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Get cashback anytime anywhere in the racket inap- nap racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn up to forty percent cashback on shopping it over twenty five hundred stores simply shop online, and you'll earn a percentage of every purchase you make every three months. Members will be paid in the form of a check or the papal sign up today at racketed dot com. That's our AK U T E N dot com. Good evening. Thank you for joining us. The newly released nine one one call what an off-duty Dallas place officer sent right after fatally shooting her neighbor in his own apartment. The audio offering new insight into her thoughts her actions the case, sparking nationwide protests. Here's ABC's, Marcus more. The breaking headline out of Dallas at this hour police chief there calls this a very unique case involving an off duty officer who shot and killed her neighbor in his own apartment was an off duty police officer arriving home after a long day of work sometime around ten pm her neighbor Twenty-six-year-old both John was in his apartment. Exactly, what happened next is still a mystery. But what we know is Geiger went to John's apartment. She says she thought it was hurts when she saw him. She fatally shot in the aftermath of that moment. Captured in this video the incident sparking questions nationwide about race police transparency and in officers use of deadly force. And now for the first time, we're hearing officer Geiger's nine one one call after shooting, John, I'm an off duty officer. I thought it was at my -partment and thinking that. It was my apartment. An attorney for Gent's family listening with us the audio obtained exclusively by Dallas station. WFAN all I can imagine was both of them on the ground taking this last breath. And that was very difficult for me here. We have help on the way, I know. I'm gonna lose my job. I thought it was my apartment the recording Geiger can be heard growing increasingly distraught. I'm. Me too. Sorry. You're now potentially facing prison time John family left in anguish. She took my life. Like my favorite one knife while the community grapples with unanswered questions. We're still dealing in America will black people being killed and some of the most all betrayer ways driving while black walking while black and now we have to add living while black. Sparking protests over what some say is a lack of transparency coming from the Dallas police department in the wake of the shooting. Now that nine one one call beginning to shed light on what happened that night. Both John a Saint Lucian native is described by his friends and family as a quote, Ray of sunshine. Both of them had a love for everything and everyone so I just wanted the message of love to pull meets throughout this whole process. An active member of the parallel west church of Christ. He was beloved by many. This pack service held in his honour shows his spate forever changed by amber, Geiger, a four year. Veteran of the Dallas police force this person who's been on patrol for four years. They have a pretty good idea of how to handle stressful situations that point there is nothing to say the two neighbors had a relationship, but on September six three more than thirteen hour shift dig- who was off duty arrived back to her Dallas apartment building where she John's lies would cross in the worst way possible that point she could be running around job job. So that factors in here. According to the arrest affidavit, Geiger who lived on the third floor park on the fourth floor of the building that night. She headed to the apartment directly above her thinking, she said it was her own door. She says was slightly open the interior dark. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment she says that over and over again in this five minute recording. Is that significant to you is significant to the point that it makes me feel that that call was staged? It made me feel that she had already spoken with someone died or still in uniform said she thought she spotted the burglar. But in fact, it was the apartment resident both John. She did fire. Two shots hitting John once in the chest. AM twenty times on that nine one one. Call Geiger tells the dispatcher she thought the apartment was her own one point saying she was tired. No. I. The thing that stay out the very most to me was the fact that when I listen to that call not one time did I hear him Geiger say that she was in fear of her life. The Dallas police department was quick to respond turning the case over to the state investigator, the Texas Rangers in order for us to be truly transparent to this community. Based on the circumstances. We have invited the Texas Rangers to conduct this infant this investigation. But it would be a few days before Geiger was identified and arrested for manslaughter. The family had many questions for the thought is the may one been that this police officer should not be given any preferential treatment. As details of that night. Emerged crew test, many demanding Justice for John. This is a case that raises a lot of sensitive questions, and there's going to be enormous public interest. And consequently, there's more of a desire to get that evidence out faster a woman who says she lived in the building and shot this video in the moments after the incident questioned the validity of the officers story in an interview with the advice show the elevator garage the hallways. Everything is Mark with what floor you're on. So she would have passed plenty of indications to let her know she was on a four floor at the time, the John family criminal attorneys told ABC they questioned the statements made in that affidavit independent. Witnesses already come forward to say that they heard this officer pounding on the door and demanding to be let in more than two months after the arrest, and the initial charge of manslaughter, a grand jury indicted, Geiger who had since been fired on a murder charge. It's possible. The grand jury just decided on its own more likely that the prosecutors played a role in move. Weing this from manslaughter to murder Geiger's attorney spoke to ABC's affiliate station last November her actions are justified under the law. So you don't prosecute people that one making the state that don't have criminal intent to commit a crime today. Both parties are under a gag order. Barring them from discussing the criminal case John's family has also filed a civil lawsuit as the city of Dallas and guy. Chilling audio offers clarity about that night. But still leaves many questions only to know the full answer, but one is silenced forever. True that people know that from love. He didn't even have to know you just select everybody for Nightline. I'm markus. More in Dallas, Texas. The trial of this case is expected to start in September coming up the former veep trying to make the leap to the top job exclusive interview next. Simply safe is a ward winning home security that knows it feels good to feel secure in your home lizards blackout burglars. Simply safe protects you through it all twenty four seven try simply safe with free shipping and free returns. You'll get a sixty day risk-free trial to order now and have your home protected within a week. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash now. To get started today that simply safe dot com slash now. 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It's twenty three I see a whole heck of a lot of he and his wife, Dr Jill Biden spending time with me yesterday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and drawing a clear distinction between himself and President Trump. Everybody knows she don't Trump is. I hope people know who I am. I think the folks ready to choose truth over lies the president has a motto make America great again. Do you have one make America moral again return to the essence of who we are the dignity of the country the dignity and people treating our people with dignity, and that has been the main thrust for you all to bring this country together Biden enters the race as the Democratic Front runner in a deeply divided nation. And also at a time when America is in a moment of reckoning with its treatment of women and Biden has also face scrutiny form. Vice president Joe Biden accused of inappropriate touching seven women have come forward to say he made them feel uncomfortable. And embarrassed in response Biden releasing this video in my career tried making human connection, and I get it. I get it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Then just days later Biden dressing, a predominantly male crowd of union electrical workers seeming to make light of the allegations. I just want you to know I had permission to hug Lonny. So people were wondering you really get it nearly do here's the deal. I've always thought that part of leadership part of politics listening to people hearing them making them feel comfortable. It's my responsibility to be more sensitive to whether or not someone wants me to reassure them or wants to sail or wants to so affectionate sport. And and that's my responsibility, Robin. I think what you don't realize is how many people approach Joe one of the things that Joe is known for is making connections with people but going forward, I think he's going to have to be a better judge of when people approach him how he's going to react that he may be shouldn't approach them. And how did you react? When those first accusations remain, I've known Joe for forty four years and one of the things I've always admired about him is the way he does connect with people. And in forty four years. I you know, I hadn't heard negative comments. But now's a different time. Women men are in a different place now. And so we have to we have to honor that her if you ever experienced a similar situation would a man made you feel uncomfortable by their actions or inappropriate language any sword. Yes. It's happened to me that how'd you handle it? I just sorta stepped aside. I didn't address it. There was a time when women were frayed to speak out. Now if that same thing happened today, I turn around and say, what do you think you're doing? So I think it's it's totally different frustrating. And nothing but the truth God. Thankfully, Biden has also been criticized for his handling of Hill's testimony during the confirmation hearings for supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas. I have no personal vendetta against Clarence Thomas hill had worked for Thomas and accused him of sexual harassment facing grilling from an all white all male Senate committee, led by Biden, I believed her from the very beginning. I I was chairman. She did not get a fair hearing. She did not get treat it. Well, that's my responsibility. And I committed that I am determined to continue the fight to see to it that we basically changed the culture in this country where a woman is put in a position where she is disbelieved as the committee chairman, I take responsibility that she did not get treat it. Well, I was unable to figure out a way to how to change it. And maybe there's a way to do it. I polish is again. Because look the the system did not work Biden says he. Called hill to apologize. A few weeks before announcing his run for president. I was grateful. She took the call. But hill told the New York Times I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I'm sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied. But I know that there is real change and real accountability. And real purpose Biden says he learned from the experience I determined that there never begin no women in that committee. So I went out and campaign from other condition that year for two specific grenade. They'd come on judiciary committee, Biden also credits hill with igniting the metoo movement. She deserves enormous credit for waking the country just days into his campaign Biden is already leading in some polls raising over six million dollars on his first day as a candidate this election presents different when Biden enter the race. President Trump tweeted impart welcome to the race sleepy. Joe? I only hope you have the intelligence long in doubt to wage a successful prime. Campaign. I've been Senator for fifteen years. This is Biden's third run for president. He kicked off his campaign yesterday and Pennsylvania the state where he was born and which Trump narrowly won in two thousand sixteen I also came here. Because quite frankly, folks, if I'm going to be able to beat down twenty twenty it's going to happen here. President Trump is made a lot of promises. And here's the deal. He hadn't developed on on anything. What would you say to the Trump voter Trump supporter who looks at the economy and sees very strong numbers here in Pennsylvania where the unemployment is at a record low of three point nine percent. While what I'd say is did you get any benefit from the tax cut have your really your wages really gone up thinking deserved your employers, treat you with any more respect and dignity than it did before. I know the state pretty well. And the fact that the matter is that they're not getting their fair share. You also have a for to yourself as at a Bama, Biden democrat people look at that and say, well, you running for third Obama term how would your presidency be substantially different. I'm really proud of serving with Barack. But look it's a new time new day. Donald Trump is very confident that should you. Win the nomination that he could beat you easily. Are you as confident that you can win the nomination and feed him? Whether I win the nomination Hoskin and on the Democrats, and whether or not it'd be Donald Trump's depend on American people. But. Everybody knows down. Trump is I'm confident. And finally tonight the signs of spring telltale signs of climate change. Here's been co anchor. Juju chang. Phil Torres really really likes insects giant. I he travels the world encountering some truly job dropping creepy crawlers this stick. Is not a stick. Stick insect. His love of bugs runs so deep baby. Even allowed a rare parasitic one to live in his back. It's not a human baby as bought fly baby all of science right now. Tourism I are chasing butterflies springtimes prettiest pollinators in a meadow. Overlooking sequoia national park, you'll learn how to swing this thing. It's part of an unprecedented three day series on PBS called American spring live. So this is the California Buckeye, and it is covered in flowers, and it's covered butterflies. So here is where you can practice your swing? Okay. How I show me. How to go soon the position? So you want one hand out here a little bit further. So what we're going to do is if you just catch it like that in my fly right out. So you need a little hook at the end you go who that? Examining the way climate change affects the timing of spring and the way humans impact the eco system might be able to get whereas our intrepid entomologists he's firsthand the alarming decline in some insect species, especially the iconic monarch butterfly. Billions of butterflies flying around right now. The team in American spring live hopes to tackle issues threatening nature's delicate balance while encouraging those watching to actively participate. All right. Thanks. Did. You you can wash juju on assignment on American spring live tomorrow night on PBS. That's nightline. You can always catch full episodes on Hulu. Thanks for the company America. Good night. Alarm panic. There are dozens of words for fear, but just one for exceptional home security to stop beer at your door. Simplisafe simply safe is twenty four seven protection for your home with no contract. No hidden fees and fair, honest pricing. Simply safe is offering a sixty day risk-free trial that includes free shipping and free returns. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash now. To get started today.

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