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The next generation of galaxy is here and T mobile is the best place to get it. With features like wireless power share, the only thing better than getting the new galaxy S ten is getting it for free. So come to t mobile and get off free Samsung galaxy S any when you buy any galaxy S ten to fight an adult lines had twenty four monthly principal will qualify buyers. If you cancel service credit, stop and balanced do contact plus tax while service two or more lines and finance agreements required down thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months pre-credit price, seven four two nine nine nine zero percent PR. You about to enter the world of Michael's of. Now's your chance to turn back. This is. What a tragic week. We've had no we're offer a couple of weeks and the whole world goes to hell, and I'm not just talking about Dallas. I'm talking about the whole country. All right. I mean, America's a whole. It's so sad that you know, this protest we had here. Of course. That's what we're talking about. Really right now. Something so peaceful. It was ending peaceful and ended peaceful until this. Let's call him. What he is a terrorist comes in. And and just ruins the whole thing. I mean, it was a terrorist act an act of terror as a former President, George W Bush would say, listen, I saw the videos you see American the police shootings. Yeah. Okay. I saw I mean, I can only judge from the videos, but it looked unjust to me. Now. I I haven't watched the videos, but I haven't what here listening to a lot of talk shows. And if it puts have used them on what happened and everything, and I mean, I think the hands of the best they could you know, like to not endanger anymore live right because it wasn't just police officers on talking about the guys that were shot originally. That's that started about the police. Oh, the two. Earlier this week. No, I think the police handled the best they could. Absolutely. Yeah. In Dallas, Dallas this. Yeah. They threw themselves in front of. I'm talking about the guys that they shot unjustly. I saw one. The story was the guy was front of a convenience store and the cops are called because supposedly he was threatening somebody with the gun. Right. And and of course, like, I I really can't say too much about it. Because I don't know all the facts all we know is what we saw. Right. We don't know what happened before. Then we don't know. We don't know if it was harassing somebody in all also the angle the video was in. I can't see two animals. I saw the first one from the side. And then you have the other video that came out later, which was from the you so everything really graphic shoot. It. You don't see the shooting on both cats. I thought the one where things somebody inside the convenience store was filming and Agassi was the backside of the police officer. Yeah. Okay. That's that's the one. Yeah. And then they were kind of like just wrestling wrestling with the person that all here's good gunshots, and they back up, and then he's obviously bleeding out of his chest. And in the. A cop goes in and pulls a gun of his pocket. Right. So I don't think they need to kill him. I mean, maybe the first guy maybe he was threatening people with gun, maybe he interested. But these guys should have been at least in jail right now. Not at least the first guy. The second guy. Didn't do anything wrong. He was. You know, there's just bad cop. Sometimes you know, what I mean? But and I'm upset about it. But you can't burn down the whole orchard because you have a few bad apples. Right. Exactly. I have a ton of friends that are cops. I have been pulled over a million times because I have a heavy foot, and I've never in my entire life and all my interactions with police officers have I ever met a police officer. I thought was hateful a racist ever. And I say that to say. Ninety nine percent of the police. Officers are good people are the human. Yeah. We are all human. They make mistakes. Sure. But they're good people about people. I think James, I know, I don't know. In my everyday life anymore, and you say folks think more mixed than I do. I know anybody I should be the one who's been harassed all the time, and I look Arab, and I was even nervous like whenever like I would get pulled over. Yeah. You know? And then I look I look more like, you know, Caucasian than right? You do. Right. And I was so scared because you know, but also is because my parents instilled in me a fear. Police police really whatever reason right. Yeah. Lord. And so I mean like you ever had a cop that made it to where you should be scared me as a copy of to make, you know, not really one time you held up a convenience store. Call on me. Right. Whenever I was in front of a community not with a gun. You. No kidding. No. But no one time you I have been pulled over for a lot of times because most of the time when I was younger, I have expired inspection stickers. Expired, registration stickers. And so then we'll get pulled over a lot because I wouldn't go renew them. Why? Exactly. Okay. And then so, but I, you know, you do those ask cops or like this attitude having a bad day, or whatever, you know, and makes me feel uncomfortable. But they never did anything else. Yeah. I did have one time. A couple of me over this is whenever was eighteen years old just graduated high school, and he did maybe comfortable he pulled me out of my car today. Step Al, even my insurance mighty and everything he was set out go to the back of the car, put your hands. Oh, wow. On the trunk of your car stripper. Wasn't it? It was a gay stripper. No. No. No. It was the does please off. Oh, and I will say, okay. This is never this whole time that I've ever been pulled over in ties I blow before this time. Yeah. And this has never happened to where I was asked to step out of the car and put my hands on the back of my car, my car, I like what is going on here. So I put my hands on the truck on my car. And then he goes and looks inside my car, whatever comes back, and then he's he starts patting me down. Right. And I'm like what is doing? You know, like, I don't wanna wear amber Kombi, like sure. Jeans. You know, like. Yes. I was kinda find out. This dude. He liked me the cop like did you find this out because he he just wanted to Copperfield? Yeah. He was just like that movie. What was a crash? He was he was he was a white male. Not now old, but I would say like late pilot thirties early forties, and he was married while his wife and kids and everything. So this opportunity this chance. He asked what questions to like, he's he goes. Okay. Talian? Mexican. What do you go to high school? Yeah. And then he goes, okay? He goes what time you get all he has a diva boyfriend, and I'm like, how do you know, exactly? Well, he might have re maybe he ran your license plate and everything about you on their gay male has avoid friend or questionable. Maybe single. Maybe maybe he went to your school. No. Well, anyway, be sucked. Talked to mice base back. Then when after all the happened this weird, I'm thinking, I'm never going to see me know this dude shows up to the address all my as my parents house asking. Yeah. Mom's on the porch. And then it was a ten o'clock or somebody said, yeah, he pulls up, and she's thinking something happened to me or whatever. Yeah. My brothers or whatever, you know. So he goes he walks up there. And she this going to help you. He goes. Yeah. I just wanted to know if Eric erica's here, and then she goes, we'll d do something. And then he goes, no. I just wanted to see if he was here he stole something. What what he's still my heart. Exactly. Yeah. Ever since then, he was always, my friend. He gave me rides in the cop car just to soak up whenever dip. No, they still have this book up like if I need op car. No, I lost his number. Maybe you hold like like a flashlight in the air something like some kind of like a bat sign or. Always watching, you know, I don't know what happened. And then like he he goes if everybody helped for anything if you're whatever he goes, give me a call. He goes there right away. That's creepy leaving. That's great. I was once my ex. And then I was like oh my God. Can we see if he has a new warrants for his arrest? We can arrest him, right? Because like, I totally hate him. And he looked it up. But luckily, he didn't. Well, we say all that to say most cops are great people. Maybe they're gonna flirt with you. I don't know. Maybe they're gonna pull you out the card, maybe who knows? But. And these cops in Dallas didn't do anything wrong. In fact, they were there doing their job protecting our freedom of speech, something that we get to the privilege of enjoying every single day, and these cops that you see the pictures where some of these protesters are taking pictures with police officers smile. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful thing it really want. I don't know what the answer is for the small percentage of dirty cops. I don't know. But we do about that. I don't know maybe more body cans. Maybe I don't I don't know Cam stricter policies on who you give a badge to maybe. I mean, I wish I knew. But I know what I know for sure is you can't fight fire with fire. Right. You ever? See a fireman up. They're trying to put out a fire on a house with with a fire hose that has fire coming out of it doesn't work like that. Right. You just can't do that. I was in downtown yesterday eating brunch. Hadn't been in downtown since this whole thing happened, and it was kind of a weird feeling down it usually. Yeah. Here's a few people on the street. But for the most part it had a weird vibe. It's usually exciting and things are happening and yesterday it was kind of somber. But there was kind of a beauty to it. Because it was also like the city of Dallas had come together. Like, the people that were out on the street everyone's super friendly to each other. It's like we became a big family and out of tragedy. If there is going to be a tragedy happens, there's usually always a beautiful outcome like that that people come together, and it makes stronger, and I hope that stays for a little bit. I mean, hope you don't have to wait for the next tragedy before we come together. Like this again in Jere for the memorial service on Tuesday, the president's gonna come and give a speech to the memorial service. Also or the follow him. I hate to say this but tragedy unites, and I hope it stays that way. This city is closer I've ever seen it so far, you know, and I've been here all my life. You know, they say on Facebook and stuff we just gotta love each other. We gotta do this. And that let's be real here. You're not gonna love everyone. You come in contact with. You're not gonna like some people people are gonna do wrong. Right. Sometimes it's not gonna have you can't just love everybody. Eight each other's exactly we've been together for ten years the show, but we can learn to get along with people and work with people just like Bala. It's it's tolerance. It's getting along. There's a lot of people. I don't like that. I meet my daily life, and I have to work with them or I have to talk to them, and we get along just fine. I mean, I like them. I don't like a lot of people. There's like five people. I like Eric your. Good. But anyway, that's what the answer is. It's not Nestle just love in love everybody and be happy and Bubba because that's not real life. Real life is get along with everybody. Right. Our thoughts and prayers are out to the families and victims because there were some people that were shot in didn't die but do have some pretty good injuries. And so our thoughts and prayers out to them. If you want to do something about it. Donate blood, donate to any local charity that helps us helps the families of follow ups. Absolutely something. Absolutely. Just sit there and go. Oh, I wish I could do something and post articles on Facebook. Yeah. Go out there and do something hug a policeman today. We'll be right back. AM Z. No. You guys excited about? Now at all. Online. At m z now dot TV. This is an MCSE now special sports report. Koby Bryant with here with the lake with the lake and the the Lakers says, oh, it wouldn't they view. It. Are you gonna get it? Exactly. This has been an emcee now specials sports report can't get enough of the show. Download the M now mobile app available for Android and I o n. Extras bonus teary and get the shows before anyone else the C now mobile app of the whole now. Pop. This. He's in now. This is. Rolling. Hey, bill. Wherever I turn the radio on just listen for a while. You know, what I listen to Michaels of all what George doing now? Vic not. All my heart's pounding right now. I don't know if it's a regular or because I'm nervous. It's probably the red bull. Oh, hang on. What do you say? Oh, why are you nervous Michael because I have a crush on the phone. Phone. Yeah. Well, this is the first super nervous. She doesn't know she's on my top ten list haven. Esa. Oh my gosh. I'm so nervous. I don't know if I can do this. Well, now, I'm no good. Maker nervous so Vanessa is an actor and a stunt for is an actress or an actor. I know we're like gender fluid these days. So I don't know what to say. Oh, I don't worry about that. All right. Well, you're a stunt performer. And I've seen recently. In fact, I think I saw you on like Instagram first somewhere, and I'm like, oh, she's pretty cute. We'd make good babies. And so I started a follow you and cyber stock you, and then I started seeing you in movies. I'm like what? So. First off. Let's talk about the stub performing. 'cause I think it's incredible. What you into that? I mean, how long have you been doing stump performing? Well, I've been acting for over twenty years and use eland. And then when all of a sudden, he was was a big dry spell in New Zealand acting work for me, I got into doing stump work, and that was in two thousand nine so six or seven years now, and it's been really really fun. And it's kicked me working, which is fantastic. So no pun intended fell into start work. I series sleep. Did I seriously did the big hut to? Yeah. It was I was actually one of the lead female seem to the lion. The witch the wardrobe back in the day, which was shot in New Zealand, and I hung out with all the stump performance because so much fun to be around. And we were all sitting around one day, and they would talking about all the trees head during work and at the time, then like his think about doing stunt work because I was a personal trainer in a book there, and I had a dance background, and I was already in the industry, but because I've been talking about all they scarves. The injuries are time was. Oh, no, no. You know, shortly after that, you know, I kept on hang out with them and being on and saying what they were doing. And it's like, you know, what I actually could do that that there was a TV show and UCLA and that was being filmed for America religion of the Seca, which was ABC Disney production, and they needed a whole lot more female performers. And so they the there shouldn't they and about icy goals tried out they took three of us needing one of them. And that was the start of us. Are you big like a thrill seeker like do rollercoaster and stuff like that? And get a fall off stuff. I mean, I figure you would be a big thrill seeker to get kind of drawn into that. Or at least once would even though I know you needed the money at the time. Yeah. Like never shied away from it. But I've never I mean, I've never specifically gone out. And like, you know, jumping off like haven't even bungee jumps. 'cause I don't wanna get to me with throwing myself a off a bridge. Myself out of planes. Yep. The mass and and other sort of stuff, but it's more like it was being on and having fun with great paper is what drew me to it. But it's it's so weird. You turn a camera on most I'm performance, and you've still thinking about all of the potential injury and pain gonna fail and the adrenaline does take over the so I that would make me true adrenaline junkie ever this. This is Bobby. I had one question. Did you have a specialty that like that's like your thing as far as your stocks go. I mean, I usually the goal who is like I'm pretty strong. And I'm told I'm big 'cause I'm five foot ten and I knew a little bit because in the everage the average stunt go away. Is on the app pretty much she'd be woman, I know. But they've already got what gala whatever. Don't worry. We I'm already like aiming to try and be one of the, you know, the Amazons on that island when they do the. Oh. Oh, that's my goal. This. My name is like is it more fighting or falling probably big heads. I take a lot of big hits hits. But yeah, like, we call them. You know, like, we take a big crash, or, you know, I think I big Rick. Yeah. Just because they're I kind of bounce. Balanced. And use eland retains that Jack of all trades master of none over here in America. It's a little different near people have got very specific specialities. But most of us in New Zealand, we turn up on this. And then we're told what we're doing which he took. So you're just like, oh, cool. Like, it was one day I turned up and to a wardrobe setting. And I had no idea what I was doing. And so I asked the wardrobe bills because they're heading me all of these like undergarments lay of them. I'm like what I'm doing? And they're like, oh, yeah. You're being on fire. Don't do this morning. There was like, oh, I mean like you've done that before right now. Oh. I'm sure I'll be fine. And I was it was great. It was really fun. I sit on fire and hit the dive into their own fire. But that was you know, I had no idea. I was doing that for the job. Yeah. Book joe. So you're getting all these movies, you're in right, along to your in comet seek the the hobbit sequels to hobbits sequels, not the first and right? The one two and three think right? Yeah. Yeah. I was in the lake town village stuff, so in smog. The the dragon comes down in full the the lake town on fire and all the all the people in the water freezing. It was New Zealand, and it was like your guys climent of city four degrees in the water. And we like two weeks, basically submerged ice, cold water and stuff like that. That was. Yeah. Sometimes was right along to fine for you. Did you like working with Kevin Hart? It was awesome. Actually, he was he was on the entire time with them on the one day, and I have on my shoulders in a potty saying and hit takes climb up to get on my shoulder. And so he's on my shoulders, and he's like shifting around when he's up there. And he's like, you know, the might junk from the back of you'll Nate. We readings by now, it's Hugli brains. I love coven. He's he is always on because I got to hang out with a couple years ago. We were at I don't know. It was a few hours. We have to hang out. We're just kind of partying and he'd never just comes down. He's always going. But he's such a great guy though. Like, he's a nice guy right in g to sit as well. 'cause you know, these a whole bunch of extra there as well. He just the potty going entire time. And some things that he can stay up like that end on such and active imprisoned the entire time. No one else has an excuse. Exactly. He makes sure that it's great work as well. He he makes sure that everybody else has a good time as well. You know what? I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He was really really fun. And he was a real sweet out as well. Because apparently, they don't only take photos and stuff like that. But I guess I'm told belonged them with an accent. So do you mind if you get climb back onto L Scholla's game? So we can take this doesn't happen. Very often. He's like not at fine. He was lovely. So that was. Really, it was really fun diet. I like Kevin Hart because I'm actually taller than him. So that's a lot taller. Most might exactly. So I feel like I'm over him. And we had a good time. So we have a picture of me summer with Kevin. And I'm towering over him. You Kevin Hart. That's what I feel that he's like three each's taller. Not even that. I think it was like an inch and a half. I wanted to ask you, I don't know if I'm pronouncing his name is it menu been it is his name from Spartak. Yeah. Mano Manu mon- values with that. Yeah. How the hell you? Yes. Like, David and DVD or whatever. He's become like, a a really somebody that I recently just really started getting into watching some of this movie. He's got a new show on a I think Netflix called the chronicles of sharia or hour Shinohara. You don't have any of that. I can't. Okay. Rush. You're in this movie called crew Nichols of Menaka. I have actually sees forcus. I mean, but he seems to be a, you know, really on fire in his career. I mean, I had no idea that I I've never even actually seen a movie, I think I'm gonna go watch it now because she's in it. And so is because did you what was it like were you trying to say here? I don't know confused. I'm working with him on Spotify. Yeah. It was fantastic. He's he's another one who's just really prison the entire time but spot 'cause his was one of everyone's have dreamed jobs, and that we all became such good friends public. Why moved over over here is 'cause Katrina law who is she plays Mira and spots and she was in legion of coach on EMI in. She's now on like arrow, and she just training. He was he was on Aero's was one of their lives. Well, remember his name. It was. He was dip stroke district. Thank you. How do you say that I was gonna say deadpool? How do you say you say true? But yeah, I mean, he's a bad ass character. Anything? Has always playing someone who's, you know, really, you know, just hippie, strong helpful. But yeah, the new one he's like that. He's a major he's a a major or whatever just is ancient magician. That's just you know is one bad ass. So. Yeah. Strong character. Most of what he what he does. Yeah. I it would be really interesting to see him play something like a like his real life tart, which is a dead and. Yeah. He's real-life IVA. He's like salami inside. It'd be real challenge with them play someone who's just come and relax and chill out dad. That would be that would be real challenge. All right. Let's talk about the do over. So this is the movie with Adam Sandler, David Spade. And you're in this either. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that. You're in this movie you love. Yeah. You were on a boat and David Spade Adam or on a boat, and they're they're riding by you guys. You guys are a like a party boat and you guys flash him. And then they shoot a flare at you. And you jump into the water. So that was a stunt part. The first part of that the flashing was that difficult to do. Because like, I'm a person. I don't even take my shirt off in pools because I'm an awkward built human being. And so I try to hide eighty kind of go full pajama. Oh, yeah. Yeah. We're on burqa. What is that a difficult thing to do or you're just like, hey, I'm getting paid to do this. Why not? I was a lot that we learned to making that decision actually and just 'cause even spots which is known for its new disease. I neither did any of that for the stuff in the past. So, but I recently did a photo shoot for TJ Scott who was a director and spot 'cause and long mine girl firm and all that for the stuff. He does. He does these books called in the tub, which is brisk Kenza, and it's basically a whole lot of gorgeous woman, actresses musicians people like that same there, you guys spent through there as well who all like negative the tub, I'm very very tasteful. I'm gonna for breast cancer, which my mother passed away from and so I kinda got a little bit more comfortable with it for the book for like that. And then I kinda also decided that you know, what I'm getting younger, and you know, with my mom having having a rude and stuff, I'm like, pretty good. You know, what the five books of the job, and it's for legitimate, Adam Sandler? And now, you know. All that for the stuff. Just like, you know, what life watching? I'm going to be honest like watching Newseum on TV and film, but some gonna lie beside that if I'm if I'm okay with watching it, then I should be okay. With doing that. And it was all in pumped. It was really fun. And although I was completely nervous. Very I take the we did. And I couldn't get my bikini top thank on the game. That was mortified like did you do? I have to take a look at the play beckoned came back. Just like he's good. Give it a go. Yeah. Did you like David did you them for a full day? Or was it? How long was the shoe? Yeah. I was shame Puerto Rico for a week actually oh day. But we only really shop on that one day. We getting delays because of hurricanes and things which was right to make had more time to get in shape. Yes. When I go down there with a couple of days of just sorta hanging out down there before my actual shoot day. And everyone was amazing. They really create a a family with the heavy Metson family. So a lot of those people have been working with 'em over and over again, even knows each other runs really relaxed, and it was really serious when he's working though, when he's on fit when he's then he's really really fun. But when he takes he was directing a lot of the stuff that we were doing. So when he's on that side of it. He actually super serious, whereas David's just David Pham. Yeah. The entire time. He was really great. He was a really great sport as well. About him having to drop his pants and. It's a good movie. You guys watch it if you haven't seen it. Yeah. The based films of these guys that I've seen them such a long time. It was it was and it was really fun. I I'm probably could have done without the Souissi bulls. If you know what I mean, I probably done without saying that shirt. Dudes would probably find her Marius. But oh cringe vector team. No. I thought I thought it was had like a good message to all Adams movies have like like an underlying message to it. And I thought it was good. I I enjoyed it. I'll be watching. Yeah. It was really fun in about fifteen minutes polls, which along. Well, I did I. So Vanessa I wanna see you in everything I think that your career is kind of blowing up. Now, you're getting a lot of these big roles and stuff. What shows are you watching right now? 'cause I've already kind of caught up with everything I've been trying to watch like game of thrones and stuff. What shows are you into? I'm definitely into. I'm getting thrones go, I'm also I'm I can't break. My my teenage years of women to watch all the like w shows vampire diaries, and at and arrow and things like that. But there are a few shows that I'm really looking for the saying that are coming out. There's one called this is off the NBC which is going to be like a drama with a friend of mine, Milo Ventimiglia or not and then my friend cat trainers on training day coming out of wells on him publicizing their shows. Which I'm really looking forward to seeing that for the stuff, but I am very much action Saigo to this is gonna work out. Right. Baby fabulous. It's wrong. But yeah, really action scifi. I do enjoy my dramas best. But yeah, anything that's got, you know, a spy ship or something blowing up in it or your side about the Star Trek movie. Okay. Yeah. I am. Yeah. You do. That's fine. It's fine. I can put up a starboard. I can put up with it though. Yeah. It's something you can you can put. Well, I don't think it's not something I grew up with. So because I didn't watch it a whole lot until later on in life. And so it's not something that it's still Stanford. His does. And I saw the new one. It was okay. But I like Star Trek batter. But if you like both that's fine. Currently in the middle of. I'm just thinking watching truth be told all of statute Voyager. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Is I'm actually season six of binge watch. This is good. Then even even tweeted, Jerry, Ryan, I'm just like, and this is my favorite when she came on. And she retweeted it, which I had my little fan Goeman. Yeah. I'm Gary Ryan seaman of nine re tweeting tweets. Amazing. All right. So where can we find out more about you got a my space, Facebook and Instagram? What do you have a little a little full my time? But all my stuff just in case of a in a it's a they AT. We're just my Snapchat. My Instagram my Facebook and my Twitter over cater keep at license. Awesome. You everything new that you're working on your side of our? I've gotta in coming out. Shortly of Nickelodeon show called the Sundarbans. Okay. To really really fun little thing. I'm playing a Emesa is colds crazy daisy. So that you can really to throw around them the lead actress Kira little bit, which was which was really fun and then tomorrow night, I'm actually doing a on some doubling on a a movie that's a new movie with Toni, collegiate I mean, I'll ruled I think Hmm diner or something like that which I just got booked for some full night shoot. And we'll see what happens with that. We'll Vanessa congratulations for being on my top ten list and think you honor very high honor they help our Facebook. Okay. All right. And and don't be a stranger come by. And call us up more L. I appreciate that. And I will talk ear off when I have something interesting. I wanna that you guys know about awesome. Thank vanessa. All are now online had. Zeno? Five. Call eight. Five. Looking back at ten years of him. See? Create ma. Do that hit on right? On the next show right here. Like Todd trumpet like, it's dry. Get an attitude drop it like it's hot like it's dropped a night. It's hot if you'd like. Celebrating ten years of Z think they'd be better by now. Michaels. How do you say this again? My name come up. Nevala Michael's Avella plan names availa listening to enter Michael's Avala. No. Vena? They were protesting kamikazes. Yeah. They think it's the big old thin for the costumes that that that the. Zeno by Ray Romano. Here we go. No, we're not going to. Oh. Turn. Take your clothes. Online at MC now dot TV. Still super nervous. My hands are still shaking because of the. Yeah. All right, right. Hope she calls back to Michael take red bull calmed down. Hopefully. Oh, man. I wouldn't be just pass out. You don't ever stay? I'd be like Steve urkel when he gets Laura all the time. Hi, how you doing Mike over there around the corner, and my friend peaking over? Yeah. Don't you? I'd be like I'd be like a high end with girl next door every time. I see you in a hallway. I'm like, hi. I had to go ask her for a like a wine. What do you what do you call like, a cork remover that would you call corkscrew corkscrew? That's it. I had to go from one of those like mardi make flies dad. I watch this weekend to bar. Michael. Walk next door because I knew she had it because just kind of a boozer. So I walked store in the hallway. And I'm like, hey, do you have one of these things that you're all solved smoking, I like her doors wide open, and she's in there, and they're they're doing whatever I just walked by an peaked my head in. Hey, do you have one of these little kings that you put in to a cork? And then you with it like a corkscrew like a one bottle. Yup. It's not for wine. It's a it's a little. I just you you have to borrow one real quick. She's like, oh, okay. Cool. Thank you. I come over here. I get it out. You know, it was it was for Alexis actually do that. And then I go back to two scared even talk to her. So I put it. I just kind of just toss it in their face does even make an entrance in a room. I put it in on her. She's got a little shelf right there. I guess the front of her door just put it in under a little shelf. So you turn to creep like month every big lasts like Kip from Napoleon dynamite. Anyway, we're talking about Star Trek with Vanessa. So there's some interesting news about Star Trek. The new movie coming out thirty getting some heat because they made the Sulu character in the new movie Sulu character, the new movie homosexual. Ooh. Hey, right up. My alley Georgetown. Ooh. Zulu character. Yeah. I just said that and George tacona make sure you're right because you're usually wrong George Tocchet who played Sulu in the original series. Does not like that idea. And the reason why they made SU gays because Georgia's gay, and they did it to honor him, plus like in Star Trek, it's very, you know, open and welcoming environment, you can have a gay character doesn't matter. Yeah. So they changed his character to be gay which in the original series. He was straight and Georgia's new new, and the reason why through that doesn't like it because it doesn't fit with gene Roddenberry, the creator Star Trek his original vision for the character. So he's against it. Even though he's all about gay rights and all that stuff. He's against it. He said, it should be a mirrored image of what genes vision was which I kind of respect that from George. I don't mind there being a gay character in Star Trek, but don't change one of the characters to be gay create a new character. That's what George kind of saying, I kind of agree with them. It'll be what difference? Does it make you do one or the other? I mean, what differences? He boldly going where no man has gone before the shuttle bays. And so anyway, is there anything going to change like with a character? Like is he gonna have like a love interest docking? The tractor be is. It's a terrible, Georgetown. They do. We know who they're replacing checkoff with having these says, he's I mean, he already filmed it he's going to be in this new movie. Oh, oh, okay. I didn't know if it was not same guy. But anyway, but like Simon pag he said, I have huge respect for George. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But his thoughts I respectfully disagree with him. And then Zachary Quinto who plays Spock who is also gay right says that I know he had his own personal relationship with character and yada, yada, yada. But you know, it's different than the original universe that he was at you know, this is the two thousand nine universe. I mean, they're really rewriting Star Trek Star Trek. So why did it matter new do laugh you can do that? I keep. Keep this. I'll do the voice needed a laugh. So that's gonna be interesting tractor beam on. Oh, my I wonder I wonder how gays and to be hope he's like super gay like flamboyantly. Fire all the bridge. Press hilton. This three ships searching. What's she we launched a torpedo? They get hit the ship gets hit the mild hit. And he's like. His. Penny everybody so great building a gay porno parody. And then the new Star Trek TV show that comes out next year. What Bryan fuller? We talked about this already. We made a member we played the trailer and make it for God. Brian fuller confirms that the Star Trek TV show will feature thirteen episodes and progressive cast because are not confined by network restrictions. They have decided they can do whatever they want the Star Trek universe, which kind of worries me a little bit because I don't want to have a lot of Cussing and sex and stuff and Star Trek because the thing about Star Trek, it was a wholesome show. Right. Yeah. All innovations of the show have been wholesome, and it's inspired people. Like, if you're a little kid, and you're watching Star Trek it inspires you to go out are some people to go out and create things and be a scientist and be an astronaut and do all this stuff. But if you're only if you're limiting your audience to eighteen and over because you're going to have them saying all these words, and whatever that doesn't go with the Star Trek vision. You know what I mean? Yeah. So you're saying you're worried about that. I don't care if they have transgendered right person on there or gape injured Klingon, but like as a younger person going to like know what? A transgender person is like when watching the show probably not watching when they get older they might. But you don't want to close it off to them. You know what I mean? I don't want to make it for adults only I understand what you're saying. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it. Also. I mean, the kids should be missing out on something. That's great. Exactly. So I really hope they make it a wholesome route. And you can make it longer than an hour. You can make it forty. I don't care what you do with the constraints of the time. I just don't want you to make it unwholesome. It's not game of thrones. Right. Right. Right. From Morehouse thing that you had a problem with the the I did have windows in the fuller house. They they made it to adult bring it back. We don't need all that. It's full or house. Anyway, that's it. That's all I had say about Star Trek. So my think even update on my on my weight loss. So some white. Pounds. But I became more active a really guess how you went to the gym with Pang. No, okay. The folks who know Kirby made me download Pokemon go not yet. And we've been like going to the park because they have world is at all. They're gonna take over your minds is how people are gonna become zombies pokey stops at the park house. So we went and walked two miles around the park. Just the catch Pok Mon and as hokey saw the, okay? Yeah. I never got into tomorrow. What do we talk hang on? I don't know anything about poking. No. I just know that little yellow guys chew, right, right? What's the the the skinny kid with the ash as catch him at at at the skinny jeans? That's kid. I don't know. I never watched it skinny jeans or the skinny jeans and a red jacket. Yeah. And a hat his name's asked ash. Okay. And actually, I just caught Pika chew just a moment ago real I've been playing here. So basically this app from what I understand Bobby correct me if I'm wrong, Eric it's an app that argument realities, I you said. You said argumented reality something like that. And it basically takes your camera, and it kind of superimposes. Okay. Little creatures on it, and it uses GPS and all that stuff. Yeah. Like right now like it's merged with GPS GPS location location. And so as you're walking the difference, tablets, mints like they might have a pokey stops. So poky stops this little kind of like, I guess specific area where you can get items and stuff and the majority of hokey stops. It's weird because our churches. All wow, you had to go to the church, and you actually have to like Jesus be like, yes, you actually have to like walk over there with your phone and being that area to actually. Wow, vague it like you can't just like Bertram like walk there. Like, you tell the literally have to be there. Yes. In that area. So basically, you it's you your phone is become the pokey ball, and you have to know fine, Pokemon that pokey ball. It's like if own has become like a pokey decks like where? Well, it's oppo he'd aches. And it's like, you're you're you're map of like you walking around the world catching Pokemon. Oh. Yeah. I used to make fun of people that played Pokemon. I remember we it was a group of friends, and we went out to the Rangers game or something and we got back late. So we we're like fifteen and we stayed at my Buddy's house who happen to live in a very conservative. Household had nothing. There's no video games movies nothing. But he had some contraband on him. He had a GameBoy. His parents didn't know about what? Yeah. So the only time you could play it was when they were asleep. Right. So we were all in the same room, we've fell asleep. This kid played it from one o'clock in the morning when we got back the seven or eight o'clock in the morning we woke up non right playing this Pokemon game. And so what are you playing? But what what game? Do you have in that? So intriguing right Pok. Mon you kidding me? You're fifteen years old have five traditionally have who was like yellow what I think that's the that's the issue one. I just can't get over that. So anyway, I I don't know anything about Pok Mon I will definitely not be downloading this app. I want you to play, you know, I'll play like zombie like invisibles. He's they did the same thing, and it was visible zombies. Or right. You know? Goes to great if it was a Ghostbusters up, and they had little ghost that you were trying to cap this is I mean, this is really different because like it's on her phone, and it's like worldwide go anywhere in like say this gaming take the same game. Same concept with Ghostbusters. I'm sure they will. I'm sure look great one of the games patent-pending. I want to get paid on that. But my idea. Okay. Basically ripped off another idea. So anyway, here the Conway. Yeah. Yeah. But senior working on something at CJ collared working on something new. Stay tuned. They to all right. We have somebody on the phone. We need to get to this. They've been on hold for quite a bit villi. Yeah. And they don't like waiting. So let's get to that. I'm a little nervous from the Vanessa interview. So I'm gonna go ahead and back away. I'll tell me and let you take care of this. Or? Miss. Oh, miss welcome. Mr. Trump and Trump it looks like we have both of you on the line today. A little bit of. Can you pick the phone? I can't hear. Semi iffy. Percy bunke. Cast. The phones work. It looks like we have you both on the line. And how y'all doing? Bobby? It's good to be here. Bobby? Hey, all right. So let's get to get to a couple of questions. I have so Eric Trump and Senator Bob Coker, both agreed that a vodka would make a good vice president have you given that some thought Mr. Trump and something we've been bouncing around with. Yes. Okay. So you have given you have come up with a decision. Mr. Trump this vodka. Oh, really? It's not up to me. It's my dad's decision, quite frankly vodka would make a great vice president. She has all the great qualities vice president you have. She has great hair. Fantastic smile. A great body. She's the whole package. She really is. I would let her be my vice president any day of the week really any day of the week. Oh, dad. That's so sweet. Thank you. Okay. So you're saying that she is going to be your vice president. Yes. Hang on who said it vodka. No, I'm vodka my dad's over there. This is Donald Trump. Okay. Wait a minute. It's getting a little bit confusing right now. I just want to know is vodka going to be your running mate. Absolutely. It's too soon to tell what the wise it too soon. Mr. Trump, though, it's again, I'm not understanding how you're not get how you're getting us confused. This is Donald all I'm saying is it's too soon to say anything, Mr. Trump, you're saying that it's too soon to say for sure that of hunka will be running. We'll be your running mate got saying that at all all I'm saying was this is Donald and I'm saying something we need to talk about further. I'm not sure what's going on. We're gonna have to let you guys kill talking to me or me both of you. We gotta go now guys. Thanks for calling. Goodbye by both of you twenty. God Michael ever put them onto the line together. I can't tell what was that. Who was who they sound just alike. No one's a female wants a male. Okay. Sure. So. So I hope in a her that fell in love with. Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump impression accurate impression. They called in show. That's right. That was our first attempt to actually writing a script. I don't know. What do they go back to the drawing board? Now, you like it. You get the premise of it that they both out. I did. Okay. Let me let me let me explain it to you. And then maybe you'll think it's funny. No, no. I get it. Okay. No, Bobby, Bobby compute, like really confused. If you had it on on a script. Now here we go. But he he said like. Mr. Trump what no. Hi, how are you today? I mean, how are you guys today? Wait. Nobody liked it way. No. Okay. All right. Maybe we'll write more of these. I don't know. We'll see. All right. Bobby has a story about his wife something like that? We have time. Sure, go heads is this short story or not. It's pretty short. No, my wife is a manager for a well-known Roche Ritchie. And apparently, they had all these. Sell nuts. They're big ones all these knots. Never sale going on right now. But the store had apparently a public shoe. A what a plumbing issue ever all sewage all over store just a river that cut it. How does here the studio? Yeah. Yeah. Problem here. Like once every two months. Here's my problem. Okay. You would think okay? Let's close down the store. Right. No left. It open bile river of sewage and people actually came in his shop and just like covered their nose and went. Okay. I need fresh milk. I'm like, I'm not buying nothing from the store. Right. Yeah. That's gross. Your wife doing anything about it start cleaning up or something. They had they have to call it, a plumber, and oh and cleanup or you can't just clean that up with a mop and bucket. Sure. That's what we do here. All right. We gotta go. We will be back next week. We're not raker. Rake or anything, I don't think go on break until August. When I go to the Star Trek invention, which I'm going or not, but yeah, we're here. We're back. We are back in action happy Amazon prime day. It's going to be some time this week. Yes. So you have a great deal on pens and tape. Found was last year. It was like a million things on sale, but they're all like, paper clips and trash ban. And it was the Office Depot now is just like junk drawer theme. All right. So you guys next week? Now, I've been Z now dot TV calls up at one eight five. Planning spring break getaway. Well with the Capital One venture card. You were an unlimited double miles on any purchase. You make today and every day and those miles add up to get you closer to that trip to paradise every vanilla soy latte. Double miles every time. You pump gas demo mile, even when you buy a set of monogram beach towels. Yep. Double miles you weren't unlimited double miles on every purchase. And then you go. 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