The Great Gildersleeve 48-10-13 (299) Visit by Aunt Hattie


The Kraft Foods Company presents. Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the kraft foods. Company makers of Parque. Margarine, millions of women all over America serve, parque because it tastes so good why parque tastes like it should cost twice as much. To market to get some help in. Home again. You like if you love talk millions. Ever. He a K. A. Y. Parque margarine made by craft. Well. Let's see what's doing in summer feel. A big round October Sun rose at six thirty. A big round water commissioner arose at seven, thirty, now eight thirty. They're both beaming and ready to make their contribution to life on this planet. All. Off To work we go that'd be. Lil Leroy takes after me. Voice with chains though. Everybody all of our schools. Train. All right, my dri want say goodbye to the baby. Anyway before I go to the office I think she's in the kitchen with Birdie. Leroy got. Telegram I'll, get it? Wonder if it's dewy. Wonder if he's answering my letter about appointing a federal water commissioner. All Hurry Leroy. You don't need your middle name. Tip. or Yes. Thank you. TIP The boy. Telegram saying Roy? I will read the Telegram You got to sign it. Why is it so let's see? It's remain Hattie. She's on her way to see and Josie and she stopping visit us for a couple of days. Now, let's not get nervous before it even gets here. My goodness goes happy little family. You before he even meter. Come on, I'm going to take back to your crib. There's work to be done around. This House can't stop. Science counting on this afternoon's train says. Isn't that just like aunt? Hattie let you know late. You haven't got time to get out of it. CAN'T WE TACKLE? On the door Leroy. We don't have measles. You will. You want me running around in midseason pigtails again and the way she orders everybody around. We have to remember during the war, and had he was block captain. Why do you hang your clothes blowing? To come snooping around it. Isn't that badly Roy now. Remember how you used to sit on you now. Jolly boys parties no date now, children. We shouldn't be saying unkind things about you. An Hattie the always been interested in your welfare, and she undoubtedly wants to see the new baby. We WanNA pictures too late for that. I mean. We ll all be happy to see Patty. Let's try to remember that. Very, nice of your aunt, they wanna come and visit us. Does everybody understand here and I'm going to get my brackish tonight. move out on the pack and box. Leroy will not abandon ship. You'll stay trapped in the house or the rest of us. This is a time when our little family must stick together character. Off Martin I knew that you rain melillo doorbell. Are always seems to ring so sweet and clear when you press the baton. I will, but just a minute I just dropped by Teddy. I won't be over tonight. The children's an Hattie is coming this afternoon and I shouldn't go out her first night here I. Not she won't be here long. We'll we rusher, but we don't think so. He's not a way to visit aunt. Josie in plain view. Better, be off to the depot. Must you rushed rock? Hardly! Train Line mandoline. Chain. Heady. With. Their late. Sorry about tonight at line I'll be in touch with you now. Don't you get so busy with that? Had A you forget Lola. After! You'll ask the kind that goes to bed with the chickens. Maybe later in the evening you can call on well and had a light sleeper, and she might cackling in the Hen, house. GotTa be off. I'll be in touch with you. Goodbye line. Sacrifices I make for an patty. For friends and health and daily food, we give thanks Amen. Marriage re you said that very nicely. Thank you well howdy. It certainly is nice to have you around the little table again. My Leroy. Forward to this all day. We certainly have. Leroy let's contribute to the conversation. Certainly have. Thank you I always enjoy visiting relatives bad. You can only stay two days it certainly. Leroy let's not contribute to quickly. So convenient to stop on the way to Jones's and of course, I had to see the baby Wada Darling she. To better is blue instead of brown like the family well, we can't expect too much. After all. I found it in the back seat of my car. I'm start. Growing. You may start the potatoes. Potatoes on I. Don't you pass them Dan Hattie I my boy. I'll take them last potatoes heading. Thank you Roy. Plenty of potatoes Hattie always been very fond of mashed potatoes that when we reach our ages. We all have to watch our diet, don't we? You seem to have gained a little. I haven't kept to close check since somebody broke the bathroom scales. And my how you've changed March. I have You look very healthy, rosy cheeks and Red Lips. Marjorie is beginning to use a little makeup patty. Yes, just a little mind you to bring out the blessing of a cheeks. Young girls are pretty. They don't really need makeup. I think that over Marjorie. Having to the potatoes. Yes. I forgot to help myself. I'll take one scoop. Greatness guilty family. Well, you serve mrfloor Astra First Grady Foster Oh. My yes, although I usually have a little salt and pepper on my potatoes. This looks like birdies, wonderful gravy. Yes, Ma'am there day. Have you ever tried thinning it with water instead of milk? No ma'am. Heels lead likes it thick and rich. Just listening now had either two ways as of doing everything I agree a right and a wrong way. Besides very Mr Gildersleeve watching his up now. Yes, Ma'am aren't Throckmorton yes Ma'am I mean Leroy. Pass me a little salt and pepper. More, copy anybody at no, thank you. That'll be all in Bertie. You don't mind and Miss Gill's leave. I let the dishes go get the baby ready for being fine. Let's all go in the living room. Now Relax. Now before we leave the table, don't you think we should get? Used organized dishes to be done a baby to be put to bed. I think everything is forced. You just go relax. Yes, had eight. birdies been taking care of these things very well now. Very a new baby in the house means a lot of extra work. We'll make a game. I'm assigned. Missions to everyone to accomplish little missions. Not, a bad idea. And I drink, your objecting will be to clear the table and Kramnik law. You'll be happy to. Why don't you mind? Yeah, start crawling mark. You and very are the test force in charge of operation, dishwater. Start Operating Leroy. Little Leroy washing dishes well, he let you go in the living room and relax. Now you can be the task force in charge of operation garbage care. I'll we. Can't without organization can be. All right little army. Is. We all be through within an hour and then we can play authors. Watch it, Leroy, you want end up in the guard house. Well, I see an Hattie. Let The Sun. Come up this morning anyway. was worried about it for a little while last night. No use putting up the shades uncle more, you'll have down again. Cold Air CPS remember Oh yes. Like a morning here I kid. Why are you children eating so early this morning? Well I thought I get an early start for school. He wants to get out of the house, so he can put a makeup on not so loud. You little weasel childrens children. Don't eat fast Roy. Don't tell me you're in a hurry to get to school. DISH PAN hands. Years Li well good morning. How are things out in the kitchen this morning before I answer that? General Foster. General hasn't come down yet brady. I think you've been very understanding at mrfloor little whims. It ain't. The whimsy bothers me. Is that inspecting? On them roads, and when she looks under there for dust I'm going to go boop. Birdie that just happens to be an had his way of doing things. Got Her way of doing things, too, but it ain't peeping onto other people's rugs. I know, but I want another people's grading. Well, we all have to try to understand Birdie. Stan with skills. That's the spirit what came understand people on the other. People's rather than what another people's Great. Knocks allow. People other people's rogues. What the People's Great Birdie that's to invert cain understand why they have to. Kill! Brutal, he's upset. Who hasn't you must admit? And Hattie's being a little unreasonable little? He won't even let a little kid a nice clean mud turtle in his room. No no children at Hattie means well besides she's only going to be here another day, we hope. Good morning and Hattie. Sleep well as a matter of fact, I didn't. Nothing's good Brian. But seem to be the trouble I hope. The baby didn't keep you awake. No, I was thinking thinking that. There's entirely too much to be done here in one more days, so in fairness to all I have to stay at least a week. Here that children and had he's GonNa stay at least another week. Isn't that Nice? Certainly is yeah. Birdie drop something again. Down any. Let's all have a happy little breakfast. Rises prizes as there are seven hundred twenty one prizes and Parque margarines big fifty thousand dollar contest twenty beautiful, nineteen, forty nine Ford sedans will be awarded. That means four people are going to win brand new Ford sedans every week for five separate weeks and Grand Prize winner gets a one thousand dollar bonus in addition to his Ford and listen to these other prizes each week for five weeks Parque Will Award Board Eight? Gender Electric, table radios, twenty four coffee makers twenty toastmasters automatic pop up toasters, sixty new ten dollar bills. Now you know the Great Gildersleeve found a cuddly baby girl a few weeks ago and he needs a name for her. Her well to enter this contest sand in your choice of a name. Just write your suggested name for the baby on an entry blank. They're available at your food dealers with contest rules or use a plane piece of paper send entry with one red flap from the end of a package of Parque Margarine, and your name and address do Parque Margarine box seven, three six Chicago seventy-seven Illinois be sure to enclose name and address of Your parque dealer make a bid for your new beautiful nineteen forty-nine Ford Tonight Mail your entry Parque. Margarine Bach seven, three six Chicago seventy seven, Illinois this first week contest closes October sixteenth. That's this Saturday so hurry. Now. Let's rejoin the Great Gildersleeve. Several days of drag buys had dropped into rearrange the nest of our plump bluebird of happiness, blue, and not so happening. We find him calling on his friendly neighborhood drug. Hello. Morning. Is it. I could be wrong. Valjean this guy! Whether it's Balmy. Johnny. Not long together, teaming is a all right. As I'm concerned, it's very dreary. Day is a big gloomy cloud hanging over my whole household, Mandalay. How is spiced and He decided to stay on at least a week. Things can baby. I understand that you've been very threatened to quit Marjorie is unhappy. Leroy isn't eating well, and I am just wasting away to shadow. Winter. What would you do in a case like this? Question Shortly after Mississippi and I were married. A similar situation presented ourselves with my out. And older sister. How'd you get rid of it? As I recall I turned to a quotation in poor Richard's ALMANAC. Pretty sound advice in quotation. Packed up laughed. She did, but must be. Thinking now. Rolling Stone Gathers, no moss, no. One. Pretty sound advice though. Says you. Have to remember it. A Penny did depending earning. Doesn't seem fan. I don't seem to call it missing out if Goodness I remember how we applied it. We killed her with kindness. That you cook. Asian is be killer with kindness. Figuratively speaking, you understand your yeah. We went through some very trying times before we decided to do everything her way. Then became so uninteresting around our house. You have it really worked be I'm here to tell you about it. If, she wanted to save copy. Roundly Shave coffee grounds, and if she. Give me a great idea by the way how long you take you to get rid of her. Two and a half years, but we get rid of. Well I'll see if I can't do a little quicker. So that's our strategy. Do you understand? We're not plotting Leroy. Just trying to do everything her way, so she can go on. Ad Jozies and help her. We're really doing this ran Josie Sake. You can count on US and find law cooperate, everybody understand Avenue China MR guilty, but there's still i. Mr Guilty on the nobody and watering other people's grave. But you. Bet is known as big cooperator now. I can see that pretty. Good! Hattie, Hattie, hello had no children have a nice shopping trip downtown. Hattie Nice. Warm Day for him. I picked up quite a few things I thought you and the family need very thoughtful of you and charge them to you very thoughtful. Anything. You think we need. It's nice to hear you talk. Martin I've been thinking it over and Hattie and I'm not going to use makeup for a while that since March, and I can't wait to get those dishes. I didn't think you cared much for washing dishes. Haw, yes, I do keeps my hands light and soft. That's not overdo it. After that big trip, you must be tired. That's everybody in house. Be Quiet now and had he goes upstairs and. Oh, no, no I feel invigorated. Ready for work now. How about you anything you say Hattie right children? Are. Well. What do we do I have any? Time I guess that Marjorie bring in the wash. Roy Raked leaves and. The baby, I better go chick. Excuse me having identical. Just Paean Rut Morton. She may go back to. To this right, yeah! Baby. You get you. Say, nice to an Hetty. Time like this. Who Never? Oh! Yes, I guess you ride had a baby. I can't let her cry like that. Pick. Human or is the worst thing you can do with the baby doctor says I could pick up. The makes them feel secure. Be a young doctor. You don't need to tell me. I have to stay here and teach you to take care of a baby. Reduce away at the right way. Back in your Crib Baby? The Tar baby have a good time. Richard's almanack better start working. That's all I got. The weakest past fast. Track Morton. It's flown by. Don't you? Go to the office on Saturday morning. Will Not Saturday morning. I think so important is taking care of things for you, so you'll have plenty of time to pack. I feel is a good time to say that I've noticed a very great change in you. You become so devoted to the baby, your family and your home. I remember when you used to go gallivanting around town a little too often with girls who wants to do that. you. Know, you run upstairs, Hattie, packing, remember. Probably Business Anyway. What a Gildersleeve speaking! Headline. And hetty is still here. Plane! You know, but it looks as though she might. I don't think you'll care for me anymore. That's not true. No Go. On Saturday morning. Don't care for me anymore. You've been avoiding me like I'm an old week. Which? You. Hung Up. No Headline Mad at me. just an old customer little satisfied. Harry what you think. It's time to go up and pack I suppose I. Should I all Birdie I'd give the house up thorough dusting before Kona it. Don't you tire yourself up before you leave everything to me? If you insist. Here's the mop, mop and my nice big, Apron here. Our tight around. We have an apron without rebels on it, but that's my nicest apron. Now Start testing. Great. Well. Custom made last stand I guess I can to. Be custard didn't have to wear neighboring. Who can that be. Well how long mother Hubbard! Stop bleeding like an old goat and come in before somebody else sees me. How'd you get tied at one of those things not so loud horse and had easier. We're doing things our way right, so she leave. Why do you want to leave? What's on your mind, horace, well, the jolly boys are meeting tonight, and we want to be sure you'll be worried. I'll be there all right. Yeah, I'll tell the boys in you in. Didn't know you had come you. River Judge Hooker Hattie. Judge out of you as far as stand had. He's been visiting us. He's done a wonderful job helping us put our house in order, but now she has to go. We just hate to see. How I can see. Your contributions are in evidence everywhere. Faster of you seem to have an able assistant. Has Been Most cooperative and Birdie and the children have been splendid helpers tune. It's been our pleasure. In fact. Everyone has been so nice to me these past few days. I find it difficult to say goodbye. That's what I came down to talk to you about. When I started packing I I sat down on the bed and nearly came to tears. Nobody's been so nice to meet in years. You've given me so much. I thought it would be selfish. Deepak run so I came down to tell you. But what about an Josie? Oh? She let me know when she needs me. I guess I'd better get upstairs and. Almost. I'm going to cry. Don't forget you may win. One of the following big prizes by choosing a name for the Gildersleeve Baby, twenty big smooth, looking nineteen, forty nine Ford sedans, two hundred beautiful general, electric, radio's one hundred corey coffee makers, one hundred postmaster, electric pop up toasters, and all kinds of cash prizes lion, these parque contests there are seven hundred twenty one prizes in all so just write your choice of a name for the Gildersleeve baby on an entry blank obtainable at your dealers, then send entry with one read end flat from a package of Parque Margarine and your name and address departure, k., margarine, faulk, seven, three, six, Chicago Seventy, seven Illinois, but hurry. This week's contest closes at midnight this coming Saturday. MOTOWN I. But I didn't expect to see you tonight. Airline I'm doing towns. Good. Don't tell me headed laugh. She's leaving in the morning. Funny thing happened line. She gotta wire from Josie tonight telling to come once. Yep She has to leave, but you know add line. She's a well-meaning, so all I'm Sheila. She as she looked like it from the window. I'm almost I said that wire. What's this Ad Line? Against only a little, which do a thing like that? So, that's why she got telegrams. I said one two. You fifty homemakers probably noticed the keys by comedown and keys is appropriate, food, main dish, food, and fact downs for no other Basic Food Majesty's high-quality Compete Protean for calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients from milk. Yes, cheese, a bargain in nutrition so for golden good lower cost main dishes get crafts, famous pasteurized process varieties. There's media mental craft, American or Sharp, old English and for rich, yet mild cheddar flavor. There's delicious cheese food VELVEETA. Remember the by cheese the next time you shop. His NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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