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Young charlie by hollywood and crime contains depictions of violence and is not suitable for everyone. Please be advised kim. Roman polanski wandered through the house touching things that should have seen familiar but now appeared as apparition features of a waking dream that wouldn't end end sunday august seventeenth nine thousand nine hundred sixty nine was the first time he'd been to the house on ceelo drives since the murders eight days earlier for a long time. He looked down at the bed. He shared with his pregnant wife. The pills were still bunched at the center. Something sharon did when he was away hugging him and spirited here it is she drifted off to sleep in the living room. A large red stains showed where she died lying on her side with nothing to comfort her. The filmmaker filmmaker could imagine the blade driving into her body again and again until there was nothing left of her in the sun inside her but ravaged flesh why he muttered as he walked around the house slowly. Why why why following the director were a writer writer and photographer from life magazine there to document his return along with them was peter her cosa self-styled psychic hired by friends of j. c. Bring on the belief that his readings might aid the police in their search for the killers he would later inform the press that three men were responsible for the carnage orange. They were friends of sharon had ingested massive doses of l._s._d. Which had turned them into frenzied homicidal maniacs. The murders took place during a black magic ceremony known as guna guna though police knew better than to take her coasts gibberish seriously the press showed little restraint they described details derived entirely from rumor in fevered speculation that the house was the site of frequent orgies and drug parties hardy's that sharon dabbled in the dark arts that polanski was somehow involved in the killings is open. Now the police have released and you can see you can go and see the orange place you have blood all over the place maybe close and until outraged at the macabre fantasies foisted on the public by an out of controlled media the director called a press conference on august nineteenth to deny the lurid allegations some present fell polanski's grief-stricken words were undermined undermined by the exclusive he just given life magazine complete with photo spread of the death house from wonder. I'm tracy patent was stephen lang today. Hollywood and crime presents young charlie. If you're joining us for the first time we recommend you go back and listen to the previous episode. We'll be waiting for you. Today's episode crazy charlie. Here's my co host. Stephen lang in february nineteen fifty three a sixteen year olds drive down a road outside beaver utah when one of them points through the windshield at something of ahead by the time. They realize it's a roadblock. It's too late hanging quick u-turn. We'll have the cops on their tail in no time. The only thing to do is pull over and hope for the best and for a moment moment seems luck is on their side turns out. The cops are looking for an adult robbery suspect not three teenage reformatory runaways but wouldn't you know it. They run a check on the plates anyway charlie side and gives that little smile of his. He knows what they're going to fine time. Since breaking out of the school for boys were widely sent me an orange rust hot wiring cars has been their preferred mode of getting around burglarizing gas stations provided the cash for what they hoped would be a trip to california at least until now looks like beaver utah is about as far as they're going to begin sitting in that car on the cold february day waiting for the cops to find what they're going to find charlie closes his eyes and relaxes into his fate during his three years in plainfield. He's learned a lifetime's worth of surviving from in the beginning. He knew he wasn't going to make it on his size or strength but he had a feel for how to play people. Do what you can for those who can help nope you do what you want to those who can't and when his way with words wasn't enough to protect him from the bigger tougher kids he'd starts screaming ming and flapping his arms and bugging his eyes crazed wounded animal most of the time it worked and the aggressor would back off when it didn't well it was just in the way of things that the week submit to the straw and if it came to rape as an often didn't places like that well you let it happened and you got yourself up and that was the end of it something that's done to you. Isn't you shake it off and move on uh when the police bring the three boys in it's not long before they learn. They're not going back to plainfield charlie's just fine with that but when they're sent back to indiana it's face charges of violating the dire act taking stolen car across state lines is a federal crime and federal time it is hard time charlie sent to the national training school for boys in washington d._c. And he won't be getting out until he turns twenty one on sunday august seventeenth the los angeles was times published an in depth article on the tate killings under the headline anatomy of a mass murderer in hollywood though little was yet known beyond the facts of who had died in how or perhaps because the lack of information only fuel the public's interest americans consumed everything they could about the grisly crime nine garnering far less interest but equally inexplicable or the murders of leno and rosemary labianca who story appeared on the same page titled old l. a. couple victims of slayer given final writes the article noted similarities with the yellow dr murders only the night before and that police lisa working on the assumption that the los feeless crime was the work of copycat killer. What readers that sunday might have easily missed was a third much smaller article that appeared beside the tate's story it details a crime of vastly different proportions police raid rant arrest twenty-six suspect aspects and auto theft bring the piece described how the twenty six were living in an abandoned western movie set on an isolated chatsworth ranch sheriff's deputies believing the group was converting stolen volkswagen's into dune buggies made the arrests in a daybreak raid saturday. A cache of weapons was also seized the owner of the ranch eight year old. George spahn was described as a nearly blind invalid who lived in a house on the property deputies said spawn new there. There were people living on his land but claimed no knowledge of their activities. He said he was afraid of them. No names of the suspects were mentioned when all twenty six were released days later due to a mistake warrant the times did not see fit to report it within three months of his incarceration in washington. D._c.'s training school for boys charlie's caseworker worker considers him an institutional politician barely literate with little or no math skills and an i._q. Only slightly above average. He shows no real interest in learning except for music. Charlie will sit still and listen in music class other than that. What charlie's good at is knowing how to tune his ways to an audience he might have few academic skills but he knows who he can dominate by force and who he needs is to charm and it isn't just the other boys. He's figuring out how to play psychiatrists. He's finding out light to put things in their own boxes a have ideas about how people get where they are. There is open just a little wider their heads tilt forward just a little closer when he talks about his mother and how no one cared a damn about poor charlie. They wanna hear what they already. Believe is what charlie figures and he's more than happy to give tim in summer nineteen fifty one one psychiatrist's report finds him an extremely sensitive boy who has not given given up on securing some kind of love and affection from the world another concludes that what charlie really needs something to build up his self confidence. He considers sending him to natural bridge honor camp in virginia. This gets charlie's attention. Natural bridge is a minimum security cured facility for the most promising youths what's more it would make early parole much more likely if promising can get him into a less restricted environment. Well charlie can be as promising as he needs to be by fall. Charlie gets his wish. His psychiatrist recommends the transfer and on october twenty fourth charlie has moved to the virginia honor camp at natural bridge early releases all but assured charlie's parole hearing is in february nineteen fifty two and all s to do till then play by the honor camps rules but sometimes nature is just nature and there's no getting around it there are those who dominate and those who get dominated and there's not much more to life than and that when he sees the boy alone and unguarded charlie acts in the moment without thinking about anything but what the kids got and what charlie what's coming up behind the boy charlie puts a razor blade to his throat and yanks down his pants. It's over in a minute and maybe it's time the kid had learned what charlie already knows. Rape is just a thing among things and no more than you make of it in your head. The school authorities feel differently. Elaine charlie's parole hearing is cancelled and he's immediately sent to the federal reformatory in petersburg virginia by the end of august teams investigating the tate and law bianca murders were on in two separate tracks the progress report on tate running thirty three pages made no reference to la bianca the sixteen page law bianca report said nothing of tate. The team was older. More experienced inclined to see the case however bizarre. It's elements as still a crime. Among crimes and murders were about sex or money since five individuals were involved including the entirely unrelated steven parent. It was hard to see how sex might have played a role. Yes it was possible. See bring and tate had reunited as lovers pointing to polanski as the perpetrator with the others eliminated as witnesses but he'd been in europe at the time and if he'd hired someone he certainly could have chosen an opportunity where needless bloodshed could have been avoided moreover polanski's dansk lie detector test indicated he'd been truthful so the likely motive was money since rumors of narcotics use at the estate abounded detective stayed with their theory that a drug deal was involved. Fry cousy was a known drug user and see bring was believed to have been having financial difficulties. Perhaps separately or in concert they had ripped off a local supplier and this was payback to serve as a lesson to others despite a lack of supporting the evidence the money revenge theory maintained its hold over the tate investigators. The law bianca team was younger more open to novel theories. They also were acquainted needed with what the report referred to as the singing group the beatles the band's recent album included the songs helter skelter piggies words which had been written in the victim's blood at the crime scene and blackbird had repeated references to arise which might relate to the rise scrawled by the front door. The connection was seen as more whimsical than substantive. It was quickly forgotten as detective search for more promising leads. Charlie doesn't last a year at the federal reformatory in petersburg virginia by august nineteen fifty two less than eight months into his incarceration. He's committed eight serious offenses at seventeen he might stand no more than five feet four but he does what it take to get what he wants with an ability to manipulate and willingness to use violence he's considered a danger to the other boys in december officials officials decide to transfer him to the maximum security facility in chillicothe e ohio even there he's considered too dangerous to be placed in the general population elation in a report written within a month of his arrival charlie has described as criminally sophisticated and grossly unsuited for an an open reformatory institution such as chilly kathy. Here's considered beyond rehabilitating. That's when everything changes his his chances for parole before his twenty first birthday all but gone charlie suddenly turns himself around he stops committing serious offenses and cooperates with officers. He takes part in the academic programs raising his reading and arithmetic skills. He's put to work repairing and maintaining vehicles in the the institutions transportation unit. No one might have predicted when he entered the facility less than two years earlier but on january first nineteen fifty four he received the meritorious service award from chile coffee on may eighth of that year having spent seven of his nineteen years in six different institutions. This charles manson is granted parole at ten ten years old. Stephen weiss had learned proper police procedure from watching dragnet on t._v. So when on september first he found a handgun half hidden under under a bush on the hilly grounds behind his home he knew how to avoid destroying any latent fingerprints gently picking the gun up by the barrel and bringing it into the house he he showed it to his father. Bernard weiss immediately phone the l._a._p._d. Within minutes officer michael watson had responded to the call apparently not aww fan of drag that officer watson took no precautions when handling the weapon he found to live around seven empty shell casings in the cylinder in the gun looked as if it had been there for a long time rusted and caked with dirt the barrel was loose and bent as if from striking something hard the right the hand grip was missing within hours the twenty two caliber high standard longhorn revolver and cartridges would be taken to the valley services division of l._a._p._d. A._p._d. And van is they would be placed in manila envelopes and filed away in the property section under found evidence and there they would remain sitting beside his grandmother and a pew at the nazarene church charlie. Let's ministers words flow around him and threw him in rhythmic waves. What god wants and doesn't want. Let's see what he doesn't want. Free yourself of pride and self women's servile men and menu lord. Give up your possessions enlighten your so the fifth angel sounded and a stall from heaven had fallen to the earth and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him sometimes when he closes closes his eyes. The syllables empty of meaning become cadence without content words are musical notes in a symphony of light and dark and he understands though it might not be the understanding is grandmother hopes to awaken him. There's the way of the fist and there is the way of the word and charlie. Charlie must learn to use them. Both it was a condition of his parole. That charlie returned to mcmechan west virginia to live with his uncle bill and an jemma the closest thing to a stable family he had but bill was not one to forget matters like charlie stealing his gun and and was less than convinced by his nephews meritorious service award might not be a bad thing for the boy to stay with his mother recently moved to nearby wheeling kathleen still had lewis and his drinking to deal with and it wasn't as if charlie got along with his stepfather any better than his uncle. She was happy to see her. Our son relieved he seemed to have turned himself around but she just wasn't in a position to offer him more than an occasional overnight. Stay it was then. Nancy stepped in still hoping to write her grandsons path. He can come stay with her most nights providing he attend church with our every sunday now feeling him beside her in the pew not wanting to glance over for fear of it being prideful. She knows it was the right decision. Not not only might have turned his heart back toward god. He'll have the chance to socialize with people his own age but but in a world of sock hops and bake sales and kids knowing each other since they were born. It's not easy for charlie fit in the kind of big talk that impressed crested fellow inmates at reformatory only makes the teenagers of mcmechan fearful of him. They might listen in their eyes. Get big when he talks about what he's stolen stolen or who is roughed up for how sneaking beers and cigarettes is nothing compared to shooting drugs but amongst themselves they decide. They want no part of him. I'm pretty soon they just pass by on the street without so much as a word or glance. Not that life on the outside is all bad. He's got himself a job aboard. Wheeling downs the local racetrack cleaning stables shoveling horse shit might not impress the sock hop of mcmechan. Charlie always liked animals he can look in a horse's is nowhere stands with people. You have to learn what works and what doesn't how to lead them this way or that he can do without that is stable boss telling them what to do when to do it. He's had enough of taking orders to last a lifetime but when it's just him and the horses that's okay check his mind gets clear and human voices grow distant fuzzy then one day he meets a man they call cowboy because of the stetson e wears and a certain way he has about him. He's a small time gambler named clarence willis and he's taken a liking to young charlie enough of all liking to introduce him to his daughter rosalie. The broken hand grip of the pistol found and at the cielo drive murder site was shown to sergeant william lee of l._a._p._d.'s firearms and explosives unit. Lee didn't need to check his manuals. He immediately immediately recognized it as belonging to a high standard twenty two caliber longhorn revolver ed lomax product manager for the company that produced the gun and hurried over to the police academy to confirm lease assessment adding that it was rather a unique revolver. Only twenty seven hundred have been produced since ends its introduction two years earlier. Lomax further accommodated police investigators beay providing a photo of the gun and a list of the stores that distributed l._a._p._d. Felt they were finally working on a significant lead they would create a flyer with a picture and description of the longhorn and send it out to police departments in gun shops throughout california and beyond some even reached remote locales and canada follow up letters were sent to any gun shop that had received achieved an order for a replacement hand grip for the weapon within weeks. The majority of guns sold in california had been eliminated and this area investigation had reached a standstill but just over the hill from los angeles. The high standard twenty two caliber longhorn discovered by young stephen weiss remained in its manila nilo envelope in a storage area. The van is division of l._a._p._d. They had never received one of the flyers nineteen. The only thing charlie knows about sex what he's learned in the dark halls and cold stalls of the reformatories where he's been incarcerated. It's about the strong and the weak like so much of life you do to others or they do to you on the outside. He watches the polite dance people his age do timid glances over milkshakes at the soda fountain hands grazing being hands at the movies as if by accident he doesn't believe it for a minute. He knows they aren't any different from him. These hulking youths with their sloppy grins wins courtship is raped by other means the boys play the big shots and the girls make like they don't notice everybody's out for something and pretending attending. They're not at least in reformatory. Everybody knew where he stood in the pecking order of want and submission their games charlie plays and game he doesn't and he isn't about to compete with farmboys for the chance at a snatch kiss of course there are the horrors over in wheeling and that's a whole world of its own. He watches them sometimes sitting in whatever car he can manage to hot wire the pimps worked like ministers of give-and-take intake telling them what they need but don't know touching their fears and then backing off finding that inner wound and pressing just hard enough before leading up these men and their slick suits and slicker ways no a hell of a lot more about how people operate than the psychiatrists he played at chillicothe. Ian plainfield charlie learns his lessons on the streets of wheeling find that spot of her and use it because she's thinking am i just this ugly thing and do people notice it. No you're not darling not by a mile. He will say i see the pretty inside you and maybe he's not much to look at. Maybe even a runt of a man but he can look inside them and not just what they need. He'll tell them they're pretty when no one else will that they're special special even if they don't know it yet that he's the one who can find what's best in them. Get a girl to believe that and she'll do anything for you. No one knows what charlie tells rosalie willis but before long the good people of meccan are turning their heads as the two of them walk down the street street hand in hand this nice local girl and the boy who bragged about shooting up. It's cowboy clarence willis who introduces charlie to the youngest gustavus three daughters and soon enough. They've set the date. Clucking around town supposes they have to but if there's a baby it's news to the couple in on january. Seventeenth nineteen fifty-five charlie is back in the nasreen church. Nancy watches. She's with pride is your grandson takes his young brides hand to start life anew it's more than she might have hoped for but god knows how to surprise even the worst center clarence clarence willis gives consent to his fifteen year old daughter even though she claims to be seventeen on the marriage license he liked charlie the minute. He laid eyes on him. Nancy holds the reception at her house but her daughter isn't there. Kathleen has left lewis again and moved to california. No one knows if charlie misses his mother right now. He's enjoying his wedding cakes planning his future. As a married man. Everyone has cameras and reporters. Search chief of police of the city of los angeles trees on september third. The los angeles times reported that after interviewing more than three hundred persons detectives are still without a prime suspect in tate murder case l._a._p._d.'s chief of detectives robert houten further admitted that the longer the investigation continues the harder. It may be you to solve the crime days earlier l. A.'s new police chief at davis held a press conference answering no comment most reporters questions. There were however a few tidbits of new information. It was revealed that the weapons the cutting weapon and a firearm had not been found that the killer or killers. I did not appear to have been wounded and that narcotics were found in more than one part of the estate detective out and said that personally he doubted one man could committed the crime at his press conference chief. Davis told reporters that his men were doing as good a job as can humanly be done. Unfortunately the murderer or or murderers did not leave calling cards. The times article made no mention of the lobby onto killings in the first time he picks up a guitar. Charlie can field a new world opening up to him. The smooth would of the neck the curves of its body like a woman shape most of all the electric tingled passing a newest fingertips from the strings every time he strums a vibration gratien connecting him to some universal force that goes past thinking and straight to the animal so this power there he can sense sitting in the little room room he and rowsley of rented the power to change him and the power to change the world. Wherever looks now young people seem to know something. Their parents don't don't music wakes you up and freeze you. He listens to frankie laine on the radio. In the words feel more real than talking answer me creams frankie thank you and it's like he's asking the sky and stars charlie teaches himself some chords and when he opens his mouth to imitate frankie his voice surprises him like it's not really coming from him but tapping into the same forces frankie's a force that connects everything to everything he has things to say he feels for the first time in his life and there are people who will listen music is different from earthly the comings and goings of men like the words of the nazarene minister becoming more than just words he remembers feeling even when he was sitting at andt glenis piano yeah no little legs dangling off the bench tiny fingers pressing on those keys in him closing his eyes and these sounds wafting up toward the heaven that grandmother nancy see believed was reading and he had no opinion about facing murder charges in the death of music teacher. Gary hinman bobby beausoleil received his trial date on september fourth bobby had been in jail for about a month since the fiat station wagon he'd been driving had had broken down outside san luis obispo to highway patrolman had pulled up and when they checked the license plates they discovered the car was registered to the tha panga enga canyon murder victim. A quick examination of the fiat turned up a bloody knife hidden in the wheel. Well bobby was arrested and the l._a. County sheriff's department was notified. Detectives hall whiteley and charles guenther working on the hinman investigation drove up to interview the prisoner bobbie told them he'd recently purchased the car from a black guy when the detectives informed him that his fingerprints matched a bloody thumbprint found at the scene of the crime crime. He changed his story. Now he claimed that hinman had signed over the car to two girls he knew whiteley and gunther had beau soleil brought back to the l. a. county jail and booked for the murder of gary hinman. His trial date was set for november twelfth. As bobby sat in jail detectives whiteley leeann gunther were looking for his pregnant girlfriend kitty loot singer. A possible witness to the crime but kitty was nowhere to be found. Los angeles is something you feel long before you see it like tentacles of some biblical michael beast it's roads and freeways reach into the desert the mountains all the way to the seat however might have imagined it back in tiny mcmechan l._a. <unk> overpowering in its speed and complexity rosalie sits in the passenger seat looking out with wide eyes. Charlie doesn't say a word from miles. Lets the motion shen of the cars of fury of color and light wash over him by the time they arrive at kathleen's modest apartment. Charlie knows that los dangelo says the home. He never knew. He missed till he got here. It isn't that he didn't give it a try and mcmechan. He kept his job at wheeling downs taking <music> artwork where he could find it. There was even this tug he could feel pulling toward a conventional life. He felt something prideful in the way he was looked at. Maybe even respected in that way that you're respected just for not standing out but by spring nineteen fifty five rosalie was pregnant and with doctor the bills adding to the burden of his small family charlie began supplementing his income by stealing cars just across the river and ohio. You do what you do for family family. When some rolled around charlie was more than ready for a change from mcmechan he piled rosalie into a stolen fifty three mercury and they headed in west to visit kathleen they were going to california. Kathleen is glad to see charlie and his pregnant bribed happy to let the young couples stay with her with louis not around to get between her and her son. Things are all right. Charlie seems alive in los angeles driving the streets taking it all dan there is little about l._a. That doesn't surprise startled. He tools around in that mercury and let's the city fill him like a meal. He can't get up from he understands now what people mean when they talk about destiny something beyond the here and now it's not so much that charlie doesn't think about the future it's more than it never occurred to him that he had one now. He feels the pull up the future l._a. Is the destiny he never new. He had a month after the death of his wife. Roman polanski and several of his friends decided it was time to play a more active role in the investigation on september tenth. They took out large ads in los angeles area newspapers offering a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killers hollywood stalwarts including peter sellars lurs warren beatty and you'll brenner contributed to the effort with sellers making the announcement rather than the desire to fact the ad only created further problems for police lisa investigating the crimes within days tips were pouring in from around the city overwhelming detectives and potentially obscuring legitimate information that might have come. I'm in theories abounded from a mafia hit too bizarre drug fueled sex practices gone awry hollywood players and peripheral seemed seemed eager to turn on each other providing accusatory information on whomever they refuting with that week beyond the muddying effect of this deluge. The implication of the polanski ad was not lost on l._a._p._d. Investigators they were not doing their job. Oh it's not until september that charlie is once again reminded that destiny is something thing that controls you. If you don't control it is driving through pasadena when he's pulled over by an l. A. policemen who notices the out of state plates a quick check reveals the cars stolen charlie throws himself on the mercy of the court blaming his poor mental state on years of incarceration he even admits to stealing another car back in ohio and unloading it in florida another violation of the dire act but he's got a wife now with the kid on the way maybe he hasn't been the best citizen but how would prison help back the judge orders a psychiatric evaluation and dr edwin mcneill mcneill concludes that with the incentive of a wife and fatherhood. It's possible he might be able to straighten himself out. The judge sentences charleena the five years probation. He's still got the dire act charges to deal with and he's ordered to be back in court in february nineteen fifty six although it's unlikely unlikely to do more than a few years to his probation charlie and rosalie flee to indianapolis on march tense rosalie gives birth to charles manson junior a week later charlie's arrested and brought back to los angeles his probation is revoked and for the first first time he's sentenced doesn't adult charlie is given three years at the terminal island penitentiary at san pedro in the port of los angeles <music> some six weeks after the murders. Los angeles was a changed place. The universe of the hollywood establishment turned upside down. Frank sinatra was in hiding rosemary's baby star. Mia farrow was convinced that she would be next. Steve mcqueen drove around town with a gun under the seat of his car. Tony bennett left his beverly hills hotel bungalow for an apartment in the <unk> hotels safer interior jerry lewis home was equipped with a security system replete with video monitoring esquire would report that in the great houses of bel air terrorists ends people flying to their telephones when a branch falls from a tree outside. Yes weep deep famine that september nineteen l._a. County coroner thomas noguchi called a press conference that did little to assuage resident's fears. He was now convinced that two possibly three killers had been responsible for the slaughter at cielo drive elements of the crime suggested the severe psychopathy of at least one of the killers it was possible drugs had played a role there was little in his report that was unexpected or comforting and and little hint that the l._a._p._d. Was any closer to solving the crime can't wait for the next episode of young charlie continue listening to the rest of the series right now and add free when you sign up for one three plus our membership service that makes it easier to hear more of your favorite wondering shows along with exclusive ad free episodes as a listener of the show show you can get your first month of one three plus free when you use promo code charlie just head to wondering dot com slash plus and enter the code charlie during checkout out next time on young charlie how to win friends and influence people back in the penitentiary in nineteen nineteen fifty seven charlie studies dale carnegie's popular self-help book and l ron hubbard's teachings about scientology charlie will use what he's learned from them him and his fellow inmates to become a more successful pimp. This is hollywood and crime from wondering subscribe to hollywood and crime on apple podcasts tune-in stitcher or your favorite podcast app to find out more information and reed are episode notes and contact us if you have any questions or comments if you like what you've heard we'd love to give us a five star rating and review us and be sure to tell your friends and fans of crime. We're counting on you to help us. Spread the word young charlie is written and directed by larry brand hollywood and crime name is created and produced by rebecca rannells john ponder and tracy patent and produced by jim carpenter young charlie was recorded at the invisible studios west hollywood hollywood california and blue room post in manhattan beach california executive producers benedict and non lopez four wondering.

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