Tiger's Comeback, McVay vs. Belichick, Ryder Cup Struggles, and NFL Wagers With Tony Kornheiser and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 421)


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I did a Ryder Cup thing with Roger Sherman that's up as well. Check that out on Twitter and on YouTube and a whole bunch other places. Kyle wind is a, what is one shining podcast go to to a week that'll be it'll be beginning of October, I believe, beginning of October, or is it November we talk about. Titus gets here in like two, two, two weeks. So I imagine he won't wanna do two week. Okay, last but not least wanted to mention one of the most popular Bs podcast. I think I've ever done was with Scott Harrison who is. The guy who founded charity water, which is incredible charity that you should check out if you wanna check out charity, water dot org. He wrote a book, it's called thirst a story of redemption, compassion and emission to bring clean water to the world, and it's about his journey about everything that he's done. The last I don't know decade or so, however long he's been doing this and he does great work is a great guy. Hundred percent of the author's net proceeds from the sale of thirst will fund charity water projects around the world. So the money basically goes, doesn't even basically goes right to the charity. I mentioned this because we did a podcast, I think, probably two years ago. I don't know. It was. It was my say it was in two thousand sixteen, but it was really great. It was one of the one of the best ones we've done. And if you didn't hear that the first time around, I would encourage you to go and check that out. It was. Of all the pods we've done. I think we've done for our. We have four twenty twentieth yes. Yes, it is four twenty. Why don't you tell me? I'm sorry. I knew it. We should have done a special four twenty episode. You knew it was so burning you nephew house of Brady. Yeah. So out of the four hundred twenty one, this is four twenty. When that we've done. I got a lot of feedback on that one at the mental to a lot of people. The book if you like that podcast, I would definitely check out the book. It's fantastic. That's it. It's called thirst. It's by Scott Harrison. Check it out. Coming up my uncle, Tony, Tony Kornheiser as well as Joe has. We're going to bang out some Ryder Cup depressing. Talk was NFL picks, but I, our friends from pro Jim. All right on the line right now, my uncle, Tony, Tony, Kornheiser he loves this. Tiger Woods is back. Football is going, basketball's coming. This is you will have never gotten a lot better than this. I think we've always sort of gotten along it it sort of, here's the thing that's remarkable when you find out that people who have been together for x. amount of years hate each other. He's look if I think, what are we doing wrong? How do we still like each surely something is going to explode eventually, but it never has tied her tiger reignites the marriage. He really, he really. We both. We both play golf. I play it more poorly than he does, but it's not like he's going out on tour anytime soon. And we both watch tiger for so long and thought that he was just so good. And then he and Bill, you know this, he is completely responsible for what happened to him his own hand. This isn't some terrible combination of events this. This is him in terms of what happened to his marriage to his career. It's coupled with injuries, and we all understand that. But he was so far down that video of him is that within the last year or certainly within the last sixteen months, that video of him made you think Mike God, he could be actually addicted to painkillers. Couldn't possibly imagine that in what is a very relatively short amount of time. He would come back and be good. Then quite good. And now to the point where it is realistic to believe that he can win majors. A legit rock-bottom. It seemed like in that car with the painkillers house, your friend house was on here last week. We're trying to figure out the the most improbable career comebacks we've seen 'cause everybody talks about Bobby Jones. When he broke his back, came back from that. Nobody even expected. He was going to walk again, Maryland, buke him back from cancer. We forgot Ted Williams last week who's in the Korean war and just came back and was hitting three fifty again, where does this one rank for you? Yup. I mean, I'm not sure it's high as been HOGAN gets an automobile crash and you know this whole body shattered. But I mean, it's, you don't when you see that video, it's one thing to see tiger missing chips. You know, when he's practicing and you say, okay, you know there's some considered a tremendous amount of mental aspect in golf, but when you when you see that video, you say, my God, you know, you have to worry about his health and personal safety in ways that you don't have to other kinds of athletes. So it's it's pretty high up, not you know, he's got a win majors to complete that. He's got a again, be threat to Jack Nicklaus for the career career. You know, all time amount of majors, but it's it's a pretty. It's a pretty stunning comeback. It really is swagger coming back has been the most shocking even when they were introduced. Teams standing ovation. The other day, you know, he's just his chest is out again. You know, he doesn't see might this beaten down doodoo embarrassed himself and barest his family and just wants to get back in our good graces. He actually is carrying himself a little bit like an alpha against that was nice to see. I missed alpha tiger, not as much as he used to with the one thing that I and I'm not a big believer that people change. But in this particular case, when you see him interviewed, he has a softness that you never saw before that's introspection and never think of him as introspective. He's got a little bit of that. The thing he told sif, sans when he just won the FedEx Cup tournament and by the way Justin Rose. I mean, that's a clown show you pumping your fist 'cause you're gonna win ten million dollars to check teicher. He's made it possible for you to make any money at all in the world. But at that point when he told sans, I. I was worried I was worried I was going to start crying eighteen. You would never have associated that kind of a motion with Tiger Woods before because he's the motion was all I thought fed by still eighty. And I'm not sure that that's true now. And I think the other thing is I don't think the players who played with tiger for the majority of his career, particularly liked them. They might have admired him, but I don't think they liked him. I think the younger kids now in a way it seems like they're almost rooting for him if it's at their expense because they know in the long term surpass him, but I think they were actually happy for him to have won that tournament last week and that never would have happened before. Don't you think. In Washington when MJ came back on the wizards which has been kind of unfairly maligned. Now, as as like, didn't work, it actually had some fun moments. It wasn't the worst thing in the world, but the way the young guys responded to him during the times when he was on reminded me a little of the tiger thing 'cause there is, you know. Case, Jordan was hired to be the general manager, and then they made an agreement that he'd play a little bit and he played fine. He's not Michael Jordan. He played fine. He sold out every single game home in Rhode that he played, and he and rich to the people, the pockets of the people who own the team and boosted the value that franchise and then was cashiered out of town. Obviously, can we go back to you? Excoriating Justin Rose for celebrating ten million dollar check. Nobody loves buddy more than you. I feel like you would have held the ten million dollar check over your head and then laps around the green for like twenty five minutes. I would have done that privately at home at night when with. But the fact that I would shot three over on a Sunday. I don't mind him getting the check. It was the way he celebrated like this was an enormous accomplishment. He got his brains beat out on Sunday still had enough, you know, he had a par five on the eighteen. Then everybody was birdieing everybody Pacific time Friday morning. And as usual America's getting crushed in the Ryder Cup on on foreign soil. I'm hoping that it doesn't lead to Saturday and Sunday almost becoming insurmountable. But it seems like we're heading that way to people actually care about the Radyr. Is it just older, white guys like us? I think I think that people like the Ryder Cup because it's a fun event because it's so much different than what they usually do and people like to watch it and see how it works. I think if you do well in it, like in Poulter and Colin Montgomerie if you do well in it, it burnishes your. Za may. I think if you stinking it, nobody cares. I don't. I don't think anyone really takes it seriously. I just think it's a fun event. It's fun to see if you win. Nobody actually remembers who individually wins or loses unless it comes all the way down to the last singles match or something like that. But I, I'm not just think people have fun watching it because it is. It is so different than anything that that's played. It's sort of like to me and this is not nearly on the same level, but if you, you know, and I wouldn't say Davis Cup. But if you had that world team tennis stuff with the color coded courts and you put some good players out there on you developed it over ten or twelve or fifteen years, and people put it was fun. It would be the same sort of venue. I feel like this is always been. They should take the worst major in golf and tennis and allow the fans cheer and behave like real fence. So the PGA championship, which is the worst golf. Championship and the Estrella? Nope. In which you know, I don't feel like has the same possess as the other three. I just think everybody should be allowed to cheer and and act like maniacs during the whole time because I love the energy of the fans at the Ryder Cup is the most fun part about it. Right? Because it's like. The tennis has this, but there is that tournament in Phoenix which is sadly called the waste management open, but that particular tournament people go crazy. Well, it also all the waste management. I think it's a combination. Those two, you know, waste management and Gough think that. Fires, people. It is eight. So you've been in Washington for a long, long time, the caps, first of all, they beat the penguins which nobody ever expected to see it was it was hockey's version of Red Sox Yankees to some degree, and then they won the Stanley Cup and this this kind of secret stealth sports. Drought washed it would never get mentioned in the tortured sports. It is conversations, but it had been three, solid decades. If you were a thirty three year old DC sports fan, you had really no memory of wash anything fun ever happening wash to DC my son who's thirty two. Right? So how, right. So how things change I would talk about, you know, I would talk about Super Bowls and you know when all the success is and he was never had any of these things. Yes. Have. So what the leg, how people changed? How is the Stanley Cup changed? Washington DC. Okay, so I'm not. I'm not. I'm from. Me work where the Rangers were important, but not nearly as important as the Bruins always word of Boston. So I don't wanna. I don't wanna claim hockey knowledge or get on a high horse and talk about hockey and how important it is it. It is only marginally important in Washington, we know vege- can coming. You know, you had somebody as a lightning, rod sort of player and his failures, United people in thinking about the cats, I didn't think much about the cap. So they were choking dogs for twenty five years. But what stunned me Bill and it did it stunned me were those during the Stanley Cup, and admittedly, this is it's the right time of year. It's June. It's beautiful out at night and and the light last last until nine o'clock at night. But they had these watch parties. They had twenty thirty thousand people in various parts of the streets of Washington DC watching on giant screens, and that was the first time it ever. Hit me that the capitals were a big deal because I never thought that I thought they were distant distant fourth that they had their fifteen thousand people. And that was all they had bigger deal than I thought, and they didn't just beat the penguins. They were down to in the first series to Columbus, they lost both at home, then they swept them. They were down the Tampa and they had to win the last two. I believe a team that was better than them during the regular season. They be Pittsburgh their nemesis. And then when they beat Vegas, they beat the goalie marquan flurry who had knocked them out for ten years beat their former general manager too much fee would put together that team. So they, they got rid of all the ghosts. They got rid of all of them, and, and that was a great celebration. Ovechkin is older player now. I don't think anybody thinks they're going to win it again. I think this was the shot and that's why that's why everybody got drunk and stayed drunk. That's not drunk. Like five continents. I think he's still drug. Writing still reminded me a lot of when nuit ski one in Dallas in two thousand eleven where he had kind of, you'd been this great star for a lot of years, but people kind of given up on him as somebody that could lead a title team. And then it happened at this point of his career and kind of transformed the way people are gonna. Remember his career with Ovechkin. You can really make the case. He might be the greatest DC athlete of all time right professionally. No, because because the football is more important and you know, and John Riggins had that run? No. I mean. Rigs up there. John Riggins is. Greatest moment in Washington, modern sports history, and I ate modern by the time that I got here because why wouldn't I do that? The greatest moment is, is that run? That's the number one moment. The second moment is probably it's probably the. Cop, it's pry might be there's some other little moments, but it might be the cop might be what about when the wizards got swept in ninety seven by the bulls but gave them a really nice, nice. Three games really, really tried hard. That wasn't five of verb here swept by the. We're going to be terrific except it didn't Chris Webber, get arrested. It went. It went down and went down the drain. The went down the drain, very, very quickly would Howard. And and Weber mirror. Mirror. Didn't he go film? Wasn't that the on my giant fulfill Ming? Did the my giant movie. Okay. And then you know, he was never getting good anymore movie with Billy crystal was never any good anymore so that that disappeared very quickly. The basketball in Washington is is really, actually, it's a litany of disaster really dating in Gilbert, arenas franchise, killing moment. Forty years ago now, is they actually it was seventy eight. So now we're on here. Yeah, and the wizards beat Seattle. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, so bullets. They weren't the wizard. We're talking fifth decade now they have never made the finals. I don't even know what the top five greatest Washington Bullets. Last wizards moments where since nineteen eighty. And now you have Dwight Howard on your team, which is like just after signing a giant tumor and just having effected the great moment was probably, you know, John wall becoming the king of game six. And then would you like to go over his stats in the fourth quarter in game? Seven that and you know them, he'll never live that one down. He's celebrated title. Yeah, we to win win the series. I do. Do you buy that wall and Beal? Can't be on the same team. No, but I also don't buy that. They're a particularly great backcourt combination cause I don't see any. I don't see any particular results there. I don't. I think I think John wall continues to sort of run ahead of his team. I mean, don't for all of his talents. I, you know it. If you're gonna have the ball in your hand, all the time you gotta be sort of. You've got to have Magic Johnson's mentality. Don't you got to be able to say, how do I make everyone else better? And as opposed to I'm going to have to win this myself. So. The Christie older man. You don't like a lot of things. People have to win you over things have to win you over other than tiger what what is winning you over these days? What's making you get Sean McVeigh. I bet you like Sean McVeigh. I love Sean McVay. I'm so sorry. Well, I'll tell you play the local athlete in Washington, who I love above all others. That's max Scherzer. Total alpha dog. It is in his amazing to me that in all the years we've done PTI. We don't have a lot of baseball player guests. You know we've had, we put curcumin and Justice on a lot, but we don't have player guests. The two best guess we've ever had among baseball players have been max Scherzer and Justin invert Lander who I consider both to be total alpha dogs, right? They were on the same staff in Detroit. We think that was like. So you you're in amac's. Did you. What max shows love? Yeah. Who has any either football players? Short McVeigh was an offensive coordinator here for two years or something like that, and that the impossibly old age of thirty one became the head coach of the Rams. And I, I know that all of all of Angeles who might be listening will will appreciate this Jeff. Fisher look at Jared Goff and said, I can't stand him. I don't want him out there. He has no talent she want McVeigh got there. And in. Twenty games. Is it twenty games? Yeah. Has a guy that looks like a potential Alzheimer. He had five touchdowns he completed. I think if you look at his completions, it's something like twenty two completions for four hundred sixty five yards. And he was on everybody's fantasy bench. It's uncertain. I'm starting to wonder, and I felt this way heading in the season because I really thought the Rams are going to be great and they pick them to win the Super Bowl. Not that I'm right all the time, but I really did believe that he was special in that they had a ton of talent. And now I'm starting to think when you just watching other decimating all these teams that you'd Bill Walsh in the eighties, you had Bella check basically in the two thousands, catching the league at this time, when physicality and defense and strategy in depth and being able to manipulate the salary cap, all of these things. He was really good at. He showed up at the perfect time and was able to have this sustained period of dominance in naiad McVeigh who's clearly, you know, a little Bill Walsh had I hate to say that, but I really think he is. Walsh's partner. So on those teams, and he's coming into the league right during this new era where it's basically touch football and you can't hit guys over the middle and you can't touch quarterbacks, and he's the perfect guy for this era. So I was concerned about this last night when I went to sleep at halftime because I live in the east and I wasn't saying that whole game. 'cause I'm old. So when I woke up, I ask the people at my podcast this morning, where there any particular roughing the passer calls in the second half and they said, no, we're not. And that was important to me to know because that means he earned McVeigh or and everything. Mike Zimmer has the reputation, and I think it is justified as a really good defensive coach shred. It. I guess we're both in total agreement. This is the new NFL yes, fifty five forty eight. This is what's going to happen and it occurs to us both out, speak to that. Make thing is better equipped to do this than anybody else. That I had the coach for any possible era. He was gonna figure out whatever. But now for the first time, the way they put together this two thousand eighteen pats roster and the brain and cook strait, which when they did it, I was like, that's a smart trade. That's a classic trade. It turned out to be not a smart trae because you know, you need in two thousand eighteen is really fast guys who can get open because you're not allowed to touch anybody. So it's the, you know, the thing revolution going on in basketball, the way that people my age always hit the game and how the five players worked together, is it that is not what is going on now it's entirely different. Now. It's much more spread shooting is much more important. There's probably been no rule change ever. Not a rule change more important than basketball adopting from the three point shot. That's the whole face a basketball and without rule changes in the NFL what you're seeing these small little penalties and how. They're called and how they're not called. That has changed the game, you know, and McVay McVeigh's ahead of the others. Head of the strain was in retrospect, just really smart because now when you look at their team, they have a running back who can run and catch, which is the number one thing you want from running back. That's right. They have a really good possession receiver in Cup. They have a great deep threat with real speed is only twenty five and cooks, and then woods who is like really the perfect third receiver and Goth who's been making throws all year. I mean, shit, I, we always look at salad. I always look at the MVP ads trying to figure out who the best value bet. As we both love the Rams this year and we kept looking at girlie girlie was like, I don't know fifty to one. We never even considered Goth and Gough might be the MVP this year cough. My throat for fifty touchdowns and have like. Yeah. But if that is fifteen in one day, I mean there's gonna be a Rams MVP it's gonna come from this team. So what you look at and I'll go back to what you said before about him being a little bit wall, she it like he could be golf, could be McVay what Montana was for walls, just sort of the perfect person to carry out whatever the plan was that don't you think I-. Hundred percent agree. I have a little bit for you. Well, it's it's a name drop, which is your favorite, you love name drops. You love name dropping. You. Love will binds named jobs, but we have jobs are almost in the dick Schaap level almost even a name job. It's more like you could name the Wilbad 'cause he does it so seamlessly it. He pulls it for. He doesn't from around the ban. You don't even see it coming. Like I was at breakfast yesterday and I was eating eggs. And then Tiger Woods said to me, it past catch up. You're like, what? Wait, you were Tigra. Hold on a second. I m j on the phone. Yeah. So anyway, two weeks ago is that Matt, Damon, SAS, we're doing podcasts that's actually running next week. We did this whole podcast. We finish it and he's like, we gotta watch pats game. We had such good luck the last time, and then he said house, Tony, doing. Matt, Damon kid it? Yeah. He said, has Tony doing and. And then he goes, that was so much fun. When we watch that that game that soup. Exuberance. Yeah. Oh, at the the interception the sort of because everybody figured the game was over the other way, devastating at the interception to see these people who you watch on TV and in the movies, including you be so happy and literally jump up and down. Just jump up and down. That was wonderful. Great. That was great. Great. I knew that. So he was saying ocean's fourteen, they'll be in touch like maybe maybe you with you Elliott Gould. They're now partners or something, and I don't know, here's what you should tell if in fact you see him again. Okay. And it is that this is the province for old men basically goes like this on television. You watch sports. If you're not that interested in sports that particular night, nothing appeals to you. You start watching news channels in five minutes, you wanna kill yourself watching the news channels, then you start rolling through the movies and I've got, you know, HBO and Showtime, Starz. And I mean, I've and I've got about twenty challenge the movies and there are certain movies that it doesn't matter where we're or when I land on them. I mean all the way the way to the end and the to the first two born movies, which Damon movies. I mean all the way to the goodwill hunting. I. In all the way to the ad. So we started a, that's how much I like him. Onscreen. Hang out. That's why we started the rewatch Ables podcast here the whole principle was movies. You could jump into it any point. So we've already done my favorite movie for that. Okay. All time. Favorite movie for that. Michael, Clayton. Wow, really? Michael. I love it. Love it. I think the way to the end every single time Clooney ad is greatest. Hey, last thing. You did. You did a bunch of PT is Pablo Tori and e- eventually you just when we would talk on the phone you would talk about smarty is and initially they wanna do PTI with them because he was too young felt like yours grandfather. It's okay to deal with your nephew. Grandson is stretching it a little bit, and then you rallied back and then it was like how smart he was and you loved them them. I, it hurt my feelings. I'm just I'm just going to be. Failings. Okay. I heard that you should not have put yourself. There not a rifle of Pablo twice. Latin sui generis is your one of your own kind. And anytime you can come back, I will not just happily, I will gleefully do that show with you if I'm still alive. I felt like the older girlfriend who is like you were talking about the new Twenty-four-year-old. Before I listen, it's up to Eric ride home and Connor show. I'm ready. I'm ready to come back to DC. I'm ready to do PTI with you, and I'm ready to to eat with Joe house and overfeed you and then put you in a new and you're just slumped in there because you ate too much that will be wonderful where you plug my podcast to your millions of lives to it. Yeah, plug your podcast go. It's just the Tony Kornheiser show. It's on almost five days a week every week, except I'm so old. I'll take off a day here and there it is simply a smart adult. Talk show that. Doesn't even emphasize sports, but, but it's but is largely about sports smart adult talk shows all I wanna say PTI. Yeah, the longest running sports franchise. We have. Is that right? 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It is now nine eighteen Pacific time in the morning on Friday and to nobody's surprise the most predictable part of my weekend other the my dad falling asleep on the couch tonight when because he's visiting the America got just killed on foreign soil yet again, why does this keep happening house. Oh. Keeps happening because we keep reinventing the wheel out of questionable. Pairings on the American side. It worked out okay. In the morning, it did not work out in the afternoon. Foursomes we got swept. It was a four zero sweep. That hasn't happened in some number of years, twenty five thirty years as a bunch of stats out there that you can check out the c. put a put the fine points on the ads whipping that the US took, but stuff like putting Phil Mickelson a notorious Lee, bad player in alternate shot and airing him with Bryson d Shambo, a rookie who with whom he has a decent reporter, but who is being put in the impossible position of having to bail out bad. Phil Mickelson T-Bills. That's a tough one. Yeah. Tell you up sevens. They got boat ROY. Aced. Maybe they should have put fill with somebody who loves to gamble, and just that person could have gambled with Phil and Phil could've forgotten that he was in an alternate shot. Matchup thing could have played, you know, he could've played in in the morning playing his own ball and I would have had him paired, you know, if you have to play Phil today, this is the challenge of it. And I, I understand how hard it is for for captain furic fill fill is an eminence. So he has the play by form. He should sit right. He really should only play one match today tomorrow. And then just play singles because he's been in bad form last couple of weeks, but he has to play if he has the play, the don't put them in a position to fail. Yeah, let them go play his own ball, put him with captain America. Patrick read and see if Patrick Rican sparked that fire. We know Phil response to, you know, kinda getting stirred up that that combination his. Best partner in all of the Ryder Cup history is Keegan Bradley, and they had a real thing going. They were. They were real Rah Rah. We'll Patrick read knows how to do the Rah Rah that I would let them play their own balls this morning. The one thing I'm happy not happy I we had our own separate conversation in on the shock on Tuesday. I noted that that I would be worried about Tommy Fleetwood and he and and and Frankie Molinari went out and won both their matches and the the problem is that tiger and Patrick read that pairing net now read is, is his only gonna play, you know, possibly three more times. So I mean. I mess it up through three more times, right? Yeah. The only played the morning. He's not playing the afternoon. He is our best match play player by Ryder Cup history in and we put him in the position where he's he lost and he's out so knows points at all from Patrick read on Friday, the most total points you can get out of him is three points that kinda compromising your best chance at success. That's all terrible. He notices terrible having a root for Patrick read, but I did it. I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what we learned this week. The ringers Megan Schuster much beloved ringer employees who loves America, but also loves Tommy Fleetwood, you know, it happened. She, what is she do? She weird for Tommy Fleetwood. She denies it. She she claims. She didn't, but I know what actually happened. I think she rooted for Tommy. I don't. I don't think she's capable rooting. It's Tommy Fleetwood so well. She did a great, you know remembrance piece on the Rory. Patrick read combat hand to hand combat from the two thousand sixteen Ryder Cup. She and I always enjoy her golf stuff. So I'll indulge her rooting for whoever's in her heart. You can't really get mad or she's rooting for the golfing Jesus. I now well, maybe she's a sports bigamist. Maybe she's able to just juggle to sports Bassus. Really golf, you're just rooting for a guy? Yeah. How did not grade do today? He lost. He was paired repack read and they lost three and one to Molinari headed it. How is he hitting the ball though? Did he great? He would have been perfect for alternate shot. He indeed Shambo would have been an awesome team. That's how I would've brought Bryson d Shambo into the mix Friday afternoon. Alternate-shot tiger off the TD Shamba Tigers scrambling game remains just impeccable short game his the flops, and the chips and the the bumps and the runs. God is so good right now. He's at the very tippy top of tiger powers in the short game. So can we come back my dad's all weekend and this is all he's gonna care about more than the to soccer games that he gets to go to the baseball double header, my son and. Just everything that's going on. All he cares about as a writer Cup. Then have had a close enough. We were our, our team is deeper, and we have decided advantage in the singles matches on Sunday. We just have to stay within arm's reach. We can't be down more than four and a half points going into Sunday. That's what I would say. Which year pain are you most afraid of. Still still Tommy Fleetwood. I mean, I just think he's, he's already he's a rookie which is kinda weird in the same way, the Justin Thomas is a rookie those guys on a big stage for two years now, it just is, you know, the happenstance of timing that this is their first Ryder Cup experiences. I think he's just a total bad ass. He was making birdie putts all over the place on tire. I'm not saying Patrick read, that's my guy. He he has a bunch of my money from me betting on him on every major this year and losing each time. But I, I have no regrets speaking of money losing I went. We banned from the podcast last week. 'cause you're mush fear suspension end. We've allowed you back. I went one and three last week without you. I am now basically dead even for the year. I, I will say though I should have won the Tampa game. I think if Tampa and Pittsburgh played ten times on Monday night in Tampa, Tampa wins eight. It was just one of those games. A bunch of dump turnovers in the first half. And they couldn't kind of pull them. We're very fifth pan now. Now they were very. Turnovers, how'd you joy? Kirk cousins, given a nother game in the final minute only he wasn't your quarterback. Somebody else familiar such a familiar feeling l. my God I've seen this. Yeah. So. We're, we're coming back. We're going to, oh, Kirk, fumble, any any really titillated. He had a great pass. Yeah. Earlier in that drive, I can't remember. It was like, yeah, perfect. Perfect. Like twelve yard, low ball strike where nobody else could get to it. And then the key Kirk sound our text today as usual commiserating over stupid. We are and both of us love the Rams. Both of us thought the Rams were the best team in football. The Rams every week have covered other. They barely covered last night. They are killing everybody, and I don't think we've met them every week and I really have a ladder regrets. I've had them in teasers and parlays. We just bet him straight up. You went foreign. Now we are now uncle Tony was just on before you were talking about how it's now touch football in the Rams. Have the perfect touch football team in. I'm just gonna. Keep betting them until I see. Otherwise, that's that's my expert advice. I mean, it seems like the right thing to do their the the best team in the league according to all power, rankings, and all the metrics and everything else, and they're just loaded. The thing that that that we've we've touched on before these, this is always for entertainment purposes, but Sean McVay is not a dummy now and not only is not a dummy, but he has made Jared Goff Looksmart. Yeah. Questions about Jared Goff into the when he came into the league. Now, kind of looks in this mic base system where McVeigh's setting him up to succeed and and giving him pretty straightforward decisions to make kind of like it. So I thought usually week three is when things come together for me, but for whatever I think these new rules and oh injuries and a whole bunch of stuff through the league off. And now we for I really feel I, I looked at this late and just some stuff really, really jumped out at me. I've seen enough of everybody at this point and had some thoughts like I don't think the Vikings. Defenses get. I went into last night thinking the Rams really had a chance to put up some points. I think there's some misnomers that we have heading into the season when we just don't realize that teams of change. Now, part of Minnesota's problem is their best defensive player, lost his mind last weekend and did a bunch of crazy shit. And for whatever reason that wasn't even really a huge story Everson Griffen. I mean, he eat, he really liked lost his mind. It you would think like if that happened to pick any NBA all star, this would have been the biggest story in the NBA for three weeks straight in the NFL. Oh, another guy went crazy. It's kinda depressing. But with that said, you know, we've learned over the first month that Minnesota's defense is not good. It is not the same as last year that NFC north is wide open. I don't think the Packers are good either and you look at the Packers. I three games Rodgers plan on one leg. Their defense is not good. I, it seems it's wide. My dad's skins couched them. Yeah, it seems like it's wide open for the bears who are only favored by three at home against fits magic. And yet I can't pull the trigger because of one Mitchell. Trubisky a ages makes me too nervous. I cannot put money on that. Dude. I do it if I'm getting a lot of points. I can't do it as a favourite. I watched a lot of that bears Arizona game on Sunday with nephew, Kyle. And he just provokes laughter with some of the throws. He is in the rare category of QB where that he makes a couple of plays a game. The room just is laughing like, oh my God, what the hell just happen. So I can't do it. How say the minus three is so enticing? I love their defense. I think Tampa. It's totally reasonable. They could be too into, but I'm staying away from that one. That's the right instinct. Right. Oh, my God, yes. Okay. I part of the thing in our NFL winds pool is sitting there. In in in selecting the teams over the course of the season, we need the most wins. One of the things I I will confess though I thought about is I'm sitting on a Sunday afternoon and watching ex team and ex team is down by one score, and I need that quarterback to lead them to either tied the game or or take the lead. Can I live with myself if I, if I take this team and have to watch that quarterback attempt to do it. And I, I will say, I, I deliver tely stayed away from the bears on just that principle. The bears were available to me where I selected. I think it was the dead skins. Yeah, and I just chose Alex Smith over. That simple thinking. All right. So let's go to this week's pay. I have a few and I had a couple that I've got to. I'm excited. I'll do a couple of extra for you. I had there were two lines that I just was confused by now. Normally that would be a red flag normally go, that's fishy. I'm staying away. I actually think it's just because it's week four and I don't think team. I don't think Vegas totally realizes who's good and his not good yet. The first one is Cincinnati's at Atlanta. Atlanta is just not the same on defense and especially with the Jones out, I just I think defensively they're below average. At this point little bit of a pass verse that they, they get, they get a little something at home from the crowd. But for the most part, not a great defense offense. They've been fine, classic Atlanta. They're moving the ball, but they then they're in the red zone. Sometimes they'd screw up and it's the same thing they were last year. I do like this Bengals team. They shot themselves in the foot last week. I think they have talent on both sides of the ball. I like that they can come from behind. I like them getting points on the road because even if they're down ten, you know, with two minutes left, I still feel like they can go down and make a play and whatever they have mixed. And back this week, that was my big mistake last week against Carolina forgot makes it was playing when I picked Cynthia on this podcast, mixing his back. I think he makes a difference and and they're getting three and a half in Atlanta. I think this land should be tuna half. So getting a free point, I think they can win. I think they can win the game outright. And how about this house? You know, you loved them, gambling stats, Andy, Dalton, thirty seventeen into Cincinnati with Andy, Dalton as an underdog. So there you go against the spread, not against it, wins the the big regret with this Cincinnati line is not jumping. The sharps all did. Yeah. When it opened at five and a half, they steam the thing down to two to the three and a half, three and a half to the the falcons have demonstrated. They can't stop anybody under any circumstances, and they lost Ricardo Allen this week as well. So no Dion Joan Nokia new Neil. No Ricardo Allen, and there was a pretty interesting stat I saw about teams running backs, having receptions, this is crazy. The last two weeks running backs on on the on the opponents of the falcons have have caught fourteen and fifteen receptions that yes, a number. That's the number. That's that's the engines in the middle there. Yeah. The only team we're stopping running backs catch the by the backfield is my own Newnham patriots. So yeah. So I like I like cincy plus three and a half, and I wish the money line was more. Enticing? 'cause I think they have a chance to win there. There was another game lions at Cowboys. The lines are plus one thirty in that one. I stared at that one for a while because actually think I just think Dow stinks maze. Robert Mays on the ring. This this week did a great job of just annihilate in their their offense in how primitive it is and how much it makes no sense in two thousand eighteen like nobody's ever in motion. It's just like very missionary position offense. And I do think that lions team, you know, they was seventeen seventeen week one on Monday night and then the jet, some dumb stuff happen. They get killed the next week they almost win. They don't. Then they, they really handily beat the pats. That line seems off to me. I DAL os's minus three, which basically means Vegas feels like they're the same. So lands plus three looks enticing. I'm gonna stay away. I still don't trust Matt, Patricia. That's the only reason. Okay, you stay away. You jumping picks? Okay. Diving in. Okay. I and and we, my mush status has been well established. So apologies in advance to the good people of Detroit. But I can't. The idea of Dallas being favored in this game is is preposterous to me. The Cowboys are averaging thirteen point, seven points a game. Sean Lee is out and the Dallas defense. There's a, there's a nice body of of data available. Now about what happens to the Dallas defense under the stewardship of Rodman Ellie. When Sean Lee is out, the TAOs defense is damn near six points worse. When the heart and soul their defense, Sean Lee is out and I love this, Doug it I ran across the since this is a part of this to the cause. Since Jason Garrett has become the full time head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. They're the only team in the National Football League to be out scored on average at home row. They give out. Up nearly twenty four points to road teams per game and douse their own selves average about twenty one and a half at home owner. This Jason Garrett era. The Cowboys have no home field advantage. So I'm not giving up any points to the lions. I love allies plus three a love, the lions money line. I love it when Dallas sucks. Fuck you convinced me. All right. I'm in with. Cowboys. I wish the money line was more enticing. I wish it was like plus one plus one thirty, right? I'm gonna grab the three because even if they're downtown in the fourth quarter Stafford will get me a garbage time touchdown. I like their receivers. I the pats hard time covering their receivers last week. I, I thought the rookie running back Johnson was was was pretty shifty, so so yeah, I, this might be one of those lines I'm in. I'm Joe. I'm join you on that one. Hey, let's take one quick, tiny little break. Just to remind people, Halloween. Unmasked are eight episode podcast series about the movie Halloween and how it launched forty years of various horror movies, John resin eras and everything hosted by Nicholson. It premiers October. I guess what I'm telling you that because Tober I is really soon that's Monday. So yeah, if you haven't subscribe subscribe now, if you love Michael, Myers, if you love horror movies, do you like narrative podcasts? This is the first big one that we've done on the ringer and we are very excited about it. It's fantastic. Check it out, subscribe right now. All right house. My next one this line is is actually suspicious to me it it. I'm just confused by the colts our home. They're favored by one and a half against Houston. Houston has looked like a hot garbage for three straight weeks. Doesn't look like they can black. Their secondary has been way worse than I think anybody expected. I'm not sold on their scope position guys at all, other than Hopkins. Your computer is insulting them either as we just heard, we're noises it's talking to us and I think the colts are pretty good. I actually really, I've watched a lot of them these three weeks. I thought they absolutely could have won that Philly game in week three and they had filiing position. It was like thirty eight or thirty nine. And all they had to get a stop. They would have gotten the ball back and with really a chance to win. I feel like luck could have gone down the field and scored on them and Wentz just made a great play and it's anybody who thinks Wentz versus foles that does make a difference like that was the biggest way that game. I think the colts are pretty good. They're not. They're not gonna win the Super Bowl, they can move the ball. They're a little frisky. They're really well coached. I think Frank rig is in the running for best new coach of the year, and I like them at home, and I think they have a chance to potentially win this division of Jacksonville, you know, is going to continue to do these. These scoring six points at home, that kind of bullshit, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, all them are pretty frisky. So I liked the colts. I don't understand why this line is in three. I feel like I'm getting a point and a half for free against a crap Texans team. And here's the other part, Joe house. This has. All the makings of the Bill O'Brien gets fired. If they lose this game, kind of stink to it, and I could see that happening in and if there was a way to parlay Bill O'Brien getting fired with colts minus one and a half, I would do it. That's my case. This game feels like a stay away to me. There are competing trends at work here. Yeah, Andrew luck has a wonderful record both straight up and against the spread in this spot where he's going up against divisional opponents coming off of a loss. He's he's been really terrific in his career. I won't go through all the stats on the other side. The Owen three Texans, you know there is this a basic regression kind of idea t- winless teams coming into week four have have a pretty sizable advantage against the spread play a division rival the number. I'm seeing here fifteen six and one against the spread NAS, just a generic trend. Number of what teams do. Winless teams do the thing that I also would be just worried about hit the pause button as it relates to Indy is they're, they're, they have their third string right tackles playing. Right now? Yeah, that's the dude this going up against JJ watt. Just be worried about JJ coming out and then doing vintage game. 'cause Houston knows that that Owen threes bad enough, especially in the losing another divisional game. Oh, and four the season's over. So I just feel like a stay away to me. I, I hear all the cases for that accents. I think he's Sten season is already over and I'm picking gets them and I liked this called steam. I, you know, if so, let's say the colts get that stop on thirty nine last week and luck goes down and wins the game. What's this line? It's at least three and a half for sure. So I agree with you. I don't know. I just think the lines to, I think the culture pretty good too. By the way there's a, they're e why he's through the power poles. When I used to Ray for he's been grail in east, had the frisky category in the colts are definitely in the frisky category and they, I would have them in the somewhere between twelve and sixteen. I'm not sure where, but you know, it's nice to see luck back. There's there's not flattering stats about him in the long ball and that they're to Dinka note. But I also think they have good coaching and it's fine which your second pick. I am gonna take advantage. We've talked a little bit on these picks over the the season looking for first year coaches, and I your quarterback. This is a first year quarterback stat. This is a pure angle. I also love the fact that the raiders are entering this. I have a winless team at at home, the raiders minus two and a half at home against Cleveland. Now Cleveland has established its own frisky status. God bless the good people of Cleveland. The Bud Light refrigerators were open, the chains fell, and everybody could get dilly dilly to their hearts content last Thursday night. Unfortunately, I think there's going to be a a slight return to reality. The odds are the, the statistics are not very friendly at all to quarterbacks making their debut on the road starting quarterbacks. Yeah, making their debut on the road. There have been in the past thirty years. Eight instances. Of the number one overall pick being a quarterback, like our boy b. m. Baker Mayfield. Like that that they for being. Take a b. m. on Sunday. Well, he, he might flip that scrip. I mean, this is the thing he could take the BMI and turn a positive. I just don't think he's gonna. On the road, these these kinds of quarterbacks in this situation making the first career start on the road. Oh, an eight over the last thirty years straight up at against the spread losing by an average of eighteen points. I just think it's a tough spot. It's too much to ask, especially Oakland has been about one play away. Yeah, each of its games, they really haven't gone out and just got their ass handed to them by. They had a chance to win all three. And I think you could say the raiders and the jets of the two teams that could be three. You know, with a couple of breaks. So I, I love. I just feels like value raiders by anything less than a than a fuel. Go feel against Cleveland. I'm not ready to to crown Cleveland's ass yet. Did you read the thing about. Somebody asked Hugh Jackson, they stole the Phillies special from Philly, and he gave this long answer about, that's bullshit. I've had that in my playbook for years, and then they went to daily and they asked him and Tatas like, oh yeah, I shamelessly tick. Shamelessly still the voice special c. that you just have it as Astor of a coaching staff. Away in Hughes defense, he might have thought they were talking Chiesa. He might actually been thought they were talking that delicious pork. The roasted, it's unclear if he knew there talking about football food. I feel like raters Browns. I see all your cases. I just think it's a stay away because the raiders have shown the ability to snatch defeat outta victory week after week. I also don't. Browns Bank just be good. So I wanna see this. I'm going to this game is on my radar gonna watch it. And I think we'll learn a lot about both teams, but I will say this if the Browns are playoff team and if the Browns are team that could potentially win the AFC north, they have to win this game. There's a roadmap for them to go ten, six, make the playoffs. You can't give away again to the crappy raiders in Oakland. So you're right about that. I have two picks. And I, I'm debating whether to parlay these together. But I don't think I'm going to, and for some reason, I something's holding me back. I'm one of the pick so I might just take one of them. I talk it out and you tell me if you like the case, all right jets plus seven and a half. The case against it is Sam darnold on the road young guy prone to make some mistakes going against a really good defense. The case for it is Jacksonville's offense. When they're going against a defense that has any semblance of life which discounts the patriots when we to when they're going, it's a good defense that can contain Bortles and can contain his scrambling and make it so that the Jags have to move down the field and can't save thirty nine's because Bortles is much faster than any patriot linebacker that you can slow them down and turn it into a twelve to nine fifteen to twelve seventeen fourteen type game. I think the jets could win this game. I also think darnold could throw four picks and Daiki get their asses kicked. So my instinct is to bet on them at plus two ninety and maybe even tease them with the chargers who are home against the San Francisco. Forty Niners minus four seventy five TS the minus four seventy five with the plus to ninety get that to about plus three eighty or whatever it is and put a little half unit on it or little third of your you. You're talking about parlay, not tease, right? I'm sorry. Parlay Nazis. Yeah, little money parlays thought, you know how dumb I am. I have to keep it simple jets plus to ninety chargers minus four seventy five. Get that to about plus three eighty. Put about a one third of a unit on that. What do you think of that point? I, I like it. I do think the the jets defense has been pre underrated. The season that by advanced metrics, they the unfulfilled outsiders. They were second and the festively Devia way through three weeks, which is three weeks is enough of a sample size to at least know something. So I, I don't know. I was impressed by that. Yeah. Well, that's that was the point I was gonna make the the same idea. The events metrics are recognizing the the quality they have. Great. Cornerback Morris, clayborn. Tremaine Johnson? Yeah, better equal to I would say Jacksonville zone dynamic combo, but I it. It feels like to many points. So I like the added risk. You're getting properly compensated. I think for the money line play. Betting the spread then then it's like I have a fifty fifty chance that darnold just self combust and I'm not getting value for it. So at least doing the money line, if he comes through, I think they can win the game. I like doing the three and a half plus three seventy five, whatever it is. I think those are. That's a better play. My only concern though is if you if the part the other half of that pilot you, you said San Francisco right now that the chargers home. Oh, the chart. I'm sorry. CJ bad third, which will be hearing about them again a second. So the other one. So I'm gonna do that put one third of a unit on that just a little flyer. The other one. CAD. This hurts house. I dunno, I dunno, and by the way I'm not point dirt on the patriots season. I'm really not because I feel like when Ataman comes back and when Josh Gordon comes back. If he comes back counting on Josh, Gordon is pretty good sign for how bleak this patriot seasons become. I heard him. I come back this week. Sure. Great. I'll believe it when he's in the uniform warming up now for the game. They I. I was realizes last night with the Rams I talked about this corner as earlier he looked at the Rams they have the perfect team for touch football, two thousand eighteen. They have the perfect running back who can run and catch. They have deep threat. They have perfect possession. Receiver in woods is the perfect third receiver superfluous team. You would create guys like that. If you're just creating a maddened team from scratch, the patriots have the opposite. They Sony, Michelle. I don't know if how long it's going to take for him to shake off the rest from that having training camp or or he might be bad, who knows? But he's certainly not Dion Lewis and then they don't have the Ataman dog. I, at least for this week they don't have the deep threat anymore. They, you know, they traded cooks away. Gronk is not rock anymore. Nobody wants to admit it, but I'm, I'm just telling you, I've been love gronk. I ride with grotto. I die. He's at the tail end of his prime. Any might even be passed as prime. He's not physically. The same anymore. This is not a dangerous offense. And the irony of it is you have these touch football rules which fundamentally Brady should be thriving right now. He should be amazing. They put up ten points in Detroit last week, the Rams Jared Goff had forty five fantasy points last night. I so I'm not counting at this pats team for November December. I still think there's room for them offensively to be awesome. I'm just looking at them right now, and I think they're in a lot of trouble on offense. All right, fine. You got that. The defense is this is the worst defense they've ever had. The defense is an absolute fucking abomination. It's really bad. I think fast that they've given up sixteen runs of ten plus yards are ready, nine hundred unless ice broadcast that's unbelievable. The league all the due to have been wide open, not to mention the zero pass rush. Not to mention. They had the slowest linebackers not only in the league, but like the slows linebackers. I think I've ever seen in my life. They can't contain any quarterback who scrambles they can't any running back is going to catch the ball out of the out of the backfield. At this point they have no chance so naive Miami coming into Foxborough. And this just feels like an awful matchup for us because you have Miami who just deliberately built this team that just has a bunch of fast guys. They have incredible speed this year that Wilson who everybody made fun of them when they signed Albert Wilson. It was too much money because fucking fast. I'll tell you this. He's faster than anybody in the patriots Kenyan Drake, fast cane hill can can you know the classic game manager, but he can on a third and eight can scramble around and make plays. And I just think this is a terrible matchup for them at this point of the patriots is in play them eight weeks from now. Everybody's healthy atamans back. Great. But right now, this is bad and Brady does not have this carry. Blanket adamant come back next week. It'll be much better. The team will start to fall into place Sony, Michelle start shaking off the rest. I'm not county at this patriots team yet. I just feel like rock bottom hasn't happened yet, and it feels like it's going to happen this week. Dolphins seven is an amazing vitamin. I think this land should be plus three or minus three. I think the patch would be three point favorites in the scam. So there you go. While the sharps agree with you. This is at the very top of a lot of these publications that I've seen in terms of value opportunities there is because of the body of evidence that Tom Brady led. Patriots teams have amassed over the last fifteen years. Most of the trends you look at when the patriots lose two in a row council in favor of the patriot yet on only covering the next game, but but like winning big. But there is contra evidence with with this particular interational of the patriots and though the point differential that they're experiencing and what you mentioned about the run. And if you look at the injury list, it's all defensive player. It's terrible. Oh, a hard time. So I mean. Bentley, the middle linebacker who was probably the slowest middle linebacker ever seen in my life, but was still like starting. And now he's on the I r I was listening to GM street this week on the Bardi was saying how Donte hightower's so slow that he would just play him on the defensive line. That's another one of our linebackers Kyle van noy who got way by the traitor, giving away or whatever the hell happened, who you'll know him because he's always trailing, the much faster running back on a screen pass who's going for eleven yards. He's there. It's just really just athle- and from talent standpoint, it's really not great in the and they, I again, not counting at this Pat steam, but this will be one of the all-time great pull out of the ass seasons. If Brady in bowel check can figure this out because on both sides of the ball, there's not a lot of town anymore. And I watch team like the Rams and I'm like, holy, fuck. They have like four times this style it is. We do. It's. Arrogance. This is the moment where the Bella chick arrogance like why was Brandin cooks, expendable eight, you know is one of those things when they made their trade. It's like really smart. We don't have to pay him. We'll get a first round pack and then you watch him just running around on the reds and they're like, he's only twenty five years old and it's touch football noun. It's like we gave away this twenty five year old deep threat. So I've I've done a one eighty and that trade, but but look it, everything ends badly, you know. And I think we've seen with football, especially there's a team every year that nobody wants to admit that they just suck and they, they just don't have it anymore. We saw with Seattle, Seattle be fine. They're gonna rally, and then they just ever rally because it's football. And when you get older, you get old and I am very worried that the pats are that team this week, but I'll just tell you this week, bad matchup. I don't like it. I think that this is perfect match up for the Dauphin. So I have. Miami's historically had knowingly number anyway. So it's not even a stretch. The six and a half just feels like too much. I'm right there with you. Well, it seven on some site. So I'm taking the seven, but we'll case scenario if you had the dolphins and their down fourteen late, nobody loves give me up garbage time. Touchdowns like bell. Jack, I just can't get over how confuse the Pat seemed on offense last week and the only way they're going to be able to beat these teams to score thirty five forty, whatever my last pick. This is the money line pick. It's minus one. Oh, eight saints minus one seventy against the giants chargers minus four seventy five home against the Niners actually like that chargers team. I think they've had they unfortunately for them winning. It's the chiefs in week one and the Rams in week three and it's the perfect time. They threw them off the scent through people at the sent a little bit. I think this line should be thirteen that the Niners were terrible anyway, and then they. Jimmy g. but you could argue their scope position guys in their key, the combo of all those guys. It's probably the number thirty two out of thirty two teams defensively. They're not getting there. And this is starting to look like a throwaway your for them, saints giants. Here's the rationale, the saints score, a lot of points there. They're another team. That's just perfect for where we've come to football in two thousand eighteen. It's like an accident if they don't score thirty points. The only thing that scares me is there outdoors and that's been in issue over the years for breeze. But this giants team, I I think I saw the haven't scored thirty points or thirty plus points in like three or four years. She see, that's that. No, I didn't see it, but I'm not that surprised. It's just like it feels right, doesn't it? Yeah, it just all right. So if the saints get the thirty points are the giants get into thirty points? They might have Barclay rips off to seventy. Eight runs like there is a row. Beckham has his two big plays or whatever. But I like if you play this game ten times, I just think the saints can get thirty points every time. And I think the giants could get there too at it ten times. So let me don't. Let me just remind you, don't you dare underestimate how shitty that saints defense is. I'm fine with it. They they love to come out and let team score forty p forty points in a quick minute in a in a in an Atlanta heartbeat, and then the good people of Norlin. I don't know how they put up with it season after season, how every season at the beginning of the season. It's the same thing feels like on for twenty years that these Payton. And led teams with with defenses that are just absolutely atrocious to begin the the season. I understand the rationale. I like the same set at the giants as well, but I would. I wouldn't Bank on the idea that that the giants can't score thirty. They're ever gonna do it. It's against this garbage saints defense. I, I've heard this case they gave up forty eight to Tampa in week one. I think some of that was just bad scheming and just underestimating how explosive Tampa was. Especially with the new rules we to only gave up eighteen Cleveland. We three gave up thirty seven to Atlanta. Now you could argue Atlanta and Tampa to the top five offenses in the league. Right. Those to the ranch jab chargers. So okay, they're, they're defense might not be quite as bad. Maybe it's bad against elite teams, but when it's ally manning shitty, offensive line, not as bad separate. Label. All right. All right. I don't like I don't like the. I don't like the extra half point. That's why that's why bought the money line. Did. Did. Feels right to me. So there you go. That's we have so house. You're coming to. LA in two weeks, you're going to be part of the ringer. NBA preview pollutes Opie. Yeah, so that's happening. We have some fun stuff in store for that. We have a lot of MBA takes is he's been a lot of texting between us and and the cause on some thoughts that we have on things. Early season futures. We always love the futures in the NBA. Did you see the division? There's a what terrible division is is the wizards in. I think it's called southeast to the southeast. I'm gonna give you the ads. Let's just give people a little taste, the southeast division on queuing it up. And by the way, once we once you get these out and we we talk about what I think we're gonna talk about. I can't encourage people to go do something about it as quickly as possible because everything could change with one Jimmy Butler, right? So you got Washington favored to win this out. These minus one sixty Miami's plus two twenty. Charlotte's nine to one Orlando, twenty one Atlanta still get Miami plus two twenty right now. I mean if they trade for Butler, that's a pretty nice pack, right. Yeah. I mean, I gotta go. I got something to do. I got a text on. I gotta send off anyway. So we're doing MBA saying we're doing MBA over unders. When do you wanna do it a week from Wednesday? Sure. This doing I'm going to be with you. I'm on your dime brother once I'm on the west coast now, but as serve the people. Before? Yeah, we need like a weak little. So people can jump in. So maybe we'll do that weaker early through. I would be next Wednesday, I think. Yeah. Is that next Wednesday. Yeah, we're only two weeks away from being out in LA suck. All right, we'll figure it out. All right. Here's what I have for picks since he plus three and a half colts minus one and a half saints chargers. Parlay money line minus one. Oh eight dolphins plus seven in then a little flyer on the jets. Plus two ninety parlayed with the saints with. I'm sorry with the chargers minus four seventy five, which is about plus three eighty house year two picks where the lions three. Oh, I join you on that. Yeah. And then what was the other one. Oh, and a half greater and then go or Cup goatee team USA listen to house on house of carbs list the house. He doing a special shack house Sunday Sunday night after the hope are not singing any more. I'm hoping come on singing the star spangled banner Sunday evening. I just doesn't feel feel like it's going to happen. Yeah. All right. Thanks. All right, good time. Thanks buddy. All right. Thanks, Don. Tony. Thanks to Joe house. Thanks to ZipRecruiter. Don't forget the check them out at ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash b. s. thanks to Scott Harrison. His new book is called thirst. If all the proceeds go to charity water foundation, charity, water dot org. And if you love the podcast that we did, you will definitely the book. And if you didn't listen to the podcast, you shed and then you should get the book. Check that out. Thanks to simply say, if they go on, goes on beyond what homecare should be. It's intuitive. Design influences every step of carrier home like installation, SimpliSafe ships read to your door, ready to go at, never stops. Simplisafe's built in backups, protect you through power failures, wifi outages, even baseball, bats, all for just forty. Nine, nine a month order today. You'll get free shipping and free returns. Your risk-free six today, trial SimpliSafe dot com. Slash b. s that is simply safe with to us. SimpliSafe dot com slash Bs next week. Mean cousins out late Sunday night eight. Many drag my dad into this 'cause he'll still be there. No, probably being a comb after the pats game that Sunday night, Matt, Damon, coming late Tuesday, and then we'll be back Friday. God knows what so until then.

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