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Welcome to ghostly. As Gettysburg hunted ghostly as a podcast that comes out every other week. In each episode, we take a ghost story or paranormal event in look into its complete history. Rebecca. Then gives us evidence proving that the story is real ID. and my job is to debate those pieces of evidence and get you the listener prepared to vote on if it's real or not in. If you haven't yet please hit that subscribe button or like the fancy youtubers are saying if you're on youtube smashed that will match that like button. Yes natia it smashed that thing. Yeah. As always we're your host I'm Pat, and I'm Rebecca and what's been going on in your world. Rebecca. Aliens, oh. Okay. So World, outer world yeah well, they're kind of everywhere first of all you were like you need to watch this movie from like a couple of years ago about this Guy Bob Lazar and like all of his alien findings, then there's an unsolved mysteries. About you know people and then and then the government comes out and they're like Yep, we've found material that is we don't know what it is the fricken Pentagon. Yeah. is come out in and said, Hey, you know we might have something. All right. So real quick scale from zero to ten. What do you rate the evidence that there are aliens visiting US right now? Now. That's a harder question. Then just like are there any liens in the universe? Okay but just Zero through ten I'm going to say four four I'm. GonNa go five. Okay I'm right in the middle there. Not Now. With ghost but with. Well. Maybe we should do an alien podcast. Where we just agree DEBATE AND WE AGREE EVERY So since our last episode. There has been a contest that has been released. Under socials and on our ghostly page. Yeah. It's on the website is where you go take it. It's the ghostly Trivia contest yet go-slow podcast, dot com slash trivia or ghostly podcast click the polls thing which is now a drop down and it does have trivia under it. Yeah. Trivia contest I'm sorry and I will say I mean it's not it's not an impossible. Thing like if you just our listener and maybe do a little bit of looking around on the website you can you can do this. So that's your advice to them to listen to past up soad's and check out the website. Yeah, I mean but it's not super easy either no he wanted to be a little bit of a challenge now pat what can they win? Oh, they win their choice of any ghostly t-shirt. Any goes. Lee. T shirt any ghostly t shirt t shirt t shirt were excluding like hoodies and I just put up addressing their like a skater dress I. It's Burke. Cute. Yeah and I'm not. GonNa. US Off. Yoga. Pants. But there's a ton of different t shirts and you get to choose one. The when it is it, you know nobody else is sponsoring this contest it is go sleep sponsoring the content we want out of our pocket. Yeah cited. Now how do we pick the winner? So whoever answers the most questions? Right will be the winner unless there's a tie and then we will do the hey that apple assistant person. named Siri I could say it 'cause it's been so many words in between pick a random number between one and forty eight because there's going to be forty eight people that get it. All right. Wow. Okay. Now, I know yeah, this is good. So random drying, it will be random as. Possible. So. Yeah. So go check it out on ghostly PODCASTS, dot com slash trivia, and good luck. Good luck. So? Do we have any listener mail we do and I I'm very excited. We've had. We've had some people sending in stuff I can't wait to hear more but the one this week is pretty fantastic and toy smell. Okay. Well, let's listen to that right now then. Hi. My name is Aaron I'm calling because you said, you wanted people to leave voicemails. So hearing him. I'm GonNa tell you my sort of possibly. ghost experience For. Some background I live in New Mexico and I work for the state government here. and so I work in a legislative building let. The around Roundhouse, we call it. One Saturday to finish up some work. So my office is up on the fourth floor and it's kind of separated from the. The rest of our main office for the. Regular employees I guess you can call it. but we're a lot closer to one restroom then the rest of the offices. But it's also it was a Saturday. So I think I had two co workers in office was the. and. The other was our financial officer basically. and so I got some work done. I took a break. and as I was coming back from the break, the security guard that was downstairs so on our groundfloor. Said Oh, like your boss lasted just you and Nessa less. So I went back to the office and Decided I needed to use the restroom. Now we're building is not old It's it's a little weird. I guess was dedicated in nineteen, sixty six and renovated I think. early two thousands or so. And I went down to the restroom to businesses I'm getting ready to leave. I one of the toilets nice to meet flushes. And I kind of freeze. because. As I had come in I'm like I hadn't look super hard but. I knew the doors were like closed. And the the door opening this restroom. Is Really Loud So you'd hear that or I would have heard somebody like walking past neither of those things happened. I'm so I'm just like frozen capable for a minute thinking like well, it could have been an automatic flushing toilet. Realized this is kind of where I started getting like we don't have automatically flushing toilets. Other people have said, Oh, it could have done at toilet in the men's restroom. The men's restroom is way way way down the hall like it's a separate Plumbing system or whatever. That is not the noise I would have hurt But yeah. Basically I, freaked out and I left as quickly as I could I went to talk to our financial officer that's a a little bit later. Hello. It's Aaron again it took too long. I guess sorry. Hopefully, we'll see messages and not just the second one, but basically Bathroom Ghost or whatever. Talks to the only other employees that I knew was. In, the building with me and she said, she hadn't gone to that bathroom all day. And just GonNa let us like why did something happen and they're just kinda laughed but maybe unless it there. I was telling the story to when my siblings a little bit ago and I realized like Oh right when I was a kid I was like terrified of bathrooms. it wasn't because of Bloody Mary stuff I've had a really sheltered about bringing so I didn't really know that was the thing. But just like the loud noises and things. So either I'm always super on edge unconsciously in the bathroom or Something new for perhaps that I was scared of bathrooms and took advantage of that. I go back and forth on scepter skeptical and BELIEBER. So I guess I miss teen in between. Yeah that's my story. Thanks so much for the podcast like listening to. By. All right. That's errands toilet ghost bathroom ghosts bathroom may British well, she is kind of a toilet. Look that was an amazing story Aaron thank you so much sharing that big you. Sorry. Super Creepy. Sorry that it got broken into two voicemails. Yeah but. It works the limitation of voicemail I guess I guess but and it was it was really interesting in what I liked about the story. The most is that it just comes sneaks up on you the ghost depart. Yeah. You know it's just like dude, do this is. then. This happened and then I realized wait a minute. There's no one else in your with me and that would be pretty terrifying. You know I had one experience in the bathroom as well. So it was in the bathroom and I was playing with my phone. Meanwhile in the bathroom I know that's kind kinda gross. Yeah. But then all of a sudden, the lights turned off. And I was at work. and. Here's the thing I. I have a question for you. Do. You Get up from doing your thing to turn the lights back on to you know the motion detector to have it see you or do you just sit in darkness I think it depends how much more time I have like how much more time I need. Okay. Like if I'm getting close then I might just finish what I'm new in and then I was working somebody would come in to the bathroom and realize that I've been sitting in darkness in the bathroom. Yeah. That is that's a real concern with those auto lights. Yeah. Probably not haunted but now that was that was my experience. So. Thank you. Erin. For calling in. We really appreciate it So how how would people give you one of their go stories or tell you what? We want we want to go stories so you can do it a couple of different ways. You can leave a voicemail six, three, zero, four, four, eight, two, one, three, eight. Yes. You can send an email. Yeah. Info at ghostly podcast. Dot Com. And then you can always just send send a message on social media of any kind and then what else? Oh, there's snail mail. There snail yeah. You could send us a postcard. You could send us a package of baked goods you can send us. Well, nobody is really small. So if if it's baked goods may be one cookie. or You could send your stories via envelope and stamp. To Po box number two, six, four, Geneva Illinois six, zero, one, three, four, and if you forget all that, go to our website ghostly podcast dot com scroll to the very bottom. We have all of our info on in the footer. Yeah you got it and you know support the post office and. Send us a letter. Yes. So people have been supporting US lately too by giving US reviews on the apple podcast and we're going to do a shoutout. Do these two ways to get a shout out on the show. You can leave us a review on apple podcast. We love. The five star wants right those are the best but I mean, we'll take anyone. Unfortunately we will read the One star reviews to Fart, Fart Fart And What's the other way? Do you remember you can join us on a by asa caught by me a coffee coffee we will shout out to any supporters or new members. Yeah. So we do have to reviews I'm going to read the first one rebecca you read the second one got. So this is a five star review and this is from daily nineteen and it's titled Educational and Fun. I I stumbled across this podcast in the middle of quarantine desperate for something new to listen to I was soon hooked and have listened to every episode. I. Love The historical facts as well as the supernatural side. I. Tend to lead lean towards Hashtag teen believer but am open to being skeptical. Does that even make sense laugh out. Loud thanks for helping me keep my sanity through uncertain times. Now, this person did actually right O. Well, not laugh out loud I I want people to know that that they. Want. Right out laugh though. I. Don't like the abbreviations I like to write everything out. Our mine is from JEN IN PA okay. Okay I love the show and listen while I commute to and from work about an hour totally a day I am kind of middle of the road since I'm a believer but also realize that some over exaggerate stories and maybe stretch the truth from time to time and that bums me out since I really do love creepy stories, keep them coming. I don't always vote Hashtag team believer but what I do, I make sure it counts Oh, I could see that one mean with the with the beer guy whatever. I don't always but when I do. Think. So much and you know it's okay to be team in the middle and and to to look at things with a critical mind we appreciate that here go slow. We don't Mind Hash Tag team twenty. That is not a thing that is great. Passion. In the middle or the Middle Hashtag team medal. That's fine. So I am super super excited for the polls for this episode. How how'd you want to read the polls? Is that how excited you're sure. If you want me to her usually, let you read it but I mean back in the day I used to read them occasionally. Yeah. So. In Our last episode, we talked about. Bloody Mary demand by the way, Rebecca's bloody Mary come to visit you since then some weird stuff has happened. Yeah. Power ship turned itself off So I'm looking at your power strip now and it's sitting on its side, and if you pull it a little bit there is like a metal bar there that could have hit it. Some mapping. Bloody Mary happened okay. So the question was is the bloody Mary Legend Real. So. It was seventy, nine point six to twenty point four. You feel confident about that. I I am feeling confident about what the answer is. Yes. The answer was no. A that's who won seventy nine point six percent. And it was a good victory for Hashtag team skeptic. I don't get many of these. So now it's been awhile well and I I think what helped you is that I also was pretty much a team skeptic on this one you were yeah I was really surprised tab. Take team skeptic. I'm fine with that C.. So it's okay that's how we be critical. Okay you. We'd be critical. Yeah. That's. Go now critical thinkers, right? Yeah I. Wish you sometimes it open yourself off. Open just don't believe in Ghost I'm sorry. So to vote in the polls this time, it's just going to be on our website. So we've been having some more issues with facebook polls and we just decided you know what? We're not even GONNA risk the chance of a of it networking this time. So we are going straight for our website. You can go to ghostly podcast, dot com slash polls, or just go to the site and Click on polls although if you want to discuss the episode, ghostly society is the place to do that, and we will definitely start a discussion in their absolutely or in any of our social media on their So if you WANNA join ghostly society, go to facebook dot com slash group slash grossly society all one Word Okay So we got that done man I was so excited about the pulse. I don't think it's going to go the same way for this episode Well, we'll see we'll see this is our second listener choice episode. I really enjoy doing these I. Don't know about you. Yeah. I do too. It helps. You know because we have a lot of ideas, but it's nice to to let the listener kinda guide us where we should go. Yup So our first one was about the von Erich family and and that was that was a lot of fun because it was like my childhood coming out there I mean it was a sad story, but it was definitely. I mean yeah. I'm not excited about the story I'm excited that I got to talk about stuff that's about wrestling. So this is one of those episodes that we had really wanted to do. We had always wanted to do Gettysburg. But I. Guess we're kind of asking your permission by having it as listener choice episode. Although a few listeners had actually suggested this as an episode. Seems like this episode is coming to us very. Fitting. Time in our country's. I'm back then the world was just as polarized as it is today and I want to admit to everyone that I totally see it to. So many of us are on opposite sides at this moment. WHOA WHOA. You're going here. Will Yeah I mean it's important that we talk about this on ghostly. Okay. But I mean like were like politics. Well, I mean. Half of us are Hashtag team believer in the other our hash tag team skeptic. How can we even exist in the same space then right It is a challenge. No, let's be fair here. We are not just talking about ghostly when when we say that. Although we do want to keep this podcast politics free. And just because I joke, please don't. Take any of the current situations in the world lightly. I have a very heavy heart that We are not a unified country at this moment. And I me too and I think that part of our hope with ghostly. is to to take a subject that's a little less. Scary to talk about. But yet is still polarizing where you're seeing ghosts are less scary than politics. How in today's world? Be Right with relatives and things like that, and you know yet to show that it is possible to have a conversation with the other side you find a middle ground sometimes into to understand the you can. You can see how someone sees the world and it. Makes you better a better person when you understand someone else better true I mean I do have to admit it is kind of frustrating when you know somebody believes things other than what I believe. But I mean that's part of being a human being and I'd rather be associated with people that don't feel exactly one hundred percent the way that I feel because they could help me grow yeah right. Exactly. So anyways, this episode I'm we are really excited about it As. I said it's been one of those topics that we've wanted to talk about. We're going to be talking about the town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The site of the Gettysburg address after the battle of Gettysburg that took the life of over fifty thousand people. Americans just yet hazy back between July first in July third in eighteen, sixty three. You have a ghost story to kick us off I do. All that well, it's not GonNa get a lot happier. Life boomed just letting you know definitely a You know sad topic but but definitely interesting. Okay. So here is our. Today awesome. Charlie woke up with a start and gasped I saw them. I. Got Up and hurried over to him hoping he hadn't woken his sister sleeping next to him. Luckily, she was still out from our long day of touring, Gettysburg. Charlie was panting and looking terrified. Who did you see whispered wiping his forehead he was sweating the soldiers, doctors people running everywhere. The were screaming and scared. I did my best to calm down and explain it was just a dream. We had taken a historical tour that day and learned a lot about the battle. Usually. He does well learning about history and not taking it into his dreams but I guess this was the exception. Our Guide had been a bit more graphic explanations than I was expecting. After a while I got him back to sleep, but now I was awake. I. Like to my husband still asleep through it all of course. After twenty minutes of laying in bed and looking at the ceiling I realized, I wasn't going to sleep like this. I need to walk around clear my head. I found my shoes remember to grab a room key and snuck out of our hotel room. The farnsworth house in headed interesting place to stay this trip. At has been here since before the battle there still bullet holes from the snipers and fighting that happened here. It's like living in the history I thought to myself. I made my way downstairs thinking maybe I'll just sit in one of the compete shares in the living room off the lobby. Read one of the books there. But as I turned down the hallway. I see glowing light at the other end. Curious I continue down the hall to see what it is. I'm pretty sure the latest coming from the breakfast room. Maybe someone is in there getting a snack I think like a gopher a snack. When I got to the doorway. Something feels off. The late doesn't look like normal artificial light. When I turn and take a step into the room a half to stifle a scream. Inside the room is a scene like from a movie. Thursday table with a civil war soldier on it he is covered in blood and one of his legs is gone. To nurses are trying to control the blood will at doctor seems to be getting some tools ready. Is this some reenactment practice I thought. I opened my mouth to ask just that when I realized there. No sound. It's quiet in the room. And the light is coming from the scene itself. It's like I'm watching an old silent movie. The same movie my son had just told me he dreamed about I realize. A shook my head at closed. My eyes thinking I'm just imagining it but when I open them seen still there. One of the nurses looks at me. I almost think she sees me. But then she looks back down at the patient and says something I can't hear to the doctor I realize that the patient has died he didn't make it. I close my eyes and sorrow and when I open them. This time the scene is gone. Just gone. I realize I'm shaking and very cold. Glancing over my shoulder, the whole way I make my way back up to our room as quickly as I can. Laying down, I think there is no way I can sleep after that. But I do. Wow. How much of that? Did you make up? A fair amount. Okay, I mean some of it is based on. Evidence, we're going to talk about, but a lot of it is. Is Different. Like the characters are fictitious and the location I mean it's a real location but that is not a thing that is talked about at the ferns the Farnsworth though the sniper bullet holes are real. Oh, that's cool. Ask Cool. All right I think we should probably take a break because we have a pretty long history section coming up. Sounds get. Cal Panic I got a question for you. What's that Bob? Would he know about off man the wachner monster ghosts, demons, things that go bump in the night not much. Bob Will Lucky for you. We host podcast called Bob after dark when we talk about Legend's war and a supernatural. Wow. Where can I find this podcast wherever you find your great podcasts at? All right. We're back and Rebecca are you ready for the extra long history section? Let's do it. Love it. All right. So would be really easy for us to start with the history of the battle of Gettysburg right? It would but let's be fair that has never been what goes leads about. So I'm GONNA take a look back at the complete history of this town. Although I cannot cover every single detail though because there's just way too much. or we would just simply have a Gettysburg podcast. Which? At the history would kind of be fascinating right? Right I mean I'm sure there are Gettysburg podcast there and Yeah. Books movies I mean Yeah so we're definitely GonNa hit the highlights. Still a lot about movies that are made from books. You'd think that is possible for Gettysburg Yeah. What about books that are written from movies? Data I'm not sure about okay. So let's start off this with the early history of Gettysburg. Samuel gettys was born in Seventeen, twenty, five in Randalstown. County Atrium of Northern Ireland. When he was fourteen or fifteen years old, he arrived in, America can't really call it the United States though then right that's true because it wasn't He was a pioneer that came to the new lands to start his life and family. There were a lot of Scottish and Irish settlers in those days all looking for their own land in Pennsylvania? Southeast Pennsylvania already had around one hundred and fifty families. There were mostly farmers some worked at flower or sawmills and others were tanners or blacksmiths. All things we don't really have as much of anymore right? True. Or do you know of any flower? Well, there's still a farmer sawmills and there some of those and there are some tanner's yeah. Not As many blacksmiths. No, we need more blacksmiths in the world. Today. I eventually in seventeen forty nine, your county was established which encompassed what is now considered Adams County. In seventeen sixty, two Samuel Getty acquired a tavern license. I mean they figured they might as well give give him the license as he had been running an underground tavern for years at that point. So the county might as well make some money on it. Smart County Right. In seventeen sixty five Samuel acquired the legal title to three hundred, eighty one acres of land that surrounded the tavern. He officially restore side his tavern it became hugely successful so much. So that recruitment for George Washington's Continental Army took place there in June of Seventeen, seventy five. That's interesting right? Everything was going great and Samuel might have founded the town of Gettysburg right then in there but he had found himself in some debt. In order to get some of the land, he had to donate money to the continental army. And after they won the revolutionary more for he had all this land but not much actual money. I see. So when I sa- play monopoly okay. With my one friend, Courtney when we were kids we always used to call her the farmer because she would buy up like every piece of property then have zero. Money. Way With anything which is a pretty bad thing to say about farmers. I. That's definitely not. True, but at the time, like you have a lot of land and no money. was used definitely land heavy. So in order to satisfy debts, the court ordered him to sell off some of his land in. Seventeen. Eighty. But Samuel had a son, a very smart son that became fairly successful in eventually bought back one, hundred, sixteen of the. Three hundred eighty one acres that Samuel had and some of that land had been where the tavern in the store were at. James laid out blueprints of the town of Gettysburg. The blueprints allowed for two hundred, ten lots, and they used a lottery system to sell these lots. One of the early buyers was a man by the name of John Trucks will. He was a revolutionary war veteran and by the time of his death at the ripe old age of ninety four, he had ten children. One of them was Abraham. Trucks will who was the first child born in Gettysburg? John Trucks will had seventy one grandchildren. and. Twenty great grandchildren before he passed. On, one of his great great grandchildren is a man named William Truck Saul who became the mayor of Gettysburg and served until two thousand sixteen. Oh. Wow Right. How interesting that really spans the gap there there hell Gettysburg was officially born on January tenth seventeen, eighty, six, I like the use of the word boring Samuel. Getty died in Gettysburg on March fifteenth seventeen ninety after watching the plots of land that he had got with his tavern become a town. Gettysburg grew just like any other small town, but it had a slower start. In seventeen ninety five, they had only sold off about a quarter of the plots. In, eighteen hundred, they became the county seat of the newly formed Adams County. There were few towns that were in the race to get this honor, but it was because the town pledged to raise the seven thousand dollars that it would cost to build the county building. So they figured win win situation they needed to build the building anyways and if they were going to pay for it might as well make them Make them the county seat. There you go. Okay. So. if not for people like gettys and the truck CELS Gettysburg wouldn't have been the same town that it is. Now it wouldn't have that name though right because Gettysburg came from Gatti's. In eighteen, fifty, nine Gettysburg got a railroad line from Gettysburg to Hanover, which actually I think it was used until the early nineteen hundreds and then it stopped being used for a little bit and then they reestablished it again. In eighteen sixty, the town had grown to four hundred and fifty buildings. So that's that's pretty good. I mean that one hundred, ten, Lhasa or fifty buildings. That's a lot. So that brings us now to the battle of Gettysburg this was a huge turning point in our nation's history and it was the it had the most casualties of the entire civil war. Yeah I. Mean It's a big number. It is definitely like fifty thousand people. I mean it's interesting to think this town just had a regular. History just a small town history and then now it's Vamos infamous I don't know. The town's fault known what happened here in any way and I think I mean you'll tell us about how it got to that be in that town but. It's just interesting. You know that it was just a regular town. It was. It's not like New York or you know like a big city where you would imagine the big battles for Charlotte or something like that. It's just this. Regular town that anyone could be living in and all of the sudden. You know you're you're. Famous I'm going to talk about that in just a second union Major General George. Meade's Army of the Potomac defeated the confederate general Robert L Lee's Army of Northern Virginia and essentially halted Lee's invasion of the north. To be honest though as Rebecca kind of was saying Li hadn't really foreseen that there was going to be a battle Gettysburg his sites were much higher than that. It was accidental. that. This was a major battleground. Lee had a strike on the north prior to this and it was unsuccessful but they they had just had a huge victory in Virginia. These confederate army of northern. Virginia were were brimming with confidence after this major victory that they had. In Lee wanted to strike again. So this would have been very strategic for the confederates at this time as it would have given them a position that they could eventually attack Philadelphia Baltimore and Washington D. C.. And they could get some more supplies from the very rich northern farms. But maybe even more importantly, it could take some of the heat out of Virginia, which is where a good portion of the battles were fought. Now, I've heard that the confederates actually went after Gettysburg because there was a large supply of shoes there. Oh, that's interesting. But that's not true. There were no shoe manufacturers in Gettysburg at that time. Okay. So the theory was is that you know I mean you're in war and these people are walking a lot. Their shoes are going to wear down eventually. So the theory was that they actually one after Gettysburg just for the shoes interesting but they didn't it was purely accidental. But it when they were going it was that they they were going north. They were going north but they wanted to strike a bigger town I gotcha. Okay and all the roads. They're kind of lead through Gettysburg if you went into that part of Pennsylvania. All right then so they were kind of forced into it. If they wanted to take roads shirt, they could have crossed over forested land but then. Those darn shoes would have wore out even quicker than right? Yeah interesting. so I'll although Lee made several mistakes leading into this battle and in the battle itself they were outnumbered going into it. though they really didn't know this necessarily, the Union army was spread apart. And I, it consisted of a lot of different militias. And they didn't know exactly how many people there are going to be facing at that time. Also if we look at the union side of things, Lincoln was very displeased with his general and leader of the army of the Potomac. which was Joseph Hooker at the time. while he outgunned and outnumbered Lee's troops, he seemed very reluctant to confront Louis. Lee's army after they were defeated and Chancellor's fell. I would say, I, have no I. I read Lincoln Bagger favorite a couple, and I just remember that he replaced his generals lot. Like I don't remember this necessarily in particular but. I just know there were a lot of times. He would be like unhappy and you know pull in somebody else will hooker pretty much. Them. To get to Gettysburg. Where they should have cut him off right away Gotcha. So they were in northern territory and Lincoln felt they. He should have stopped them before Chancellor Ville is actually in Virginia okay, and that was the major victory and then they marched from there it was two months that they had to do something and hooker didn't do anything Gotcha So luck would have it that hooker resigned. Oh Jeez He resigned on June twenty eighth eighteen sixty three in this gave Lincoln the chance to put in Major General George Gordon need. It's a long name. It is a long name Once mead was established he set out in pursuit of Lee's seventy, five, thousand men. These men had just crossed the Potomac River and were into Maryland, and marching towards Pennsylvania. So because of that. They pretty much were GONNA end up in Gettysburg. Well, and it's weird whatever you say Potomac, because I was thinking the Potomac as in DC. It's not just in DC. It's a whole river but it my brain disassociates that so I could see being like. That's nervous. You know or they're on their way was definitely a dividing line between the north and the south during the war yeah. LE- must been outraged when he found out that the union soldiers had crossed the Potomac. Leah tried hard to make this impossible. He when they were going through they were destroying a lot of the railways. And destroying the telegraph lines that were crucial for the communication. So they really believed that they were going to have a sneak attack on a big city. Leeann planned to have his troops all meet up in Gettysburg Bow. Although a crucial mistake that he made was to send off some of the cavalry to the east of the large union force. This would mean that they wouldn't return for the most crucial first two days of the battle So he didn't have some of his troops. Yeah Yeah. The cavalry, which was very important General AP Hill command had approached Gettysburg looking for supplies. When they saw that some union soldiers had arrived the day before them. So it just so happened that everybody just kind of met up there. It was going to be that you know Gettysburg was the combining of all the confederate troops and they were going to march on from there. and the Union had kind of. Plan the same kind of thing I guess. Okay interesting. So Lisa that this was a huge advantage and he gave orders to attack the union soldiers that were there. Early, he gave these orders to you'll a man who had taken command of the army of the northern Virginia after leased most trusted general. Thomas. J. Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded during the battle that the confederates one in chancellor. Ville. You'll decline the orders though as he considered, the Union's position was way too strong. Now, night, more troops arrived in extended the defensive line along. Cemetery. Ridge to the hill known as little round top. So if they have attacked when Lee had said that maybe they have overtaken the union troops that had been there because they waited more union troops arrive maybe I mean you know and there's there's also this theory that if the confederates had taken little round top early that they would have won that battle but I've seen conflicting reports, they were just outnumbered and outgunned. So it might have it might have made for more casualties on the Union side which might have turned more battles after battle of Gettysburg. So interesting. Yeah. So now it is been said that not a lot of battle actually happened on day one. but this is simply not true in my research I found that upwards of sixteen thousand men lost their lives on day one. Through. Various battles. But on D. Two, which is the more popular the days For the Battle of Gettysburg, the Union army had established strong positions from Cope's hill to cemetery ridge. Lee was hell bent on winning this war against the advice of his second in command James Long Street he wanted to attack the union where they stood. He ordered Long Street to lead an attack on the unions left while us. Troops would attack on the right. Idea was that this would happen early in the day, Belong Street couldn't even get into position until about four PM. And then over the next several hours, the battle raged along sickles line, which stretched from the nest of folders known as Devil's Dan which I think you're going to be talking about devils. Dan Oh yeah. We've already we've you've been mentioning some stuff talk about for sure devils Dan into a peach orchard as well as a nearby wheatfield. Loops of little round top. You know an orchard field is not the ideal setting for a battle of this magnitude. Yeah. That's true. the union held little round top but lost the orchard, the field and Devil's den. In, at the end of day to the confederates were actually this battle. But at what cost each side had lost over nine thousand men each. And so far, there was thirty five thousand bodies scattered everywhere around the area. So if you could picture that I mean that's all I mean yeah, it's imaginable. It is definitely definitely one of the bloodiest battles in America's history well and I mean the thing you always thinking about with the civil wars unlike every other war everyone that died was an American. So when you count I wouldn't say every there were other influences that help but but I mean they'd were if you know share fighting overseas. We'll have the half the people you know might be America you know Americans and the other half are some other country whereas if it's here fighting each other. We're all the casualties. Oh absolutely and because of this location to there were a lot of people that were family that were on both sides. Oh right and actually During the civil war people didn't really know how to ask about this because we hadn't had You know America fighting America before so like you would have the battle in the middle and on the outskirts, there would be people having picnics watching the war. Cash yeah crazy. Well, I know I read one story of a woman who was making biscuits and got shot. While she was doing that Oh, I could definitely see you know. It will yeah I'll let you finish in case you're gonNA talk about some stuff but it's it is it is interesting but let's say like Russia had invaded the US today it would be like us going to watch the battle and sitting in the outskirts you know with no fear that that the Russians were going to kill us Because it was America versus America yeah it was different. It was really weird war. So on day three. Lee thought that his men were very close to victory. Lee decided to send three divisions of his men less than fifteen thousand troops and have them March almost a mile across open fields to attack a dug in Union infantry position. Long Street protested, but of course, Lee was not hearing it. He ordered the attack under General George Pickett. This. Part of the battle was called Pickett's charge. it started around three PM. So war usually happen in the afternoon during these. Hey. Well, when you have that many guy how they takes that long to clear things out or I don't know the confederate started in artillery bombardment with one hundred and fifty confederate guns. The Union infantry just had to pick off as many confederate soldiers as they could before they reach them one mile away. And at the same time, they were doing that regiments from. Vermont York and Ohio hit both the enemies flakes. The confederates were caught from all sides and they lost two thirds of their men. Lee waited the next day. July, fourth eighteen, sixty three, which is very symbolic July. Fourth, right he waited for a counter attack but it never came. So the Union. During all of this were basically just holding their own ground. Okay. They weren't trying to they weren't. They weren't actively on offense they run defense the whole time Gotcha. On that night in heavy rain, the confederate army pulled back to Virginia. In the union had won the battle of Gettysburg. While while I guess they a guessing they just lost too many people they did and Not only that I mean their position was really bad at this point. So they wanted to pull away at the end of the civil war though sure sure. Oh Yeah. They they wanted to live to fight on another day. Now in movies, it's often portrayed that while cleaning up the remains of the dead that Abraham Lincoln came in and gave his Gettysburg address. this isn't true. In fact, it's far from the truth. And Lincoln They've people have said that he wrote part of the Gettysburg address are all the Gettysburg address envelopes on the way to Gettysburg. But the Library of Congress has the actual first drafts and it was written on stationery wasn't written on envelope. It's just folk legend. What is true is that he delivered the Gettysburg address on November nineteenth eighteen, sixty three, which was some four months after the battle. If they had waited for months to remove the remains there. It would be very difficult. Yes. So definitely, the by that point, the remains had been. Did you read some of the craziness about the remains? No. So I mean obviously for me with my ghost research, I think they focused more on that But the idea was that the battle, a lot of people thinking and a lot of what you talked about happening fields and you know in these more. Nature areas but but it was also fought in the town. I mean the entire town was the battlefield But yes, soldiers afterwards you know there were just so many dead. I mean you can't mean as fast as you can bury people, you can't do it fast enough and just a lot of graphic details that I. I won't go into you know here but you know it was hot it's the middle of summer and just Really, disturbing. Yes. Corruptions of what happened to to these beasts bodies you know, and so I'm glad Lincoln wasn't there I guess is what I'm. Brazil, a dangerous space for him to be at that point but also just very disease ridden and dangerous and and a difficult difficult space. Yeah and. If, you listen to our episode on Abraham, Lincoln and even the Italian bride we talked about that linkin actually wanted to. To Take Care of the dead right away. He was really big on that. He believed that that's one of the things that he owed the families of these victims or these soldiers not victims they got into it willingly. So yeah, he was quick to have people in bombed and you know buried so. four months later there was probably no remains left there. So. But. The Gettysburg address was inspired by the events of the battle. That's why that's why it was setting Gettysburg. But the Gettysburg address. That Lincoln delivered was only two, hundred, seventy, two words. It transformed the unions 'cause into a struggle for liberty and equality. It helped garner more support and was a day that our nation became more compassionate. We will always still have a lot of work to do for this mission of equality but Lincoln's words touched the nation. And how Rebecca would you mind reading this for US This is Lincoln's how how he ended the Gettysburg address shore. From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. that. We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain. That this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom. And that government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth. Burying spiring words right absolute. The whole address and just steps. Yeah. So the thing that I found very interesting is that. Fifteen thousand people came to hear that address. Wow and it was a it was a dedication of a national cemetery. Lincoln didn't even receive top billing on this event. Did you know that know Edward Everett a politician and pastor was the headliner? Everett spoke for two hours. The words that he said we're not meant for the common man though. They were meant for other politicians or at least well to do or educated people. that was how politicians talked in those days they talk to other politicians and educated people. Lincoln in his two hundred, seventy, two words actually changed the way that politicians delivered speeches. No longer would speech be written just for the educated speeches would come from the heart and try to touch every single person. And although of all the speakers on this day. Only. About two hundred of the fifteen thousand people in the in the whole attendance would actually hear those words. As, there were no microphones. So Lincoln had to. Talk really loud and he was a fairly spoken person in even if he shouted only the first ten rows of people could actually hear what he had to say. The rest would have to wait until the next day or even a week later when it was put in their local newspapers and again, they had a bunch of picnics while he was delivering it, they would sit on a hill and. Have a picnic in just look at people. They couldn't even see because they were so far away and couldn't hear a word that the screen above him behind Tron. Titan Triton. In, fact Everett the person that was the headliner wrote a letter to Lincoln saying this I wish that I could flatter myself that I could come as near to the central idea of the occasion in two hours as you did in two minutes. The civil war ended on April ninth eighteen, sixty, five heavy reached the equality that Lincoln spoke about. Maybe as I don't think he could have actually imagined a world where people of color were treated the same as white people. But. I mean we have to do much much better and bring about the equality that most everyone agrees is needed. It's time and it's far pastime. Absolutely. Yeah I again I, I feel like. Our Nation as you cut earlier is divided. You know in a lot of ways still won't one thing we should never be divided on is human rights. Absolutely. You have anything to add to the history just that I. It's we've talked a little bit about the devastation, and just the idea that more people died in this battle then I think like an all of the Vietnam War. As far as Americans go you know I'm not sure of that fact. I'm pretty sure I read that fact, but anyway, it's it's it's it's a lot and it's it's incomprehensible to think about and I just again I I live in a county seat. In, a town that is kind of central to my little region and it's like this idea that. You know just it could happen. I mean hopefully. But the idea that like you could just be living your life I mean you know that there's battles happening and like like you said, you know like people just of were watching it and then all of a sudden it's in your town and it's there and there's a woman making biscuits and you know, but then I think. There are cities in our country. Where that does happen violence does come. To your neighbor hopefully no picnics while they're. pollino picnics I don't know. anyways it's difficult. It's a challenging time It's interesting to hear about this history and I appreciate you walk into the three days because I I have seen movies but it I will say I'm I'm more red on the revolutionary word that I am on the civil war. So this was interesting to. Individual Battles, right? Yeah. But I mean to think that day fifty thousand men died from what nowadays people would Think were were foolish foolish reasons I. mean nominee people right now would question that people should be slaves hopefully. Let's hope. So fifty thousand people die. You know for something that we take for granted on a day to day basis nowadays. Yeah that we should all be free. Yes and Yeah I really hope that. the country is heading in the right direction as far as equality. Being more open to talk to each other. If we can't do anything, we should at least be equal. We should at least see each other as human beings. Yes that's a good starting place. Yeah. All right. So let's take a break. He listeners did you know there's a way to share with the world whether you're Hashtag team believer or hashtags team skeptic or for those? Who Need it tag team the middle it's our store called ghostly gear. Yup and we even have custom ghostly designs like micro-climate or even the Easter Island massacre or of the ghostly logo just visit our goes lear store right on Ghost podcasts dot com to order your t-shirt Hoodie Mug. Mask. Whatever okay. Okay. I think we got it. There they seem to visit ghostly PODCASTS DOT COM and click on ghostly gear to order right on the website and send us any ideas that you have for Newmarch exactly order your merch today and send us a pick of you and your ghostly gear. All right. We're back sorry to get a little political I. Don't think it's political at all I think human rights are needed all around the world even but. You know I mean Gettysburg. Those people lost their lives and it It's a serious topic. So it's Kinda hard not to get a little serious about it but. We're going to get even more serious. It's still it's still it's still going to be serious but we're GonNa talk about some ghosts. All right. I'm ready to talk about Ghost I. Guess. Yeah. All right. You got. Okay. So we have a number of things today I wanted to try to get in some kind of more. Recent sightings along with some classic stories that people tell Gettysburg, I will just say over all there's a lot I have not been to Gettysburg, but there are a lot of tours and we had a lot of listeners talk about those in the comments on facebook. So although a lot of people say that they're similar to the GALENA goes tours. Did, go Lena goes towards and we will do an episode on Galena Illinois at some point. Yeah definitely. Anyway. So there's a lot of lot of stuff going on and as I picked. Some of the stories certainly, not enough time to go over all of them. Okay. So the first thing, actually references a little bit back to the go story of today It's the Phantom Surgery. defendthem surgery. Yeah. So this story shows up a lot of websites I pulled it from live about and Gettysburg the Gettysburg College website, which is where this happened. So, Gettysburg College was I think it was called like, Pennsylvania. College. Back in the day but it was around and it has been the site of of several different encounters over the years but the the one that is the most popular is what's to college administrators claim to have seen one night. Okay. So at during the battle, the building had been used as a field hospital. During the Gettysburg but this night. So this was you know after battling Gettysburg. to administrators taking the elevator down from the fourth floor to the first. they weren't thinking about the battle because it had been like a hundred years before. the elevator past the first floor and continued onto the basement. They had not pressed the basement button but the elevator. On its own went to the basement. The opened and the administrators couldn't believe what they saw It was supposed to be a storage space, but it was a scene from the hospital. There were dead and dying men lying all over the floor blood covered doctors, and these were rushing around chaotically trying to save the lives of the soldiers. they didn't hear any sound. but they just they saw it. They saw it very clearly. they were obviously horrified freaking out, they pushed the elevator buttons to close the doors as the doors close. They said, one of the orderlies looked up and directly at them appearing to see them with a pleading expression on his face. and then this was interesting they it didn't see this everywhere but in a couple places they talked about. That one of the The sky the tour guide Nesbitt I think is his name. He's the one that wrote a lot of the goes stories. He would been a ranger that the he was told the story a couple was retold the story by a complete stranger. And, the stranger was like, oh no, no I know all about it as the person who experienced this parable that was a friend of theirs who wants attended the college. But after the couple in the stranger Kinda gave details to each other namely like the names of the people it turned out that the couple was referencing an entirely separate account. So in other words, this happened a couple of times to different people supposedly. Gets confusing there. Okay. anyways. So what do you think? I don't have much to say as I wasn't there and I can't analyze the evidence or anything like that The only thing that I could think of is that these are stories that are told. To people and those people tell other people on those people, write it down. So facts can be changed in exaggerated over the years and over the tailings of these stories. You know. I am I'm not sure I. don't even know where to go with that because to me this isn't evidence that. You know I could see or be a part of or look at. So it's really hard to come up with any explanation for what might have happened at that time. That being said, my rating this will be to probably wow, that's pretty high for me. It is pretty high for you. I'm going to give it a I'm gonNA give it a six. Okay. which is a little lower side for me just because I. It does seem a little interesting that there are people that you know new different people that supposedly saw it. But you are right that those people didn't the people who supposedly actually saw it weren't the ones to write it down. Yeah and. Harder like I searched for any kind of news stories or anything like that were they actually interviewed these people or any video footage of them being interviewed and and they have not been interviewed like that. So. therefore, it's like it's like a he said, she said kind of thing, and then my only other thing is that I could say that Nesbitt wrote a book about it and when you write a book, I mean, you could be making money and I don't want to just say it's about money I'd like to believe that he actually heard these stories you know and that he's it's actually a true account, but I have no proof of anything. So the only thing I could debate in this is I could debate Nesbitt, that's about it. And that's not fair for this story. So I'm I'm choosing not to debate this topic but not to. Believe too too much of it because no, you know I mean we haven't talked to these people. These people have never come come forward. Agate that that's it'd be scary to come forward and talk about it. I mean watching the ufo stuff and the unsolved mystery episode five about the UFO, which if you haven't seen that, you should probably watch it. I understand where these people might have a hard time speaking out people would You know think that they're liars call them names. There's there's a lot of you know hazing that would happen after something like that. But I can't take it as evidence than either it's it's it's a challenge. It's a challenge that I'm not taking so. All right. Okay. So now I've got the next two are based on videos which I shared with. You of watch and I will, of course, include on the show notes and. I will also say something just interesting about both of these videos is that. The one. No say this one took place at night but the other took place during the day. Yes and one interesting thing i. read a little bit of a book that was written about some ghost hunting that was done in like the eighties. It was a while ago or maybe it was early nineties but and they were just talking about how actually they've closed off some of the parks at night because there's just too many people I think you can do it with the ghost tour. but anyways that and I and I remember talking about this way back in our paranormal limitation society thing. But it was they were claiming that it is just as likely to get. VP's all of those things during the daytime and Gettysburg as it is at night that goes through just as active anytime that it doesn't matter. Anyway especially around three or four PM. There you go. All right. So the first piece of evidence was a video of a ghostly figure thing they naming. So often throughout any of the battlefield areas, the things that you talked about places you talked about people claim to see ghostly figures and this was a video of one they were driving around by the cemetery there were gravestones and like not real cannons but lake cannons as like you know I think they were real cameras but I think that they were on non nonfunctional. Yes. There you go. That's what I mean to set. He just take out some of the insides of it. But as they're they're filming a figure well, what you describe what you saw. What would I see in the video and I've watched it probably ten times now I see a person that looks like he's in like I'm assuming that this is a night vision kind of camera. So the coloring will would be off but I'm seeing like a man in like a white robe. With a black belt around it. So it's probably a black robe with the light colored belt around it or something, and his face looks Pale white kind of like You know in karate kid when they were when Cobra Kai People Johnny in the Cobra. Kai. People were being the skeletons which is really cool costume just just in case listeners didn't know PAT is. Really into the credit I. Love the Crotty kid like watches it over and over again. But it looked like some monk or something like that. That was out there and the way that he walked was very much just like just a bro. It was just a bro behind the behind the canons. Well, he's behind again is, and then he walks in front he almost as walking towards them a little bit and then fades away i. Sorry just looks like a person I. Don't know if they staged the video or if they got you know fooled themselves if they were punked. Okay that's to me. It looked ghostly figure but I will say to me. It didn't look real. I. Didn't look legit. It looked like Photoshop Ter- store or there was a person walking and then they did they distorted it or something happened I mean their reactions were very believable but I will say to me the footage looked not real looked hokey cokey. So what rating would you give us zero Sarah I? I would give it a three. I'll give them a little bit. Maybe it was something but I don't think. So all right. All right next video there's no ghostly figure but another common claim although although in the comments if you look people do say that there is something they video I didn't see any see that and the people are talking about this. It's a very oddly named video I don't know. But it's people claim another thing people claim on the battlefields to hear sounds of the battle to hear soldiers crying out that is a common paranormal thing. So this is a video and on the video you clearly hear voices I mean it's it's not as loud as you might think, you know it's there and it sounds like they're yelling run several voices and I'm GonNa be honest. This was probably the one of the more chilling videos that I've watched. In a while. So. Okay. First of all, let's talk about the title. It mentioned something about an EDP. Okay. It does but it doesn't sound like an AV piano. So that's what I'm GONNA say it doesn't sound like an EDP because an MVP usually sounds like it's somebody that or the the volume is not. Portrayed from like far distance. It's portrayed from where the speaker right and it's like staticky style. So this is this wasn't that I don't think. So the naming was really weird. also when. When I when I watched it, it reminded me of camping. And I've done a fair bit of camping Where you know it's in a campground with other people in it and you might not be right next to the next camp site but it sounds like a couple of campsites over and somebody just yelling it doesn't sound. Like. It's a ghost or or or anything like that. I. It doesn't. I mean sounds like just a person yelling run. I thought it definitely sounded more. Go See than that I did not and very creepy. I didn't I don't buy into this one bit I? mean. There's no. Okay. So even if we're going to accept this as evidence right there is no evidence that this was a ghost. It could be a person and if it could be a person, isn't that more likely that it's a person then than a coast yelling something So what's Your Rating Zero k? I'm giving this one, a seven what yes. No, it was creepy command. We watch the same thing we're going to post these. Go Society will put them out on the if you want to join our coffee group, maybe we'll share the videos for our members. By me a coffee if you do that, you know, but it'll they'll be linked in the show notes to but early early access to some of the others. Okay. All right. Moving on. So you mentioned the Devil's den I did mention that in your in your history. So, this series actually been around for a while and there's lots of stories as to why it's called Devil's den, none of which are really like the devil It's all other reasons but even before. The civil war. People would talk about it as an eerie creepy place and there was a lot of things with native Americans there a battle supposedly happened there you know. So it's it's been around as a as a weird place in the eighteen eighties a man named Emmanuel. Bushman wrote about the Irina of the area he claimed that there had been a battle here with native Americans and wrote that it was an area of many unnatural and supernatural sights and sounds. So the point of that is just to say. That it's not like just recently that people decided, this is a creepy area even back in the eighteen hundreds. People talked about it as creepy. So. Here is the famous story. Okay. So in the nineteen seventies, a woman approached arranger and claim that she had been at Devil's den taking photos in the early morning as she was by the boulder she felt that someone was behind her she turned to look at a man approached her she said, he looked like a hippie this was the seventies. Right long dirty hair ragged clothing, a big floppy hat and no shoes. She said she claimed he said to her what you are looking for is over there and pointed behind her she turned to look where he pointed saw nothing turned back and he was gone. So. then. The ranger claims at a month. Later, a male photographer came in with a similar question the question. Sorry. The woman had asked was worthy ghosts out there and he asked this because when he developed his pictures from around the same spot as the woman, a man appeared in the photos that hadn't been there when they were taken, it was this hippie looking ma'am. the writer that I was reading said, he thought this might be the ghost of Texas soldier as they were kind of the most remote and frontier of the the people on the in the army, and they often didn't have shoes because our families were so far away. They couldn't really send them shoes like other Were able to get Schuessel easier, I think this is the story of the helpful ghost. That people will often tell. The doesn't sound helpful at all. Well, he's like Oh what you're looking for is over there. So often you'll hear the story of like there's a ghost by Devil's den. Will. Come and tell you what she want is over there and I think it stems from from this particular story. So your description of this man, he makes me think of Rondon from parks and REC. Member the other Ron Oh. Yeah. It makes me think of him I could see that I'm picturing. Long Hair. Yeah. Yeah. Long Hair. So I don't know. I you know I'm not one to buy into pictures that often as they could have superimposed images especially in the seventies and stuff. So the picture doesn't really do anything for me her accounts of a looking man, it was the seventies. Yes. There were hippies true. May Be. The hippie was there and you know maybe he thought he was done in left and she just couldn't find him I. Don't I don't like I can't picture the area that she's in Devil's Den. So I I have no idea but I really. This to me, this helpful ghost is not not helpful at all as. It didn't find anything when he's like, Hey, look over there. It's basically he saying look there's Elvis. Person Turns around and then he's gone. I think it was a hippie. Okay. Hey, I think it's perfectly logical to believe that there was a hippie in the seventies in Gettysburg Cables Dan. Now, something I didn't put in here because I didn't WANNA to overwhelm us but I will say this is also an area people claim that their technology fails often. Okay so I don't know if that has like it's Kinda, countryish looking have you seen Devil's den Yeah Yeah? It's Kinda countryish looking I it's not like. Like I'm sure cellphone towers don't really hit that area. There's you know I I can totally see that and also to there could be scientific reasons why technology wouldn't work in a particular area versus another area? Yeah. So given that it was the seventies this man look like a hippy. perfectly logical to believe that there could be a hippie in the seventies. If I mean if not logical, it does I. Mean People there were there were hippies in this. All right. So what's your leaves probably? Eating sandwiches or something. My rating is zero. Zero right I'm going to give this one a six. Six because I think you're right, it could be a person. United's on that. But. It is a little weird that like he could have just like, did he run away and she just didn't hear him like it just seems weird. was he a vegetarian too? All right you ready for the last piece of evidence here I have nothing against Vegetarians. Okay. I'm just saying he's in the seventies there they you know there was some vegetarian that's possible. Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready. All right. I've got one last one that's kind of fun. Okay. I like fun. Yeah. So this is from little round top again you mentioned that you're history. Okay. So So this I found this in a couple couple of different sources So there's been a lot of movies made about Gettysburg My favorite is glory I love that movie with Matthew Broderick but there was a movie in nineteen eighty three called Gettysburg So during that the filming, they actually filmed a lot right at the location on the battlefields and they also used a lot of extras that were re-enactors. K.. So Some of the people that were on the film had this weird unexplained encounter. So during the Two, I don't know. during a break in Filming Win Day several of the extras were resting at little round top and admiring the setting sun they were approached by a grizzled old man whom they described as wearing a ragged and scorched union uniform and smelling of sulfur gunpowder. He talked to them about how furious the battle was as he passed around spare rounds of ammunition than went on his way at first, the extras assumed he. was part the production company again reenactor but their minds change when they look closely at the ammunition he gave them they took the rounds to the man in charge of giving out the props for the movie and he said they did not come from him turns at the ammunition from the strange old man were genuine musket rounds from the period. Yeah. I have so many questions about this one where they ghost rounds. How did how did a ghost get these rounds? From the eighteen sixties to give to I I don't understand how this is even possible. I mean, it's just gets ghost man he's walking around and he's just like housing. How does he have these rounds that he can give to somebody? It's a physical manifestation I know no, it's not. It's it's craziness I. I think it's all made up in hype for the movie. I. I believe this not at all. So you giving his era. Oh, if I could go lower than zero, I would with this one this one is just poor is just purely ridiculous. Also, I would like to state that a lot of these things that you're mentioning happened after the nineties. there was a large. Like a there was a long period of time where there were. No go stories about Gettysburg or very little go stories, and then all of a sudden nineteen nineties happened and all these people are ghost hunters and there's just a flood of ghost stories all of a sudden. How do you explain that Well. I mean I. think that's when we became a little more open to this concept. It became not as crazy for people to talk about stuff I. Disagree I believe that a lot of books were written during this time I believe a Lotta Ghost tour started to happen in a lot of people started making a fortune on these ridiculous stories of passing out round to. Other people the Ghost. Bullets. micro-climate. One of five because it is a little like I only found it in a few places I couldn't find any direct accounts from anyone who was actually there that like were telling this story. So it it was it was hard to find a lot with it but I I did see it in a few places and I thought it was fun. Wow. Yeah. So overall, what are you gonNA give Gettysburg Okay Berg haunted I'm to give it a six six overall. Yeah. I'm going to give it a one and the only reason why I'm giving it. A one is because of your first piece of evidence that I cannot speak to these people and I cannot debate the facts that they that they have not that they are real just because we need more detail, we need more information. So I'm going to give it a one pretending that given that information it would totally make me believe more and not and not less. Okay. So. That brings us to our closing arguments. This is our last chance to convince you to vote our way. We are each given one minute of uninterrupted time. We will time each other on our cell phones to keep each other honest and Rebecca are you ready? I am all right. Here we go one minute on the clock and start now. All right. So when you read accounts of grossly sightings Gettysburg. You read a lot of people claiming kind of these classic stories. But even the people that are that, go there that say you know what I didn't experience anything myself or I doubt some of these stories every single one of them says that it is an. Eerie place to be that there is a feeling there there is an energy there and I just do not think that these souls that. Were that were killed in such a violent manner and you know the the air was full of smoke and you couldn't see anything in the and the sounds that there's just no way that that there aren't some some souls that that got trapped there I just I don't think that's possible that there couldn't be some of that there do think that it's all of these are true. No But I I do think that in general Gettysburg. Haunt Oh. Oh, you went over on that I just you know. Okay I can't believe that I needed a dramatic pause. I am ready. Okay. and Go. I will give you that the. Location has a lot of history and a lot of dark history. A lot of people died that day on that battlefield and maybe people died before I found no evidence that there was this big Indian battle or native American battle that you know that you speak of but I will give you that it's dark but not every dark place is haunted just because people die in a particular area does not mean that there it's going to be haunted and just because the numbers doesn't mean that it's going to be haunted, you've presented no evidence me that is substantial enough where I could say this was definitely real therefore I'm GonNa go with. What I always go with at the end is that there is no way that this was real on no way that Gettysburg is haunted. A chance. I'll. Finished early did finish early so sad place but not haunted is what you're saying. Yeah. Maybe if you give me more evidence may be then I could finally. You know find something substantial enough. So I wanNA thank you so much for listening. Please share with your friends and family as word of mouth is our best advertisement, and now that you have listened to the episode, make sure that you head over to go slow podcast dot com slash polls to vote the polls will be up as the episode goes up and they will be up until Friday August fourteenth. And while you're there. Take the Trivia Ya check out the Trivia contest you all of August. So just remember that we do have a trivia contest going on right now until the end of August so you have to the last day of August go to go see podcasts dot com slash trivia to enter for your chance to win any ghostly t shirt of your choice we will announce the winner on our September sixteenth episode. So we are coming up on episode number fifty, zero. This is this is a big point and we really thought that we should you know hit a classic it bring out something that we've been wanting to do or these I've been wanting to do for a why I've wanted to do it from day one I actually suggested this and you said no at that point but now is it is our fiftieth episode. So you can no longer hold it back. No. This has to come out what is the episode going to be about? amityville horror or House or whatever you WanNa College. Amityville man just. The Warren it's got everything the movie before we even do any research or start on this. Are you scared by Amityville. This is the movie. Scared me do think there's a chance that it's real. I read conflicting reports. So I'm I am I'm actually interested to research this one. Okay. Yeah. But you're not gonNA. Count it out. I'M NOT GONNA no I'm not gonNA count it out. No no definitely not it's There's there's been a lot a lot written about this a lot of movies I've yeah. Super interesting stuff. So make sure to hit that subscribe button so that you are notified when it comes out to, you could help us celebrate our fiftieth episode. It comes out on August nineteenth. And we will still be doing the trivia contest. So we're going to talk more about it than remember for the Trivia contest. Make sure you check out our website and listen to some episodes hinted in. All the answers are they're they're they're they're not too hard to get to most of them. Yeah. Until next time stay ghostly.

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