Hour 1: Coming To Terms


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According to multiple reports aaron rodgers has arrived in green bay on a private plane. Don don't wait is over folks your. Mvp quarterback is back in the green and gold. And i am sure fans all over. The state of wisconsin are rejoicing this morning. But how did we get here. Well let them tell you. As of last week aaron rodgers plan was not to show up to training camp and to not play this season and the talks intensified over the weekend to the point where they offered. The packers did enough in the way of concessions to get aaron rodgers to change his stance. The stance was no go. That was the plan and the plan changed as it sometimes can. When training camp approaches plans change and so aaron rodgers now will be with the green bay packers at least for this coming year. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless jay here. The details really quickly the twenty twenty three year and rogers contract last one and his current deal would be voided with no tags allowed in the future. Packers would agree to review roger situation at the end of this season chipper. Not ship rogers contract would be adjusted with no loss of income to give the packers more cap room and mechanisms would be in place to address rogers issues with the team. So all this to say what say you will. The winner in this thing is what everybody's talking about right. The winner in this one has to be green bay packers green bay packers get their guy rating. Mvp back they now become the contenders again that everybody assumed them to be devante. Atoms probably falls in light as well. Enter your top receiver and you've got a year to try and make this thing even more amicable and maybe a stronger relationship to keep. Aaron rodgers pass this season so you you say she ate the desire of your fans. You make your team that contender and you bring back the most out to player. You could argue in the nfl. Aaron rodgers the biggest win to for green bay. Is you found a way. Communicate with. Aaron rodgers congratulate. You found a way to get through insane. Now let's work cohesively. Let's come together for the good of this football team and let's go win. Some games and getting to that point is a massive win. Now you're on the clock for three sixty five. You gotta go out there and win during the season but you also gotta find ways to prove they. Aaron rodgers should stay there after your fractured that relationship. This happened in the state of wisconsin. Already once right jaanus was a guy not nearly as disgruntled but had a wandering. I and you had to prove to him. You put together a proper team to keep it in wisconsin more specifically milwaukee with the bucks. They did that. And we know how it played out can the packers emulate what happened with the bucks. Let's see the only difference. I'll say there is. Obviously they had to build around yannis to help him out with the packers they needed to build towards what roger was looking for and then to help him out like he wasn't asking for a ton of free agents yes he wanted to sign his guy. Devante adam he wanted help on the offensive side of the ball but at the end of the day he won and more freedom in his contract when all was said and done but he was disgruntled up. Until then i think is what you're saying the end of the contract. The the caveats are the bullet points in there was mechanisms to address team issues. Check those mechanisms to address issues looms large in my opinion. Because i think you need to prove to air rogers. Hey we didn't go bolster this roster like you want it. We thought your best football was behind you. We need to secure our future as management is expected to do by going to get your in love. You proved us wrong. You proved us very wrong. You turn it in an mvp season and we are on the doorstep of getting to the super bowl. You've clearly got a lot left so now that you've took the misstep before now you have three hundred sixty five days to prove to aaron rodgers. We can kind of make this thing. Right let's fix what we did wrong. We've come together to this point to secure you for one. more year. mechanisms at the bottom mechanisms will be put in place to address rogers issues with the team. Can they do that. And how i think becomes a big question. Okay so the way we started. This conversation was kinda. Who's the winner in this situation. And and the answer is definitely the packers. However i do think you're right. It took some communication and a little bit of compromise here. First of all a week ago. I was sitting right in this various seat when i was reading the breaking news that the packers had offer aaron rodgers two additional years to his contract and that would ultimately the way the contract was structured would make him the highest paid quarterback perhaps in the national football league. And what did he do. Turn to doubt which is a surprise to absolutely nobody because we knew that erin. writers didn't want longevity in his contract. He didn't care about the money what he wanted was what he wanted. He wanted more freedom to go elsewhere. He wanted to fix. I guess issues with the team as you've pointed out a few times and he wanted to have a little bit more control and understanding from the higher ups of what was going to be happening with his team going forward and so here we are and so in ongoing talks with the packers and aaron rodgers according to all reports. It's like well that contract obviously wasn't what you want it. I don't know why at least in the first place because it to me felt like a way to kind of even further divide. Aaron rodgers from the green bay packers but nonetheless. Let's rip that up. What would you rather have okay a one year deal where then you can go elsewhere if you want to or one year deal to put all your chips in one basket and we'll reevaluate at the end. Fine that's what we'll do. It doesn't give us longevity here in green bay. It doesn't keep you in green bay for for a foreseeable future but it does give us one more year to try and go out there and add another super bowl to your hand that you only have one on deal. So there was a little bit of compromise on the packers side but not a ton and so at the end of the day they still have their. Mvp quarterback and they still have a chance to win another championship. and so the packers win this outright. Okay you think the packers when it's out there was a little bit of compromising communication there which shed rogers you're saying. Rogers got what he wanted to. So there's a win there because you've got flexibility another angle not being discussed in terms of winners and losers. Because everything's black and white. It feels like in sports. There's no gray area who won who lost and we've kind of laid out that it seems like the packers have to be the biggest winner here by getting their guy back. You know who else wins. The fans we win we win in this because think about at the height of covert what we locked in for every sunday during that however many weeks at ran for was the last dance documentary about those bulls and michael jordan's last year with team before moving on away from them in a legend That he left there in chicago. That's still looms very large. That was so riveting to watch and we are going back in the past to rely to relive those moments in the nineties and we couldn't get enough of it. We can't get enough of the drama. We can get enough of the theater. We're going to be able to have that real time here in sports with aaron rodgers and green bay. The last dance is playing out right in front of us. We know how it ended with. J. jerry krause and phil jackson and scottie and that crew. We don't know how this stories in this is the last dance the remix. That's exactly what we're getting here. What is going to happen with aaron rodgers. What kind of season is this going to be. Is he going to play. Mvp calvin football. Are they going to win a championship. Is he gonna come back when it's all said and done we don't know but you we get to do read into everything. The looks gives a player if it doesn't go right is communicating with low floor. How mad is he with management. Does he still have it all. This is gonna play out. I cannot wait. That's a really good point. Because it's so true i mean we're going to be analyzing every single thing that happens with this guy. If he tweets something cryptic. We're going to be reading into that. I mean how many times did i re read the tweet about him. Congratulating the bucks winning a chip. It's theater we're getting that at the top. Show this top-shelf theater. This is what we want in sports. We wanna watch greatness. Can it deliver and with the dynamics involved in this one. It's the last dance documentary in real time. It really is straight talk. Wireless no contract. No compromise right. Let's hear from packers fans phone. Number's eight say. Espn it's triple eight. Seven to nine three seven seven six. How do you feel about this whole situation. Aaron rodgers the packers. And what's about to come. This upcoming season aaron rodgers though. Not the only one who set himself up to leave his current situation in the near future from We'll get into that jordan. 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Keyshawn djabel zubin presented by progressive. Insurance guests join us on the good. You're my name is shay. Cornet he is jordan. Cornet were hanging out with the guys hanging in fear for the guys over the next couple of days and we start the day with. Aaron rodgers reportedly arriving in green bay. Start the day is brought to you by indeed higher right right now visit indeed dot com slash credit so yesterday mark murphy packers president spoke to. I believe it was. It was donors or investors or something along shareholders publicly-owned thank you Shareholders for the packers and this was prior to the news that aaron rodgers was indeed for sure coming back. So let's take a listen to mark murphy. Because i do feel like this sounds interesting and a lot of different ways. I think fans are frustrated with the situation. I think they kind of pox on both houses of us and errand but we've been in constant communication. It's obviously months and You know i'm hopeful that we'll have it all resolved. I do think our fans are split. And i think there's a lot of them that are just they want it resolved and i don't know if they're against the packers against aaron they want to see it resolved and i know people know how good player but i do think sometimes in these situations it's easy to forget what he's done. Okay that was mark murphy. The president of the green bay packers and he was speaking to shareholders prior to the news that aaron rodgers decided he is going to arrive the first day of training camp which is today and he will be staying with the packers for this year. At least and so jordan. When i hear that sound would noise me about that. Sound is the exact moment when mark murphy says i feel like our fan. Base is split. I don't know if they're against the packers or they're against aaron rodgers because you know what that was part of the packers doing they created that split. They created that tension and that that issue where pants had to choose. Sides did aaron rodgers ad that yes but whose voices have we been hearing this entire offseason. The packers nine aaron rodgers. And so when he says things like that it perturbs me. Because i'm like how are you supposed to have a fan base come together if this was the resolution you're hoping for which clearly it was if he says they were in constant communication the entire offseason. Why are you still throwing out this. Like packers versus errand scenario. Why isn't hey. We should really rally around this guy. Our hope is that he's going to come back in a packers uniform. He's going to under center. I understand the frustration. But guys just hang with us. We're hopefully going to have an answer soon. Why wasn't that the message. I hate this back and forth of us versus him and ultimately now they're gonna have to come together but it shouldn't have been like that in the first place you would hope that mark murphy and the rest of the brass there with green bay learned their lesson from the missteps in the past and i don't know if mark murphy already knew that this deal was pretty much a done deal at that point and aaron rogers come back. You don't know if it's posturing you don't know if he's trying to present himself as hey. This is very split. Does it was some of us. That are in in green bay. Some of our team aaron rodgers. But we made this thing happen. I i don't. I can't really get on the mindset there for mark murphy in that regard but what i can say is yeah you heard more from the management side. Because they had to be in front of the media they had to media or they had to address the shale shareholders. In the call that you're talking about. They had no choice. But to specially with the shareholders their investors you to talk to them about your brand and what the future and what projections look like. Aaron rodgers didn't have to do any of that in the match with the golf outing asked about it but he wasn't pushed on it and so he did. What professional should do. I mean yeah there was some of the the gimmicky stuff. And we're talking about the instagram story with michael jordan scottie. Pippen and how he was. You know taking subtle sub tweet shots or whatever. What have you. But he didn't have to address any of this. That wasn't on aaron rodgers to do that and he let his agent and he let it play out behind closed doors and i respect that part. I could've done without some of the pettiness that came from him but the guy was clearly hurt and good reason to feel that way so this opens the question now. to what is the fan base in wisconsin. Feel like and i. I don't resigned in wisconsin. But i do a family that resides in wisconsin. And yesterday. i called my dad. Who like born raised in wisconsin. Die hard packers fan his entire life. You know like daddy staying like how do you feel about this. And he kind of exemplifies. Exactly what mark murphy was kind of saying he's like you know i think and i've always thought he's like aaron. Rodgers is the best quarterback in the national football league. Yes patrick mahomes is great. Yes tom brady is great. But i think a rod is the best spoken like a true fat packer phase. But there's kind of this shine that has has rubbed off a little bit from you know our trophy. That is aaron rodgers because this drama is so much like a dysfunctional family. And he's like. I think the packers created a lot of it. But i'm a little annoyed like if he wanted to leave so bad he showed a left and my response to my father was dad. Told me is the best quarterback in the national football. You would have been okay with him walking. He's like i just didn't like all this back and forth all the time. It made us feel like we aren't worthy of this. Mvp caliber quarterback and so jordan. I guess my question to you is again. My dad is a diehard packers fan. All his friends are. This is something that he's obviously communicated with them about a lot. And so i feel like that is the pulse of wisconsin. Are you surprised by that at all. We'll before we get to addressing your father-in-law's stocks my father. My father in law my father-in-law thoughts before we get to that. Because let me be very clear. Whatever my father-in-law says 'i stand in line with his beliefs. That's my father in law. But you mentioned that conversation with him. Can you elaborate on. What else happened during that phone. Call with my father in law your father. Yesterday i called my dad. While i was driving is driving to the store and my dog and mike son in the back which i shouldn't have been on phone. Okay get it. But i had him on speakerphone. I was the child was in the chorus. I was telling them this year coming back. I knew it would be so excited. I got pulled over and so like shoot. Yeah i'm like. Dad i gotta call you back. I'm getting pulled over exactly. That's what i heard. I hang up the phone and the cop comes to the car and my dog in the car. So she's like barking. Really sorry you know. He's like you're not supposed to be on the phone man against lie. No i'm really. I was calling actually to tell. My dad. lives in wisconsin. I straight i swear. This is what i said to him. That aaron rodgers is coming back to the packers. I knew he'd be so excited. I should have got a phone so that she worked for. Espn did you. Try to drop that in there. I worked for years yet. He leaves with licence registration. I'll i'm getting a ticket a picture i'm getting. He comes back. Hands me license registration and a warning and says well. I've already had a bad day. I'm a broncos fan. I was hoping that aaron rodgers was going to denver. So i hope your dad is happy. Saudi drove away. I thought one win for the cornet household very very nice Got out of seventy to pay for tickets. So thank you now. We got that out of the way. You narrowly avoiding arrest with our four month. Old child in the car. Glad that didn't happen mother the year. Let's go back to a vilification here of aaron rodgers and i get where my father-in-law's coming from. I understand totally that he's annoyed with the situation. He he's just wants resolution he feels like you slide it as a fan and there's you're better than us kind of get it but i always go back to people. Don't care what you're doing until you stop doing what you're supposed to be doing. And that makes great sense of place here. In this regard people are gonna have air worth issue. Probably with how this thing played out in the off season with aaron rodgers. That's all fine and good. But ain't nobody gonna care in green bay about this off season when air rogers returns and if he plays the kind of football he played this past season if he's an mvp caliber player again and they are a true contender for super bowl again. That's all rear view. Nobody's gonna care about what happened in this off season but if he starts to struggle this year. If this team doesn't look the part this year then voices get amplified of see. You don't wanna be here. He's not all body. He didn't put in the work in the off season. He was hanging out this celebrity wife all these things that have nothing to do with nothing to do with saying that the white tie with nothing to do with it shake it'll be amplified people will start to care if it doesn't look like aaron rodgers and that door is cracked open right now and it's going to be performing space. If he doesn't deliver people are going to point to. What's happening this off season so it lingers a little bit but my money would be on aaron rodgers to deliver because it's aaron rodgers. Cash has a bears fan and hanging out in the nfc. North slowly still breaks my heart all right shane jordan cornell for the guys here on keyshawn jalen zubin much aaron rodgers coming up next including how this might be affecting the locker room. We'll dive in its cage as here's jordan. Has this from indeed. Finding the perfect hire can feel like search for a needle in a bottomless haystack. Resumes indeed makes hiring fast and simple with one hundred thirty five skills tests to help. Candidates prove they have the experience. Your job requires their powerful hiring platform. Even helps you schedule in conduct video interviews right on their site which is probably why indeed delivers four times. More hires than all other job sites combined according to talent nest to learn more about finding your next great hire visit indeed dot com slash. 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Keyshawn jalen zubin. We're presented by progressive insurance guests. Join us on the goodyear hotline. My name is shay cornet and this is my husband jordan. Cornet were hanging out filling in for the guys over the next couple of days And so we've covered this from all angles at this point right. Like who won this battle between aaron rodgers and the packers the packers. What's the pulse of the fan base right now in. Wisconsin has aaron rodgers been vilified and now let's switch gears and focus a little bit more on the locker room because this has been drama for the green bay packers locker room as well. We've heard some former players. Speak out about this. Who have known aaron rodgers and what his deal is and then we heard that davante adams wasn't going to return to the packers. If aaron rodgers returned to the packers we saw obviously over the weekend. Both aaron rodgers and davante adams posts cryptic kind of instagram. Messages of michael jordan scottie. Pippen on the court representing the last dance doing it one more time together. And so what does the aaron rodgers returning to green bay deal mean for the star wide receiver in green bay. Well let's hear from adam. Schefter devante atoms. The store wide receiver. The packers have struggled to reach a long term deal with this off season in part because there was uncertainty surrounding and rodgers now is open to listening to any contract discussions that the team would like to have and keep in mind that aaron rodgers new situations is new. Delete the most. Not a new deal will create more cap room for the packers this year. Too the packers can allocate that taproom once. This agreement is finalized. Any which way they want you would figure that one of the ways they would want to do. It would be to lock up arguably the best wide receiver in the game. Who obviously was pessimistic about his chances of getting a deal don't in part. Because of the uncertainty that existed surrounding arab all right so schefter said it there arguably the best receiver in the game and that is actually true since two thousand sixteen davante adams leads the nfl. With fifty eight touchdown receptions no other player more than forty seven j. This is a big return for the packers in terms of getting both aaron rodgers and davante adams back but this opens up. The discussion wasn't mean for the rest of the locker room. Are these guys going to head into training camp annoyed or happy that they had their to dynamic playmakers back. Well they'd be silly not to be happy in again. Go back to. We'll before i get there i'll say again. They should be happy because this team is now back to being a super bowl contender there now. The favourite in the nfc north. These are you got a hall of famer coming back in aaron rodgers who still playing elite football as raining. Mvp and davante adams who like we just heard from schefter is considered to be by many the best receiver in the game. Definitely one of the top two or three so when you bring that back you have to be happy. As for those who don't like how this played out Maybe the personality. Aaron rodgers isn't their cup of tea. Shay that would have been the case before this happened and look what they are able to do last year. You don't wake up today and go as a member of the packers. And i'm not really rogers guy. I don't really like what happened. In this off season. I would imagine not big locker room. The guys who didn't like what played out this year. We're probably not rogers guys to begin with. And if you had The relationship with rogers before it. You're able to understand that. This is the business side of things and now that he's back. Let's go win football games. I know again making the last dance reference. Everything coming back to the vibes of that. Mj final year in chicago with the bulls. Not all those guys liked him jay but mj was able to extract from the guys. What was needed to win. Ballgames sheer greatness and ability. Got them to win. Ballgames aaron rodgers is not at the at the height of what. Mj was to his sport. But aaron rodgers is an all time great so if his personality is what it is and if guys don't like what played out oh well let's go out there and play football and win okay and i get it. It's a business. Everyone understand that. Everyone knows that. But i will say this like i know you're saying oh well who cares but there has got to be a select few room that might feel like okay here. We go again. This is the story is all about rodgers. And now this is what we're going to have to talk about for the first few weeks at training camp. Why do we have to go through. This couldn't have done this. Maybe behind closed doors or spoken out about it right after the draft right after the draft jordan love instead of going through a whole offseason a year and a half later. Like there's gotta be a select few feel a little perturbed by the way this all went down. Yes does that become an issue when they start losing again. That might be something people try to point to. But if history's shown us and again it was prior to this breakdown in communication. But i can't imagine aaron rodgers wasn't carrying some of those issues in the last season that maybe showed face at different points that quite possibly annoyed some of his teammates. Well if that happened as i'm speculating. It may have and we also know that type of dynamic personality than aaron rodgers presents. the side of Maybe some cockiness that corrupt people the wrong way. They were on the doorstep of the super bowl. This offense was the best offense in the nfl last year and he was the mvp. So if you have those issues clearly. They're not affecting play. Why should they this year because of a contract dispute or not even a contract dispute amongst management and star player that got resolved that got him back on the field. So yeah maybe checks another box with those guys. That go goes aaron rodgers with aaron rodgers ish again but you know what they go out there. They win games and they compete for a super bowl and that shouldn't change so i don't know why you'd point that unless struggles start to appear. Davante adams and aaron returning to green bay is a frightening thing. If you're anyone else in the nfc north or in the national football league already a motivated a squad to begin with like adding extra motivation to aaron. Rodgers is not seen fun to me at all and then let's throw davante adams in the mix here to in twenty twenty. He was targeted on a career. High thirty four percent of his routes. Okay basically it was never a secret. We're green bay was going with the ball. Like if rogers was gonna throw. He likely was going to throw to davante adams open or not. He had a career low dropout rate of two percent of his targets. Two percent devante. Adam's okay and a career high seventy six point. Seven percent catch rate defenses. Know where the ball's going and it really doesn't matter. That's how good adams's. I don't know why i feel like we don't talk about him enough in terms of how good he is as a receiver in the national football league. Where does the conversation. Go like de'andre hopkins even stefan digs like. I feel like we talk a lot about all these other players. Julio jones we can go on down the list why don't we talk more about davante adams what he brings to the packers organization. Because it's a lot this guy does the most for this team to yeah. I would argue with that. I guess i didn't see it as an issue of him not getting shine. I felt like he got a lot of spotlight deserving. So maybe it's because aaron rodgers is that bright of a star that you think about what he does because aaron rodgers even before the emergence of davante adams has been a guy. Who's done so much. i mean you. Put the sign on riders. not on. i'm saying that's maybe why is because prior to adams even his his emergence that aaron rodgers was just the guy you can say. Give him the football. Let him go out there. He's gonna provide magic and so maybe people are thinking adams great. but it's because of aaron rodgers. i don't subscribe to that that method of thinking. But maybe that's why i do think he gets out shy us. I think it's nice to have a balanced presented offensively and they've got a good run game mud by aaron jones there and he does a really good job so this is a dynamic offense and we know that matt leflore set up that run to really get things going and we thought that would be a pushing poll between personalities of aaron rodgers and matt leflore but the formula is a winning formula which goes back to everybody's happy in any locker room at any level if you're winning games and green bay is very much winning games consistently true over the last three seasons green. Bay's the nfl's best red zone offense okay. So let's just point that out here. Also we are here on keyshawn jalen zubin. Okay jordan filling in for the guys and i know keyshawn probably not gonna be happy about this but you gotta state the facts. We're talking about advantage. Atoms right Including the playoffs folks. Keyshawn johnson in one hundred and seventy four career games. Had sixty six touchdown receptions davante adams in one hundred and eleven career games has seventy touchdown receptions. So let me tell you what this means. That means. that adams could go without a touchdown and Without a touchdown catch. I should say for his next seventy three games. Over four full seasons and still average more touchdown catches per game than keyshawn. Johnson stats incredible is brought to you by computer career training for a better life. I'm going to jump in here. I got the key. He's not here to defend themselves prior even awake. Have you seen the quarterbacks that keyshawn johnson play with. I mean devante. Adams has aaron rodgers keys. Brad johnson vinny testaverde and shaun king. Hey you know what. We're not talking about the quarterbacks we're talking about the receivers here. I was just stated. Do not i do. Oh you're right. I wasn't trying to take a shot at. He shot you work. You aren't i just was pointing out the facts just for a little comparison. Don't see what a good receiver dante. It's always trying to do. Let me be very clear. Keyshawn eight lists right now. So that's one number. Two keyshawn caught sixty six touchdowns in the national. Football league foley. Vinny testaverde's brad. Johnson and shaun king. That's two and number three 'kisan shots. He caught sixty six more touchdowns than me. And you combine along. Do you remember when he was coming after. You telling that notre dame shouldn't be in the college football playoff. I was trying to support my husband right back. That's a great point. They shouldn't have. That's all that's that's a great point so you know what yes. I'll be all. He could play seventy four boardgames devante. Go let's go to passing. that's right. That's what i try to say like kisha. We miss you a little here on the show. No don't don't don't go soft dough fall into the beef. We miss shots to keep it out of the way when he started. Disrespected me all year. All bull season leading up to notre dame alabama game notre dame lost keyshawn was right but notre dame was competitive played. Alabama's close. They weren't let's go. Let's go and notre dame played alabama better than anybody could argue. I just was pointing out the facts. Of why i was coming with some heat this morning. Solo act this beef all right. He saw clapback shave keppler cornet. She could be alert for this one. Because my name's ben. And i ain't in it okay. Let's bring in tanenbaum show. Espn nfl front office insider. He joins us here. On the goodyear hotline. Good morning. mike tannenbaum. Do you think that was too harsh of a shot at just really quick. Hey i'm the one that this discussion stuff. Now i will say this. He was an underrated blocker and he was extraordinarily tough has a receiver so we got to give him credit. So but hey when you get two first round. Picks for key schon. That's the trade. We make all day long but he was a good player. Fair enough okay. We've talking all morning. The headline this morning is obviously aaron rodgers. Staying with the green bay packers according to reports. He is there in green bay. We'll report the training camp today. And so what is your reaction of how this all went down. And what the resolution was you know. We've been saying this for six months that this was going to be the compromise. I always felt this was the way it was going to go. I'd like to get a lot more details if we go back to august fourth twenty nine thousand nine hundred. Tom brady modified this contract. That made that the last year of his contract new england new zealand couldn't franchise him in transition him. I haven't seen those details yet. So my question is what happens next spring. If and when green bay says you to what. We're not going to trade you. So i'd like to see the details about what it actually means to revisit the situation because as a former gm i i would be very surprised at aaron rodgers would agree just to this sort of like what's being reported as like a good faith understanding so my that leads me to the question of d expect another. Shoot a fall here so to speak is. Is there something else coming. That maybe brought air rogers to this position that we're in now where he's returning. I don't know that we have to see the details of the contract because you can easily address. What rogers was hoping to do. Which is what you do is you could shorten his contract. You could eliminate twenty twenty three and you can eliminate two thousand twenty to the fact that as of right now this morning tuesday morning. It's being reported as they're going to revisit. It would be conservative on aaron rodgers. Because what happens if there's a new gm next year lock it happen. We could sit here and speculate all day. The point is unless it's in the contract like again if we go back to august four twenty nine hundred thousand. It was very clear that when. Tom brady renegotiate his contract with the patriots. He was gonna be a free agent and he could it be franchise. That doesn't seem to be the case here. So i'm very curious to see what the contract looks like. And then obviously he'll play the season as a packer and then we'll go from there. But i think there's a lot more that needs to be found out about what the contract looks like. We're talking about speculating. And that's what we're going to continue to do here. Unfortunately and kishan j. will in jordan cornet filling in for the guys this morning. We're on the goodyear hotline with mike tannenbaum. Espn nfl front office. Inside are so speculation. here. We go mike if if they do win the super bowl what do you think happens with rogers. Do you think he sticks around for another year or two or do you think he's on his way no matter what well it's interesting. Everything seems to be reporting going back to what happened in the draft two years ago. Which was he wasn't told that they could be drafting jordan. Love i think that's a situation you can solve. I've been a front office. I've made mistakes. I've been able to look agents players in the eyes closed door. Work things out and we'll move forward together so you would like to think they could work things out. I'm surprised it's taken this long. But look they were able to put a band aid on the situation if i was green bay if i was mark murphy i was. Brian goudie constant floor. I would keep going back to one word. That is legacy. Why do you want to go be a bronco. Why would you want to go. Be a raider. A saint wherever. Why don't you fisher career here. We can name boulevards after you. Statues could be constructed about you so you can begin your career with the green bay packers and that to me is something special and that's something that would be constantly talking rogers about mike and i agree with you wholeheartedly. And that's still plays. It's just not very timely. Given the tom brady. Has that legacy in tom. Brady is gone somewhere else. And it's still shined. Which says yeah. You're right but this could also be a possibility for me as well. Going back to in leaning into your front office passed a and you can speak directly to this. Was there anything after that. Joran love draft. Pick that green bay front office could have done to maybe squashes and not let it get to the level that it has to this moment jordan. I think you've just gotta keep communicating with players. You know when you're sitting where they are running organization not every player's gonna feel like they're being paid fairly not every assistant coach is going to think that their title is appropriate. You have to constantly be communicating and explaining why you're making the decisions you're making and again aaron rodgers job is to play quarterback for the packers the packers front office job in obligation isuzu. What's within reason to help their team. I've been in situations where we didn't have enough quarterback depth going back to miami. We had a really good quarterback ryan tannehill when he tours. Acl we had to go out and sign jay cutler. That didn't work out the fact that green bay wanted to draft. A young quarterback makes a ton of sense to me. Maybe they could have communicated better but all you need to tell. Rogers we have a responsibility to the franchise. Long-term enduring love may never play. Snap here. And that's okay but if something ever happened to you. We need to have a good young quarterback back growing and developing behind you. It seems like that is where it was lost. The communication aspect of it again. Mike tannenbaum here. Espn nfl for an office. Insider joining us on the goodyear hotline here in k. jay z. Okay let's switch gears. Let's talk about the watson. Another quarterback who did report training camp a couple of days ago for the houston texans to avoid that fifty thousand dollar fine. We know what is kind of looming large over him. So let's put the gm hat back on here if you were a gm for another team. That was potentially looking to trade for shawn watson. Wouldn't you have some strong hesitations of that. Yeah you're really looking at this parallel tracks because there is a pending criminal investigation. Allegedly some new complaints that were filed so until his criminal situation is clarified. It's hard to move forward but what you can be doing is talking to your owner your head coach to say hey. We want to get ahead of our competition. So we're the philadelphia eagles. Let's say we want to make sure that we're trying to stay in touch with houston. Make sure we know what's going on and try to be on the front end of those discussions so you're trying to box out your competition if and when show washington is eligible to play and again that is a big f something else. That's really important to know. Kay's is this a number of years ago ben. Rothlisberger was never charged with any criminal activity and roger. Goodell still still suspended him so again. The commissioner suspended player and that standard is lower than a criminal standard so depending on how the situation gets resolved from a criminal standpoint shawn watson can still be suspended for part of the twenty twenty one season so a lot more information needs to be gathered. But if you're another team you're clearly watching the situation very carefully. No doubt about it all right. Mike tannenbaum thanks so much for the insight. This morning. we really appreciate it. I know is around green bay but Some insight on houston good as well. Thank you all right. Thanks guys have a good morning Okay so again. A is are in green bay. This morning that is where the headlines are but obviously keeping a close eye on the deshaun watson situation yesterday was reported kind of what it would cost essentially to get to shawn watson on your team and it was something along the lines of five high round picks plus some players plural but as it stands today that seems unlikely in my mind that a team would be wanting to trade for a player. They have no idea if he's going to be suspended or if he can even play at this point and you're talking about twenty two civil lawsuits one. Civil lawsuit can drag out for longer than a calendar year. Kim bleed into a couple years twenty. Two of them most likely could go the length of a year or more so. There's got to be a sense of urgency on both sides Deshaun watson side the side of these twenty two women that have made these allegations very serious ones Ones that should be taken very seriously You gotta imagine. There's a sense of urgency to get this done from schon side. That can't sense of urgency also be present on the other side so if this drags out for as long as it does. What are the texans zoom. What does the league do right and mike just mentioned big band when he was suspended. So big ben was suspended for six games initially in two thousand ten and then it was cut down to four games so and that was without any charges for the season to start right and then for. Maybe that's when roger goodell makes the decision as commissioner to put him on an example list or not because to do it now it would appear like it's a suspension as opposed to how the exemption lists works. Let's see how that plays out. Okay who's hurt. The most by aaron rodgers returned to the packers. Is anyone hurt by that return. How does everyone feel about it. We'll dive into it more right here on. Keyshawn j. will zubin presented by progressive insurance. I shake or not. He's jordan cornet. We'll be right back on k. Jay z. On espn radio siriusxm channel eighty and the espn app. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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