking about edginess for the sake of edginess, you know, like they're going to bust into an outright meeting, and someone's going to say, well, you know, I just I just don't think we should they're going to bust into a tea party meeting. Maybe let's make even more innocuous and they'll say I don't think we should pay taxes, and they're like, yeah, dishes, we should burn all the money. Yeah. Yeah. And everybody's like, oh, those guys are dangerous. So, so they're they've kinda got this idea of, again, very, very motivated by racism. They've kinda got this idea similar to joker in the dark night where they the heath ledger, joker the Goodwin where they want to just so chaos indiscriminately. But unlike the joker who is a it was a fictional character exists, only to spread chaos for the sake of chaos itself. This group seeks to spread chaos to make it easier to propagate their twisted world and cosmic view MO so we see that strange tragically not necessarily alien marriage of ideology here. The Nazis and the so-called Satan uniting to pursue goals that are at least non mutually exclusive. So for the Oneida fascism is actually seen as. A means to an end rather than an end in and of itself, particularly, this idea of a sinister dialect, that's the key to the Jahic evolution of human civilization into a higher form. But the Meiji in Nasreen, distortion, also known as the Christians, and the Jews is holding back western civilization, according to this doctrine from reaching its final step. Some sort of evolutionary step and must be overthrown. If humanity is to advance, so holy war or unholy war. Absolutely. The vision here goes to that thing that you mentioned earlier been. Vi-. Vindicates. Yes. Right. Being led by vindicates deep into the cosmos. Where were mentioned, though, establish a galactic Reich to champion and make known our unique human destiny of galactic exploration, and the colonization of outer space, this is from the drek and Wade. D. R. E. C C. I A N. We're not recommending that you check out these books. We're just letting you know that these are these are the. The tenants the goals and the aims as self described by this by this organization. Oh, yeah. And they, they really do want to, you know, it's, it's this concept at least of creating a sinister world. And, but here's the thing in order to have the world, be sinister. You gotta make the people that are living in that world or controlling running that world sinister. So they think this can happen through what they call the practice of genuine, modern heresies. I I like that. I don't need to poke fun out of it genuine modern Harrises. And this is, you know, again, taking yourself the individual person through all of these mental and physical trials that, you know, well, you're going through mental physical trials. And at the same time you're also practicing magic with a K so ritual ization things you're basically, I don't know. You're, you're honing. In your cell phone all possible fronts to become evil. I guess, in a way or maybe, maybe not the word evil is correct here, but to do the things that the group wants to do. Well, here's a question, do you think people that are adherence to this kind of belief system? Do they see themselves as evil? That's interesting in some in some cases, there would be people associating with this because they want to they want to be seen as evil. It don't they just think that the path of Satan is the better path. Many probably do. Yeah. Just wondering if even if good and evil even enters into it at this point, when, when it comes to your thinking behind getting behind something like this, I guess, that's why I was hesitant to use the term. I guess when I when I mean is adversarial to the status quo, and, or the, the ways in which society are set up and the institutions that hold that society up. I'm just getting all big picture about it. And my head is just inch. To think about the nature of good Nevil and his does true evil really see itself that way, or do they just believe that they're actually doing what's best? It's an interesting question because in many cases. Yeah. In many cases, all great villains are the heroes of their own stories. Right than say doing terrible things. But I'm doing it for greater reason. Right. And they're, you know, people have to die, but the world will be better etcetera etcetera, the, the thing. That's interesting about some the'stick satanism, and why it can be so attractive to people who are already involved in something that, that puts the bulk of its emphasis on violence in the short term is the there's not too much of a leap to go to something else, like this, and one thing, that's interesting about the question about regarding seem oneself as good or evil is that you can get a little bit of a sense, not a rely not one hundred percent reliable since you can get. A little bit of a sense of how someone sees themselves by what emphasis they place on things. Do they place the emphasis on their alternate end goal vision? Is that like seventy percent of this? You know, my most many religion spend seventy percent or so of their time talking about how to be a decent person now. Right. Or do they spend the majority of their time talking about the violent things? They will do to get a vaguely explain thing in the past, right? Or in sorry in the future. Yes. Yes. Yes. I mean that's to me. It's tough because it probably varies case by case. But I'm sure in satanism. There are a few people who think I am evil. I embrace it on the son of the beasts whatever and they probably really believe it. Maybe they misled whatever does it for you is what I say, like the beginning of the show, if you if you can use religion and maybe not realistically murder people. But if this does it for you, you know, being evil or the idea of? Being evil and you're not going to, you know, call an entire population than I say more power to you. But unfortunately, this particular idea involves a lot of these random acts of murder and rape, and violence stuff doing unto the innocent, some can't get behind the can't get behind the nine eight here, guys, sorry cannot throw my endorsement this, this order, which is weird because it was your pitch. And I think it was interesting because I, I had never heard of this. And this leads us to maybe one of our bigger questions, which we always have to ask with these sorts of groups is case of Seaton's military, satanic army, or is it a case, more of internet bravery? You know, the, the order has been referred to as Satan's military, but it seems more accurate to say that the order or the people who claim to be involved with it, because we can't verify a whole bunch of people seems accurate to say that they are maybe militant in attitude, more than organized and violent in person because of the crimes that can be reasonably traced Oneida affiliates. And partner organizations seem to be crimes that were sort of egged on by the group, but not enacted by the group directly and the oh nine. A was also wants dismissed by other occultist as the order of no members because this one guy David, my, and I think another guy they moult. Appeared to be the only visible figures within the organization. So how much of it is just them writing prolifically under different names note. I mean, the student aspect. I mean see at work here. But again, we didn't point this out already a little bit. But we have noticed and it's been documented their growth is I this Oneida growth has been right alongside other. I guess what we would call right wing extremist groups. Sure. Yeah. Yes. Premises organizations would be a big one neo-nazi organizations. And this is led to a couple of really strange conspiratorial thoughts, one being, there was actually some infighting between members of white supremacy groups and members of this Oneida eighth thing because there were people saying look guys up just here because I'm a white supremacist that, all like all this weird hocus pocus stuff. I'm we've lost. We've lost our way out of the game. And everyone's like, oh, well that guy doesn't get it. And then someone else said, you know, I feel like I also fall more on the. Supremacy now side and link the magic stuff's cool, like, don't get me wrong. Dude. I love metal or whatever I'm not I'm not knocking metal I am not getting racist, but I'm not knocking metal. It does make me feel a little bit sad for the people who joined up because they were all about that. Magic and all about the that stuff. And they realized this is a separatist group. Yeah. Right. There are other people who, who said, I thought we were just doing rituals. Yeah. I mean, I'm down for our vernal Lord and master. But I feel like our Lord master should be an equal opportunity employer. So I mean, we're, we're making a little bit of light of this. But it's, it's, it's a dangerous thing when we see this connection of ideologies, and these people are conspiring in secret. We don't know. We don't know how much of it is just a bluff. And bluster on the nine a part, we don't know how much of even to some degree is taken seriously, while the people. Is it an elaborate hoax? There's lot writing out there. But again, it's not as, if there is a center that you can visit, you know, there's not there's not a power structure that is readily apparent to a lot of people, and perhaps, that's just kept it internal we do know that at this point, the organization is still considered to be out there, but the views it has spouses, have of mainly caught the attention of law enforcement and governments because of the actions of its Phillies, white supremacist hard, right wing. Terror groups terrorist groups at a two thousand three UNESCO conference in Paris concerning the growth of anti-semitism in Europe and abroad. The stated David Maya the leading hardline Nazi intellectual Britain since the sixties who may be with what is it and Bon on long has converted to Islam. This was true at the time he praised bin Laden and al-qaeda. He called the nine eleven tax and active heroism here for the killing of all, like all Jewish people. And he also he used another name abilities. Iban miot. He supported suicide missions. He has one of the most thorough English language defenses of that he urged young Muslims to take up violent jihad, which is not any, any actual Muslim will tell you that the kind of thing he's calling jihad is not jihad observers warn that he's a dangerous, man. But since two thousand. Thousand ten he claims to have changed. He says, I've rejected his Lomb my extremist past and guys. It's all about love and each other. That's what he says now. But the extremism seems to carry on the question now is, whether it's legitimate, whether the people who claim to believe it online actually practice it in person or some of proposed as the entire thing a hoax. Is that a government front to monitor right wing groups? Let us know what you think that's the most promising for me, or the, the most silver lining answer for me. It's a front group of some sort of this trying to stop some of these other organizations, but people still got killed so they must not be doing that great of a job. Yeah. You know, you, you're probably right. So what do you guys think front or legitimate, like splinter group of real deal? Satanism let us know. You can hit us up on our Facebook group. We are called. Here's where it gets crazy. That's really the funnest way to interact with the show if you. Ask me a lot of members on their posting responses to every episode like message board style posting all kinds of memes and topics. It's just a good group of folks, and you could reach out and just give us. You know, if you've had any interaction with his group whatsoever. If you have any personal stories that, you are, are not the, you don't mind telling us. Yeah. Reach reach out to us for sure about that stuff. You can give us a call. Like we said at the top one eight three three as TD w y TK. It goes right into the hands of us particularly to my phone. So whenever you feel like calling it doesn't matter what time it is. It'll it won't ring. But it will say, hey you got a message, she's true. Yeah, you gotta set up like that. Yeah. Last night, I got a ton of messages came to set us can can everybody get notification? Yeah. If you guys download ringcentral line and use it don't want to burden just you it that we should we should share the wealth? We'll shoulder that for your time. I'm a bit behind. So need to. We had had so many Greek messages to actually texted, if people back and I thought that I listen to my office. It was a lot of fun. They're not gonna call in. I mean, there I was just an amer- listening to the messages. They're fantastic could've taken are left are, you know, commentary with the messages, which is great. Just as a quick story, we one person called in on Friday while I was in the hotel it was at night. And I was working on actually, I was looking over the ridiculous history outlined been that you sent and this person left four messages in a row and the fourth one that he sent was about monster energy and how, maybe there's out maybe some group out there is trying to control us with monster energy, and it was while I was finishing one and it really did give me the I don't know the field what is that? He gave me the spine tingling feeling. Maybe someone is trying to control that maybe as you. That would be monstrous. You can also find us on Instagram. You can also find us on Twitter. Hey, might be saying, hey, toe that social media stuff. It's twenty nineteen. I'm scared of phones. All I do is use Email them. Boy, have we got good news for you. You can Email us directly. We are conspiracy at iheartradio dot com. Stuff. They don't want you to know is a production of I heart radio. How stuff works for more podcasts from iheartradio. 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