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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor Johnston. The body of George Floyd has arrived in Texas ahead of funeral services planned for this week. KYRA Buckley from Houston public media reports. Floyd grew up and spent most of his life. In Houston police chief art, Vado says Floyd's body and members of his family have safely made it to Houston. Floyd was raised in Houston's third ward and still has family here. including his six year old daughter, the public is invited to honor Floyd viewing Monday a private funeral will follow on Tuesday Dallas Jones helping organize Floyd's memorial taking place at the church. Church the Fountain of Praise, the world will be watching the from the praise in the city. Of Houston, Texas Floyd's body will be laid to rest in Houston on Tuesday. Following the service says for NPR news. I'm Kyra Buckley in Houston lawmakers and New York are expected to take up lay Shin this week to address the state's policing practices New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has laid out an agenda in response to the protests over the death of George Floyd Disarray Diario from member station W. S. H. E. reports. The governor is pushing the democratic controlled state legislature to pass the measure. The say their name. Reform agenda is named for people of Color who have been killed by police violence. The reforms would ban police choke holds increase transparency for disciplinary records and reassigned police brutality cases to the state attorney general, instead of local prosecutors Cuomo says the proposals would set an example for the country. Pay The bills actually make the change than other states will look in New York and say well New York did this. Why can't we do it? That changes would also make false. One calls a hate crime for NPR news. I'm desert diarrhea in New York tropical storm. He's still ball is bearing down on the US Gulf coast NPR's Debbie Elliott reports the storm, which is packing winds of about fifty miles per hour is expected to make landfall this afternoon in Louisiana. The, outer bands of Tropical Storm, stovall, are lashing the coast with gusty winds and heavy rain, and turning up the surf from Louisiana to Florida. Roads are flooded in parts of Louisiana and Mississippi and power has been knocked out for thousands of customers, several coastal parishes in the Anna ordered evacuations ahead of the storm. Forecasters say cristobol will affect an area stretching one hundred eighty miles to the east with up to five foot, storm surge, and the threat of tornadoes, energy companies evacuated offshore oil and gas rigs, curtailing about a third of production in the Gulf of Mexico, Debbie Elliott NPR news. Orange Beach Alabama you're listening to NPR news in Washington. In northern. California victims of wildfires caused by Pacific gas and electric are learning that it might take several years before they see some of the compensation. The bankrupt utility promised them Lily Jamali. From member station K. Q. E., D. reports months ago PG and he struck a multibillion dollar half cash half stock deal with fire survivors, Friday, their lawyers told the judge that in secret talks p genie, his pressured them to agree to wait up to six years to sell all the stock and converted to cash, Helen said with lost her home in a fire by PG, any in two twenty seventeen. I felt second the stomach. There's so many people who need that money now. Now or they needed soon so that they can rebuild and go on with their lives. Fire victims are asking the judge not to confirm PG's bankruptcy exit plan unless the utility lets them sell shares more quickly. PG's lawyers asked the judge not to weigh in and keep the dispute in mediation for NPR news I'm lily drew molly. Authorities in northern California are investigating a shooting that left a sheriff's deputy, dead and two other police officers wounded officials say they were ambushed by gunfire and explosives, while responding to calls a suspicious van that was parked in Santa Cruz, county last night. Sheriff Jim Hart. Says Sergeant Damon Guts. Willer was a fourteen year veteran of the department. Job To keep our community safe I. Life was taken. That's that's a hard thing to process. It's already say as suspect has been arrested and will be charged with murder. This is NPR news.

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