'Everybody loved Summer.' Family speaks out after death of protester on I-5


The family of the person killed when a man drove his car into a group of protesters on I five, speaking out kyw's Casey Martin reports in a backyard, filled with flowers and plants and Green Lake Summer Taylor's parents said summer was a burst of creativity, wit and charm. Just being the kid everybody loves. And wanted to follow. Summer was the most outgoing creative. SMART. Charismatic everybody loves summer. Dalian Matt Taylor say summer was committed to the black lives, matter movement and was part of the protests every day. Protesters had been marching on the interstate five nightly, but Washington state patrol shut that protest down since Taylor's death. Another person is still in the hospital after Saturday's incident. The driver of the car is being held on a one point two million dollar bail. Casey Martin K. O. W. News Green Lake.

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