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Just Pod Baby-Episode 22: Breaking down the week 1 win


Want to know more about what your favorite Ninjas have on their minds check out the American Ninja Warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any Ninja Warrior Fan. When you have great coaches then after the great coaches you get great players have a great organization and you tell them one thing? Eh let's go raider nation. It welcomed the pod beaming your home for raiders news notes and information you could follow me on twitter five and you can check out more my work at silver. BLACK PRIDE DOT com. It's a victory. Tuesday and I'm here to break it all down for you. The Coliseum was rocking. The place was fired up last night. for the final game mm-hmm ever at the Oakland Coliseum Monday night football in the team gave the fans on the cheer about that's for sure it was a great effort by all three phases a total team effort. There were several great performances by many the new players on the roster. Both people who were brought in through free agency as well as the draft often they showed up and made plays and it was really great to see the team getting off to such a great start in week one with that being said let's get into into it the final Monday night football game ever in Oakland the raiders welcome in division Asian rival Denver Broncos. You knew this one was going to get chippy at some point from the start. The raiders set the tone early and often on their opening opening possession of the season. They took the ball and drove it. Straight down the field with a healthy dose of rookie running back. Josh Jacobs Dirt Car completed five five passes on the drive to three receivers culminated by tyrone Williams eight yard touchdown his first as Raider the defense which has many many new faces this year led by Middle Linebacker von Tez Bertha ct forced the broncos to punt the ball away on their first two possessions but defensively look good. They played really tough. especially in the first half pulling the broncos to only seventy two total yards and zero points offensively. The raiders added a second score on their possession of first-half starting on their own five yard line Derek Carr and the offense marched on the field once again this time twelve plays ninety five yards taking eight minutes and thirty five seconds on the clock kept by Josh Jacobs first career touchdown. He went up and over the pile. It was awesome the highlight of the drive though was a forty three yard post route to tyrel Williams. The raiders took a fourteen zero lead into half to start the second half the Broncos received the kickoff and it appeared that they did make some halftime adjustments. They came out in able to find some more success. Moving the ball on the raiders of both of their first two possessions were long twelve and ten play drives but the raiders defense they held tough twice on third down once. Benson Mayawati sack Joe FLACCO and the other time the Defense Force an incomplete pass. The broncos had to settle for field goals on both occasions in the broncos had cut the lead to fourteen six heading into the fourth quarter. The opening dry for the raiders in the fourth quarter is where I believe the turning any point the game was the offense stalled out in the third quarter the only able to pick up thirty five total yards and so they really needed to come out in trying to change the momentum and that's exactly what the offense delivered starting with Josh Jacobs Twenty eight yard reception followed by two more completions to tyrel Williams for twenty nine yards. The raiders found themselves first and goal from the broncos four yard line. Who Do you think they called on. That's right the rookie again. Josh Jacobs it was a little forty-six power behind the lead block of fullback Alec Ingold along the right side behind big old Trent Brown and it was touched down own raiders to take the twenty one six leave the Broncos will be forced to settle for yet another field goal when once again the defense was able to get off the field on thirty two with nine zero five remaining in the game trailing twenty one to six it was rookie Cleland furrow who came up with big SAF and he was aided. You buy some great coverage on the back end that force flacco the whole on the ball longer than you would have liked which enabled feral to get home for the sack. It was the rookies I sack of the season on the ensuing kickoff return specialist dwayne. Harris took it back seventy two yards to the broncos thirty yard line setting up Daniel Piano Carlson's loan field goal of the game for a twenty nine yard field goal the Broncos are pick up another touchdown late to get the sport or twenty four sixteen but it was a little bit too late too little too late as the raiders were able to pick up another crucial first down on a slip screen tyrel Williams to ice it and it victory formation time for the raiders that was your week one breakdown never this quick break we will hear from players and coaches years in what they had to say about the victory over the Broncos with an epic first week of Football Behind US draft kings the leader in one day fantasy football is upping and e with another huge contests heading into the second week of NFL matchup draft kings is giving new users a free shot at over one point five million billion dollars in prizes when you sign up with the code SB nation and make your first deposit for free shot at one point five million any terminal bragging rights just download download draftkings APP use the code estimation draft your players and feel the sweat like never before already a draftkings user. You can get in on the action to for a limited time. Both new and existing users can get a deposit bonus of the five hundred dollars so download the draftkings APP now and use the code espy nation to get a free shot at over one and a half million dollars in prizes with your first deposit again. That's code. SB Nation only draft kings minimum five dollar deposit required deposit is it bonus requires a twenty five times playthrough eligibility restrictions apply see draftkings dot com for details. Lavar to move forward voted to set okay so next what we're going to do is you're going to play some some clips from soundbites from The Post game press conference with with head head coach Jon Gruden in also some of the players the first clip here is a sound bite from coach Gruden. He was asked about dirt cars performance. He's it's been you know. He played great tonight. I don't know what the stats are but he did a lot more for our team. Then complete a lot of passes he made some you know great audibles. He protected the ball. He was inspiring and leader leading team on the sidelines. I thought he was. I thought he's really good so there. You heard gruden talking about this quarterback. in one of the things I wanNA point out to you is the comment that Gruden made about yes. Derek Carr did complete a lot of passes but but the one thing that he did really well last night was was checked to some different plays and there's one play in particular that I wanNA point now. I mentioned in my breakdown it was the forty three yard post route tyrel. Williams that kind of setup that Josh Jacobs first career touchdown if you go back and wash the play and I posted on my on my twitter if you WANNA go check it out there car notice that there was a stack box and he had no safety help the Broncos had no safety help in it was man demand coverage without Tara Williams out to his left side. He checked to a to a different play and he had tyrone. Williams one on one out there. You know run in the post route so it stuff like that that you can just tell there's there's a more comfort being in this second year with with Gruden in the system in as far as the stats go. car finished the game twenty two of twenty six. That's eighty four percent completion percentage scientists has excellent he wasn't just drinking and Dunkin the ball he did complete several passes downfield average ten yards per completion he ended the game with two two hundred and fifty nine total yards passing one touchdown and that was good enough for a ninety four point one q Qbr Rating QBR yes QBR ratings. Excuse me and you know. He protected the ball. Never Really made bad decisions with the ball except there was one third down I believe is like a third and three and he in the ball like one yard so that was really the only play that stood out as being kind of a kind of major thing with what was he doing there but overall was a great performance orange by car in this next clip. Gruden was asked about his rookie running back. Josh Jacobs is good back. You know we're really happy. The the play that really impressed me was the catch and run That really was a big score to make it twenty one to six. I think he shows some all purpose. nece like we talked about. He can catch it. You obviously can run. He picked up a couple of blitzes and he's smart and he's passionate about the game geok a lot of credit so as Gruden said head Josh Jacobs full repertoire was on display last night. He showed you wide the raiders decided to pick him up in the first round he did a little bit of everything and if you had any questions about how much he could handle he got a full load last night carrying the ball twenty three times picking up eighty five yards and scoring two touchdowns you know he he didn't really he only average. I believe it was three point seven yards per carry. That's not too impressive. He's going to definitely have to improve upon that but those were tough earn yards and and he you know he was he was good where when they needed him to especially around the goal line he was able to finish in and score which was nice to see and it was also you know he displayed that ability to catch the ball. He showed. You his vision his Burston again. It was all on display last night. Josh Jacobs is going to be a very important weapon for this team going forward in this next clip. Derek Carr was asked about his new number one wide receiver tyrel Williams good corners. You know you know against dom good talented young corner against Chris Harris. Who obviously you guys know I think the world of you know every game every ball. Oh you throw against him as tight window you know and he did it against really good competition. You know and I told you guys from day one when we got no one we got. Trent Brown Christmas you know and then we got tyrell Williams is I don't even know if nothing better than Christmas but this feels pretty good. You know what I mean. I got two big gifts this year and and you know that Guy proved today that he can do that at a high level and he's the best part about. It's just a great guy you know the Great Guy Fun to work with you know he came out to Bakersfield by the all been there say why would he come. You know that's just the kind of guy he is right down to Bakersfield and worked with me and I appreciate it. It's paying off and you heard Derek Carr. Speak their about the the chemistry and all the time that he and Williams putting together in the off season going down to Bakersfield working together other and again you can just see the the level of comfort there. They have together and that's only something that's going to grow the more time they get to work with each each other. I mean this was only week. One so I expect that relationship and that that chemistry to grow even more as the season goes on in this final clip tyrone Williams was asked about the feeling of getting off to a good start in front of the home crowd being the broncos definitely got a lot of family from Oakland living in Oakland and have my first game be here and get a win like that on Monday night. Football is awesome bunch family here we go see them so you know and the way that everybody play defense offense all guys individual cases of supposed to be a part of Tyrone Williams career in Oakland really couldn't have gotten off to a better star six catches for one hundred and five yards and a touchdown and you heard him say it right there. He had a lot of friends and family in the stands from Oakland so it really was just kind of a story book beginning for Tyrel Williams Liam's and Let's hope he continues the the good play up next. I'm going to give you my week. One Raiders report card move order to move forward to sit so the raiders report card is a weekly piece that I like to put out how for silver and black pride dot com so feel free to check that out there it is up now published tonight so you can expect to see that our coal usually it's right after the game or some time after the game but because it finished so late Monday night. I didn't get finished until until this afternoon so anyhow anyhow check it out and I'm GonNa Start with the aerial attack. I gave the aerial attack or the passing game a great of a thought Derek Carr was on point and we all know there's plenty of speculation accusation about how the the group would respond from not having Antonio Brown all the drama everything they went through in the off season. I felt like they answer those questions. very early in the game they took the opening drive and car led them down the field he completed five passes three. R- wide receivers and that opening drive and it was all capped off by that eight yard touchdown in Tyrone Williams as I mentioned in the breakdown car was efficient. He He protected the ball and he did everything that that offense needs into do in order to be successful during Waller was heavily involved catching seven balls of his seven of his eight targets. I should say Ryan Grant was involved foster monroe a couple of passes. dwayne. Gene Harris was also involved so really it was just a total total group out for the ball was spread around and I felt like the passing game. I'm really really did well. the the running game on the other hand you know from from a numbers from a statistical standpoint it isn't gonna nothing's going to jump up off the page at you but I did hear Derek Carr. Talking is his post game press conference about it wasn't about how many yards ads Josh Jacobs picked up but it was about the style that he ran would ran with. He was very physical. you know he earned every yard that he got so sometimes. Sometimes that's more important. It's more important about setting a tone physical tone. Jacobsen carry the ball twenty three times and you picked up eighty five yards which was good for three point eighty seven yards per carry average and I mentioned this earlier he's going to have to improve upon that we'd like to see him closer to four or over four but you no he was very effective running on the interior part of the the offensive line really as I said picking up some those tough yards and very effective around the goal line scoring twice. I'm covering both of those goal line carries. We didn't really see much from Jalen Rashard and just de'andre Andre Washington. They really were not involved in the game plan this week but I do expect them to be more involved going forward. The offensive of line gave them a great of a minus in that was mostly due to their a pass protection. I thought they were excellent. You didn't hear anything from Von Miller or Bradley Chubb and that was something that I felt going into the game was going to be a major key was how well they could keep those defensive ends off. Derek Carr and they didn't excellent job. Colton Miller and Trent Brown deserve a lot of praise for the way they played and and the fact that they didn't have both of their starting guards they they had Jordan Davey and Denzel good stepped up who who didn't have a lot of time and training camp because he was coming back from the back injury Henry so I thought the offensive line was was really stellar. run blocking again they they were good when they needed to be the broncos defense. I mean they're there's nothing to there. No slouch so the offensive line definitely set a tone for the game and I think once we get once they get incognito back in Jackson back. I said this a few podcasts ago and I I really do believe it. This offensive line could be one of the tops in the league. the defensive line right now on the on the deep inside the ball. I gave the line of beep loss. this is a new look defensive line. There's several new players on the defensive line and they brought in couple of different guys through free agency Benson Miwa they brought in Josh Moro as well as Max Max crosby and Cleveland feral through the draft and they had those second year guys Hurston in hall so you know there's a lot of young there's a lot of new faces. This is in a lot of these these players contributed we saw Benson Mayawati pick up two sacks. Cleveland Farrell had had a great stat line. He picked up a sack. You had a tackle for laws laws passed affliction to quarterback head so he he really made his presence fell a Josh Moro. He got involved very early in the game. The first stop of the game four tackles a tackle for loss. You also had a past affliction overall defensive line. They picked up three sacks so we're well on our way to due to to shattering that that thirteen sec mart that that the defense a year ago as far as how they held up against the run and they held the broncos to under one hundred yards rushing on twenty three carries so that that's a pretty solid job there the linebackers. I gave them Emma B We didn't really hear a whole lot from the linebackers which sometimes no news is good news. You did see Valentine's Birkbeck who is unquestionably. You know undoubtedly the the leader of this defense. you could just you could just see the difference in communication that was going on out there. Having perfect kicked out there making all the calls for the defense so he did a great job. He was all over the place making making plays he he plays such a high. I motor and I just feel it's it's. I think it's very contagious. I think the other players feed off his energy so I'm really hoping he can stay healthy. I I was already reading today that he's a little bit banged up. He's he's quite sore were from what I read and but he is expected to play this week against the chiefs the Secondary I gave him a B. minus again. I I felt like you know you didn't see or hear a whole lot from them. which again is a good thing you did? You did see Gary on Conley. He left the game with what looked like to be a neck injury they. They took them off on a stretcher. I think that was more. precautionary. word is today that he's doing. He's doing well well and he's expecting to possibly play this week so that's that's good news to hear a and Gary uncommonly when he did leave the game he was replaced by rookie Trayvon Trayvon Mohan who who immediately flacco went and was picking on. I know he gave up a couple passes including a touchdown late in the game to Emmanuel Sanders but overall I I felt the secondary did well. They didn't really give any explosive plays which has been a major issue for them in the past they they held flacco go to you know eight point six yards per completion so again they didn't give up that big play and and hopefully that's something that continues you know as we move along here in the season and finally we have the special teams which sometimes can be hard to give a great for I gave it a minus. the return game. They you know they didn't have a ton of opportunities to return the ball. dwayne Harris did did have two opportunities to return. He picked up one hundred one yards total on onto returns and obviously we all know the long seventy two yarder that he had in the fourth quarter which which which put them in great position he took it down to the broncos thirty yard line and really set him up. Nice for a field goal that really turned out to be very important and that was Daniel Carlson's only field goal of the game. I believe it was twenty nine yarder. Carlson did convert his three extra points so he was he was perfect on the night and the undrafted free agent punter. Aj Cole whole who looked great all preseason you know he he did pretty well he had. I think he punted the ball three times. He did pin the broncos inside the the twenty yard line. Once I think is other one was a touchback and then he had another punt that was like a forty seven yard or so overall. It was a a decent night for him in and I like to give an overall grade for the performance and I gave it a b plus. I think it was a very good performance by the team I think all areas all three phases contributed. I would like to see them. put put full game together. I think the first half they played excellent. They came out kind of flat in third quarter. They only had thirty seven total yards on offense. They had some issue stopping the run in the third quarter they did. They did really rally back in the fourth quarter and put the game away so I gave it a b plus. I thought it was a great performance. and that is my week week. One Raiders report card after this quick break. I'll be back to wrap up this episode of just pod Baby. Hey I'm Spencer Hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script onto riff on what that means and basically what is already spoiled every Tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle school we we also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on Apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP. Well you know what the music means. That's going to do it for the week one post game breakdown on a victory Tuesday here on just pod baby. I want to thank everybody for tune. In we got another big division rival game coming up this week with the Kansas City chiefs also at home so I'm looking forward to that one and you can plan on me dropping another podcast at my normal time sometime this weekend either Saturday or Sunday be sure to check it out on the silver and Black Pride podcast network help. Everyone has a great week. Go Raiders.

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