PMS 2.0 216 - Maybe The Best Show We've Ever Done. The Undertaker, Bill Polian, James Connor, & Legend, AJ Hawk Stop By. Let's Go.


Hello. It is June nineteenth? Also an unofficial holiday in this country June, nineteenth. A day. That should be celebrated a lot more I. Think we're all realizing that a day. That should be an official holiday. Look it up. Look into it big day. In this country history becoming a better place, it wasn't perfect, but it was a step forward which I think. We're all taking currently. And I'm happy to see what we become after all this look into June nine or June eighteenth, June, nineteenth, eighteen, sixty five. It'll be well worth it for you. Today shows a good one. Let's have a hell of a June eighteenth year. Let's get after this. War. Being joined now by a man that I'll a lot, too. Not only did he choose to draft me in the seventh round and trade with the Eagles for the two hundred and twenty second pick of the two thousand nine NFL draft to put me in a position that neither of us were a hundred percent. Sure I what is going to be able to figure out NFL punter, but also after I got in trouble. I got arrested for public intoxication for an alleged swim the conversation that he had with me the next day when he was informing me that he was going to suspend me was one that hindsight changed my entire life. My entire perspective in kind of changed my life for the better a man that I owe a lot to. Hall of fame, General Manager Bill Police. Thank you Patrick Nice to do it hey. Mr Polian, and I can't thank you enough for joining US inside football with Bill Polian is a podcast I think a lot of people are going to enjoy I've said it on numerous occasions. You of forgot more about football than most people know and I'm excited that you're getting into the podcast game. How'd you decide to dive into this? Well I talked to some people that had suggested it to me didn't know much about it as you up technologically challenged. So they said you know, give it a try. You've got so much experience so much history. You've been. You've done some things in the football league that by explaining those things at talking about them, you can relate into what's happening today and give. Listeners an idea of why things happen as opposed to just how they're happening so we gave it a try, and I really enjoyed it. It's long-form obviously, so you get a chance to be a little more detailed and a little more nuanced and Apparently it's. It's been received pretty well, so thus far it's been fun. We watched. We listened to the first thirty minutes of the show this morning, trying to get a grip on it I like the fact that it's somebody who I think is aimed Scott. He's he sounds like a casual fan, but getting a chance to ask you questions and then listened to. Your brain has been beautiful. I can't wait to dive into it. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy it, but let's dive into football a little bit now with a man who has been there done that with damn near everything whenever you're thinking about building a team like you didn't Buffalo Carolina and Indianapolis. How important is the culture of the team? Because whenever the your regime left in Indianapolis? The culture completely changed, and it just became a very different operation for you. How do you? How do you ensure that the culture of the team that you're putting together is one that will be successful because that's a big x factor that does not get accounted for enough. Well, as my original mentor, Marley to us to say simple, but it is an easy. you you. You set a set of principles upon which you're GONNA work. And then you bring people in who believe in those principles and adhere to them, and then you get the theory of multiple. -cation because when one person believes, they can only affect one when ten people believe, they can affect the hundred, and as you know having been in that. Locker Room when you have jeff Saturday when you have Peyton manning when you have. When you have Reggie Wayne when you have, but Gary Bracket than they're all believers, those guys that share the same value system the same approach to the game. And as a result, they make believers of everyone else so that's the way to do it. It's the only way to do it. and you have to be very careful about who you bring on board. You have to have high standards, and once you deviate from those standards. One deviation strangely enough can cause a big crack in the foundation, so you have to be very careful about that. It was. In I. Always talk about this. The regime's the regime that I got drafted into winningest decade in NFL. History I mean I was too young to fully get a chance to really enjoy the thing. I only had a few years in that culture. And then when we moved to the next culture, it was just a very different operation. Let's spend money on free agents. Let's get people in here and it was just one. The locker room wasn't completely together. It was a whole different world. The the team that you built there in Indianapolis I could see a tail end of with all the guys that you're mentioning and also the people that you brought in just like for special teams. You walked in that building. You had this feeling, okay. This team is a team that wins. This is a team that works hard and I wanna ask you about the year whenever we did not win a lot. It was your last year as General Manager for the coach. There's always been a lot of conversation like. Did they suck for lock? Did they try to lose and I always answer while the players didn't try to. To Lose Im- bill. Polian got fired after that in all the coaches got. Let go, so that conversation is an interesting. When did you know going into that year that it was potentially be your last year being general manager in what were the decisions that you had to make whenever you find out that one of the greatest players in the history of the game is going to be out for the season there well. Let's. Take your time, this is a real because I've had this question now for like seven eight years now because your position is one that is not easy in this whole thing because I mean, you got to balance the greatest of all time with outside expectation that there's the next John elway coming in I mean there's a lot that you had to juggle in that entire world. Well let's go back to August of eleven when the lockout ended. we then only then found out that Peyton had had serious surgery and really hadn't taken as well as it should have. but we still had hopes that he was gonna be fine. he and I sat down and met. and. We talked about when both of US might lead which looked to be in general terms about four years hence. And we basically agreed that we'd like to go out together. That was all possible and I let Peyton know that it was my strong desire Jim Ursa strong desire that he finishes a Colt and he and I think he wanted pretty bad. I said to him. You know you're there cheater and you should be. You should go out as they come in as a cult the greatest of all time. Lucas Oil stadiums here because of you and you should go out as a cold Yep so that was a decision that that we hope to to fulfill. then on the day of the cut to fifty three, which was the Saturday following CNA last cruise season game I was actually in a meeting with the coaches, discussing the structure of the squad. And and one of the doctors came and got me and said you have to come down to the training room. And I knew it was serious because they wouldn't interrupt such a meeting. I went down there and Dr Foyer We know was a A. Spine doctor, show medium awry, and he said Payton is going to need have a fusion year and he's going to be out for the Susan. So boom. Knockout Punch so when I when I finally cleared my head. I said okay I gotta go back and and at least help coach Coldwell. And and then we'll finish cutting squad than we need to get paid in here and talk to him about it, so I went back and I took Jim aside and said to. There's going to be a long term problem with Peyton. On I've got talk to Peyton about it. You finish cutting the squad and then I'll come back and we'll deal with it and in the interim just before I went back to meet with Hayden. I call Jimmer safe to tell them that this was going to be the. Subject Now! Postscript here during the original meeting with Peyton when we talked about what the future would hold, and who's going to sign a new contract which he did. At the new contract by the way anticipated that there might be a situation where injury would prevent him from fulfilling a contract, so we we address that in the contract and he was very upfront about telling his agent wants to stunned. This is this is the fair way to do it. On I told him I said look. It's my obligation to the franchise. To make sure your successor is on board. So I'm going to go and try and find that person. It doesn't mean he's going to succeed you before. Time comes, and it certainly won't be this year, and it may not be for another couple of years, but I do have to look and I'm an, and it doesn't do any either of us any good. To deny it publicly George. Rogers Yep. So. That, we have taken that decision as well. So When I finally got back with coach Caldwell. he said we pride and tell coaches so I got the coach together and said look. He's got a serious injury. It's going to require surgery. The likelihood is he's out for the year. And so we decided to go forward as is and then later that night. Coach call. Will Online discussed about whether or not? We should bring in a veteran quarterback in and we did. It was Kerry Collins as you recall, and we tried to get him ready to play as quickly as we could, but that was going to take some time. The assistant coaches were an absolute shop. Jim Caldwell was phenomenal, he said. He obviously here's the closest coach Peyton. He had coached them for seven years. As a position coach, and and he he and Tom Moore said okay, we just go forward, but there are a lot of other coaches that were absolutely in shock and I don't blame. I don't blame. It was A. Earth shattering deal. and and so At that point, we just had to go forward. And our approach our by I mean everybody in the football operation and every coach at every Schumer Annella meetings. You know what Jim said the team. Oh Yeah what we're going to try and win every game just like we did it in years past. We don't have Payton. We'll find another way to win. It took us a long while half the season to figure out and of course Keri got her killed, he got killed. I mean there wasn't just got hurt. I mean he got absolutely slaughtered concussion. Concussion and ended his career. so. You know we then had to readjust the whole offense again. But I've said this on numerous occasions and I'll say it again is loudly and proudly as I can. We want to list three games so if we were sucking for lock. You and I and everybody else in the locker room, and that football operation never got the message. And by the way the celebration after that first win by everybody yourself included in that locker room. It felt like a playoff. Win To be honest when you're like, thank God. We're not alliance. Okay? We gotTa Win, but we were pumped. And that's why it was so interesting, because everybody outside was like other sucking for luck, but then I see you and everybody else celebrating after we. We win and almost blow it at the end. I was like I. Don't know if that is the case in this entire thing, not at all. Not at all. It became an issue where you know I've said I've never been prouder of a team or a coaching staff than that group because I mean. How do you sustain the loss of a guy like that like Peyton? It's my fault that there wasn't a veteran backup quarterback there and I take full responsibility for that and feel terrible about it because it costs so many people their jobs. so I'm responsible for that and bear the burden of that, but the fact of the matter is we never quit. We never threw in the towel. We never said all this is over and we knocked. The Houston Texans right the heck out of the play how? That felt good there now. This question for you when that season ends are you assuming okay? I will draft luck because I have the number. One overall picky, so highly sought after I'll keep him in Peyton Peyton will be able to be like a mentor for Andrew, which I think by the way would have helped Andrew Luck's career immensely if he could have seen how peyton would. Would work off the field. Not just I'm not talking about on the field. They both had incredible work ethics talking about the way you talk to coaches general managers when you have a maybe a strength coach and athletic trainer the way he handled himself as being a CEO of that team as opposed to just being the quarterback. It's a different level I think if Andrew to been. A whole different position especially now. Was that your plan? Though is like okay, we'll bring in lock now. Hill secede Peyton Peyton Wellesley. Be Healthy back that next year, and then you just get fired is kind of how the whole thing played out sets exactly the way Saturday before the Jacksonville game, which was the last game of the season I met with Jim Irsay, and he said which of the two quarterbacks do you think is the better one I said with all the? You know with all the psychological work still to do, but of course I. My son had been on Sanford staff so I. Knew Break Feel about Andrew Luck I've been to Stanford twice already. That year and I've been to Baylor twice already to see our three. and I sit the you know. Andrew was by far the better choice, but if we win the game against Jacksonville, and and and we don't end up with the first pick rt three proudly still a pretty good pick for us I, think he. You know he's very different than what Peyton is and we'll have to change the offense, but still I think he's pretty good player but Andrew was by far the choice If we have one, so that was the decision was made, and then early Monday morning. We Lost Jacksonville early. Monday morning. I call from a reporter friend who said I just want to give you heads up You're going to be out. and. And then you know about. Ten thirty or so Monday morning Jim called me and said you know it's done. So That's the way it went down. And as I say, we never had any intention of doing anything. Throughout all season Sporting, you guys at helping you do your best and. And as I said I've never been prouder of a team than the effort at coaching staff, the effort that you guys put it in all season and then winning the last two games would really pretty special watching. Watching that whole thing unfold. Nobody had a clue what was going to happen. I good friends, obviously with Dallas and in a lot of people Joseph. Di You it. Gary Bracket the whole group there I was very lucky to kind of they kind of took me in in very welcoming to me, even though I was much different than them as a human. The family atmosphere there. I started getting texts from people that are like hey, man. They just caught me. They're cutting Peyton. Don't answer your phone. Don't even answer your phone and felt like there was an entire clean sweep coming through there, so I turned my phone off for about a week and just off, I survived on the other side of it. I was very thankful to still have a job, but that was a wild time. In the history of football I, mean just an insane time. Peyton gets cut inevitably still had good football. Football left for another three years after that your four year deal was agreed to I mean so much could have changed their with the way that thing was handled. I'm happy to hear you talk about that though I. I don't think I've ever heard your side of the entire thing I was always intrigued on how you actually felt. Though throughout the entire process, and how it ended to be honest, 'cause you had like a ninety five year in the NFL ninety five year career in the NFL, and that's kind of all ended. How was that member? Did you think about taking on another job? Think about going anywhere else. Are we like you know what that's probably it for me? No. You. You heard me say hope you remember this. When I talked to rookies every year, the NFL's terminal for all of us. Through the acts falls. We don't leave willingly. Leaves Willing, so you got to be prepared for that, so I was It wasn't it didn't shock me to my shoes. Payton's injury was far more shocking and unexpected. or surgery I should say so You know I wound up what I had to do. Indianapolis tried to help as many people as I could get situated. and that's never an easy task, but it's just hard. You know when people lose their jobs. That's the hardest part of it because. And it made it doubly hard because we'd open together for so long. Fourteen years at says as a lifetime in professional football, so that part of it was difficult, but once I got back I left in soon back to Charlotte, where we had our our sort of retirement home and then immediately got some media offers, so I went with the ESPN and I enjoyed it very much. then had an offer. maybe two years. Two and a half years later. But it came in conjunction. As it happened. With my name. For the hall of fame. And and. I got a call from a selector. Who said to me, look if you go back. The likelihood is that that you won't be elected that voters will turn you down because there are significant number of people who believe that your career should end on the steps of camp, Oh wow, and so. Hey, that's up. What was the team? The team is not need to be said. No I. I'd rather not say at. The the the. At that point? I, said look. Let's have a family discussion. And So we, we queried. Basically all the kids. My wife was a no, she didn't want me to go back. Requests she might feel differently now. After this cleansing. Kit said absolutely no. All famous forever. That's your legacy. So I, said Okay and in. The people that were interested in me and It it's worked out great, so I wish I wish that we would have been able to come to your. Induction I think from what I've been told her say was right to send a plane full of us over there. That obviously didn't work out. For whatever reason you know, the business of Egos and stuff like that. Let's let's talk about the current state of the NFL right now because there's two quarterbacks that are on the market that a lot of people are asking questions about Colin. Kaepernick after Roger Goodell. He said Hey. I think it. Teams should sign him out employer team to sign them if they don't sign them I would like to them a job within the NFL to help us make better decisions and then Cam Newton is. is also on the market right now. What is it about? START WITH CAM Newton? What is it about? Cam Newton is it the timing of the quarantine? You think you live in Charlotte. You're very close to this situation I. Don't know if you've seen as workout videos because you've had said that your technology challenge, but it feels like Cam Newton is ready to go. He's back healthy instill. He has no home right now. If you're a general manager, what is holding you back from bringing in? Cam Newton is it strictly? You don't want to challenge your starting quarterback. You want to empower your starting quarterback. Is that what you think? It's probably eighty five percent that. And then the other fifteen percent is. How does Can feel about being a backup quarterback if it came to that. And the only way you can determine that is to sit down with cam talk throat. The financial issue, the financial part of it is also an issue because if he's going to be a backup quarterback, and he's going to make backup money, then he may may not WanNa do that. I don't have no feeling one way or the other for that. but those are the questions that need to be answered. Also the Docs. Individual club Docs need to get their hands on it because they want to find out the status of the shoulder. The foot is one thing Liz Frank Lino. Brandon stokely came back from that. You know that that that's it while not commonplace. It's not career ending, but certainly the shoulder for quarterback is a big issue. I WANT WANNA get their hands on so there. Those are the three questions that need to be answered analysis about Colin Kaepernick I always said that there was probably a conversation amongst the owners about. Hey, let's not bringing. Bringing Colin Kaepernick whenever the whole thing was going down. Roger Goodell has even admitted that they didn't handle that property for years ago, but now he's four years out of the game. That's a long time that's an eternity to not have reps conditioning, not at practice and all that stuff. If he was approved though that he still had it, and he was like yeah, I'll take a backup quarterback role in earn whatever I gotTA. Do to prove that I still got it. Is that a guy that you would bring into your franchise because it's like? Hey, he was once a freak as well on the football field. First of all he's got a fit. What you WANNA do offensively. He's not Peyton. Frady operate from the pocket exclusively. So he's GonNa fit what you WanNa do that narrows the the numbers of teams that that we're going be plays, but theoretically and I. Forum Ozzy's land. Here John Harbaugh's land here, but theoretically. That kind of an offense in Baltimore. He would fit perfectly so if you're looking for a backup, if anything happen to rg three or the kid from Penn state that they have who sits equally well I if those guys weren't there, that's the kind of offense he fits. The thing you look for is offensive fit. What can do anti Lynn has said in San Diego. Yes, he fits for us Los Angeles. Los Angeles Bill Los Angeles. Excuse me you're GONNA get kicked off the air. To Find Jar? The so. Bottom line. There's only so many teams for fits. so that's point one that narrows the market a little bit point to what is he willing to take financially? That's really important. Because whoever was represented him for both Spring Leagues xfl on the a AF He was asking for money that they certainly couldn't afford an and was actually a little bit more than than. Mainstream backup money in a felt, which is probably what he's looking at, and then the third party, but his. Let's get a workout a physical, a real legitimate workout by Tom. More or somebody like that. You know who knows quarterbacks. And let's let's find out. How sharp is after three years out of the game, so there are those three questions that have to be answered. If the answer is affirmative in all three. Then, the owner has to say. In an election year I am likely to get beaten over the head. By the talking heads. And the chief talking head. about bringing this guy in and disrespecting the flag and the anthem. I just have to be able to recognize. Say to people. I, respect people's opinion, but I also respect his opinion, and what he represents, and the and the and the dignified way, in which he's doing it and let the chips fall where Mitt it is interesting, because there is that whole aspect of it, but I feel like now. We're in a much more unified world than we were four years ago, so hopefully that last part of it isn't even in the conversation, but it's real life that is something that's GonNa come up Bill Polian. I can't thank you enough for taking this much time with me, man I. I love talking to people have a wealth of knowledge and football and people that are great at things. You're great awesome to get the watch you one final question before we go, there's all these rumors that in these these like hearsay stories that I've heard Peyton manning whenever you were thinking about drafting either him Ryan Leaf Peyton manning walked in with a briefcase and interviewed you. Is that true story in what was your relationship? And what was your relationship like with pain? 'cause I got I got to see him work on practice and everything like that. He was a guy who knew everything knew what he wanted. Literally new everything knew what he wanted in command had to command and control and the respect of everybody. What was your relationship like with him? When those conversations have? Maybe the rest of the team couldn't see. It was the same as it was Jim Kelly, and the same as it was with Frank Reich, and and and any veteran quarterback that I'd been with throughout my career. We're we're we're. This is not boss. Employee relationship where colleagues were teammates. have to say I. WanNa hear. There are times when I'll disagree and I have two votes, and and in you only have one. I'm GonNa Bend over backwards to make sure. That your voices heard and be you have everything you thank you need to win. So from the day that he signed his contract and we drove together to training camp up Anderson University to this. We've been colleagues and friends and remained so while you guys were great tag team I was lucky to see the tail end of it. Thank you for drafting me. That is very nice of you. Thanks for having faith in not my athleticism would be able to figure out how to Punt I. can't thank you enough sir. Thanks it for what you did for us. You were great and I'm happy that you're careers. Progress the way it is. You're one of my favorite guys. Thanks for having Me Ladies and Gentlemen Bill Paulie Shaw. Awesome. Hey. When you when you get a chance, talk to people like that. You have to try to drain the orange as much as possible. How can we get as much information on that? That whole to fourteen year suck for luck thing? Because when everybody was saying now granted, there was some players that were questioned. Some of the coaches calls and be like listen. We're not trying to suffer luck, but there has been some calls here that really make us think that we are not trying our best to win, but maybe that was the coaches legitimately trying to throw something at the end of the fire. See if it'll stick, so I mean. The thought that Bill Polian was purposely trying to suck was always hypocritical to what happened contradicted. What happened where he got fired immediately after, so it's like. Did Bill Polian know that? Hey, we're gonNA suck for luck. Let's do it, and then you're gonNA. Lose your entire job. All your staff everybody that you've worked with for the last thirty years from Buffalo. All the way to Indianapolis is going to get fired. There's no way he knew that in the fact that he said the day before the Jacksonville Game Jim Mercy was like. Religions, Guy Walks the guy. Obviously, he's working draft. Luck, man, do you know how different hosts of be right now? If luck had a chance to sit behind paid for one year and I know that that would have been a big contract because it's the first round. Draft first overall pick, but with the way our our salary cap was setup. Payton. He's one of those guys that was able to win games. Regardless of everything else around now. That I didn't get to ask this question, he never gave a single damn about bringing in a special teamer. You know to help out. Never gave a damn. Never ever that was. That was just a part of the blueprint for the billpoint thing. We're GONNA. Pay a kicker. We're GONNA. Pay a punter you to have to take everything else where we're going to spend money now on. On Russia's because we're going to have a lead because we're GONNA pay quarterback in a couple of weapons, so he had his blueprint on how we going to spend money in this way, this is our strategy. This is how it's going to go, but in lieu of that you obviously have some drop off points and for me. It was just we never really had a real special teamer, which would have been nice back when I was trying to figure out how to input. I didn't even know how to punt those first couple of years, but it was awesome to watch that regime dude. It was just like the most put together professional been there done that thing, and then you go right into a rookie running head, coach and everything that they were trying to put together. It was very that transition was tough. It was a very very tough for anybody that was around. Matches athletic trainers everything it's a it's a whole new world. Fourteen years together that entire building was basically just the same thing, and then all of a sudden. It's see you later. Here's new guy. We're GONNA paint over the walls as well. It's always hard to get the proper nutrition into your body. Whether you're on the go whether you're working, or maybe you're just lazy and don't really think about it. 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Fill up with the right shit. Athletic Greens has all the good. Shit for you Greens, Dot Com forward slash pet- twenty free travel back it's. Hello. It is Thursday June eighteenth, two thousand and twenty this. Sports Talk I. AM The first part of that name Mr Pat Bac fi I'm wearing a collingwood magpies official kit tape over one of their sponsors, because all those sponsor paid going. Would they do not pay me no love here. This company small business. I believe over Australia. Will them a little bit love? But I'm all about the magpies. Let's go. Let's go calling thanks. Thanks for the kit? This morning can't wear the shorts all day because they are way too short. My nuts would be hanging out at the bottom of them, but I appreciate everything that's calling. Would bag positive done? Sitting to my left is Mr a j Hawk coury Aj. I'm doing great how you doing. We got the undertaker coming on a short five. Can't wait man. This is a big deal. The last ride the documentary that they're airing on wwe network about his kind of decision on to retire how to retire the behind the scenes stuff. It has been very very very well done. That cannot go undersold. You what we are what? He's been on a big media tour to talk about his last ride, obviously the last dance I think probably had a little bit to do with the naming of it, but one of the greatest of all time. Time, wrestlers a man who's been loyalty wwe for very long time they've documented so much stuff and getting a chance to see behind a screen. A little bit is awesome, and also his personal struggle, and when to call it quits when to retire when not to retire. What's fitting for the character? The undertaker I mean it's really deep. It's really good I. would recommend you watch Aj. I know you said you're too, but I. Hope you find enough time with your fifty five kids watch it. I am going to find time to watch I think I still have the wwe network because I got. If I bought WRESTLEMAINIA couple years ago. I have it right Yeah, it was free for new subscribers at the time, but you had to put in your car dot. Assume whenever you signed up an auto pay nothing. Mana, so yeah, you definitely still have it for sure. So. With the undertake in his career. Where's yet? He's not officially retired he now I think are still that's what this last episode is going to be a big like. This is this last episode that they have a episode? Five debut Sunday am I, think a lot of those questions are going to be answered his seven time world champion. He's been with WWF WWE fers entire career the character. The undertaker was one that he never talked. Talked to anybody publicly like for a long time, he was so dowd into the character the undertaker for so long so all this media that he's doing and I think that's why the last ride has been so good. 'cause you get a chance to see the guy that you literally have never really heard talk before great personality, great stories cannot wait the chat with them and look. How looks today just look at look at NYP. He's wearing a stone cold Steve Insert. He's got to take your hat then. I think this is going to be an exciting conversation. We'll probably get a couple of cuts out of this thing if I had to guess. How often does the undertake your show up shows now? It's a couple of times. A year depends like if you watch a documentary, there was one year where he was ready to go. Like three or four times, it almost felt like a conor McGregor situation where he was like ready to get back in but Vince. Like okay, let's do this. There's been it's been up and down. It's been an up and down last couple of years obviously undertaker weather in like he had a match with Goldberg and Saudi Arabia that was underwhelming, because we're to concussion early and wasn't able to do anything. Then there was a match with in Saudi Arabia. Arabia again. Where Mr H., Torres Peck in the middle of I mean there's just been a lot of situations where he's trying to find that perfect sendoff like his last match and I think they're trying to figure that out right now, and that's what episode five I believe on Sunday. We'll be talking about it. Why does he didn't want to have like a last match? Don't you know these guys always seem to pop up? Though and big moments like old guys come back. Yeah, they do. Obviously. There's like a nostalgia pop that a lot of people can get, but I think. To help us. Rookie switch over here. Everybody's email. Fox's what. I was just trying to play the media. Package, we know no. He's so worried about his damn leg. Foxy did with his legs. He took the same photo I talked this morning. so now we're going into that. He's been so. Everybody's been making fun of his legs on the Internet. Now. He's kind of in a bad spot, so he's a little bit flustered, but the picture. We're supposed to be getting the taker on right now. His personal said three more minutes three more minutes. Okay, show the picture up the picture of The the thing that you made foxy is possible to pull it up here. Okay, emmy in my legs obviously. have been underappreciated for Very Long Time I. Knew it anybody that's ever seen. My legs is known making sure everybody appreciates him now. This is the first time that I've ever said like. I'm fucking done with the conversation about my legs, not being in the conversation about being ridiculously large because they are. I mean the upper body of an adolescent but lower body of my Greek. God I've been saying Centaur for a long long time. Guide. Show that thing Foxy, so there's my legs obviously foxy. You've gotta hit the hit a button on the screen. They're just touch the screen. Foxy, just touch the screen. In, look at Fox. He's little. Legs are Aj looks like guys never done a leg day and his entire life. Fox here, you okay. I'll born this way. Aj a see, that's the thing like legs are very genetic. You were born with those cock, diesel legs and. Squats and you earn them, but you also were born a little bit ahead of the curve, a little bit ahead of Foxy. We Remember I. was born in a house at the bottom of the hill in a town with all hills, so to get anywhere I had to walk uphill to get anywhere literally anywhere the houses up on a hill, the Nice House on Hill, that's cool I'm at the bottom of the valley in basically one of the most hilly areas. It's actually called the. The East hills of Pittsburgh I am at the bottom of it so growing up if I wanted to get anywhere either biking straight, uphill or walking straight up ill, so yeah Tim McAfee. It's good legs on him back in the day, but I think my childhood of having to earn these legs is a big part of this now ladies and gentlemen. We have to pivot very quickly. Foxy does have tiny legs, but that has nothing to do with the conversation we're about to have. Ladies and gentlemen. If you've been watching along with the last ride on wwe network, you know this man is an absolute living legend who has been battling with when will be his last match in a WWe I've been a fan of here's my entire life. He's a living legend Future Hall of Famer. In the Wrestling World Ladies and gentlemen the undertake. Automobile. Now you already have. You don't have to Jack Shit in this conversation that you've already lived up to all of that Mr Taker. I appreciate your time today man. I'll. Hit. A. Aj is obviously sitting on the far right side of the screen at you're looking at right now. We can't thank you enough for joining us, I'm going to dive right into this watching and learning about the behind the scenes of the undertaker has been so cool, because even self, admittedly that character was so mysterious. You didn't do a lot of media. You didn't do a lot of talking now in this like last couple months here, I've got a chance to learn a lot about the undertaker in. It's been really cool. What does it been like for you to finally? Come out and get a chance to talk about this character that you've taken to the top of the world. Well, it's it's it's. It's been a work in progress It took me a while to kind of get comfortable with letting the guard down Even on when the we started this in the cameras were following me around I can't tell you how many times I would turn around and like. The hell, are you doing? The film, then it dawned on me like Oh yeah. I told you guys. They'd be like. It. Was You wanted us to do this? And then early on doing interviews like I've done more abused in the last month and a half and I haven't thirty years so Trying not to like pick my words and just let it go was like I've always had that. Guard that wall up to let it all. Come down. It's been. It's been pretty cool because you finally get to get some insight into different things that no one's got perspective on and I'm getting a little more comfortable as as as we move along. Were there times over the last thirty years where you would have liked to to kind of step outside, and and giving your opinion more or did you want to always make sure truly your character? It was always about the character. I think that's why it was so successful I didn't worry about like the business. In my concern was the business as a whole and the character, and what my heart and that was, and so that everything was focused in that area, so I am back on a day. You didn't have to worry about social issues and everything else going on It was just all focused on. It was all focused on the product in and Simpler Times everything obviously has changed and must have changed for the better, but. that's my mindset. My mindset was undertaker, twenty, four, seven, and and the wwe. Prospering your loyalty to Vince. McMahon is I think something that. I didn't truly even as somebody who has done a little bit of work with the wwe and also been a lifelong fan I did not know that the relationship between you and Vince was the way it was because the stories you hear about Vincent Van. That guy is a robot. He's a savage business. Wise doesn't like anybody, and then in like episode, three of the last ride their the sit down meeting about the contract where you go into his office or whenever you guys. When you came through the curtain, he walked with. You want to the hospital with you. That relationship is one that I think I've been very very like surprised to see how great it is. Obviously, he owes you a lot with our loyal. You've been, but I assume you feel the exact same way towards him. Absolutely none of this happens without him giving me that opportunity and which you've probably heard by now because I I, it's finally come out when I was at WCW. And, I went in for a contract. I wanted to go shake my contract. And I I was going up on my first year there and I wasn't looking for a huge, but I felt like I deserved just a little bit of a pay of payback. You know I was on the minimum deal and I was happy to get it when when I got it, but. I've been there for a year. been in pretty big stuff with different guys saw looking for a little bit of a bump, and they went to the offices there in Atlanta. And only Anderson Jim heard and Jim Barnett are all set in there and I went son. You're great athlete. But no one pay money to see Russel. Cheese! That's what I'm thinking. In my head I'm like. Wow. That didn't go well. But, but the writing was on the wall at that point because they already they already give me my ceiling. And you know so finally I had A. A started you know getting his conversations with WWe WWF at the time. And And a meeting with vents and Left that meeting thinking I'd just blown them away and this is interview and. At the end of that meeting it well, I don't really have anything for you right now. I wish I had give my notice down at WC. So, but he he eventually calls me and gives me an opportunity, and I said I couldn't you know. I I'm so blessed that he gave me that opportunity and I never forgot. You know I never forgot that and we've been through. Man We've been through good bad indifferent together our relationship now. Is It's more of a friendly. Really. Obviously, he's still the boss, but you know our relationship is is more. We call each other and shoot the shit more than we do we than we talk business. And I usually deal with somebody else in the corporate ladder when it comes to you know W W business, and our relationship is much more. You know Denmark awesome. But it really is, and you know. He you know everybody has their preconceived ideas about you know who then sales and what he has like. That man has got a hard big goal and You know you're you're loyal to him. And I mean he's. He's GonNa. Do Right by you and. You know we've we've obviously had that relationship, but relationship far exceeds that, but at this point and and. I think in the episode. Early on. You know I'm giving him craft. He's at the hospital I. Don't Know My name. But I knew, but I knew he at something else better to do. The be at the hospital of me so I was trying to get him crap about that. but he left. Wrestlemainia and it was still going on to go to the hospital to check on me so that right there. You know that tells you a lot about the man. Is there anybody out there that can kind of put Vincent Man in his place like? Have you seen that over the last thirty years? Is there somebody that can kinda? That can kind of speak back to them whether it be his wife, a family member anyone else. Well Doug back to. Whether, it's going to do any good or. We I have I've come out on the short end of. More Than I care to admit but He You know. I think he needs more people around him. That will give honest. you know giving honest opinions and honest answers. As, you can imagine he's. He's got a lot of people around him. That says yes. Sir Mr McMahon and Don't they don't want to make waves and and all that I think he needs a little bit more people that that. Don't fear you know the wrath of. Mr To make mad, yeah, so let's talk about that. Let's talk about the current state of the wwe because it's still to this day I. mean the other night Christian was on their big pop andrews on their big pop that match with Randy. Orton was was next level. I mean Great Ring Psychology. It was beautiful. It's like a trip back in time stone costs. Interrupt you but I. it's my thoughts exact. I enjoyed that match so much that you know I found myself a watched it with no volume. I just watched the match and was mesmerized, but anyway let's go ahead no one. Hundred percent right, but then when stone codes glass. It's still gets a massive pop. Whenever the bells go off for you. The place goes crazy right now. There's not a lot of people I mean Charlotte flares, probably the most over out of anybody. Roman was getting a little bit of a push. But what do you think about the state? Right, not a little bit of a push, but with the crowd. What do you think about the current state of the WWE? Do you think there comes a time where there are some younger guys you're? Going crazy in the fans really go over for. Yes Oh, there's such an influx right now of a really basically new talent and. So they're, they're all new. When we came up like myself, triple h Shawn Michaels, we already had got established guys that were there to work against an and guys that we were looking to Bush out. Not Not, not in a I mean just in a competitive manner. Ya Get them the hell out of here, yeah. It's just like we were hungry. And everybody was bruce grabbing for that brass ring and we were you know we competitive amongst ourselves, even though stone call was at the top. Will there was rock right after him in triple H and Shawn incurred. Reaching for the brass ring. and it was a healthy was a healthy competition. you know right now. There's a overall I think niceness to niceness. Yeah, guys. You know nobody really wants to. You know nobody wants to be that guy and I I don't know I. Hope so it just. It's so hard to figure out now how to connect. With our with our audiences you know. I protected my character for so long. And and did all the things that I did. Because that's what I felt like I couldn't have that disconnect. When people saw me in public and when people saw me on TV, I wanted them to see the same thing, yeah! In this day and age, you see people out trying to do something on TV. And then you know, and then they're on their phones and doing and social media, and their something completely different I agree you know so. There's a big disconnect there and any mystique that you might have is lost. A like okay. Oh, he's acting. He's doing. He's known this now. I'm not saying the way I did things was was right. It was right for me. But, but I. IT worked for me at and I lived it and I have I have no regrets because here I. Am you know thirty years later? And we're having this conversation so. I think. I don't know if you can put the toothpaste back in the tube or not. But I think there needs to be a kind of a little bit of a pullback. and not so much exposure to the guys and let them try to figure out what it is. They want to what they want to present on TV. And then kind of live at a little bit just so that. There's some authenticity to it, yeah? How is everything away now? Everything's giving away. It's interesting, too, because you see somebody on social media, right? This was the big law now Lashley, rousseff angle that really. I don't know what the expectation was inside the company, but outside the company is like well. We know lawn and Reuss ever married. This is kind of a weird thing to happen. Because the behind the scenes now you're learning a lot more about whether. It's social media human behind the care. It's a very interesting time to kind of balance thing. It really is and. I kind of look at it. It's kind of a detriment really I really do. I mean. Obviously, understand, you know. Everybody understands what sports entertainment is now. But, you, still you know magicians don't don't show their tricks. They don't show you how to do tricks. If you do that then it's. You know it's. Ok on our understand. How does? Interest so and that's kind of what we've done with our business to a degree. There is there's no mystery. There's Mystique to it and I. Think IT'S A it's a detriment to you, know obviously you know. Everything's progressing and evolving and. But there there is something to some some old school stuff that's been lost that I think they need to get back to. Do! You think there's going to be someone that comes up that. Obviously, there's never going to be another undertaker, but will somebody. Be Able to come up and keep that mystique throughout their whole career as you have for so long. Is that possible nowadays? It's going to be really hard Like I said I didn't have to battle I didn't have to battle social media for the first. You know ten fifteen years really. I didn't have to worry about cell phones and cameras as much as guys do I. Mean You can't do anything or can't. Be Anywhere in this day and age without somebody taking video taken a picture. posted it to whatever so I mean. It's GonNa take such a big effort. By someone I mean hopefully, someone is motivated enough to do it. at least try to do it. But I, just I just can't see it happening in this day and age there's is there. Everybody's so. overexposed. Let's talk about not having to live around the camera phone, a timeframe or the social media timeframe where everything you're doing is being documented. This story that I heard on Steve Austin show. On wwe network about you put in Cyprus to sleep. He's probably my favorite story that I have ever heard when he comes to legendary. It was awesome, so Aj for those that don't know how summer I don't want you to tell the whole entire story again because there's a little, but I guess I. Guess Old Mister Taylor here sitting next to us here Mr. Taker was pretty legendary drinker legendary drinker, and there was this one tore. They're on and he was going to go to bed because he had long night before it stopped me. If I'm ever wrong on any of this, please Mr. Several long nights before. Take off. Just GonNa, take one night off your your room, walking through the lobby and Cyprus was either theref- with the wwe or not, and they kind of gave him like. Oh, you're going to bed I. Like Oh, you tired Oh. Is that Kinda how it went. Yeah, that's kind of how win. I was on my way up slow. Tell had pass the hotel. BARBS IS GONNA. Stop in and say hey, what's up, guys editing O. Cypress was in there. And so I was just gonNA say a load of two to the wwe guys, and then go to bed and next thing you know you know. Hey, take a as from hill their own tour over here. Two guys doing speech. Guys Yeah I've had I've had a rough week I'm GONNA I'm GonNa go to bed. And somebody you know hacked off. Man When I heard, you could go weird. You could already. Well not tonight you know. Get Jeff Turpin and it was just like. Okay Boys. And if I'm not mistaken that night ended with you an expert in one of their rooms, and that one's you saw the final Cypress. Hill member fall asleep. You woke up xbox and was like. Our job is done here. Let's go to bed exactly. It was like leaving the gunfight at the OK corral. there. There was a blue smoke that had come down to about three feet above the floor. You know you're looking around. It's just like bodies everywhere. xbox was. He was laying on my shoulder like that unconscious and grabbed him. Leave no man behind. Door opens up out of the room and. It was WHO. It was rough. There was some rough. Rough Rough dudes in the lobby the next day. That's why I was not Xanthi. My favorite part of the whole story is the fact that you said you had an early college on the next morning, and you just know sold it because you didn't want anybody to think that you're in a terrible spot, but you're absolutely getting crushed inside your. Oh. I was still drunk. A student a cold shower for five minutes. This trying to you know. Get it together. You know finally. I said we go walk down. Hey, what's up? You know and everybody like? Hold onto dudes. Was it a bad thing is there? Is there anybody else that you guys at? There's a not as legendary story is what you did to Cypress Hill in the WW world mark. Henry had to carry me home. Summer Slam. New York City back to a hotel. We had a hell of a night, but was I think back in the day. That was something that was kind of like understood. The Hey, the wrestlers the hotel lobby after. After, the work is done a good time. It's going to be had. was there any legendary partners that ran into whether it was ended WWe business or outside 'cause? The waste stone cold was talking about. You were the guy that the wwe was like? Hey, this is our guy. If we have to have somebody drink against somebody, take her is our guy. Is there anybody else. Anybody else that you count your warmed up. There not anybody that I really not no not. Really think that. Most people stayed clear of us. You know we. Were still the of the pariahs back then nobody you know ordered associate much with us, so we associated with ourselves them and we just demolished ourselves and. I am this. We didn't miss only good times. That's for sure I have this quote that you know because nowadays with nutritionists and scientists and all this shit there. Everybody's like I always had this quote. A team comes together a lot better around a keg than they do Kale moments, though where you're sharing a beverage with each other and kind of learning more about each other that carries into your workplace and football teams that carries. Carries into the locker room. The Chemistry is higher whenever you're talking about a wrestling locker room. The chemistry has to be very high for the show to go on every single week. Is that accurate is? It has ever been a time where somebody in the locker room was like kind of I don't WanNa say an outcast, but a little bit different in kind of fucked up. Maybe what everybody else had on? Oh Yeah you've always got an. Athlete but sport it is or our entertainment genre. There's always somebody that's a little different and you know. We're pretty much of a pretty inclusive group because we traveled together everywhere. What Overseas Marsala and when when the states we kind, we travel separately, but. you know there was always an opportunity Treaty to be part of whatever and then my role I. Think what what what you know people. Valued with me as they knew that I went out, and I and I had a good time. And they could trust. They could trust the okay. Will you know he's doing the same thing as we are? But. They always knew that when it came time. You know when it came bedtime. It's time to go and you can't. You can't. Say Hey. We'll. We'll get along night. Remember Yeah I was there all night with you? It's time to work, and then we go do it all over again, but you can't. You know you can't. You can't dog in the ring because we had a late night. And I think that's what a lot of guys respected that because. More Times than not I was one of the last guy standing at the bar. And then I got one of the first guys on the bus next morning. legend. And I think they they appreciated that. You knew that you know they trust men. They knew that. You know regardless of my relationship with with the you know the corporate side. That I was still one of the guys. And and I definitely agree that that kind of camaraderie that you share with you know having a beer whatever it is. It didn't matter you know if he didn't drink. You didn't drink. That's fine But be part of the be part of it. And you know people ask me all the time. I don't know this kind same that. You know people. Ask me all the time about writing a book. And I'm so I. Tell People Look. Things. That would make my book good. Things I can't talk. On my mom's still alive. Two I, I enjoy being married to Michelle. Statue of limitations don't. Run Out There, but Yeah, but but the thing that. Everybody's like yeah. That would be a great book, but the stuff all that stuff that I've shared with those guys. You know I value that stuff it and I don't know. I. Don't need to tell the world about that. You know it's not fair to you. Know somebody else's life that. You know we had that time together. We did these things and I think it's better having those memories and Elia and having that trust amongst you know good friends. How has that changed behind the scenes? That Camera Camaraderie from when you started till now I'm sure you've seen it more like you guys still hang out like that behind the scenes. I don't think you know there's there's a few guys now. That are starting to hang out again, but there was. There was a period of time I. Guess where like the no-one no-one went out. They all. Got Nothing it's video games. Video Games are great, but you know. They would bring their. Video Games out on the road and sitting there hotel rooms and And play video games in as is like. I'm not going to judge you I'm not as deal with. That's what if that's what makes you that because you got to do? Whatever makes you keep saying when you're out on the road as long as we're out on the road every year, but You know, it. It wasn't you know what my what my deal and But I think there's a few of the guys now that that. Are you know they're young? And they got a little bit chaining her pocket and. They, WANNA. Have a good time here and there so I. Think there's more there's there's there's more. To this lifestyle obviously didn't just being in the wrestling ring. You know I got said, and it's like you're saying the camaraderie that you have with. Some of these guys are GonNa last for a lifetime. I remember make I. Appreciate you taking time with US right now I! Don't know how I was told twenty five thirty minutes, so we'll get you out of here as soon as possible. I'd like one or two more questions and I appreciate your time here. You are the leader of the locker room and everybody's is everybody's like anybody that talks is I. Take the Guy Takers Guy now. When you were young, there was a story I. think it was on maybe. Forget if it was Steve Awesome show or one of the last rides. Were you thought there was a chance that you're GONNA? Get a fight in the locker room. Because of what happened in the ring, it was when you were younger guy, but as you grow older, you became the leader of it was a tag team match I think somebody would beaten the hell out of somebody. And you thought there was a chance. There's going to be a scuffle into locker. It was great. Great I think it was a Steve Austin. Yeah, yeah, it was a great conversation, but you became the leader of the locker room. What does that entail whatever you're the leader of the locker? Because right now everybody says it's Roman reigns is the leader of the locker room, and that's like a big deal in the wrestling businesses. WHO's the leader of the Locker Room? What does that all entail? And did you know that you were leader? Locker Room when you were the leader lager? I was leaning had no clue really. I. Feel into a really curious place. Because I had this relationship with the corporate side, they trusted me. And then our talent. They Trust And you know they knew that anything that happened. like like most times was when when a situation where would come up. I was able to defuse it. long before you know, the top brass had to come down, and and you know and do something like we. We were able to release ourselves and. And and I think guys trust me enough like about full somebody aside like a never tried to be that got it. Would you know? CUSS, everybody out or somebody out in front of a bunch of people. Pull somebody aside and said Hey. Matt. Look you know you're screwing this up. You really. Are you need to take a look at yourself? And figure out you know. Are you, are you with this? Are you with, are you not? You need to figure it out because you know such shots, abouts come down on you. You know and daughter you know. And then they were like okay. All Right, okay, appreciate that and usually that's all it would take something like that, and then you know the guys had learnt hard ways. But It it was. At that especially early on in my life I I was on the road. Two hundred seventy days a year Geez. You know I'm with these guys more than with my own family. And You know. And unfortunately I guess you know. Can I handle things about better work than I? Did in my personal life. early on and like I, told. Someone asked that question recently. Yeah, if anything happened to work, I had the answer. You know I I I could give you some type of advice that would help you. Get through or diffuse a situation. Better than I did in my personal life You know I'm kind of catching up on that aspect at in this aspect of our is where I'm at in life now, but. But it it. You know I did this is nothing? It just kind of happened and it was just the way. It was always business first. And you know having a good time was part of it, but it was. It was always business I and I. Think everybody appreciated that. You know yeah, I demanded you know I demanded everybody. Work their ass off, but you know we could. We could have a good time to and it all works together, but you know when. You don't you know at the end of the day it's it's what you do in the ring and putting acid and seats that matter and. You know I just. Able I guess respected the fact that that I could do both and and I didn't have an. I didn't have an agenda. Other than to keep growing the business you. If you ever have any other wrestlers like resent you for this relationship you had with the corporate side and you're one of the guys as well like today. Look at you say. And how do you balance this out and sometimes have hard feelings towards that? No one's ever said anything to me, I don't I'm trying to think. You know. Other than the first couple of years I don't think I've had really any confrontations or anybody's ever add. You know no one's ever said anything negative to face You know smart. Obviously I'm sure of Piss somebody off along the land very smart. But I don't I don't I've never had any issues. Where somebody all you suck up or you know you kiss ass or anything like that because. They didn't even their wildest imaginations. I didn't have. You know. They just didn't have any any anything to support that last question for me here. Obviously, one of the greatest gifts of all time is cozy in the crowd. After you get, beat Wrestlemainia in the streak, it's broken day that face are the absolute shock in terror of the streak. One of the greatest things to ever exist in sports was broken by brock listener there. There's there now that the footage is come out behind the scenes. Of the UFC with brock, and then obviously right before you guys, go out, there slaps you and. Bring it to you and you say I'm bring it right back like that moment going into that Wrestlemainia. What was the mindset of like how this could be perceived? Who ultimately those conversations that led into that moment in? How big was that in your life? Like I assume that was a rather large moment in the history of your life I would assume. The street and broke yeah. Yeah, you know I. Mean What it was at twenty one dollars at that point and. Found out that day. The day of so It's really hard to give you a lot of perspective. because. My memory that day stops at about one thirty in the afternoon I got concussed during that match and I don't remember it. As and that was the last memory that I had was about one thirty when Michelle came backstage and talk to me for a little bit. And the next thing I'm at the hospital at four thirty in the morning. She's Try Try to get her to tell me my name a wrestling's fake by the way. I'm glad it's I'm glad it's not anymore real. of thirteen surgeries things that happened in the ring. You know. And that's another thing that's changed through the years like early on my career you now, somebody says something like that. It's Tom should have been by an ad as like. You know what I got. I got a road map my buddies. A roadmap scars from being fake wrestling. So a you know tell you walked a mile in my shoes. You might want to just keep walking. But. The only thing I remembered asking. Are you sure? Are you sure it's what you WANNA do? and. These if it's not rock who whoever could do it and You know, said okay. I said it's. It's his baby and. you know I. You know none of that none of the twenty one and happens without him so in the end of the day. that was his call, and and I had to respect it and. You know. That's that's the way it is on a personal level. What I would I you know perfect world. Go undefeated! Absolutely! Yeah, by the way we wanted. You gotta feed it before you get out of here I WANNA show you. We. Well. How do you feel about this right here? Does this look like? Boy! He is Steve. Austin shirt on hat and WIG. Trying to do is best undertaker as a stone cold fan. You have captivated people all across the globe man for a long time. I don't know what this last episode is. GonNa show on Sunday I. Don't know when or how you're going to get your final sendoff or whatever you want to do, it's been. It's been a hell of a joy to watch you work. My friend while tree say that that means a lot too many men and. Yeah this this. This last episode is going to be a good one We're still putting the final edits to it, but It's definitely one you don't WanNa Miss. It is Thursday one thirty four Sunday. Ten Am debuts on wwe network the last ride episode five putting the final edits on it. That's fantastic. Maybe we'll make it ladies. A job at undertaker's awesome I. Hope that. You know what I mean. They cut that in. We can't thank you enough for joining us man. You're the best hope I get a chance to see you in real life at some point nine line. Can you talk about that? You wear a lot of that gear. I assume it's something fantastic. Absolutely. This is a veteran owned and operated company out of Savannah Georgia They do a lot of work with homeless veterans. they built in Savannah. They built a tiny veteran village where they're given veterans, homeless veterans two year opportunity to go back and go to trade school, or or get a degree and try and get these guys off the streets back into. Society? they just do a Lotta Gray. Work with with with our veterans and I am a big supporter of of a veterans in general and I got hooked up with these guys and yeah, where a lot of their stuff just to get the message out there You know that we should never forget those who fought for us and and and to. To is do as much we can form a man. You can be against the war before the war, but you have to before the warrior, because that is literally the bad ass in the entire thing. Thanks to nine line. Thanks to you and I can't wait to watch episode. Five Sunday ten am the last ride with the Undertaker Ladies and gentlemen. More, Calloway the undertake. Thank, you man, you're the best thanks guys. To Dawson. Oh Cool! Is he just like Super Cool Guy? Legends living up to their expectations that Cyprus. Oh, sorry, so when he was on Steve Austin show Aj. He stopped drinking. He has stopped drinking like not fully, but he has obviously gone away, so Steve Austin brings out like a bottle of Jack into shot, glass, or one shot glass I think I forget how it gets introduced, but he pours a shot in takers like. Well, if we're GONNA, go, let's go. He starts taking shots with them. And then the party stories came out about Cypress Hill, and that whole it's like a traveling family. They're like a circus. Just picking up and moving, you gotta really rely on each other, and that guy was the leader of the whole that was awesome. I'm so happy stop by. And you think people. He said no one's ever said to his face ago. We resent your relationship with corporal ever, and I'm thinking well. Yeah, aren't you six ten and one of the scariest? You're. Your little known for being one of the most intimidating humans of all time. Everybody's Oh look at kiss, ass, blocking. Undertake to pop it out of. The mouth rate in the MA. That was awesome. That was really cool that nine line he has. If you watch the last ride, W network has long sleeves the nine line short sleeves. He has it all I'm wondering what that is. I'm happy to ask. The high brain reminded me of it as soon as we got started. You should watch at Aj I'M GONNA. Watch it. I I knew of it because I've seen him bouncing around doing a couple, other media things and he was always good on him. Yeah I was I was. When did he start? Kind of breaking character just recently very very recent I. mean the amount of interviews he has done I think that's why it's such a big deal for instance there, no way in Hell I would take anybody on a show after they've just done seventy five interviews in the same week. Right because there's no reason like okay. Let's wait a week or two weeks. Whenever dies down a little bit? Everything you've said has already been basically talked about, and let's have a fresh conversation at some point, but when the undertaker. Hasn't talked much in forever. You finally get a chance like interview and chat. I mean we had to do it, so it's all been within the last couple of weeks really that he's fully opened up. It's been cool man just because he's been there done that with like literally everything he's been there done. Yeah? We should've asked them a little bit about. Did he ever hang out with Ric flair I? Know Ric flair can go. I Know Yeah I had? He has on that with flair. and I wonder how many Rick flair stories. He has about taker. You know like I. Wonder How many Ric flair stories are about. He's always units, one bar Omaha or whatever and I bought. You know my classic hundred shots where everybody and then taker came in and drank all of them. Sure there's some all those behind the scene. Stories are what make those and then by the going. He said he had ten surgeries. He was concussed there. For what what is it? Fourteen hours he was concussed for doesn't remember anything I mean the amount of injuries, physical and athleticism. It takes to be a wrestler and the travel schedule, and then they're also party. It's you have to have it. You have to be a special breed of human to be able to pull it off. Yeah you do I, would imagine the wrestlers with this whole. Kobe Much, needed break for them when it comes to the travel do with. There's always been conversations about having on season and offseason. Maybe alternating like there's those conversations have been happening for the last ten years and I think the fact that Vince travels to every single show in he still his I think that will be I. Don't know if they're ever going to change. I don't know if they're ever going to. They made a lot of money. A lot of success change a lot of lives with what they're doing right now. -SSUME that they're going to potentially do this. Until the wheels fall off a, it's A. It's a wild schedule though they're all over the place. Yeah, we'll triple H. he's next in line, right. He's GonNa take over. I don't know I i. have no idea. Honestly I have no idea because. I think that an interesting conversation as well that I didn't even want to dip my toes into their with the old taker. Because obviously you have triple, H and Stephanie Have Shane McMahon You have other people that have worked there for a very long time, so it's that is going to be an interesting transition as well, but Vincent man might never die though so. Glickman might live forever. I think there are actual people myself included. who think that is potentially an option? Is that Vince just lives forever? Yeah I can see that I if anyone's going to do it. Will be the top of the list of people that I think could possibly do it. They say he works out like four am still three am like he's ever it's still is. Isn't. She thinks she's like ninety nine. Yes, so Vincent Pants Potentially Never GonNa die so that conversation. I don't even know if they've even had the conversation about who's potentially next, but there is I'll. I'm intrigued to see how that business changes if it has to change or if it does change it all because I would assume with science and things that are being learned about the body and travel, and that something's going to have to give, but right now they're all. All Fun operate now. The performance center seems to be going on well. Ratings are still over a million, basically for everything I mean got to feel pretty good here for a long time Let's transition talk about some real life stuff. That's happening the MLB. Did you learn of any of the stuff that happened last night? Rob Manfred said at my request at my request I in the middle of a work stoppage and potential burning down of my league. Eh, by request. In, Tony Clark met for several hours yesterday in Phoenix. We left that meeting with a jointly develop framework that we agreed could form the basis of an agreement which just means we agreed to potentially agree which no sense he said I summarize that framework numerous times in a meeting in San Antonio Written summary Today, basically rob Manfred said he's encouraging. Clubs move forward as Tony's doing the same. Same. It sounds like that meeting was a lot of rob Manfred telling Tony what he would like to do. He said I had to say several times and I'm assuming a lot of that meeting was tony going yeah players aren't gonNA agree to that. Like what do you want? And then he had re explain it and her. Explain it every single day that passes. It seems like the. Drama gets worse, but they are at the eleventh hour on top of the eleventh hour. They're GONNA play games. How many will be? There's a difference a two hundred and forty five million right now between the sixty games prorated salary that the MLB once into seventy games at the BPA wants. How can you not just make that difference? And let's get back to baseball and get this over with because the MLB rob Manfred one win and associations publicly. That's the only reason why at this point think. He's trying to save face I. Think a little bit I think. Didn't you say it to the Samson like when they had that round table? Rob Manfred is the only one that lost the night. Nights ago. Did. That thing is true, so yeah, he wants to try to. Make himself. Look a little bit better because it's pretty rare that the players are the ones where like fans are siding with when it comes to work stoppage, obviously players. No one's GonNa ever feel bad for players but this. In right now, baseball. It's like Okay I. Get it I understand why. The players Matt why they haven't agreed to this deal yet. It should have been done though I can't say this. That should have been done whenever their spring training stopped, and they went, and did some agreement in March about a potential whatever that deal should have been getting done during the thing like hey, this what we're thinking whenever we get. Get back over many games. We can do ready now. It's at the point where it seems as if the MLB just trying to save some money in cut short on games, and that's just not a good look, especially when you're a bunch of billionaires in the world is in a place, and it's and it's just a lot of drama. A lot of stupidity and Rob Manfred, I think is an actual stooge. Did you watch the AFL this morning. Yeah so everything every snap lie funnest. Lying was he line? Was It on this morning? Why don't you send me a text man? If you were up I was up I could have watched in talking about for the last three days those morning five forty a m. there's a game Richmond Tigers Hawthorn hawks, and I'll tell you what it was a blowout, so you didn't really miss that close to the game, but the fact that you refuse. Futures flat out refuse to give a the AFL nauseous football chance is disheartening. I want to let it is disheartening to everybody in this office and everybody on the island of Australia. First off, there's no way that over. The boys have the same passion for the NFL. Jay. Z.. That! See that. That's not what they say. Like you may not know this, but after the show as soon as we stop going live, your up gotTa Poop and you go, and you leave, and you take your dump I. Sit not chat with the boys a little bit off air, and that's when they give me. Their true feelings about. You feel air listen. I can have a conversation about that offer. Feel as if they are being held hostage here to talk about the fell, but I will let you know. It's the only physical sport in town right now, and it's a sport that I'd never seen before so feels like every game is like my first game. Watching and I learned something new this morning. There was a lot of the REF was calling lot of penalties. That I didn't know existed this morning. There was a lot more penalties than I thought, but man I mean. It is a sport that you would love age. You would love saying I'm not saying I don't like. asking. Me Up Asia. You will wres-. Oh, Jeez I thought you were the undertaker there for a second. That was just talking about. It wasn't everybody else. That was just how deep voice gets. He does his undertaker, but it does feel like you are slapping Australia. Right in the face every single time one of these games happening. You refuse to watch now I. Don't need you to try to bully me into it into watching. That's what I by the way I think that's what at some point you know the whole, I can lead them to water. Thing can't make them drink, I'm GONNA, stick your head under the water a drink at some point. Garth Brooks Sane. Every once in a while you can get a camel and take water, but you can't force at home packs on bitch. Drink until you show. It's head on your water Rodney Bitch bottom of the ocean. In bad is what I did with Chris Gaines. I can't with Garth, you watch. You Watch the fucking AFC. Is that not a problematic. Now Chris Gains Garth Brooks. Don't even know that Australia exist. What? Wait on the trillion charts. It was like Keith Urban Mike. Some. Shot it, keyser, so garth brooks the dissolved a troll. That's some people. have been around back then when wall. So Keith urban comes into the country music world. POPs Garth Brooks probably off a couple of notches because Keith urban becomes this guitar savage. Music Eero so garth Brooks says by the way this might up garth brooks couple of notches in my brain. If he's so spiteful, he's like al-Qaeda Nemo character and go down Australian fuck. Just take urban off the charts down there. If that is how this all played out, I am pumped up about Garth Brooks. Chris Danes all of a sudden that what you're saying. Is alleged. It's a rumor can neither confirm nor deny, but why will you watch? Chris Gaines Garth Brooks while you want, watch the AFL. because. It's on Netflix easy for me to go to instead of. He spent to ESPN two into your up working out. Apparently I'll tell you gonNA. dvr It. said that, Tuesday. Star you visit all ready. You've missed it already I can go online and watch it I'm not sure you can't you can't. They sent me a full kit. Dude selling a fouquet watch it. For photo of be me my entire uniform. Can we please put me under age AJ look at that. Guy Ready to take over to Pitch Gardens Enzi. Why is there much like Photoshop? Under this picture? Well, it's kind of a boring photo. Had I got this APP I got influenced into getting this APP. That kind of makes you like. You can put on backgrounds I can even. Even get like shooting stars background. Now you know that on instagram. There's that APP the photo APP that it makes you stop and look at it. It's an editing photo APP. It brings photos to life I got it. I don't know how to make the photo life yet, but I'll get into that I got influenced in the pain six ninety nine a month for that thing. Bought the three your package to all the money out of me I'll use it probably two more times I. Guess, but it's. Don't worry about the photoshop. Let's just talk about the Kit Collingwood. Magpies sent me of those shorts not. Not, not the longest shortest, but boy I felt good in the football gear. You the good man. You look like you could go play right now. I think I could now cardiovascular wise. It's going to take a little bit. They're going to have to be in and out a little bit, but this ball rate here. I could bomb this ball. Probably a quarter mile with ads you. This thing this thing would drew would fucking go. Aj, like undertaker go. I don't know I don't like that, so this isn't a real game. When it feels 'cause, there's a yeah. Did they send me a fake? One got a bar. Display Ball. From gift, shop! It's like when you buy a Jersey from the pro shop, and all this nonsense jersey, and it's six axle gigantic and goes down to your knees. That's what they say. Now, they didn't they like me. They sent me the real stuff. This was used in a game. I think you'd even has a couple notches. Game Ball a Gameboy. They put my name on it just because they're like at one a game bowl. Yeah that was that is a barcode of authentication. Thank you, thank you so much. This is authentic. What what's just said? The NFL. We have to talk about this NFL. Dot Com ranked divisions in the NFL strictly by the quarterbacks that will play in that division in wait until you see this lineup. Have you looked into this yet? It's unbelievable God, and put it up there foxy at number one. They have the NFC south. We could have all predicted that. These quarterbacks are in no particular order. They're just the quarterback from the thing. NFC South Number One matt. Ryan drew brees Tom Brady Teddy Bridgewater. We all understood that they were going to be number. One number two keeping up their number two Kyla Murray Jared Goff Jimmy. Garoppolo Russell Wilson couldn't imagine them being fucking wrong at number two they on there's way that's the number two overall. You'd have to think how come. Come the AFC west is at three in the AFC north is at four is Ben Rothlisberger just some schmuck in his Lamar Jackson, the MVP some schmuck. What are they got going on? How about the NFC East Dak Prescott Carson Wentz and ask his Daniel Jones all the way down at the bottom. The AFC south isn't getting a lot of respect in this entire thing aside from garment you. The other three are proven vets at this point Ryan Tannehill just had the best career of the best season of his life, then the NFC. Who knows is going to be a quarterback for the bears. They're stunned quarterbacks there at five. Somehow all these rankings come out I feel like they are trolling us and just the fought with us, so we have something to talk about I'm thankful for that, but I think they got probably six out of the wrong right there Do you think the first number one is right? I think with burden I think number one in the NFC South Matt. Ryan drew brees Tom Brady Teddy Bridgewater. That just feels like that's right. But there's a couple of other ones like there has to be a little mix and match, and we go on the AFC East isn't even last the NFC's. Should be less this work, sure a troll job here by NFL DOT COM, and I appreciate the fact that the NFL is getting into the troll game and just click bake game, but that's what we live for to be honest with you. The AFC east all those guys are are other than Fitzpatrick are kind of not unproven, but they're like okay potential. These guys have a high ceiling. I Know Sam. darnold could be a star Josh. Allen is on his way. Fitzpatrick slash tour. We know to hopefully they. They want him to be the face the franchise and end jared stem. Who knows what he's GonNa do enough. Nobody has if he's going to be starting my cam, Newton might be the Star for the Patriots this year. Note it has a clue, but the fact that they got the NFC east or tapping the fact, they got the NFC east at eight. Eight that is just to piss off all the cowboys fans right? That's why they did that. Then the the fact that they got the AFC west there I assume that's because pat him homes, the NFC west though I don't know how. That's number two I a lot of these rankings is it makes me lose? Faith in people's brains is in all overall knowledge of the sport, but this from the NFL so i. don't even know maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we're wrong here. They must love Goffin mcvay then. Just quarter. Thanks doing reading. You put up any kind of list. The only reason you have any list is to get people talking. Give people arguing and say no. You're stupid. You're students. You don't know what you're doing. It same thing with with those dumb power rankings come out every six hours every single sport. I do love judging these power. People like watching US judge. The people that are judging people does great on the Youtube, but looking at that list this morning almost made my head, fuck and pop I was so confused by who writes who? Somebody's hired by the NFL their employees. They are employed by the NFL to talk about the NFL put that list together and is that. Make me like kind of scared for the future of the NFL. Maybe maybe this person ends up commissioner. You'll know work from the bottom all the way to the top. Think to north to to West. Maybe we should switch spots. Yeah, the MC North has some status I think that's north is robbed here. Absolutely, it's raw I think the NFC. North should be up at number three. I'M NOT GONNA put anybody at two or anything like that or three, but I just know that there's some people should be a lot fucking lower in the NFC, nor should be a lot higher least. The NFC should not be that low. The AFC shouldn't be that high I. mean there's a lot to dissect here. It's almost like they said Hey. Point out where we fucked up as opposed to. This is what we think that that's almost what it feels like. How can you have an eighth thing ranking and get seven of them wrong? Nobody knows but the NFL DOT COM is able to do it. What about where do you think the NFC south would be ranked if it was James Tom Brady and Tampa. Comment Tom. Toms is still in New England. Well Jas higher than one. I don't know the probably the top four soon. They'd be topped work because you. Visit J. Exactly we didn't account for backup. Blaine Gabbert is getting a quite an rob years well big handsome, Blaine, by the way. Have you seen the photos? He's been posted on the Internet. Is. It right now I remember Blaine. Gabbert was stunned back in the day. He's but anyways. Yeah I. Don't know I have no idea about that. If you want to L. A. would that change anything if he wants to the LA chargers with that. If, he stayed in New England with that change anything, of course like wherever wherever Tom is probably GONNA be ranked number one in that that ranking system. Really just because it's. Because it's Tom Because Tom such polarizing figure? Everyone knows him. Everyone talks about them, and for the sake of these list wherever time would be, they would put him in number one. Patrick, mahomes carried that AFC west over there I. Mean Patrick. Mahomes is the reason why they're. There Derek Carr I. Guess He's good. He knows if tired by the way Derek Carr was very good. We don't know if he's going to continue to be very good. Raiders went on a run last year. That surprised everybody tyrod Taylor, he took the buffalo bills to the playoffs cut after that so I drew lock had good seven Games Patrick Mahomes is carrying the AFC west number three. So maybe you're right wherever Tom Brady goes they in this person's, I would carry them up higher in the ranking, but I just. I mean this is all just a bunch. A bunch trashed me. If you look at this ranking system here, throw it out. I think whoever made this list? They did their job by having people attack it. That's what you want especially now with nothing to cover when they're just trying to drum up ideas. Hey, what can we put out we need some. What can I right now? Okay, here we go list are always happens on radio a lot. There's nothing to talk about today. What's rank the top five? Six men coming off the bench in the NBA from nineteen eighty to nineteen eighty-three. Belly tubes is always trying to get me to do that type of stuff. Ranked like, maybe maybe maybe we ranked the top hundred football players of all time. Maybe do that on today's show because those always do well on the Youtube. They always do well on the Internet so I respect what they're doing i. just don't respect the person's opinion that put that particular list together. Dr Foul Cheeses son of a bitch. Right here on the Right here on the sheet here got sold at school across espn and the bottom doctor. FAUCI needs go ahead. Listen tone tone, foul I'll repeat the same thing. I said earlier okay. I understand you've had what four decades worth of high-end Medical Research Study Agenda whatever you got going on. I don't dive deep into that, but I don't need you right now on June eighteenth telling me all these other sports are about to pop back off that the NFL is not going to happen doesn't see how it's going to go. It's like hey fought. Hey, Thatch! Don't get back to worrying about saving people's lives. Don't try to kill the League despite keep me alive now. Okay I don't need. We don't know what's going to happen next week. Okay, we don't need you projecting six seven weeks down the road. Road here. We're already doing enough of that early. In by the way, that's why we're in the point where we're at right now. Okay, so tone I'm assuming in the medical world. Okay? Dear, th avenue looked into it. You do, but I'll need you. Tell me that my league is not coming back because of your thoughts and expectations on June Eighteenth Fox. Get the hell on. Well, there's no, that's the weird thing about this whole situation whatever she says like if he says it's absolutely not say for the NFL to play if they don't quarantine everybody in kind of playing a bubble and have host cities or whatever. Even if he says that nobody from the League has to abide right like they don't have to. Know Power? The mean it's fine for him to say this. But what did you say it? Maybe four or five weeks ago town just? Just don't say. Football, your, Math Donna. The NFL's doctor did come and be like I. Don I respect you, but keep our name out of your mouth. We're going to handle this the way we wanNA hand and by the way I also want to school to learn about the medicine. and. This is my hey fat. You talk about your Shit. I'll talk about my shit. The NFL doctor said so. We maybe got little Dr Beef happened in which I don't think is bad I'm kind of tired of talking about the MLB EMO BPA beef, but I'll talk about hiring Dr Beef I'm okay with that. Isn't football the only sport where like you wouldn't be able to do the both thing? Like how many hotel rooms would you need for teams? Fifty three guys on there, not including coaches and. There's. Not Possible, he fought in Vegas. I'm just done with that stadium in Vegas looks unbelievable I did not expect them to put a pitch black stadium in the middle of the desert. They did it air. Conditioning costs are going to be next level, but that thing is beautiful out there. That LA RAMS IN LA. CHARGERS stadium I'm not sure that is done yet. But the two new stadiums in the NFL is big deal here for the NFL going forward is the The Las Vegas Raiders Stadium going to be done. That's already. Looking at that thing. That just passed a big test. Yesterday or something and the test was that you could walk in without getting in hidden ahead with a fucking screw dropping from seeing that happened with the colts Lukoil stadium. Did you know the story? No, so Lucas, oil stadium, it has the convertible top. Take the roof off at the at the Lucas Oil. If you take the roof off and put the window down right, so they made that because in Indiana weather literally change changes within five to ten minutes, you can have a clear sky beautiful day, and then boom out of nowhere tornado them bang snowstorm in because Indiana is so windy things just come and go. It's very flat, so had to be a dome. But whenever it's beautiful outside, it is gorgeous outside, so they wanted to be able to take the top off. Put the window down. See the city. That creates a wind tunnel. If you're a kicker punter in there, so it's not exactly a thrill, but it is smart. It makes a lot of sense so with the way. Indiana weather is the colts wanted in a pitched the rules committee. They wanted to be able to open the top out at halftime. If the weather had changed since the predictions of the beginning of the game, so if at the beginning of the game there was. Maybe a sixty percent chance of rain for the first hour. They would have it close, but then if that passes buying Indiana, which happens on a very regular basis, and it has one hundred percent no showers for the next five hours they wanted to colts wanted to be able to open the roof up at time and enjoy the Sky K. skies out. That's what they WANNA do. So they pass this rule. They had to go pitch it. It to the committee the first time the first time that the coach tried to do this the it was, it was a monumental day. I was there. I was warming up at halftime. While the things opening screw falls from the roof that was opening hits woman in Head coaching. She ends up going the hospital where I don't think she got an serious injury, but I assume there was some settlement that happened all of a sudden that. That rules thrown out by the way can open a roof if there's any humans in the stadium. Fuck and take a hike allows this one rule because I knew you can't do that. I know you can't do that now. So that's is that what started that? Yeah got opened up because of our weather being so unpredictable and fickle. They're like we'd like to be able to open it if it becomes nice instead of bad, they open it. It screw falls hits lady. She ends up in hospital. have to reject the rule. Take. It back can't do that. Anymore. Had No idea that do this. The tested allegiance stadium past was a super flush test today. Flush all fourteen hundred and thirty toilets and urinals at the same time as all things on smart gotTa. Make sure you have good water pressure in there, because if you're in the middle of the desert, what do you mean? Water. Hardest thing would be to get. Fourteen, fifteen hundred people together all lined up at all the bathrooms from same time. Right? Yeah I mean especially. It can maybe you think they can remote? We do it. It's a brand new stadium aren't. They probably do have some system that just flushes all the commodes and I'd be fucking with that, too. If I knew somebody was going into the drop, a large, John Hey pal. Let's get a courtesy. Flush got it from the top roping. Flush the toilet. Yeah, good for allegiance stadium. Getting put together. I didn't think that thing was going to be finished. Just like the Los Angeles when I didn't think that one was going to be finished. I think they're saying that's going to be done on time as well. It was it was touch and go for awhile I. Feel like so. Is that only soccer stadium? Not going to be used anymore. The chargers were using for the MLS used. Yeah, but now no NFL teams playing this year now i. don't know what you're doing. It's my name. Heavenly it's not your your birth name. Is Patrick Right? Touche. Touche Sharon Sharon. Made this, you know Sharon brand name. No they do have some fucking respect for Thomas William Sharon. Alley Dude. The forty is a real thing. AFL. Edge Rob's Garth Brooks loves Chris. Gaines just won't give the chance. Is it because they're from Australia Is that what it is? Why are you standing up? Because I would like to know? Is that what it is? Is it because they're from Australia? I WANNA. Let you know there are people, too. They're good people. By the way I've got a chance to talk to a lot. They're good people down under I know criminals in the prison. Thing you're probably preconceived. Notions of they're good. People Personality, Great Sport maybe have a little respect for age eight. I'm sure I have more Australian friends than you do. Now you don't. What are you talking about? Kicking punting community where a bunch of Australia you. Is that like? I have an Australian friend is that? I, don't. How. See that was. If you look this way, we could have full staredown right now if you want. Cause for me. It's not Makuto. You're losing. I can't I can't even turn my courts too short. YOU LOSE! So, scary, you mere gonNA take trip to Australia and you're GonNa Fall in love with the place, and it's going to be a real shame when you have to walk back. All of these condescending comments. You made about Agios football. I would love to have those pods though right on the plane. Pat For us need upon need apart by the way with this ball. You'd have to really give it. Good. Popper won't go has a different sweet spot than football slow. You can't just half ask you to go. More similar to a soccer now. Would you do tricks during warmups? Pat Like spinning the ball and. The other team. Would you do tricks and stuff with the ball in warm-ups Valya? Assert your dominance early on. I mean I would have to be confident. That I was worth a shared amongst every all the other guys who've been kicking this ball that entire life, but once I found out that I was okay. What I was doing? A show, it would become immediately be. believed. See later. I can't run anywhere near as much as though. You're far away. Yeah I guess. There is a position where you can Kinda Park it in the middle, and it just kind of comes to you, and then you just launch it into the box. That's what I'm I'm putting. Is there an enforcer position. You could be that guy. That's a lot of running though I think as you got to enforce. I'm more of a hang out guy limb, get hamble here and then let me just bomb this thing and doing I do believe that I could send this thing a quarter mile. I have not kicked this ball yet. This authentic game that they sent me this morning. I have not, but I think I could send his thing to three miles if it's soccer ball meets a football, it's like. It's perfect to kick. Today kick it like. Do they try to kick spirals? That's called a torpedo I. Guess is what they call it, they they they do have that in the game. There are guys that do it, but a lot of the Games I've watched. They've all done the end of her. Because it's easier to control, it's like a pooch. It's easier to control I. Guess He's a higher consistency level but I. I don't know why they don't just park it right at the middle of the fuck infield and just torpedo this thing through I mean it's. It's in goes I mean this thing goes did. Believe you. You to sport. Though I hate this show, it's done. Just the greatest I talk show. To. Own. With the boys. Who Hates Australia's? Thanks so it's Australia's. Can for this. Is. Back. SPAG AFFI. Slow. Walk. Sorry for interrupting this. Fabulous, conversely I mean. We were really talking to that. Oh Yeah Hey I was proud of what we were talking. Yeah, great stuff I mean you're not gonNA. Hear that anywhere else. I was like you know what those guys right there the way they're talking good, you know. Really, good with the ever increasing number of makes of cars you know. Fiat share Kia, yeah Hyundai Yup Honda jeep GM. Yeah, you know I Miss Chevrolet Chevy Ford Cadillac Bliss goes on and on Genesis. Eagle? Lincoln Saturn. 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Much for the same damn parts go to rock auto dot com right now and see all the parts available for your car or truck right McAfee in there. Hey, how'd you hear about US box? So they know that we sent you. That's right McAfee in there. Hey, how'd you find out about US box so that? They know that we sent you amazing selection reliably low prices. All the car could ever need right now at rock auto dot, com. Joining us now let's pivot to the NFL because this guy is now an author. Fear is a choice. His book is out today running back for the Pittsburgh steelers, cancer, survivor and thrive. From Eerie Pennsylvania James Caan. James congratulations on becoming an author. This is a big ass deal. Man Man is huge. Bro, I issues appreciate it yet. Today's a day for as choice guy released. Can't believe up an air author to my name now, so you're going to have New York Times bestseller as well because your story is one that I think a lot of people will be very intrigued by. Let's go back to the fundamental. Start of fear is a choice I would assume that. When you got diagnosed with cancer, there was a lot of things that ran through your head. How did you land on like the hey, fears this choice and his entire thing I'm going to get through it. I was actually saying with one of my best friends and before I did my press conference at it when everybody thought I was going to announce that I was headed to NFL draft before nausea, bad news on. Kinda sitting around, and he was like man. You know just like we were talking about. Things is like you know fears of choice saying you're definitely stuck and we sat down and the press conference. Not knowing that will be the title of a book someday, so the you know. The symbolism of is Kinda crazy how that came about in a? Title we chosen and I think it just obliged nowadays, it's natural to have fear, but then I think once after the fear. You can realize you know you gotTA. Option on how you'RE GONNA look at this thing your perspective. You know how how you're GONNA. React to it, and so that's kind of hard to talk about. How were you able to get back into football shape? I watched Chuck Pagano. Pagano obviously with chuck, strong battle through leukemia, and he came back I. Think it was like thirteen weeks later to a game, and his body had been through it like Chemo kicks your ass. The entire thing was there. was there always thought like? Hey? I'M GONNA. Get back into football shape. Were you like? Hey, the task at hand currently is the be cancers asking them. We'll worry about that later. Yes, Oh you know, I always have. My goal was to make the NFL you novelty so so driven, and that's what I wanted to do. And going into the first treatment united no House. My body was gonNA. React. I didn't know what to expect and after the first Chemo it'd be me up a little bit. I was down and I was extremely sauce, did but. But I still wanted to beat there for my teammates. Be a leader on that field and after the second one. I'm like okay. Tim More I can do ten more these things. It took a toll on me. You know I think that it on my faith, being strong and having a goal to achieve a mind it to a new level. It helped me get through. The summer workouts. Ten left. F. And that's a now granted. Obviously, cancer treatment is a lot different than running one tens in puking over. The field and stuff like that, but your story was when the captivated Pittsburgh everybody not only did they love. You is a football player. 'cause you're a beast, but now you're this resilient guy that represents Pittsburgh and a beautiful fashion. You end up on the Pittsburgh steelers. I mean it's almost like a perfect story book and the moment you find out you're going to. The steelers assume you've got your email up. EMC as well, I was down in Pittsburgh so. I mean that the whole thing coming together had to be a massive moment. May came out of it up. Man Just so thankful for this. The city I play college, ball and city law give my tribute ain't be cancer in now plan to that professional team man, the love Israel here in the city of I can make of it up. It's just so crazy. How play it out? You know from Erie Pennsylvania. That's right up the road right down the street and so for me to stay in his area. A Pittsburgh district became home and I. It's a lot of love your so many great relationships at the bottom it through my time near so. This is home I'll tell you I rip like four or five soccer, and that's up family I. Places the best. Literally right up the street areas. Let's talk about your time with the steelers. Whenever you got your chance to shine, it was coming right off the heels of the entire left bells, situation negotiation and everybody was kind of intrigued to see how you would handle this young running back. Obviously, bell was a friend of yours, but you've been able to Kinda. Step in and really become I. Don't WanNa say adult but like a vet in this entire thing early. Do you think potentially what you went through with cancer and everything like that kind of puts you in a good head space to become the guy in backroom? Question I think you know, and that's what the football does. Know teaches you responsibility, and and she had a you know be leader and stuff like that and I want to cancer at twenty one. You know so far. I think that that was just like in. My teammates had my back through through through it all you know not that they didn't have living saying just how how rallied around me? And it was like may He'd be cancer like this is a bonus. He just to have fun, and this is just. Extra, not you know like the hardest part is already kind of behind me so for me to to go through to cancer. And all that early on it prepared me for. Life after and you know definitely made me mature early and managed just you know teammates like I, said he rallied around me. Is Now the easy to step into the spotlight and just bog knowledge think I'm a good football player and I can ball, so it's going to continue to do that. Yeah, man, you're a pro bowl running pretty good. I think you know past I. Think I'm a pretty good football thing you know, but I gotta I gotTa I. Got You know I? Don't want more in a lot of game lifting? I had had the pro season and Schauffele lasted twenty nineteen, but with the injuries and stuff, but it's never going to be perfect, but I keep my head down key work in any, so that's why I said. Thank because I know I'm not got much more to give and I asked on the show That's beautiful. There's injuries right now. That just one six to midnight right there listening you speak about that the. Thought of being a running back. It real thing in back position is you're probably not gonNA Make Sixteen Games. That's just the nature of the beast as a running back. You're getting hit in much more even if it's blocking, you're taking a lot of contact. especially whenever entire defenses come after you, but it looks like you've transformed your body a little bit that post that say Thurs trap, but Sure that food flex of your back James. Look at this thing. What have you done? Have you completely change your workout schedule? Or is this normal and I just haven't seen it. No Knowledge, definitely It's definitely a lot of work. I put in when a quarantine I started I, said no I gotta come out of this thing. I'M GONNA, use this time to to get back to the basics I'm gonNA take a little bit of bricks from from weights and just give my body right with all body. Stuff's in and change my entire Diet I had time and and I have people around and I just wanted to strict that diet. In the gem by twice a week twice a day off the week and so You know what cancer was just no way room getting it. In one day took that shirt off his started flexing on. Your, you might have to run sideways through. That is one of he brought his backside. Ever Noaa says the way. The home. Ida question because it seems like coach Randy. has you running out of shock on a lot and I? It seems like you have a lot of success when you're going downhill. Maybe out of an I'd do you guys talk about that? And like the difference between your running styles, versus what maybe the plays have been called like maybe a shotgun to us by the way die hard. This is one of the biggest Pittsburgh steelers fans in history very pumped up. Yeah we definitely talk about it and so, but we you know. I it's definitely a group effort. You know we've been being back there like he likes to. You know being a shotgun as well so I mean. That's offense. I got I got a debt i. like a being in in. You know I am going down fast and I think we'll have a little bit of a Mishra. Both I'm going to do my part with staying staying on the field because I think I can make it work one out of the gun or underneath. Underneath. It's just on me this this they out there continue to make plays but we're talking about. We added some more pieces this off season This is wrong game going even more so We'll take the challenge head on minute. It'll be a big year for us. Pittsburgh steelers have always been a run team. I mean it's just the way it goes. Ben Rothlisberger can throw for five hundred six hundred yards, but the run is always something that's appreciated in the city of Pittsburgh. It's just the way it goes back. Drone is boom boom. You go all the way back to Bam Bam the whole thing, but now that ben is back I mean last year almost made the playoffs. No friends dot Org. She's one of our guys, but I mean through five Pixel one game there that we went through. That was like a playoff game, but the last year is team whenever make fitzpatrick gets brought in became like this okay? We got a squad now. Ben Rothlisberger ends up getting a baseball surgery, but he's coming back. There was a report this morning on profootballtalk. You said that the ball is whistling at her office burgers. What are those workouts? In what are the expectations for the team going into this year? They have to be very high out assume. Yeah. Well, don't we can't put it all together and get back where it should get back there at the team, but I mean seven comes back I mean it's kind of like roll again. He's our leader He. He's our starting quarterback with Super Bowl. You know so. We don't take that for granted. We can learn from him and he's going to lead the charge down away. When make it came through and it? Just actually we started bawling for defense in, and we won't put put together like defense that He'll be his second year with us in and. Got TJ water. And pieces oh well. The expectations are our detectives. steelers standard in every year in and out no matter who even last year when Ben Went Down Light East Coast he did a great job. Message, will we do we? We try to win and the goal is to to bring super bowls here. That's about so when we get our big number. Seven back in Lena shards underway. It'll be nice those workouts. We saw the video of him getting his haircut Shaving Mirror I see it through somebody else's account. 'cause he had blocked four years ago, but he unblocked me so I'm back James. I'm back. Which is good news? But those workouts whenever you get the call from him, it's like Hey, let's go throw. What was the the workouts? All like shorter balls to begin with, and then kind of rolled out to deeper things, or was he at the point already where he was ready to fly. The first time you guys back on the field together. In this just a little chat force, little group chat putting together. We met at the field, and we warmed up, and then as soon as you so good start letting them go, and the video only showed a little bit, but you know deep balls He? He's like he's back. Can I think he's okay with me. Saying those words because I know the work, he's putting in every day to to get his body back. Ready said he feels break so He organized it. Put it together. We met up. He did his thing. We all warmed up and he start leading to go so I'm excited I know what is what is Game Day? I know he's GonNa. Be backfired up again and we don't get it going. This dude is losing his mind over here and Disease Zoe excited. You have no idea. What was that? He has reasonably excited. You know we've got to have a healthy need back the Juju in July baby pieces to their so is reason for the height. You know, hey, jude. You said that he was going to change his body. This quarantine is well whenever you guys are out on that field. Does he look like he's the best ginger you've seen yet? Yeah, may He? He really on he, he was out in La Training and man the way he built his body up. You know he's going to be that beast for us that we need them to be and so but also young receivers coming up to man like the onset Johnson James Washington even. Play Pool Looking good I think we got. We had air. Eat Raw, so I mean I don't love that. Love that. What was your opinion on that I just? Love that he just thought it was potentially going to retire. And then all of a sudden. I see these videos where he's looking like he's in better shape than he's been last two years and so yeah, he's unbelievable. He's whenever you brought his ball and he is unbelievable. Yeah, I mean I know you went through. The injured ankle has. Mannequin with him. Even hidden every half hard and he's been training out there every day so even when he wants to make placement I know. We know he's capable of others, so we'll see how plays out. Is there any chance that you bring back the haircut that really just captured the entire world. We had a guy in our office. Nick also diehard Pittsburgh steeler Fan, he said. If James Goes for one hundred and two I'll be rocking this on Monday, Bingo Bango. For almost three touchdowns in seven hundred yards that game and he caught it in their immediately, he lost a bet to himself. But is there any chance we go back to this haircut? The little mollet with a couple hard parts crossed the top world. Okay, let me say that one that that clarity has retired I. don't know from everybody and now smarter. But I might. I might bring you know some length in the back. You know this is, shake it up, but as far as lines on top of that is definitely a one time thing, but I'm happy that he he stuck to his word though he probably didn't expect you do that. What I did all know? I had your back I. Believe you could. I was all four on? On my let's go so now. You GotTa give me a heads up with the next. One is so I can get a jump on it so I can be rocketing game day with you. See that and we didn't know if his hair was going to go back by the way after that cut a little thin up there, we. We did a little bit of an aggressive decision James. Fears a choice. The book is out. Now I can't wait to be able to introduce you as a New York. Times bestseller. Good luck with the promotion. Good luck with the season and keep going man. You may grow up retakes grab neon. What's the Tattoo on your right? Arm there on your bicep? That didn't make it into the book right there. It says any are at the end. Oh. It's GonNa Strong biceps, says last name. Conference strong ahead to? He. Ladies and gentlemen running back for the Pittsburgh steeler. He's about to get broken off after this next season run into his contract and and future New York Times bestseller from the University of Pittsburgh running back James Clark. Good Luck, man. All right all right. That was cool. fucking undertaker did? It's crazy. those conversations with people like that. Don't come around often. I'm very very grateful for now. I'm thankful for all of my guests obviously. In every single situation anybody that takes time to talk to me in a recorded conversation. I am thankful for but man when it's fucking undertaker. That's thing. Check out the last episode of the last ride. This Sunday W. E. Network also, there's so many documentaries on there. They promote like. Y- pay per views for free with WB. Network subscription and all that shit and the rest of the documentaries on their next level. I mean next level shit if you have any interest, interesting business or have any downtime. I think it's free for new subscribers not in shore. If they're still doing that or not, but back when I was doing a lot, appreciate form. That was kind of the Bush is free for new subscribers. It's worth it. And I can't wait for the last ride. And hopefully we'll have more conversations and make people feel good next week. Maybe learn a little bit. Listen along why get informed about different Shit. I can't thank you enough for all of this. Thank you for listening to this show. If you enjoyed it, please tell a friend. If you didn't just act like it never fucking happened. Okay from all of us all of you thank you so much. Tie Schmidt please. Place Independent Music. Fan.

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