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Body armor light has potassium packed electrolytes, coconut water vitamins and antioxidants, and is the perfect addition to your fitness routine stop now at target Walmart. Walgreens and on Amazon learn more at drink body armor, Dot com, and on social media search at drink body armor. Hey guys. Welcome back to mom brain today we have another special Mambo series I, me Larrea and I'm Daphne, and today's Mambas is Jessica Salts. She is the founder of Dino Bars Donna bars is a company that I've actually talked about as one of my favorite things a couple of weeks ago it's a functional food company and a small family owned business owned and managed by. Jessica and her husband Ian and what I love is there like kid snack bars and these are bars made from hemp seeds and coconut oil and fruit, and so delicious. If you're apparent that tries all your kids food before they get to taste it, you are going to want to be eating these bars. Now I, mean, my kids, my kids all they want is snacks and I. We I mean they will fight me over whatever meal I prepared for them but there's like an go I'm not hungry anymore after medicine and I have a snack or so I'm excited to learn more about this company that I love and here's our conversation with Jessica. My Name Is Jessica saw I'm a mom of two and I am the CO founder of boss I. Make Heavy kids next with my husband and where can we follow you Can follow us at nine Oba's on instagram. We are awesome facebook. Same dentals. And you can find a website at Steinbach succumb a the name come from. So we wanted to find a name that kids at the young age because the kids kits one plus for video once you. have to find something that they can pronounce. Easy. And one of my friends she was. Declared idea. For friends. Cute. He wasn't is a very cute cute little packets is. Have you find design night? It's one of a thanks you don't have to do everything on your. Mom, it can be wearing try to find people that can have we find an amazing designer. Who had the screed package? How'd you find that person actually that's that's really hard finding the right logo getting the right look and designed to that your brand is clear through through the imagery. Yeah. The Person I. Just looked at a ton of profile. I looked I searched for just design awesome got and I looked at pictures and I found pictures that I thought would repute and kind of went into the direction that we wanted to go with. And I just contacted in Sicko. Allah make a good snack company with my husband. Can you these heavy make a design and? We exchanged numbers. We had a phone call. We figured out how debase ideas. Came out of it, I'm so happy to get to chat with you about your story because it's so cool to me when people take ideas that they have around a need especially in parenting. Yeah and just make it happen like. And I've talked about on this podcast. The fact that dino bars was a favorite thing of mine and you heard it which so happy. You know I can imagine that parts of the process have been challenging and stressful in. You've got little kids at home in all of it, and then people really care about this product. They really enjoy it. It really makes a difference in parents lives I. Hope that you feel that from me because I. Love these. Love, these bars So I'm just excited to hear a little bit more about like for people who don't remember me talking about the dinosaurs or know what they are can you just tell people a little bit about what they are and how you came up with this idea and so yeah, dynamite a hectic snack version for kids sat one year. So yeah to give you an idea how the whole story started I'm originally from Germany born and raised in Germany. And I met my in America about ten years ago we moved to Germany after you got married and we had both the kids in Germany. And two years ago we sat together the board with our knife overnight. So we moved to America. And my oldest son he was to us at the time and when he was visited, he just couldn't handle refined sugars like he was one of the kids who would eat a piece of cake and he would go off crazy or not. He would know how to handle his body. He got so much energy Made me feel so bad. So we made a decision to cut out refined sugars company. It was like no Chagrin, our house or nothing that didn't come from crude or. Refined. So, we moved to America added locating at stores locating for kids snacks, and it just couldn't find anything. I said I going to play into talk to miles what you feed UK kids like what kind of snacks give your kids? At no one could really give me an answer. So enjoy our pediatrician and. Can you please recommend a good snack from me. And she didn't really have an answer for me. So I was like the beginning of it. So that's kind of sad hidden. In Germany I was used to a food snack better than that of a paper. So they had that over the exactly. So I with it like they have to head that's. When I was little I had a snack Outta peop- it's not it's nothing. New Germany. My kids eat at every from Joni knows but snacks. Paper pay-per-view from Germany. So my initial thing was. Just by Jimmy I went to Germany, I would buy sixty, four my kids. So it'd be good for like a month, but she and whenever I had family come over to visit. Tied Up, please bring me a whole box kits next handy them. And then at the same time, my kids got older and older and I started questioning myself actually go back to Laura at this point I was A. Stay at home mom. It's actually go back to work. just keep saying home with kids but at the same time I felt like. Staying home with the kids for years and years s just wasn't what I had planned to do. I didn't like the off. Working for someone as. Having kids and having to a for someone is is not easy. So many. MOMS. Holiday don't know what to do they. They sort depend on the jobs that working at. The kids have to suffer demands have to suffer because they wanna be home with kids but they can. And just the thought of that useful sad and I couldn't. Justify an couldn't handle that. That was the first time where ipod maybe I should start something on my own. You would have asked me five years ago. It said no way. No Way I'm starting accompanied as Noida enduring on of this. I'm. GonNa be working for someone and it's yet. But Yeah Ming changed what gave you that confidence I think it was more active fi actually of having to work for someone. And defeat of having to leave the house really early and having to have my kids in daycare all day long and having to be back late and then having to do all the things that mom says have to do you do laundry get healthy not make dinner property lunch M. N. having a few off having the control over. You know if you have your own business if you work for yourself I can say now. I am taking two hours off India, and then I just go and work at night right? I answer. Yourself. Yeah. Exactly I'm my own time manager right now. which is tricky. Also like I think, a lot of people are discovering now certainly through quarantine, what if you're lucky enough to be able to work from home, how how structuring your life and how being responsible for your own schedule in your own timing and it's actually it presents a whole new slew of challenges especially home with children. So, I'm always amazed amazed to hear about about how that process the how that process works when you have little kids at home in. Obviously it's for you. It's not just during quarantine. It's Europe know this is the business. So. Your background was actually in bioprocess engineering. which feels like a little bit more technical than Food Than Food, bars rusted paper. But but maybe not like I will say the the very limited experience I've had in commercial food production. It is such a detail especially for kids it is so detail oriented it is so safety in process or yet it is so many strict restrictions strict put on you like you're not you're on you're you're not a US native originally how did you even? Navigate the whole behemoth of legislation and like feel like you could break into this really crowded snacks. I, mean you found an amazing white smart white space whereas light I know nothing that I needed existed. You weren't afraid of of the of the mountain you had to climb. I'm sure to get this product launch like what did that? What did that experience feel like So, one big thing has said whenever I, get overwhelmed divisions It's my husband and I would be breaking up in the past because yeah small. If. Big Mountain. In front of you like you ju just gets get you can't do it. You can't make change overnight and you can figure everything out overnight. Saw I got really lucky because my husband just laughs reading through. The. Documents. Legal things he has a passion for. I am glad to Kinda way like I have kids I have very limited amount of time. So there's a number that I can call. That number you know I would just ask people ahead unlike. Two people walk in front of me I can't figure it out. Can you please walk through it with me like the eight hundred number like who would you? Who would you call? This for every for every step, there's always some he can find online. For registering the company off were. The Sea that he had South Carolina do not always people that if you. Dig Deep Enough. So one thing that I thought when I first he the bars I because again like I you know my background's in food I always. Yeah. I'm just I taste my kids food before I, give it to them for everything which is why you know it's it's Their snack bars, I always taste for his. Way Right, it's not surprising to me that like I would say. Ten bars of ever tried to give my children there are not interested in unless it tastes like a candy bar and then I don't feel good about giving that to them and I teased at your bars and I was like, wow, there's this really like lovely kind of like. Fatty texture to the season, the tartness of the fruit just like really pleased me your bathroom and like I wanna eat these things. But but it feels kind of novel recipe. I mean, these are things that I do at home when I make the kids smoothies I always put hemp seeds or flax. Yes. Something that because we don't think about this but like a lot of the vitamins and minerals that your body's absorbing needs fat to carry them inside. That's what we add coconut away they want to his coconut. Roam. Around mom. Are you guys if you follow me, you know that I am obsessed with hair and scalp Venus farm. Sharon. 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That's why Walmart created the camp video platform on their camp by Walmart is a free, choose your own adventure video platform on the Walmart APP designed to bring the spirit of day camp to doorsteps everywhere all fifty plus activities are. Powered by echoes Interactive Video Technology, which allows campers to make choices that shape their activities to create unique experiences each and every time they play families can choose interactive activities across series like Sports, arts, and crafts, and fitness for kids and parents to play together head to the APP store and download the Walmart APP to play at Camp and give your kids the summer adventure. They'll never forget just look at the services tab of the Walmart APP, and that's where you can find camp. Gray. So, how did you cope with the recipe or was this something that you'd seen in Germany and wanted to play with over here or what was how did you make that sort of come together? So I looked at I had my one of many moments ahead send ten of those bras and I looked at autumn credence using. So that kind of gives me that give me the base of it. Biden, I decided to make some changes I in Germany they always used. I didn't like the fact that they were using. So I switched out with coconut oil just as went up to things at Germany. The out of people made out of wheat flour. So. We looked for people that was made with potatoes Sachin Sat, and it is actually very nutritionist to. Yeah. It's really interesting. How much you chancellor potato such that he wouldn't think off. So. I just started making recipes just said it a kitchen mixing together and just tried it out for hours and hours I probably made like. Three hundred defend initially recipes how What did your husband think when you're like you know what? I'M GONNA make children's food bars. Did he have you always Volvo as we have always been very anti nutrition fitness okay. Weevils, we made our fitness licenses in Germany you read like retried basically every diet out there we went from Kito to Katyal. Just to figure out what works best fall body vinyl vegetarian since six months now. Yeah so and I. Get. He'll alario is, vegetarian. -Tarian so but that's amazing I'm sure I'm sure you feel very good. That's deal. Always been very into that. You know just yes, oppression bird now it's. It's amazing. It's. It's really amazing when you guys can do this together he sounds like you guys are very similar pages because working with your spouse is not always is not always easy. It's on how did you? How did I have so many questions number one, I need to understand this edible paper thing. They? Yes, it is. It is genius because you don't want to get your finger sticky when you're eating. Fruit snack or anything that's not it's crazy because the the you know if you grew up eating gushers or like things like that they coat those things in in preservatives that you don't necessarily want to be eating all the time either. But if you don't coat them than your finger, all sticky like you're eating jelly. was. Straight up. Gene is my this is why I was able to get my kids to try them in the first place and then they discovered they loved them which. Yet, for me, I'm the kind of mom who takes Lod and automatic snacks. You know when it gets sticky fingers and touched Estrada or the Kasey. At home they share everything it's pretty sticky. You touch our later. You're like, Oh what's that? I just I don't like the. Daphne was we're we're talking about eating paper before somebody told me as a kid you can eat paper So I used to like whenever I'd have gum which would not be very often because my my parents really complete health freaks. Would like put the entire gum wrapper in my mouth and chew it and I would tell people in today I was like, yeah like Trident and she said before she says, that's not actually a thing so that you told me that because I would be. I know you blue dinosaur referee. Movie. That's why we added a window. You know Sylvia saying that the night of a people. So if you see when you kind of see what looks like a paper okay, that's labor. Strikes I noticed this. Number one with the blueberry ones amazed. I just like how hard it's not like so sweet that's all just. The is a little bit about So how long have you been been in business for? Is it two years? Is Now the via viewed new so we started to hold Dynamo thing. A few months back we have been sitting those sends like. Two months now actually. Okay. Really. Knew we have eating you bad at sank To describe it via getting this amazing feedback, we've been contacted by magazines by stores. Everything happening really fast within our is that hard to keep up with in terms of because we talked to some other of the Mombasa's that we've talked to. They're like, well, the Alvis I couldn't reach the demand because all became a thing. Are you? How are you coping with that? That's kind of where we add right now would I however managing as so for me I also WanNa give at Amman the opportunity to work in violent bet if comfortable science specifically conforms to. Allow, saw I am now looking to find a month one of my friends right now I just asked her if she wants to set work because just kind of create a psych safe monks base. You know where it's okay. If you try to you, say you have to stay home you're GonNa make it work just gonNa be another mom that's GonNa. Cover for you. I was a cover for you. You know saw me tried to just do it. Nick the two of us and we have to. Be Hiring people now and. yeah it is. It gets overwhelming and that's the thing again where you have to take him on serve at a time. Status of night, how which manish just how are we gonna do this and rely on the floor recycling cry? Really. We can do this because you have this passion for we love. We're doing one thing we WANNA make a change you know kinds of. Oh, my goodness. What if what if he can make outside won't make it at the end of someone as cousins Moniz it's bigger if we can make a change people from going to office refined show this next to a heaviest I would if I could. Yeah. I mean you're you're you're nurturing are all of our babies who are eating this and that and that's a that's a really incredible pink zone. Still around my mom way. Guys you all know that a lot of people have know issues with cardio. It's one of the hardest things to make ourselves do and I'm a big believer in learning how to breathe because one of our biggest fears is that we're going to not be able to get enough oxygen and so our lungs start to burn a not actually the physical sensations in the rest of our body rather than the lung thing that starts to get US I. Saw Not just learning how to breathe is really important but also making sure that your body is hydrated when your mouth goes dry and you just feel that deep deep deep thirst. So staying hydrated both before and after your workouts is really important in having a drink that has good electrolytes in it is vital to experiencing this. This is why I was so excited when I heard that body armor light was going to sponsor mom brain. because. It's not your average sports drink not only is low in calories and low in sugar, but also contains no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors and no artificial dyes. Body armor light has potassium packed electrolytes, coconut water vitamins, and antioxidants, and it is the perfect addition to your fitness routine head over to target Walmart Walgreens and Amazon to get body armor light learn more at drink body armor dot Com and on social media search drink body armor. From. One of the one of the topics. That comes up a lot on on these episodes is financing trying to mind financing were for different ideas that people have idea what what kind of advice can you give two two people out there who are listening and are saying, Hey, I've got a great idea and I don't know how to finance. CFO something or you can do to just have creativity and see what takes you a few not pointing too fast. You might be to just use the money that you get from the company to put it right back into it. If you don't have to fight on her, we didn't have to do those big big investments right from the beginning. So like. Hey. US Have Hawaii, we put every Sunday. We're making an company. We're putting a right back into it and you're feeding the company with it and Just, take advantage by to see if are people we got lucky because we have people in our family that Nafti idea end was supportive in be noted. If we ten managing on anyone day with step in right. But don't afraid just because of the money. If you have the idea and you have a passion for it, you will be able to convince Pupa to have you with it while it's great that must be very inspiring for your children as well as their little now, right? Yes. So they are now two four. Yeah. But you know what I think watching you know having this story where your your parents went out and created something I think it's an extremely extremely inspiring story for them as they as they grow in mean, you think about it as well like say once Kobe has over and we're back in school. Be like. Yeah. My Mommy makes that bar this in your lunchbox rate. I asked him the other day. I. Was thinking what do you want to be when you love I want to work for myself all the Serbs. When did you? If there's one thing you can point to that you thought was like a big turning point for you that you you booked some major. Distribution at a store or you got like social media campaign like what do you think is the one thing that made I obviously it's a it's a cocktail of many things but what's one thing point to and say this was really important for my business. Difficult because I think every single customer has been pretty important for business. Transformation had amazing support you. I'm not a big instagram person I've never done instagram before. I mean I have my own instagram, but it will use it. So I was really afraid of using instagram as a marketing. But. A registered muscle amazing decided sharing a mop every day every day we got like two three people, Shannon Nestorian between data, and that went on for weeks. And sending pictures who all doesn't thanking me for it and I think. Every customer that's reaching chests on daily basis. It's just giving me the motivation to keep his crowing, make this happen and. Pinpointed to one specific event I. Think it's high of office people. Saying enough this product now one, I, want to support you believe in you while the word of mouth of the mom community is so important and powerful and I love that you clearly are so focused on empowering MOMS to to have a career that they love and also to be able to be the moms they want to be and I know we wish you so much continued success for creating this. Wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank. You know she's so inspiring. She's she's twenty nine. She has this. You know crazy background with with engineering and and she had her two kids and decides that this is she sick of asking her family and friends who are visiting Germany to Lug forty forty individual snack bars over for her kids and goes and makes his company and it feels like. It really does it really does feel like sometimes what you don't know actually makes you much bolder and makes you much less afraid of. Trying the obvious thing or trying the trying the like you know just calling the eight hundred number or call being like someone's going to help me. I'm just going to tell them. I don't know how to do this and they're going to help me figure out how to do it. A were being willing to to. See that it doesn't have to be you who does everything all the time doesn't make you less scrappy. It doesn't make you less. You know less the founder or the creator of awesome product that families are going to enjoy if you realize. I need to be the logo creator like I can outsource this to someone who's going to do a much better job than I am and who's going to support me being able to do that. I do really well, and I think that's such a powerful lesson for. MOMS to here in general I, do think where the backstop for everything. So a lot of the time we do feel like we have to do everything and we sometimes we need to, and sometimes it really benefits us to take you know a little bit of time back into day by offloading something that can be done by someone else to that place. I also really loved I mean I I really love the idea that. You can start simple like this is it's clear that she and her husband believe in the functional power of food and that this is. A A a a snack ranges probably in their mindset right now of like what they think could be valuable for kids to have easy access to. But you know don't be afraid to to have your hero product guess and to have the thing that really proves the value improves. The proves the potential of what can be done with with a very clear and obvious white space that you're looking to fill. Absolutely ask. Ask. For help. Go back to simplicity. Make it happen. So you know I I love these I. Love these stories that were that we're bringing here to membrane because. I feel I feel like there's there's so many out ideas out there in this really gets back to how mom brain why we wanted to bring brain together. Let's put all of our brains together. Let's support each other so that we can figure out this very confusing and difficult, but wonderful journey. So having women like Jessica, come on here and give us their wisdom of their to's and what not to do as well is extremely extremely valuable. So so so thank you so much. Jessica was a really great conversation. Are you guys thank you so much for listening don't forget to rate review subscribe tell your friends. Try Dino Vars, I can't wait to try and Daphne you talked about it recently in the favorite things, and now we just got to talk to her and so I'm just really really excited getting very glad that I know not to eat the outside outside. Has You guys all know that with my pregnancy brain I would be you guys until next time.

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