WKPWP - Keller interviews WWF & AWA announcer Ken Resnick: (2-6-15) Great vintage Heenan, Hogan, Piper, Monsoon, Vince McMahon stories, more


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She'll support for us and we'll give you a lot of returned including a streamlined. Listening experience on your iphone or android device with the ADS unplug removed. Go check it out torture. VIP Info Dot Com uh now pw torture and spreaker bring you the wade. Keller pro wrestling podcast. It's time for this week's interview. Classic where Wade killer interviews one of pro wrestling's newsmakers. We learned over the past week or two how different in pro wrestling might be in a couple of months if wwe shakes up the WWE network format. We already heard the news and are digesting the departures terms of WWe's co-presidents. We've got eighty W on the rise in a diverse mix of programming options with a bunch of different business plans in this industry right now the Nwea doing something very different than our which which is very different than a w back in the eighties in the territorial days in the early days as of the WWF there was a pretty similar approach. Although obviously Vincent McMahon junior as he was known was very aggressive in terms of of expanding nationally and doing doing pay per view events. But how shows were still the driver of everything what you saw on television was to help sell tickets to arenas and and to do that wrestlers had to intercut interviews in marathon sessions for each city customized interviews for every match and every city. That was coming up in the next month. Ken resnick today's guest. On the way killer pro podcast interview classic for Saturday February Beret. Eighth Two thousand twenty was there for two major promotions. The Awa replacing the legendary means in Oakland when Oakland jumped to the WWF and then he followed an Oakland footsteps and did interviews for the WWF and he has great stories to share. He talks about being being in that role of doing the interviews and the logistics of it the Preferential Treatment Hulk Hogan for instance got when it was his turn to do do interviews. He's got great stories on the road. Warriors Bobby the brain heenan Roddy Piper gorilla monsoon AWA CO promoter. Wally carve provoke. Who was just polaris stories of backstage ribs including Bobby Heenan and more? This is a really cool interview and I think you're going to really enjoy it if if you're a longtime fan who remembers that era It's GONNA add a ton of insight and and laughs and if you're a newer fan and just want to learn about what wrestling was like behind the scenes in another era in the nineteen eighties. This is a must-listen interview so enjoyed. It's over two hours of just a really entertaining and informative conversation in with former AWA and WWF announcer. Ken resnick one note earlier. This week on Tuesday we ran a special flashback interview with stone. Cold Steve Austin and that happened a week before this interview with. Ken resnick that normally. We drop classics on the weekend on this week. On wildcard Tuesday where we shake up the format. Sometimes it's mailbag sometimes interviews sometimes alive caller format. This week. It was a very special flashback interview. Marathon interview was stone stone. Cold Steve Austin. That also must listen. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that yet on your podcast feed check it out. Scroll down a little bit. Download it and listen to that also all right so here we go. Thank you so much for your support and we will begin. The candidates are interview in three two one. Welcome to Coppee W torch live cast. I am Wade Keller editor and publisher of the Pro Wrestling Torch weekly newsletter and P W TORCH DOT com. And I am welcoming you to today's addition of the P W torch is Friday February six two thousand fifteen and because it's Friday. We are Dr. I'm excited to announce that our guest today is a former Awa and WWF announcer. Ken resnick making his first appearance parents. On the program. You'll be joining us. Just a few seconds He is awaiting us on the switchboard. 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Well now there's an RSS feed specifically for our retro audio so every audio show category has its own arts subscribe to multiple ones and And it helps stay. Organized listened to the shows in maybe a more orderly fashion. So that's something we just launched earlier this afternoon and I know a lot of VIP members GonNa be excited about about that. So if your check that out all right let's now Shift with no further delay to our guest for the program former AWA and WWF announcer. Ken Resnick Ken. Welcome to POW towards life cast or thank you eight. It's good to talk to you again. My old friend. It is so good to talk to you again. I I Sawyer. But we did not have a chance to talk at the Eddie Sharkey Oh what was the was. It Eddie Shirk attribute night I'm trying to think of the name of it The uh-huh I think it was a lifetime achievement. That's it yes so I realize though when I got your email after I you know I was there and was very thrilled older to be a part of that tribute to Eddie well-deserved and I'd known Eddie you know back in the early eighties from my time in the Awa But I just crushed when you were there and we didn't get a chance to catch up I if I had known I certainly would have sought you out. Yeah we were like two feet from each other for a while L. and I was just talking to George. McCarthy and Mike Rosen and You were busy You know dealing with other stuff and then when the show was over after I got done talking to Cochabamba a few minutes I went looking for you and apparently but I'm really glad that you're on the show. Every every Sunday night catch wrestling night in America on W. Torch Daily Cast Dot com hosted by me. Pw Torch columnist. Greg Parks each week. I'll welcome co host from the torch family to discuss the shows and pro wrestling taking your calls emails. You can listen. Live most weeks beginning eight PM Eastern on Sunday nights with a wwe or impacts pay per view. We go on the air at the conclusion. Asian that pay per view you can listen live but of course the full show is available for download on demand anytime. Shortly after it airs visit Torch Daily Cast Dot COM and click the livestream linked to find the next scheduled live show link search. Pw Torch and apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe wrestling night in America every Sunday. Pw Torch daily Dot Com. Doc I do believe that there's some people who are wondering who the heck you are and I do want to fuck you. You have to talk about I I I. I've heard that now I will say we've got some. We've got some emails in and We're GONNA get phone calls and they're plenty of people excited to talk to you today and ask questions But I I do for the way background because WWF the WWF wwe. They've gone through a lot of announcers over the years. You were there at a pivotal time and your face is going to start showing up more and more often. WWE Network Archives get added. But you got your start in pro wrestling in the AWA. Ken Do you mind. Just is giving a little bit of a background about how you ended up in the Awa and kind of work your way to The timeline of WWF. And I know we've got some stories about that. Vince McMahon job interview. Oh sure no I'll be glad to wait I was actually doing the sports on the six and ten o'clock news at the NBC affiliate in Rochester Minnesota. Although I kinda commuted still lived in the twin cities and in the mid eighties here in Minneapolis Saint Paul. There was a huge celebrity. Golf Tournament called Duff Celebrity Golf and tennis tournament and I mean they got so the the real a listers. One time they had the cash cast from hillstreet blues they had the cast from Mash so it was a national type celebrity tournament and I had been involved with it before I got started in television and they had an area at the tournament called celebrity corner where they would have someone you know. Bring up the the national celebrities onstage and interview them and talk to them so the crowd could listen and get to know. Oh them a little bit. I on a personal level and I was doing that one year and one of the guests we had was vern Donya on you and I did a thing with burn for about fifteen or twenty minutes and then saw him later that night in the clubhouse and you yeah we talked for a couple of minutes and he wanted to know a little my background and you know I told them and where I was working now and and that was it and about a week and a half later. I get a call at the television station. Rochester and the switchboard operators. Just going crazy. She goes. I don't know if this is true. But there's a man wants to talk to you and he says he's Verne Ganja and you know I took the call and realize it was vern and he said when are you going to be up in the city's next and I told him I was up all weekend. He said how about would. Would you like to have lunch on Saturday. which we did we spent some time and he said what would you think of coming to work for me? And that's how I ended ended up starting in the AWA I. How much of a wrestling fan were you at that point? What kind of experience you had with pro wrestling fan and in the level of interest that you convey I I mean I was a wrestling fan as I think you know you being from this area that that was the real heyday of the AWA? I mean in terms of the crusher and mad dog Rashawn blackjack Lanza Lanza Nick. Bach Winkle Bobby Heenan The the road warriors so I was a wrestling fan in that. When I was around on weekends I certainly would would watch all star wrestling on television and had gone to a few of the shows so I guess the easiest way to put it away? I was a fan I. I wasn't a fanatic. You know coming in you know I. I knew who the baby faces were. Who the heels were you know who are the big names? It's you know I. I certainly had name recognition and and facial recognition so. I wasn't coming into a ice cold but at the same time it was one hundred and eighty degrees from you know doing sports on the six ten o'clock news. Oh Oh Yeah I mean all that by road warrior. Hawk is quite different than sitting behind a desk or going to a local basketball game or or that kind of thing man. What commission exactly? Yes absolutely Oh I was just going to go to Scott passenger who Emailed and said he had a question but apparently I didn't get to in quite quick enough so i WanNa know our phone numbers. If you WANNA talk to. Ken resnick. The phone number is six four. Six seven two one nine eight two way that has six four four six seven two one nine eight two eight. I'm Ken when you when you signed with Awa Or started working for them you were. It was the midst midst of of a pretty big wrestling war. Gene Oakland in institution in the Awa especially in the Saint Paul Minneapolis area or aws based A Ah very popular figure and and and kind of the face of the company more than Joe Biden crusher. How did you were you aware of the pressure fresher face the day that you showed up in gene? Oakland wasn't there D Don't shoulders well to correct you. When I came same gene was still there and you know I was actually fulltime? I was working in the office as well so the plan was us for me to to. You know. Spend a couple of weeks which I did you know during the interviews just watching gene and then I started off doing the the smaller markets. Like if I remember the first interviews I did for were stationed in in Lacrosse Wisconsin. So Oh that was the plan that I was going to kind of be a backup and learn you know the I mean I knew television was fine in front of a camera. You know more than intimidated but to kind of learn that way so gene was still there for a few weeks and then all the sudden gene was just gone he left in. I was the guy so at that point. There was a lot of pressure and also so from the fact that the the wrestler's talent really didn't know me yet and there wasn't a trust built up And I was very lucky in that having worked in really work more closely with blackjack Lanza who also worked in the office. Jack Kid Kid be kind of told them. Hey this guy is okay you can trust him. Yeah he's not out to show you up he's out to put put you over so that part came came very quickly but I know in my mind I said to myself. I can't imagine what might have happened. Had I not been. They're not talking about myself but had gene just just up and left and someone have been throwing into that where you know just from the get go and I mean it was very difficult for me. Ah But I was lucky in that I was able to learn from the likes of Jack. Lanza Nick Back Winkle and Bobby Heenan and and I remember when it all happened sitting down with Jack and I never forgot the two best pieces of advice anyone ever gave me came from. I think it was Jack and Nick Bach Winkle together when we were talking Jack Acces. Let me give you tell you two things. You're following Gene Oakland. which is pretty big shoes to try and fill so be yourself be? Ken resnick. Dole's try and be gene Orland and the other a piece of advice which I never ever forgot he said to me you know what the best way to get yourself over in. This business is with with the boys and the fans and I said no tell me he said the best way to get yourself over is. Don't try and get yourself over uh-huh and those were the two things where wherever I went and even other shows that that I did you know years later I I never forgot. It always remembered those two things and when I was getting ready to tape whatever I was doing I always repeated those things in my mind right before we started searching for more great pro wrestling. Talk and join me. Jason Powell host him to flee weekly pro wrestling boone own podcast each week. He'll the latest news and analysis for me and my team at pro wrestling dot net along with other pro wrestling media members plus the pro wrestling boom podcast features long-form inform interviews with notable names in the pro wrestling industry subscribing team stitcher downcast and all your favorite secondary apps or visit us directly at POW boom dot dot com once again. That's W DOT com. What kind of reception did you get from The community when you became the face of the AWA and in and in the midst of all of this turmoil and it had I mean there had to be so much adrenaline win. Being part of the AWA at that point but also I sense maybe some sheltered a little shell shock at what the heck was going on in what used to be a rather protected territorial system. Yeah I I mean. I didn't have the shell shocked from that. Having just you know not been in the business certainly. I learned the history from spending time with with the guys but initially the the reaction was not overly negative but but not not overly positive. Because I think a lot of fans initially thought I was hired to replace Jean Gene that then I my hiring forced him out and I think the you know the wrestling. purists in those days as the weeks went on the the story got out the gene jumped and and you know when they saw him on WWF I think the fan reaction really went up because they realized you know I was not jeans replacement but thankfully I was there to pick it up when gene just laughed so I think as that became apparent you know I sense the real shift yes yes To give me a little bit of I did you by the way I should ask you. Have you read Larry. Nelson's book strangled you know I haven't In fact until he he passed and people on my facebook page. You know I've lost track of Larry and you know posted his passing and then one one of the questions. Someone asks me on my page was did I read. Larry Nelson's book until I didn't even know he wrote a book. Well you're in a lot got you know. I mean 'cause he was around you know he came in when you were when you were still there. So Larry had written about a lot of that era of the Awa and had fun anecdotes about about You know partying and Winnipeg. And he's got stories of of I wonder the anecdotes he had for. You is like knew what I think. If I remember right what steakhouses you were allowed to go to that. The company would pick up the TAB on and he talked about your kind of an expert on making sure you really good food on the On the road trips That ring a bell at all I it doesn't be On our trips wherever you wait you paid a I mean I. I think there may have been a little bit of embellishment there I remember you know telling Larry the good good places to go but the truth is it had nothing to do with reimbursement for food. Because there wasn't any so right right. Larry Larry He. I don't want to speak ill of those that are gone but I think there might have been a little embellishments humid on that one because to me the office did not reimbursed. Yes well that that was what I was. I was actually GONNA follow up with bad and talk about you. Know what what life was like on the road for you Because you know there's just there's not a lot of Documentation of that area was an era era. Where the business In this time period and the mid eighties was still very protected. And you didn't have a lot of people talking about how things operated behind the scenes and Larry Nelson Book Is. Is You know bobby. Heenan wrote a book and I mean there's been some insight into life on the road But Yeah Larry Nelson talked talked about you know his orientational ended Awa. And how you were there As somebody who was helping him and and at at criticizing Wade I knew. Oh Larry before he got into wrestling. Larry was a disc jockey here in town and we lived at the same apartment in complex. And so I I knew Larry a little bit before he started. So He's right in that in that we had because I mean we weren't close friends but you know we were friends. I would see him at the pool and you know we would talk so when he came in you know I kind of looked out for him and and and and gave him the land and I mean when we would go to Winnipeg the office arranged for hotel rooms and then you know other than you you know the arena was closed and you know there would be rides from fans and things like that but I would tell him. Here's a good place to go to eat And and you you were right in those days. It was so protected. You could go out as an announcer you know. I tried to always remain someone neutral. Obvious in the interviews. You know there. I better a poor light. The baby faces you know on during the interview I was more challenging to to the heels but yeah I mean you had to be careful with who you wrote with who you eight with. I mean I. It was very very different than than it is just today. Yeah back I remember thinking I I I. I saw the incident on the Internet. A A couple of weeks back in one of the raw tapings Triple H and Steph. Were doing their thing and around the ring and whatever triple h did really upset upset. A little boy started crying and and triple h went over and and I had him for that. You Know Kinda talk to the boy in a basically said Hey. We're just doing our thing here you know don't worry And I and I think that was great but I remember thinking to myself if he he would have done that back in the K.. FEHB era I am in. I can't imagine the amount of heat he would have gotten from the office in in probably the the other boys as well so it it. It's a one hundred eighty degrees from what it was back down because we you know very much protected it yeah. It seems like the obvious thing to do now for newer fans if you have been following wrestling long enough a child crying at the tactics tactics of A. He'll was considered a successful night for most pro history and oil have. It'd be seen as absurd that you would console the kid the heels should try to get him to cry more and if he hasn't beat his pants yet then keep trying. Yeah you're you're exactly right I give you a little inside. You'll get a kick out of this when I first started as bazaars it sounds. I'm working in the office I'm around. I'm seeing everything but on the interview day Verne. Try to K- FEHB me. Even though I was doing the interview would be like you know we do on. He didn't like it. A you know. Stop and the you know. We have the the setback then was just kind of a threefold wall and Verne who go around the wall you know with the baby face. Call the he'll around the wall from the other side. You could hear him talking and I literally used to sit there and go does. Does he think I'm that dumb. But I mean that's how you know and gradually stopped was. I've been smart enough but ah I mean that's how the business was protected in those days that even though you were working there it was your in. You were a part of a I television until you proved yourself and paid your dues. You weren't GonNa be really smartened up. Oh absolutely it's very different today. Yup Well I'll I'll pull. I pulled up the antidote hilarious book. I have no I 'cause Larry Nelson then Who who died? I think just last year if I if I have the date right What was quite the character and very heavy? Rain can way. That's absolutely true. And they had nothing to do with his involvement in wrestling. He was just close to character. Yes and I and I said at the time of his death. It was one of my big regrets that I did not seek him out sooner to do an interview on this show. I think he would have been a spectacular guest Such a personality and and it was a fun part of that. The era of Awa. This is the expert of his book. Larry was a heavy drinker and admitted that speaking ill we ought to date or yeah I mean Larry is very very forthcoming in this autobiography about. It's called stranglehold. I don't think it's still in print But it's my Larry Nelson and James R Jones owns and people can try to find it on Ebay or somewhere if it's not available in pre but here's this anecdote just to clarify what I was referring to earlier. Thirty six he said The the The Way Ken described actue. Wait that's not okay. His cans number two concern was food. Meal served at the hotel. Restaurant were paid for by the Awa and he intended entity nothing but elaborate steak dinners and I had done. Some research and found Winnipeg had a number of highly regarded restaurants. I mentioned this to Ken. Who's is grew wide as a puzzled expression spread across his face? I thought I'd lost my mind ten cents. If we were to go to another restaurant the check would be ours. Then we would have to pay at that boy so I I and I love words hard hitting topics. I what what I'm saying is that is completely fabricated fabricated because where we stayed in Winnipeg. It was called the Polo Park in. I don't even know if it exists anymore. And it it it was con- you know. They had a little coffee shop and it was connected to a huge bowling alley and you know they had what you would expect back from Bowling Alley Food and there were other places but I can tell you for a fact at the end of the state when guys check doubt if you put anything on your room other than you know the room and tax. Who's taking care of? You had to settle up your bill when I was wondering. 'cause he earned Ni- don't be a guy who who gave everybody a generous expense account. I know the way. It's it's absolutely absolutely false. I mean I remember telling and there were a couple. There was a great great. I can't remember the name a great Chinese place that was close to the hotel And I remember going there. One time for time I went was Larry Hannie Larry the asked and there was another. There was a couple of good steakhouse but that That he must have written that you know when he was in the midst of of having a thin cocktails because we were never reimbursed. I for food. Just didn't happen. He yes well. Larry's book is entertaining. But I would say that there were times. I was thinking that that one one was embellished And I certainly was a heavy set or anything where you know. Food food was was not a real high priority. In fact almost the opposite. Is I think most if you go out and have a a big meal in your system you tend to get a little tired or or complacent or or lazy. And when I was if I was doing the play by play or we had you know a lot of interviews to do I would purposely eat light because I and didn't want to you know feel tired or you know you have a great. You know huge meal. It's like you get on the board but I like math So that yeah that they're I don't know where we're where that came from but I I remember telling him good places to eat. There was a few places around the Polo Park to stay away from but trust me. There was no meal reimbursement involved in wall very good. Well let's go to our first phone. Call Ken Resnick is my guest on. Today's POW torchlight task former AWA announcer in the mid eighties and then eventually went to the WWF. been around some characters and I wanted to talk a little bit about Larry Nelson. We'll talk me included. He has yes. Well I if one third of what Larry said about his book is true. You're you're killing me that I'm I'm pretty. I'm pretty pretty boring now. Okay So we're going to have a wally Carbo. Bobby Heenan the road warriors. We're talking about McMahon. Lots of good stuff. I do want to get people on. Hold the chance wants to Ask questions to and Scott did callback. VIP member Scott a hold on. Let me Get the right switchboard. Here okay go ahead Scott. Thanks thanks caller back. What have you got for today? Hey wait hey can you guys tonight. Good Scott how are you. Where are you calling from? I'm calling from New Jersey. I mean well. Yeah T- member the Jersey Wade. You continue to put out such great information. Thank you for everything you do three. VIP members and for everyone wants everyone. I I just I. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of you on the wwe network with more AWAC for my question. Just how what was it like when you went wrong working the AWA WWF. What was the biggest thing that came out you like what was it like? Was it different worlds was I. I've read in the past that you've said the later wwf marketed some more details about the CIA switch over to when you went through WWF. And I'll just be listening the free response to guys. I appreciate everything I love the old days of. Ua about today. Well thank you got the difference were was day night In fact it may have been with you. Wade someone I I did. An interview A month or two after Sir and they kind of asked the same question Scott did to give them an an analogy and I said it was like if you woke up up one morning and you were. You know the starting right fielder for the Kenosha twins in Class A baseball and the next day you walk up and you were the starting center fielder for the New York Yankees The the the difference in in terms of formal production meetings and knowing exactly what we were going to do The the the marketing I mean in and WWF It's like everything we did was designed and had a purpose whether it was promoting promoting the next show trying to sell tickets or promoting merchandise or promoting an upcoming pay per view. I mean it it. The the organization and depth and preparedness was just amazing. I I learned so much about television and when I was doing you know the news I I did my own editing and everything but it was so exact a prime example when we did the Awa interviews you know somebody. It'd be a kind of a camera guy that would give you a wind up sign and you know it. It wasn't a hard and fast time but in those days in WWF WWF. They shot the matches. You know three weeks at a time in Poughkeepsie. New York or in Branford Ontario. And then and we would do the interviews. The week of the show the matches may have been shot. Television matches a couple of weeks before so there was an exact act hole in the show for the interview and we had It was great for me right under the camera was a huge countdown down clock where the interviews in generally we did three a show the first two were a minute and fifty one seconds. Because that's what the whole ones and if you went a minute fifty three or four minutes forty nine you had to Redo it. was that exact. And the second the third and final interview which was usually a two parter was two minutes and fifty four seconds but I mean everything was that exact and and in those days everything we did. It wasn't scripted. It was spontaneous was extemporaneous but whoever they you know interview was going to be with the talent you know we would talk for a minute and the one thing I would always ask is now. Do you have anything specific. You want to go over but I always said okay when we get down to it. Do you want to pay it off or do you want me to some of the guys like hulk always liked to take it out himself others. There's wanted me to so when we were standing there I would be cognizant of the Stop countdown clock and what I would do if I was going to pay it off or even and the other guy if I had the feeling they weren't you know they were really into it worked. I would just step on their foot lightly to remind them they would stop and let me pay it off so you know with will be back and right at one fifty four. That was just you know one of the the differences is but I mean Everything we did there was always a a an agent there to let you know. Here's what we're trying to focus on. It was just the the organization and you know I mean a lot of the criticism he gets but I don't think Vince gets the credit due. Do for just really the the taking the business into the next generation where I mean it was I was just the everything was so well thought out the the difference. It was just night and day. Need an extra dose of positivity in your wrestling. PODCASTS will come join me out for L.. Over in the progress Paradise Appeal Torch. VIP AS WE BOSC on the bright side of wrestling and focus on some the great matches and chose from around the world be it the US. Japan Europe or Mexico. There's always a place of restaurants passed in the Paradise to and we've done fun. Historical shows such as the we love ligers series celebrating glorious career of Thunder like I was there when shows where guests will join me me talk about a classic boat that they were in attendance for we love variety and you can expect lots of it at the press paradise detailed. PW TORCH VIP subscription information on a list of all VIP benefits is available at Peterborough torch. VIP Info Dot Com and yes all IP Alcazar compatible all with popular PODCAST APP on Iphone android devices or you can stream indirectly from our ad free. VIP Mobile Site C in the paradise. What were the circumstances of your jump from Awa to the WWF? How did how did that come about well you know? There's been a lot of rumors and what really happened. Don't want to get into the the the personal stuff but after the wrestle rock rumble the big show at the Metrodome. I I was done that that was it for me. And I told Mike Shields who worked in the office. It was kind of the producer that that was it. I was just just done And a day or two later Blackjack Lanza who is now then an agent for WWF. And Jack and I stayed very close in fact we just had breakfast a few months ago. He called to say you know not revealing any secrets. But how did this show what were some of the finishes. Yeah just want to hear about it because he was out of town so I told him we talked about. You know what went on and what the crowd was like and you know what it was like. It's a dome and you know. Just the the atmosphere and then he said you know anything else happened. I said no no not really I said well I quit but you know other than that. Nothing and he started laughing. You didn't believe me Jack. I'm I'm up. I am totally holy done. And he said what are you gonNA do. And before I got into television I was actually a district sales manager for Chrysler Corporation not a dealership but at the corporate level. And I already called the guys from Chrysler and we're GONNA meet Either the end of this week or next week. And hopefully we're going to go back to to price in the corporate world. But I'm just done and he said Hey. Look I'm going to be home day after tomorrow. I'll play when when I get home. You know don't do anything until that. No I'm not even seeing you know. Probably the first of the week so he called me when he got home. It was like you know a day or two later and and we talked and he said what. Are you doing for breakfast tomorrow and I said nothing. What's you know it'd be great to see a and you said great I'll pick up and I said you know what time and he goes six? Am and were coat and tie. And I'm like what are you out of your mind six. Am I said. Dad I love you but you know I'm not getting up for breakfast at six. AM he said. He said I'll pick you up. He said I gotTa pick you up at six. Because we're on the seven twenty to laguardia and I said you are so full all of it. He said Vince wants to see you. Jack do you really think I'm GonNa buy this rib. He said favorite hang up call. Northwest Airlines Airlines. Ask them if there's not a prepaid tickets for you and me. I'm at flight and there was and that's what Jack Pick me. Yep I flew out to New York the LIMO picked us both of us jackets and things he was doing in the office and I kind of went through A A- An interview process. I think I spent a little time with George Scott. who was the booker? I spent a little time with Pat. Patterson I think I spend a little time with Freddie blassie and I think everyone kind of blessed me up and then I finally went in and met with Vince but a lot of people thought and you know took I. I'm a were angry that I was another Guy Guy. That Vince hired away trying to destroy the Awa and that is absolutely not true. I had never had any contact with him. Talk Talk to him at all until I had left in very rapid within a couple of days but you know people have said. He hired Oakland Oakland away which he did but have said that he hired me away as well. And that's not true. When you met with Vincent Man Hey I assume you would never been around him before what ever you know? What kind of presence did he have? Compared to earn Ganja Verne was older burn was Of A previous generation of promoters but burn was there used to being one of the very very top power figures in the entire industry been sick man obviously very much by the time you worked for him. uh-huh compare the personalities and how they dealt with you on a personal level The the interview went about an hour and a half. Yeah I I spent with with Vince. he was very professional very straightforward Yeah having interviewed over the years and spent time in the corporate world It was obviously a two faceted interview in that he he wanted to know my knowledge of the business in the how I went about doing things and he also wanted to get to. Yeah no me personally before. He made a decision as to whether he wanted to to hire me. It was a very very I. It was a kind of interview you would expect For the most part for a corporate type interview I mean. Vince is a a very very Intelligence Guy And it was a very corporate for type interview it extensive Thorough on his part. You Know Vincent obviously watched tapes of me and and asked probative but not intrusive questions about me in and the business and then about me personally Salihi. You know my home life You know there was You know asked about You know what I'd do in my spare time what my hobbies are And memory serves you know. Ask questions about you know alcohol all By felt I had a problem with drugs or anything that I mean it. was you know a nose now. You can't get away with that but it was a very very professional probitive interview but My memory of it. There was never any question he asked that I felt it always out of bounds or made me uncomfortable now a pad from Atlanta. VIP member says. Hello Waiting Ken. I can't listen to the show live. Excuse me at this has been talked about. But did Vince McMahon and what can shave his moustache if so this seems odd considering. WWe Broadcasters Juno. Clint Howard Finkel. And Jesse Ventura all had mustaches. I think there's a story there can It was within the first five minutes of the interview. Vince said. Tell me about your moustache And I I was like I didn't really know what he was asking. I remember seeing any kind of laugh at it. Well it's it's Above above my lip below my nose kind of set it on my face. I didn't know and he wanted to know you know what made me decide to to grow it. How Long I've had it? You know whether I was passionate about it really liked it. I answered him and he said So. You know I I have to tell you he said from my standpoint I know we have people with them but he said I I hate facial hair and then he just Kinda stop and I said well if you're asking and if I would be willing to shave it which I think you are. If everything else was fine it would not be an obstacle and AH that was it never said a word and then you know. We talked for about another hour plus And then finally he just stop APP. Didn't see anything looked at me for thirty to forty five seconds opened a desk drawer. pull out a razor a can of shaving cream and says bathroom right through that door and I went in and shaved it and when I came back out and he goes. You just showed me something that when you say something you back it up and at that point you start we already talked you know money and that point he said you start Saturday in Detroit and now that's so bad shape and the and the interesting thing was you you citizens secretaries face when I walked out without her and the the interesting things When I called back back here when I was at the airport waiting to come home and my mother was absolutely thrilled? She never met Vince but she loved him because he hated my mustache And I had had it since my freshman year in college so she was just you know over the mood and that I had saved it but I saved it right INVINCI- office that's that's just great. I remember you telling me that story when I interviewed you. You know twenty years ago or one of my torture books and I remembered it and it's just it's one of those classic man stories you know. He's he's a quirky eccentric individual and he's used to getting his way and he has a different way of testing people and it was a test for you and then he wants you know and it's a big decision to hire somebody. Put Him on the Earth and the your appearance is part of it and if he if you want ponytail you might have asked you to cut the ponytail. Well and I think you're right and by the way just to let you know I remember that yearbook. It had a red cover. Ever with the Black loose-leaf yes you're right. I I think it was. Also you know I've refracted back on it a lot. I think it was also a way of finding out if I was really committed to wanting to be there. Yeah because they had recruited you and or in that position. You know it wasn't like you. You wrote to them to do whatever it takes to have a job. I mean there's people who have applied in that way invincible. Like all right. We recruited him. Let's make sure that he does want this. This is a this is a test and he probably wanted to make sure. You didn't have a weird birthmark there or something But how'd you look in other words Well I'd have been really hot if he had me you saving that. Sorry it's not GonNa work out. I I also know that you know obviously Jack Jack Lanza calls in till to let him know whether internally they had ever had any discussion about me I have no way of knowing but I'm sure he talked to to haul. Oh can you talk to Bobby Heenan as well. But that's not that's Whoever email I forget his name he was right? Shave it right right you know. He had a private bathroom all. Ah pull it out razors. Shaving cream bathrooms right through that door. Funny all right. Let's go to the phone call here by the way our guest today on the torch live test is Ken resnick former Awa and WWF announcer as noted at the top of the show the POW torch live test is brought to you daily by audible a leading provider of spoken audio information and entertainment. It is an Amazon company. And you can log in with your Amazon Password. You can listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book. When when you sign up for a free trial at audible trial dot com slash pro wrestling torch that is audible trial dot com slash pro wrestling torch all one word over one hundred fifty thousand titles to choose from including wrestling books? By Steve Austin lex Luger Dusty Rhodes Hogan Mick Foley and more or non wrestling topics famous authors. John Grisham Stephen King. Tom Clancy Dean Koontz. George Carlin Tina fey comedian. Mystery Writers science fiction writers nonfiction. Asian writers like Malcolm Clad. Well you WANNA quit smoking. The easy way to quit smoking by Alan Carr comes with my highest recommendation. I know so many people who have used his methods to quit smoking looking no tricks. Read the book you're done smoking. It's weird but it's cool. I'm learning foreign language also or download a book about the NFL NHL more go to audible trial dot dot com slash pro wrestling torch to claim your free audiobook. It is waiting for you right now. How did you? Ken Is that right. Oh just the master. But everyone's known that although it was and it was very informative when you first started you you I mentioned before he came on you know audible dot com. I thought it was something to do with peyton manning a very funny If you WANNA talk to Ken Ken resnick from. AWS that would be. The number is six four six seven two one nine eight two eight last last Friday. I had John Piermarini on the program. He was an ex. WWe creative team ever in two thousand nine two thousand ten. He was on the show for about ninety minutes or so talking. Actually for two full hours now that I think about it talking about a very big week and wwe with the royal rumble out. All the controversy with Roman reigns and the crowd reaction. The raw getting eating snow without having to do a studio show really informative a lot of behind the scenes notes from John. About helping took man operates. The dynamic triple agent Vince definitely worth checking that out. Go back a few weeks you'll get a Steve Austin Interview And and around that time also. Ta President Dixie Carter and one of the most heralded energy. We've done one of the best reaction I've gotten to interview in a very long time was with Macho man. Randy savage younger brother Lanny He was on the show. The week that Randy was announced is going in the hall of Fame Lanny Powerful introduced a lot of new information about how that came about what the timeline was why he softened his stance that he said Randy had which is randy didn't want it in the hall of fame unless Lanny and their father Angelo Powell also got admitted to the fame lanny talked about and I think pretty emotional. Wait why he made the decision that he did land very interesting and fun guest and I just are my twitter. Feed blew up with people saying the interview move them and it will I P again. That's PW torch dot com slash KGO VIP and you can have this show that you're listening to ABC free with the VIP exclusive after show added on as one of the perks rates. Start start at ten dollars a month or you can dive in for a year for ninety nine dollars back to the phones we go. Let's jump to the caller next caller with a question for Wade Keller or is. Ken resnick with my question as a fan. Now just real quick because I worked with with both lanny and and Randy and love La Granny Lanny when he did. His genius is Lannie on board with this hall of fame induction. Okay because okay. That's great right. You know he he was. He was torn. He had been on this show before and said emphatically that Randy had said to his father and him. He didn't WanNa go in unless his whole family went Konare fat. I knew so I I was ladies Oakland sarcastic. Yeah no I I mean I. I was wondering saying if this was done. In spite of those wishes. Orlandini was on board which I'm glad to hear he was and it was a tough decision. He he he went into more detail than I would be able to give justice to hear. Oh Iraq but but yeah he. He said that he That he in fact he gave his rationale for doing going going against Randy's wishes and then asked me way. Did I make the right decision. I mean He. He's still not you know I think he's comfortable with it but I obviously he has some feelings because he had held strong for a while so it is a fascinating interview and Lanny Really really opened up. I think more than he had before. Because you know it's a weight off his shoulders you know. There was a lot the pressure from fans who had perceived him as stopping something from happening that they wanted to happen. And you know he felt torn between Randy savage fans and what his brother had wished for and his rationale national. It's interesting for for making that change or that. That's good to know I like it. It it was a little testament to the business having been in I was still a fan. And Hey you can find out. So I'm I'm very glad that Randy was on board with it that at least the the wwe reached out to him before doing it. That's great absolutely. We're about to go to another commercial break. Why are you listening listening to commercial breaks? 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Seven hundred seventy three. Please state your name and in the theater call from this border from Chicago. Boy thanks for calling. What have you got for today Well I'm I'm just I really gotta think way way quick. I'm sorry these interviews in all this new this stuff that we're getting you know the the different podcast in a way bringing interviews and the different stars get talked to so then I got to. I got to talk to animal yesterday. And it says awesome and my first question to Ken is Dame brand push what he thinks about that if he's a Li you was going on with Bryant and What what did you think about the the wrestler's there's new and old doing podcasts? You know and doing podcasts. Show in have you ever thought about doing one yourself. How much do you keep up on? Things today can You know I try and watch it WH- whenever I can I'm watching you know raw a little bit more now. Truth be told I on Monday nights during the fall. I'm a big. NFL Fan so a lot of people watching Monday night. Football and I didn't I didn't catch the the the first part of Boris's question so if you can give that to me but the the second part I mean I I think the podcast are great because it it gives people like myself but you know more important other wrestlers and talent a chance not only to to interact with the fans but more more importantly it gives the fans a little insight to what they're really like because for the most part they only get to see their characters on TV. And that's how they're perceived. So I mean I think they're great very good he he wanted. Have you followed the Daniel Bryan Saga the last couple of years at all. Oh Yeah I mean certainly you know that injury was very tough and I'm glad he was able all to come back I. I'm guessing what he was problem. What boroughs who was referring to is what's going on currently and even though I I didn't see the rumble itself you know? I saw the results and I. I guess I was a little surprised that he would that Daniel. I annual was in there for that short of time that evidently he was. But you know one thing that I'm guessing Wade you certainly understand and I certainly understand that from. WWE's standpoint as long as fans are really upset about something that means they care about it because in this this business if either they need to love something to death or hate something to death if you do something or your arrest or that they they really don't care you're done so from wwe standpoint. I'm sure at some point you know everyone was so upset about Roman reigns aides in continued to talk and watch and be outraged. It's they still care about the product. Yeah no it is. It's offense you don't hear from who just stopped watching watching. I think you have to be our alarmed by that. Said you know you want your fans to seem in step with your decisions more often than not or you have to be sure you know better and it's been an interesting couple of weeks here since the rumble and all the triple h was on Interviewed by Steve Austin on. WWE Network last Monday. And it just dropped on On Steve Austin Steve Austin Show unleashed on itunes. I think yesterday The dynamic of responding to the fans the way that wwe has is interesting using you know. Ken Said Hey Ken. You're triple H said to Steve Back in the day Steve if we were doing something when we were wrestling one city and it didn't work we changed the next night and try to make all working. That was happening now so it's a to go live. Yup what what has surprised me in. Eh Removing all the the the story line but what surprised me the most and I talked about it as I told you I had lunch yesterday with Nick. Nick Carson and George Shire who certainly great yeah But the biggest thing to me is if you think about and it it may change. But they were going to go with a main event for Wrestlemainia with two guys. That don't talk very well. I mean obviously they have Paul Heyman. Who Does the you know the majority of talking for Brock? But but Roman reigns is certainly not a great talker by any stretch and you know when fans around the the fans you know. Obviously if they have the wwe network which is available for. Oh no I'm sorry If they have that. But if you're talking about someone that's just thinking thinking about buying the pay per view you need the passion from those guys to convince people to buy the pay per view and that's that's the one thing that that surprised me going in that they had two guys. That are not great talkers. Oh I agree. And Roman reigns as lead baby face who has not formed that bond with the fans yet at a level level bat. You know Cogan did it in his time. And Steve Austin and Johnson and their own ways did also it's challenging to sell a main event with a baby face. That part of the fan base really likes. I mean Roman gets cheered when he's on the road heels but up against Brock Listener who fans respect the hell out of off In a big setting like Wrestlemainia if the feeling is we like Roman reigns headlining a house show against big show or we like Roman reigns in second or third from the top match but headlining headlining Wrestlemainia. And we're supposed to buy that. He can be brock the fans the way that they follow wrestling now. I mean they kind of I was on the BBC of all places on Sunday on a countdown show. They did about the top stories trending on the Internet the previous week and it's not a wrestling centric show and and the host of the show was was very curious about the The popularity of Roman reigns and the reaction. It really has The story taken on a life of its own and the hosted ask you know. W W trolling are they looking to get this reaction and and I definitely not I mean. WWe wanted Roman reigns to be popular to be over with or and and they have some work to do in order to get there You know that that's one one of the things that I said back in in how the business has changed that you know when Gene Oakland or or myself did the interviews. If you were working with a either a baby face or heel that was getting a push but wasn't a great talker. It was our responsibility to help them with the interviews. Isn't there was little things you could do with some of the that. That wasn't a good talker. You know but the the myself or gene or anyone else you know back back in the day when when you know the interviews other than as opposed to what kind of a talking head. It's just the talent themselves there were or a lot of things you could do to help those guys you know. Get over and and connect with the fans and I think that's one thing and that's kind of got lost that you know I. It's an art that that isn't there. You know for example if you who knows an interviewer if I was working with a baby face it was getting a push and wasn't a great talker. And you know you could see them kind of foaming coming around. You could interrupt and go you know. I know you know whoever you know. They're going to be facing the match. You're talking about some of the things he's done. I can see how upset you are in certain. Every fan can understand why it's so hard to talk about because it's so emotion. I mean you could do those things things to to to give the guy a chance and then ask him another question about it that he could focus on and the same time for example. If you were working with a he'll hill who wasn't a great talker. You know you could let them donated his home and you know I didn't rooms you know you say you know. Tell me how great. You're not worried about this. But you seem to be very fostered third when you think about your opponent those things that you could do to to Kinda save but put the number in connect with them with the fans and that doesn't happen it anymore. They they're kind of working without a net well and I would think to what you just described. I is is why hi there were. People standing there holding microphones. I think renee young is very good at what she does. She's in a different environment now. Where there's so much scripting promos and you know not just north? I know you can really tell. And in that conversation that you just described instigating with talent had to take them off offense a little bit and that's part of the problem Roman reigns he's been so scripted. There's not that conversational aspects that fans bond with and for you as an interviewer. It is a skillset for when someone's struggling for what to say to make them comfortable to know what they probably should be saying but aren't and then to draw out of them. I liked that better than having a guy in the back memorizing lines and somebody else wrote for him. I think having you pull it out of him as an the interviewer makes for a more immersive organic realistic connection with the viewer than somebody just reciting memorize lines. That really. Aren't there words. I I think you're exactly right and one other aspect I mean these guys are not professionally trained actors and I think a wad of the emotion and passion from them is taken out because they're out there trying so so hundred to remember what they're supposed to say that they don't have the excitement in it because they're thinking about what not how they're supposed to say hey it that's right and yeah I mean just you learned in junior high school and speeches bullet points on notecards. Don't just read word for word. People don't connect there's something something about human nature that can tell when someone's saying words they memorize versus saying them as they think and and I it's one of the key I mean growing up in Awa it was an interview territory. You know the TV show was based around getting personalities. Over on that. Do you have any particular Group wrestlers who you feel who take pride in because you feel that you brought them to a higher level because they might have struggled otherwise without you doing exactly what you described you have some specific. Instances are arrested that come to mind You know not not really and the only reason I say that is I never really thought about it in those terms. Yeah so you know nobody specifically comes to to mine nine because I always viewed my job you know even if it was hulk Hogan one of the greatest talkers ever that that it was always my job to make whatever they did to try and get a little better and certainly when when hulk or anyone else that was great the Macho Man Elizabeth. Because we've been talking about them. I always knew. And they were on a roll and great. It was my job to hold the MIC and and get out of the way and conversely you know but there's no one that that I take back and say you know. I made them better than they were. Because I I I never thought about it or look at it. You know in those terms but yeah there were like in in the the the Awa I knew if I was going to do an interview with crusher or mad dog that I I didn't have to worry they were so great depending upon how it went either I would play off them or they would play off me that but I never over the you know I i. I'm sure there were there were instances but I just never thought about it that way so I can't mess one question. I can't we'll give you an answer to because I never really thought about it I know from years of watching Karsh on Saturday night at ringside which was a back in the late eighties early nineties. He's there were wrestling show's in syndication that that stations would get that were not affiliated with say NBC ABC and those types and they would put these large wrestling blocks up of In there weren't a lot of them there were some of them and make harsh hosted one in Minnesota Minneapolis Saint Paul area and he would do segments in between the wrestling shows where there would normally commercials with local talent. You interviewed me on there when I was in the early stages of doing the pros and torch newsletter Any would interview local wrestlers. Who did not have the type type of experience that you were used to encountering when you interview people from the Awa or WWF? who had to have a certain level of skill and experience to get to that stage and MIC? Was this great at that. You know I mean there's so many instances where he'd be interviewing somebody and they give a short answer and and make would respond and go well. I think what you're saying is this. Can you tell me a little a bit more about that. And and the dynamic and you could see this guy who wasn't comfortable talking on camera feeding off of that energy that in that comfort level that make provided fight it and I think people take that for granted there have been some bad interviewers in the wwe over in recent years and Rene Young stands out because of how good she is at her job today and I call her out a lot in a good way for being somebody who would have fit in your era Ken for standing there and really enhancing enhancing the wrestlers The way that the good interviewers who were on the national stage like you were did back in those days I think so and you know I mean there are some you know announcers I see on on some of the different shows today and I don't. I'm not going to get specific in in criticized besides but I'm sure you know who I mean. There are some that even as announcers they just don't seem to have the passion For what they're doing. I know wh when I did it before I would start a a day of interviews or was going to be calling matches. Whatever I I would have to You know almost like an actor and not that I'm saying I was an actor but to get the mindset. Yeah this is absolutely the most important thing that's going to happen in the world. These guys are going to try Brian K and you would put that over and you have to go there and I mean I remember you know so many times. I think it was one of my catch phrases about talking about a huge math. Ah whatever you do. Don't you dare miss it. You'll be you know and I don't see that from from some people today and maybe it's A result of the fact that you know it's no longer a business but a lot of times I I just don't see the passion from you know some people and it's like you know everything is and I'm one sometimes. You know I'll sit back now and I'll say to myself you know what on my best day in his worst day I wasn't that good but at the same time there are some I say to myself on my worst day in his best day I was better than that. Yup Yup. I know some of you are new to the show. Because of the Jon Moxley interview going viral so welcome. Thanks for checking US out beyond the two part Jon Moxley Oxley interview here on the weight. Keller pro wrestling podcast. I do want to note that you're missing out on half of our free shows that I host during the week if you don't subscribe to the Wade. Keller pro wrestling poll. Oh shows that's a separate feed this. Show the PODCASTS are a blue feed consists of flake ship our interview shows in our mailbag shows interview classics. The way pursing grossing post shows have a red logo otherwise that looks just the same face. Keller on big font subscribe to that also and you can get the post ratio and the Post smackdown show this fall the post host. Aws Show and then also every weekend are five years. Ago Flashback to the rapport show hosted with Jason Powell on Tuesday afternoons reviewing raw and talking about out of their current events and wrestling with life. Callers correspondence and answering e mail questions so just search Wade Keller in your podcast APP. You'll see both the blue logo in the red logo pop up if you haven't yet subscribed to this one The Blue Logo show but also subscribe to the Red Logo. Show the weed killer pro wrestling Po. Show thanks a lot all right. Let's style of another caller here on the live portion of the program. We'll go to Eric. Owed eight one three eight one three. Please state your name and where you're calling from. Go ahead eight one three. You are on live with. Ken resnick just in case is delay giving them the chance to Dancer okay It went through droplets. Go to eight six two eight six to please. State your name and where you're calling from. Hi Lou from North New Jersey. Hey Katelyn good here for you again. What do you got for resnick today? Okay my my first question for can is what did deficiencies do you see in current. WWE Announcers how would you improve them. If you were say producing announcers. There's today well I. I'm not going to get specific in criticized any particular an announcer. But one thing I have a whether you like his style don't like his style. I have a huge amount of of sympathy for Michael Cole. Because not only does he have to call the matches. I mean there are so many plugs and promos that he has to make sure he works in to his commentary. And I'm sure that's all laid out. She see you have to get this and you have to get this and you have to get this in you know back in the day when we did interviews or when I did play by play or color when we were calling a match all we had to worry about was the match and I mean they have so many different things that they have to to hit and I certainly understand from a production standpoint but one of the things is I wish they could reduce that a little bit because I think it would allow every announcer to concentrate more on the moment as opposed to what they're supposed to be saying it'd be immersed in the product and have that sense of you talked about right before Colin came about selling people on the idea that giving them a story story to believe in. which is? I believe this is important. You need to be there. I think you're I think you're afraid that you're known for Kenneth. Believe you me believe you meet. This is the place you need to be something along those lines you would. You would endorse things and vouch for them. And you had that connection with viewers that would say this is important. You need to go see this event and and sometimes you juice get the get the sense candy and ulcers would be embarrassed to actually hard sell the product because people might think they think it's real not understanding that's their job and everybody the kind of understands it I remember and you'll get a This is in column if he's still on the line one of my other tag phrases you know when when I would talk about the main event and whatever city was you know I I'm telling you fan run. Don't Walk to the box office was there you can still get at. Ah You know so many interviews you get united and pass it and I'm trying to think of the talent was and I mean they were not really mad but just you know pissing pissed me. It was a great interview and at the end. I said walk. Don't run the we had to Redo it and you know I'm just thinking you know who is one of the agents but thankfully somebody got it because then taking would not have been happy very funny I hi college you have another topic for Kennedy. Sure my second topic for kings. Can you please tell me you about experience working for Paul out. I mean forgotten American risks. Believe Leave Federation from most in I I really enjoyed it all and I stayed friends Aw after and and we're in touch in fact you know Paul just passed a few months ago and and I had actually called him and talk out to him on his birthday and he passed a about a week later of found out after the fact that just had a he had had some some health issues issues and some strokes but just had a heart attack and and was gone so didn't suffer but Paul was a huge huge wrestling fan. That when a company he worked for soul came in to a lot of money It was great and the best this part for me Colin living in Minnesota. We did all the taping down in Tampa so you can only imagine how thrilled I was. Every month to be heading to Tampa. It was awesome. Awesome but Paul was a great guy It was wonderful getting a chance to Work with Sargent Slaughter and Tito who I knew and we're all friends or Kinda. The bookers The road warriors were there for a while it was a great product And I think you know in those days in Omaha sleep you know I. It was so costly to the syndicate from. I think that's why it it didn't last. They ran out of money before it became profitable but I will also say say to my dying day. I will never understand the thought process behind the round system. I never got yes yes. He's trying to differentiate. I did a lengthy torch. Talk with him Around the time. He launched the company people. If they're interested in you know different start-up companies Pro Wrestling Torch last twenty seven years. Here's is covered a lot of them all of them. That had the ambitions that Paul did With the American Wrestling Federation so people can track down our torch. Talk with Paul during the what. Yeah that can that that. Aws has business In the mid nineties ninety four would have been my guests. But yeah and I mean you know as you know weighed hidden in calling obviously having watched it I mean for a start up. They had some pretty great talent. Absolutely it was. It wasn't a transition in the business before the Monday night war and and you know you know the national cable expansion but a consolidation of the territories and anybody with money You Know Joe. Paterno tried it with the Global Wrestling Federation and tried to make a go of it with. Espn Clarence is there was a lot of reshuffling of no names WHO wanted to be part of you know national companies and Paul gave it a shot? He swung at it and and I think that was you probably hit a the the what was the death knell for the AWF. They never could get that national cable bill. In those days you know Y Y with without it it was just so costly to produce shows and to buy time for individual markets in the reality. was you needed to be on TV for at least a couple of months to drive Dr Storylines before you can think about having a house show in the market. Oh absolutely Colin usually has three topics. So let's see if Thailand has the third one for you you can mine. No question can do you ever see yourself being inducted into and the Wwe Hall of rain when Moore Awa names. Go in Thank you for calling. I appreciate it in fact someone on on facebook. The other day published a list of people they thought should you should go into the WWF wwe hall of fame. And and I was very humbled at this individual and included my name but to answer your question I you know because I I was only there a couple years You know I like to think I had a an impact and did a pretty good job and was good at what I did but I. I don't ever foresee that happening. You know they're kind and You know they're they're reaching back a little bit in in into those days but I would be too beyond shocked diff- when they're sitting around trying to come up with names of my name Even came up although somebody alerted me Evidently they they redid. Did you know back. I guess on the. WWe Dot Com on the announcers. I guess there's a bunch of Pictures of me but I I don't Let's put it this way. I'll probably go in right after Wade. Does that'll be the day that'll be Well have fun can cause I think nobody in power today would be in power then if that happens but that'll be fun party. Well I know we're GONNA if you're still listening. I I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about my induction feet under Well you know. Let's let's wrap up the live. Cast I WanNa talk about you departure from wwe w. e. from the WWF. I also want some some Hogan Road Warrior. 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And we think all our new listeners for joining us and spreading the word of course are longtime listeners for being with us from the beginning and Thailand and Boris. Two of our callers are among those who have been with us Near Day One when we started this show Just over five years ago I guess here on the people towards live cast has been. Ken Resnick And Monday Bruce Mitchell by Travis Brian to wrap up a weekend of wrestling news and preview that week of raw until time. Keller behalf of my guest. Ken resnick thank you for joining me and signing off for today All right we are now in the V I P after show portion of the program with former AWA and WWF and L. Sir. Ken resnick a Ken. I think when you were talking about on the live cats the difference between the AWA and the WWF The A lot bigger at that point then the Awa was lots even though you know the most of their history they awa was among the largest you know two three territories and at times bigger than the WWF natural expansion of change that and the number of markets that they were running how shows in was huge but they had not changed the old territorial system where you would do specific specific interviews for every single market for their monthly or every other month shows I talk about the production schedule and what it was like literally doing an interview you with every main event wrestler for every individual. How Show I? I mean every market the show aired on we did market specific interviews. And you're right in a lot of people don't know in those days. It was the norm with the talent roster. There would often be you too. How show sometimes three nights in different parts of the country so there would be days when we would have to do a hundred hundred plus interviews to cover all of the markets because remember beside they had? WWF Superstars Stars and they had wwf challenge that aired all over in a lot of markets. Got Two shows and come depending on the matches you would have to do interviews for both of those shows for a specific market. I remember I think the most was I my record was one night at the meadowlands. And you know when there we would obviously do interviews during the day when there was how show at night because the talent was there. We did started about eleven o'clock in the morning and we're still going when the show started. We had a hundred and Thirteen interviews and there were it was obviously more than that in terms of an actual number. Because there's some interviews that you don't hit the timing mark mark. Just weren't that good and you Redo but I remember towards the end. I was so exhausted. One of our camera camera guys took one of the huge black cases that the cameras were transported and turned it on its side so I could lean against it where you would start with a two shot and I would interact and then they would go into a hike shot of the talent so I could just lean back and rest against the camera case. Because we've I've been doing interviews for like ten hours wrestling slim fans. Are you that person that works in a pro wrestling reference to every aspect of your life where those kind of people to but we do so with mixed martial alerts. I'm Robert via host host of enemy talk for pro wrestling fans every Monday on. Pw Torch his daily cast lineup. Not only do we cover every U. OF C. Ambulatory event we provide context that only a wrestling fan would really understand. I mean we're the type of people that if you ask us about. How much of a mess? The middleweight title situation is were likely to reference. WCW In the early nineties. Think of us as a podcast for casual. MMA fence done by hardcore core wrestling nerves. And you could find by searching. Pw Torch and apple podcasts or any popular podcast APP and were always available on demand at pw torch daily. HE CAST DOT com. Where you can check out the entire lineup of the PD towards daily did the did the wrestlers themselves? I assume that they would cut all their interviews one after another not. We're GONNA DO MINNEAPOLIS. Now we're GONNA do Milwaukee we're going to Chicago but how how did they hold up to saying. Thanks very similar things time after time. And there's some guys who could word for word repeat exactly what they said and were there other guys who surprised you actually changing or improving or perhaps getting worse over repetitions The answer would be all of the above really. Yeah and some of the you know I remember when I talk about You know doing you know. Probably well over one hundred twenty interviews when you count the ones that we had to Redo that that was me but you know like even Hollick pollock might have you know ten twelve fourteen interviews to do and then it would be someone else and Hawk Hawk was pretty good. He generally wanted to get all of his dot and pretty much. I mean it's like anything in in any sport whether you're you know Tom Brady or or Lebron James or Alex events skin when Hawk would get there what he he was ready. That's what we did his interviews and I don't mean that in a bad way hulk was one he got all of his interviews out of the way because because as we talked about earlier he might be working with the same guy and doing an interview for that match but but for twelve different city. Yeah but Hawk was one he just he he would go and a lot of times he would change it I would come up op. was something during an interview. He would come up so a lot of times. They were different. There were some guys that if they had to do the same interview about the same match which they would do to three or four. Say Okay do some others you know because it would become so repetitive. It would lose as we talked about earlier. That spontaneity and excitement level absolutely I. It's it's such a different era than now. I mean there's obviously they do some some pre tapes but not a ton you know. I mean most of what they do. These days is Live in front of the camera or live to tape in case of a smackdown taping TNA impact a little bit different they. They're kind of old style in the sense of doing multiple TV. Show tapings at the same time but it's just such a different era the localized promos. And now you know it's more. Hey Circus has come into town. Come see the brand. And here's a few wrestlers and it's not that there's not those very specific personal promos about the market and that was one of the fun things about the AWA is they really felt like they were part of the community. Well of course in case Awa they were what kind of tricks of the trade. We're there with the AWA and in later. WWF in terms of when you talk about Douma market specific city specific interview. What were some the techniques that you would use to personalise for that market So those fans fell to connect you to the brand. Well if I had been in the market we would always try and work in and either the name of a popular restaurant or a popular club or are something that was going on in the city. Maybe little or a lot of fans thought we were doing the interview. We were in town and certainly wait if it was a large market where we would keep coming back to because of how shows that were. Were We'd be taping or talking about. If I I was in the city I would always try and talk to to fans or or or find out the not so much the hip spots but the the popular spot or or the the restaurants where like here in Minneapolis Saint Paul and the old Awa it was close to the old St Paul Civic Center. I would try and work in boy and I'll tell you what a night that's going to be. An is exciting. And that is I guarantee afterwards. I'm already thinking about that. Stake at Manzini dance scene. You you would try and work that in just two to localize it a little bit more to to Make It seem like you. You're not really a carpetbag just coming in at night and then you were gone so all the more calm and I remember with WWF. Howard think oh used to help produce a lot of the interviews and Howard would oftentimes mentioned mentioned something about a city that we could just work in and of course for me? It was great because if I had somebody that really really wasn't a great talker. It was kind of like a headed in my hip pocket. Where if the interview felt like it was dragging for a second? I can throw that out then. Go back to the talent with something else saw. It serves a dual purpose. You know localizing using the the interview more than just hitting the date and the building and also if I needed a little net I can throw that out and then go back to the talent that makes sense. Yeah interesting one of the things that when I get a chance. You know here in the twin cities or anywhere else to interact with the the wrestling fans and we haven't talked about it. And I know a lot of fans get so frustrated frustrated sometimes with some of the things that that happens on. WWe But the thing that amazes me is they have become One of the largest encompassing television production companies in the world. I know the point where you look at facts on the nfl they might be producing. You know five or six games but the difference is they just produce use the television aspect. They're not play calling as well. I mean the. That's what what amazes me. And even having been in it the amount of full gramling they produce not only you know on on cable over the air but now the wwe network. They're probably doing fifteen to twenty hours of television a week. I mean it's amazing that you know it's like I say say people need to realise. WWe Is really not in the wrestling business anymore. They're on the television production business. Yes but the product that they produce is wrestling but I think first and foremost they've become a production company just happened to be in the pro wrestling doing business but they're a corporation that produces TV first and foremost and you look at the front office. I mean there's very few people there what ties to wrestling anymore. There they could just as easily be working for a different entertainment company For better for worse you know that that is what they've become an an and it's been a gradual process us more so accelerated maybe over the last fifteen years well and I and I think part of the difference between for lack backup a better term old school wrestling and the product today is. You're exactly right. I think they're creative department. It's not having grown up and learn the business from those that had come before and put their blood and sweat and broken bones into it. They're half writing for what they think is going to be good television right but does not necessarily Sara Lee translate to the product and I know one of the things that I've noticed two things like this past Monday night raw back in the old days and not trying to date either one of us. But if you think about this past Monday's raw. It was thirty thirty minutes before they ever got to any wrestling. I know I know in the old days. If something was huge I remember they. They might have me open a program for like a minute and a half and then get right to the ring because the school thinking then was were a wrestling show. We have to get to action right right away. Don't people are going to change the channel but almost humorous to hear today given how different the attitude is. Yeah Yeah it's astounding. Yeah and I mean it's it's refreshing because X T. WWe's developmental territory. They've got their weekly. TV show on wwe network and on Wednesday show and this happens most of at the time if not all the time they do opening the NFC music place and then boom they go to the ring and a wrestler comes out to wrestle and it just it's so jarring. It's so shocking. Because I'm so used to watching impact and so SMACKDOWN and RAW. And you just don't see that on you know high high end well-produced national wrestling shows anymore. So I find it refreshing but I you know I Steve Austin gave. It took me a hard time about it. and Vince is like you know. Hey you gotta make people care about the match before it happens ends and you gotta set the table and what the appetite. But you're right ten. It's it's such a different approach but TV when you were announcing Awa and four WWF also TV was not a cash cow. It was something Vince paid for. He paid for a lot of. Oh sure I in those days. Television was there to do one one of two things drive the crowd at the upcoming how show or get people to buy the pay per view. That's right and I I mean nowadays. Oh days the the I guess. Some of the the wrestling fans aren't aren't aren't you know stupid. A house show. Oh today is almost analogous to a spring training game in in baseball or an. NFL exhibition indeed. Nothing big is going to happen at a house. Show if it's not if it's not television or pay per view. Nothing much is going to happen. You're largely to see your kids and families to see the stars in person and the brand. It's not so much to see news happen and I give vents and you know the WWe Machine a ton of credit because they have made Monday night raw on event to be at. I mean that it's almost. It's like a rock concert that that's the place to be because Monday night raw is coming the town that's right and I think you get a lot of people that want to go just to see what it's all about out not necessarily there for the wrestling but just the whole you know experience Yup and and I mean think about this way you know when I first started in the Awa and you you know. I started pro wrestling torch. If way back then somebody would have told you. There was going to be a pro wrestling. Event had would have a crowd of well over eighty thousand plus a million people on paper view. You and I would have both told whoever said that they were out of their living minds. Exactly and you know the AWA had some overflow houses At the Saint Paul Civic Center and you weren't circuit of the Old Auditorium. That's right yeah and then wrestle rock which turned out to be was that you were address Iraq but didn't participate in the event that like literally or final day. That was my I mean. I did some of the the television in participated but that that was my my final day with the AWA. In fact you'RE GONNA love this story and I shared it with Mid Carson Georgia yesterday at lunch I was sitting in the dressing room. And if you remember it wrestle rock Vernon Ganja came out of retirement again for the I don't Know Eighth Ninth Tenth Twelfth Time uh-huh Yeah Uh against was working with Nick Back Winkle you know In the next title that night but I was sitting in the dressing room and one of the greatest allies ever heard. I was sitting next to nick and we were talking and all of a sudden nick looks at me and he says so. Tell me did you ever think you would see the day when a sixty year old was trying the beat up a fifty year old would be on top. Well you know what I mean. I know that they're very different. They present present themselves very differently. But triple H is likely to wrestle sting this year Yup and sting is I think fifty six years old He'll be fifty six as wrestlemainia and triple h is probably let's see mid forties. I'm looking it up right right now. yeah he'll be he'll be forty five so we're only five years off from your beating up the sixty zero and one of the top three to three matches that Wrestlemainia it. You know the more things change the more they stay the same. When guys in pro wrestling have drawing power? It's not like basketball. You can't put Jordan out there against Kevin durant right now and to see how they do against each other. Whatever Jordan against Andrew Wiggins you know a legend versus the Kid because basketball quote unreal but wrestling as long as you have drawing power and can look semi presentable in the ring? Or you're just institution like for in Ganja if there's if there's tickets to be sold you're going to be in that ring you know I'll be. I'll be curious now that you mentioned and I. I don't think there's any question that's where they're leading but you know. WWe today market so so much to the younger generation. You know as they should. I mean a prime advertisers are eighteen to forty nine. I bet there's a lot out of a wwe fans that are going. Who's this guy staying? I know 'cause I mean he's been out of it for for for so long the you and I and a lot of old school fans that's like that's things finally in a wwe. Rake going guy. Some of pro. Wrestling's best podcasts. PODCASTS are the IP exclusive and you can go VIP and find out why we have been supported by paid subscribers for over thirty years with our exclusive exclusive top-shelf content including pro wrestling torch senior columnist. 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And he certainly didn't look like Some of the you know Jesse Ventura Or eventually the roadways and hoke and he didn't look that part but I I I was scared and part of why was scared of him wasn't because I've seen his work before but because one the name was a crippling and as a nine year old that scared me I was like he crippled people people but a big part of it is what you talked about an hour ago Ken. It's about the announcers in the tone they set they gave me. It goes back to triple h and the kid crying I you know I. I think AAA should've walked away and had someone else console the kid but I'm a little bit more old school than most people I think the kid would have survived in if it wasn't able to handle it he shouldn't have been there but I know. WWAFL Linda McMahon in delicately put it market cradle to grave. You know they want everybody there. But I you know I bought into the story line and part of that in the characters was because because the announcers told me it was important in announcers having credibility was vital to selling matches involving wrestlers who were older and perhaps past their prime. And that's where. WWe I think is doing a pretty good job with staying saying. Hey we're GONNA you know. Present him as a big star and hopefully our brand has enough credibility. We did that. People will understand it but they've kept the history of the Monday night war alive and with documentaries and videos and stuff but but there are going to be kids out there who are like I just I don't care about. I don't know who this guy is. Although maybe he just looks cool with the music the makeup that they'll become fans even though he's fifty five you know and there's another thing that ah I think he has been lost today and you brought up a came to mind when you mentioned raised cripple Steven one of the things I noticed back then supposed to today the older guys like ray the cripple or or the the crusher or or mad dog or or Nick Bike winkle they were so adapted understanding the psychology of the fans and translating that into the timing in things they did in the ring on their interviews and I think some of that has gotten less. You're exactly right. I mean Ray Stevens. was you know past his prime when he came back. But boy he could still have one hell of a match Yes absolutely one of the greatest I mean one of the greatest hopefully really gets in the WWe Hall of fame this year being there in San Francisco and that was certainly market where most of his best matches were. And I think one of the other things that that I you've noticed in as we talked about I think part of that is coming from some of the creative. That are writing. What they think is good television and not necessarily good wrestling like when I was watching Monday night raw you know past week when and when the authority AAA Stephanie? Who by the way plays her part absolutely magnificent? Listen I mean even knowing the business in watching I'll sit there and you know have to catch myself because you hurt her timing. How she delivers rivers allies? It's like you find yourself really hating her. Yes and she is just magnificent added but at the same time when they came out and started talking about the the main event and wrestling did anybody not think Roman reigns was going to be coming out. And when did anybody not think Daniel Bryant was going to be coming out and did anybody not think Mr Money in the bank would becoming out and I'm thinking if they would've brought everybody out they could have done exactly what he did and done it in about half the time. I know you know what I mean. Is there going through it. I'm I'm sitting here waiting. Well you know how soon as you know when is. Daniel's news are going to start going well so much of it is just they gotta fill this time and it. It doesn't doesn't lead. Always the best television triple h spoke more honestly than maybe even visit man wanted him to about the challenges of doing a three hour show yeah And and I mean can you imagine. Imagine I mean three hours once a week and three hours live I know I I mean I still think one of the problems and you know. Obviously that's the engine that drives the train when they went from two to three hours. And the problem is every once in a while. You know when you're in prime time and I mean you know especially on on Monday night. Now you're you're opposite. You know in the fall your opposite Monday night. I football your opposite. castle State of affairs. And I forget the other Primetime show that does not in nine central on the network. But when you're coming out even for me a loving the business there's a couple of matches when they come come on. I see who it is a okay. Now's the time to go get something to drink them. I go check my email. I mean it's hard when you have to do three hours. It's it's tough. It's tough on the talent. You know I mean Daniel. Bryan's talked about that. A lot of guys WanNa do the first hour and a half. They don't want to be in that thaddeus leading up to the main event crowds are tired by then and it it wear. It wears them out. Yeah let's go back in time. She a little bit. Bobby Heenan You you got to be around Bobby A Lot What's what was he like to work with And where does he rank in terms of talent. Then maybe some Just personal anecdotes about you. Know what he was like behind the scenes scenes. Were especially when you were You know not quote one of the boys and he might have decided to. I don't know I don't know if he initiated you or it was very welcoming and roll out the red carpet. Talk about what he would like to work with Well let me say Wade and I thought about this and I have been incredibly lucky you know. I got to work with with some of the great managers from classy Freddie Blassie Lou Albano Jimmy Hart you know Mr Fuji But and they were all incredible in my mind and I have never met or worked with Paul Heyman but I've obviously obviously watched him extensively the two greatest managers that I have ever seen. Bobby Heenan Paul Heyman. Oh Oh yeah. We had the most incredible sense of timing in terms of wive. How shows with Bobby Orr Paul? Now now I think they are are just absolutely amazing. Bobby in real life was one of the nicest assist people And Bobby was in like I said you know I think Jack Lanza put the word word out that you know I was not a Verne or Greg Ganja stooge you know. I was there to put the town over a- as best I could and I was an okay guy so I think that got put out quite quickly thankfully for from my my standpoint. So Bobby Wood was great to work with and I mean I look forward to doing interviews interviews with bobby because he was just so talented he was so sharp and so talented. Wanted Bobby new during an interview when he should talk when he should be intense when he should blow his stack. I I I mean he was just aw master In terms of of a couple personal anecdotes Bobby one. He is only having a couple of times. I lost it in an interview with Bob. I just started laughing so hard. We had a staff and Redo it. We were in an interview and I was doing it with Bobby. I don't think nick was there. It was just by being I and it was around the holidays. And Bobby's doing this interview and getting a heated up and talking about the match and putting over we're all serious and right in the middle of the interview he goes. Oh Jeez and I went what. What's wrong because you get a Christmas card for me yet and I'm trying to play it and I said well no? As a matter of fact I did. He goes. Yeah and you'll already either and I I just crack racked up. I mean I I started laughing so are there was just no could save the interview. Bobby was because he thought it was a great land. Where did you come? Both I don't know just came to me And Bobby in Iowa when I was a wwf pulled probably the greatest greatest rib on me ever. We were in Pittsburgh and we had a one day of interviews to do. They always would send me a list ahead of time everything we had to do and I forget who the the age it was. It was supposed to oversee them but there was a problem with this plane connection and he was going to be a couple of hours late and for whatever reason I had left the rundown in my hotel room and I'm trying to think who was at the hotel that wasn't there yet that I could call and then call the desk to let into my room to get the run John now she and the only one I could think of was Heenan and I'm seeing myself. I see better off taking the heat from the office office in not getting these done than letting bobby heat and get into my room but I call bobby called the desk. He went and and got the list. Came down to the Promo. And I'm saying what did you do to my room. Nothing come on. I wouldn't do that too. I was like an all day long. I was bugging him what he did and he played it straight into and we go back to the hotel after the show I go to my room and then we're going to go down the bar and have a great and I mean Wade. I like put the key in the door and I'm opening the door inch by inch. I don't know if there's a bucket of water I get in the door. There's nothing I go in. I mean I check every drawer every everything because I'm convinced he did something and I can't find this thing I check under the bed everywhere. I go through my luggage so I go down to the bias of Bobbio me by a beer. He's what I said. I was sure you did. He said I told you I would. So we haven't from go back to the room. You know they're ready for bed. Climb into the bed and I at the top of my voice. He and he's laughing outside my door what he did he must have gone to the restaurant and got like three or four salt shakers. Yeah well the bed back on the white sheets and just poured salt all through the bad. I mean I ended up having to sleep on top of the bedspread but it was so those are are probably two of my favorite stories but he was. He was just a delight. And I ran into bobby at nappy a few years later I think I was out there for the aws. And you know bobby was still Out there he was going to be in the WWF had that and we had gotten to know each other he had met my mom. I mean he was just he and his wife Cindy. We're just unbelievably great people from we've I ran into the hotel treasure island. We were both in there and you know. He spied on him at breakfast and we had breakfast together. We were talking and he goes. You know asked about my mom and my dad passed and I said she had met someone in. They were living together and he goes. What what do mothers limit some guy? What's her number? So this is before cell phone. So Bob Costantini answers he goes. Oh I can't believe this is what kind of person are you sending example like that living together with your son knowing about what is she like. He doesn't go far. ARE THEY GONNA pay. I think it's great this he for I mean that's yeah was yeah and and like you you know if there's anything tragic as witty and great a guy is the bobby now. Can't really talk is just I mean as about it. Sad as it gets 'cause he he had a gifted gap but you know off camera. He was he was just wonderful full. And you know as I was there and accepted pretty quickly bobby as much as anyone would point things out to me to help me get better. So he was. That's good to hear. Yeah he was. He's just a terrific Human being and in fact One night we were in and I was rooming with Jack Land that we had a show at the meadowlands and then the next night we were in Hershey Pennsylvania. So Jackson what you WanNa do you WanNa spend the night in Newark and have to get up real early and drive to Hershey. You want to head out after the show so we can sleep in and Hershey. So you know let's go out after the SH- just head out after the show because if we go back to tell you know we're going going on in the bar it's still going to be one or two in the morning before you go to bed this way. We'll get in there to three in the morning. We'll be able to sleep till ten thirty which who what we did but we stopped at a truck stop on the way in the middle of the night and just to get some food and I remember I gotTa Meatloaf Sandwich and a glass of milk and I woke up the next day. The meat was bad and I was so sick I tried to do the interviews to get through 'em and I you know it was like I was sick out of both of them so I was taking dram. I mean I was taking. I think it was low modal. I mean I was just and and I'm I am just dying. Yeah and I was doing an interview with Jake. The snake and in the middle of the interview said Jake Sesame a man. Are you okay and you know I was doing and I said well. I'm surprised you ask them. I am a little. He said No. No No. I'm stopping unity's Kim and I'm not kidding you man. He's look white. You're looking gray and I ended up at that point a few minutes later I got so violently ill and you know everybody everybody you know after the show. They took me back to the hotel last game in the room he goes. That's about as sick as I've ever seen a human being in my entire life and you know bobby you know as you mentioned earlier in the pre pre show or VIP show. Bobby wrote a book any a book. Assigning here so I went out to to see him and pick up his book and we chatted behind but he signed the book to the MEATLOAF. Boy Oh man never let he's Never GonNa let you forget that right. No no so Bobby was just Is One of my fondest memories. I was down in Tampa on vacation out of the winter and I was. You know walking through Old Town at Tampa and you know I'm walking through all of a sudden I hear somebody screaming my name and I turned around. It was bobby and Cindy just having launching an outdoor cafe you call me over and we just spent the whole afternoon together. Oh that's great he and in Sindhi or are are are just wonderful wonderful. If you've I always thought the world body and like I say of all the managers I've worked with and watch me bobby. Heenan bought him are just a cut above when you download and listen to the way Keller pro wrestling poll shows we get right into the analysis of what happened if if you WanNa get a foundation of what happened if you didn't watch the show or a sneak peek at what I thought of the show. Checkout W torch dot com where I cover raw eighty eighty w organic tea and smackdown on Monday Wednesday and Friday nights. I'm updating my reports every few minutes during the program so whether you're watching or not checkout. PW TORCH DOT COM and hit refresh during the shows or catch up after the shows are completed same thing by the way for wwe pay per views. That's P W torch dot com read. The results ultimate details of what happened and my analysis of the segments on the show. That's P W torch dot com Paul Heyman stories. What kind of experiences have you had with? I mean I've never met Paul. Oh okay that's what I was okay. Every I was thinking timelines from watching him on. WWF THEIR NOTCH. Hi Chubby W. E.. He his timing everything he and bobby are the two best I've seen but I I've met just honest my you know on. Yeah Never worked with him but I I think the two best. You're not gonNA have any arguments there. Yeah most people see those two. The best Road Warriors I when I think of you interviewing Awa I often think of the road warriors. That's next to you Talk about the dynamic with them and and what you find a professional level thought of dealing with them on interviews I I will tell you this when I had to interview the road. Warriors in like my first or second week having not I really met them. That was the only interview I ever did in the Awa where I felt totally intimidated. Yeah Yeah and and almost scared and as I got to know Paul and Mike and Joe I mean it was great great Terrific terrific guys. But you know I often say that that was the case in a little bit it like you know you talked about earlier. As Brock lesser is dealing with today in the Awa they you want the road warriors to be the ultimate heels but they were so good at what they you did in the ring their physique there look they became baby faces through no fault of. There's no no fault of the promotion just the esteem. The fans held them in and appreciation for their work in power. Did you From from just a witty standpoint hawks seem to be so gifted such a natural Because he was a combination. You know of legit tough seeming street but also really funny I is there anybody else that you've interviewed over the years who you would put at that level in that category category with Taco had the but also that that physical intimidation To a little via probably the closest I would say was the macho man. Yeah I mean. He had that whipped in and the huge muscles. Not as intimidating is hock. But that's probably as close as I can really come off with the the top of my head had an and talking about the road warriors in fact even for you off from somebody and I have no idea how this ever saw the light of today but I did an interview with the road. Warriors Market Specific for Winnipeg pag only and this was after Verne was out of the town. It was being run by Jack. Lanza ends a nick and wally on the town so we had a huge show and he wanted the warriors to do an interview so we we did it actually in the party room of my apartment complex. Wow and it was four winnipeg in and we're we're starting the interview and it was just animal and hawk. Paul wasn't there and for whatever the reason as we start something possesses hawk he walks off to to let animal have the stage for a little bit and he goes to this refrigerator in the party room and finds this huge Turkey. drumstick now weighed we. That drumstick could've been laying that refrigerator or six months. And he grabs it and comes back to the interviews. You know. We're rolling and you know we had some time and he starts. He bites into this Turkey drumstick. It's so bad right. Niko horrible bad. He says laughing so he walks off. And he's like fitness out on the aside an animal and I are just I literally turning a little away from the camera trying to bite my lip too. Because I'm afraid I'm I'm just GonNa crack up and then animal just started laughing. Roddy wash off and art comes back. He's trying to carry. I still got this drumstick. And then he he knows I'm GONNA start laughing. So he pulls out a hunk of meat and try to stuff it in my mouth and it's the funniest funniest interview and somebody founded somewhere. And I I don't know if you can find it. Put It on my facebook page about got a year ago but I don't know if they got you to where they got it but if you get a chance. That was probably the most bizarre interview. And I don't don't even think that it that aired in Winnipeg but I mean it was so best so funny that you can literally see all three of US cracking racking up and just losing character in Promo. Oh man I mean maybe if you go A- and Youtube and in you know put in road warriors can't win a vegas it it might but it it you would really get a kick out of it and you. You don't know how that got out. No you know. I mean this is in the early eighties before you do before the Internet so I don't know who had it but I mean I was absolutely absolutely shocked to see that ever saw the light of day. Wow wow that's fantastic dealing with Hulk Hogan You know your your big name. Stars interviewed a lot of them and Awa. But Ho. Oh cogan biggest name on national of interview I know it was part of these grueling days and hope showed up. It's time to do hulk. Everyone backseat with schedule. But did you ever get any time. Nine to get to know Hogan or on a personal level and as a professional How did he compared to some of these others? That you're speaking of I did hear in the Awa in fact when Vince was trying to get him away from the Awa. I forget the scenario but it was just hulk hulk and I and I think it was on when we were going up to Winnipeg for a show when hope talked to me about it and you know the pros unconscious and I kind of Said Hawk. I mean and and the you were around a little bit. The the Guy News didn't didn't go overboard and trying to treat their talent. Great Yeah and one of the reasons hall thinking about leaving. Was You know the uh not to the degree Vince took but the guy who started selling t shirts and stuff. Yeah you know. They were selling one with hawks. Quietness and you know he wanted part of that. Money is he certainly deserve. And you know Verne's attitude was you know now without me you're nothing you deserve it. I'm not giving you any of it. Yeah and I think hulk was asking for like five grand and I think that was You know may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. I mean if you think about it too loose hulk Hogan over five grand but one of the things when we talk I said well. What's stopping you and I never forget? This in as I came to find out he said because Verne has the one thing that Vince can't offer for me I said what he said. Time off. ooh So that was one of the things he was thinking about. But you know I got to know Wow Hulk in in on a personal level he was always great to work with. I never ever had the slightest problem with Hawk. Well I mean other than and not in a bad way when you're the biggest star when you get there you do it whenever you want to do it. But he was great great. Did everything never had a problem with him he was you know the consummate pro to me in doing the interviews You Know I. I don't know what he may have been. And you know on the business side to deal with but from my standpoint. I never ever had a problem with him. and in fact a a couple of years ago when hall came out with his book he was doing a signing at the mall and I hadn't seen hall. Can I wanted to read the book anyway so I went out and just got in line and I mean I probably stood in line for about an hour. The crop was happy. Finally got to the Front and Jimmy Hart was there and you know he was talking all the people in line and I can obviously wrestling fan so I kind of came out. I was wearing a baseball law. Calf kind of pulled down and nobody really couple of people recognize me in line or taught they did when I finally got up to the Front Jimmy at his back to me and I tapped him on the shoulder and I said Hey. Aren't you Jimmy Hart. And he turned around and then he said Oh I got like jumped over. The railing gave me a big hug. And he said what are you you doing. What are you crazy? I didn't Wanna now I mean hey people are standing in line. I'm not GONNA but in. And he he pulled me out and then went up and talk to Hallock and he said hang around. We're going to be done in about fifteen minutes. We sat and visited. You know for a long time so I talk to me was great the consummate professional when it came to doing whatever needed to be done and I always felt a little bad for hulk because a lot of the other guys traveling or going through airports you you know. I could wear sunglasses their cap or whatever and he wouldn't even recognize them. Hulk couldn't go anywhere without being recognized. Immediately yeah in fact a store you'll get a kick out we were. I can't remember the town But I had landed and we had some driving to do so. I was in line for for rent a car. You know some guy tasked me on. The shoulder turned around some guy and a ball cap sunglasses and a warm up suit. He goes you go into the hotel right to the arena and my wife says I'm GonNA head right to the arena about. They said well. Can I ride with you and it was You know well I may stab wherever hotels find too. But can I ride with you and I go. Do I know you he goes. It's me hyper. It was rowdy I recognize him but I think about that because hall could never get away with that. Yeah so that was but he was. You know I'm sure that had to wear on him. He couldn't walk. You know anywhere and I remember one night I forget the talent was. We'd after the show. We got back to the hotel all and hawks that you're going to get something to eat and I said Yeah I'm starting me says. Come out of the room. Let's just order room service. Because he you know he couldn't go down to the restaurant without people driving him crazy. Lisi you know for pictures autograph so we just Santa's room so he was. He was always great to work with. Yeah yeah well as far as yes Somebody who goes way back but was quite the personality Wally Carbo exactly Larry Nelson You know had some great anecdotes in his book about Wally. During that time I know you know Karsh and George Shire You know grew up with him as a personality. Bobby Heenan Has shared many of those stories. The I've seen if I can find it here. This is from Page thirty five. And and Larry Nelson's book He talks about. He says while he explained to me that wrestler's wrestling fans thought thought of as good guys for known as baby faces by business. Insiders and the so-called bad guys were called heels. He vowed to get me a book explaining the various wrestling maneuvers on the road. He said we wrestle. Drink and screw. He looked up at me with wrinkled face and a gleam in his eye testing two years of countless twists and added. It's good to have you with us. YOU'LL FIT in. I had so much to learn and He goes on to talk more about wally. Wally had this this personality on Air. Can of you know this this ingratiating by likable small small but incharge promoter and he was just so perfect for that role You know when people say why are you a wrestling fan. I mean I can't help it. Include Wally Carbo on that list of endearing personalities. Do you have any wally stories that That you WANNA share from your time when the cameras were not on I do but look me say I. I agree with you completely about wally. He was like white on the casting. Yeah he was perfect. Yup but when we talked earlier earlier in Larry's book about me and you know food and getting reimbursed from the office which was had no factual basis whatsoever. What he described from wally? I believe it was one hundred percent. Accuracy my favorite wally story when his wife Odi had had been out of town gone for a week and and Wally hit sent somebody to pick her up from the airport. I think it was one of the guys that used to set up the ring. uh-huh well when she landed. She called Wally Moon he said So and so's coming to pick you up. And she was quizzing. He said the places great. I took care of it all. Everything's clean. I watched all the dishes. I wanted the plants every day. You're not gonNA believe how they grew. And then while the as and he said doesn't matter you're still not going to believe how they grew. We Hung Up. I said why what did she say so. The flowers are plastic Why why why? That's my story I'm sticking I water them everyday. You're not gonNA believe Bruce Wanted. The plastic doesn't matter. They grew man. Man I I I might have heard Karston similar stories to that but just the the wally stories are. Just those are the stories you want to sit around and tell with your friends you know from from that era especially the the other great and while he was always dumb like a Fox no I I was not present but I. I've heard this story from both nick back. Winkle and Bobby Heenan Nick and bobby called wally because they were upset upset about a payoff and you know Nicholas standing there. Bobby was on the phone and he was going back and forth. You know with with wally and back and forth on the pay off and all of a sudden white hung out and bobby puts the phone down and they said what happened. What's obviously he had to go? Wally suddenly said Oh. It's raining in Florida. I gotta go and they said what's that GonNa do with the vices. I have no idea while he was great and I mean it. It was wonderful for me being being in the opposite in downtime just to to sit and talk with with volume Jack Lanza in the word more about the psychology legiti behind the business. But you're right. Wally I mean he was the Don knotts wrestling. He was right. A Hollywood cast was just perfect for for the parts. And you know even to this day like you know friends ends in my view. We'll be talking about something that happens in baseball or football and invariably say telling me do you think they'll be fines and suspensions that was they gotta be fine suspensions for this. Oh magin the marketing if The eight t shirts had been a big thing at that time period. The there's IT'S GONNA be fines and suspensions walis. Merchandise money would have been incredible. Oh absolutely you're right Every wrestling fan loved wally. Yes and as a The dynamic between Wally Vernon did you get get to see much of that. And and why that partnership worked at least for as long as it did Or did you kind of the disintegration of it though the latter stage I I was more when I came in. I think it was the beginning of the disintegration stage and I think it was financial I think burn tried to screw moms and stuff. Yeah but because I think it worked for so long because Wally real-life there was very little difference. Between what you I saw on camera. And you mentioned how can you not like the guy. Yeah and I think that's one of the reasons that it it lasted Because I think a lot of what went on wall he just let it roll off his back. Yeah Yeah what can and it has been tremendous Reminiscing I I love talking Awa Obviously as somebody who grew up watching it and I had a chance to interview in decades and it is It's it's been great to have you back on and talk about your WWe Experience to how how what what led your departure from wwe wwf when we kind of end on that note wooden. Maybe we can do this again sometime because I have a feeling it's probably more stories to Oh shoot. I would love to wade of absolutely anytime. The reality was that that And it somebody wants asked me and even when I was there you know years in. WWF The shadow shadow of gene kind of was was always hanging over me. And you know when I came in gene you know what whether it was his Joyce Vincent Choice. Whatever really took a step back I mean he was hardly around at all he did some of the stuff for for pay per views? And you know like Saturday night main event but you know week to week interview. He did not But whether I think Jean decided he'd had enough time off where where he wanted to come back and you know. Vince made the decision. You know we've got a chance to bring Jean back. That's what we're going to do so I I mean it wasn't you know my Decision I mean you know I the travel and everything Aside I mean I love my time there. I cherished it although I do say to myself. I can't for the life of me figure out how they're the guys are able to do it today. Because in those days it was all pre obviously nine eleven. I mean there was no security security at the airport. I if if you had a seven thirty flight if you got to the airport at ten after seven you were fine. I I mean you know as long as you so you just you know. Check your bag. Add just walk through the gates You know now is security and everything I mean I remember a number of instances. Where are you know I'd be out of show and somebody from the office would come up and say hey instead of doing? TV Tomorrow In Buffalo we're going to do TV in Columbus so so you give your ticket to buffalo to Brutus and take his tickets Columbus and you didn't have show idea. Do you just had to take it. Got On the plane and You know now the going through security and everything I mean I. It's it's a whole whole different world but I I love and and cherish my time. They're very good Ken Thank you so much again. I mean this time has just flown by. I can't. I'm looking at the clock right now. I can't believe we're well over two hours and It's just that the time that you've got to be around wrestling in the Erez and the two different companies and the personality that you got to know is is special I mean I. I know you didn't spend twenty five years in the business but man in the years that you did. Oh yeah and I'd be remiss if I didn't at least mention Some of the times for Primetime I got a chance to to call matches with gorilla monsoon. What joy he was to be around what Class Act Act and yup absolutely wonderful human being? I hear that so much and yeah I had Kinda forgotten that you you had a chance to do that and man. Yeah another another legend. That you've got to work with that is that is tremendous. Yeah I've had I I don't have it and I've had people you know Message me or you have my email and talk about stuff that they've seen on on. W W E network from Primetime and recite specific instances or calling matches because we used to do it at the Old Boston Austin Garden so he was another what a just treasure of a human being. Well I if anybody from listening to this has follow up questions for Ken. for future potential appearance. Here on the live cast Feel free to send it in right now POW TORCH LIVE CAST DOT com. Just put Ken Resnick in the subject. Line line then can search for that by subject and I can't be heavy on down the line again This this I know. I've got more more questions than I have. Time so It'd be fun to tap into some more memories. Memories that are that are not just the the very top names that that we've covered today and tell some more stories so thank you so much for your generous time today. I'm glad we finally got to do this anytime way. Go great to talk to you my old friend but now when you get back in time we gotta get together. I agree and I'd love to make one of those lunches with George. Do all right but take care of me. Call me anytime you need it great thank you. VIP members for your support and on that note. Let me have this week. Keller signing on. Ooh Ooh if you'd like to hear this show without ads and plugs interrupting there's one thing you can do right now to make that happen and that has become a POW torch VIP member got about a dozen other podcast the hosts that are VIP exclusive. And you'll get the way. Keller poll shows and podcasts during the week with the ADS and plug removed all on a separate feed exclusively league for VIP members plus tons of other podcasts that are VIP exclusive access to our full archives of podcast dating back to two thousand four which includes post pay per view roundtables labels dating back to two thousand four also access to our full archives thousands of podcasts over fifteen hundred back issues of pro wrestling torch weekly newsletter that started at All Africa Edrich scored website and more checkups full details at W. 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