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REShow: Danny DeVito. Hour 3 (12-10-19)


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one sports net production available on apple podcast and podcast one. Everybody's got A to do list. Drop off the dry cleaning pick-up some milk. Here's an idea. Let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance to that list and the good thing is you don't have to drop off or pick up anything. All you have to do is go to GEICO DOT COM and in fifteen minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance extra money in your pocket. Of course this may be the most rewarding warning to do you do today. It's kind of cool Danny Devito's about destroying out here on the rich Eisen show set of a big fan is for quite some time last-chance side. Last time I saw him was he was a couple of rows over or I guess columns over in the Commissioner's sweet from me and my bff urban Meyer. Oh at the Patriots Super Bowl win over the rent. Okay yes yes he was sitting with. Woody Harrelson Nice Atlanta. I guess he was shooting a movie. Hang baby was shooting scenes for Jumanji the next level I don't no no but Big Fan of his and again. I would have sworn he was from Brooklyn or Queens or the Bronx. He's he's from Asbury Park New Jersey Jersey. Boy that's his hometown daimyo veto. You WanNa maybe we'll have you and him exchange You know tonsil- well done so Jumanji the next level hits theaters. This Friday and He plays He plays the well-meaning Grandfather of Spencer For those who saw the first Yanji Monje with Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black. They're all back man and And and Danny Glover's involved in the scenes with Danny Devito too. So it's just a great cast fun times. My kids cannot wait to see it And Danny Devito is going to make it his way out here Eight four four zero. Four rich is the number to dial. Our poll question is simple based on the eagles matching the cowboys at a six seven record. Again it's so crazy that a team goes to six and seven to tie for first place. But because they don't have the tie-break they're kicked out of the playoff Spot and they're currently the nineties. So they're either the nine seed or they're the four seed right now in the NFC so and again this division has never been won by eighteen. Never and I think the cowboys have one more loss less than and I think it comes up this Sunday against the rams and it's going to be very difficult fickle barring injury of knock me off of that belief Andrew Whitworth was here in our number one and they just sounded more confident bunch girly stiff arm and people you know the the og the todd father type girlies back. You're seeing that in the last few weeks. Golf looks much more confident. Robert Woods had a huge game against the seahawks state. That really wasn't much in doubt. After the score their first touchdown to take the lead for the first time last fourteen the three could just see the building. Just didn't have it. They just didn't have it despite the forty thousand fans that they had there on hand and so- Seattle's one back of this Of the forty niners but the last game of the year is in is in Seattle between the two of them right now if I had guests game to fifty six that's it. Thank God because both teams will be in the playoffs but the question is is homefield going through Seattle or is it going through San Francisco and the loser has has to start in Dallas or Philadelphia as opposed to having homefield throughout. I mean that is a huge huge swing in terms of your your best shot at winning the Super Bowl I I would basically say that sounds like the Sunday night finale of week seventeen the the last Sunday of December. That's what that sounds like to me. On December twenty ninth and. There's some serious injury news for the San Francisco Forty niners. I'm assuming as part part of your news. Update brought to you by our friends at Honda. Hit it please. Own with a report of the day's as news from the world of sports and entertainment. Someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever. Chris Brockman Doc. It's brought to you by the happy Honda. Days sales event. The most wonderful time of the year is back people when you can get a great deal on a C. R. B. Hr V. Pilot or passport. Just hurry into your local Honda dealer today. Chris Chris what do you have a well. Let's start with this patriots situation. Ian Reports said on. NFL analyst afternoon that the League feels inclined to believe the Patriots intentions attention on videotape. And the bengals but that doesn't necessarily mean there will not be a penalty for the team. I'm sure I'm sure they're going to be a penalty for those who shot the video. I mean how do do you not know. You can't shoot the other team sideline and how do you not know it and set up shop in front of full view of everybody craziness crazy and I'm sure that there is just another reminder to the rest of the League you can't do it and they're gonNA come down On on New England which I'm sure is going to. I am sure that the broadcast apartments talking to the league. I'm sure they're going through all of it. I can't believe we're talking about subject matter made Another thing that's plagued. The season season is the officiating per judy. Batista Win The regular season and zero. Ba top-down examination of the officiating boy including who is in charge charge and how it's done too early. To know of changes are coming but the League is going to look into. Oh my gosh yeah uh this too too. Often too. Big of a story is but how is it fixed. How is it fixed different voice tapas? I mean our friend Al River Iran. You know maybe no longer is there. I know there's constant conversation about making them fulltime employees really help. I mean the the fact that Al River on is at the top and the fact that they don't have everybody is a so-called league employees year round is that why be Officials looked down at Mikhael Harry's foot and saw bounds. I mean you know what I mean. That the reason why there was a whistle blown blowing the Kelsey fumble dead. Is that a reason why. Hi there was a whistle blowing a clear saints touchdown dead recovering Rams Fumble in week to hear of a game that could I mean. Is that the reason why I duNNo. Could the sky judge fix it possibly maybe I. It's just too big of an issue. Something has to at least be looked into like the weeks going to do arts coaching especulation across the week Join Ron reporting that belief around the League is giants Pat Shurmur. It's going to be fired. Dave gettleman also quote in trouble. Oh my gosh. Do they could be clean house there. Wow I mean if gentleman is sent to the showers to then the new general manager and coach has a franchise face quarterback that isn't of their choosing but could be of their of their responsibility moving forward but it's not somebody that they chose which as you know means all bets are off. Hey regime comes in. I know you were sex. The overall Daniel but Y- he Weeks seven where were two and five. You're out yeah but signed bridgewater. I'm serious you know I you know I mean these are the ways always the world because Saquon isn't getting younger and this year for him has been a total loss a total loss. Like you're sending the car back to the dealership because the accident was that bad. I mean he was number one right and fancy this year I mean in just last night. Perfect example what like sixty yard game in a in the slop which I thought would be a boom saquon. TWENTY-FIVE GO BOSTON. Scott was making the plays more regularly that you're expecting Saquon last night. Giants also weirdly took the foot off the gas kind of like they were applying all kinds of pressure or yeah no I mean they they pushing the ball downfield and you definitely did. No I know that third quarter but because the also you know had pressure in his face to oh man everybody's making their adjustments and and giants are team with nothing to lose the. I just thought they would have played a little more aggressively. I don't know in the Pat Shurmur. Good Man I. I think that that's out and the giants are just going to go have to go big man. They'RE GONNA have to go big and the question is who is they're gonNA have to go big. I think the can't just take somebody's red hot assistant right. You know what they did. I don't know may AH. Maybe I'm wrong. Because the mayors have different approach to things and you heard I mean who was it was breer right. We had breer on. And he's like don't sleep on Jason Garrett Garrett there they loved the guy that when coaches have left their organization or players have left their organization to go to Dallas. They're basically we're like tell. Jason said. Hey you're going to a a great man. Giants Fan doesn't inspire me. That's what I'm saying. They gotta go big. I would think and bring Coughlan backboard or they're just going to go for the hot assistant. Do they go. They Call Baylor and say Matt ruled. Come on right come on down. We'll pay your buyout Do they go And James Franklin. Hey coach Hey let's go there do they go Lincoln Riley trying to get him. Do they go. Bill Cower they knock doc on his door. Hey Bill I'm on giants job. Bella check never never never never never no away takes bill further away from From his boat. Yeah that's true. Sure does okay cowboys owner Jerry Jones. there was a recent report. But that said that Stephen Jones had met with Urban Meyer. Jerry said that's absolutely not correct The facts are Jerry. We have not talked any coach or potential essential coach in the NFL. He was also asked if he still feels like. He's the best general manager for the cowboys. She's his answer. Served three and a half minutes straight but the gist of it is. Is that every decision that the franchise makes goes through him as the owner. So why would he hire someone someone else telling me as the middleman. What did I say in my first on our dough literally almost an hour ago from now? And we're GONNA hear the drumbeat louder and louder and louder order. It's the only way he wants to do it. I don't have the patience Jack with you today. It's the only way he wants wants to do it. This is why he owns. A football team is to choose the players and watch it materialize materialize. So he can say. It's my team soup to nuts. And he is the standup guy that shows up in front of cameras cameras after they lose. And it's tough but essentially he's the guy who's hired himself and he's not gonNA fire himself ever because that's not the way he wants to do it. Other owners are more than happy to hand things off to paid professionals. And say that's my my team. I put this team together. That put the team on the field. And that's the way that they feel like they are the CEO of their air operation. And that's the way most owners do it not this one. He runs the cowboys like a fantasy football team. Except the way you are on your fantasy team is the way you run it. It's just not a billion dollars. Valued business period. Yeah got one more item. An Danny's waiting weightings couple of injuries for the San Francisco. Forty niners like you mentioned. Cows Shanahan confirm Richard Sherman. Hamstring is going to be out a couple of weeks and they're center west enrich which Berg that is you've worn patellar tendon out. Rest the show man who monster injuries for the folks out for the foreseeable future as well to Atlanta's coming in this weekend and their home for the rams and then at the seahawks wrap things up Mike Evans is going to miss the rest of the years. Well that's a bummer. So I will not be calling him. catching passes in week sixteen. NFL Network. James is expected to play. been dealing with that thumb it okay. Let's take a break. Danny Devito is here. He's in the new Jumanji John g the next on the new the new Jumanji film Jumanji the next level in theaters near you on Friday. Very excited Danny Devito here on the rich Eisen show when we comeback during the season of giving we'd like to offer you a little something special and all we're asking in return is a few moments of your time. We need you to complete a short survey because your opinion matters to us and help support the show. It'll only take a couple of minutes and if you're one of the first people to do it we'll give you a reward in return. Just go to podcast one dot study and everything. We'll be right there for you. That's podcast one dot study the first one hundred and fifty people to complete the survey. We'll get a ten dollar GIFT CARD TO AMAZON DOT COM. All of our shows are supported by advertisers. So filling this out will really help us so please go to podcast one dot study and as always thank you for supporting the show and happy holidays from all of us at podcast one. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show and I am thrilled to Introduce the man to my right right. I mean the credits on this man's film and Television. Aw Griffey can fill up the entire hour taxi. One flew over the CUCKOO's nest get shorty. Currently it's always sunny in Philadelphia so on and so forth now. The new Jumanji Film Jumanji the next level in theaters near you coming up this very weekend. Good to see see you dan very much. It's very nice to be. I am pleased to have you here. Serbia so where do so. You're are you originally from New Jersey. The New Jersey shore midway between Lennox City in the in the big city the big apple kind of the home of Bruce springsteen right you too much born in freehold inland a little bit but he came to Asbury where he honed his craft and became very famous at the Stone Pony and in the early days and Jefferson there. Oh no I never saw him and I had gone Out A couple couple couple of years before he really landed in started taking off but I was a big fan of his work and also from the very beginning because he's a hope a You know local boy hometown guy and and And I did get a kick out of him calling his first album. Greetings from Asbury Park Right. I actually did a Saturday night. Live once where I said the story and I said well he couldn't. He was born born in freehold. New Jersey. Yeah he couldn't call his first album greeting from freehold so he it was smart Rhino to kick it up a notch. Avella exactly when when did you do that. SNL TAXI got cancelled cancelled by ABC. After the first five seasons and we were all devastated because show is doing great amazing and we didn't know why right and we were a family and That's that's Lorne Michaels said. Let's do a a show about you. Know taxi getting cancelled. It'll be we bring. I brought that year. Everyone won emmys. We won all kinds of statues and we all brought them on birth all cast on the show onto my monologue and And then Very very soon after. Or maybe even before that Brandon Tartikoff who is ABC would NBC. He brought the show over for the final. We did a final season the fifth season. So that you know I the mechanics panics. Works that the studio pace for the for the Shortfall Sherry beginning and then when this movie starts making money That they they start making their money. I'm trying to. I'm trying to match up the timeframe here so was bill. Maurya cast member gone. Murray Gone John John Belushi and There was still. You Know Dana Carvey is Betty Murphy. There was there was There were there. Were still amazing. Amazing ACING COMIC CAST members. Were right just wonderful to work with you. Know John Lovett. Shut me right. You know things like that. We did them crazy crazy things and And so we did that show. And and then We were brought onto NBC for that final year. which really put it over the top for everybody Danny de Vito here on the rich China show so growing up in in Asbury Park did so? Were you like a Yankee Fan did you did you dodge my. My father was born in Brooklyn born in in in New Jersey breath. Somehow he was Brooklyn Dodger Fan. When ebbets field was there in the whole thing right he'd take me to take me to ebbets field? We would watch the dodgers no matter. What when they were on TV? My mother which made a really interesting also was a Yankee Fan at that time. If you remember that was like I hadn't had oh sure you know that was like forget about the the Yankees won everything that all the Joe Right they they they got the players and you know my my my father was like we were in the junior Gilliam and you know and We were pee wee reese and Duke Snider Shatter and we had Roy Campanella Roy Campanella Campanella. Yeah right I'M GONNA Italian American family my father would not let us go by the TV if an Italian Alya was on television whether they were singing with was Connie Francis or whether it was. You know Tony Bennett. Or Mel Torme. When Roy Campanella was up to bat we had to sit there and watch? So I mean lasorda. If your dad ever watched Lasorda our around like this my father and Tommy Tommy. Why I don't know it's just crazy? Guy Danny Devito here on the rich Eisen show all right. Let's talk about Jumanji. The next level film wonderful now I mean I don't want to give away too much but we did see in the trailer When dwayne Johnson was talking the way in which he was talking and now seeing when you are in this fell the most people know the premise of the US? People get sucked into the video. And I happened to be in the house. Danny Glover's lovers in the house. Yes the thing sucks of sin. Yes and we have avatars when we get to the we get to the wherever. Yes these crazy place astray. And they're all wild ice things snow this. Ostriches is bad. His man drools roles attacking anyway they have to run away from them but they are running away from them as US issue so they become us. You know Dwayne has to go. What are we in Florida? You know Yes to do the so how would juvenile. How would you rate his job? He did a great job. He nailed coach but he did a great show. How did you coach them on how to talk? So you know I talk like I'm talking to you WANNA do it. Sure you WanNa try while I mean. I'm from Staten Island with hold that against you. A- sure I wanna try tried so what. So what so. What what? You'll listen my desk. This is all this stuff on. What is my my dad is on my desk? Hey you hey. What's all this on my desk? Hey you charlie come over here shortly come over here. See How norma you bring good work. You know. I've been living in La for a while but you know tamminen place from Brooklyn and Staten Island every now and then. If you cut me off traffic every in Brooklyn don't can't they just keep going. It's funny against Dwayne. Johnson does a great job with Jack. Act Black Very Funny Kevin. Hart Danny Glover is like the sweetest man in the world. You know all these all these folks that were in the movie before and and Akwa Fina nor place. You know she does a really great. The thing is that Dwayne. Watch me all at the time so it was like it was like I thought if beginning I said man this guy's interested in then I got it. He was watching me. Walk over and get a cup of coffee me. He'd walk over. Get a cup of coffee kind of no kidding. Yeah he's really a method actor. Okay yeah like a like A. I'm GonNa Eh but the movie does really well. I'm going to charge more. You don't get back Danny but you know you need to tell me how many tell you how you do your business. So I saw that you Ukraine or wedding with him we. We were promoting. The movie was really sweet. We did the three or four days and Kabo which was really early to amazing. Kaba Son Luca. It's if you have a chance to go it's beautiful place and we had like four or five days of Promotion Shirow the movie and coincidentally we overlapped one day with a wedding. That was already planned there and so the the night that they were going to have their drinks or whatever they were going to do before the wedding. The wedding was on Saturday that night. Who still doing press so we still had for all of our stuff their cameras this that and the other thing? So it's a little inconvenient for the bride and groom but they cool about. I think you're right. Yeah well then as a as a little icing on the cake when they had their wedding and it was all set was really beautiful. They had all the their seventy eighty people there. An kids were there and the whole thing and Dwayne and I came out of the kitchen singing unforgettable on. I'm for that you You know to the bride and groom Dwayne. Then when I think they are the brighter the husband had a heart attack. Had to be taken to us. Well I saw the advice. You gave the couple in the video on how to have a successful Mary. Go get a big house. You don't have to bump into each other said did you get that from a worthy roses. Trumka okay all right and the few minutes I have left with you here. Danny Devito again Shimoji the next level in theaters coming up on this very Friday We have some facts taken from stories that have been written about you and we want to make sure that the era that true or false in celebrity true false. Okay go for it hit it here we go and interestingly enough we begin with a Nicholson Elson conversation here. During filming of Batman returns true or false you remained in character as the penguin between takes. Yes I did. So did that Freak anybody out or screen children today. Yeah I definitely did not basically once you get into the suit and you're in there for three hours doing it The only time I broke was at lunch and what we do we had a little cart. That would take me from the set. Little wagon like a circus wagon bragging. take me over to my trailer where I had a tent set up tables outside and I had a friend of mine. Who's really a good Cook Vincent? SCHIAPARELLI WHO's already. Who's in the movie? He he would cook some amazing meal. And then sometimes I had my flippers on. They were glued on so they'd have to feed me and I use this thing. This wash mouthwash okay. I scored in. So it's just like it's Spira Lena and mouthwash too and I- squirted in before I got and then the director would say action and I go and all new. ooh and is it true. That is it true that Nicholson told you to do the role because Nicholson was so well compensated from the first Batman the movie yeah he said No. He wasn't yeah pretty much he said. Tim was demand. Timber said I I loved. I loved his the movies and so tim asked me to be in the part. It's great part. It's operatic like everything that an actor would want. Part is written like golden so tragic a bird who cannot fly the duality of the of the characters. You're playing all those things and to have that you know all that fun stuff to be to be doing. You wouldn't want to pass that one all right next one. Is it true that you were Considered the role of George Costanza and Seinfeld. Is that true. No that is copied me in Georgia Sands. Okay okay go ahead. They had Uh George Costanza right. They had Kramer Kramer was like Reverend Jim. Kim Ignat townscape. Yeah right Jerry was kind of like well just hearing you say. The Word Rieger liked doc. Bring Area Reagan's brings back memories. Like that is what are you doing over there. Fantastic is a true. You like to have a trampoline in your dressing. Do Okay do it. What a trampoline does it takes all the muscles in your body and it it it gives them a workout? Okay so have. You bounced on a trampoline. I do it before I go on. I'd do it before I you know. I do sometimes just during the day. It's it's a real muscle it's like dynamic tension but only you're doing it like on a trampoline. Did you do it in the penguin out for I didn't I didn't know I did it before. I put the penguin outfit on I did it. I did Broadway when I do any any When the price when I do sunny I do trampoline? Good it's good for you. You should trump trampoline before into sticking over in the corner sticking trump junior. Yeah what are you going to do what you've been doing this week. what's happening. I wished if we'd known that I would have passed that information onto the commissioner before you were in the suite for the Super Bowl this year in in Atlanta you could have been trampolining during the rams and patriots superbowl game. That was like being in a waxworks. I mean all these guys who just like are totally leave billionaires sitting in rows ball lease all aw aw Liba sitting in the back and we'll you why waste a whole row of ball competing with the lights. You could hardly really see the I don't like watching From the booth once in a while the only thing bad about going in the stands you gotTa do autograph and sell fees which I don't the mind okay. I like it right but three thousand of them. I might pick up in the up in the booth the food and everything think yeah those guys right. It's just you just have to sit behind Rupert Murdoch. Talk do you not yet densify M- right away and you you go. I watched a Chris. I'm telling you that's a fact that happened this year's Rams Patriots Superbowl last one for you while you were in in acting school in New York City your roommate was Michael. Douglas this is his half truth. Okay Okay I'm house ready out out of that game school I been doing off Broadway off off Broadway children's theater and stuff like that. We shared a place on eighty nine. Th Street he was doing the street San Francisco doing stuff in off Broadway off looking for work so it was a good marriage because like like we. We We weren't in apartment quite a lot like who's only several parts arts that were thrust together and eighty ninth street and those were the things that I was talking about about being a good marriage. They were great. I mean you know. We decided right away who was the top. And who is the body we Michael White doing and laundering. That's good folding up the best. Who did the cooking meat okay? That's of course it was you. What's the best thing you cook? What's the best thing I cook everything? Really good bye guy over there from New Jersey Mike Del L. to folks I'm mean Bake Ziti. Yeah Yeah can you you got one. I've I've a good have a good big city. Well all Italian guys from at least you know doc you. You're Italian guy yet a mother of course. So you're a mony mony mony is. He hangs around his mother all the time and whenever she's in the kitchen we became memo needs because first of all we wanted to dunk. Yeah Yeah Duncan you WANNA the sauces cooking and you're GONNA get Outta here and you want a new walk over when she's not looking you. Take the cooler pon. It's okay okay. It's it's it's a low Italian bread the two ends are the ass of the bread. Bomb you you take the end and you over and you sneak over to the sauce. Wait couple wooden spoons boone's got she come after him. Dan Hide the Fox and the Fort. Oh Yeah Danny Devito here on the rich Eisen show. This is an absolute pleasure. Let's well thanks again. Please come back. And we'll talk some more go seizure. Mogae Jumanji the next level near you. on on these very Friday December thirteenth strike and also Next time you come. We'll have a trampoline forty eight now now that we know do the tramp. I didn't get that writer. Danny Devito right here on the rich Eisen show again. Checkout Jumanji the next level in theaters this Friday audie okay. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners. For supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either review and I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast. One DOT COM clicking on the support this podcast button and there. You'll see all with my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show in terms of of your career. Mike and what you've been able to do you've been exposed to a lot of haukeland talking cooking and Mamani experiences as he just said with. Danny devito talking about your mom's cooking and cooking up with your mom or trying to dunk bread into the sauce with Danny de. Where does that rank easily top three? Not even Michael Douglas. That's totally I got to think of. What would be well? Well you got to. Well I mean we gotta get Kathleen. Turn away to complete the romancing the stone if you're talking about Michael Douglas and you're talking about Danny Devito. That was awesome terms of this show right here sure. and Danny's been kind enough to stave afterwards for Isan overtime. Oh Nice Yeah we're I will open up residual checks with him ars ne what. Oh my God well I mean I'm imagining you must get like a A taxi residual still right. I'd imagine occasion. Imagine he doesn't ever see these. Just go right to his. I I mean right able or I wonder what his first residual I love. I just love talking too long time. Actors actresses certainly a list people. About how how long they've had their career and the first residual check they've gotten and just I'm just finding out how little it was and seeing if that still beats the odds odds on favourite of me opening up an envelope of CSI Miami Hashtag suck it Caruso. Hello so we'll put that on a rap is overtime as usual. You know after a long interview like that I go to my twitter feed and see what's what's hit the headlines. Are Everybody Headline Chris. Go for what had long did you just find out Yes so there's a S N Y in New York is reporting that the jets czar Looking into going to explore trading Levian bell this off season as well as Jamal Adams. You know I feel bound Jamal Adams Yeah. I don't care how dire the roster situation is with the jets. Jamal Adams states an. I don't care how he's grinding gears. With the current coaching staff with the ultimate of respect I feel I I. I like atoms well enough and I'm assuming from what I hear about him in the locker room and what he means for the team and what a doggy is. Da wg you old on people like him. LemMe on bell was never an a proper fit for a team. That's not ready to win it. All and I know the jets thought Mike maccagnan thought ought when he was available having bell. Let's add him to the mix is exactly what we need in terms of running game are wide receiver. Group is decent enough and we'll put darnold in the hands of Adam gays and Christopher Johnson. Would he's ambassador. Johnson's brother sitting there thinking well. peyton manning loves gays or everybody else loves gays. Let's gays just be Bella. Check in the Miami Miracle. Let's give him a shot. I have no issues with trading levy on bill but good luck trying to get value for somebody who let me get the exact statistics sticks ear. Because I haven't here in front of me. He has yet to rush for seven yards in a game. He doesn't even have six hundred yards rushing this year just three touchdowns an average yard art precarious three point two dreadful eggs absolutely awful and then he has the flu. He wants to play doctor. Say you're contagious. Just as a matter of fact you're not cleared to play and we don't want you in the team hotel because you're contagious and because you know despite being a home game team Santa Team Hotel the night before a game. He's seen bowling till one in the morning. And Adam Gates says in terms terms of finding him but he didn't break team rule. What am I going to discipline him for Gay said today? I can't tell him you have to stay in your house. Yeah you do you can. And how about this team rule that if you are not cleared to play by the doctors. Because you're contagious. You stay home Netflix. And chill even if if that's what you WanNa do and I know what that means. Why can't that be a team rule? We can't have you not cleared to play. You're contagious and you go bowling. And Yeah you tell him you're fined for that. And what what. What team will that? I break coach coach. The the one where you you can't play because you're contagious with the flu and you went bowling to one in the morning. That's the team rule. I just made it up. That line. Isn't that that line from Raging bull even if you lose you win member Joe Patchy Stellar at to you know. Take the fight even if you lose you win. That's the jets even a few. It's the opposite though. Even if you win you lose. They beat the dolphins and they lose and now guess what here comes Lamar Jackson and a short week and in terms of weather bells gonNA play The answer from Gates was he better. We're out of guys because we'll all Powell's hurt do you pat McAfee As Pat McAfee said in our number two he he took an issue with it. Because how you get right exactly exactly in bowling ball's threat. If you're sick. Eric do you feel worse for the people who had to use the lane after eleven or Levian fantasy owners. The the people who use the lane after Lebanon stuck his flu ridden fingers in the ball and goes. I'll go home. I'll watch the dolphins friends and jets on CBS tomorrow from house. He may have his own bowling ball. I mean he could have like Jerome Bettis. Exactly it could be a baller through. Oh Oh my gosh. A final poll results brought to you by capital one which is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees are minimums. One of the nation's it's best savings rates capital one. What's in your Wallet Chris? Would he have around. Who Wins The NFC East Philadelphia Eagles fifty three percent? I agree oh boy seventeen three. I would love nothing off the twenty twenty year calendar year when we come back on January second after watching Michigan beat Alabama and the citrus bowl. Love nothing better than a bask in that glow. Have a Mike del Tufo. Calloway hat eating ceremony with my with a Brockman a knife in four. That would be wonderful. Great video might even after our black Monday show. We might do that before the New Year. That'll be it'll be wrapped up wrapped up by then. Yeah Jason Garrett will have been fired and you'll be in the hat I think that's the order of events unfortunately for Garrett and the cowboys and your gastrointestinal system Sir team is so good on paper tomorrow show the Minnesota. Vikings talking's Put out their offensive player of the year candidate named Alvin Cook He will be on this program as the Minnesota. Vikings are getting thank set to make the excursion here to Los Angeles take on the chargers McCain that they flexed out of NBC. Adrian Gonzales five-time Major League Baseball all-star. We'll be here. We'll see if Gary Cole- signed by then I doubt it and then Kevin pollock from the great show the Marvelous Mrs Mazel. He will be here. We'll talk a little usual suspects with him as well. He's a Bay Area Sports Fan. He loves the NINERS and And I guess he'll join Kevin Bacon. Rob Reiner Noah Wyle as guests on the rich Eisen show to talk about the. You can't can handle the truth. Nicholson scene and his perspective from it and I'll turn them. I said we spoken of those three. What about you Lieutenant Weinberg? It'll wwl Wednesday show eight Jordan here. I know a lot of you. Create your own podcast and a lot of you already have one like me. I obviously love what I do. It's taken a lot of hard work to get to this point of success. You shouldn't have to pay. Fees for platform hosting distribution analytics or fees to create a podcast. You need to be able to focus on producing the best show possible now podcast one. That's a network. I'm on. They have a launch pad digital media or launchpad. Dm Am for short so it's free includes unlimited hosting full control of distribution. You have access to a full dashboard with analytics again. Totally free you own everything. 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